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									VSL NEWS
N   U   M   B   E   R    O    N   E   1   9   9   3


VSL and its Environment on the Move

1993 willmarketsimportant yearcrossEurope. The European Community opens
         be an
                 and permits
                                    border activity without major restrictions.
The home country of our Group Headquarters recently in a vote said no to Europe.
Fortunately, VSL has for a long time confirmed its capability for cross border activity
and will not be affected by that vote. VSL has also proven its flexibility to adapt to a
changing environment as well as to accept new challenges. As per January 1st, 1993,
VSL Europe has been divided into two operating units. The new operating unit
VSL Western Europe covers France, Benelux, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the United
Kingdom. The new unit is headed by Pierre Bron, a long-standing VSL leader, with                               Pierre Bron
the Regional Headquarters at Arpajon near Paris.

The remaining part of Europe belongs to the operating unit VSL Eastern Europe,
headed by Frédéric Regard, with its Regional Headquarters unchanged at Lyssach
in Switzerland. That operating unit includes the newly opened VSL Office in Prague
under the direction of Miroslav Vejvoda. Miroslav was bot in Czechoslovakia and has
been with VSL for many years, with his last assignment as Branch Manager of VSL
Atlanta, USA.

The VSL Prize is a recently issued competition for graduates from Swiss Federal
Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ). The topic for the thesis in 1992, defined and
guided by Prof. Dr. Peter Marti, was the construction of a bridge including all aspects
                                                                                                               Miroslav Vejvoda
of design, statics and construction. The winner of the 1992 prize, Armand Fürst, has
given an innovative solution in a promising direction. It is the use of different mate-
rials combined with post-tensioning in order to obtain an optimum technical, aesthe-
tical and economical structure. Armand Fürst's solution is in fine with VSL's aim†:
To encourage a creative corporate culture which brings optimized construction solu-
tions to you, our dear reader and construction partnert!

Reto Jenatsch                                                                                                  Armand Fürst

Group Chief Executive Officer

                                                                                           Highlights of this Issue:

                                                                                           4    VSL joins forces with LCL PARAFIL
                                                                                                for non-metallic tendons

                                                                                           7    A post-tensioned raft slab for the
                                                                                                Hilton Hotel in Guam

                                                                                           8    VSL Hong Kong's involvement in
                                                                                                Asia's tallest building

                                                                                           11   A 20th Century Master Piece in
Cover                                                                                      15   6550 VSL permanent fully corro-
It is not modern art – it is the fac of VSL’s new post-tensioning                               sion protected rock anchors at
COMPOSITE SYSTEM                                                                                Atatürk Dam
                                                     The Evolution of Technology                                         VSL

Durability of Post-Tensioned Concrete Questioned
                                         The new VSL COMPOSITE SYSTEM gives the answer.

                                         In its CS-PLUS configuration a unique plastic duct and plastic trumpet system
                                         integrated with the anchorages provides complete encapsulation of the post-
                                         tensioning steel. In its CS-SUPER configuration even electrically isolated tendons are
                                         made available.

                                         Combined with the VSL Vacuum Grouting method and the VSL Electrical
                                         Resistance Measurement method, the VSL COMPOSITE SYSTFM allows for
                                         significant improvement in the quality of new construction as well as for monito-
                                         ring of the tendons during their full design life lime.

With the press release of September
25, 1992, the British Department
of Transport is banning grouted post-
tensioning for new construction. The
main area of concern is corrosion of
the prestressing steel resulting from
improperly grouted tendon ducts.

The VSL Prize goes to a Composite Construction

The VSL Prize 1992 (see Editorial) was
awarded to a bridge project which
combines concrete. steel and post-
tensioning in a very original way.

