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					                      Langley School
                      A Specialist College for the Performing Arts,
                        Languages College and Training College

                   Geography, Languages
                    Leisure and Tourism

       Cultural Tour to Rome and Sorrento
                  October 2009
A copy of this document can be found at (tab Italy Trip)
List of Students and Staff

    1   Laura Baldin        10   O    26     Oliver McGibbon       11   H
    2   Conor Bignell       11   G    27     Chandan Mehey         10   H
    3   James Bundy         10   E    28     Hannah Morgan         10   U
    4   William Burton      11   H    29     Katie Oakley          11   G
    5   Jacob Bury          11   K    30     Jack Page             10   H
    6   Georgina Cappell    11   L    31     George Parkin         10   L
    7   Joseph Chiles       11   O    32     Sarah Parr            11   U
    8   Harry Collini       10   H    33     Rachael Pickard       10   G
    9   Jack Davis          10   O    34     Thomas Roche          10   G
   10   James Douglas       11   K    35     Ewan Skinner          11   H
   11   Lauren Evans        10   O    36     Alexander Slattery    10   H
   12   Alice Fennell       10   H    37     Jessica Smith         10   U
   13   Anna Garrett        10   G    38     Joseph Taylor         10   L
   14   Danielle Georgiou   11   L    39     Jessica Toogood       10   O
   15   Hollie Gower        10   O    40     Holly Weston          10   G
   16   Catherine Gregory   10   O    41     Adam Williams         10   O
   17   Anna Gumbley        11   O    42     Alexander Woodhall    11   E
   18   Esther Hartshorne   10   E    43     Breeshey Woollaston   10   U
   19   Sophie Holloway     10   H    44     Joe Worton            11   K
   20   Julian Jaskiewicz   10   L    45     Jack Yates            11   L
   21   Ellen Joiner        10   U   Staff   Mr.Brian Hill
   22   John Kane           10   H   Staff   Miss Helen Wright
   23   Eleanor King        10   L           Mrs.Kathleen.Howde
                                     Staff   n
   24   Alexander Lloyd     10   G   Staff   Miss Alison Vize
   25   Zoe Lloyd           10   L   Staff   Mr.Gary.Crooks
                                     Staff   Mr.Manpreet Sambhi
                        Aims and Objectives

The aims of this trip are:

    to expand the horizons of students through experiences of different
     places and cultures.

    to expose students to new geographical landscapes.

    to expose students to a new language.

      to introduce students to how places use and manages tourist

The aims will be achieve through these objectives:

    visit the ancient sites of Rome

    visit the tectonically active location of Solfatara

    visit the tourist towns of Sorrento and Capri

    encourage the students to speak the local language

    visit the active volcano Vesuvius and the ancient town of Pompei
     destroyed by it in AD79.
                 Saturday 24th October
             Leave Langley at
                  Fly from Heathrow 12.20

             ITINERARY – ROME
                  Own lunch at terminal 5
                   Arrive in Rome 15.50
                   Arrive at Hotel 17.30
           Evening meal at Hotel 19.00 (Provided)
           Evening stroll to Piazza della Republica

                  Sunday 25th October
                   Tour of the Colosseum
          Own lunch outside Arch of Constantine
                Trail through Ancient Rome
  Evening meal at the hotel (provided) and evening at leisure

                  Monday 26th October
                Travel by coach to Sorrento
                 (160km, approx.3/4 hours)
          Stop off at Pozzuoli for lunch (provided)
                       Visit Solfatara
               Arrive at Hotel Londra 19.00
       Evening meal (provided) and evening at leisure

                  Tuesday 27th October
                 Travel by coach to Vesuvius
                Walk up Vesuvius to the crater
                     Packed lunch (provided)
                 Travel by coach to Pompeii
                   Guided tour of Pompeii
          Evening meal (provided) and Evening at Leisure

                Wednesday 28th October
                Boat trip to the Island of Capri
                 Shopping time in Ana-Capri
                     Packed lunch (provided)
           Chair Lift up to Monte Solaro (589m)
                 Boat trip back to Sorrento
Evening meal and evening stroll into Sorrento Town (shopping)

                 Thursday 29th October
           Travel to Rome for return flight at 17.20
                   Land at Heathrow 19.10

          Arrive back at Langley School 23.00hrs
Flight Information – Alitalia

OUTBOUND - We plan to leave Langley at 6.00hrs on Saturday
24th Octber 2009 to travel to London Heathrow for a 12.20 Flight
to Rome Fiumicino (flight AZ203)

RETURN - We return from Rome on Flight AZ208 at 17.20 due into
Heathrow at 19.10 Best estimated time of arrival at Langley

Please be there in plenty of time – I am sure you will be advised
by mobile phone as to our progress during the evening.


