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					                       GUILD NEWS
                        Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild of NSW Inc

                                                      JUNE, 2011
              Meeting will be held on June 25 at 1:30pm in the hall behind St Paul’s church, 205
              Burwood Road, Burwood

              Lindie Ward, curator of textiles at the Powerhouse Museum will tell us about Love Lace,
              the Museum's third International Lace Award which opens on July 30. The exhibition will
              include more than 135 contemporary lace works from 22 countries. Artworks range from
              delicate filigree jewellery to grand steel structures but all conform to the definition of lace
              as a structure in which the spaces are as important as the solid areas.

JUNE MINI WORKSHOP: Lace                                             DISPLAY TABLE                         Warm colours
Bring your knitted, crochet, woven, etc lace to share and            In painting, warm colors are said to advance or appear more
compare.                                                             active, while cool colors tend to recede. In interior design/
Mini workshops start at 11am in the small hall below the Guild       fashion, warm colors are said to arouse or stimulate the
rooms. There is a $3 participation fee.                              viewer, while cool colors calm and relax. But even cool
                                                                     colours can be “warm” or “cool” depending on the amount of
AFTERNOON TEA                                                        red or yellow in them
Kindly bring something to share. Help is always needed to            Colours to come: July: cool, August: tertiary, Sept: analogous,
prepare and clean up after afternoon tea. Many thanks to our         October: triad, November: proportion and intensity.
mountain ladies for organising the teas.
                                                                     July 2011 Guild News deadline: July 4
                                                                     Mail copy to the Guild or to

                                          GUILD OPEN DAY
                                   Saturday, July 9, 9:30am to 3:30pm
                                        St Pauls church hall, 205 Burwood Road, Burwood

Members will exhibit their Mad Hats, hand woven                      Member’s unique, handmade work for sale – hand
Runners and Mittens knitted with hand spun yarns.                    spun yarn, hand woven, hand knitted and hand felted
Winners to be chosen by popular vote and a judge.                    wearables.

Demonstrations by groups and others                                  Kids craft corner

Join the competition to spin the longest thread from a               Traders include
given amount of fibre in 5 minutes.                                  Yvonne Eade – tapestry yarns, Barbara Lloyd – buttons
                                                                     Helen Rippon – Waratah Fibres, Sylvia Riley –
                                                                     Silksational, Christine Sloan – Glenora weaving,
                                                                     Maggie McNulty – fibre, equipment, etc, Illawarra
                                                                     Feltmakers, Michelle Snowdon – Wooldancer, Reg and
                                                                     Gill Scott – Winder angoras, Donna Schmelitschek –
                                                                     Dreamworld Alpacas

                                                                     Stash buster sale and second hand goods for sale

                                                                     Refreshments – a sausage sizzle and tea/coffee in the
                                                                     small hall with homemade goodies.
                                                                      Please bring something delicious to share with our guests.

                                                                     Everyone welcome, old friends and new
                     Opinions expressed in correspondence in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the editor or management committee
                                                                                                  Print Post Approved PP297537/00022
phone:    9745 1603                       mail:   PO Box 578, Burwood, NSW 1805                                 GUILD NEWS No. 553
e-mail:             web:                                                    June, 2011
               From our PresidAnnt

