Findings Findings • Use quotes in focus group interview

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• Use quotes in focus group/interview
• Findings = Scores
• Tie scores to all of your data sources that
  support the finding
• Think about how your data collection
  questions mapped to your goals/indicators
• Think about the “focusing questions” that we
  sent you to use at the Elmore meeting
     Dealing with Contradictions
• Disagreements within data sources
  – Teachers say they’re integrating
  – Students/Parents/Admins say there’s no integration
• Disconnects between goals/indicators
  – Teachers say they like and are satisfied with PD (Goal
  – There is little integration or support of SoL (Goal 1)
  – SO, the problem is perhaps that teachers aren’t
    getting the PD they need, even if they “like” it and
    think that it’s enough
• Working these out…
• What do you need to do to move to the next level?
• Present recommendations in terms of what you want
  to achieve, as described by your indicators
• So, even if you don’t have levels, you can still express
  recommendations in terms of meeting the ideal (Level
• Some recommendations can also be general, and some
  can even point toward more/different things you want
  to do in the evaluation!
   – Such as creating new questions to refine your data
   – Such as improving the indicators
               Using the Report
• The Presentation
  – BRIEFLY explaining the data
  – Using the scores to explain the findings
  – Using contradictions – and explanations – to highlight
    the findings
  – Stating the recommendations in terms of moving from
    one level to another
  – Probably staying away from the precise budget
  – Highlighting the annual nature of the evaluation!
     • You’re coming back around, gathering new info, and refining
       existing info/findings each year
            YOUR Next Steps
• Improving the evaluation
• Refining questions?
  – Do the questions address your indicators?
  – What do you need to ask to refine the data?
  – More/Different audiences?
  – You have more than once chance to get the dog
    you want 