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 Published by the Oklahoma Burglar & Fire Alarm Association                                                                       Vol 4 • No. 3       July 2010

Hot Topic

Governor signs voltage issue
 The issue: Legislation passes, modifies
 code, removes 24-volt restriction.
                                                                                                                          R     egarding licensing requirements,
                                                                                                                                the amended Act states that “Any
                                                                                                                          person engaged in any activity regulat-
                                                                                                                          ed by the Alarm and Locksmith
 T he Oklahoma State Legislature saw
      several pieces of proposed legisla-                                                                                 Industry Act, when installing or repair-
                                                                                                                          ing electrical circuits consisting entire-
tion this past session that affected the
alarm industry, including HB 2320. This                                                                                   ly of Class 2 or Class 3 circuits and
legislation modified several portions of                                                                                  power source requirements as estab-
the existing Alarm and Locksmith                                                                                          lished by the National Electrical Code,
Industry Act, including the definition of a                                                                               shall not be required to obtain any
                                                From left, OKBFAA Secretary/Treasurer Jana Davis, Sen. Newberry,
lock, State Advisory Board member term          Bobby Graham, Sen. Newberry and Charles Hudecek, president of             license as required by the Electrical
limits, and licensing requirements.
                                                the Oklahoma Master Locksmith Association.                                Licensing Act, if such person is
                                                                                                                          licensed pursuant to the provisions of

T he bill earlier this month. It by Gov.
            was signed into law
                                 will go
                                                                                                                          the Alarm and Locksmith Industry Act,
                                                                                                                          provided that persons performing
into effect Nov. 1. Oklahoma Burglar and                                                                                  installations, repairs or other work on
Fire Alarm Association (OKBFAA) and                                                                                       any electrical circuits other than Class
Oklahoma Master Locksmith Association                                                                                     2 or Class 3 circuits shall be properly
(OMLA) members’ involvement in the                                                                                        licensed or registered pursuant to the
legislative process was instrumental in                                                                                   Electrical Licensing Act.”

