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									Tourist Guide
to Santa Cruz
de Tenerife
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Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Atlantic crossroads of three continents
Santa Cruz de Tenerife is an ancient city with many       Santa Cruz keeps its cultural attractions and most
years of history. But it is also a modern city which is   traditional fiestas alive throughout the year. The
on the crossroads for travel to the three continents      Port brings us dozens of liners carrying thousands
that border the Atlantic.                                 of luxury cruise passengers. The shopping streets
                                                          of the city centre are open for purchasing the most
We were for many years the political and admin-           traditional products or the most advanced ele-
istrative capital of the Canary Islands and now we        ments of modern technology.
add to our ancient regional leadership a varied
range of proposals which will make the visit of           Soon, Santa Cruz, a town intimately linked with
holidaymakers from any point of the compass very          the sea since its foundation, will have the best
attractive.                                               city beach in Europe, with the best services: Las
                                                          Teresitas. And together with its commercial tradi-
Culture, folklore, unusual architecture, the power        tion, the kindness of the subtropical climate and its
of our cuisine, the richness on the palate and            cuisine and fiestas, we shall also continue to offer
the variety of our wines and the superb climatic          the overseas visitor the rural city that can be seen
location that is associated with our beautiful            from the fields, the rocky mountainsides on which
landscapes, the sun and the beaches will satisfy,         the inhabited hamlets of the district of Anaga are
beyond a shadow of a doubt, the curiosity of all          located.
those who come from overseas to learn about our
customs.                                                  We are therefore a city which encloses in its mu-
                                                          nicipal district a varied range of options for culture,
Santa Cruz is a city of museums, parks and gar-           entertainment, leisure or sports.
dens full of the most exuberant flora; it is a city of
sculptures in the street and the town that exalts         For all these reasons, Santa Cruz will continue to
the Cross in May, only a few months after expe-           be the best option for tourists on this side of the
riencing the carnival, the fiesta for which we are        world. The doors of our city are open to everybody.
best known beyond our frontiers and which has             No visitor need feel disappointed.
now established that it is by far the best Carnival
in Europe and one of the most famous and best
                                                                                                   Miguel Zerolo Aguilar
known in the world.                                                                      Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Miguel Zerolo Aguilar. Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

                       TLan TiC oDS
                  THe a anarY iSLa
                                     THe C                                                                        evenT

             ma                                                            Tener
    La PaL                                                       Cruz
                                          Tener                                                    Canar

eL Hier
                         La Go

                                                                                                   “Tenerife is the largest of
                                                                                                   the Canary Islands”

                                                                                                   Geographical location
                                                                                                   and area of the borough

                                                                                                   Santa Cruz is the capital borough located in the
                                                                                                   north-east of the island of Tenerife, the largest of
                                                                                                   the seven Canary Islands, located between Gran
                                                                                                   Canaria, La Gomera and La Palma.
                                     GEOGRAPHICAL MAGNITUDES
                                     OF SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE
                                                                                                   The borough measures some one hundred and
                                                          VALUE                   UNIT
                  Height above sea level
                                                                                                   fifty square kilometres including the city of Santa
                                                             4                        ms.
                  of the Municipal Capital                                                         Cruz de Tenerife and the whole of the Anaga Mas-
                  Maximum height above sea level           750                        ms.          sif, with its precipitous contours, deep ravines and
                  Minimum height                             4                        ms.
                                                                                                   exceptional natural environment rich in unique
                  U.T.M. Coordinate (X)                  377.123                 U.T.M.
                                                                                                   species of flora and fauna.
                  U.T.M. Coordinate (Y)                 3.149.984                U.T.M.
                  Latitude                              28° 28’ N                      º‘
                  Longitude                             16° 15’ W                      º‘          Santa Cruz de Tenerife has it all, it is the perfect
                  Length of coastline                     58,33                   Kms.             combination of the sea, virgin nature and a town
                  Municipal perimeter                     111,13                  Kms.             which, although it is open to modern times, pre-
                  Área                                    150,56                  kms2             serves its traditional essence and simplicity.
              Source: Canarian Statistical Institute (ISTAC). Preparation: Socio-economic
              observatory. Santa Cruz de Tenerife Development Agency.
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The Anaga Massif.

                                                                         Its subtropical location and the action of the
                                                                         trade winds makes it possible for the city to
                                                                         enjoy a gentle climate which is reflected in the
                                                                         minimal temperature variations throughout
                                                                         the year. There are no great differences be-
                                                                         tween the seasons, or between day and night.
                                                                         The annual average is around 21ºC.

                                                                         The city’s rainfall is moderate and unevenly dis-
                                  “Santa Cruz                            tributed throughout the year with the months
                                  de Tenerife,                           between October and March receiving most
                               eternal spring”                           rain while the summer is the driest period.

                               JAN        FEB       MAR    APR    MAY      JUN     JUL   AUG    SEP    OCT    NOV    DEC

 Maximum                       21°C      21°C       22°C   22°C   24°C     26°C   28°C   29°C   28°C   26°C   24°C   22°C

 Minimum                       15°C      15°C       16°C   16°C   18°C     19°C   21°C   21°C   21°C   20°C   18°C   16°C

 Minimum                       18°C      18°C       19°C   19°C   21°C     22°C   25°C   25°C   25°C   23°C   21°C   19°C

 Rainfall                      36         36        28     14     4 mm    1 mm    0 mm   1 mm   6 mm   18     28     43
                               mm         mm        mm     mm                                          mm     mm     mm

Historical monthly values for Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
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The Anaga Massif.
                                               BY DISTRICTS INCLUDING AREA (KM2). 2006

                                                          Residents                        Km2                             Density of population

  ANAGA                                                    14.233                          119,3                             119,3 Hab/km2

  CENTRO                                                   53.983                           4,4                             12.236,2 Hab/km2

  OFRA-COSTA SUR                                           47.892                           7,5                             6.357,7 Hab/km2

  SALUD-LA SALLE                                           70.806                           4,1                             17.104,8 Hab/km2

  SUROESTE                                                 42.360                          14,6                             2.905,6 Hab/km2

  SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE                                  229.274                          150,0                            1.528,7 Hab/km2

Source: Electoral Register of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Preparation: Socio-economic observatory. Development Agency Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

                                          EVOLUTION OF THE RESIDENT POPULATION in THE BOROUGH
                                                  OF SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE. 2004-2006

                                                                                    2004                         2005                       2006

  Residents                                                                       224.268                      228.594                  229.274

  Variation Year on Year (%)                                                                                    1,93%                       0,30%

Source: Electoral Register of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Preparation: Socio-economic observatory. Development Agency Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Currency and language

  Currency                                                                     Euro

  Language                                                                     Spanish
Economy                    HOTEL AND CATERING              11,8%                                             BUSINESS AND REAL
                                  5,2%                                                                        ESTATE SERVICES
                HEALTH AND                                                                                         19,2%
              SOCIAL SERVICES

                                                                                                                         TRANSPORT AND
                       EDUCATION                                                                                        COMMUNICATIONS
                         7,6%                                                                                                11,6%

                               CONSTRUCTION                                                                COMMERCE
                                                              FINANCIAL          ADMINISTRATION
                                   8,1%                                                                    AND REPAIRS
                                                             BROKERAGE               9,7%

Source: Canarian Statistical Institute (ISTAC). Preparation: Socio-economic observatory. Santa Cruz de Tenerife Development Agency.
Political system

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the administrative      transport and ferries from the other Canary
capital of this island and of the province of     Islands and one of the most important is the
the same name, made up of the Islands of          port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which has also
Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro.      become an important port of call for cruise
It likewise shares the status of capital of the   liners on the Atlantic routes (from the Medi-
Canary Islands Autonomous Community with          terranean and America).
the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
                                                  Among the connections to emphasise regard-
Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the site of the Ca-     ing maritime transport are the boats arriving
nary Islands Parliament and, for alternate        from Gran Canaria, La Palma and El Hierro,
legislatures, that of the Presidency of the       among other islands. Within the port area are
Government.                                       the offices of different companies providing
                                                  this kind of service, at excellent prices and      14 · 15
Access and Transport                              with frequent departures.

By road:
                                                  By air:
The city has access by road from the Island’s
northern motorway, TF-5, for visitors from        The island of Tenerife has two airports, Los
the north of the island or Los Rodeos Airport     Rodeos (TFN) located in the north of Tenerife
(TFN). For those coming from the south of         some twelve kilometres away from Santa
the island or from Reina Sofía Airport (TFS)      Cruz and Reina Sofía (TFS) in the south of
access is via the southern motorway, TF-1.        the island slightly less than sixty kilometres
Santa Cruz de Tenerife offers regular public      from the island’s capital. Both airports con-
transport by bus, both urban and long dis-        nect the island of Tenerife with the rest of the
tance and there is also the recently inaugu-      Canaries, Spain and the world.
rated tram, which connects the borough of
Santa Cruz with La Laguna.                        As tourism is the main economic activity
                                                  and source of income, Tenerife has excellent
By sea:                                           connections with direct flights from both air-
                                                  ports to other countries in Europe, Africa and
The island of Tenerife has ports for maritime     America.
          Santa Cruz + History
              “A living city. Every corner
              is a discovery for the senses”

                                             “From a Menceyate
                                             to a gateway of the Conquest”.

                                             Santa Cruz de Tenerife arose within what was
                                             known in the pre-Hispanic period as Anaga,
                                             one of the nine principalities into which the
                                             island was divided prior to the conquest and
                                             began in the bay, on Añazo beach.

                                             There had been many previous expeditions
                                             which had visited the Island, some of which
                                             were ships putting in as part of the ordinary
Detail.       The Church of La Concepción.
                                             maritime traffic between Europe, Africa and
                                             America, others were with the intention of
                                             merely looting or taking away the natives as
                                             slaves. However, in 1464, on the coastal area
                                             known as El Bufadero, the Guanches of Ben-
                                             como (the Prince or Mencey of Anaga at that
                                             time) and Spanish soldiers under Diego de
                                             Herrera signed the “Bufadero Peace”.
But it was not until 3rd May 1494 when the         to re-conquer the island or gain access to La
“Adelantado” (or Governor), Alonso Fernán-         Laguna, the seat of political and ecclesiastical
dez de Lugo, arrived with his troops on the        power of the Spanish crown on the island.
beach at Añazo and held the first Catholic
mass, setting up a wooden cross which sub-         But this tiny hamlet gradually achieved its
sequently gave the town its name. This was         status due to its own merit as a result of the
the first episode of the definitive conquest of    commercial activities deriving from its situ-
Tenerife, which concluded in 1496.                 ation as a port and thanks to such episodes
                                                   as the victory of the inhabitants against the
Santa Cruz de Tenerife was at first just a group   British under Rear Admiral Horatio Nelson in
of humble houses next to a port on the bay         the early morning of 25th July 1797, which is
that the Spanish fortified conscientiously         now known as the Gesta del 25 de Julio, after
against the prospect of an invasion or a raid by   which Santa Cruz was declared Villa Exenta,
pirates, corsairs or other peoples who wished      independent of the town of La Laguna.              16 · 17

                                                                                                        Santa Cruz + History

The bay of Santa Cruz. Conquest of Tenerife.
Historical Areas

The Quarter of La Concepción

It is located in the part of the city closest to the   naves in a ground plan of a Latin cross and a
sea, next to the important commercial port. In         Tuscan architectural structure, with the stamp of
the pedestrian streets of the area, where there        Canarian colonial aesthetics.
are now restaurants, practice facilities for
Carnival groups and the offices of a variety of        This church houses a very important artistic herit-
institutions, numerous buildings bear witness          age. The oldest elements are the small Gothic im-
to the historical development of the city. One         age of the Virgen de Consolación, to whom the
example is the church of La Concepción, which          conqueror, Fernández de Lugo, built a chapel in
was first built in 1500, although it was rebuilt       1496, and the Cross of the Conquest, brought
in 1653. In the interior, it is possible to see the    ashore by de Lugo when he disembarked in the
image of Nuestra Señora de la Consolación              year 1494.
(15th Century). It was around this church that
the original nucleus of Santa Cruz, which until        The church has a series of marble piles, of Ge-
1859 was only the port of the neighbouring             noese origin.
town of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, arose.
                                                       The carvings on the pulpit by the Tenerife artist,
Iglesia Nª Sª de La Concepción 1                       Rodríguez de la Oliva, are outstanding. Among
                                                       the work in precious metals, the silver throne
In the year 1500, the construction of a church         which carries the image of the Santo Entierro in
devoted to the Holy Cross was begun, founded           Holy Week, which is considered to be among the
by the father, Juan Guerra. The place of worship,      best in the Canary Islands, is particularly impor-
which received the name of Nuestra Señora de           tant. The throne of Corpus Christi, made along
la Conception in 1638, was burnt down in a fire        with a number of other pieces by Damián de Cas-
in 1652 and rebuilt in 1653; the tower was built       tro, from Cordoba, is conserved in the Sacristy.
in 1786.
                                                       The Logman brothers provided the church, where
The current structure therefore belongs to the         they were priests, with valuable works of art such
17th and 18th Centuries, consisting of five            as the beautiful monstrance called the “Logman
                                             18 · 19

                                               Santa Cruz + History

Church of Nuestra Señora de La Conception.
Model of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 18th Century.

monstrance”. The masterpiece in the church is        the right-hand side of the Santos ravine.
for many the Carta chapel, in the antesacristy. It   The Hospital started to function in 1753,
was ordered to be built by Captain Matías Ro-        with capacity for thirty beds. In the follow-
dríguez Carta in the 18th Century dedicated to       ing century, the architect, Manuel de Oraá,
St. Matthew. The altarpiece is extremely ornate,     refurbished it following the guidelines for
in a baroque-churrigueresque style. The main al-     cleanliness and improvement. A serious fire
tar is presided by the Immaculate Conception, an     in 1888 destroyed much of the building. The
excellent image by the Orotava artist, Fernando      architect, Manuel de Cámara, directed the
Estévez. The altarpiece is one of the most elegant   reconstruction work particularly with regard
baroque works on Tenerife.                           to the interior. The façade of the building is
                                                     one of the best examples of neo-classical ar-
The church has one of the best pieces of sacred      chitecture in the Canary Islands.
art on the island, the Cristo del Buen Viaje, from
the 17th Century, together with other pieces of
value such as the works of the Canarian Image-       Convento de Santo Domingo
makers, Miguel Arroyo, Luján Pérez, Rodríguez
de la Oliva, González de Ocampo and Fernando         In about 1573 a new chapel devoted to
Estévez.                                             Nuestra Señora de La Consolación was built
                                                     in the west of the city, close to the Barranco
Regarding the paintings, the church has two          de Santos. The new building led to the Do-
interesting canvases by Juan de Miranda, and         minican friars founding a monastery in the
other anonymous works. The church also has a         early 17th Century.
significant musical archive and an organ that
was built in London in 1862.                         The chapel had been transferred from its
                                                     original location, the Laja de San Cristóbal,
                                                     to the upper part of the town.
The Old Civil Hospital
Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados                   This district was known as La Consolación
                                                     and also as Barrio de Vilaflor, although sub-
Among the 18th Century buildings of a pub-           sequently the name became Miraflores, as it
lic nature that are still standing is the Civil      is today. The space that there was in front
Hospital de los Desamparados, located on             of the monastery later became known, after
Island Government and Post Office.

the appearance of the Theatre, as the Plaza      of the 18th Century, work was undertaken
del Teatro, although more recently, the name     on the walls to make a residence for the
was changed to Plaza de la Isla de Madeira.      Mayor.

Opposite the monastery, there was a small        A large part of the history of Santa Cruz has
square, which was at first known as Plaza        to do with the Castle of San Cristóbal:
de la Consolación later becoming Plaza de
Santo Sunday and in which even today there       • 30th April 1657, it fought against the
is a fountain.                                   English fleet under Admiral Blake.

