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             Distrel is delighted to announce distribution of C-Map’s marine navigation system
                                     for PDA Microsoft PocketPC: C-eMAP

Milan, July ’05 – C-Map, world leader in the production of electronic sea maps used on board ships sailing
the seven seas, announces the birth of C-eMAP: the first and only sea navigation software for palmtops with
Microsoft PocketPC operating system which not only permits you to read the ship’s point, but also
accompanies you safely on your desired route.

C-eMAP uses C-Map’s e-MAX sea maps, contained in a SD Card, covering bathymetry, radio-lighthouses,
shallows, berths, port details and lots more.

C-eMAP is a sophisticated navigation software compatible with all PDAs, PDAphone Microsoft PocketPC,
such as Acer, Asus, BenQ, FujizuSiemens, HP, Mio, I-mate, Qteck etc...for all sea lovers.

C-Map has decided to entrust Distrel, leading Italian company with a decade of experience in the distribution
of GPS navigation systems, with the distribution of the C-eMAP software.

The baptism of the revolutionary C-eMAP system is reserved for a bundle solution combining the sea
navigation software C-eMap with the famous PDA Mitac Mio168, equipped with an integrated GPS antenna
and Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 operating system.

How to establish the position of your boat precisely, follow the pre-set route to destination and calculate the
remaining navigation time exactly becomes really easy.

Operating in open sea, thus with no fixed reference points, C-eMAP uses specific navigation technologies,
managing to establish the Bearing (the corner between geographical or magnetic north and destination) and
the Course Over Ground (the boat’s route compared to the sea bottom, that is the direction the boat is going
compared to north). To help navigation, C-eMAP also offers the possibility to insert Marks, reference points
on sea maps, towards which you can set your navigation route. The C-eMAP software also supplies the
boat’s real speed compared to the bottom and the distance to be covered in km, miles and sea miles.
Detailed indication of ports, buoys, lighthouses and bathometry complete the information made available for
the user.

The bundle offers an LCD TFT (thin-film-transistor) 65,000 colour screen with touch panel guaranteeing
exceptional readability and clearness even in intense light, high luminosity and contrast conditions thanks to
the LED back lighting providing clearer, brighter images compared to traditional STN displays. The ultra light,
compact format and integrated design make this system a reliable, professional instrument to be used in any
sea trip situation.

“We had been thinking about sea navigation for a long time, ever since we launched the first GPS navigation
system for cars on PDAs, palmtops, in far off 1995” said Giorgio Guana, Distrel President, “however it is only
now, thanks to C-Map’s enormous specific experience and to the dynamicness of this company, unique
under Fosco Bianchetti’s superb leadership that we have managed to turn the idea into reality”.

The reference market is the consumer electronics and mobile phone one: C-eMAP will be for sale in a DVD
box including sea maps of the whole Mediterranean pre-loaded on MMC from the month of July at a price
for the public of 299 euros, 20% VAT included - for anyone who has a palmtop.
The C-sea bundle (C-eMAP software, e-MAX maps complete with the whole Mediterranean pre-loaded on
MMC and Mio168 with integrated GPS antenna) will be offered to the public at 699 euros 20%VAT

For more information please visit website or
Information on Distrel:
Distrel is a high added value marketing and distribution services company that has been operating all over the country since 1986.
Created for hi-fi products for cars, today it is one of the main realities in the mobile phone market distributing Alcatel, Philips and
Siemens mobile phones, Asus, I-Mate, Mitac and Nokia Smartphones, the Telecom Italia and La7 offer and the Wayfinder type
navigation systems (server based for SmartPhone Symbian) or Destinator (on-board for PDA and PDAPhones MS PocketPC) and the
Plug&Drive Mio. With its capillary sales network, in Italy Distrel serves more than 4,000 sales outlets specialised in telecommunications,
consumer electronics, large scale distribution. It is an ISO 9001 certified company and its turnover in 2004 was approximately 70
million euros.

Further information on Distrel available from website

Information on C-Map:
C-Map, a multinational group with 26 branches in 19 countries and more than 600 employees, is the largest world producer of sea
navigation and electronic map technology. C-Map produces new maps every month (certified UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 production),
keeps a collection of more than 20 thousand maps updated, and supplies thousands of boats all over the world, from pleasure and
fishing boats to class SOLAS ships. Other activity sectors for the C-MAP Group are: air navigation, electronic road maps, vehicle
localisation, publishing, production systems for Hydrographic Institutes, electronics and robotics.

Further information on C-Map available from website

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