               We had a wonderful time last Saturday listening to our guest Marion Wheatland describe her adventures
               in Antarctica. She gave a very informative and lively presentation complete with stunning photos of the
               incredible landscape and of herself spinning on the ice surrounded by inquisitive penguins.
                   As part of her journey Marion visited Mawson’s hut and told us about the restoration project currently
               underway there. Marion is using the story of her trip and her presentation to raise funds for this very
               worthwhile project. If you would like to know more about Marion and this project you can go to her
               website, and blog.
                   All this talk of travel and the accompanying images really made me feel like taking off for far away
               regions. The best I can do at present is to take a short trip to Melbourne for a family birthday. While I’m
               there I hope to catch up with the Victorian Guild and check out their new, shop front premises. I notice on
               their website that they now have a gallery showcasing member’s work for sale. This is an idea I’d like to
               borrow and is something we can discuss at our next general meeting.
                   In the meantime I hope many of you are going to bring your lovely work at our Open Day as entries in
               our competitions or for sale on the Guild table. It looks like most of our tables are booked now so although
               you can’t book a table for your own work you can still place your items on the Guild table. Please name
               your items and provide the appropriate information regarding fibre content and care instructions. Items
               sold will pay a commission of 10% to the Guild.
                   I am still looking for a few extra people for a subcommittee to assist with next year’s plans for our 65
               anniversary. We hope to secure the feature display area at the Darling Harbour Craft and Quilt Fair in
               2012. In order to do this we have to come up with a proposal about the Guild’s display in order to make it
               appealing to the organisers as well as visitors and the media. We’ve been advised that ideas with some
               kind of activity will be viewed favourably, particularly if it is some kind of event that will excite media
               interest and provide publicity.
                   We are open to suggestions so if you have an idea tell me, Lucille Ryan or Judy Nolan.
                   June 11 marks the beginning of International Knit in Public Day, a week long celebration of knitting and
               other fibre arts. As the website,, says WWKiP Day is really about showing the
               general public that knitting can be a community activity in a very distinct way. So why not get a group of
               friends together and meet up at a café or a park to show off your skills. Perhaps take a drop spindle and
               spin some yarn as well. There are a few events being held in NSW at the following locations if you want to
               join in:
               June11: Albury, K2TOG, Corner North & Mate St, hosted by Jenny Awburn; Griffith City Library, hosted by
               Elizabeth May Brooks; Kenthurst Village Shopping Centre, hosted by Kenthurst Uniting Church
               Community Craft Group
               June 12: Nundle Woollen Mill, hosted by Nick & Christine; Wollombi Tavern, hosted by Judy Waite
               June 18: Customs House, Circular Quay, Sydney, hosted by Scorpio/ Margot
                   I’m sure this could be a lot of fun. And don’t forget we are still after items for the Guild journal. Please
               send your articles or photos to Carol Hoh by the end of this month (perhaps something about knitting in
                   I’m packing my drop spindle and some beautiful angora/ wool tops to play with. Knitting in the car while
               we’re travelling is never a problem – so long as it’s not me driving! It’ll be interesting to see if I can
               manage to spin as well! In the meantime, I hope to finish the sleeves of a jumper I want to take with me so
               I’d better dash.
                                                                               All the best
                                                                                Ann Beatty
                    GUILD CLASSES                                                             GUILD GROUPS
The following courses have started in the Guild rooms.                   BRAIDS GROUP
Beginners weaving, Linda Coffill, Thursday nights, 6 - 9pm               When:      July 9 in the Guild rooms
Second year weaving, Liz Calnan on Wednesday nights.                     Enquiries: Diana Macauliffe, 9150 6954
Third year weaving, Liz Calnan on Tuesday nights.
Project Group, Liz Calnan on Monday nights.                              CROCHET and KNITTING GROUP
                                                                         It is with regret that we announce that there will be no further
BEGINNERS SPINNING COURSE                                                meetings of the Crochet/Knit Group. However, remember that
While the terms are 8 weeks long, newcomers can join in every            the Guild rooms, library and the yarn shop are open every
4 weeks. After the initial 8 week course, students can continue          Thursday from 12 - 4pm. Everyone is welcome to join us then.
to Block 2 for lessons 9 to 16.                                          Enquiries: Brigitte Sieber,
Tutors: Marie Clews and Susanne Griffiths                                               Helen Thomas,
When: Block 1 – 2 intake: April 9, 16, May 7, 14, 21, June 4,
11 (perhaps depending on students desire to have a class on              EXPERIMENTAL WEAVERS
the long weekend), 18 and July 2 if June 11 is cancelled.
                                                                         Liz has the opportunity to get all her family together on July 24
Block 2: August 6, 13, 20, Sept 3, 10, Oct 8, 15, 22
                                                                         so would like to change the advertised date of the meeting to
Cost: $200 for members, $240 for non members
                                                                         July 17. She hopes you can come with notice this far ahead.
Contact: Jeanette Colditz,
                                                                         When:        10am-3pm, July 17
                                                                                      2011 dates: Sept 18, Dec 4
WORKSHOP/CLASS APPLICATION FORM go to                                    Where:       Guild rooms                                 Enquiries: Liz Calnan, 9868 2753

  Guild News                                                         2                                                       June, 2011
             EXPLORING FELT
       For people interested in the many aspects of felting –          SPINNING STUDY GROUP
    wet, Nuno, needle and combinations of all three.                   When:      9.30/10am-3pm, July 31
When:       10am - 3pm, Friday, June 17                                           2011 dates: Sept 25, Nov 27
            The July meeting has been cancelled.                       Bring:     your lunch, tea/ coffee available
            2011 Dates: August 19, Sept 16, Oct 21, Nov 18             Cost:      $3 attendance fee
Cost:       $5 for Guild members, $10 for non members                  Enquiries: Diana Macauliffe, 9150 6954
Enquiries: Lyn Hall, 4392 3665,

A new Korean Cultural Centre,
has opened at 255 Elizabeth Street opposite Museum station.            MEMBERSHIP MATTERS
They offer craft courses, exhibitions, films, cultural exchange.       Changes/Corrections
          When:        10am - 2pm, Sunday, June 26                     Margaret Davey
          2011 Dates: August 28, Oct 30                                New Members
          Where:       Guild rooms                                     Marina Cooper 9713 7577
          Enquiries: Prue Hill,                                  27 Undine Street, Russell Lea 2046