                                                 • 6th November 1706, Santa Cruz was
The Old Castle of San Cristóbal                  again attacked by a British squadron under
                                                 John Jennings.
It began to be built in December 1575                                                             20 · 21
when the Island Government received the          • The main warlike achievement was on 25th

                                                                                                    Santa Cruz + History
agreement of King Felipe II. The castle was      July 1797 against the British navy, this time
designed by Francés de Álava as engineer al-     under the command of Horatio Nelson.
though Marcos Enríquez was responsible for
the actual construction. The work was pos-       The moment arrived when the development
sibly completed in 1581.                         of Santa Cruz demanded the disappearance
                                                 of the old castle and a large square was
The castle was square in shape, with four        planned at the very entrance to the city. In
pointed angles, high walls, parapets with        1908, the plans for the buildings housing
loopholes and the coat of arms of San            the Cabildo, or Island Government, the Post
Cristóbal on its main gate. In the interior,     Office and the Casino de Santa Cruz already
there was an arsenal with gunpowder, a wa-       existed so the plans for demolition appeared
ter tank and the lodgings of the Mayor. With     to be Imminent. From then on, the castle
the construction of the castle, trained artil-   was the property of the local authority until
lerymen appeared on Tenerife to man It.          1929, when it was demolished. By March
                                                 1930 it had completely disappeared. Nev-
The appearance of the castle was gradually       ertheless, its walls and foundations still re-
transformed over the years and, at the end       main beneath the current Plaza de España.
El Triunfo de la Virgen de Candelaria” (Pascuale Bocciardo).   Palacio de Carta.

Plaza de La Candelaria                      2                  the square, at the eastern end. This is a work by
                                                               Pascuale Bocciardo and is known as “ El Triunfo
One of the main “gateways” to the city which re-               de la Virgen de Candelaria”, the patron saint
ceived all those who arrived from the port. This is            of Tenerife, representing her appearance to the
a spacious plot which continues to bid welcome                 native inhabitants, the Guanches. It consists of
to our visitors and which serves for the ordinary              a pyramid with the Virgin Mary at its peak with
people to meet in any kind of festivity, or simply             writing on the four faces. Beneath the Virgin,
as an area for walking for the residents of the city.          there are four statues in natural size represent-
                                                               ing the Princes of the four principalities of the
Its origins go back to the late 16th Century,                  island who did not resist the Spanish and finally,
when the current Calle del Castillo used to                    at the base of the monument, there were four
reach the shoreline, with a line of houses                     allegories representing the seasons which have
making up its lower limit. These houses were                   now disappeared.
knocked down with the aim of increasing the
size of the periphery of the castle and it is for              Its second name was that of Plaza Real and
this reason that the first denomination was                    its appearance was defined by a series of col-
Plaza del Castillo.                                            umns which surrounded the square and were
                                                               linked by chains. It s third name, Plaza de la
Subsequently, in the 18th Century, the Square                  Constitución, was derived from the year 1812
itself appeared and it received the Pile, at which             and the parliament of Cadiz. Finally, in 1956,
point it was known as Plaza de La Pila. At this                it received its current name of Plaza de la Can-
time, the Marble Cross was installed which was                 delaria.
at the western end of the square, that is to say the
upper part as a symbol of the name of the town.
It can now be seen in the Plaza de la Iglesia.
                                                               Palacio de Carta     3
It was known as Plaza de la Pila as there was
a fountain, the Pila, the first sculpture in Santa             Possibly the best-known spot in Santa Cruz
Cruz de Tenerife.                                              during the 18th Century. It was located on the
                                                               Plaza de la Candelaria and had been ordered to
Another monument appeared in 1778, made of                     be built in 1721 by Matías Rodríguez Carta, the
Genoese marble and placed at the other end of                  work being completed in 1752. It has a façade
Plaza del Principe.                                  Church of San Francisco.

in quarried stone distributed over three storeys     institutions is something that might today be
and finished off by a cornice which is undulated     surprising. The only sign that remains of these
in the central part. In the Interior, it had two     two foundations is the magnificent church of
courtyards in the traditional Canarian style. In     San Francisco, belonging to the old Franciscan
the last century, it served as a residence of the    Friary. The Franciscan friars were located in the
Captains General until the Captain’s Offices were    chapel of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, situ-
built. It was the location of the Civil Govern-      ated in what were at that time the outskirts of
ment and finally it was the main office of a bank.   the town, the Barranco de Guaite.

Plaza del Príncipe     4                             The application for the foundation was made
                                                     in early 1677, with its installation under the
In the 19th Century, with Romanticism in full        name of San Pedro Alcántara being author-
swing and as the town grew, another square           ised one year later. The Choir was not finished
with special Importance was the Plaza del            until 1721. The church was extended to three         22 · 23
Príncipe, built on the site of the garden of the     naves as it can be seen today. In 1760, the

                                                                                                            Santa Cruz + History
Franciscan Friary.                                   construction of a new nave on land taken from
                                                     El Tigre street (which is now Villalba Hervás)
In 1871, by popular Initiative, a large iron         was put forward. In 1776, the work on the
fountain was set up in the centre of the square.     third and final nave was begun, next to the fri-
Nowadays, only the upper bowl remains lo-            ary, which was finished the following year. The
cated at the back of the square. Just as in La       current façade of the church of San Francisco
Alameda, at the entrance to the square two           dates approximately from the year 1777, since
allegorical statues were set up representing         the work on the nave of the Epistle was used
Spring and Summer. In 1929, the bandstand            to make it raising the height of the main nave
that we can see today and which is occasion-         a little so as to make the Interior better lit and
ally used as a stage for a performance by the        more spacious.
Municipal Band was installed.
                                                     The friary was a fairly spacious building next to
The Old Franciscan Friary and                        the church. On the outside, its façade looked
the Church of San Francisco                          over the Plaza de San Francisco and was main-
                                                     tained until the 20th Century. Nowadays only
The existence in Santa Cruz of two religious         the tower remains, which began to be built in
Plaza de Valeriano Weyler.

1769 and which was raised, three years later,        a place for pleasant meetings and conversation
up to the height of the bells. The dome covered      as well as a place for walking and leisure.
in tiles was crowned by a statue of the Virgin
Mary and was also finished in 1777.
                                                     Plaza de Valeriano Weyler 7

Alameda de El Duque de Santa Elena 6                 The Calle de La Consolación, at its upper end,
                                                     joined the old road which led to La Laguna,
Now turning to look at the lower part of the         which began where Plaza de Weyler now
city, that is to say, the area that is closest to    stands. For this reason, this place began to
the port, we might go through the Alameda            be called, La Salida (the departure point) and
del Muelle or Alameda del Marqués de Branci-         there was an enormous hubbub caused by
forte, so called in honour of the Captain Gen-       the public transport vehicles which stopped
eral of the Canary Islands, who ordered it to be     there for people who were entering or leav-
built in the year 1787. It has also been known       ing Santa Cruz.
as the Alameda 14 de abril.
                                                     The old Military Hospital was located here
Its entrance was made up of three arches             until it was demolished by the Captain Gen-
crowned with the Royal Arms of Spain and on          eral of the Canary Islands, Valeriano Weyler,
either side were the white marble statues rep-       who built the current Captaincy General on
resenting the Spring and the Summer, and at          the same site. As a result, the square became
the end of the Alameda or avenue was another         known as Plaza de Weyler, in tribute to the
statue representing Time.                            illustrious soldier. Calle Castillo also led to
                                                     the square.
It extended towards the area of San Andrés
and included three streets which, planted with
Lebanon planes and Indian laurels offered a          Barrio del Toscal
green area which was most suitable for a stroll.
                                                     This quarter was also known as Los Toscales
In the central street and almost at the end of the   or Las Toscas, without a doubt due to the na-
promenade there is a Carrara marble fountain         ture of the land, which was a rough waste-
crowned with three Tritons or dolphins. It was       land (tosca is Spanish for tuff). It was under
Fountain of Isabel II.                           The Cannon Tigre.

the jurisdiction of the church of San Francis-   that same year with the work beginning on
co. This quarter underwent great expansion       6th November. In 1884, the work was com-
during the 18th Century and may have been        pleted although by then it no longer had
the largest in Santa Cruz. New houses built      any military value due to the improvements
in low quality materials began to arise on the   in artillery techniques and the growth of the
northern side of the town, in many cases in      town, which had surrounded it.
the form of tenements.
                                                 It served as the headquarters of the Artil-
Streets such as Santiago, San Miguel, Tribula-   lery Regiment. In 1890, the barracks had
ciones and La Luna appeared... which gradu-      30 cannons, including eight 21-centimetre
ally occupied all the available space in that    howitzers and twenty-one cannons on the
part of the town.                                roof. During its history, the barracks have
                                                 undergone a number of refurbishments un-
                                                 til in 1940 the artillery was removed and it    24 · 25
Fountain of Isabel II 8                          became the current Regional Military Mu-

                                                                                                   Santa Cruz + History
                                                 seum of the Canary Islands. Currently the
It is made up of a receptacle, a first part of   museum has a number of pieces, foremost
six Tuscan columns holding the next layer,       among which are:
and a second body or ornamental top with
the arms of the city. Between the columns        • The cannon, “Tigre”, which is known be-
there are five lion’s heads in bronze which      cause the shrapnel from one of its shots
are conduits for the water. It is made of ba-    caused the wounds to Nelson’s arm which
saltic bluish granite. It was set up on 25th     led to its amputation.
August 1845 in celebration of the birthday
of the Princess María Luisa Fernanda.            • The cannon, “Hércules”.

The Almeida Barracks      9                      Its archives make this museum one of the
                                                 most important research locations in the
In 1854, a decision was taken to build the       Canary Islands as regards historical car-
Almeida Fort and on 21st April the colonel of    tography. It is also possible to see some of
engineers, Clavijo y Plo, presented his plans,   the weapons used in the battles to conquer
which were approved on 22nd September of         Tenerife.
Barrio del Cabo y Los Llanos

Castle of San Juan     10                         Casa de la Pólvora 11

The southern flank of the town was protect-       This is another of Santa Cruz’s defensive
ed by the Castle of San Juan Bautista, which      buildings. It was built between 1756 and
was ordered to be built in 1641 in what was       1758 near to the Castle of San Juan, the
known as the Bay of Negros. Three years           work of the military engineer, La Pierre. It
later, the work was complete.                     consists of a large rectangular area covered
                                                  by a half-barrel vault.
This was a building with a circular tower of
quarried stone, next to the buildings for the
troops, the officers and the gunpowder store.
It remained like this until 1765, when the
military engineer, Alejandro de los Ángeles,
designed the building as it can be seen to-
day, with a circular layout and an elevation in
quarried stone from the foundations.

Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Regla 12

Located on the outskirts of the city in the
southern part, in the so-called Camino de
las Cruces or El Calvario, as it was a place
of burial at times of catastrophic death. This
chapel was set up in 1643 by the Island
Government dedicated to Nuestra Señora
de Guadalupe although it was popularly
known as La Regla, and served for many
years as the chapel of the barracks of the
Castle of San Juan which is nearby.
                                                  Casa de la Pólvora.
                      26 · 27

                        Santa Cruz + History

Castle of San Juan.
The Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The fact that it was a port has defined the his-   The attacks on Santa Cruz during the Ancien
tory of Santa Cruz from the very start. Firstly    Regime were basically a strategy of pirate and
as the point of arrival of the European expe-      corsair raids. The presence of corsair ships
ditions and subsequently, once the process         outside the port was a frequent image for the
of the conquest was complete, as one of the        inhabitants of the place.
main ports of Tenerife and the closest to the
city of La Laguna.                                 The 18th Century was a watershed for the
                                                   port which would lead to its development due
From a very early date onwards it was known        mainly to three characteristics:
as the main port, through which sugar, orchil
and wheat were exported. Likewise it was the       • The progress regarding internal communi-
point where the inter-island shipping put in       cations, with the result that the transport of
and during the 17th Century half the ships en      manufactures from the north of the island be-
route to the West Indies passed through the        came less troublesome.
Port of Santa Cruz.
                                                   • The fact that the Captains General were now
The town always received manufactures and          accommodated in Santa Cruz.
food that the island could not produce or in
which there was a deficit, above all, wheat.       • The appearance and growth of a bourgeois-
In the early 16th Century, it was prohibited to    commercial class related with the port.
take bread or barley outside the island and all
loading operations had to take place at the        • The volcanic eruption of 1706 which de-
Royal Port of Santa Cruz. One of the first con-    stroyed the port of Garachico, which had un-
cerns of the Tenerife Island Government was        til then been the most important in terms of
to provide the port with a dock so as to im-       commercial traffic.
prove communications.
                                                   These were the reasons that Santa Cruz was
Once the island had been conquered, the de-        no longer considered merely the port of La La-
fensive bastions faced out to sea as this was      guna, and became a more and more important
the main port and the key to the Island.           commercial centre in its own right. It can be
seen therefore that the current city of Santa
Cruz arose as a result of its port.

The continual improvements contributed sub-
stantially to this progress. It was necessary
to set out a new location for the dock as the
transactions that had until then been made in
La Caleta now had to take place in a location
with a greater depth of water. The military en-
gineer, Miguel Benito Herrán, took part in these
deliberations and in the year 1729, he put
forward without success the construction of a
jetty from the so called Laja de San Cristóbal.                                       28 · 29

                                                                                        Santa Cruz + History
Later, in 1741, the commandant general, Bon-
ito y Pignatelli, asked his engineer, Antonio La
Rivière, to study and design the proposal that
had previously been made by Benito Herrán.
Next year, La Riviére handed over his plan,
which was authorised in Madrid in May 1742.
However, just as in the first case, this plan was
never carried out.

Seven years later, another commandant, on
this occasion Juan de Urbina, tried to create
the new dock. With this purpose, he asked the
wealthiest of the merchants to contribute to
the new plan. Using both taxes and donations,
it was possible this time for the project drawn
up by the engineers Francisco La Pierre and
Manuel Hernández in the year 1749, to start
                                                    Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
Sculpture of Horatio Nelson, Trafalgar Square. London.   Estevanez Murphy.

to be constructed one year later. This work              The heroic defence
consisted of building a breakwater which be-             of 25th July 1797
gan from the Laja de San Cristóbal running
perpendicular to the coastline finished off in           The attack by Rear Admiral Nelson is the
the shape of a T.                                        best-remembered moment in the history of
                                                         Santa Cruz. When the English raid arose,
However, a little while later, in 1755, a new            Spain was at war with Britain. The squadron
storm caused grave damage to the jetty. The              that attacked the coast of Tenerife had set off
merchants and other people from the port                 from the bay of Cadiz. Rear Admiral Nelson
who had made their investments in the previ-             came to the port of Santa Cruz with the idea
ous project then wondered whether it would               of getting his hands on a good haul since he
not be more advisable to put the dock back to            had news that the ships from Manila were
the initial location of La Caleta.                       anchored here.

Nevertheless, in 1784, Andrés Amat de Tortosa            For his expedition, Nelson had nine ships and
began the repair work with the collaboration             393 cannon. However, he did not take into
of Francisco Jacot. This work was completed in           account the defensive position of the island-
1787 and it was then that Santa Cruz for the             ers who were very accustomed to seeing en-
first time had good up-to-date facilities. The           emy ships off their coast and nor did he have
work involved:                                           detailed knowledge of the terrain.

• Deeper and better foundations for the jetty.           The defence of the city was under the com-
                                                         mand of General Antonio Gutiérrez who did
• Modification of the layout of the steps for            not ignore the protection of the coast. Thus
access.                                                  the castles (San Cristóbal, San Andrés, Paso
                                                         Alto, San Juan and Puerto Caballos) and nu-
• Underground pipes for the water supply to              merous batteries constituted the defensive
the ships.                                               wall of Santa Cruz.

• Building for the port officials.                       After numerous feints, a group of Englishmen
                                                         managed to reach the dock where they were
• Paving of the area to facilitate wheeled traffic.      received by the militia, some townspeople
Aerial view of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

and the fire from the batteries. Captain Bo-      July 1797. Santa Cruz was victorious in this
wen died there as a result of a cannon shot       battle with the result that it was granted the
fired from the main castle and Nelson was         title of Villa Exenta and in 1803 it became
injured in the arm which he would finally lose    independent of La Laguna, which was until
altogether.                                       then the capital of the island, since after
                                                  the conquest the political and ecclesiastical
The defeat of Rear Admiral Nelson led to the      power of the Spanish crown had been set
city being awarded the title of Villa, a simple   up there. The disappearance of the port of
honorary concession if one looks at the few       Garachico was also a significant event which
powers granted. However this title gave a         gave greater importance to the port of Santa
certain prestige to what had hitherto been        Cruz. Due to these events, the growth of the
just a Port and Plaza. This was indeed the fin-   port and the transfer of the Captaincy Gen-
ishing touch to the century which had begun       eral and the ecclesiastical powers to Santa
with the demographic and commercial boom          Cruz, the city was designated the capital of     30 · 31
of Santa Cruz.                                    the province of the Canary Islands in 1812.