           Converting Research into Reality

Non-Metallic Tendons
    or a leading specialist contractor like    metallic tendons in the future should not    corrosion and chemical resistance of
F   VSL it is imperative to keep up with
the rapid development of new materials
                                               be under-estimated. Thanks to their low
                                               specific weight and high tensile strength
                                                                                            non-metallic tendons makes them ideally
                                                                                            suited for structures in aggressive
and technologies. Among the develop-           non-metallic tendons coula be used for       environments. Savings on elaborate
ments VSL bas taken a serious interest in      long stay cables or suspension cables,       corrosion protection systems can be
are non-metallic tendons. While still rarely   where steel cables would be at their limit   expected when non-metallic tendons are
specified today, the potential of non-         due to their self weight. The excellent      used. Other potential applications are
                                                                                            structures where high magnetic fields
                                                                                            would interact with conventional steel
                                                                                            reinforcement, such as magnetic
                                                                                            monorail train viaducts, or where the
                                                                                            presence of steel reinforcement would
                                                                                            adversely affect the use of the struc-
                                                                                            ture, such as floors supporting highly
                                                                                            sophisticated computer equipment.
                                                                                            In 1991 VSL obtained samples
                                                                                            of PARAFILI tendons (a product made by
                                                                                            the British company "Linear Composites
                                                                                            Ltd") in order to carry eut some
                                                                                            preliminary testing. PARAFIL cables
                                                                                            consist of a tightly packed core of parallel
                                                                                            aramid yarns le-g- Kevlar 49) encased in
                                                                                            an extruded sheath which provides
                                                                                            shape, toughness and mechanical
                                                                                            protection. The tendons are anchored by
                                                                                            means of special mechanical
                                                                                            terminations based on the spike and
                                                                                            cane principle. The primary objective of
                                                                                            the test was to gather first-hand
                                                                                            experience with PARAFIL tendons, in
                                                                                            particular the practical handling and
                                                                                            stressing of the tendons and their
                                                                                            anchorages. A further objective of the
                                                                                            test was to determine the friction losse-
                                                                                            soccurring when stressing a PARAFIL
                                                                                            tendon that is deviated over a saddle,
                                                                                            and the behaviour of the sheath mate-
                                                                                            rial in the saddle region. Finally, the test
                                                                                            was to demonstrate the long-term beha-
                                                                                            viour of a stressed PARAFIL tendon.
                                                                                            A 7.6 m long sample with a nominal
                                                                                            breaking load of 600 kN was tested in
                                                                                            the VSL testing facility in Lyssach (near
                                                                                            Berne). The tendon was deviated by
                                                                                            17.8° over a steel saddle with a 2.5m
                                                                                            radius. Bath tendon ends were connec-
                                                                                            ted to hydraulic jacks through special
                                                                                            couplers. With this arrangement the
                                                                                            tendon coula first be stressed to 40 %
                                                                                            of its nominal capacity, and then pulled
                                                                                            under load

                                                                                            1 PARAFIL is a registered Trade Mark of
                                                                                            Linear Composites Ltd.


through a total of 640 mm in one              a long-term load test was carried out by
direction, thus simulating the elongation     keeping the load constant at 40 % of the   The encouraging conclusions of a
of a long external prestressing tendon        nominal breaking load over a period of     test on a PARAFIL cable prompted
being stressed. Trie tendon was pulled        11 days, in order to determine the         VSL to sign a cooperation agreement
back and fortin 3 times in this way, giving   creep behaviour of the material.           with Linear Composites Ltd (LCL) to
a total relative movement with respect to                                                jointly market VSL-LCL PARAFIL
the deviation saddle of 1.92 m. Finally,                                                 tendons world wide. Targeted
                                              The test showed that handling, stressing
                                                                                         applications will be unbonded
                                              and anchoring of PARAFIL cables are
                                                                                         prestressing tendons for concrete
                                              suitable for practical applications as
                                                                                         structures, such as bridges,
                                              unbonded prestressing tendons, and that
                                                                                         buildings, masts and towers, storage
                                              the sheathing material ares not suffer
                                                                                         tanks, etc. The tendons could be
                                              any damage from extensive movement
                                                                                         either inside or external to the con-
                                              over a deviation saddle under load.
                                                                                         crete section. Initially tendons with
                                                                                         nominal breaking loads of l'000 kN,
                                                                                         2'000 kN and 3'000 kN will be
                                              Dr. Franz Zahn                             available.
                                              VSL International Ltd.
                                              Berne, Switzerland
                                                                                         VSL-LCL PARAFIL tendons have
                                                                                         outstanding qualities†:

                                                                                         • excellent corrosion resistance

                                                                                         • high resistance against abrasion

                                                                                         • excellent chemical resistance

                                                                                         • high resistance against ultra-vio-
                                                                                          let degradation

                                                                                         • excellent fatigue characteristics

                                                                                         • safety over a wide temperature

                                                                                         The high durability of VSL-LCL
                                                                                         PARAFIL tendons ensures a long
                                                                                         and essentially maintenance free
                                                                                         life. The tendons are fully pre-fabri-
                                                                                         cated and delivered to site on coils.