              NETWORK NEWS

               The Wool Road Spinners and Weavers Inc have again organized a bus trip to Melbourne that you
               are welcome to join. They have not finalized the destinations as new ones are added as old ones
               that have closed are dropped. They would welcome information about new places to visit. Feel free
               to let them know about any interesting fibre related places to be included.
               Cost:         Approximately $720 including coach for 7 days, 3 evening meals, 2 full breakfasts. All
                             other costs have to be paid by travellers. A lot of our travellers take breakfast with
                             them as there are jugs and toasters in some motels. $50 deposit fee required on
                             application. Remainder due by July 1.
                   Send payment to Marge. Cheques payable to Woolroad Spinners and Weavers Inc. Include an
               emergency contact.
                   They are looking forward to meeting up again. If you intend to come on this trip get your booking
               in early as they only take 30 due to accommodation availability and not being able to fit your
               shopping on the coach.
               When:         Sunday to Saturday, July 10-16
               Info:         Marge Stein 4441 0865, 6 Marlin Pl, Sussex Inlet 2540, Maureen Speer 4443 4898,
                             D2820 Princes Highway, Wandandian 2540,

               THE OWL AND THE PUSSY CAT
               Tapestries on the theme of the Owl and Pussy Cat from a poem by Edward Lear designed and
               woven by Australian and New Zealand weavers will be exhibited at:
               June 17- 27 Alexander Park Craft House, access road off Clyde Rd, Menora. Building is adjacent to
               Alexander Park Tennis Club. Phone (when someone is at the Hall) is 9370 5004. Guild days are 2
                     th                              nd     th
               and 4 Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. 2 and 4 Tuesdays from 10am to 1.30pm
               *Hall also open Wednesdays from 10am to 1pm, Thursdays from 10am to 2pm, 3 Tuesday from
               7pm to approx 7.30pm. *Tapestry weavers are usually at the Hall each Tuesday from 10am to 1pm
               and Wednesday mornings from 10am. *Best to check with Connie 07 9287 2208
               a) Friday, July 15, Dence Park Community Centre, 26 Stanley St Epping, between 10am- 4pm
               b) Saturday July 30: Hand Weavers & Spinners Guild NSW Inc at St Pauls, Anglican Church Hall
               (behind church), 205 Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW 1805. 1.30 - 4.30pm
               Contact: Yvonne Eade 0407 104 385

               FREE FELT MAKING DAY
               Anyone interested in learning the art of felt making is welcome to join the Illawarra Feltmakers Inc
               for their second Beginner's Day for 2011. Please spread the word, as the day is a fun and relaxed
               way of learning the basics of wet felt-making.
               When:        10am to 1pm Saturday, June 18
               Where:       Shell Cove Community Centre, corner Southern Cross Boulevard and Hinchinbrook
                            Drive, Shell Cove
               Cost:        $10 includes materials, refreshments and facility hire.
               Info:        Phoning Eleanor Brash 42440371 or e-mail

  Guild News                                                       3                                                   June, 2011
              NATURAL DYE SYMPOSIUM, 2012
              Beautiful Silks are absolutely thrilled to announce that, so far, they have the following firm
              The opening celebration and speech will be presented by Janet de Boer OAM 6pm June 27
              3 day workshop Shifu Books In The Ecotone with Velma Bolyard (USA) June 29 to July 1.
                 Workshop fee is $375
              One day workshop Nature’s Colours Fabric with India Flint, July 5. Fee $198. This workshop is
                 almost sold out.
              One day workshop The Natural Dyed Thread, tutor Roz Hawker
              One day workshop Stitching the boundary, layering with natural fibres, thread and fabric, tutor Roz
              Two one-day workshops, Asa Walquist Yarns: Natural dyeing and Traditional Patterns in Knitting
                 Please register if you have not done so already.
                 The following events will be scheduled at some time during the symposium. The number of
              expressions of interest received will determine the size of the venue needed & help fix the date:
                 One day workshop Nature’s Colours Scarf with India Flint.           Fee $198.
                 Exhibition Collaboration: Julian Roberts (UK) & India Flint.
                 Lecture My Life with Animals David Higgins Special lecture          from one of the world's best
                 wildlife drawing artists
              They are on the lookout for more ideas, more lecturers, more workshops, more discussions and
              more information. Let them know your thoughts.
                 India Flint and Julian Roberts events in particular, have been known to sell out within 2 or 3
              days of being announced so if you want to do the workshop or come to the opening night party,
              register now and get your forms in to

              COMPLEX WEAVERS SEMINARS, 2012
              For a perfect excuse to visit the Washington DC area, go to the Complex Weavers Seminars in
              September when the weather is still warm but not muggy.
              When:       Wednesday to Saturday, September 12-15, 2012
              Where:      Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA

              Australian Country Spinners (ACS) and Spotlight are running a competition with three categories
              each of which has prize money of $10,000.
                  1. Baby, child and teen
                  2. Men’s and women’s fashion
                  3. Home wares and pet fashion
              Their panel of judges will chose one winner from each category that shows how much you love
                  The small print says that you have to buy the Patons, Cleckheaton, Panda, Shepherd or Moda
              Vera yarn between March 14 and July 31 this year from Spotlight and keep the receipt to send in
              with the photo of your entry.
                  ACS will select one entrant from all valid entries to have the opportunity to collaborate with ACS
              on a limited knitwear design collection for release next season.

