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									                                Hair Straightening

Present Technology:

     There are many different types of hair straighteners for every kind of hair type. People

     with straight hair usually like curly hair and the opposite is also true. There are now an

     assortment of products and tools designed to straighten hair. With quality hair

     straighteners, anyone can achieve professional results in the comfort of his or her own

     home without the use of harmful chemical agents. Some hair straighteners even claim to

     make hair silkier and shinier. There are various brands and types of hair straighteners to

     choose from with many different features. One example is hair straighteners with a steam

     function. Much like with a steam iron used for pressing clothing, you can add water to get

     a puff of steam from time to time as you work on your hair. This steam option mostly

     works for people with semi already straight hair.

     Ceramic hair straighteners are favored by most people because they get hot quicker, stay

     hotter longer and leave hair smooth and shiny. Ceramic hair straighteners work well on

     even the most difficult to manage hair. They take away frizz and flatten even the tightest

     curls, often in about half the time required. Hair straighteners are also sometimes called

     "flat irons" and they offer adjustable options. There are styles to treat short hair, long

     hair, fine hair and thick hair. Most of the popular styles of hair straighteners are

     lightweight yet sturdy, scratch resistant and easy to clean, and many offer an ergonomic

     design. They are usually made to prevent pulling the hair, tangling and breakage.
        This is the Snooc Wireless Hair Straightener

The Snooc is different due to the automotive styling, high quality materials, and the vital

spring- system instead of metal, connecting both portions and being gathered in the form.

The Brazilian Blowout changes the future to hair straightening. It does not use harsh

chemicals like formaldehyde or carcinogenic chemicals. The Brazilian Blowout process

includes washing hair with clarifying shampoo, and then the solutions are applied and the

hair is dried. After the hair is dry, they flat iron the hair to seal the solution in, rinse it and

then apply a hair conditioner mask. Then they blow dry the hair. The Brazilian Blowout

uses a super-nutrient complex and polymer system. It works by improving the condition

of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz

and smooth the cuticle of the hair. This lasts for up to about three months and the

treatment simply washes away over time and then your hair returns to its normal state.

     One of the very first implements to straighten hair was called the straightening

     comb. There appears to be some confusion about who actually invented it bit it

     was initially attributed to Madam Walker in 1905. However, this is NOT true.

     Although she did not invent the straightening comb she did popularize its use

     amongst brown women who she taught how to use the device.

     There is much evidence to suggest that hot irons were available as far back as

     1872. And it was around this time that Marcel Grateau (a Parisian) who started

     using heated rods to straighten hair. This tool helped straighten the hair and

     caused less damage than other hair straightening techniques.
Heated combs were also used throughout the early days. The comb was placed in

a special warming device until heated to the right temperature and then pulled

through the hair.

Since the 1870's, the use of different metals and materials have been tried and

tested. Aluminum was used on early straighteners and metal was obviously used

along the way too. Nowadays most manufacturers, like Sedu, use ceramic and

tourmaline which give great results.

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