                                                                                         Extensive testing both by the
                                                                                         manufacturer and by independent
                                                                                         testing laboratories has been carried
                                                                                         out, including tests of concrete
                                                                                         beams with PARAFIL as external
                                                                                         prestressing tendons. The VSL-LCL
                                                                                         PARAFIL Tendons are now ready for
                                                                                         practical applications!

           South East Asia / Australia

Tawisakale Workshop & Warehouse,                                                       Metway
Porgera PNG                                                                            Centre
       lough Engineering, in joint venture   The building used a 300 mm thick slab         he Metway Centre project is currently
C      with Brice Engineers and with
assistance from VSL Australia won a
                                             on grade construction measuring
                                             110 m x 44 m. It was post-tensioned in
                                                                                       T   being constructed by F.A. Pidgeon
                                                                                       & Son Pty. Ltd. and on completion will
major workshop and warehouse at the          borin directions with bonded tendons at   become the head office of the Metway
Forgera gold mine in the highlands of        1200 mm centres and constructed in 5      Bank Group in Brisbane, Queensland.
Papua New Guinea. The workshop and           pours.                                    VSL was awarded the post-tensioning of
warehouse serves as a maintenance faci-                                                the floors and transfer beams as well as
lity for mining trucks up to 250 tonnes                                                the temporary and permanent rock
gross weight. Project consulting engi-       Barry Story                               anchor works associated with the foun-
neers, Bonacci Winward, also chose           VSL Prestressing (Aust.) Pty. Ltd.        dation excavation.
permanent VSL Stressbar anchors for          Geebung, QLD, Australia
the Vierendeel core frame warehouse                                                    The structure is a 22 storey office tower
support to provide resistance against                                                  with the typical floors constructed using
transverse earthquake forces.                                                          400 mm deep post-tensioned beams
                                                                                       which span 11.5 m between edge beam
                                             Post-tensioning slab on grade provides    and core walls and columns. Transfer
                                             strength and durability.                  beams at the Mezzainine level and level
                                                                                       17 use up to five 27x12.7 mm strand
                                                                                       tendons to accommodate changes in
                                                                                       the building plan area.

                                                                                       Barry Story
                                                                                       VSL Prestressing (Aust. ) Pty. Ltd.

                                                                                       A contract package of post-tensionig and
                                                                                       ground anchors for VSL.

                                                                                       Geebung, QLD, Australia


VSL’s foundation alternative improved constructability

Hilton Hotel Guam 1992
    oundation Raft†: A twelve storey            The slab was constructed in three pours      65 feet and were post-tensioned with 5
F   extension to the existing Hilton Hotel
un Guam had the foundation designed
                                                and was stressed in one operation.
                                                Stage stressing was not required as
                                                                                             No. 27 x 12.7 mm strand cables.

as a reinforced concrete mat with beam          transfer condition was satisfied by utili-   VSL offered a flat slab alternative deleting
depths of nine feet and an average slab         sing concrete depths and strategic           the "linking" beams thus greatly simpli-
thickness of three feet. This posed a major     profiling of the cables.                     fying the formwork and reducing the total
problem as the expected water table                                                          material content. The post-tensioned 12
depth below the top of the slab during          Transfer Beams – Level Four†:                inch slab spanning the 35 feet between
construction was estimated at six feet.         The Level 4 slab was the junction bet-       main beams was reinforced with 5 x
                                                ween the non typical levels (restaurants,    12.7 mm strand slab cables at 40 inch
Responding to the Contractor's request,         ballroom etc) and the typical hotel suite    centres. The slab was constructed in
VSL designed an alternative post-ten-           levels. The slab was designed utilising      three pours and stressed in two stages.
sioned raft slab which kept the sortit of       three main post-tensioned beams linked       The first stage allowed the full stressing
the beams above the high water mark,            with reinforced beams spanning 35 feet       of the flat slab and the complete remo-
significantly reduced material content and      to carry the load of the typical walls       val of all formwork and backpropping.
allowed for a normal construction procedu-      above to the main beams.                     This allowed early access for finishing
re to be followed without the need for the                                                   trades and the on site storage of mate-
dewatering of excavations. The ground           The two outer main beams have a              rials.
beams were typically reinforced with 5          maximum span of 52 feet and each
No. 27 x 12.7 mm strand cables in each          was post-tensioned with 5 No. 25             Ian Craigie
with the slab stressed with 12 x 12.7mm         x12.7 mm strand cables. The central          VSL Prestressing (Guam) Inc.
strand cables at five feet centres.             main beams have a maximum span of            Guam
            North East Asia