                                                                                                     Santa Cruz + History
                                                  Nowadays, there are two provincial capitals,
                                                  Santa Cruz de Tenerife with the western is-
                                                  lands of La Palma, El Hierro, La Gomera and
The Status                                        Tenerife, and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
of Capital                                        with the eastern Islands of Lanzarote and the
                                                  Chinijo Archipelago (the island of la Graciosa
Santa Cruz became the capital of the island       and the smaller Islands of Montaña Clara
of Tenerife due to a range of historic events     and Alegranza), Fuerteventura together with
which happened over time: the Canary Is-          the island of Lobos, and the island of Gran
lands have been since the 15th Century un-        Canaria.
der Spanish administration and it was during
the 16th Century that the town began to           The full name of the city of Santa Cruz is Muy
be coveted for its strategic value as a port      Leal, Noble, Invicta y Muy Benéfica Ciudad,
of call on the routes to America. It was at       Puerto y Plaza de Santa Cruz de Santiago de
that time that different pirate attacks began,    Tenerife (the Very Loyal, Noble, Unconquered
the most important of which was the raid by       and Most Charitable City and Port of Santa
Rear Admiral Nelson and his troops on 25th        Cruz de Santiago de Tenerife).
                                                           Growth of the City
                                                           in the 20th and 21st Centuries

                                                           Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a place in constant
                                                           transformation and adaptation to new times

          Santa Cruz +                                     but it has been in the final few decades that
                                                           there has been a considerable leap forward
         Contemporary                                      in terms of growth and development regar-
                                                           ding modern Infrastructure.

                                                           Projects such as the pedestrianisation of the
                      “A living city.                      centre, the historical area and the shopping
                        Every corner                       streets, the rehabilitation of old buildings
                                                           behind their original façades, the start up of
                       is a discovery
                                                           modern projects such as the reconstruction
                     to the senses.”                       of Plaza de España (Herzog and De Meuron),
                                                           the Tenerife Auditorio and the Trade Fair Cen-
                                                           tre (Santiago Calatrava) or the César Manri-
                                                           que Lido are examples of adaptation to the
                                                           needs of the Modern World in a city which
                                                           lives the present without ceasing to observe
Bank headquarters.     International Fair and Congress     the future.
                       Centre of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

                                                           One of the most important pieces of work,
                                                           recently inaugurated and of incalculable va-
                                                           lue as a public service, is a modern tram line
                                                           connecting the cities of Santa Cruz and La
                                                           Laguna passing through the metropolitan
                                                           area of both towns.
Tenerife Tram.
                 Santa Cruz + Contemporary
                                             32 · 33
Auditorio de Tenerife

Buildings and new Infrastructure                 building, with its two halls, occupies 6,471
                                                 m². The main or Symphonic Hall, crowned by
                                                 a dome has 1,562 seats set out in the shape
Tenerife Auditorio                               of an amphitheatre, as well as a stage with
“like an architecturalwork of art”               a proscenium of 16.5 metres and a depth
                                                 of fourteen.
The building.
A unique space.
                                                 International Fairand Congress       1
In the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife           Centre of Santa Cruz de Tenerife
stands an impressive and unique building.
Sprayed by the sea, caressed by the sun,         The International Fair and Congress Centre
facing the wind, playing with the salt. A        of Tenerife, inaugurated in May 1996, oc-
real marvel of avant-garde architecture          cupies an area of more than 40,000 square
created by the prestigious architect, San-       metres next to the sea in Santa Cruz de Ten-
tiago Calatrava.                                 erife. It is in the same area as other impor-
                                                 tant locations such as the César Manrique
Since its inauguration in September 2003,        Lido and the Tenerife Auditorio. This build-
the Tenerife Auditorio has marked a new          ing is also the location of the Tenerife World
stage in the artistic life of the Canary Is-     Trade Center.
lands, and has become a cultural and social
motor and a genuine symbol for the people        The complex, designed by the architect and
of Tenerife.                                     engineer, Santiago Calatrava, is a multi-
                                                 purpose building which can house the main
The exceptional acoustics, the personality       fairs, exhibitions and congresses taking
and the great quality of its activities and      place on the island of Tenerife. Since its in-
performances, have led to this being one of      auguration, all kinds of events have been
the auditoria of most prestige internation-      held in its interior: trade fairs (food, com-
ally locating Tenerife in an exceptional posi-   puting, agriculture and livestock, leisure,
tion on the world musical stage.                 etc.), concerts, competitions and galas at
                                                 Carnival time, conferences, seminars, art
The plot occupies 23,000 m² of which the         exhibitions, political rallies, television pro-
International Trade Fair and Conference Centre of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

grammes, fashion shows to name but a few                                    The Tram
examples. The exhibition hall, on the Ave-
nida de la Constitution, in Cabo-Llanos (an                                 The contours of the town of Santa Cruz de Ten-
expanding quarter of Santa Cruz), is divided                                erife, which is relatively steep make difficult the
into three areas: The Great Hall, the Base                                  development of initiatives, which have been put
and the Annexe.                                                             in place over the last few decades in other simi-
                                                                            lar cities in Spain and Europe, which have an
                                                                            underground railway, a train or tram. However,
César Manrique Lido                     2                                   in connection with this latter form of transport,
                                                                            Santa Cruz took a step towards modernity in
The César Manrique Lido is a 22,000 square                                  the early 20th Century, in February 1901 to
metre complex of seawater swimming pools,                                   be exact when the first tests were carried out
the posthumous work of the late Lanzarote                                   which would lead to the inauguration of a tram
artist, César Manrique, combining the beauty                                line which would run between this city and            34 · 35
of the building with elements of the volcanic                               the nearby city of La Laguna, from the dock in

                                                                                                                                    Santa Cruz + Contemporary
landscapes of the Canary Islands and a clear                                Santa Cruz to the church of La Conception in La
subtropical essence, just as he had previously                              Laguna, running through La Cuesta, and all in a
created in the complex of similar characteris-                              total of 34 minutes with sixteen stops.
tics, the “Lago Martiánez” in Puerto de la Cruz
on Tenerife.                                                                Evidently this feat was considered to be a gi-
                                                                            ant step in the development of island transport
It is located on the coast of the area of Cabo                              systems, giving a tremendous boost to the
Llanos which has recently been modernised in                                economy of both cities and their metropoli-
the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, next to the                             tan area, the more so if we take into account
Castle of San Juan and the site of the Tenerife                             that public lighting began in the islands only in
Auditorio.                                                                  1897. Gradually new lines were opened with
                                                                            the success of the first as occurred in 1904 with
It has restaurants, changing rooms, showers,                                the new route from La Laguna to Tacoronte.
a whirlpool bath, sun loungers and parasols
together with all sorts of installations to make                            Despite this, in 1956, the tram definitively
this the ideal place both for tourist and leisure                           ceased to function and the next year it was
activities, events and such like.                                           dismantled.
In June 2007, over a century later, the new Ten-       incorporation of elements such as the “Space Be-
erife Tram has been inaugurated, its first line        neath Anaga”, the entry to the city from the port,
being between Santa Cruz and La Laguna, just           the “Lake”, a fountain on the square with spaces
as it was before. The image of that first tram is      conceived for a walk, the “Park”, where the plant
now far away, since the modern machines cover          species are mixed with the volcanic stone and
the distance in 37 minutes with 21 stops. Two          the “Pavilions”, of which the concrete lava folds
of the most important of these are the stops           merge with the horizontal surface which supports
at the two main hospitals on the island (Resi-         them, where there are cafés, kiosks, tourist Infor-
dencia Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria and the         mation offices, shops and access points to the un-
Canary Islands University Hospital) and at the         derground area among many more elements.
University of La Laguna.

The two terminals of the current line are those        A port which is consolidated
of the Interchange in Santa Cruz de Tenerife           as a port of call for cruise liners
and Avenida de la Trinidad in La Laguna.
                                                       The Puerto of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has
Nevertheless future extensions are planned             its origins in the period of the Spanish con-
with new routes to other districts of both towns       quest in 1494, but the humble port of that
or to the south and north of the Island                time which was devastated by a storm in
                                                       the year 1600 has nothing to do with the
                                                       modern Infrastructure of the port of the
The new Plaza de España                                21st Century.

The emblematic Plaza de España in Santa Cruz de        The port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has al-
Tenerife and its surroundings has been remodelled      ways been considered as “a service station
according to the design of the architects, Herzog      in mid-Atlantic”, where boats can victual
and De Meuron, commissioned by the Tenerife Is-        themselves with water and fuel.
land Authority as a result of an International Com-
petition called by the Port Authority of Tenerife in   This port is currently characterised, among
collaboration with and with the participation of       other things, by the specialisation of its
the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Local Authority.            berths on each of the four docks, the dan-
The project includes innovation by means of the        gerous goods quay and the anchorage, but
it has achieved great significance in tourism   The port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is located
having become consolidated as a port of         in the bio-geographic area known as Maca-
call for large cruise liners.                   ronesia to which a number of islands in the
                                                Atlantic Ocean belong. “Cruises in the At-
A good example of this was the stop that the    lantic” is a cruise route which runs between
cruise liner, Queen Mary 2, made in the port    the Canary Islands and Madeira, which is
of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on its maiden voy-   very popular and offers the passenger the
age in January 2004 and the number of pas-      opportunity to get to know different areas
sengers who stop here each year. In the year    and cultures in one small area.
2007, two hundred and fifteen cruise ships
which brought some 300,000 visitors to the
island, mostly from the European Union.

                                                                                                36 · 37

                                                                                                  Santa Cruz + Contemporary

Queen Mary 2 in Tenerife.
Santa Cruz                                           The Tenerife Auditorio
                                                     “art and culture”

 + Culture                                           Extravert and plural

                                                     The Tenerife Auditorio is an open and com-
                     A living city.                  municative space. A space which shows itself
                      Each corner                    from the inside out, both in its form and in
                    is a discovery                   its content, both in its architecture and in the
                   for the senses.                   line marked by its cultural programme. A space
                                                     which aims to connect with all kinds of people,
                                                     whatever their tastes, concerns, cultural moti-
                                                     vations … The purpose? To awaken through
                                                     the greatest possible variety of scenic arts
                                                     the deepest emotions and to establish special
                                                     communication with a diverse audience.
Guimera Theatre.     Museum of Nature and Mankind.

                                                     Avant-garde and unique

                                                     The Auditorio is avant-garde. In its architecture
                                                     this is more than obvious. But also in the cul-
                                                     tural programme we find the most advanced
                                                     artistic offers, forms of creative expression
                                                     which look to the future following pathways
                                                     that are little trodden and which cohabit with
                                                     others of a more symphonic, classical and
                                                     traditional nature. This co-existence is one of
                                                     the great virtues that make the building truly
                                                     unique. Opera, dance, rock, pop, classical,
                                                     flamenco, jazz… All the styles can find their
                                                     place in a diverse programme and with artists
                         38 · 39

                           Santa Cruz + Culture

Auditorio de Tenerife.
of international calibre. Consult our program-       The complex is located on the edge of the San-
ming and you will see: we have thousands of          tos ravine, and near the la Recova market and
different ways to make you vibrate.                  the church of the Concepción and just beside
                                                     the Museum of Nature and Mankind. It will
Sales and information: Tel: +34 902 317 327          also house the “Alejandro Cioranescu Tenerife                          Library” and the “Tenerife Photography Cen-
Box office: Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to         tre”, a meetings hall, a restaurant, a shop, a
3 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.          public square, numerous offices and a number
Guided visits / By appointment                       of storage rooms.
Tel: 922 568 600 Fax: 922 568 602
                                                     Museums and Art Showrooms
TEA                    1
Tenerife Art Space                                   The municipal museum of Fine Arts                2

In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, an architectural com-     It presents to its visitors a very wide artistic collec-
plex of some 20,000 square metres is currently       tion which shows work including both 16th Cen-
being built, which was designed by the Swiss         tury Flemish painting and 19th Century paintings.
architects, Herzog & De Meuron, and which will       Some of the most notable works are the “Tríptico
house the two display halls of 2,400 square me-      de Nava y Grimón” by the Flemish painter, Pieter
tres devoted to showing the work of different        Coecke, “San Andrés”, by José Rivera, “Orfeo” by
artists of regional, national and international      Bueghel, among others. Among the activities, the
fame from the 20th and 21st Centuries.               guided visits to the museum and to the heritage in
                                                     the city (the Monuments of Santa Cruz, Squares
It is worth making special mention of the space      and Avenues), book presentations, conference
devoted to showing the works of the Tenerife         seasons and musical performances stand out.
surrealist painter, Oscar Domínguez (La Laguna,
Tenerife 1906 – Paris 1957), the originator of the   C/ José Murphy, 12
technique of “Decalcomanía”, which consists          Tel.: +34 922 27 47 86
of “applying black gouache onto paper, which         Free of charge. Closed Monday. From Tues-
is placed on top of another piece of paper on        day to Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
which a slight pressure is placed. Then they are     Saturdays and Sundays, from 10:00 a.m. to
separated before they dry”.                          3:00 p.m.
La Recova Arts Centre    3

Opened as a cultural space in 1992, it         Plaza de Isla de Madeira, s/n
again put into use the old market building     Tel.: +34 922 27 07 70
(recova), the work in 1851 of the architect,   From Monday to Saturday, from 11:00 a.m. to       40 · 41
Manuel Oraá, converted into one of the         1:00 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

                                                                                                   Santa Cruz + Culture
most emblematic centres in Santa Cruz.
The specific structural characteristics of     Los Lavaderos Art Gallery     4
the building, with a covered central court-
yard and with a portico, give it a versatil-   It is located in the old washhouse of the city,
ity which opens up great possibilities of      which was built in 1839. The building still has
artistic expression. It houses some twelve     the old basins, as well as the structural ele-
exhibitions a year, one of which is the In-    ments. It houses ten or so exhibitions each
ternational Comic Exhibition, the only one     year. including painting, sculpture and instal-
of its kind in the Canary Islands and which    lations.
has acquired a well-deserved prestige.
                                               Address: Calle Carlos Chevilly, 1
In the same building is the Centre for         Tel.: +34 922 60 64 58 / +34 922 27 15 10
Contemporary Engraving, a centre for           Opening times: from Monday to Saturday from
teaching and creation of xylography, ro-       11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m.
togravure, screen printing and lithography     to 9:00 p.m. Closed Sundays and bank holidays
as well as the island of Tenerife Photog-      except during the Fiestas de Mayo when it re-
raphy Centre.                                  mains open.
La Recova Arts Centre.                            Regional Military Museum.

Regional Military Museum       5

This museum, opened in 1988 in the Alme-          the conquest of the Canary Islands for the
ida Barracks, shows the visitor all those ob-     Crown of Castile, Captains General, the
jects related with the military history of the    events of 25th July 1797, Canarian military
Canary Islands. The most interesting piece        artists, famous Canarian soldiers, light arms
is, without a doubt, the cannon, El Tigre,        and overseas. On the ground floor there are
which, according to tradition badly injured       collections of heavy guns, measuring and
Admiral Nelson’s arm when he attempted            calibrating equipment, communications,
to invade the town (25th July 1797). There        cartography, the art and science of sailing,
are also uniforms and personal possessions        models and a series of pieces devoted to the
of illustrious soldiers on display as well as     Air Force. In the central courtyard, there is a
models of old military buildings. This may be     collection of cannons from the 20th Century
considered to be one of the best places for       and the “Hercules”, a culverin that was cast
research into the historical cartography of       in Flanders in the 16th Century, which pro-
the Canary Islands.                               tected the coasts of Tenerife until the 19th
General content

With an area of over 900 square metres for        C/ San Isidro,1 (Castillo de Almeida)
display set out in halls, the museum repre-       Santa Cruz de Tenerife
sents the materialisation of the Military His-    Tel.: +34 922 843 500
tory of the Canary Islands with the island        Fax: +34 922 249 504
of Tenerife having an important role. The         Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to
funds are displayed in a garden area out-         2:00 p.m.
side the fort as well as inside, on two floors,   Entrance free of charge.
taking advantage of the halls and rooms           Source:Official website of the Ministry of
of a building that is adapted for the use of      Defence.
the handicapped. In the hall upstairs, there      .
are items related with historical events in
the Canary Islands. The rooms on the upper
floor deal with matters related with flags,
Museum of Fine Arts.                            Museum of Nature and Mankind.