Cabin baggage:
    Quantity – one piece of hand luggage and one accessory
     (such as a camera bag or hand bag)
    Maximum weight 12kg
    Items to be carried in hand luggage – valuables e.g. money, camera,
     passport, in flight necessities e.g. medicine, books/magazines
     tape/cd/ipod player
    NO sharp objects – scissors, knives, tweezers, nail files etc.
    NO electrical goods – hair dryer, straighteners
    NO toy guns!
    NO liquids – water, make-up, toothpaste above 100mls
    Anyone requiring hypodermic syringes such as a diabetic needs a
     note from the doctor to provide evidence of their condition
Checked baggage (in hold)
    Quantity – one large bag (max weight 20kg)
    Always put name and address label inside and outside your baggage
Fragile items must NOT be put into your checked baggage eg camera
                   HOTEL INFORMATION
                         VIA GIOVANNI AMENOL, ROME

               Tel:0039 (0) 6486824        Fax:0039(0) 648987149

Location : The Casali-Ferrari is centrally located, just 200 metres
from Termini station.

                             HOTEL LONDRA
                               VIA Cocumella, 12
                          80065 Sant Agnello (CA Italy)
                              Tel:0039 081 8773584

You will be in a quiet area at Hotel Londra, only 800 metres from Sant'Agnello city
centre. Walk to the beach, which is 250 metres away. Walk to Sorrento city centre in
just 20 minutes.
The Weather
Who knows! Unpredictability is the word these days. October is Rome’s
wettest month so expect some rain, often in thunderstorms, but drizzle is
possible. Temperatures should be around 20c in the day, bit like our
summer on an average day. Cooler at night, be prepared for rain and a
cool evening stroll. Below are the averages which suggest it should be
warmer and drier than it will be here! Solihull’s average July temperature is
22oC/12oC and 65mm of rain, which is Sorrento’s figures for late October.

Averages                High oC             Low oC              Rain mm
Solihull                  12                   7                  120
Rome                      20                  11                   88
Sorrento                  21                  12                   68

General Comment on clothing
    There is a fair amount of walking around Rome on Sunday and at
     Pompeii and Vesuvius on Tuesday and it is essential that
     comfortable footwear is worn. (Best Nike Air trainers or similar!).
    Open back Sandals and the like are most unsuitable!
    Low cut and single strap tops must not be worn while out. Short
     Shorts are also not recommended for Rome.
    You must have a reliable watch.

Kit List
Smart casual dress (Nothing cult or outrageous)
Shorts, avoid low-cut and single strap tops
Lightweight showerproof coat – or kagoule
Swimming gear
Sensible walking shoes/trainers (two pairs of walking socks)
Small bag/rucksack (for carrying camera, money, packed lunch on a
daily basis)
Towels (for swimming) and toiletries
Sun cream (factor 30+) you never know!
Mobiles, Camera (memory cards, film, batteries), Mp3 Players
European plug adapter for electrical goods
    Spending money in Euros (get in reasonably small denominations)
     (some sterling for airport)
    Money – £100? for extra food and drink, souvenirs etc.
    I would like you to look after your own money. If you feel this is a
     problem for you then discuss it with me.
    All of Europe’s capitals have issues with organised thieves and you
     should be acutely aware of who is around you, especially in
     crowded places like Rome.

You must be careful where you leave money in the hotel and where
you put it while carrying it.

Keep it safely on you at all times.

                    Emergency Information
Mr.B.K.Hill (Party leader) – 07708 000928
Emergency contact information for parents
Parents should only contact their child in an emergency.
I can be contacted on the above number.

Pupils will need the European Health Travel card
The party has the usual cancellation, travel, and medical insurance which is
provided by the travel company Equity Travel. A copy of this Policy is
available in school with Mrs. Cotton.

      The travel company is:
             Equity Travel Ltd.
             One Jubilee Street
             BN1 1GE
             Phone: 01273 648248
                            On Site Risk Assessing
On arrival at the hotel:
       Assist the Adults in charge to risk assess YOUR environment.
    where is the nearest emergency exit? Is it chained or obstructed?
Could you find your way to it blind folded? (Get the route fixed in your mind)
       are their any broken, damaged or loose electrical fittings – DON’T TOUCH REPORT
       Are the ladders to bunk beds in place and safely fitted.
       Do not go out onto balconies please.
       Is everything how you would expect it. If not then report it immediately.

After ‘lights out’ time.
Rooms should be locked and not opened until the morning
Students must not go around the hotel or anywhere on their own.
Never open the door unless you know who it is.
Staff will have an agreed knock and announce themselves.
Do not let late night staff into your room! Ask them to get a member of staff first.

