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									                                                                     WILD WATER 2011
                                          E-mail: tomas@zastera.cz, Tel., fax: 00420 382 218 090, Mobile: 00420 603 436 319

The paddles are made from first - class epoxy resins, fiberglass, kevlarcarbon or high modulled carbon fabrics. The blades are in sandwich construction, gives high
rigidity and solidity with a low weight. They are made with chemically and mechanically treated metal tips.
Blades in version "CLUB" are made of fiberblass fabric with limited carbon reinforcements. They are enough solid for all common use. Blades "RACE" contain - 45% of
aramid-carbon, -45% of fiberglass and -10% of carbon. Blades "ELITE" are top products with the highest possible parameters, made of carbon and aramid-carbon
fabrics. It is the best you can get. By an individual order they can be made without the metal tips, for top and exceptional competetion e.g. (-8, EUR)
When paddles are sold assembled (blade joined to the shaft) there is a full guarantee for the joint between the shaft and blade.
A guarantee can not be given for the area of the assembly if paddles (blade and shaft) are assembled by the customer and especially any guaranty is not given in
any case if hot melt glue is used as an adhesive, as high temperatures can damage the shaft and the blade. Even after long periods of usage, a hot melt glued joint
can break easily.
              KAYAK BLADES                                                                                                                price for 1 pair of blades EUR
 W 001        Burton                           Medium                     47,5 x 16,5 cm

 W 002                                         Large                      49,0 x 16.8 cm

                                                                                                              WILD WATER
 W 003        Rasmusson                        Small                      46,5 x 15,5 cm

 W 004                                         Medium                     47,5 x 16,0 cm

 W 005                                         Large                      48,0 x 16,0 cm

 W 006        ZI                                                          43,0 x 14,5 cm
                                                                                                                            version   CLUB                89,-
 W 007        Z II                                                        45,0 x 15,0 cm

 W 008        Z III                                                       47,0 x 15,5 cm
                                                                                                                            version   RACE                119,-
 W 009        Twister                          Small                      47,5 x 17,6 cm

 W 010                                         Medium                     46,5 x 18,3 cm
                                                                                                                            version   ELITE               169,-
 W 011                                         Large                      47,0 x 19,0 cm

 W 012                                         Extra Large                47,5 x 19,8 cm

 W 013        Old Style                                                   43,0 x 19,0 cm

 W 014        Classic

                                                                          49,0 x 19,0 cm

 W 015        Baby                                                        43,0 x 18,0 cm

              CANOE BLADES                                                                                                                        price for 1 piece EUR

 W 016        Prest                                                       46,5 x 20,0 cm                                   version CLUB                    59,-
 W 017        Benny                            Large                      48,5 x 20,5 cm                                   version RACE                    79,-
                                                                          47,0 x 20,0 cm
                                               Medium                                                                      version ELITE                  109,-
W 101 Alu            30mm, annodised, plastic grips, 1250 mm, 320grs                                                                                     22,-
W 102 Fiberglass      28 or 30 mm, 1200 mm, 260 grs, various colours                                                  K1                                 35,-
W 103 Carbon         28 mm, Soft, Medium, 1200 mm, 190 grs                                                            K1                                 59,-
W 104 Carbon         30 mm, Soft, Medium, Stiff, 1200 mm, 190 grs                                                                                        59,-
W 105          K1                                                                                                                                         57,-
W 303-5 Carbon       30/25 mm, Medium, conic, carbon or kevlarcarbon, 1000 mm, 180 grs                                                                   68,-
        Prepreg Carbon       28 – 30 – 30/25 mm. Top level shafts, extremely strong and light. Soft, Medium, Stiff. K1– K1– C1
W 106 Split Fiberglass shaft  28 or 30 mm (fiberglass shaft and adjustable joint inside, no clamp)                                                       45,-
W 107 Adjustable Fiberglass shaft  28 or 30 mm - complete set ( FGshaft and joint inside, basic steel sleeve)                                            60,-