An exhibition of African history, culture and tradition made                       TRANSPORTATION
possible by a collaboration with Fairfield Migrant Resource                        Curated by Helen Lancaster
Centre and supported by the Australian Burundian Community                         When:      till July 3
Organization (NSW), Congolese Community of NSW, African                            Where:     Fairfield City Museum & Gallery
Hope and Diversity and Acholi Community Association in NSW                         Info:      9609 3993
When: till July 3
Where: Fairfield City Museum & Gallery

              THE PAPER ATTIC
             Benja Harney describes himself as a paper engineer. His craft is self taught and by using perfectly
             precise cuts and folds he transforms humble paper into intriguing works of art.
                For this exhibition, Harney’s intricately crafted works resemble objects that one might find within
             an attic room. In this curious space, Harney recreates a room where discarded domestic objects
             such as old records, letters, toys, photographs and crazy inventions gone wrong sit forgotten and
                Over the last six years, Harney has fashioned pop-up books and paper constructions for a
             variety of creative fields including advertising, magazine illustration, fashion and packaging. The
             Pater Attic is Harney’s first presentation of works within the format of a design gallery.
             Where:        Object’s Project Space, 417 Bourke St, Surry Hills
             When:         July 30-Sept 25, as part of Sydney Design. Closed Mondays.
  Guild News                                                       4                                                   June, 2011
               SYDNEY FAMILY SHOW
               For the first time, the Ceramic Art Association of NSW Inc (CAA) in conjunction with Glass
               Association, Porcelain Association, Macquarie Potters and Ceramic Study Group held a Kiln Fired
               Art Show (exhibition and sales) at the recent Sun-Herald Sydney Family Show at Moore Park over
               Easter. We wanted to show a variety of quality pieces and give the general public an opportunity to
               know that beautiful hand crafted items are still being created!
                   With over 2,500 votes in our People's Choice Award, sales of pieces through the exhibition
               cabinets and enquiries for lessons in the various crafts displayed, we felt the show was a great
               success. Although we had a few teething problems this year we would like to grow and improve the
               show in 2012 and invite other associations and groups to participate in competition and
                   The CAA would also like to hold workshops for those wanting to teach their skills to others. If
               this interests you or your group call Kerrie Girard, President of CAA, 0421 633 369 or email
      for more information.

               SURI ALPACA FLEECE
               An email received by the Guild last month:
               My partner, Paul, and I have a farm in the Southern Highlands where we breed both suris and
               huacayas. Our stud name is Pacofino (which means fine fleece in a mix of Italian and Spanish) and
               we have been breeding alpacas since 2000.
                   All of our huacaya fleece from last year's clip has been sold as there are plenty of
               manufacturers and small mills purchasing huacaya and turning it into beautiful knitwear – without
               leaving Australia. However, suri is a different type of fleece and is more noted as being hair as
               opposed to wool. It is very silky, lustrous and cool to the touch and blends perfectly with huacaya
               and silk. Unfortunately we don't have the mills over here to deal with suri, however, there are a few
               mills currently doing some trials so we hope that something will materialise in the near future.
                   Our website is where you can see some of our gorgeous suri sires
               standing at stud and some of their crias (babies.) I am currently updating the site so there is not a
               lot on it at the moment but enough for you to see that we produce a beautiful product.
                   I have noted the date of your Open Day on Saturday, July 9 and will let you know a little nearer
               the time if I am able to attend, which could be a bit difficult as we are always on farm at weekends
               to give our manager a break.
                   This weekend I shall organise a few suri samples of varying colours and post them to you when
               back in Sydney next week. It will give you and any of your spinners and weavers an idea of what
               the fleece feels like and, if I am unable to make the Open Day, then if anyone is interested in
               purchasing suri fleeces from us they are welcome to contact me direct on 0407 913 950 or by email
               on or Please feel free to get back to me if
               you have any queries you would like to ask.
                                                            Kind regards, Linda Davies

AN ODE TO ENGLISH PLURALS                                              We find that quicksand can work slowly, boxing rings are
We'll begin with a box, and the plural is boxes,                       square,
But the plural of ox becomes oxen, not oxes.                           And a guinea pig is neither from Guinea nor is it a pig.
One fowl is a goose, but two are called geese,
Yet the plural of moose should never be meese.                         And why is it that writers write but fingers don't fing,
                                                                       Grocers don't groce and hammers don't ham?
You may find a lone mouse or a nest full of mice,                      Doesn't it seem crazy that you can make amends but not one
Yet the plural of house is houses, not hice.                           amend.
If the plural of man is always called men,                             If you have a bunch of odds and ends and get rid of all but one
Why shouldn't the plural of pan be called pen?                         of them, what do you call it?