Museum of Nature and Mankind          6

The significant comings and goings of sci-      is formalised with avant-garde design. The
entists during the 18th and 19th Centuries      fundamental idea around which the entire
(Darwin, Humboldt, Verneau, Lyell and Ber-      programme turns is that of interpretation,
thelot among others), who found the Is-         with a free route through autonomous the-
lands to be superb laboratories for research    matic units. The project is characterised by
into nature and, in particular, into the hu-    the combination of traditional methods of
man species, and the gradual accumulation       explanation with advanced systems of infor-
of private and public collections created the   mation access, which make it possible for
material and intellectual base on which the     the visitor to ask his own questions about
Tenerife Island Government, in the 1950s,       the nature and prehistory of the Canary Is-
created two of the museums that are most        lands.
deeply rooted among the people of Tenerife:                                                       42 · 43
the Museum of Natural Sciences and the Ar-      The Museum of Nature and Mankind is lo-

                                                                                                    Santa Cruz + Culture
chaeological Museum of Tenerife.                cated in an emblematic building in the capi-
                                                tal, the old Civil Hospital, an outstanding ex-
The two museums are now one, together           ample of the neoclassical architecture in the
with the Canarian Institute of Bioanthhropol-   Islands. In the plans for the refurbishment of
ogy, in an ambitious and modern museum          the building, a balance was sought between
project, the Museum of Nature and Mankind,      the areas devoted to display and those to
which puts at the service of the citizens of    be used for other purposes, whether cultural
the island and of its numerous visitors all     or for leisure (documentation centre and li-
the contents, collections and knowledge that    brary, multi-purpose room, cafeteria, shop,
have been accumulated during decades of         courtyards and gardens, etc.).
research and scientific work, giving a rigor-
ous and pleasant vision of the natural wealth
of the Canary Islands and of the pre-Hispanic
populations who lived here.

It puts on show a critical museography in
which the content and interest in information
International Exhibition of
Sculpture in the Street 1973-74

In 1973, the first International Exhibition of         Xavier Corberó (Barcelona, 1935), located on
Sculpture in the Street was held in Santa Cruz         Rambla General Franco, just like “The Goslar
de Tenerife, with work by famous artists such as       Warrior” by Henry Moore (Great Britain, 1898-
Joan Miró and Henry Moore, among others.               1986), a bronze structure, among other works of
                                                       art, some of which are by Canarian artists such
This exhibition was an Initiative of the Cultural      as “Lady Tenerife” by Martín Chirino (Las Palmas
Commission of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife of-           de Gran Canaria, 1925), located on the square
fice of the Official College of Technical Architects   outside the College of Architects in Santa Cruz
of the Canary Islands, of which the prestigious        de Tenerife.
Canarian art critic, Eduardo Westerdahl, was a
member.                                                Parque García Sanabria was and is also the set-
                                                       ting for this open air sculpture exhibition. In the
The majority of the sculptures were donated to         park, it is possible to see works such as “El Monu-
the town by the artists participating in the show      mento al Gato” by the famous Tenerife artist, Os-
and they are now located on the Avenues known          car Domínguez (La Laguna 1906) made of stone
as Reyes Católicos, Asuncionistas and Ram-             and recyclable materials such as glass, “Estela
bla General Franco as well as in García Sanabria       Espacial” a stainless steel sculpture by Amadeo
Park.                                                  Gabino (Valencia, 1922), “Solidaridad” by Mark
                                                       Macken (Belgium, 1913), a sculpture made by
Among the sculptures in the above-mentioned            joining pieces of concrete with iron chains and
avenues in the city, the following are particu-        “Homenaje a Gaudí” by Eduardo Paolozzi (Great
larly worthy of mention: “La Femme Bouteille” a        Britain, 1924), examples of the many others that
bronze sculpture by Joan Miró (Barcelona 1893),        the visitor can find here.
located in the garden of the Parque Cultural Vi-
era y Clavijo, “Sin Título” by the sculptor, Andrés    The service of attention to visitors of the Santa
Alfaro (Valencia, 1929), located on the Avenida        Cruz de Tenerife Development Agency offers
de los Asuncionistas, an aluminium structure           guided routes around the interior of this area
that has recently been restored, “Ejecutores y         (See section 10 of the “Routes through the City”
Ejecutados” a structure in painted polyester by        guidebook.
“The Goslar Warrior” by Henry Moore.        “Sin Título” by Andrés Alfaro.

                                                                             44 · 45

                                                                               Santa Cruz + Culture

“Ejecutores y Ejecutados” Xavier Corbero.
Guimera Theatre

In 1847, when Santa Cruz de Tenerife began a           Madeira, where the La Recova arts centre and the
significant stage of urban development, the first      Municipal School of Graphic Art are also
project that was undertaken was the Teatro             and it is still a major venue for perform-
Guimerá in 1849, to a design by the architect,         ances of theatre companies, concerts and
Manuel de Oraá, and it was decided to build it         other similar events, including certain Carni-
on the same site as that of the old Convento           val events such as the Festival de Rondallas.
Santo Domingo.
                                                       With the passage of time (the building is over
The style is romantic classicist and it was opened     150 years old), the theatre has received the
in early 1851, although it still lacked certain fin-   nickname of “La Bombonera”. A life full of dif-
ishing touches, such as the internal decoration        ficulties, anecdotes and performances which
which was carried out in 1888 and other details        have made it a unique theatre in the Islands
to bring the building closer to Oraá’s original        and in Spain.
design. These details were completed in 1908.

The theatre has had many different names, “El          Address:
Teatro”, “Teatro Isabel II”, Teatro Municipal”,        Plaza de Isla de Madeira, 2
“Teatro Principal”, until 1923, the year in which      Tel: +34 922 60 69 30
the famous Tenerife dramatist, Ángel Guimerá,
died and it was decided to give his name to the
theatre in tribute.                                    Customer services / administration:
                                                       Tel: +34 922 60 69 23
The most famous performers have appeared at
the Teatro Guimerá whether as part of musical          Box office:
companies, orchestras, zarzuelas and ballets,          Tel: +34 922 53 11 75
and this was also the home of the Tenerife Sym-
phony Orchestra until the construction of the          Box office telephone sales:
Auditorio.                                             Tel: +34 902 36 46 03
                                                       Tel concierge: +34 922 53 11 71
Teatro Guimerá is located on the Plaza Isla de         Tel porter’s lodge: +34 922 53 12 03
                  46 · 47

                    Santa Cruz + Culture

Guimera Theatre
                                Santa Cruz
                    Carnival, the local fiesta
                    and the leisure of the city.

                                Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife


                                The Carnival of Santa Cruz Tenerife has managed
                                to survive throughout history despite the innu-
                                merable prohibitions to which it has been sub-
                                ject. The people of Tenerife have not allowed the
                                powers that be to take away their fiesta and they
                                have fought for it and held it in clandestine fash-
                                ion. The Carnival has evolved over its more than
                                two-hundred-year history in accordance with the
                                changes that have taken place in Santa Cruz
                                society. At first, the dances and entertainments
                                were organised privately by the wealthy and
                                powerful families of the island and in different
                                organisations of a recreational or social nature,
Comparsas.   Fiesta de Magos.
                                such as: the Yacht Club, the Parque Recreativo
                                and the Círculo de la Amistad XII de Enero. Or-
                                dinary people were prohibited from attending
                                the dances and wearing masks to play tricks on
                                the public highway. But the people continued to
                       48 · 49

                         Santa Cruz + Leisure

Carnival Queen 2008.
enjoy themselves and to go out onto the street         The dances, the cavalcades, the exhibitions and
to celebrate a fiesta that is the fruit of total im-   competitions have been the clearest expression
provisation.                                           of our fiesta but, without a doubt, what charac-
                                                       terises and distinguishes the Tenerife Carnival
With the beginning of the Spanish Civil War in         are the masks and the costumes, the Carnival
1936, the Carnival was prohibited and breach           in the street.
of this regulation was punishable with prison;
after the end of the war, it began to be cel-          The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife holds the
ebrated again in the houses of the people of           highest degree of consideration that the minis-
Tenerife. The Carnival, the fiesta of the ordinary     try of tourism can give to a fiesta in Spain. On
people, would continue to be celebrated under          18th January 1980, the Santa Cruz de Tenerife
camouflage due in large part to the goodwill of        Carnival was declared a Fiesta of International
the then Bishop Domingo Pérez Cáceres. With-           Interest to Tourism by the Secretariat of State
out the approval of the highest ecclesiastical         for Tourism and is one of the most important
authority it would not have been possible for          carnivals in the world.
what came to be called the “Fiestas de Invier-
no” to be held. This name was maintained until
the arrival of democracy, in 1976. The people          Significant events:
dressed the Carnival itself up in a disguise so
that it could continue to live.                        The Election of the Carnival Queen

Currently the different Carnival groups proudly        The Election of the Queen of the Fiestas is an im-
take the name of our city to a range of towns          portant part of the Carnival on Tenerife. During the
around the world. Throughout the year, the             show, the candidates parade on a stage that is
city is preparing its Carnival; the banker and         decorated in the spirit of the theme chosen for the
the clerk, the doctor, the housewife, the lawyer       Carnival, dressed in spectacular, airy designs which
or the postman rehearse tirelessly so as to be         generally include materials such as feathers and
ready for the “día apoteosis”: the Election of         semi-precious stones and which weigh an average
the Carnival Queen. They are, without a doubt,         of 150-200 kilos, with the result that the costumes
the real leading characters of the Carnival, the       are actually on wheels. In turn, the murgas, com-
ones who with total dedication prepare so that         parsas and emblematic characters of the festival
everything is ready. They are the real artists.        perform between the presentation of each of the
designs and a panel of judges are responsible for
finally choosing the runners-up and the Carnival
Queen, who is crowned by the authorities and will
parade with the carnival groups at such events as
the Cabalgata Anunciadora and the Coso.

The importance of this event is such that hundreds
of journalists from a range of media cover the
event for the rest of Spain and the world, via satel-
lite for Spanish and international channels.

                                                        50 · 51
The Cabalgata anunciadora of the fiesta is a

                                                          Santa Cruz + Leisure
gigantic multi-coloured snake, made up of tens
of thousands of masks and dozens of musical
groups, which spends hours on a route which
covers the main streets to show the people
standing on the pavements the explosion of
ingenuity turning to joy. The Cavalcade opens
up the doors of the Carnival.

The Coso

The Coso is the culmination of the Tenerife
Carnival. A kind of second Cavalcade which
will amaze any observer in a true avalanche of
colour, rhythm and joy. The Coso takes place
on the Tuesday of Carnival, Shrove Tuesday,
when the groups for the fiesta, the murgas,
comparsas, rondallas, Carnival characters, to-
gether with the floats bearing the Queen and        Fiestas de Mayo (The May Fiesta)
the Ladies-In-Waiting (as the runners-up are
known), in the adult, children’s and senior         The city was founded on 3rd May 1494, a his-
citizens’ categories, take to the promenade of      torical event which is celebrated every year. In
Santa Cruz de Tenerife from midday onwards          the month of the flowers, Santa Cruz is dressed
for a fabulous cavalcade.                           in local colour and tradition; the streets are
                                                    garlanded with floral crosses and gastronomy
Entierro de la Sardina                              and folklore come together to fill the city with
(the Burial of the Sardine)                         music, aromas and tastes. Currently, the streets
                                                    and the square of the historical La Concepción
When the Carnival is almost over (because           district are full of tables on the evening of the
there is still another weekend of Piñata before     2nd, the eve of the city’s anniversary, around
the people bid farewell to the fiesta for anoth-    which families and friends dressed in typical
er year), the people of Tenerife say goodbye,       costumes meet to try the dishes cooked with lo-
weeping with grief. The Entierro de la Sardina      cal produce and recipes that have been passed
is probably the most irreverent and uninhib-        from generation to generation. Music enlivens
ited manifestation of the entire Carnival. The      the evening, which goes on until the small hours
Entierro de la Sardina announces the end of         of the morning with laughter and dancing.
the libertine fiesta, of the secret couplings and
the arrival of Lent, a time for religious and       This event, which is popularly known as the Baile
spiritual reflection. At the burial, thousands      de Magos, was accepted for the Guinness Book of
of widows all dressed in mourning, thousands        Records on 2nd May 1999, with the presence of
more widowers disconsolate at the annual            eight thousand people eating and dancing while
death of the carnival, priests, nuns, bishops,      dressed in traditional costumes in the open air.
cardinals and even popes, drag themselves in
a well of tears due to their bidding farewell       The exaltation of culture and the historical herit-
to a concept of freedom which has reigned in        age become clear throughout the month of May
the tolerant city that Santa Cruz is during         when there are also religious processions and
Carnival time. When the Sardine is in flames,       pilgrimages; gastronomic and sports competi-
a clamour of grief is released for its loss. The    tions as well as exhibitions of livestock and tradi-
loss of a sardine which symbolises the spirit of    tional sports, foremost among which are Canar-
the Carnival.                                       ian wrestling and the juego del palo.
Fiestas del Carmen                                     are looking for the perfect gift and the spirit of
                                                       Christmas is everywhere from 1st December, the
The festivity of the Virgen del Carmen, the patron     traditional date for switching on the lights and
saint of seamen, is also a celebration for this city   for the opening of the nativity scenes in Plaza
given its history as a port. Every 16th July, the      de La Candelaria and the Island Authority, which
virgin is put on board a boat and is transported       are the original and local markers of Christmas.
over the waters of the bay together with other         There are competitions between nativity scenes,
garlanded boats. There are also rowing-boat            flea markets, open-air concerts, such as the one
races, jumping from the quay, etc.                     that is held on 25th December on the Explanada
                                                       del Puerto given by the Tenerife Symphony Or-
Christmas                                              chestra, or the firework displays such as the
                                                       one that takes place in Plaza de España on the
Christmas and New Year are the final festive pe-       last day of the year, which complete the festive
riods for Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which is decorat-    events that reach their culmination on Twelfth       52 · 53
ed in December with lights and Christmas motifs,       Night, when, after the Three Kings are received in

                                                                                                              Santa Cruz + Leisure
and carols are sung, the most important of which       the Heliodoro Rodríguez López football stadium,
is “Lo Divino”, one of the most traditional Christ-    the cavalcade through the streets of the town
mas songs. The streets are filled with people who      takes place.

Fiestas de Mayo.
                                               Beaches, Lido,
                                               Sports activities,
                                               Children’s playgrounds,
                                               Recreational areas.


                                               The beaches of Santa Cruz de Tenerife are on the
                                               outskirts of town. Las Teresitas beach is the most
                                               popular among the people of Santa Cruz. This is a
                                               beach for the entire family, which is safe, clean and
                                               is provided with services which will very soon be
                                               Increased with the project by the French architect,
                                               Dominique Perrault, for the development and re-
                                               furbishment of the area. It is located at a distance
                                               of seven kilometres from the centre of the city in
                                               the direction of San Andrés along the Tf-11 road.
Barranco de Tabares.   Parque Marítimo César
                       Manrique (Lido).
                                               Beyond Las Teresitas, the coastal road continues
                                               in the direction of Igueste, perched high up on the
                                               cliffs and with breathtaking views such as that
                                               from the Mirador de la Punta de los Órganos. Two
                                               kilometres further on, there is track off to the right,
                                               leading to the beach of Las Gaviotas.
                                                 54 · 55

                                                   Santa Cruz + Leisure

Las Teresitas beach and Village of San Andrés.
                                                      Las Teresitas Beach
                                                      (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Anaga)

                                                      This is the best-known of Santa Cruz’s beaches.
                                                      It is at a distance of seven kilometres from the
                                                      centre of town. It is about a kilometres and a half
                                                      long and is covered with fine, golden sand. It is
                                                      protected from the currents and waves by a break-
                                                      water, with the result that it is ideal for children. It
                                                      has all kinds of equipment and a large number of
                                                      restaurants and cafés.

