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Documents Required:

1) An updated CV/Resume of yours by email ( .doc,rtf or pdf ) if not yet sent by you then please send it to us with an attached p
information about you to avoid any inconvenience in the upcoming projects.

2) The LIF ( Linguistic Information Form ) just click on the tab below and have a detailed view of the areas to be filled up.Please
already sent it previously.

Optional Documents :

1) The scanned copies of your university diploma ( JPEG or TIFF ) would highly be appreciable.

2) We would also appreciate your detailed list of the projects undergone which can be given to us by filing up the memo and als

Instructions :

1) Please capitalise the first letter of each word only while mentioning your name and surname.

2) Please do fill up all the attachments properly for our convenience.

3) Also confirm your rates for the assigns as mentioned in the LIF.


Kindly save and rename all the files with your name and surname. For example:[................................................................].

This excel when returned automatically confirms on the acceptance of the terms mentioned in the NDA , Memo and Guidelines

This is a signature free document and returning the form back confirms the acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Please feel free to clear up any query regarding the attachments or the upcoming jobs.
ase send it to us with an attached photo to have a detailed

w of the areas to be filled up.Please do not resend it if you have


 to us by filing up the memo and also by submitting your tool kit.



in the NDA , Memo and Guidelines.

he terms and conditions.
Dear Sir/Madam,

We have prepared a kit for our new contractors to guarantee smooth cooperation between our two parties. This memo contains
and all the information that you will need and which will be of benefit to you if you follow the procedures.

Working procedure:
1. The Project Manager (PM) contacts you regarding work.
2. If you agree to do the job and are available, the Project Manager (PM) will send you the work, instructions, and Service Orde
Job Description. On the SO or E-mail, you will find the amount to be paid and the deadline for the job.
3. Always follow instructions and contact the PM if you have any questions. It may occur, for example, that you have a problem
sure how you should localize a source word into the target language on which you are working. The PM may then be able to ch
4. On completion of the work, we require contractors to send us an invoice for each job. It can be sent by email or fax.

Invoicing Instructions:
• Please send the invoice to and cc:, .
• Please give each invoice a unique identification. If your name is "Rahul Malik", we suggest starting with "Job Number_Rahul M
number". Of course, if you have already issued invoices, you can just continue with your current system.
• Each invoice must contain the reference number of our SO/ the project number, the name of Project Manager; your contact a
number, email, bank details, and your Tax I.D. (if applicable).
• You should send the invoice upon or no later than 20 days after, the completion of the work specified . If possible, it is best to
simultaneously with the translated files.

You are requested to add us on the following chat IDS:

Service Order (SO)/Email Confirmation:
In an ideal situation our Project Managers should send you a SO/confirmation E-Mail for each job. However, it sometimes occu
have not been finalized or the client has not yet delivered all the files, so we ask translators to begin their task in order to save t
our company policy is that you should receive the SO/E-mail within 3 working days of being asked to start working on a project.
you have not received a SO/E-mail after three days, you should ask for the SO/E-mail from the PM who assigned work to you o
confirmation on the files that you are working on shall be given to you.

We normally make payment within 30 days of receiving your invoice or as accepted seeing the nature of the job. We will pay by
Paypal, Moneybookers etc.
We have also attached the Linguistic Checklist to remind you of what to do before returning work to us. Lingvopedia maintains
standard of quality. We would wish that you always abide by that standard.
 our two parties. This memo contains working procedures
e procedures.

 work, instructions, and Service Order (SO) or an E-mail
 for the job.
or example, that you have a problem because you are not
king. The PM may then be able to check with client.
can be sent by email or fax.

com, .
st starting with "Job Number_Rahul Malik_Invoice
urrent system.
e of Project Manager; your contact address, phone

 rk specified . If possible, it is best to send it

ach job. However, it sometimes occurs that word counts
s to begin their task in order to save time. In such cases,
g asked to start working on a project. If it happens that
m the PM who assigned work to you or an e-mail

g the nature of the job. We will pay by wire transfer,

 g work to us. Lingvopedia maintains and extremely high
Standard Non-Disclosure Agreement

The Contractor agrees to the following:
1. During the regular course of business with LINGVOPEDIA, Contractor may be provided with confidential information.

2. The confidential information may include, but is not limited to the following: Trade Secrets, Privacy Act Information, Client Nam
Factual Data, Prototype Specifications for Products & Procedures, Training Materials, Classified Government Documents, Class
Documents, Photographs, Video & Audio Recordings, Models, and Electronic Files.