Central Plaza
reaches New Heights
    SL Fngineers (HK) Ltd. successfully     The VSL (HK)
V   completed the erection of a 125 tonne
steel mast making the 78 storey Central
                                            team at the top
                                            guide prior to
Plaza, Asia's tallest building (378.4 m).

VSL was responsible for the engineering
method, fabrication, on site assembly
and erection of the 69 metre long mast.

Prefabricated segments (up to 10 tonnes
each) were delivered to site and lifted
one by one to the top of the building.
The mast sections were then assembled
and welded together inside a tilt (eleva-
tor) shah at the 69th floor. The fully
assembled mast was lifted vertically 47
meters to its final position using VSL
Heavy Lifting jacks.

The erection of this mast within 10         Central Plaza
mm of its theoretical position is a tes-    dominates the
tament to VSL'S commitment to quali-        Wanchai waterfront
ty engineered solutions.

Michael Phillips, Mobashir Zia
VSL Engineers (HK) Ltd.
Hong Kong

Central Plaza illuminated.


VSL Redland –
Off and running at the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club
 ssue Number One, 1992, of VSL News         Job coordination, production and deli-   Elements were manufactured at our
Iannounced the birth of VSL Redland.
With this issue, we can announce VSL
                                            very planning were clone by our Hong
                                            Kong office. Design and sirop dra-
                                                                                     facilities near Macau and were barged
                                                                                     and then trucked to the project site in
Redland's "baptism under fire".             wings were clone by Holmes               Hong Kong.
                                            Consulting Group in New Zealand.
This company's first contract was to                                                 The architects for the project are
supply prestressed beams and pres-                                                   Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum of
tressed bleachers for the Royal Hong        VSL Redland shapes up new stadium.       Kansas City, Missouri, the engineers
Kong Jockey Club Stadium                                                             are Ove Arup & Partners of Hong
Redevelopment. Some 300 beams                                                        Kong and the Contractors are
and 1350 bleacher units were manufactured                                            Dragages et Travaux Publics Limited
and delivered between May and De-                                                    of Hong Kong plus their foundation
cember 1992.                                                                         subsidiary Intrusion Prepakt (Hong
                                                                                     Kong) Ltd.
VSL Redland was responsible for
both design and manufacturing. Some
130 different beam types, approxima-
                                                                                     Russell Poole
tely 900 different bleacher types, a
                                                                                     VSL Redland Concrete Products Ltd.
fast track schedule and an internatio-
                                                                                     Hong Kong
nal cast of players made this a chal-
lenging project.

            North East Asia

                                                                  Giant Safety Wall
                                                                  for Cryogenic Tank
                                                                      SL Japan is nearing completion of
                                                                  V   a safety wall for a new 43,000
                                                                  tonne capacity LPG tank. The project
                                                                  is at the GFNFRAL OIL COMPANY'S
                                                                  Kawasaki tank farm facilities. The safe-
                                                                  ty wall provides protection for the steel
                                                                  tank. It will also contain a spill in the
                                                                  event of a steel tank leak or failure.

                                                                  The 550 mm thick safety wall is post-
                                                                  tensioned horizontally and vertically.
                                                                  The clearance between the post-ten-
                                                                  sioned safety wall and the 59.6 m dia-
                                                                  meter x 30.7 m high steel tank is a
                                                                  mere 1.3 m.

                                                                  Shusuke Sakata
                                                                  VSL Japan Corporation
                                                                  Tokyo, Japan

                                                                  Safety wall takes shape with tendons.

VSL Japan
Post-Tensions Parking Tower
     HIBA SHlNMACHl'S 19 storey multi-use facility contains
C    car parking areas for 1800 cars on the 5th to 17th floors.

A detached external spiral ramp provides access to the 5th
floor, along with an internal spiral ramp at the center of the
parking tower.

