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									WHO are the staff at Camp Pal-O-Mine?
                                                          CENTRAL EGLINTON COMMUNITY CENTRE
The staff team includes the Camp Director, Camp           160 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, ON M4P 3B5
Supervisor, Special Needs/Senior Counsellors and Camp     Phone: 416-392-0511 Fax: 416-392-0514 E-mail: info@centraleglinton.com
                                                          Internet: www.centraleglinton.com
Counsellors, hired and supervised by the CECC Program
Staff are university, college and (sometimes)
high school students, with education and/or                         Central Eglinton
                                                                   Community Centre’s
experience in working with children.
Staff participate in a week of training and
orientation, including CPR/First Aid
certification, before the start of camp.

Camp Pal-O-Mine is funded in part by City of Toronto
Children’s Services, which mandates day camps to use
the same staff-to-camper ratios that child care centres

provide: 1:5 for junior campers (ages 4-6), and 1:8 for
senior campers (ages 7-12).

         WHEN does Camp Pal-O-Mine run?
             Camp Pal-O-Mine runs programs during
                                                                         A Day Camp for Children
            March Break and the summer school break.                           ages 4 – 12
                                                          WHAT is Camp Pal-O-Mine?

                                                          Camp Pal-O-Mine is the day camp program of Central
HOW can I find out more information?                      Eglinton Community Centre located at 160 Eglinton Ave.
                                                          East, at Redpath (Yonge & Eglinton).
For more information about fees,
subsidies, etc., and to request a registration package,
                                                          Camp Pal-O-Mine is funded in part by City of Toronto
please contact Nancy, CECC Program Manager, by phone
                                                          Children’s Services and City of Toronto Community
at 416-392-0511, ext. 225 or by e-mail at
                                                          Service Partnerships Program, and by the Toronto Star
programmanager@centraleglinton.com Or check out CECC’s
                                                          Fresh Air Fund.
website at www.centraleglinton.com.
WHAT is Central Eglinton Community Centre (CECC)?                                Activities (to name a few): nature
                                                                                 scavenger hunt, juggling, volcano
Central Eglinton Community Centre, 160 Eglinton Avenue East,                     making, beach party, ice cream making,
is a neighbourhood-based community centre established in                         puppet show, treasure hunt, hip hop
1976, providing a wide range of programs and services:                           dancing, crystal making, movie making,
 Family Resource Centre for families and caregivers with                        cookie baking.
    children ages newborn to 5 years
 Pal-O-Mine Club After-School Program                          Swimming is part of the program; Camp Pal-O-Mine
 Older Adult Program for ages 50+                              swims at Toronto Parks & Recreation pools.
 Community Programs (general interest courses for adults)
 Computer Lab, with classes and drop-in hours                  Trips
 Income Tax Clinic (March & April)                              Camp Pal-O-Mine uses either rented school
 Volunteer program, with volunteers involved in the Board of    buses or the TTC for day trips, usually twice
    Management, committees, programs, special and                           per week, in and around the city.
    fundraising events.

WHAT are the activities at Camp Pal-O-Mine?                                        Trips from Summer 2010:
                                                                                   Andrews Scenic Acres, Art Gallery of
Camp Pal-O-Mine activities vary from day to day.                                   Ontario, Black Creek Pioneer Village,
The major trips are planned by the Camp Director and                               Bowlerama, CNE, Casa Loma,
Camp Supervisor in the spring before camp begins.                                  Earthstones Ceramics, Gibson House,
The weekly program plan is prepared by the camp staff                              Jungle Cat World, Kidsports, Kortright
team at meetings throughout the summer, and distributed                            Centre, Little Red Theatre, Ontario
to camp families at the beginning of each week.                                    Science Centre, ROM, Toronto
                                                                                   Botanical Gardens, Toronto Island,
Crafts (to list a few): kite-making,                                               Toronto Zoo.
tie-dye, jewellery making, picture
frames, key chains, making pillows,                             To mark the end of the week, counsellors plan special
clay art, boat building, bracelet making,                       themes for Friday activities.
memory books.
                                                                Summer 2010 Friday Theme Days:
          Sports (besides the usual): lawn bowling,             Carnival Day, Chef Day, Costume Day, Pirate Day,
               co-operative games, badminton, ultimate          Pyjama Party, Science Day, Super Hero Day,
               sports, croquet.                                 Talent Show, Goodbye Ball.

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