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									                                                     AOIFE DUFFIN
                                              AGE RANGE: 20-25                HEIGHT: 5’2”
                                              HAIR: BROWN/BLOND               EYES: Brown

                                                   V.O. DEMO                View SHOWREEL

PLAY                                  PART                   DIRECTED BY                 VENUE                  E
The Crucible                       Abigail             Conall Morrisson          Lyric Theatre
The Silver Tassie                  Jessie Taite        Garry Hynes               Druid (Ireland/U.K.)
The Importance of Being Ernest     Gwendolyne          Lynne Parker              Gaiety Theatre
Christ Deliver Us                  Winnie (Lead)       Wayne Jordan              Abbey Theatre
                        - IRISHTIMES 2010 Theatre Awards - BEST ACTRESS Nomination -
The Crumb Trail                       Dir: Gavin Quinn     Dublin Th/Fest/Under the Radar Fest. New York
                                                            Aarhus Fest. Denmark. PICA Fest. Portland Oregon.
Solemn Mass for a Full Moon in Summer (Isabelle)            Lynne Parker                 Project
Spoiled                              Karen                  Lynne Parker                 Abbey (
Antigone                             Antigone               Gavin Quinn                  Project/New York
Little Gem                                                  Paul Meade                   Project/Civic
                          - BEST ACTRESS AWARD – DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL 2008 -
Two Houses                           Maeve Finn             Wayne Jordan                 Peacock–Public Reading
The Righteous are Bold               Sister Mary of the Rosary Wayne Jordan              Abbey - workshop
Cock-A-Doodle-Dandy                  Julia/One-Eyed Larry Wayne Jordan                   Abbey - workshop
Fairytale Heart                      Kirsty                 Bairbre NiChaoimh            Mansion House
The Playboy of the Western World     Susan Brady            Patrick Mason                The Abbey
Tic                                  Bridget                Jefff Gould                  Bewleys
The Crucible                         Sussanah Walcot        Patrick Mason                Abbey Theatre
Last Call                            Lead                   Thomas de Mallet Burgess     TEAM Tour
Eclilpsed 1 and 11                   Karen (lead)           Anabelle Comyn –        Temple Bar Diversions FestAdapt
of The Playboy (Roddy Doyle/B.C. Adigan                     J. Fay                       TEAM for the Abbey
Our Country’s Good                   Duckling                                            S.B.C.
Eugene Onegin, the Roadshow          Olga                   Martin Murphy                Mermaid
The Onion Game                       Prostitute             Martin Murphy                for Rough Magic
Developmental Workshop with Martin Murphy x 3 weeks
Tower of Babel     Research and Development Workshop Bairbre NiChaoimh                   Calypso Liberty Hall
Ex Ponto project                     Devising               Martin Murphy
Cross My Heart                       Lead                   Martin Murphy                TEAM tour
Fusion                               Clods                  Martin Murphy                TEAM tour (4 mths)
The Strip                            Ava Coo                Anabelle Comyn               S.B.C
Arabian Nights                       Ensemble               Karl Wallace                 S.B.C.
Summer of the Aliens                 Dulcie (lead)          Martin Drury                 S.B.C.
The Maids                            Solange                Phillip Zarrilli             S.B.C
A Midsummer Night’s Dream            Puck/Snug              Robin Wilson                 S.B.C
Three Sisters                        Irina/Anfisa           Robin Wilson                 S.B.C
A Life (Scene Study)                 Mibs                   Andrea Ainsworth             S.B.C
Mime Show                            Ensemble               Tim Patton                   Siamsa Tire
Joy                                   Tess                Colm Quinn                     Venom Ltd.
Behold The Lamb                       Liz (Lead)          Feature                        Behold The Lamb Prod.
When Harvey met Bob                   Barbara             Nick Renton                    RTE/BBC 2
                                         - IFTA 2010 BEST SINGLE DRAMA -
The Quiet Willoughbys                 Chaoime (12)        Kevin Brew                     RTE Radio
Handheld                              Lainie                                             October Eleven Films
The Morning After                     Karen               Gerry Mahon.
Diet Coke Stings   DILDT X 2
Bachelor in Acting Studies, School of Drama, Trinity College. Dublin. (Distinction).
Scholarship to British American Drama Academy. Midsummer in Oxford Programme.
Master Classes: Kararippayattu, Phillip Zarrilli. Acting for Camera, John Dawson.
Shakespeare (Selina Cadell, John Barton). O’Casey, John Crowley. Movement, Jackie Matthews.
Excellent singing voice (Alto). Basic Guitar. Basic Irish and French. Good mover.
                                               GOOD EAR FOR ACCENTS
           Agent: Halina Froudist. Auburn House, 71 Strand Road, Bray. Co. Wicklow. Ireland
          Tel: + 353 879956353 Email:

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