The cylindrical tower walls are slipformed cast-in-situ
concrete. Ramps consist of precast fan-shaped ribbed seg-
ments. Radial tendons in the ribs stress the precast
concrete ramps to the cast-in-situ walls. For continuity, seg-
ments were stressed with circumferential tendons located
along the edge of the ramp way.

Shusuke Sakata
VSL Japan Corporation
Tokyo, Japan

VSL tendons integrate into multi discipline construction.
                                                                                                             USA            VSL

New Elevated Freeway Access Ramps utilize
VSL External Tendons
     onstruction is currently under way       (16 km) stretch of the highway will       design and supply of the post-tensio-
C    on the widening and modernization
of the highly congested Noah Central
                                              include new highway interchanges,
                                              additional roadway, improved highway
                                                                                        ning system used in two ramp bridges
                                                                                        within the first phase of the project.
Expressway in Dallas, Texas. This ambi-       access and below grade transit tunnels.
tious, 10-year project along a 10-mile        VSL was awarded the contract for the      Each bridge utilizes a single-cell box
                                                                                        girder configuration with both longitudinal
                                                                                        and transverse post-tensioning. The
                                                                                        bridges are cast-in-place on falsework
                                                                                        and are comprised of 17 individual
                                                                                        spans with a total length of 1,980 ft.
                                                                                        (604m). The longitudinal tendons
                                                                                        consist of both embedded and external
                                                                                        grouted multistrand tendons while the
                                                                                        transverse road-deck tendons utilize
                                                                                        individually grouted monostrands.

                                                                                        Michael G. Powell
                                                                                        VSL Corporation
                                                                                        Grand Prairie, Texas

                                                                                        Transverse road-deck grouted monostrands
                                                                                        utilize custom fabricated anchorages.

A 20 th Century Master Piece is Completed in Colorado
    he final segment of Interstate            faces to match the existing, bas given    materials for numerous box girder
T   Highway 70 bas been completed in
a remote area of Colorado near
                                              the project the reputation of being one
                                              of the great pieces of public architec-
                                                                                        bridges, rock anchors, and miles of
                                                                                        cantilevered roadway slabs.
Glenwood Springs, 160 miles (260 km)          ture of the 20th century.
west of Denver. Culminating over twel-
ve years of continuous construction,          VSL'S involvement included the sup-
                                                                                        Daniel Harger
the final 12 mile (19.5 km) section of        ply and installation of post-tensioning
                                                                                        VSL Corporation
four fane traffic in Glenwood Canyon                                                    Denver, Colorado
was recently opened at a total cost of
approximately $ 484 million US.

The distinguishing characteristic of the
Glenwood Canyon project bas been
its extremely limited access in an envi-
ronmentally sensitive area. The
Colorado River Gorge is over 2000 ft.
(600 m) deep with vertical walls of
weathered granite on both sides†;
during initial planning it was conside-
red by critics to be far too narrow to
accommodate an interstate route.
Environmental restoration, including
extensive revegetation and terracing
and staining of fractured rock sur-
VSL a part of Interstate Highway’s Quality.

Post-Tensioning helps Minnesota Bridge
carry more Lanes
      hen the State of Minnesota decided
W     to strengthen and extend the pier
caps on the Blatnik Bridge in Duluth,
Minnesota, to accommodate an additio-
nal north and south traffic fane, post-
tensioned concrete was selected as the
preferred method of strengthening the
extended pier caps.

The bridge spans more than 8,000 ft.
(2,440 m) between abutments. -
Thirty-nine of the existing 43 pier caps
will be strengthened longitudinally and
transversally with post-tensioning ten-
dons. Construction began in the
summer of 1992, with completion
anticipated in spring 1993.

VSL'S value-added approach reduced
the quantity of transverse tendons by
33 % and represented significant time
and construction savings. In addition
to proposing and implementing the
reduction in transverse tendons
VSL'S services include furnishing the
stressing and grouting equipment,
and providing technical assistance.

Marty Mikula
VSL Corporation
Burnsville, Minnesota

VSL adds value to this bridge augmentation.