the passage of this legislation, particular-                                                                                    he legislation also provides new
ly in that of Charles Hudecek, OMLA                                                                                            rules related to State Advisory Board
president, and locksmith Lowell Roberts                                                                                   member term limits, stating that each
with J&L Lock, Safe and Security.               OKBFAA’s Jana Davis and Charles Hudecek, president of the                 member currently serving may com-
  A lock is now defined as “mechanical          Oklahoma Master Locksmith Association, share a laugh at the
                                                Oklahoma State Legislative Dinner in May at Mickey Mantle’s               plete their term and is eligible to serve
or electronic devices consisting entirely       Steakhouse in Bricktown. Sen. Harry Coates (R-Dist. 28)                   one additional term. In addition, mem-
                                                addressed state legislation impacting the electronic life safety, secu-
of Class 2 or Class 3 circuits and power        rity and integrated systems industry, and co-authored several bills       bers appointed on or after May 1, 2011
source requirements as established by the       impacting our industry in the Legislature, including HB 2320.
                                                                                                                          will be eligible to serve two full terms.
National Electrical Code and designed to                                                                                     “Our thanks to the OMLA members
control use of a device or control ingress      safe deposit boxes, bio-metric/retina readers                             who helped to make these changes pos-
or egress of a structure or automobile,         and mechanical or electronic key systems.”                                sible,” said Spring.
including, but not limited to, peripheral          “This is a huge milestone,” said Rick                                     “These changes allow us to move
devices to alarm systems, safes, vaults,        Spring, president, OKBFAA. “Our biggest                                   into the 21st century and are really in
                                                issue has been the alarm act has been in                                  the best interest of the public.”
                                                effect for 25 years. It was dated and didn’t
         Save this date:                        allow for the changes in technology. We
                                                were regulated to everything below 24
      Annual awards banquet                                                                                                 • Sub or have an employee? Page 3
          Friday, Oct. 8                        volts, which meant that we couldn’t touch
                                                                                                                            • Know your state board. Page 3
                                                anything above 24 volts. That’s been
        Online registration will be available                                                                               • Company Profile. Page 5
                                        From the Board
  2010 Officers
                                        Tagging issues may
                                        see resolution
            Rick spring                             (EDITOR’S NOTE: Rick Spring is
                                                         the president of OKBFAA. He is co-                       2010 nesa
        1st Vice President
         Paul Conrady                                    owner of HESI, in business in the                    Certification Classes                              Oklahoma City metro area for
                                                                                                           Burglary, Codes/Standards with Electronics,
                                          Rick Spring
                                                         almost 20 years.)                                 Fire, CCTV/Access Control. All classes will
          2nd Vice President                                                                               be held at the Best Western, Stroud (Exit
             Lisa Fields
                                        W        e’re a little more than halfway through the year,         179, Turner Turnpike, 918-968-9515).                    and I’m proud of the effort made by members to                         July 16 – 18
                                        effect positive change within our industry.                                     sept. 17 – 19
       Secretary & Treasurer               The ad-hoc committee established by the State Alarm                          nov. 19 – 21
            Jana Davis                  and Locksmith Advisory Committee earlier this spring
                                        has been extremely active, working on the language and             The NESA program expands your knowl-
                                        rules related to tagging various systems. We’re averaging          edge of the constantly evolving world of
                                                                                                           electronic security and life safety systems.
Training Officer & Executive Director   eight people at each meeting, and I encourage you to
                                                                                                           Classes will be available if 10 or more
                                        attend. This committee was formed specifically to assist
             Wanda Day                                                                                     students are enrolled. For more informa-
                                        in properly regulating our industry — something all of us          tion and registration, please visit
                                        have a stake in. Please contact either OKBFAA Executive  
                                        Director Wanda Day or myself for meeting dates and times.
          Gary sanders                  Licensing enforcement                                                  OKBFaa meetings                  The Occupational Licensing Division at the State                 All meetings will be held at 9:30 a.m.
                                        Department of Health has been busy as well. Matt Schue,            Please note that meetings are held quarterly.
      Past President & Bylaws           occupational licensing director, and his staff at the State
                                        Health Department have been stepping up their enforcement                          sept. 2
         Committee Chair
                                        efforts as it relates to licensing. This is especially important         ADI, Oklahoma City
            Pat Redpath
                                        as more and more out-of-state companies flood our area.               3801 South Moulton Drive
                                        Classifying who is a sub                                              Oklahoma City, OK 73179
                                           I hope you took the time to read (see next page) about                   405.681.4008
              Contact us:
Wanda Day, executive Director, OKBFaa   the presentation made on June 3 by Oklahoma Labor
           11210 E. 17th St.            Commissioner Lloyd Fields and Employment Standards                                  Oct. 8
           Tulsa, OK 74128              Division Director Ray Andrews, who spoke about labor                     Annual banquet/awards
        Phone (918) 622.8486
                                        law, specifically as it pertains to subcontracting labor. I’d
         Fax (918) 622.8586
                                        like to extend our heartfelt thanks to both men for taking                          Dec. 2
                                        the time to address our group. Bringing speakers in to                       SGI, Tulsa                  address our quarterly board meetings is a new initiative,          3148 S. 108th E. Ave. Suite 110
This bi-monthly newsletter is pro-      and one that will bring a new perspective on everyday                        Tulsa, OK
duced for Oklahoma Burglar & Fire       issues our industry faces.                                                  918.250.9298
Alarm Association members and           ePs lead certification rule
made available to non-members.
                                          The Association is continuing to keep an eye out for
                                        new proposed rules and regulations that would have an                     state advisory
 Showcase your company by               effect on our industry, either positive or negative. The                  Board meetings
 advertising in Transmitter.            Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead Renovation,
                                        Repair and Painting Rule requires business and individu-                   Alarm & Locksmith
 Space is available – check out our
                                        als who conduct interior and exterior renovation repair                    Advisory Committee
 rates online at
                                        and painting to be certified and follow specific lead-safe          State Dept of Health, Room 806
                                        work practices to minimize exposure to lead-based paint             1000 N.E. 10th Street, Okla. City
                                        dust. This certification will prove to be cost-prohibitive
    Office staff: Please route          for members of the alarm and locksmith industry. OKB-
                                                                                                                  Upcoming meetings
                                        FAA has suggested to the EPA that a representative be
     this newsletter to the                                                                                   All meetings are held at 9 a.m.
                                        sent to a certification class to find out exactly what hap-
      company's owner or                pens. We will keep you posted.                                                      July 7
       primary manager.                                                                                                     Aug. 4
                                        As always, I welcome your comments, suggestions and
                                        questions. E-mail me at, or call                            Sept. 1
                                        me at (405) 348-1972.                                                               Oct. 6
Industry news                                                                                       Advisory Board
                                                                                                    Member Profile
Labor Chief confirms sub rules                                                                      Brown, industry
m embersL.hosted Labor Commissioner
      Lloyd Fields for the quarterly   Are they a sub or                                            leader since ’70s
meeting, held in June at SGI in Tulsa.
   Fields presented with associate Ray
Andrews, director of the employment
                                                                    employee?                       R     ick Brown has worked in
                                                                                                          the alarm industry — and
                                                          Are you hiring a separate business        at the family business, Guard
standards Division of the Oklahoma                        entity or just a laborer?                 Tronic — since he was in high
Department of Labor.                                                                                school.
   Andrews directed the attendees to Page                 IF you, the employer, can answer             “I had two brothers in the       Rick Brown, chairman,
18 of the “Wage Law” booklet, which                       'yes' to the majority of these ques-      business and my brother-in-         Oklahoma Alarm &
lists letters A-K of subcontractor qualifi-               tions, then it appears this person is     law’s four brothers were also at CommitteeAdvisory