 W 108        Split Carbon shaft  28 or 30 mm                          (carbon shaft and adjustable joint inside, no clamp)                               75,-
 W 109        Adjustable Carbon shaft  28 or 30 mm - complete set (C shaft and adjustable joint inside, basic sleeve)                                     95,-
 W 309        Adjustable Prepreg Carbon shaft  28 or 30 mm - complete set (PPC shaft and joint, top level clamp)                                         115,-
 W 200        Sleeve        Basic stainless steel clench sleeve                                                                                             4,-
 W 201        Clamp         Top quality stainless steel clamp, incl. allen key screwdriver No 2,5                                                          36,-
 W 202        Joint fiberglass for adjustable shafts 28 or 30mm                                                                                            18,-
 W 203        Joint carbon      for adjustable shafts 28 or 30mm                                                                                           22,-
 W 204        Oval plastic     in addition for round shaft                                                                                                  3,-
 W 205        Grip cylinder wood, (pure wood - no coat)                                                                                                     4,-
 W 206        Grip keg wood,             (pure wood -no coat)                                                                                               4,-
 W 308        Grip cylinder PPcarbon                                                                                                                        8,-
 W 309        Grip shaped wood (wood with a wax-coat)                                                                                                       6-
              All shafts can come rounded or with an oval fitted into the wall of the shafts or plastic oval fixed from outside.
              It is possible to addapt any stable shaft (used, older paddle etc.) to the split or adjustable one.
              Please order the kind of the shaft exactly by this list (material, diameter, rigidity, version, oval....)
Sticking up blades to shaft, canoe blade and handle.
By your choosen blades, shaft, length, right, left, angle of blades, gripp etc.   K1, C1   10,-
Assembly of canoe blade only (grip free)                                          C1        5,-
Instalation and fixing of a seat - thigh braces in K1                                                                          20,-

Instalation of ALU movable footrest                                                                                            free

Instalation of a composite footrest W 407 (by the given distance from the seat)                                                20,-

Coloured deck - 1 - 2 colours free, 3rd and each other colour                                                                 + 10,-

Reduction for K1W - LIZARD in all classes                                                                                      - 2%

 Methods of payment:
- cash on delivery (preferred way), bank transfer before delivery                                                          see basic
- bank transfer after delivery, cheque before delivery                                                                          +1%
- cheque C.O.D. or after delivery                                                                                               +2%

                                 TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF DELIVERY AND PAYEMENT
All mentioned prices are ex works, incl. 19%VAT Czech Republic, without transport costs. These details can be worked out with the
producer. Paddles can be shipped by mail, boats by a transport firm. Any advance is not required, during your order or before a
production. Preffered way of the payment is cash on delivery. If the payement is by cheque, an addition of 2% will be calculated. The
goods is sold with a complete world wide guaranty. Mentioned weights, dimensions are subject to correction. Dimensions,
performances and weights (at the boats in higher classes) of the boats respect valid international or national rules.

Offered models - see enclosed cataloque. Other possible models by your demand.
All the models in the same category have got the same prices, except for Kl W - LIZARD.
Our philosophy is to offer complete line of the products, for simplier performances (but with solid qualities and not the cheapest at any
price) through boats in high racing level (Vth, VIth class, our the most wanted performances) to absolutely top products for the most
discriminating competitors (see VIII class). These boats are used by more world leading competitors.
All boats IV and more are made of top level epoxy resin LH 160 (with an offical certificate for demanding application e.g. in aircraft
idustry),                                                                                                                              boats
I - III of common class epoxy resin. All boats are heat curred in a box 24 hrs in higher temperature, so they have got higher solidity,
rigidity and resistance.
Kayaks can come with a seat, thigh braces and bolts not installed and fixed, or you can order to get it installed.KI and C 1 boats have
crossed walls of styro-foam in the bow, kayaks class VII - VIII without any styrofoams. C2 boats have crosses of the styro-foam fixed
in the box, in the middle and in the back. C2 Plastic fin in the rail by an individual order, standard is composite fin fixed by kevlar from
the outside.
All C1 have got standartly a slot embeded in their backs, where is a plastic or metallic fin installed already (30x3,5x0,5 cm Cl) All C2
boats come standardly with a very hard and tough composite fin, fixed from outside (not in any rail), plastic or metallic fin in the rail by
an individual order.
All the boats come with external seam tapes (from Ist to IIIrd claass with a diolen tape with colored coat, IVth class and higher with a
kevlar seam tape, uncolored coat). Colored deck is in the basic price, as well as remainders of fabric for outfitting, reparations.
Possible colours: dark, light, medium blue, yellow, red, dark red, purple, violet, green, pastel green, mint turquoise, white, grey,
metallic coloured flakes.
Price reduction for larger guantity of boats: 1 boat...basic price, 2 boats...less 2%, 3 boats... less 3% etc., most 6%. It is meant for a
purchase from one person (club) in one time.
Our paddles, boats and accessories for flat water sprint & marathon - see our separate „green“ price list.