                                                                             Europe / Middle East                               VSL

Storebaelt West Bridge progressing well

       hen completed, the bridge and          Switzerland. Many of the more than 100         first hand view of the impressive bridge
W      tunnel connections being built
across Denmark's Storebaelt to connect
                                              Swiss visitors were or are working on
                                              this project. The site visit included a tour
                                                                                             Toni Sieber
the islands of Fyn and Sjaelland will have    of the 3 km2 prefabrication yard and
                                                                                             VSL (Switzerland) Ltd.
a major influence on the country's traffic,   gave the participants an unforgettable,
                                                                                             Lyssach, Switzerland
permitting approximately 13'000 cars and
                                              Denmark’s link is half way.
200 trains to cross the Belt daily.
One of the main elements of this project
is the Storebaelt West Bridge, a 6.6 km
long road and rail bridge built from post-
tensioned concrete by the European
Storebaelt Group (ESG). The bridge will
have a navigation clearance of 18 m and
consists of 51 spans of approximately
110m and 12 spans of 81 m. The tender
design of the road and rail superstruc-
tures was clone by VSL engineers and
the post-tensioning is being performed by
VSL Storebaelt J.V., a joint venture bet-
ween VSL (Switzerland) Ltd. and
Internordisk Sp‡nnarmering NB, the
Scandinavian licensee of VSL. VSL is
supplying a total of over 12'000 tonnes of
post-tensioning material.
In August 1992, half-completion of the
structure coincided with the visit of a
large group of VSL staff from

Retained Earth gets a Start in Europe
     ith the award of earth retaining
W    walls on the A5-Auto Estrada da
Costa do Estoril in Portugal VSL
Prequipe had been successful in intro-
ducing the first application of Retained
Earth in Europe. Wall construction
began in June 1992 and is now well
underway. VSL Prequipe has thus far
secured additional contracts for a
combined total area in excess of
14'000 m2.

VSL (Switzerland) Ltd. is actively mar-
keting the Retained Earth System in
several European countries, Africa
and the Middle East.

Isam S. Sahawneh
VSL (Switzerland) Ltd.
Lyssach, Switzerland                          Retained Earth panels support embankment of a widened highway in Portugal.
            Europe / Middle East

VSL Lifts Water Tower
    he Maikkula Water Tower in Oulu, Finland, was planned
T   and built by the Town Council to increase the capacity of
the towns water supply by 4'000 m3.
The tower construction required VSL'S Heavy Lifting
Capability. The water tank has an overall diameter of
approx. 40 m and a depth of approx. 11 m. The total weight
of the tank (ind. the supporting columns) is in excess of
3000 tonnes and the overall height of the tower is 55 m.
VSL strand lifting units were used to tilt the tank in two stages.
In a first stage it was lifted approx. 13 m to install the concrete
encased steel columns supporting the water tank. In a second
stage the tank was lifted another 23 m. Alter pouring the lower
ring beam to support the columns the load of the tank was
transferred from the VSL lifting units to the concrete structure.
The aesthetically pleasing results speak for themselves.

P. Leuenberger
VSL (Switzerland) Ltd.
Lyssach, Switzerland                                                  VSL heavy lifting serves the needs of this water tower construction.

CMC Methanol Plant Point Lisas, Trinidas –
An Application of VSL Heavy Lifting
     part of Trinidad's natural gas reserves are converted
A    into Methanol. TO increase the production capacity
of the Point Lisas complex, a second plant is presently
being built. VSL Heavy Lifting participated in this project.
The equipment of the plant comprises 2 major vessels. One
is a free-standing refining column of 340 tonnes weight and
63 m height†; the other, rather stocky convertor vessel of 250
tonnes sits on an 8 m high concrete pedestal. While smaller
vessels were placed by means of the 150 tonne crawler
crane available on site, contracter Proman of D¸sseldorf had
to contact a heavy lifting specialist for the 2 heavier vessels.
VSL submitted a proposai for a tower lifting system without
guy wires, which found the approval of the contractor.
VSL designed temporary steel gantries which are based
on a modular tower system. These were constructed of
standard and custom made beams and components. For
the lifting of the vessels, VSL used its proven and
reliable hydraulic strand lifting system. Erection of the
temporary structures was supervised by VSL and carried
out by Proman, with local workforce.

Erich Mˆschler
VSL (Switzerland) Ltd.
Lyssach, Switzerland                                                  VSL Lifting Towers without guy wires solve Trinidad Lifting problem.