cations.                                                  an employee/employer relationship         Guard Tronic,” Brown said. “I
                                                          and not a subcontractor, said Ray         worked for the company during the summers
                                                          Andrews, director of the                  since 10th grade and came to work full time
                                                          Employment Standards Division of          when I got out of college in 1973.”
                                                          the state Department of Labor.               Brown currently oversees operations for
                                                                                                    the company, one of the largest independent
                                                          IF there is a “no” to the majority of     alarm companies in the nation. Guard Tronic
                                                          these statements, below, then it          has offices in Fort Smith, Springdale, Forrest
                                                          could appear you are violating law        City and Little Rock, Ark., Muskogee, Okla.,
                                                          as an employer of this person,            and Joplin, Mo. The company has been family-
Labor Commissioner Lloyd Fields, right, with associate    Andrews said. And the person              owned since 1959 and has never been bought
Ray Andrews, foreground, address the quarterly meeting
of the OKBFAA in June, hosted by SGI in Tulsa.            would be considered a subcontrac-         or sold.

   If any the majority of the questions
                                                          tor. And ultimately, it would be up to
                                                          your workers comp insurance carri-        B    rown has one partner in the business,
                                                                                                         Dave Gilbert, his brother-in-law’s broth-
(see box) can be answered with a “yes,”                   er to evaluate the risk or your           er, who has been a good friend since 10th
then that person could be an employee                     employment or labor law attorney.         grade. Brown said that while most of the
                                                                                                    family has moved on to other ventures, son
and NOT a sub.                                            1. The nature of the contract             Jordon has followed in his father’s footsteps.
   “Are you hiring an individual to per-                     between the parties – is it written?      “He runs our Fort Smith office,” Brown said.
form labor or are you hiring a separate                   2. Does my company have control              Brown is married and has two additional
entity, and that’s critical. That’s what all                 on the details of the work?            children, Charity and Randall. In addition to
this boils down to,” said Ray Andrews,                    3. Does this person work for other        work and family, he said he enjoys trout fishing
Employment Standards Division, labor                         individuals or companies, related      in Montana.
department.                                                  to the occupation?                        Brown became involved with OKBFAA in
   Also, if your company believes another                 4. Is the work the person performing      the mid 1970s through friend Joe Warlick,
company does not carry workers comp                          usually done under the direction       who owned Reliance Alarms, currently
coverage, then you can call the labor                        of your company?                       Honeywell in Tulsa.
                                                          5. Is your company training this             “We tried for several years to get legisla-
office and an on-line database system
                                                             person for the skill required in       tion passed and were finally successful in
(National Council of Compensation
                                                             the particular occupation?             1985,” said Brown, who is the board chair-
Insurance), will check the validity of that               6. Is the person supplying their          man. “I’ve been involved with the industry
company and the labor commission will                        own instruments and tools, and         and association ever since.”
cite that company, if appropriate.
   Call the Employment Standards Division,
Director Ray Andrews, at Okla-homa
                                                             is the place of work in the
                                                             company offices?
                                                          7. Is the relationship continuous
                                                                                                    H     e was named to the State Advisory Board
                                                                                                          in 1995 and said he’s seen many changes
                                                                                                    since then.
Department of Labor, (888) 269-5353 or                       and not held to a specific length         “We hired Matt Schue about 10 years ago
email                              of time?                               to help with enforcement and he has changed
   Paul Conrady, legislative liaison and                  8. Is this person’s work by the job?      our industry for the better,” said Brown. “It’s
OKBFAA vice president, said, “If a com-                      Is this person’s work by the time?     become fairer and people are able to do a better
pany hires a subcontractor, he will either                9. Is the person's work an integral       job complying with the rules since we brought
                                                             part of the regular business that      Matt on.”
be on your payroll as an employee and, if
                                                             your company performs?                    That’s not to say that serving on the com-
not, he must hold a license as a company
                                                         10. Does the person believe they           mittee is at all easy. “It’s an exercise in ‘hurry
and be a licensed tech. As a sub, the per-                   are an employee?                       up and wait,’” he said. “Sometimes things
son must be fully insured under workers                  11. Does the company risk liability        happen very fast. Other times, it’s frustrating
comp or provide proof of exemption.”                         if the person is terminated early?     and slow-going to achieve the changes that
                                                                                                    will help our industry.”
Industry News                                                                   Newly licensed businesses
Scholarships awarded for this year;                                             Oklahoma
                                                                                ● newave Technology, inc. (Oklahoma City) – CCTV
Industry, please apply in 2011!                                                 ● Odyssey security and Communications, LLC (Edmond) –

