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					                                  Confirmation Saint Report

        (Please follow the guidelines for turning in your Saint report to your teacher.)

Our names give us identity. As a candidate for the celebration of the Sacrament
Confirmation, consider the following when choosing a Confirmation name:

In choosing a name for Confirmation, this saint should be someone who you feel best
represents your faith life. In order to do this, you should do a little research.

Once you have chosen your Confirmation name, you will need to complete a report on a
separate sheet of paper using the following format:

Student Name:

The saint I chose was:

The saint’s feast day is:

Once you have decided on your Confirmation name, write a paragraph about the saint
whose name you have chosen. Also, write a second paragraph about why you chose this
particular saint. What symbolism or meaning does this saint have for you? What do you
hope to gain by modeling yourself after the saint?

As you are writing about the saint, try to ponder and answer the following when you
summarize his or her life: Why are you choosing this saint? Where and when was this
person born? What obstacles did they have to endure? What miracles are attributed to the
saint? How can this saint help you to pray? How does this saint serve as a role model of the
Catholic faith in your life? Is this a patron saint? If so, what are they the patron saint of?

Please note: The internet can be used as a resource. We would like you to research your
saint, not turn in an article from the internet. These reports are due by (tbd).

                                      Helpful Resources

Catholic Online Saints and Angels:

The Patron Saints index:

The St. Vincent Ferrer Parish Center Library

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