3. The Contractor will protect any/all information from unauthorized disclosure, and will limit disclosures to personnel with a conf

4. The Contractor will not copy, distribute, disclose, discuss, publish electronically and/or in print any information, or abstract of s
without prior written permission of LINGVOPEDIA.

5. The Contractor will not maintain copies, electronic or otherwise, whole or in part, of any confidential information, materials dire
developing that information, or abstracts of any portion of the confidential information. All information/materials must be returned
Translations, or destroyed upon completion of the specific project for which they were obtained.

6. You agree not to discuss or negotiate any fees or payments directly with any client without taking permission from LINGVOPE
you are engaged by us, during which, you may have contact with our client, you will represent yourself only as a representative o

7. The contractor agrees to be bound by this non-disclosure agreement for a period
of no less than five (5) years. Certain information and materials may be held confidential for longer periods, to ensure complianc
and the cyber law.

8. LINGVOPEDIA has the right to seek injunctive relief from a competent court in
the event of an unauthorized disclosure by the Contractor.

9. While you are free to perform similar services for other firms, you agree not to solicit or accept work from any individual or com
became aware through your work with LINGVOPEDIA, unless you had a prior business relationship with this individual or compa
circumstances may you use the name LINGVOPEDIA as a reference for the purpose of obtaining work without our prior consen
not to publicize in any way that you have performed work for LINGVOPEDIA. This clause shall remain in effect for 3 years from
this Agreement is terminated. Failure to comply with this clause may subject you to injunctive relief and/or monetary damages.

10.This is a signature free document and returning the form back confirms the acceptance of the terms and conditions mentione
Memo and Guidelines.
ntial information.

ct Information, Client Names & Personal
nment Documents, Classified Commercial

s to personnel with a confirmed "need to

 ormation, or abstract of such information,

nformation, materials directly used in
aterials must be returned to LINGVOPEDIA

 mission from LINGVOPEDIA. At any time
only as a representative of LINGVOPEDIA.

ods, to ensure compliance with INDIAN law

from any individual or company of whom you
h this individual or company. Under no
 without our prior consent. You also agree
n effect for 3 years from the date on which
/or monetary damages.

s and conditions mentioned in the NDA ,
        LINGVOPEDIA LINGUIST INFORMATION FORM                                          Afrikaans
Name Title                                                                             Albanian
Name                                                                                   Amharic
Native Language                                                                        Arabic
Working Language Pairs                                                                 Assamese
        From                                To                                         Bangladeshi
        From                                To                                         Bengali
        From                                To                                         Bulgarian
        From                                To                                         Burmese
        From                                To                                         Chinese
        From                                To                                         Combodian
        From                                To                                         Crotian
        From                                To                                         Czech
Email Address 1                                                                        Danish
Email Address 2                                                                        Dari
Email Address 3                                                                        Dutch
Address                                                                                English
City                                                                                   Estonian
Country                                                                                Farsi
Country Time Zone                                                                      Finish
Phone Nos.          Country Code       City/Area Code       No.                        Flemish
Work Phone                                                                             French
Home Phone                                                                             German
Mobile                                                                                 Greek
Messenger Ids          Yahoo               MSN             Skype         Any Other     Gujrati
Services offer                                                                         Hindi
Translation         Editing/Proofing        DTP         Interpretation                 Hungarian
Rates                                                                                  Indonesian
Translation         Editing/Proofing        DTP         Interpretation                 Italian
Minimum Charges                                                                        Kannada
Translation         Editing/Proofing        DTP                                        Kashmiri
Do you use any CAT Tools                                                               Korean
Your Working Time                                                                      Kurdish
Contactable Time                                                                       Lao
Do you work on these days                                                              Lingala
       Sunday             Saturday      Any other day in which you don't work          Malay
Yes                   Yes                                                              Maltese
Specialized Fields                                                                     Malyalam
Experiences                                                                            Marathi
Highest Qualification                                                                  Nepali
Other Qualification & Certifications                                                   Norwegian
References                                                                             Oriya
Please give us contact details of a person whom we can contact incase of Emergencies   Polish
Name                                                                                   Portguese
Relation                                                                               Punjabi
Contact Method and details                                                             Pushto
Your Payment Details                                                                   Romanian
FORM FORMAT EXPLANATIONS                                                                         Serbian
             S.No.          Style       Explanation                                              Sinhalese
                1                       Please select the option given in List                   Slovak
                2                       Please type the answer                                   Spanish
                3                       Please read the explanation given in comments            Swedish
Name Title           Name               Native Languagge From1               To1       From2     To2
                0                   0                   0                0         0           0           0
From3       To3
        0         0

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