e     ach year, OKBFAA offers scholarships to students who are
      graduating from high school and have been accepted for admis-
sion to an accredited college or university. The student’s parent or
                                                                                  Burglar, Commercial Fire Alarm, CCTV, Access Control
                                                                                ● Oklahoma Fire systems (Chandler) – Commercial Fire
guardian, or the applicant, must be an active employee of an alarm              ● Pitstop Pop-a-Lok (McAlester) – Locksmith
company licensed in Oklahoma, a member of an Oklahoma police
department, or a paid or volunteer member of a fire department located          Out of state
in Oklahoma. Scholarships range from $1,000 to $500 per student.                ● CoLiant solutions, inc. (Buford, GA) – CCTV, Access
   OKBFAA encourages industry members to apply next year, as that                 Control
category has the fewest number of applicants, generally. The application is     ● G&s services (Mineral Wells, TX) – CCTV
on line at and the deadline is in March. Mark your calendar.     ● Protex Central, inc. (Hastings, NE) – Commercial Fire
   OKBFAA is proud to announce the following students as its 2010                 Alarm
Scholarship recipients. Congratulations!                                        ● save On my alarm (Kirkland, WA) - Monitoring
                    Courtney Cass, Tulsa                                        ● scarsdale security systems, inc. (Scarsdale, NY) –
                    Amount Awarded: $1,000, Industry                              Monitoring
                    High School: Holland Hall                                   ● sierra Detention systems, inc. (Golden, CO) – Locksmith,
                    Will Attend: Texas Christian University, Fort Worth           CCTV, Access Control
                    Planning to Study: Biology                                  ● summit Fire Protection (St. Paul, MN) – Commercial Fire
                    Hobbies/Interests: Golf, photography                          Sprinkler
                                                                                ● The Genesys Group, inc. (Oshkosh, WI) – Monitoring
                    Chase O’Hara, Tuttle                                        ● Trans alarm, inc. (Burnsville, MN) – Monitoring
                    Amount Awarded: $1,000, Fire Department
                    High School: Tuttle High School                             (EDITOR’S NOTE: Companies and individuals must be
                    Will Attend: University of Oklahoma, Norman                 licensed in Oklahoma before placing a bid or they will be in
                    Planning to Study: Aerospace Engineering                    violation of the Alarm and Locksmith regulations, however,
                    Hobbies/Interests: Hanging out with friends,                they are not required to hold an office in the state at this
                    swimming, and playing basketball                            time.)

               Bailey Bruning, Guthrie
               Amount Awarded: $500, Police Department
               High School: Guthrie High School
               Will Attend: Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
               Planning to Study: Communication Disorders
               Hobbies/Interests: Volunteering at Make Promises
Happen, a camp for individuals with special needs.

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Industry Notes
Out-of-state licenses on ad-hoc discussion list
s     everal members serve on State Alarm
      and Locksmith Industry Committee ad
 hoc panel. Rather than the Committee
                                                    T     he monthly meeting is open to anyone
                                                          and the committee is open to ideas
                                                    from all parties. The group is facilitated by
                                                                                                       this year. Tell your friends here’s why they
                                                                                                       should be a member.