If I speak of my foot and show you my feet,                            If teachers taught, why didn't preachers praught?
And I give you a boot, would a pair be called beet?                    If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat?
If one is a tooth and a whole set are teeth,                           Sometimes I think all the folks who grew up speaking English
Why shouldn't the plural of booth be called beeth?                     should be committed to an asylum for the verbally insane.
                                                                       In what other language do people recite at a play and play at a
Then one may be that, and three would be those,                        recital?
Yet hat in the plural would never be hose,
And the plural of cat is cats, not cose.                               We ship by truck but send cargo by ship.
We speak of a brother and also of brethren,                            We have noses that run and feet that smell.
But though we say mother, we never say methren.                        We park in a driveway and drive in a parkway.
                                                                       And how can a slim chance and a fat chance be the same,
Then the masculine pronouns are he, his and him,                       while a wise man and a wise guy are opposites?
But imagine the feminine: she, shis and shim!
Let's face it - English is a crazy language.                           You have to marvel at the unique lunacy of a language
There is no egg in eggplant nor ham in hamburger;                      In which your house can burn up as it burns down,
Neither apple nor pine in pineapple.                                   In which you fill in a form by filling it out, and in which an alarm
                                                                       goes off by going on.
English muffins weren't invented in England .                          And in closing, if Father is Pop, how come Mother's not Mop?
We take English for granted, but if we explore its paradoxes,
  Guild News                                                       5                                                         June, 2011
APRIL Guest Speakers                 New Committee Members                   Katherine Henry and Ann Jackson
Katherine grew up in Kansas, as did Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and Superman. Katherine points out that she differs from
these characters in that she is real! She has been in Australia for 17 years and is married with two daughters. One of her
daughters, Isabella, is a fine young spinner and often attends Guild meetings with Katherine.
    Katherine has many interests, her degree from the University of Kansas was in engineering and robotics, she founded and
continues to run a company which provides insurance for doctors and surgeons and has been at different times involved in running,
permaculture, sewing and other pursuits. Since she took up spinning a year ago Katherine has had little time for any other leisure
pursuit. She took the plunge and volunteered to work at the Guild stand at this year’s Easter Show and had a great time,
particularly playing with the alpacas.
    Katherine hopes to help build the membership of the Guild by working with the committee to introduce new technologies which
will make it easier for people in remote areas or from outside NSW to be involved.

Ann is Canadian but has been living in Australia since 1981. In the past she was a painter but during the 1990’s became more
involved in fibre arts. A lifetime of knitting with other family members gave her a great background for this pursuit.
    Ann took a spinning course in Bondi and enjoyed it but did not continue spinning and it was another 10 years before she took it
up again. While living in San Francisco she chanced upon a fleece from a California Mutant X sheep and kept it with her through
many house moves until she found herself in Toronto at a knitters collective where she took a course in support spindling and then
later learnt to use a drop spindle and has been dedicated to this method ever since. Through many years of travelling for work Ann
has perfected the art of processing fibres in hotel rooms. These days she prefers to weave with her hand spun yarn as she finds
knitting too heavy in the Australian climate.
    As a committee member Ann hopes to modernise the competition schedules of the RAS and other shows and by doing so
encourage more people to enter their work. She wants to help the Guild in NSW remain relevant and grow.
    Ann mentioned that whenever she gets out her drop spindle in an airport waiting area she has an immediate audience. Diana
Macauliffe took this as a great example to encourage people to continue making things when travelling as it’s a good way to let
people know our crafts are not dying. It’s also an excellent way to make new friends!

MAY Guest Speaker                                                                               MARION WHEATLAND
                                             My Spin on the Frozen Continent
Marion Wheatland is “Canadian by birth, Australian by heart” and has lived in Australia for over 40 years. She has been spinning for
more than 20 years and runs a business called Fancy Spinning a Yarn ( Marion is passionate about
fibre and wool and also history, a trait she inherited from her father. As a child she used to attend agricultural shows in Canada.
The Dandenong Show was her introduction to the Australian version of the Ag show. Her interest in fibre motivated her to get her
wool classing certificate but she has found her niche as a spinning teacher.
    Using an inheritance from her father Marion combined her two great passions by taking an amazing journey to Antarctica to spin
at the South Pole and help raise money for the restoration of Mawson’s hut.
    Equipped with a wheel donated by Majacraft and some wool top (clean enough to enter the sterile environment of Antarctica)
Marion departed from Dunedin on the MV Orion, a very comfortable icebreaker well suited for the journey through the Southern
Ocean. Marion did some spinning on the ship and naturally managed to intrigue some of her fellow passengers enough to
encourage them to take some lessons from her. She had been preparing herself for the cold conditions by spinning in a hired
freezer room and at an ice bar in Melbourne! Luckily when she finally landed at Commonwealth Bay and had a chance to look
around Mawson’s Hut and set up her wheel to spin nearby, the temperature was a reasonable zero degrees with virtually no wind.
This meant Marion could actually remove her gloves.
    Mawson’s Hut was built in 1911 as part of the Australian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) and is being restored and preserved by the
Mawson’s Huts Foundation. A great deal of equipment, foodstuff, books and ephemera
remain at the site and are still in the process of being catalogued by archaeologists and
historians. Marion was overwhelmed at the tangible air of history in and around the hut.
Spinning just metres away from it was one of the biggest thrills of her life. She chose to
spin a blue yarn in the hope of knitting it into a replica of Mawson’s famous balaclava.
Her’s will be auctioned off to raise more money for the Foundation. She also spun a yarn
she called Antarctic Sunrise which reflected the unique colours of the area.
    After leaving Cape Denison the MV Orion stopped at the Macquarie Islands and the
bird sanctuary of Campbell Island before returning to New Zealand. Marion hopes to raise
more money for the Mawson’s Huts Foundation by selling photos and DVDs of her
adventure and will be sure to use her unusual spinning experiences to instruct and
entertain people for some time.