                  GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS                                           ACCESS

LENGTH OF BEACH: 1300 metres                            ACCESS TYPE: Easily on foot/ By boat
AVERAGE WIDTH: 80 metres                                INDICATION OF ACCESS: Yes
DEGREE OF OCCUPATION: Average                           ACCESS FOR DISABLED: Yes
PROMENADE: No                                                                     TRANSPORT

                        TYPE OF BEACH                   BUS: Urban
                                                        PARKING: Yes Number of Spaces>100
TYPE OF SAND: Golden                                                               SERVICES
                                                        TOILETS: Yes
                                                        SHOWERS: Yes
                                                        TELEPHONE: Yes
                   ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS                WASTE-PAPER BASKETS: Yes
                                                        CLEANING SERVICE: Yes
PRESENCE OF VEGETATION: Yes                             ACCESS RAMPS: Yes
PROTECTED AREA: No                                      SUNSHADE HIRE: No
BLUE FLAG: No                                           SUN-LOUNGER HIRE: Yes
                                                        BOAT HIRE: Yes
                            SAFETY                      BEACH BARS: No
                                                        SAILING CLUB: No
                                                        DIVING AREA: No
                                                        MARINA: Sailing club / Distance: 2.8 km.
RED CROSS POSITION: Yes Telephone 922 54 94 45

                       NEAREST HOSPITAL

NAME: Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria
ADDRESS: Carretera el Rosario s/n (S/C de Tenerife)
TELEPHONE: 922 60 20 00
                                                       Playa de Las Gaviotas
                                                       (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Anaga)

                                                       At the foot of a mountain, this black-sand beach is
                                                       located very close to the city of Santa Cruz de Ten-
                                                       erife. On occasion, the sea conditions in this area
                                                       are unpleasant with the result that it is advisable
                                                       to be careful.

                    GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS                                           ACCESS

AVERAGE WIDTH: 40 metres                                ACCESS TYPE: By car
                                                        INDICATION OF ACCESS: No
                                                        ACCESS FOR DISABLED: No
                                                                                                              56 · 57

                                                                                                                Santa Cruz + Leisure
                           TYPE OF BEACH
                                                        NEAREST ROAD OR HIGHWAY: TF-121
COMPOSITION: Sand                                       BUS: Long-distance (Bus route 245)
TYPE OF SAND: Dark                                      PARKING: Yes Number of Spaces<50
ANCHORAGE: No                                                                        SERVICES
                                                        TOILETS: No
                     ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS              SHOWERS: No
                                                        TELEPHONE: No
PRESENCE VEGETATION: No                                 WASTE-PAPER BASKETS: Yes
PROTECTED AREA: No                                      CLEANING SERVICE: Yes
BLUE FLAG: No                                           ACCESS RAMPS: No
                                                        SUNSHADE HIRE: No
                               SAFETY                   SUN-LOUNGER HIRE: No
                                                        BOAT HIRE: No
                                                        BEACH BARS: No
                                                        SAILING CLUB: No
                                                        DIVING AREA: No
                                                        MARINA: Sailing club / Distance: 8 km.

                         NEAREST HOSPITAL

NAME: Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria
ADDRESS: Carretera el Rosario s/n (S/C. de Tenerife)
TELEPHONE: 922 60 20 00
                                                       Playa del Roque de Las Bodegas
                                                       (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Anaga)

                                                       This beach is surrounded by high cliffs in a pro-
                                                       tected area. On occasion, the conditions for
                                                       bathing are complicated due to the waves, so it
                                                       is possible to see surfers riding the waves while
                                                       we can enjoy a spectacular landscape as well as
                                                       different restaurants where you can try the local
                                                       produce of the sea.

                    GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS                                           ACCESS

LENGTH OF BEACH: 380 metres                             ACCESS TYPE: By car
AVERAGE WIDTH: 45 metres                                INDICATION OF ACCESS: No
DEGREE OF OCCUPATION: Average                           ACCESS FOR DISABLED: No
PROMENADE: Yes                                                                      TRANSPORT

                           TYPE OF BEACH                NEAREST ROAD OR HIGHWAY: TF-134
                                                        BUS: Long-distance (Bus route 246)
COMPOSITION: Rocks / Gravel / Sand                      PARKING: Yes, NUMBER OF SPACES <50
CONDITIONS FOR BATHING: Strong waves                                                 SERVICES
                                                        TOILETS: No
                                                        SHOWERS: No
                     ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS              TELEPHONE: Yes
                                                        WASTE-PAPER BASKETS: Yes
PRESENCE OF VEGETATION: No                              CLEANING SERVICE: Yes
PROTECTED AREA: Yes, Type: Parque Rural                 ACCESS RAMPS: No
BLUE FLAG: No                                           SUNSHADE HIRE: No
                                                        SUN-LOUNGER HIRE: No
                               SAFETY                   BOAT HIRE: No
                                                        BEACH BARS: No
                                                        SAILING CLUB: No
                                                        DIVING AREA: No
                                                        Marina de S/C de Tenerife Distance: 22 km.

                         NEAREST HOSPITAL

NAME: Hospital de la Candelaria
ADDRESS: Carretera el Rosario s/n (S/C. de Tenerife)
TELEPHONE: 922 60 20 00
                                                       Playa De Almáciga
                                                       (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Anaga, Almáciga)

                                                       This beach is very popular with surfers since it
                                                       generally has good waves. It is located in rocky
                                                       surroundings of great beauty.

                    GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS                                           ACCESS

LENGTH OF BEACH: 300 metres                             ACCESS TYPE: By car
AVERAGE WIDTH: 35 metres
                                                        INDICATION OF ACCESS: No
                                                        ACCESS FOR DISABLED: No                           58 · 59

                                                                                                            Santa Cruz + Leisure
PROMENADE: No                                                                       TRANSPORT

                           TYPE OF BEACH                NEAREST ROAD OR HIGHWAY: TF-134
                                                        BUS: Long-distance (Bus route 246)
COMPOSITION: Rocks / Sand                               PARKING: Yes, Number of Spaces <50
CONDITIONS FOR BATHING: Strong waves                                                  SERVICES
                                                        TOILETS: No
                                                        SHOWERS: No
                     ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS              TELEPHONE: No
                                                        WASTE-PAPER BASKETS: Yes
PRESENCE OF VEGETATION: No                              CLEANING SERVICE: Yes
PROTECTED AREA: Yes, Type: Parque Rural                 ACCESS RAMPS: No
BLUE FLAG: No                                           SUNSHADE HIRE: No
                                                        SUN-LOUNGER HIRE: No
                               SAFETY                   BOAT HIRE: No
                                                        BEACH BARS: No
                                                        SAILING CLUB: No
                                                        DIVING AREA: No
                                                        Marina de S/C. de Tenerife Distance: 23 km.

                         NEAREST HOSPITAL

NAME: Hospital de la Candelaria
ADDRESS: Carretera el Rosario s/n (S/C. de Tenerife)
TELEPHONE: 922 60 20 00
                                                       Playa De Benijo
                                                       (Santa Cruz, Anaga)

                                                       This is a nudist beach set in breathtaking pro-
                                                       tected surroundings with a view of the Roques de
                                                       Anaga. It is possible to get here by car and there
                                                       are a number of restaurants nearby with typical

                    GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS                                            ACCESS

LENGTH OF BEACH: 300 metres                             ACCESS TYPE: By car
AVERAGE WIDTH: 30 metres                                INDICATION OF ACCESS: No
DEGREE OF OCCUPATION: Average                           ACCESS FOR DISABLED: No
PROMENADE: No                                                                        TRANSPORT

                           TYPE OF BEACH                NEAREST ROAD OR HIGHWAY: TF-134
                                                        BUS: Long-distance (Bus route 246)
COMPOSITION: Sand                                       PARKING: Yes, Number of Spaces<50
CONDITIONS FOR BATHING: Moderate waves                                                 SERVICES
                                                        TOILETS: No
                                                        SHOWERS: No
                     ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS              TELEPHONE: No
                                                        WASTE-PAPER BASKETS: Yes
PRESENCE OF VEGETATION: No                              CLEANING SERVICE: Yes
PROTECTED AREA: Yes, Type: Parque rural                 ACCESS RAMPS: No
BLUE FLAG: No                                           SUNSHADE HIRE: No
                                                        SUN-LOUNGER HIRE: No
                               SAFETY                   BOAT HIRE: No
                                                        BEACH BARS: No
                                                        SAILING CLUB: No
                                                        DIVING AREA: No
                                                        Marina de S. C. de Tenerife / Distance: 23 km.

                         NEAREST HOSPITAL

NAME: Hospital de la Candelaria
ADDRESS: Carretera el Rosario s/n (S/C. de Tenerife)
TELEPHONE: 922 60 20 00
Parque Marítimo César Manrique 2

The Parque Marítimo is an open-air seawater
swimming pool complex. It has unbeatable café
and restaurant facilities and a wide range of serv-
ices. The Park offers, both to the resident and the
visitor, a leisure space right in the centre of the city
where he can enjoy himself and spend a relaxing

                     OPENING HOURS:

 Summer season:           Every day
                          From 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
                                                           60 · 61
 Winter season:           Every day

                                                             Santa Cruz + Leisure
                          From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Evening leisure
The La Noria Area                                       Cabo Llanos Area
(District of La Concepción)                             Tres De Mayo

In the historical centre of Santa Cruz de Tenerife,     A recently expanded and modernised area of San-
there is the district of La Concepción, mainly on       ta Cruz, which has shopping centres, restaurants,
the street called Antonio Domínguez Alfonso,            pubs and discotheques in an area which is comple-
known as Calle de La Noria, where there are             mented by some significant buildings, which are a
many pubs and restaurants (some with live music),       reference in the field of contemporary architecture
most of which are in old houses that have been          such as the Parque Marítimo César Manrique, the
refurbished or restored. In turn, this area has been    Auditorio and the Trade Fair Centre. This is now the
recently pedestrianised, which makes it easier to       area chosen by the local authority for holding the
carry out open-air activities such as concerts, fash-   great events of Carnival in the town such as the
ion shows or mini-fairs.                                Gala for the Election of the Carnival Queen or the
                                                        different competitions of the Carnival groups. It is
You can enjoy this area in the evening until about      also here, in the Plaza del Castillo Negro, that the
three o’clock in the morning.                           open-air summer terrace cafés are concentrated.

Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
Anaga Area (Avenida Anaga or Francisco                Macro-discotheques
La Roche and the Anaga Residential District)

The oldest area of leisure activities and restau-     The town also has spectacular macro-discotheques
rants in the town, it has restaurants, pubs and       and night spots located in areas that are not resi-
discotheques. The discos remain open until five in    dential so as to ensure the rest of the inhabitants.
the morning, while the pubs can be enjoyed until      This is the case of the macro-discotheques located
three. Another great advantage of this leisure area   in the industrial areas of el Mayorazgo and Costa
is that as it is located on the seafront promenade,   Sur.
you can enjoy a pleasant stroll while you “make
your pilgrimage” from one spot to another in the

                                                                                                             62 · 63

                                                                                                               Santa Cruz + Leisure

Evening leisure area.
                           + VIVA
The Santa Cruz local authority, the Tenerife Is-    ‘Santa Cruz + Viva’ involves three types of ac-
land Authority, the Canary Islands Government       tion. The first are those demanded by the busi-
and local businesspeople are starting up a Plan     nesspeople in the areas who have actively parti-
for the Invigoration of the Leisure, Shopping,      cipated in the drawing up of the project for the
Tourism and Catering sectors with the purpo-        Invigoration Plan: Parque Bulevar, Calle La Noria,
se of giving a boost to leisure activities in the   Avenida Anaga, Ramblas and San Andrés. These
town.                                               actions concentrate above all on creating a plea-
                                                    sant atmosphere for family leisure in each one of
‘Santa Cruz + viva’ is an ambitious project for     these areas, such as children’s playgrounds, art
the invigoration of the city, which will provide    exhibitions, theatre shows, music and dance and
a significant instrument for the promotion and      the presence of different artists to enliven the
growth of the leisure sector of the town (shop-     terraces of the restaurants that are to be found
ping, tourism, catering, evenings, culture,…).      here.

The plan arose out of a number of meetings held     These activities take place every Saturday with
between representatives of the businesspeople       the aim of providing a certain reliability regarding
providing leisure activities in the city and the    entertainment to these areas of the town. What
three levels of government involved: the Local      is more, informative directories will be installed
Authority (Development Agency), the Island Au-      where the restaurant and café options are set
thority (Tenerife Tourism Corporation, Economic     out. This information will also be available at the
Development Department and Ideco) and the           new web portal that the Invigoration Plan has
Canary Islands Government (General Directo-         ( where full information
rate of Commerce and General Directorate of         will be given about “everything you can do in
Planning and Promotion of Tourism).                 Santa Cruz” in your spare time.
                     64 · 65

                       Santa Cruz + Leisure

Santa Cruz + VIVA.
                                           Santa Cruz is the reference point for shopping
                                           in the island and has a wide variety of shops,
                                           cafés, bars, restaurants and leisure spaces to
                                           have a pleasant day’s shopping. In the town,
                         “A living city.
                                           there are the best boutiques where the inter-
                          Every corner     national and national trends are present in the
                         is a discovery    windows. There are also department stores
                       for the senses.“    and shopping malls.

                                           As a modern city, Santa Cruz has seven shop-
                                           ping centres and also has a wide range of
                                           traditional shops offering quality of service
                                           and products with personal treatment of their
Tourist information.      Central Area.

                                           Santa Cruz has different shopping areas
                                           which have a very wide range of goods avail-
                                           able, where shops and services offer the visitor
                                           different options to have an interesting day’s
Central Area.
                Santa Cruz + Shopping
                                        66 · 67
                                Shopping Areas

                                Zona Centro

                                The long commercial history of this area has been the
                                central axis of traditional shopping in the area, devel-
                                oping around Calle del Castillo. The area has a very
SHOPPING AREAS IN THE BOROUGH   wide range of shops with establishments of all kinds.
                                Nor is there any lack of service establishments such
             CENTRO             as leisure options, cafés, bars and restaurants where
                                you can have a pleasant evening. All of them are in a
                                very welcoming setting, with easy access as there are
             CABO LLANOS        sufficient parking spaces and public transport services
                                (trams, buses and taxis).