Epoxy resins are sensitive to a heat, despite heat treatment. Boats 2-3 weeks old should not be in direct sun and should
not be tightly tied on your wehicle or trailer in the sun. It is better to stay out of the sun or to slacken the ties a little.
After app. 1 month, the epoxy is better, but the danger of damage from ties continues. Producer is not responsible
for damages from a heat or sun shine.
           CLOTHING AND OTHER EQUIPMENT BY ZASTERA COMPOSITES                                                                                                                                                         EUR
W   501     Spraydeck Rubber K1                                            universal size. Blue, black, yellow                                                                                                         38,-
W   502     Spraydeck Nylon K1                                             universal size                                                                                                                              28,-
W   503     Spraydeck Neopren, K1, C1, C2                                  size S, M, L, XL                                                                                                                            68,-
W   504     Cockpit cover nylon K1 + C2, C1                                                                                                                                                                            12,-
W   505     Cockpit cover neoprene                                                                                                                                                                                     32,-
W   506     TROPIC paddle cag                                              short jacket.                                                                                                                               56,-
W   507     TROPIC paddle cag                                              long jacket                                                                                                                                 68,-
W   508     TROPIC topdeck                                                 short set                                                                                                                                   108,-
W   509     TROPIC topdeck                                                 long set                                                                                                                                    118,-
            TROPIC- very ligth and thin fabric for warm weather or high lelev competiting. Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL. Colours black, red. Spraydecks for K1, C1, C2.
W   510     MIDI paddle cag                                                short jacket                                                                                                                                58,-
W   511     MIDI paddle cag                                                long jacket                                                                                                                                 74,-
W   512     MIDI topdeck                                                   short set                                                                                                                                   118,-
W   513     MIDI topdeck                                                   long jacket                                                                                                                                 128,-
            MIDI – medium elastic and breathable cloth for all common using. White or dark grey colour only. Sizes and spraydecks see Tropic.
W 514       POLAR paddle cag                                                 long only                                                                                                                                 108,-
W 515       POLAR paddle cag                                                 long only                                                                                                                                 148,-
                                                                                                      ®                                                       ®
            POLAR – dry breathable elastic cag made of an original Polartec aqua shell , inside extremely warm and friendly Polartec fleece to vaporize
            the body moisture and perspiration. . Training, competitions in very cold water. Black colour only. Sizes and spraydecks see Tropic.

            All the cags and topdecks can come with various necks (collars): 1. lower extended neoprene with fastening (standard), 2. higher conic extended neoprene with fastening (+ 2,-) and 3. higher latex
            neck (+ 4,-) Wrist seals can be made A. neoprene without fastening (standard), B. conic latex wrist seals (+ 8,-). Standard performance on stock, other by an individual order, their prices by
W   516     Handys nylon (pogies)    senior or children´s size                                                                                                                             pair                         18,-
W   517     Handys neopren (pogies)                                                                                                                                                        pair                         26,-
W   518     Shorts neopren            full 3mm neoprene                                                                                                                                                                 46,-
W   519     Neopren long                                                                                                                                                                                                56,-
W   520     Shorts        neo + lycra 2 mm neoprene+ lycra                                                                                                                                                              38,-
W   521     Shorts        neo-Alu      1 mm neoprene with silver reflective coating                                                                                                                                     32,-