FIBRE DESIGN BOOK                                                           TED is a nonprofit organisation devoted to ideas about
Photos of the works chosen for the TAFTA Fibre Design Book               technology, entertainment and design worth spreading.
(which did not eventuate) are on the TAFTA web site. Go to and choose Fibre Design Book from the left              UNUSUAL FIBRES
hand menu. You can open and look at all the works. Lots of               Dawn Klug in Tampa, Florida spins Spanish moss and
lovely eye candy.                                                        weaves the yarn into saddle blankets. First the moss is
                 Cheers, Yvonne        Eade                              pulled off the live oaks and left to rett on the ground. It is
                                                                         then teased open and spun on an electric spinning wheel
GROWING YOUR OWN CLOTHING                                                (Dawn was disabled in an auto accident and gets around in                    a wheel chair.) She is keeping alive an old weaving tradition
suzanne-lee-on-ted-com/ is a short TED talk from on growing              of the area.
your own clothing – if you fancy parchment like fabric that is not
impermiable to water (yet.) They don’t mention the smell.
  Guild News                                                         6                                                    June, 2011
             Minutes of the General Meeting of the Hand Weavers & Spinners Guild of NSW
                              April 30, 2011 at St Pauls Church Hall 205 Burwood Rd, Burwood
             April General meeting opened at 1.35pm
             President Ann Beatty welcomed visitor Colleen Stark and gave apologies for Aija Podzuns and
             Caroline Dick who were unable to attend. There were no corrections to the minutes of the previous
             general meeting so a move to accept them was made by Linda Chee, seconded by Brigitte Sieber.

             Treasurers report                       Sharyn Sutton
             April showed a profit of $8,326.65 due to increased revenue from our interest bearing deposit.

             Committee report                           Ann Beatty
              Today’s meeting went well. The new committee members contributed lot of ideas and thoughts.
              Thanks to all the volunteers who worked at the RAS Easter Show. We had a good display and
             lots of interest, especially from young children.
              The Darling Harbour Craft and Quilt Fair is on from June 22-26 and as always volunteers are
             needed to work at the Guild stand on all 5 days of the show. Volunteers are rewarded with free
             entry! Contact Ann, any committee members or the Guild office if you can join us at the fair. We
             also need members work to display. Please let us know if you can help.
              2012 will be the 65 anniversary of the Guild and we will apply for a feature display area at the

             Darling Harbour Craft Fair and look for other opportunities to advertise the Guild. We need some
             great ideas for this display and ask members if they can contribute any thoughts or time towards
             making this celebration a memorable one.
              Anita Bhuta from Warra Disabilities Service is looking for people to teach spinning and weaving
             to clients and staff at her organization. They have a quantity of spinning and weaving equipment
             they want to make use of and any volunteers to help with this project should contact Ann Beatty.

             Upcoming events
             Winter Wool Fair: Sutherland Shire Spinners and Weavers will hold their annual wool fair in
             June at Uniting Church, Flora Street, Sutherland. Info: Karen Severn
             Open Day 2011 is fast approaching. Members are reminded that entries are needed for the
             competitions on the day and that extra tables will be available for members to sell their own work.
             Of course there is also an ever-present need for volunteers to help out on the day.
             Diana Macauliffe let us know that the Braids Group will be attending the St Ives Show with a
             display and demonstration.

             Other announcements
              The Jason Collingwood talk and Lexi Boeger workshops were very successful and the
             committee hopes to continue bringing overseas artists and crafts people to the Guild.
              Brigitte asked people to have a thorough search for any library books that may be lurking or
             forgotten on your book shelves. She especially mentioned this for the attention of members who
             don’t often get to the monthly meetings as they may have forgotten to return books in the past.
                               st                nd             rd
             Raffle winners: 1 Ruth Sanders, 2 Linda Chee, 3 Gilda
             Meeting was closed at 2pm.

                        Minutes of General Meeting, Hand Weavers & Spinners Guild of NSW
                             May 28, 2011 at St Pauls Church Hall 205 Burwood Rd, Burwood.
         May General meeting opened at 3.05pm. President Ann Beatty welcomed new members Debbie,
         Helen and Marina to the Guild. Apologies for April meeting minutes missing from last months Guild
         News, they will be included this month.