             LA SALLE

             O MERCADO                               Recommended access routes
                                  C/Castillo, C/de Méndez Núñez, C/El Pilar, C/Ángel Guimerá, Plaza de
             OFRA                                         España y C/ La Rosa
                                                              Bus routes
             LA SALUD
                                                  901, 902, 904, 907, 913, 914, 915
                                                              Tram stops

             EL SOBRADILLO                        Weyler, Teatro Guimerá, Fundación
Zona Rambla                                               Zona Cabo Llanos

The La Rambla Shopping District covers the space          A recently-built shopping area with easy access from
from Plaza Weyler to General Mola and from Duggi          the motorways (south and north), wide avenues with                   68 · 69
to Avenida 25 de Julio. This is the most traditional      multiple lanes, a large number of parking spaces and

                                                                                                                                 Santa Cruz + Shopping
shopping area of the city, where people come from         broad pavements. The Bus Interchange - where buses
every part of the borough (a point of confluence of       arrive from all over the island - is also in Avenida Tres
pedestrians and public transport), characterised by       de Mayo so that you do not even need to bring your
the presence of small and varied shops, whose main        own vehicle. What is more there are nine bus stops
characteristic is the attentive service. The main road-   with eighteen bus routes throughout the shopping
way is the Rambla de Pulido. The shops are at only        area complemented by a number of taxi stops. This
a small distance one from another and their main          is a mainly commercial area with large stores which
activity is retail selling (clothing and footwear) and    offer a set of modern, varied and dynamic shops for
catering (bars and restaurants).                          all tastes. There are significant leisure options both
                                                          inside the shopping centres (cinemas, restaurants,
                                                          personal services, etc.) and outside (Auditorio, Trade
                                                          Fair Centre, Lido, etc.).
                 Recommended access routes
             C/ Ramón y Cajal y Rambla de Pulido                              Recommended access routes

                          Bus routes                         Avda. Constitución - Avda. Manuel Hermoso Rojas - Avda. Tres de
                                                                                    Mayo - Víctor Zurita
          901, 902, 903, 904, 907, 911, 913, 920, 921
                                                                               901, 902, 904, 906, 908, 909, 910, 912, 913,
                                                             Bus routes
                          Tram stops                                                914,915, 916, 917, 918, 920, 921
                        La Paz, Weyler                       Tram stops
                                                                                               de Guaguas
Zona Añaza                                        Zona La Salle                                   Zona Mercado

To speak of Añaza is to speak                     The La Salle Shopping Area is fun-              The Market Shopping Area is one
mainly about its great shopping                   damentally residential with parks               of the areas with the most activ-
centre as the socio-economic driv-                and schools. It includes one of the             ity in Santa Cruz. It has developed
ing force behind the area, the large              main access routes into the city.               from the old city market, which has
adjacent shops and the great tra-                 Now, with the extension of the                  been extended with the addition
ditional commercial activity carried              Cabo Llanos area, it has become                 of the new part and with the re-
on in the residential environment. It             the nexus between the old and the               surgence of the area, as it is now
can be said that this is an area of               new parts of town.                              the home of extensive government,
recent construction which already                                                                 educational, cultural and commer-
has shops whose position is consol-                       Recommended access routes
                                                                                                  cial activity exceeding the range of
idated. Access is easy from the mo-                                                               traditional products of a food mar-
                                                    Avda. La Salle - C/ San Sebastián Avd. Tres
torway (TF-1). It has broad streets                     de Mayo - Avda. Reyes Católicos           ket to now supply sales or service
and avenues, wide pavements on                                      Bus routes                    of any product.
both sides and even roads with a                          901, 902, 904, 908, 913, 915
wide central walkway between the                                                                  Mercado Municipal
two carriageways. There are a great
number of parking spaces and there                                                                The Nuestra Señora de Africa
are also a number of bus and taxi                                                                 Municipal Market, the main cen-
stops. This is an area with a space in                                                            tral market in the province of
which you can do some good shop-                                                                  Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is a large
ping. It is therefore an area that is                                                             market which includes a number
open to new opportunities.                                                                        of areas which we denominate in
                                                                                                  general the Commercial Block,
         Recommended access routes                                                                and its main unusual feature
 Rambla de Añaza - C/ del Decano Consular Jesús                                                   -apart from the architecture - is
 Ramón González - Avda. Principal de Añaza                                                        a system of self-management by
      Bus routes
                           013 - 018 - 234 -                                                      means of a co-operative of sell-
                              235 - 236
                                                                                                  ers. The Market is managed by a
                                                                                          Zona Ofra

private company, the Our Lady of      cloth and costume jewellery,                        The Ofra commercial area is struc-
Africa Market Cooperative Com-        bags and suitcases, recordings,                     tured around two shopping centres
pany, which is made up of each        antiques, stamps, toys, maga-                       out of which a commercial fabric of
and every one of the stallholders     zines, tablecloths, books and a                     small shops around and about has
who belong to the Commercial          little of everything.                               been formed.
Block. What is more, apart from                                                                                                           70 · 71
a very handsome traditional mar-                                                          All together, they make up a wide

                                                                                                                                            Santa Cruz + Shopping
ket, with a large number of stalls                    Opening Hours:
                                                                                          range of commercial and service op-
devoted to retail sale, we also                                                           tions, which are favoured by a resi-
have a modern Shopping Centre                            Market:                          dential environment. Access to the
and the so-called Rambla Azul,              Every day: 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.             area is easy and convenient, both
an attractive and colourful set of                  Shopping centre:                      by car and by other means of trans-
kiosks located on a neighbouring        Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.,         port as there are both bus and tram
                                         Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.,
avenue.                                  Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
                                                                                          stops. The shopping area runs along
                                                                                          a wide avenue with a central pave-
Santa Cruz Flea-market                                Rambla Azul:                        ment and wide pavements on either
                                           Every day: 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
                                       On Sundays, it closes a little later as a result   side with plenty of urban furniture
Early in the morning every Sun-              of the Flea-market or Rastro.                in good condition, which makes it a
day the arrival of the stallholders                                                       pleasure to come here.
who set up their stalls in the vi-            Recommended access routes
cinity of the city food market is a
                                         C/ José Hernández Afonso - Avda. José                    Recommended access routes
herald of the flea-market. There                   Manuel Guimerá
                                                                                           Carretera Santa Cruz-La Laguna y Carretera
are a wide range of products                             Bus routes                          del Rosario Autopista del Norte y Avda.
in this market such as second-             901, 902, 904, 906, 908, 909, 913,
                                                                                                       Príncipes de España
hand clothing, household goods                         915, 918                                Bus routes          904, 905, 908, 911
and accessories, some interest-                          Tram stops                                         Tram stops
ing stalls for used furniture and        Teatro Guimerá, Fundación e Intercam-             Hospital La Candelaria, Príncipes de España,
crafts, flowers and plants, tools,                      biador                                             Chimisay
Zona Salud                                    Zona Anaga                             San Andrés Fleamarket

The commercial area of La Salud is a          The physical, economic and social      The fishing district of San Andrés
dynamic place that is in continuous           characteristics make this the nucle-   offers its visitors the possibility of
movement, which has a complete                us of the borough for tourism and      purchasing a wide range of prod-
range of all kinds of products and            the country, including such diverse    ucts of the land as well as differ-
services on offer, from a neighbour-          activities as the sun and the beach    ent articles of craftwork which
hood shop to satisfy the basic needs          associated with Playa de Las Ter-      have been made since time im-
of the local population to the many           esitas, and hiking routes (Anaga       memorial in the district of Anaga.
more modern stores that attract               massif), to residential activity in    The traders stand at a number of
customers from other areas.                   the districts of María Jiménez and     stalls and offer the customer the
                                              Valleseco. The wide and interest-      possibility of getting to know at
Access on foot is not altogether              ing gastronomic options offering       first hand the peculiarities of each
convenient (due to the pronounced             everything from the coast up to the    kind of work carried out since the
slope in the area) but is agreeable.          mountains in the Anaga massif are      closeness to the original producer
There are sufficient parking spaces           outstanding.                           is one of the characteristics of this
and there are five bus stops around                                                  kind of market. For this reason, it
the area, which means that there is                                                  is open every weekend in sum-
no problem with road access to the                                                   mer from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
shopping area.                                                                       (In winter, it only opens the first
                                                                                     weekend each month) with the
                                                                                     aim of giving a boost to commer-
        Recommended access routes                                                    cial and craft activity in the area.
   Avd. Venezuela (ambos extremos) - Ctra.
  General Santa Cruz - La Laguna (Vuelta de                                                 Recommended access routes
           los Pájaros y Vistabella)                                                    Autovía Santa Cruz - San Andrés, Ctra.
     Bus routes         901, 906, 907, 911                                                         Gral. Taganana

                  Tram stops                                                                         Bus routes
                                                                                       910, 912, 916, 917, 072, 073, 074, 075,
        Puente Zurita, Cruz del Señor                                                       076, 077, 228, 245, 246, 247
Zona El Sobradillo                                          Christmas Flea-market

This recently created shopping area is located mainly on    Over Christmas, there is a flea market with over 300
Avenida Los Majuelos. There are broad pavements and         stalls. This is an open-air bazaar where you can find all
avenues where you can enjoy an afternoon of shopping.       kinds of gifts and craftwork, traditionally-made jewellery
Access is easy from the dual carriageway connecting the     and costume jewellery, perfumes and natural cosmetics,
two motorways, Tenerife North (TF-5) and Tenerife South     toys and sweets, books and an enormous range of other
(TF-1) and also from the El Sobradillo trunk road. There    products.                                                              72 · 73
are four bus stops in the area so your private car is not

                                                                                                                                     Santa Cruz + Shopping
indispensable.                                              Around the market, there are musical and entertainment
                                                            activities to enliven this typical flea-market.

                 Recommended access routes                                                Location
             Avda. Los Majuelos-C/Arco Iris-C/Robin          Parking area on Avenida Jose Antonio, attached to the Alameda Duque
                          Bus routes                                                     Santa Elena.
                         055, 056, 239
                                                             Parking area on Avenida Jose Antonio, attached to the Alameda Duque
                                                                                         Santa Elena.
                                                               Opening Hours: 10:00 a.m. 11:00 p.m., except 5th January, Twelfth
                                                                                      Approximate dates:
                                                                                20th December to 6th January
                      Santa Cruz + Taste
                                A culinary tour of the exclusive
                      establishments located all around the city.

Canarian cuisine,
a sign of Identity.

The gastronomy of a people is, without a         From the land, there are the sweet and or-
doubt, an aspect of their identity and their     dinary potatoes. When potatoes are boiled
uniqueness. In this sense, the Canary Islands    in their skins, they are known as papas ar-
may lay claim to a cuisine which is simple       rugadas and are the perfect accompaniment
and original, both in the selection of the       to meat or fish. The produce of the vegetable
ingredients and in the processes of prepa-       garden such as the tomato, onion, garlic,
ration of the dishes based on the Guanche        peppers, pumpkin and the courgette, water
heritage and with a clear Spanish influence.     cress, coriander and parsley, all have applica-
                                                 tions in stews, “pucheros” ( a kind of mixture
However, despite its simplicity, traditional     of soup and stew) and in the preparation of
Canarian cuisine is authentic and rich in        the famous Canarian sauce, “el mojo” in its
flavours, which gives it a personality of its    two versions, green (with coriander) and red
own, to which the Islands’ climate and the       (mojo picón).
use of local produce have contributed.
                                                 With regard to meat, dishes based on pork,
Among the ingredients of traditional Canar-      rabbit and kid goat are particularly impor-
ian cuisine, such seafood as fish and mol-       tant, prepared as stews in sauce, fried or
luscs have an important part to play, with the   roasted.
most outstanding being the “vieja”, a white
fish with a smooth flavour, the “choco”, a       Goat’s milk is the basic ingredient of Canar-
kind of larger squid, or the “cherne”, a fish    ian cheeses, which are consumed fresh, semi-
which is eaten in a stew or casserole.           cured or cured and even smoked.
                                            74 · 75

                                              Santa Cruz + Taste

Tuna, Boiled Viejas and Water cress stew.
But there is one product of Canarian cuisine, de-                               a strategic geographical point between the Eu-
rived from cereals such as maize, wheat or bar-                                 ropean, African and American continents. On the
ley, which has become the symbol of the culinary                                other hand, the migrations which have for centu-
culture of the islands. This is gofio (toasted cereal                           ries been occurring from and to these continents
finely ground), which has many culinary applica-                                and other more remote locations such as the Asi-
tions since gofio was the bread of the Canary                                   atic countries (India, China, Korea), the Influence
Islands and could be prepared with water un-                                    that these population flows have had on Canar-
cooked. It can be consumed mixed in with soups                                  ian cuisine and the Islands’ restaurants has been
(escaldón) or stews, and can even be mixed with                                 latent, above all over the last century.
honey and almonds, as a dessert. Its consump-
tion is so generalised that in many houses, people                              One of the trends that has seen the greatest growth
have it for breakfast mixed with milk and sugar.                                over the last few years has been diversification of
Other produce, a complement to the Canary Is-                                   traditional cuisine giving rise to a new and more
lands’ gastronomy, are the Canarian wines, of                                   creative branch, called “Cocina de Autor”, which,
which Tenerife is an example. The island is di-                                 while it conserves the use of traditional products,
vided into five regions or wine-making districts,                               innovates through the introduction of new and
with Santa Cruz de Tenerife forming part of the                                 exotic ingredients, many of which are from over-
Tacoronte-Acentejo region. There are a number                                   seas, with the mixing of flavours which contribute
of wineries in the borough which bottle their                                   originality to the recipe and put emphasis on the
own wine, such as Las Fajanetas and Cathaysa,                                   presentation of dishes, which are the artistic crea-
located in Taganana in the Anaga Rural Park.                                    tion of the expert chefs.

Tenerife brings together in its gastronomy the                                  The catering sector in the borough of Santa Cruz
most representative produce and dishes of Ca-                                   de Tenerife has it all. The visitor can find the best
narian cuisine in a wide range of restaurants                                   of present day traditional cuisine in the restaurants
and eating places.                                                              and eating-places of Anaga, and in the rest of the
                                                                                city it is possible to find establishments that offer
The diversity of the gastronomic                                                anything from traditional and exquisite Canarian
options in Santa Cruz de Tenerife                                               cuisine to superb and creative “cocina de autor” to
                                                                                a wide range of dishes of Spanish regional cuisine,
Canarian gastronomy has adapted to modern                                       “tascas” for eating on the basis of “tapas” and
times. The Islands have been a port of call and                                 a wide range of restaurants with foreign cuisine.
Note: Find out about the restaurants in the borough from the municipal tourist Information points (See the Practical Guide).
                   76 · 77

                     Santa Cruz + Taste

Cocina de Autor.
                Santa Cruz + Green
                                                          The city is decorated
                                                    by many squares and parks.

Parque García Sanabria

The “García Sanabria” Municipal Park is a real       Species of native Canarian plant life have
botanical garden where the plant species are         been set out in Parque García Sanabria as well
combined with paths, fountains, bowers and           as other exotic species from other continents
groups of sculptures, which make it a real oxy-      with tropical and sub-tropical climates with
gen mask for Santa Cruz, an ideal space for          the result that it is considered, unofficially, to
leisure and relaxation of the ordinary people.       be the botanical garden of the city.
The contemporary sculptures are from the first
International Sculpture in the Street Exhibition,    In the year 2006, the park was re-opened af-
held in the town of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in        ter a restoration process which had lasted a
December 1973 and January 1974.                      couple of years. This area continues to be the
                                                     ideal place for walking, reading and leisure in
The main idea was to hold a showing of sculp-        general both for children and for adults.
ture for the “enjoyment of passers-by”. In
this way, ordinary people came across three-         The tourist Information service of the city has
dimensional objects, an exhibition “In and           guided walking routes for the interior of the
for the street” and without any spatial limita-      park, with comments on botanical, historical
tions.                                               and traditional aspects.
                          78 · 79

                            Santa Cruz + Green

Parque García Sanabria.
                      2                                                         3
Parque La Granja                                    Parque Viera y Clavijo

The La Granja Park in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is     The Viera y Clavijo cultural park is a green area
located between the Avenidas de Bélgica, Ma-        which is located very close to one of the entry
drid and Benito Pérez Armas, very close to the      points that the city has.
entrance to the town from the TF-5 access route.
It has an area of 64,310 square metres and was      In the interior of the park, there is the old School
built in the year 1976.                             of La Asunción, a neo-Gothic building which
                                                    was built by a congregation of Belgian nuns in
This is a large space in which to play sports       1905. It has subsequently become an exhibition
or games, go for a walk, or relax with a book.      and conference centre. There is also the Perez
You can very often see people who are jogging       Minik Theatre and one of the most important
or doing team training, or children enjoying        sculptures from the First International Sculptures
the children’s playground. In the interior of the   in the Street Exhibition, “Femme Bouteille” by
park, there are different species of trees, some    Joan Miró, which is catalogued as a Property of
of which are native to the Canary Islands, such     Cultural Interest.
as palm trees and dragon trees, and some exotic
species such as the American walnut, the ombu,      The park also has a children’s playground with
groups of magnificent royal palm trees, flamboy-    different swings and areas for the youngest
ants, jacarandas and many more.                     among them.
                                                                                                                 80 · 81

                                                                                                                   Santa Cruz + Green

Anaga Rural Park

Anaga is one of the oldest parts of the Island. It is   three spots of special value: the Integral Nature
a steep-sided ridge from which deep valleys and         Reserves of Ijuana, El Pijaral and Los Roques
ravines run down to the sea, forming numerous           de Anaga, which are covered by the maximum
beaches, which are often only accessible on foot        degree of protection for their fragile ecosystems,
or by boat.                                             so that a special permit is needed to visit them,
                                                        which is granted by the department of the Envi-
This is a Protected Natural Space of 14,418 hec-        ronment of the Tenerife Cabildo.
tares (8% of the Island’s area), from sea level up
to the 1,024 metres of the Cruz de Taborno peak.        Monte de Aguirre is also an area with controlled
76.9% of the territory is part of the municipal         access, as this is an old “laurisilva” (laurel forest)
district of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and it contains      of a unique nature.
Mountains of Anaga.