 hearing all issues at once, the ad-hoc com-        Matt Schue, director of the Occupational           Other board action
 mittee will form a decision on rule                Licensing Division for the Oklahoma                The board approved membership dues for the
 changes, education requirements, the               Department of Health.                              Construction Industries Council, a powerful
 adoption of new rules, etc., and recom-               The present ad-hoc committee consists           legislative advocacy group for several different
 mend that decision to the state advisory           of: OKBFAA leadership representatives              areas under construction.
 board.                                             Jana Davis, Paul Conrady, Mike Nelson,
    The ad hoc group has met for the first          Rick Spring and Wanda Day. Other mem-
 time, and some issues discussed were cen-          bers include Bobby Graham with Access              Workplace posters free online
 tral station certification, adopted refer-         Security, Steve Lutz with IFS Resources,           The Oklahoma Department of Labor offers free
 ences, and customer documentation. OKB-            Drake McDannald with Mac Systems, Matt             posters concerning a company’s labor practices,
 FAA past president Mike Nelson provided            Schue and Dan Wiesel with Endex OKC.               which are required to be posted in your work-
 copies of new language concerning third-                                                              place. To access, go on line at,
 party verification for monitoring and addi-
 tional to the references that should be
                                                    News Briefs                                        and click on ‘Workplace poster,” under quick
                                                                                                       links, or contact Glenda Owen in the Oklahoma
 adopted for the industry.                          association numbers increase                       Employment Security Commission at (888)

 n      elson said the plan is to have any
        recommendations completed by
 November, so rules changes can be in
                                                    The association reported recently at its
                                                    quarterly member meeting that membership is
                                                                                                       980-WORK (9675) and she will have laminat-
                                                                                                       ed state and federal required posters, free.
                                                    up over last year, with 85 members thus far
 place by July.

Member Profile                                                                 about a year ago,” he said. “Rod, the younger one, came on board
                                                                               in about 2000.”

Owner started business                                                             Matlock Security Systems does most of its work in fire alarm
                                                                               systems, data systems, closed circuit TV, access control and school
                                                                               intercoms. They do some residential work, but not much, said
in spare bedroom                                                               Matlock.
                                                                                   “We’re a systems integrator,” he said.

              T         hings don’t always go as planned, as OKBFAA
                        member Glen Matlock knows all too well.
                   Matlock formed Tulsa’s Matlock Security Systems
                                                                              W        hen he’s not working, Matlock enjoys riding his bicycle for
                                                                                       recreational purposes. He’s been involved with Oklahoma
                                                                               FreeWheel in the past, an annual week-long cross-state bicycle ride
                   in 1995 in one of his home’s spare bedrooms. He             that takes place in early June. Although he’s decided not to partici-
                   planned on retiring and doing service calls and small       pate this year, he’s ridden the FreeWheel four times, beginning at
                   residential sales. His retirement plan has never really     the Texas-Oklahoma state line and riding north to Kansas.
Glen Matlock,      come to fruition.                                               While Matlock agrees that a week-long bicycle ride is a chal-
owner, Matlock
Security Systems       “The business kept growing and pretty soon I            lenge, he said that keeping up with changes in alarm industry can
                  thought ‘I have to get out of here and get an office,’”      also be daunting.
Matlock said. “I did that and I leased an office for 3 or 4 years.                 “Keeping up with technology and the rules and regulations,” he
After that, I moved into a bigger space a few doors down, and                  said. “That’s been the most challenging part.”
after about 2 years I outgrew that and moved into the place where
I am now, which is about a 7,500-square-foot building.”
     “Would you believe that we’re looking for a bigger space?”
                                                                                  six reasons why you should join OKBFaa

m          atlock began his alarm industry career in alarm sales in
           1980. By the mid-1980s, he became involved with the
Northeast Oklahoma Alarm Association. When the organization
                                                                                   We take care of you and your business
                                                                                   We train and educate you and your employees.
                                                                                3. We keep you informed.
faded out, he became involved with OKBFAA. He served as presi-                  4. We keep you up-to-date on legal and contractual issues.
dent of the association for two years.
                                                                                5. You can readily exchange thoughts, ideas, and questions with your
     In 1989, Matlock took a lead role in the creation of the
Monitoring America Alarm Co-op. Based in Tulsa, this central sta-
tion is owned entirely by alarm companies.                                      6. Access to codes in member-only section of website.
     Matlock is originally from Chicago and moved to Oklahoma                   Need more convincing? Contact an OKBFAA Board Member, or find mem-
during his first marriage. Make no mistake — Matlock has no                     bership information and applications on our Web site, Membership
intention of leaving and Oklahoma has truly become Matlock’s                    isn’t limited to only alarm industry businesses, but to companies that serv-
home. He’s remarried and both of his sons work at the business.                 ice the burglar and fire alarm industries.
     “Randy, the oldest, had been working for IBM and was laid off