         Treasurers report                        Sharyn Sutton
         April income           $ 3,777           April expenses       $3,628
         Further details: contact Sharyn or the committee

         Committee report                          Ann Beatty
             The Darling Harbour Craft and Quilt Fair is on from June 22-26 and as always volunteers are
         needed to work at the Guild stand on all 5 days of the show. Sign up sheet sent around. Contact the
         Guild if you want to add your name to the list.
             The TAFTA Fibre Forum schedule for 2012 is out. There will be some changes to the event in
         2012 as the classes will be held at Korowai School in Hazelbrook and Springwood High School in
         the Blue Mountains and there will be 2, 4 and 6 day workshops available but no accommodation –
         students will have to organize their own. [See list of workshops below, the Textile Fibre Forum
         magazine in the library or go to for details.]
             The Sun-Herald Family Show, an alternative to the RAS Easter Show, has been held for the last
         few years and will be on again in 2012. The Guild committee is considering becoming involved in
         this event and will keep the members informed of any decisions made about this.
              2012 will be the 65 anniversary of the Guild and we will apply for a feature display area at the
         Darling Harbour Craft Fair and will look for other opportunities to advertise the Guild. We need some
         great ideas for this display and ask the members if they can contribute any thoughts or time towards

Guild News                                                      7                                                  June, 2011
           making this celebration a memorable one. Someone has suggested a back-to-back challenge, any
           ideas about this or any other activities are very welcome.
               Winter Wool Fair, Sutherland Shire Spinners and Weavers on June 3-4
               Open Day 2011 is fast approaching. Ann has designed and had printed a large number of
           flyers. Members were asked to help distribute them. Members are also reminded that entries are
           needed for the spinning and weaving competitions to be held on the day.

           Other Announcements
               The Braids Group will meet on July 9 – all welcome.
               Guild member Wendy Ross’s husband Peter has a large (60-80kg) bale of unwashed merino
           fleece that he wants to sell in a single lot. It is short staple fleece, mostly lamb with some black in it.
           Please contact Wendy and Peter if you are interested, their details are in the Directory of Members.
               Fliss Coles also has some Polworth fleece for sale.

           Carol Hoh is quite distressed by the lack of articles for the Journal and has threatened to abandon
           the whole idea if she doesn’t get a better response. Please write something, large or small to help fill
           the pages of the 2011 Journal!

           Show and Tell featured many prize winning entries from the St Ives Show.
                            st                  nd             rd                th         th
           Raffle winners: 1 Chie Vandersluys, 2 Ellie Mac, 3 Barbara Lloyd, 4 Wendy Ross, 5 June
           Meeting closed at 4pm

TAFTA CONTEXT 2012                      2-Day Workshops April 14-15                4-Day Workshops, April 16-20
Suzanne Archer (Aus)                    The Role of the Found Object               Role of the Found Object in Drawing/Painting
Carol Barton (USA)                      Pop-Up Paper Structures                    Carousel and Tunnel Books
Gemma Black (Aus)                       Calligraphy: The Celts and Uncial          Colour, Collage and Calligraphy
Wim De Vos (Aus)                        3D Perspex Design                          Perspex Design:2/3 Dimensional
Sue Dennis (Aus)                        Surface Design Entree                      Textile Souvenirs Surface Design and Stitch
Don Hildred (Aus)                       Digital Photography - Essentials           Intermediate Digital Photography
Lizzie Houghton (UK)                    Felting: Chic and Frivolous Felt Hats      Nuno Felt Jacket
Kirsten Ingemar (Aus)                   Explorations with Natural Dyeing           Experimenting with Natural Dyeing & Stitch
Liz Jeneid (Aus)                        Mark Making / Prints / Paper               Mark Making/ Prints/ Paper and maybe a Book!
Virginia Kaiser (Aus)                   Intro to Natural Basketry                  Taking the Basket Further, Naturally
Keith Lo Bue (USA/Aus)                  Collaging the Found Object                 Precious Little
Tracy Luff (Aus)                        Adventure with Fluted Cardboard            Sculpting in Fluted Cardboard
Prudence Mapstone (Aus)                 Experiments in Freeforming                 Freeform Fabrics & 3-D
Graham Marchant (UK/Aus)                Imagery from Nature                        Still Life: Jewels of the Patterned World
Cathy Moon (Aus)                        Scrumptious Shibori Scarves                Sculptured and Bejewelled Neckwear
Gail Robinson & Bettina Nissen (Aus)    Storytelling – weaving woman               Storytelling – Finding the Thread
Catherine O’Leary (Aus)                 Painting with Fibre and Fabric             3-D Nuno Felting
Adele Outteridge (Aus)                  Make a Personal Journal                    Books & Boxes
Samantha Pope (Aus)                     Machine Needle Felting Snapshot            Beyond Backgrounds
Yvonne Twining (Aus)                    Sandal-Making                              Non-Lasted Shoe Making
Judy Wilford (Aus)                      Flora of the Blue Mountains                Flora in the Landscape
Michael Winters (Aus)                   Drawing A Long Hard Look at Things         A Must For Any Medium!
Jill Elias (Aus)                        Papermaking in & from the bush
Fiona Hammond (Aus)                     Bead the Surface
Barbara Schey (Aus)                     Buttony
Mary Hettmansperger (USA)                                                     Altered Woven Jewellery
Kim Thittichai (USA)                                                          Hot Textiles, New Surfaces for Stitch
Kathryn Wardill (Aus)                                                         Glass Bead Making
6-Day Workshop Only:                    Traditional Wood Carving with Geoff Hannah & Laurens Otto, Sat April 14-20