The park stands out as a very beautiful natural       Canario” or stick game, deriving from the ancient
area, full of spectacular contrasts and which         skill of the Guanches in defending themselves
houses a flora and fauna that are rich in native      with sticks, which has been passed on from
species, which is all a consequence of the isola-     generation to generation. In the 19th Century, a
tion and ecological variety of the area.              school was built in San Andrés, to which people
                                                      went from all over the island so they could learn
Anaga has been an inhabited area since remote         this skill. The same occurred with the “salto del
times; the archaeological finds, as well as written   pastor”(Goatherd’s leap), the method used to
sources, indicate the presence of Guanche (pre-       move around the areas for pasturing with the
Hispanic natives) communities. With the arrival of    help of a lance. It is now practised solely for pur-
the Europeans, the natives were absorbed into         poses of exhibition.
the culture bringing new customs to the area
which would co-exist alongside the old habits of      Nature in Anaga. Flora and Fauna
life of the Canarian natives.
                                                      The special climate of the area makes it pos-
The inhabitants of Anaga have managed to take         sible for the world’s most important laurisilva
advantage of the resources that this uneven en-       forest to exist here with laurel, til and viñatigo
vironment has offered them. Often, small villages     trees) a type of woodland which first developed
appear surrounded by fields which are adapted         in the tertiary era, which is now only conserved
to the irregularities of the terrain, forming the     in the Canary Islands, Madeira and some of the
so-called “chains” or terraces for agriculture. The   Azores. Laurisilva is a very important resource to
stone lagares or wine-presses are also charac-        provision the area with water, as the dense forest
teristic in the landscape, the old properties and     mass retains the moisture, refilling the aquifers,
cave-dwellings.                                       as well as creating and conserving a fertile soil.
                                                      Other types of vegetation are the thermo-
In Anaga, agriculture, livestock-keeping and fish-    phylic forests (dragon trees, junipers, almáci-
ing are a means of living for many inhabitants, on    gos,…), fayal-brezal (myrtle, heather, Ca-
occasions these professions are carried out with      nary holly, erica scoparia), cardonal-tabaibal
traditional techniques, such as cheese-making or      (on the coast) and that which is charac-
fishing with a drum made of rushes.                   teristic of the ravines (bulrushes, reeds,...).
                                                      In Anaga, there are unique zoological and
The isolation which characterises the region of       botanical treasures such as the laurisilva pi-
Anaga makes it possible for these traditions to       geons or the Anaga violet. The predominant
survive. A clear example is the “juego del palo       animal variety are the invertebrates although
Footpaths of Anaga.

there are also many species of bird. Indeed,            Gastronomy
the park has been declared a Special Protec-
tion Area for birds. Other species include a            In Anaga, you can try typical dishes which owe
number of reptiles (especially lizards) and bats.       their fame to their preparation in homely style,
                                                        such as goat’s meat or rabbit, puchero, garbanzas
Geological formations                                   (chickpeas), escaldón de gofio, fresh fish and papas
characteristics of the landscape                        arrugadas with mojo, fried octopus and sweet po-
Anaga stands out for the Impressive geological
formations that time and erosion have sculpt-           The fresh traditionally-made goat’s milk cheeses
ed like caprices of nature, leaving “Roques”,           and the wine of the area are equally well-known.
“Diques” and deep “Barrancos” which run from            Vino de Moras, which comes from different areas
the mountaintops down to the sea. Among the             of Anaga, Almáciga, Taganana, el Draguillo and
most characteristic of these features are the Roque     Afur, deserves special mention. It is very much
de Taborno, Roque de Las Ánimas (Taganana),             appreciated for its medicinal properties. Another      82 · 83
Roques de Chinobre y Anambro and the Integral           recommendation is that you should not fail to try

                                                                                                                 Santa Cruz + Green
Nature Reserve of the Roques de Anaga.                  the exquisite goat’s milk cheese from Benijo, Maria
                                                        Jiménez, Taborno, Afur or Igueste de San Andrés.
From the moment that the visitor enters the
area and makes contact with its contours, he is
surprised by the appearance of dykes, with their        Craftwork
basaltic walls running across the ravines perpen-
dicularly and in some cases it is possible to see       The main craftwork activities are wicker or palm
how they have been uncovered by millions of             basket-making, rosettes, openwork, bobbin lace,
years of patient erosion by water and wind. Both        wooden miniatures and tuff (volcanic stone) carv-
in the pre-Hispanic era and still today, they have      ings. In the village of San Andres, you can find the
been used as improvised corrals to take care of the     Farmer’s Market where you can make your pur-
livestock. It is worth noting the beauty of the land-   chases of craftwork and local produce.
scape in ravines such as Tamadiste, the only one in
the area in which water flows throughout the year
or the Integral Nature Reserve of the Barranco de
Ijuana, of which the cardonal-tabaibal preserves
exceptional communities of euphorbia (tabaibas,
cardones, bejeques...).
          Santa Cruz +
            its Districts
                            Information on the
                       districts in the borough.

Anaga                               Centro                               Salud - La Salle

This district is made up of the     This is made up of the territory     The district is located in the cen-
territory of Anaga, a steep mas-    which stretches between the          tral part of the valley, between
sif with many villages with a       foothills of the Anaga Ridge         Costa Sur Industrial Estate and
very limited population. There is   and the eastern margin of the        the Barranco de Santos and
also a part of the eastern coast    Barranco de Santos. This is the      from the port up to the edge of
which is occupied by fishing        oldest part of the city, where the   the borough of Santa Cruz. This
villages and an estate of port      historical centre is and where       is an area which the city extend-
industries.                         the first settlement took place.     ed to fill up decades ago and is
                                                                         now perfectly integrated in the
                                                                         urban centre of the town.

Anaga District Office               District Office                      District Office
Avda. Pedro Schwartz s/n            Centro - Ifara                       Salud - La Salle
Edificio Infobox. 38120             C/ Arquitecto Marrero                C/ Zurbarán, 30, C.P.38007
Tel.: +34 922 591 830               Regalado, 7                          Barrio de Buenavista
Fax: +34 922 591 834                Tel.: +34 922 299 198                Switchboard:
                                    Fax: +34 922 278 348                 +34 922 882 924
                                                                         Fax: +34 922 882 931
                               CENTRO                 Southwest
                               SALUD-LA SALLE
                                                      This is the district with the second-largest area
                               OFRA-COSTA SUR
                                                      after Anaga, but here the conditions and the avail-
                                                                                                             84 · 85

                                                                                                               Santa Cruz + its districts
                               SOUTHWEST              ability of land make the construction of new blocks
                                                      of flats possible.

Ofra - Costa Sur                                      This is the area with the greatest options for popu-
                                                      lation growth in the short term where such dis-
In this area, estates have been progressively built   tricts as La Gallega, Alisios and El Sobradillo have
which have moved industrial activity out towards      grown substantially in only a few years, encour-
the edge of the town.                                 aged by the prosperity of the companies that have
                                                      set themselves up in the area and its commercial
This is the area with the greatest demographic        districts.
density as many buildings are of more than ten
storeys. Even so, there is also space for wide av-
enues with trees, such as Avenida Príncipes de
España in Ofra.
                                                      District Office Southwest
District Office Ofra - Costa Sur                      Ctra. de El Sur km 7,5
Avda. Príncipes de España, 6                          Edif. Airan Local 10. Bco. Grande
Tel.: +34 922 646 606                                 Tel.: +34 922 626 222
Fax: +34 922 661 748                                  Fax: +34 922 629 641
Walking Route through the City

The route through                                The Route of Admirals             The Route of the
the modern city                                  and Pirates                       Historical City

A guided walk through the most                   The history of Santa Cruz is      Submerge yourself in the excit-
avant-garde area of the town,                    marked by a terrible event        ing history of the town on a
which includes architectural works               which occurred on 25th July       guided walk through the streets
of importance such as the Parque                 1797, when the British Rear       of the historical centre, showing
Marítimo César Manrique (swim-                   Admiral, Horatio Nelson, and      off its squares, monuments and
ming pool complex), and the two                  his troops attacked the city.     shopping areas which will help
buildings designed by the well-                  Relive with us the events and     you to better understand the
known Valencian architect, San-                  the consequences of this attack   reality of Santa Cruz, a blend of
tiago Calatrava, the “Tenerife Audi-             on a guided tour through the      tradition and modernity.
torio” and the “International Trade              original places where the most
Fair and Conference Centre”, none                memorable events of this battle   Start: Tourist Information
of which take away importance                    occurred.                         Point
from the historical setting, because                                               Route: Centre and Historical
the same area of recent expansion                Start:                            District
                                                 Tourist Information Point         End: Tourist Information Point
of the city also contains the Castle
of San Juan, the Casa de la Pólvora              Route:
and the Chapel of Nuestra Señora                 Centre and historical district
                                                 End: Tourist Information Point
de Regla.

Start: Tenerife Auditorio
Route: Auditorio and the area of
Castillo Negro. End: Auditorio.
Santa Cruz de Tenerife Development Agency: 922 53 33 53
Guided Walking Tours.

The Artistic Route                                                            The Route of the Senses

With this route, you will be able to see the sig-                             Discover Santa Cruz de Tenerife in a unique and
nificant collection of open-air Contemporary Art, a                           original way by touring one of the most emblem-
permanent show of sculptures in different areas of                            atic locations in the town, the García Sanabria
                                                                                                                                    86 · 87
the town, the result of the First International Exhi-                         Municipal Park. During the tour you will have the

                                                                                                                                      Walking Routes through the City
bition of Sculpture in the Street held in Santa Cruz                          opportunity of using your senses in order to get to
de Tenerife in 1973.                                                          know and intensely enjoy what this green part of
                                                                              the town has to offer.

Start: Rambla Reyes Católicos                                                 Start: Floral clock in García Sanabria Park
Route: Rambla and Parque García Sanabria                                      Route: Within García Sanabria Park
End: Parque García Sanabria                                                   End: García Sanabria Park

E-mail for reservations and queries:
Practical guide
     to the city
          HOTEL MENCEY *****                1

                C/ Dr. José Navieras
   Tel.: +34 922 609 900 / Fax: +34 922 280 017
           38004 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
                  286 QUARTOS

          HOTEL ATLÁNTIDA ****              2

   Avda. 3 de Mayo, esqu, Aurea Díaz Flores s/n
   Tel.: +34 922 294 500 / Fax:+34 922 224 458
           38005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
                  112 QUARTOS

             HOTEL ESCUELA                  3
           DE SANTA CRUZ ****
               C/ San Sebastián 152
   Tel.: +34 822 010 500 / Fax: +34 822 010 501
           38006 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

         HOTEL NH TENERIFE ****                 4

         Candelaria Esquina Doctor Allart
             Tel.: +34 922 534 422
             Santa Cruz de Tenerife
         Rambla General Franco, 116
Tel.: +34 922 271 571 / Fax: +34 922 271 223
         38001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

            C/ Dr, José Navieras, 24
Tel.: +34 922 276 600 / Fax: +34 922 270 562
        38001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
              88 · 89

                                                 Practical guide to the city
        7   HOTEL PLAZA ***
          Plaza de la Candelaria, 10
Tel.: +34 922 272 453 / Fax: +34 922 275 160
        38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

            C/ Valentín Sanz, 33-35
Tel.: +34 922 249 955 / Fax: +34 922 281 065
        38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
              HOTEL COLÓN RAMBLA***                 9

                     C/ Viera y Clavijo, 49
         Tel.: +34 922 272 500/Fax: +34 922 272 716
                 38004 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

                  HOTEL TANAUSÚ***             10

                    C/ Padre Anchieta, 8
                 3005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
                   Tel. +34 922 217 000

                   HOTEL PELINOR **         11

                    C/ Bethencourt Alfonso, 8
         Tel.: +34 922 246 875 / Fax: +34 922 280 520
                 38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

                  HOTEL NÁUTICO **             13

                C/ Profesor Peraza de Ayala, 13
         Tel.: +34 922 247 066 / +34 922 247 276
                38001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
     14    HOTEL ATLÁNTICO **
                   C/ Castillo, 12
             Tel.: +34 922 246 375
             Fax: +34 922 246 378
          38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

          15   HOTEL OCÉANO *
                   C/ Castillo, 6
             Tel,: +34 922 270 800
                Fax: 922 246 378
          38001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife    90 · 91

                                            Practical guide to the city
 Los Valles, Bufadero nº 13, Mª Jimenez
         Tel.: +34 620 76 34 29

          Ctra. de Bailadero-Chamorga.
               Tel.:+34 922 822 056
             Fax: +34 922 310 193
Important telephone numbers
Santa Cruz de Tenerife            South-west District            Los Gladiolos                     Radio Taxi Isla de Tenerife
Town Hall                         Telephone: +34 922 626 222     Tel.: +34 922 236 691             Tel.: +34 922 621 313
Telephone: +34 922 606 000
                                  Ofra-Costa Sur District        Ofra-Delicias                     Tele Taxi
Santa Cruz de Tenerife            Telephone: +34 922 646 606     Tel.: +34 922 675 101              Tel.: +34 922 311 012
Development Agency
Telephone: +34 922 533 353        Civil Protection               Toscal-Centre                     Santa María
                                  Telephone: +34 922 606 060     Tel.: +34 922 246 560             Tel.: +34 902 113 122
Tenerife Island Authority
Telephone: +34 922 239 500        Red Cross Emergencies          Surgery, San Andrés               SHIPPING LINES
                                  and Ambulances                 Tel.: +34 922 591 006
Telephone Information +34 010     Telephone: +34 922 281 800                                       Fred-Olsen
Telephone/s: Dial +34 010                                        Surgery, Taganana                 Telephone: +34 902 100 107
(for calls made outside the bo-   Fire Brigade                   Tel.: +34 922 590 157
rough dial +34 922 606 010).      Telephone: +34 112 / +34 080                                     Naviera Armas
                                                                 Department of Health              Telephone: +34 902 456 500
Information from the              Local police                   and Consumer Affairs
Canary Islands Government.        Telephone: +34 092             Tel.: +34 922 474 260             Garajonay Express
Telephone: +34 012                +34 922 606 092                                                  Telephone: +34 902 343 450
                                                                 Emergency Service
Foreigners’ Office                National Police                Telephone: +34 112                Transmediterránea
Telephone: +34 922 999 300        Telephone: +34 922 219 300                                       Telephone: +34 902 454 645
                                                                 Canarian Health Service
Tourist Office                    Civil Guard                    Telephone: +34 922 607 010        AIRLINES
Telephone: +34 922 299 749        Telephone: +34 922 648 500
                                                                 Hospital Nuestra                  BinterCanarias
Municipal Office for              Road Assistance                Señora de la Candelaria           Telephone: +34 902 391 392
Consumer Information              Telephone: +34 922 510 860     Switchboard, Telephone: +34 922
(OMIC)                                                           60 20 00 / 60 20 10 / 60 21 32    Islas Airways
Telephones: +34 922 289 171       Marine Rescue                                                    Telephone: +34 902 477 478
+34 922 281 809                   Telephone: +34 922 597 551     Tenerife Psychiatric Hospital
                                                                 Tel.: +34 922 286 600/04          AIRPORTS
General Registry                  Emergencies
Telephone: +34 901 501 901        Telephone: +34 900 202 202     TRANSPORT                         Tenerife North,
                                                                                                   Los Rodeos Airport
DNI/Passports                     Emergency Aid Anaga            TITSA (Bus station)               Telephone: +34 922.635.999
Telephone: +34 922 849 500        Telephone: +34 922 641 211     Telephone: +34 922 531 300
                                                                                                   Tenerife South,
DISTRICTS                         Lifesaving, Las Teresitas      Metropolitano de Tenerife         Reina Sofía Airport
                                  Telephone: +34 922 549 445     Telephone: +34 922 57 42 53       Telephone: +34 922.759.510
Centre-Ifara District
Telephone: +34 922 299 198        PRIMARY ATTENTION              TAxIS                             CHEMISTS’
                                  HEALTH CENTRES
Salud-La Salle District                                          Radio Taxi San Pedro              Corominas Chemist
Telephone: +34 922 882 924        Anaga Tel.: +34 922 598 940    Tel.: +34 922 310 000             Telephone: +34 922 27 14 51

Anaga District                    Barrio de La Salud             Radio Taxi San Marcos             E. García Chemist
Telephone: +34 922 591 830        Tel.: +34 922 237 572          Tel.: +34 922 641 112             Telephone: +34 922 24 24 71
El Pilar Chemist                         El Médano Tel.: +34 922 17 60 02      Opening Hours: Monday to Friday         CHILE
Telephone: +34 922 24 09 92                                                    10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.                 Milicias de Garachico,
                                         La Laguna. Tel.: +34 922 60 11                                                Edif.. Hamilton, 2ª Planta, Ofic. 28
Evora Chemist Tel: +34 922 28 23 02      06 / 07 +34 922 63 11 94              ARGENTINA                               Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
                                                                               Madrid Tel. +34 (91) 402 5115           Tel.: +34 922 286 950
Hernández Alfonso Chemist                Santiago del Teide                                                            Fax: +34 922 276 112
Telephone:+34 922 24 32 41               Telephone: +34 922 86 03 84           AUSTRIA                                 Opening Hours: Tuesday and
                                                                               Honorary Austrian Consulate             Thursday 10:00 -12:00 Telephone
Óptima El Negrito Chemist                Tacoronte Tel.: +34 922 57 00 15      C/ Hermano Apolinar nº 2                attended: Monday to Friday 9:00
Telephone: +34 922 24 59 96                                                    38300, La Orotava, S/C de Tfe.          a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
                                         La Orotava Tel.: +34 922 32 30 41     Tel.: +34 922 330 181
Pino de Oro Chemist                                                            Fax: +34 922 322 184                    COLOMBIA
Telephone: +34 922 28 21 22              Los Realejos Tel.: +34 922 34 61 81   Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday        Honorary Consulate of
                                                                               and Thursday 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.     Colombia in Gran Canaria
Wildpret Chemist                         San Miguel de Abona                                                           C/ Rafael Cabrera nº 1. Primero
Telephone: +34 922 27 16 47              Telephone: +34 922 73 86 64           BELGIUM                                 Oficina 4 Bis. 35002
                                                                               C/ Villalba Hervás nº 4, 2º             Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Romero Chemist                           Cruz del Carmen Visitors’ Centre      38002, Santa Cruz de Tenerife           Tel.: +34 928 381 070
Telephone: +34 922 24 33 31              (Anaga Rural Park)                    Tel.: +34 922 241 193                   Fax: +34 928 381 070
                                         Telephone: +34 922 63 35 76           Tel. emergency: +34 620 201 769         Opening Hours: Tuesday and
Sanz Doblado Chemist                                                           Fax: +34 922 241 194                    Thursday 9:30 to 1:30 (no              92 · 93
Telephone: +34 922 27 53 47              Teno Rural Park                       Opening Hours: Monday to Friday         appointment needed).