Crossing Roads
Take responsibility for yourself. Staff are there to guide you and help, but it is your life!
Remember cars come from the opposite direction in Italy. Look LEFT first.
In Italy cars don’t stop so readily at crossing points like in the UK. Don’t assume they will

Do nothing which may put the driver off his driving. That includes crazy singing, and
especially throwing anything. Do not drop litter on the coach floor. Please remind us if
you are prone to travel sickness and alert us early. Carry a sick back and wipes with you in
your bag as well as any medicine for this condition. If the coach has a seat belt – wear it.

In Tourist Spots
All EU capitals have teams of youngsters working ‘Oliver Twist’ style scams.
Rome, Naples and Sorento are no different. Know where your money and
personal effects are. Be aware of who is around you especially in crowded

If you get separated from the main group.
Don’t panic. It would be useful to have your phone on you to contact us. Also you will be
issued with an identity card, carry it at all times. Generally best to stay where you are if it is
safe to do so. If you have concerns about people around look for a policeman or go into a
public place like a shop. Inevitably someone will miss you and the party will back track its
steps to look for you. Don’t run off in any old direction! Do not get a taxi or any other form
of transport – especially on your own. If the situation required a taxi a member of staff would
get one and pick you up in it.

S    1                   2    3
1    4                   5    6
2    7                   8    9
3    10                  11   12
4    13                  14   15
5    16                  17   18
6    19                  20   21
7    22                  23   24
8    25                  26   27
9    28                  29   30
10   31                  32   33
11   34                  35   36
12   37                  38   39
13   40                  41   42
14   43                  44   45
45   S    07708 000298
Where are we going and what shall we see?

                Domus Aurea
          Colosseum (Guided Tour)
         Arch of Constintine and Titus
                 Palatine Hill
                Roman Forum
               Trevis Fountain

               Rome to Sorrento
            The Apennine Mountains
         Pozzuoli (for lunch – provided)
       Solfatara – (sulphur mud eruptions)

         Pompeii – ruins of Roman fort
                   Boat trip
               Island of Capri
             Chairlift to Solaro
Student Code of Conduct
In order for the trip to proceed all students must agree to abide by this Code of
Conduct and give due regard to:
     The health and Safety of all party members
     The upholding of the school’s good name
     The achievement of the declared aims and objectives

Students shall:
    Abide by any reasonable instruction given by a teacher, instructor or
      other supervisor associated with the trip
    Follow all safety guidance issued.
    Not purchase or consume any alcohol
    Not purchase, smoke or use any tobacco, or any other narcotic
    Not purchase or attempt to travel with expensive items or items which
      jeopardise the safety of others.(*)
    (*) such items to be declared in advance of departure, or return, and
      presented to the Party Leader.
    Be punctual to all meetings and rendezvous
    Never leave the accommodation without the prior agreement of an
      adult member of the school party
    Always remain in a group. ( size to be determined by the Team
      Leader) Therefore nobody will ever be left on their own.
    Be considerate to all other party members, members of the public and
      management, avoiding noise or otherwise boisterous or noisy behaviour.
    Do not use mobile phones after 11.00pm or before 8.00am or as a
      means of communicating between bedrooms.
    Participate fully in all activities and sessions during the trip.
    Immediately report any illness or injury to a member of staff
    Immediately report any concerns regarding health and safety to a
      member of staff.
    Immediately report any sighting s of any suspicious persons to a
      member of staff.
    Abide by any laws of countries visited during the trip

Pupil behaviour may be reported to parents and, in a serious case, parents
may be requested to make arrangements for a pupil’s early return home.
Additional Notes from Guidelines

      Many of the health problems of young people on longer visits are caused by lack of
       food, liquid or sleep.
      If appropriate, parents should be asked to provide suitably factored sun protection
       creams and sun hats/glasses. Group members should be advised about the dangers
       of over-exertion in the heat and of dehydration, which can cause headache, dizziness
       and nausea. In warm climates it is important to keep fluid levels high, take extra salt
       and wear loose, lightweight clothing – preferably made of cotton or other natural
                            Map of Places we will Visit

           Monte Cassino

                                                          Vesuvius & Pompei

                    Capri                            Sorrento




The Roman Trail – below are some of the famous places we will try and visit.
The walk is about 5 miles long or 6 if we go all the way to the Vatican.

6. Vatican City     7. Castel Sant’Angelo    8. Trevis Fountain        9. Sant Maria Maggiore

      River Tiber

     5.Pantheon         4. Palatine and      3.Colosseum          2. Domus           1.Hotel
                        Roman Forum                               Aurea              Dina

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