 WEAVING loom – 4 shaft 60 cms and accessories                         For sale from the Guild
 FRAME loom – 30 cms                                                   4 shaft table loom                                     $180
 RADDLE – 62 cms                                                       Sheridan table loom, 36” wide. 4 shafts with 2 levers each
 RIGID HEDDLE REEDS – 60 cms – dark green, light green,                side. 12 dent reed, raddle                            $300
 blue & white
 Selection of warping threads and weaving tools                        An old loom in a pretty bad state, 21ins, overhead beater
 Flick Carder – never used                                             with small piece of very old reed. Has side levers on left;
                                                                       wood looks very dusty and thirsty. Cotton heddles $40
 Phone Ruth (02) 6334 2092
Guild News                                                         8                                                     June, 2011
               Guild Committee 2011                                                   * elected members
               President              Ann Beatty*         9560 2546    
               Secretary              Susan Baker*        0401 669 316 
               Treasurer              Sharyn Sutton*      9871 2271    
               Committee members      Sarah Barclay*      0433 749 548  
                                      Caroline Dick       0407 260 607 
                                      Katherine Henry     9969 8789    
                                      Ann Jackson         0488 333 225 
                                      Aija Podzuns*       9514 3521    
               Workshops              Brenda Horne        9630 8174    
               Ast Sec & Equipment     Warril Evans       9747 3739    
               Guild News Editor      Prue Hill           9973 3022    
               Journal Editor         Carol Hoh           9869 2282    
               Librarian              Brigitte Sieber     4758 7414    
               Membership Sec         Barbara Kerle       9816 5321    
               Minis & Craft shows    Kris Supierz        9727 0068    
               Office Assistant       Sue Rogers          9747 4421    
               Public Officer         Audrey Miller       9744 6212
               Returning Officer      Alan Miller         9744 6212
               Web Mistress           Jodi Redwolf                     
               Yarn store and raffles Isabel Chiang       9832 9225

                        OPEN DAY 2011 Competition Entry Form
                        Bring your entries with a completed entry form for each by 10am on July 9 or mail it to the Guild to
                        arrive before July 7.

Mittens: Made from hand spun yarn                                   Runners
                                                                       Made by beginners
                                                                       Made by more experienced crafters
Mad Hats: Made using any technique/fibres

         ENTRY FORM
Fold form so that your name is concealed for judging
NAME                                                                Category:




Fold form so that name is concealed for judging.                    Materials:

My work may be photographed for use by the Guild for


Guild News                                                      9                                                    June, 2011
June                                                             DO YOU RECOGNISE THIS DISPLAY BOARD?
 -3/7    Stories from Africa, Transported, Fairfield Regional    While looking for something to display behind our Guild table at
         Art Gallery and Museum, p 3                             the Craft and Quilt Fair, we found a set of boards illustrating
 - 4/7   Nelson Bay exhibition, Port Stephens Community Arts     various fibres. Do you remember when they were made?
 -1/12   The Quest for Red, Macleay Museum (Apr GN p4)
 18      Wollongong 50 anniversary exhibition and sale,
         Fairy Meadow Community Centre, (May GN p4)
 22-26 Craft and Quilt Fair, Darling Harbour
 24-21/7 Scarf Festival Rhythm of Life exhibition, National
         Wool Museum, Geelong (Feb GN, p3)
 25      Guild meeting
 26      Jtex meeting, Guild rooms
 1-3     Berry exhibition and sale, Berry, (May GN p3)
 6-10    Woolroad bus trip to Melbourne, p3
 15      Owl and Pussycat, Dence Park, p3
 9       Open Day
 17      Experimental Weavers, Guild rooms
 30       Guild meeting and Owl and Pussycat exhibition
 20-21 Fibres – Warped and Twisted: exhibition and sale of
         hand spun, woven and felted goods by Morisset
         Hand Spinners and Weavers at the Community Hall,
         Dora St (opposite the train station.) Traders, mini
         workshops and demonstrations daily, refreshments.
         Contact: Ruth Saunders 4973 1695
 26-28 Jaycee Boggs spinning workshop, NZ, (May GN p4)
 24-26/11 First Tamworth Textile Triennial, Tamworth Regional
         Gallery, 6767 5459,
 25-1/10 Cloth Arts @Hawkesbury, (Apr GN p4)
 25-1/10 Geelong Forum, (Apr GN p4)
 1       4 International Felt Day
 2-7     Feltmakers Convergence, Bunbury, WA
 9-15    Fibres West 2011, (Apr GN p3)
 27-30 Queensland spinners Fibre Fest
 28-30 Wolstonecroft Camp, Diane Hart, 4982 7547
 June    Natural Dye Symposium, p3
 Sept     Complex Weavers Seminars, USA, p3

   Guild News                                                   10                                                  June, 2011

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