The Word’s largest Rock Anchor Job nears Completion
    he Atat¸rk Dam and Hydroelectric
T   Power Plant, located on the
Euphrates river in the south eastern part
of Turkey, is arguaby one of the largest
rockfill dams in the world. The spillway
has a maximum water discharge
capacity of 17'000 m3/sec.

The base slab of the stilling basin,
side and end walls are secured by
more than 6550 VSL permanent fully
corrosion protected rock anchors,
varying from 6 to 17 strands with an
average length of 20 meters.
Atatürk Rock Anchor Testing Programme
  37 pull-out tests
  24 suitability tests
  54 comprehensive production anchors
  183 monitored (short term) production
  anchors All production anchors proof loaded
  to 80 %

Harsh climatic conditions and extreme
dusty site conditions, further exacerba-        Spillway and stilling basin.              Ground anchors with a VSL packer being
ted by dust generated from the down ñ           sion protection of the free length of a   homed.
the hole - hammer drilling rigs, combi-         considerable number of anchors. A
ned to make working conditions most             packer that permitted pressure grou-
demanding. Additionally, the extreme            ting of the anchors was specially deve-   Robert Baumann
artesian water conditions encountered           loped to overcome this problem.           VSL (Switzerland) Ltd.
would have put to question the corro-
                                                                                          Lyssach, Switzerland

Atatürk Dam has an embakment volume in excess of 84 million cubic meters.


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                                     Tel 61 - 3 - 795 03 66                 Tel 62 - 21 - 570 07 86             Tel 65 - 235 70 77/9
Fax 61 - 2 - 481 01 60                                                                                          Fax 65 - 733 86 42
                                     Fax 61 - 3 - 795 05 47                 Fax 62 - 21 - 581 217
                                     BRUNEI DARUSSALAM                      MALAYSIA                            VSL (Thailand) Co., Ltd., BANGKOK
                                     VSL Systems (B) Sdn. Bhd.              VSL Engineers (M) Sdn. Bhd.         Tel 66-2-237 32 88/89/90
                                     BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN                    KUALA LUMPUR                        Fax 66-2-238 24 48
                                     Tel 673 - 2 - 22 91 53, - 22 18 27     Tel 60 - 3 - 242 47 11
                                     Fax 673 - 2 - 22 19 54                 Fax 60 - 3 - 242 93 97

NORTH EAST ASIA                      HONG KONG                              JAPAN                               TAIWAN
                                     VSL Engineers (HK) Ltd.                VSL Japan Corporation, TOKYO        VSL Systems (Taiwan) Ltd., TAIPEI
HONG KONG                            WANCHAI / HONG KONG                    Tel 81 - 33 - 346 89 13             Tel 886 - 2 - 707 72 53
VSL North East Asia                  Tel 852 - 520 16 00                    Fax 81 - 33 - 345 91 53             Fax 886 - 2 - 704 04 63
Regional Office                      Fax 852 - 865 62 90
Bank of America Tower, Suite 1407
12 Harcourt Road                     VSL Redland Concr. Prod. Ltd.          KOREA
Central, Hong Kong                   WANCHAI, HONG KONG                     VSL Korea Co., Ltd., SEOUL
Tel 852 - 537 93 90                  Tel 852 - 598 72 28                    Tel 82 - 2 - 574 - 82 00
Fax 852 - 537 95 93                  Fax 852 - 598 50 87                    Fax 82 - 2 - 577 00 98

NORTH AMERICA                        USA                                    VSL Corporation                     VSL Corporation LYNNWOOD, WA
USA                                  VSL Corporation NORCROSS, GA           HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA                Tel 1 - 206 - 771 30 88
Corporate Office                     Tel 1 - 404 - 446 - 30 00              Tel 1 - 714 - 894 58 85             Fax 1 - 206 - 672 30 20
VSL Corporation                      Fax 1 - 404 - 242 74 93                Fax 1 - 714 - 894 88 96             VSL Corporation SPRINGFIELD, VA
1671 Dell Avenue                                                                                                Tel 1 - 703 - 451 43 00
Campbell, CA 95008                   VSL Corporation GRAND PRAIRIE, TX      VSL Corporation MIAMI, FL           Fax 1 - 703 - 451 08 62
Tel 1 - 408 - 866 67 77              Tel 1 - 214 - 647 - 02 00              Tel 1 - 305 - 592 50 75
Fax 1 - 408 - 374 41 13              Fax 1 - 214 - 641 11 92                Fax 1 - 305 - 592 56 29