W   524     Socks neopren            size 5-12                                                                pair                                                                                                     22,-
W   525     Wrist cover              3mm neopren, sizes S - XXL                                                      pair                                                                                              12,-
W   526     Buoyancy aids (life jacket) RACE, XS, S, M, L, XL, foam airex; EC certificate. Red, blue, black.                                                                                                           68,-
W   527     Paddle bag single K1     sandwich foamed material, by a concrete lenght of a paddle, orange, blue, grey                                                                                                    28,-
W   528     Paddle bag single C1                                                                                                                                                                                       26,-
W   529     Paddle bag elastic K1 universal for each paddle, yelow, blue, red                                                                                                                                           8,-
W   530     Paddle bag double K1 (2-3 paddles), sandwich material, by a concrete lenght of a paddle, orange, blue, grey                                                                                                36,-
W   531     Paddle bag double C1                                                                                                                                                                                       32,-
W   532     Boat bag elastic K1,C1 universal for each boat in a cathegory; red, blue, yellow.                                                                                                                          38,-
W   533     Boat bag elastic C2                                                                                                                                                                                        46,-
W   534     Boat bag sandwich K1, hard foam 3 mm (with an „armoured“ foam 8 mm price 128,- euro)                                                                                                                       99,-
                                  C1                                                          136,-                                                                                                                    114,-
W 535       Boat bag sandwich C2 Feeling or Beguin, common PU foam 2008.                                                                                                                                               98,-
W 536       Dry bag                    70 litres; blue, yellow                                                                                                                                                          30,-
W 537       Dry bag                    with a strap                                                                                                                                                                     36,-
W 538       Buoyancy bag (airbag, by ICF wild water rules)                                                                                                                                 litres 10                    11,-
            Volumes by rules - wild water boats - front/back:    K1 - 30/50                                                                                                                litres 20                    12,-
                                                                 C1 - 40/50                                                                                                                litres 30                    14,-
                                                                 C2 - 60/60                                                                                                                litres 50
            Recommended volumes for slalom kayaks: 2 x10 front, 2 x 20 back                                                                                                                litres 60
W 539       Helmet Laguna Rodeo (short cup)                                                                                                                                                                             58,-
W 540       Helmet Laguna Extrem (full cup)                                                                                                                                                                             68,-
            Both helmets by EN 1385 norm, internal ajustment, Sizes of the helmet by your head. Basic models made by kevlarcarbon, carbon version + 8,- euro.
W 541       Straps for boats       2 X 3 m‘ / 2 x 5 m‘                                                                                                                                     pair                   11,- / 13,-
W 542       Roofprotector 2 x 250 mm                                                                                                                                                       pair                         8,-
           ACCESSORIES                                                                                                                                                                                                EUR
 W 401      Fin composite C2            (700 x 35 x 8 mm)                                                                                                                                                               18,-
 W 402      Fin plastic or aluminium C2 (500x30x8mm + 20mm embeding)                                                                                                                                                    18,-
 W 403      Fin plastic or aluminium C1 (350x30x5mm + 20mm embeding)                                                                                                                                                    18,-
 W   404    Guard composite back                   5 x FG, 2x K, 900 mm length)                                                                                                                                         34,-
 W   405    Guard composite front                  (5 x K, safety cord)                                                                                                                                                 16,-
 W   406    Footrest aluminium                     moovable 300 or 150mm long                                                                                              pair                                         38,-
 W   407    Footrest composite                      400x100x12mm, 80grs, carbon + foam                                                                                                                                  28,-
 W 408      Seat for K1 kevlarcarbon (incl. stainless steel screews) - higher or lower model                                                                                                                            38,-
 W 409      Seat for K1 fiberglass   (incl. stainless steel screews) - higher or lower model                                                                                                                            28,-
                                                                            2                                                                                                 2
 W 410      Fiberglass fabric           140, 220, 350g /m                                                                                                                  m                                             2,50
            Kevlar                      160g / m2                                                                                                                          m2                                            26,-
            Kevlarcarbon                160g / m2                                                                                                                          m2                                            28,-
            Carbon                      160g / m2                                                                                                                          m2                                            30,-
            Carbon                      200g / m2                                                                                                                          m2                                            36,-
            Peel ply fabric              (for riping off, to get surface of composits)                                                                                     m2                                            2,50
            Kevlar tape:                  width 13 / 20 / 30 mm                                                                                                            m‘                                      2,- / 2,50 / 3,-
            PE foam (2 or 5mm thickness) for sitting in canoes etc.                                                                                                        sheet 75x95 cm                                 9,-
            PE foam - block, (thickness 10 cm, 30g/dm3), for seat + sides in canoes                                                                                        dm3                                           0,95
            Epoxy resin + hardener, 100:35 by weight                                                                                                                       kg/ mixture                                   14,-

ZASTERA COMPOSITES                                     Tel., fax workshop: 00420 382 218 090                                           Bank: Československá obchodní banka
Tomáš Zástěra                                          Mobile: 00420 603 436 319                                                       Address: Velké náměstí 116, 397 01 Písek, Czech Republic
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397 01 Písek                                           www.zastera.cz                                                                  Account No: 272630583/0300 (Euro payments only)
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