                                     VSL Corporation LAKEWOOD, CO           VSL Corporation EAGAN, MN           CANADA
                                     Tel 1 - 303 - 239 66 55                Tel 1 - 612 - 456 09 86             Canadian BBR (1980) Inc.
                                     Fax 1 - 303 - 239 66 23                Fax 1 - 612 - 456 92 81             AGINCOURT, ONT
                                     VSL Corporation EWA BEACH, HI                                              Tel 1 - 416 - 291 - 16 18
                                     Tel 1 - 808 - 682 28 11                VSL Corporation LANGHORNE, PA       Fax 1 - 416 - 291 99 60
                                     Fax 1 - 808 - 682 28 14                Tel 1 - 215 - 750 66 09
                                                                            Fax 1 - 215 - 757 03 81

                                                                            VSL Corporation CAMPBELL, CA
                                                                            Tel 1- 1 - 408 - 866 50 00
                                                                            Fax 1 - 408 - 379 62 05

EASTERN EUROPE                       GREECE                                 NORWAY                              VSL OFFICE PRAGUE
                                     VSL Systems S.A., ATHENS               VSL Norge A/S, STAVANGER            Václavské nám$e$sti
SWITZERLAND                          Tel 30 - 1 - 363 84 53                 Tel 47 - 4 - 56 37 01               110 00 PRAHA 1
VSL (Switzerland) Ltd.               Fax 30 - 1 - 360 95 43                 Fax 47 - 4 - 56 27 21               Tel 42 - 2- 2 - 236 69 92
Bernstrasse 9                                                                                                   Fax 42 - 2 - 236 73 59
3421 Lyssach
Tel 41 - 34 - 47 99 11
Fax 41 - 34 - 45 43 22

WESTERN EUROPE                       SPAIN                                  PORTUGAL                            ITALY
                                     VSL Iberica S.A., MADRID               VSL Prequipe SA, LISBOA             PRECO S.r.l., MILANO
FRANCE                               Tel 34 - 1 - 556 18 18                 Tel 351 - 1 - 793 85 30             Tel 39 - 2 - 481 80 31
VSL France S.à r.l.                  Fax 34 - 1 - 597 27 01                 Fax 351 - 1 - 793 09 01             Fax 39 - 2 - 481 64 15
110 Avenue Verdun
91526 EGLY
Tel 33 - 1 - 69 26 14 00
Fax 33 - 1 - 60 83 89 95

LICENSEES                            BRAZIL                                 GREAT BRITAIN                       PERU
                                     Rudloff-VSL Industrial Ltda.           Balvac Whitley Moran Ltd.           Pretensado VSL del Peru SA, LIMA
AUSTRIA                              SAO PAULO                              LIVERPOOL                           Tel 51 - 14 - 76 - 04 23, -76 04 26
Sonderbau GesmbH, WIEN               Tel 55 - 11 - 826 04 55                Tel 44 - 51 - 549 21 21             Fax 51 - 14 - 76 04 77
Tel 43 - 222 - 892 02 80             Fax 55 - 11 - 826 62 66                Fax 44 - 51 - 549 14 36
Fax 43 - 222 - 892 02 80 33
                                                                                                                SOUTH AFRICA
BOLIVIA                              CHILE                                  INDIA                               Steeledale Systems (Pty.) Ltd.
Prestress VSL of                     Sistemas Especiales de                 Killick Prestressing Ltd., BOMBAY   JOHANNESBURG
Bolivia Jauregui Ltd., LA PAZ        Construccion SA, SANTIAGO              Tel 91 - 22 - 578 44 81             Tel 27 - 11 - 613 77 41/9
Tel. 591 - 2 - 321 874               Tel 56 - 2 - 233 10 57                 Fax 91 - 22 - 578 - 47 19           Fax 27 - 11 - 613 74 04
Fax 591 - 2 - 371 493                Fax 56 - 2 - 231 12 05
                                                                            NETHERLANDS                         SWEDEN
                                                                            Civielco B.V., AT LEIDEN            Internordisk Spännarmering AB
                                                                            Tel 31 - 71 - 76 89 00              DANDERYD
                                                                            Fax 31 - 71 - 72 08 86              Tel 46 - 8 - 753 02 50
                                                                                                                Fax 46 - 8 - 753 49 73

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