                                                                                                                                                                Practical guide to the city
                                         Telephone: +34 922 12 80 32           9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m..                 Telephone attended: Monday,
TOuRIST                                                                                                                Wednesday and Friday: 10:00
INfORMATION OffICES                      Bajamar Tel: +34 922 54 06 12         BOLIVIA                                 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
                                                                               C/ Seis de Diciembre nº 28, 1ºC
Santa Cruz de Tenerife                   CONSuLATES                            Edif. Cha-Martín. La Laguna.            KOREA
Telephone: +34 922 29 97 49                                                    38203. S/C de Tenerife.                 C/ Luis Doreste Silva nº 60, 1º
                                         GERMANY                               Tel.: +34 922 250 125                   35004. Las Palmas G.C.
Puerto de la Cruz Tel:+34 922 38 60 00   C/ Albareda nº 3, 2º, 35007           Fax: +34 922 252 101                    Tel.: +34 928 230 499 / 243 699
                                         Las Palmas de Gran Canaria            Opening Hours: Monday to Friday         Fax: +34 928 243 881
Tenerife South Airport                   Tel.: +34 928.491.880                 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m                   Opening Hours: Monday to Friday
Telephone: +34 922 39 20 37              Fax: +34 928.262.731                                                          9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from
                                                                               BRAZIL                                  3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Costa Adeje Tel: +34 922 75 06 33        Honorary Consul in Tenerife           Ctra. Gral. La Cuesta-Taco Km. 0.5
                                         C/ Costa y Grijalba nº 18-bajo,       38320 La Laguna                         IVORY COAST
Playa Fañabé Tel: +34 922 71 65 39       38004, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.        Tel.: +34 922 472 002                   C/ Agua Dulce nº 481º B. 35004
                                         Tel. +34 922 248 820                  Fax: +34 922 472 003                    Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Los Cristianos(Casa de la Cultura)       Fax: +34 922.151.555                  Opening Hours: 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.   Tel.: +34 928 605 615
Telephone: +34 922 75 71 37              Opening Hours: Monday to Friday                                               Fax: +34 928 621 052
                                         10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.               CAPE VERDE                              Opening Hours: Monday to Friday
Los Cristianos. (Las Vistas)                                                   C/ Arco nº 16. 35004                    10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
Telephone: +34 922 78 70 11              Honorary Consulate on                 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
                                         La Palma                              Tel.: +34 928 241 135                   COSTA RICA
Playa de las Américas                    Avenida Marítima nº66,                Fax: +34 928 232 969                    C/ Ramón y Cajal nº 3
Telephone: +34 922 79 76 68              38700 Santa Cruz de La Palma          Opening Hours: Monday to Friday         Semisótano 2, local 5
                                         Tel.: +34 922 420 689                 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from         38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Las Galletas. Tel.: +34 922 73 01 33     Fax: +34 922 423 278                  4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.                  Tel.: +34 922 292 527
Important telephone numbers
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday          Tel.: +34 922 211 565                C/ Gral. Mas de Gaminde nº 45      Tel.: +34 922 299 768
9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.                   +34 922 212 549                      2º, B1. 35006 Las Palmas de G.C.   Tel / Fax: +34 922 241 040
                                         Fax: +34 922 225 854                 Tel.: +34 928 242 627              Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday
EL SALVADOR                              Opening Hours: Monday to Friday      Fax: +34 928 246 717               and Wednesday 9:30 a.m. to
C/ Serrano nº 114, 28701                 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.               Opening Hours: Monday to Friday    12:30 p.m.
Madrid. Tel.: +34 91 562 80 02                                                10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon              Embassy in Madrid
                                         FINLAND                                                                 Tel.: +34 91 210 69 10
COSTA RICA                               C/ Villalba Hervás nº 5, 3º. 38002   HONDURAS (Consulate General)
Paseo de la Castellana nº 166            Santa Cruz de Tenerife               C/ Puerta Consejo nº 47, 2ºF       JAPAN
Madrid, 28071                            Tel.: +34 922 280 955                38300. Santa Cruz de Tenerife      C/ Santiago Rusiñol nº 12. 35005
Tel.: +34 91 345 95 21                   Fax: +34 922 240 287                 Tel.: +34 922 287 569              Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
                                         Opening Hours: Monday to Friday      Fax: +34 922 273 954               Tel.: +34 928 244 012
CUBA                                     10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.              Opening Hours: Monday to Friday    Fax: +34 928 297 290
C/ León y Castillo nº 247                                                     10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.               Opening Hours: Monday to Friday
Ciudad Jardín. 35005                     FRANCE                                                                  8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria               C/ Punta de la Vista nº 3, 1º        HUNGARY
Tel.: +34 928 244 642                    Cuevas Blancas. 38111. Santa Mª      Apartado de correos 404            LIBERIA
Fax: +34 928 244 643                     del Mar. Santa Cruz de Tenerife      38650. Los Cristianos              C/ Villalba Hervás nº 5. 38002
                                         Tel.: +34 922 232 710                Santa Cruz de Tenerife             Santa Cruz de Tenerife
DENMARK                                  Fax: +34 922 232 517                                                    Tel.: +34 922 287 227
C/ Villalba Hervás nº 5, 3º              Opening Hours: Monday to Friday      INDIA                              Fax: +34 922 244 547
38002. S/C de Tenerife.                  9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.                  C/ Villalba Hervás nº 15, 3º       Opening Hours: Appointment by
Tel.: +34 922 275 757                                                         38002. Santa Cruz de Tenerife      telephone
Fax: +34 922 240 287                     GREAT BRITAIN                        Tel.:+34 922 241 416
Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.   Plaza Weyler nº 8, 1º                +34 922 243 503                    LITHUANIA
                                         38003. Santa Cruz de Tenerife        Fax: +34 922 289 755               C/ Calzada de Martianez s/n
ECUADOR                                  Tel. : +34 922 286 863               Opening Hours: Monday to Friday    38400. Puerto de la Cruz
Pasaje Milicias de Garachico nº 1        +34 922 289 903                      10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.            Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Edif. Hamilton, oficina 38               Opening Hours: Monday to Friday                                         Tel.: +34 922 385 052
38002. Santa Cruz de Tenerife            9:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m.                  IRELAND                            Fax: +34 922 380 003
Tel.: +34 922 245 801                                                         C/ Castillo nº 8, 4º A             Opening hours: Appointment by
+34 922 245 014                          GREECE                               38002. Santa Cruz de Tenerife      telephone
Fax: +34 922 245 802                     C/ Dique León y Castillo nº 28-29    Tel.: +34 922 245 671
Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to            35008. Las Palmas de G.C.            Fax: +34 922 249 957               LUXEMBOURG
1:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to          Tel.: +34 928 300 545                Opening Hours: Monday to Friday    C/ Alejandro Hidalgo nº 3
7:00 p.m.                                Fax: +34 928 300 540                 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.            35005. Las Palmas de G.C.
                                         Opening Hours: Monday to Friday                                         Tel.: +34 928 309 630
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA                 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.               ICELAND                            Fax: +34 928 309 630
C/ Los Martínez de Escobar 1º                                                 C/ Juan de Escobedo nº 5. 35011    Opening Hours: Monday to Friday
Oficina 7. 35007. Las Palmas G.C.        GUATEMALA                            Las Palmas de Gran Canaria         10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
Tel.: +34 928 222 552 / 271 259          C/ San Francisco nº 4, 3º. 38002     Tel.:+34 928 252 292
Fax: +34 928 225 863                     Santa Cruz de Tenerife               Fax: +34 928 201 616               MOROCCO
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday          Tel.: +34 922 282 190                Opening Hours: Monday to Friday    C/ Pelayo nº 14, Edif. Britania
10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.                     Fax: +34 922 241 323                 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.             35010. Las Palmas de G.C.
                                         Opening Hours: Monday to Friday                                         Tel.: +34 928 262 859
PHILLIPINES                              9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.               ITALY                              Fax: +34 928 268 850
C/ Leoncio Rodríguez nº 14, 1ºB                                               C/ Cruz Verde nº 10, 2º A          Opening Hours: Monday to Friday
38003. Santa Cruz de Tenerife            GUINEA CONAKRY                       Santa Cruz de Tenerife             9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
MAURITANIA                         C/ Cid 24, 1ºE. 35010                 C/ Luis Morote nº6, 4º. 35007      BANKS
C/ Quintana nº 14. 35005           Las Palmas de Gran Canaria            Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria         Tel.: +34 928 265 191                 Tel.: +34 928 261 751              BANCA MARCH
Tel.: +34 928 234 833 / 234 500    Fax: +34 928 271 667                  Fax: +34 928 275 056               Rambla Pulido, n.º 3
Fax: +34 928 293 166               Opening Hours: Monday and             Opening Hours: Monday to Friday:   Tel.: (0034) 922 27 33 50
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday    Thursday 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.        10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.                                                                                      BANCAJA Valentín Sanz, n.º 9
                                   PERU                                  SWITZERLAND(Embassy in Spain)      Tel.: (0034) 922 24 26 77
MEXICO                             C/ Emilio Calzadilla nº6, 3º          C/ Núñez de Balboa nº 35, 7º
C/ Ángel Guimerá nº 4, 4ºB         38002. Santa Cruz de Tenerife         Edificio Goya. 28001. Madrid       BANCO BANIF
38003. Santa Cruz de Tenerife      Tel.: +34 922 245 349                 Tel.: +34 91 436 39 60             A. Domínguez Alfonso, n.º 20
Tel.: +34 922 292 505              +34 922 240 760                       Fax: +34 91 436 39 80              Tel.: (0034) 922 27 22 54
Fax: +34 922 276 753               Fax: +34 922 273 866                  Opening hours: Monday to Friday:
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday    Opening Hours: Monday to Friday:      9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.             BANCO CANARIAS
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.             9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 4:00                                          Plaza Alférez Provisional, n.º 1
                                   p.m. to 6:00 p.m.                     THAILAND                           Tel.: (0034) 922 24 77 11
MONACO                                                                   Avenida Loro Parque s/n. 38400
C/ Pilar nº 14, 1º. 38002          PORTUGAL                              Puerto de la Cruz                  BANCO DE ESPAÑA
Santa Cruz de Tenerife             C/ Velázquez nº 11. 38007             Tel.: +34 922 373 841 - 374 081    Viera y Clavijo, n.º 37
Tel.: +34 922 508 800              Santa Cruz de Tenerife                Fax: +34 922 375 021               Tel.: (0034) 922 28 48 00
Fax: +34 922 505 818               Tel.: +34 922 237 250                 Opening Hours: Monday to Friday:                                      94 · 95
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday    Fax: +34 922 210 760                  9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon            BANCO GUIPUZCOANO

                                                                                                                                                 Practical guide to the city
10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon           Opening Hours: Monday to Friday:                                         Av. 3 de Mayo, n.º 69
                                   9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.                TOGO                               Tel.: (0034) 922 21 10 16
NORWAY                             C/ Alejandro Hidalgo nº 3             C/ Juan M. Durán González nº 47
Edf. Fred Olsen                    35005. Las Palmas de G.C.             35007. Las Palmas de G.C.          BANCO PASTOR
Políg. Industrial Añaza. 38109     Tel.: +34 928 309 631/                Tel.: +34 928 229 988              Puerta Canseco, n.º 79
Santa Cruz de Tenerife             +34 928 309 643                       Fax: +34 928 268 967               Tel.: (0034) 922 53 44 10
Tel.: +34 922 628 371              Fax: 928 296 270                      Opening Hours: Monday to Friday:
Fax: +34 922 628 370                                                     4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.             BANCO POPULAR
                                   CZECH REPUBLIC                                                           Bethencourt Alfonso, n.º 16
NETHERLANDS                        C/ Luis de la Cruz y Ríos nº 9, 3ºA   URUGUAY                            Tel.: (0034) 922 29 82 69
C/ Villalba Hervás nº 5, 3º        38300. La Orotava                     C/ Mirador nº 2
38002. Santa Cruz de Tenerife      Tel.: +34 922 323 645                 38611. San Isidro.                 BANESTO
Tel.: +34 922 271 721              Fax: +34 922 331 945                  Granadilla de Abona.               Bethencourt Alfonso, n.º 9
Fax: +34 922 240 287               Friday, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.   Santa Cruz de Tenerife.            Tel.: (0034) 922 24 45 33
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday:                                         Tel.: +34 922 394 282
9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.            DOMINICAN REPUBLIC                    Opening Hours: Monday to Friday    BANKINTER
                                   C/ Paseo de la Castellana nº 30,      9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.             Rambla General Franco, n.º 1
PANAMA                             28071. Madrid                                                            Tel.: (0034) 922 53 49 02
C/ Albareda nº 15, 4º, Oficina 1   Tel.: +34 91 431 53 21                VENEZUELA
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria                                               C/ Pilar nº 27, 1ºD                BBVA
Tel.: +34 928 266 071              SENEGAL                               38002. Santa Cruz de Tenerife      Valentín Sanz, n.º 17
Fax: +34 928 266 072               C/ Rabadán nº 10, 4º                  Tel.: +34 922 290 381              Tel.: (0034) 922 27 37 57
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday:   Las Palmas de Gran Canaria            +34 922 290 435
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.             Tel.: +34 928 381 279                 Fax: +34 922 290 757               BARCLAYS BANK
                                                                         Opening hours: Monday to Friday:   Villalba Hervás, n.º 2
PARAGUAY                           SWEDEN                                9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon            Tel.: (0034) 922 24 46 40
Important telephone numbers
CAIXANOVA                           POPULAR BANCA PRIVADA               AÑAZA MUNICIPAL                      C. GÓNGORA
Rambla General Franco, n.º 78       S. Clemente, n.º 24                 SWIMMING POOL                        B.º La Salle. Continuous rubber
Tel.: (0034) 922 29 90 73           Tel.: (0034) 922 53 39 70           “DÁCIL CABRERA FLORES”
                                                                        R. Transversal Bentacayme, n.º 11.   RAMBLA GENERAL
CAIXA CATALUNYA                     SABADELL ATLÁNTICO                  Añaza.Tel.: (0034) 922 69 06 60      FRANCO, N.º 126
Valentín Sanz, n.º 10               La Marina, n.º 17                                                        B.º Los Hoteles. Continuous
Tel.: (0034) 922 53 38 30           Tel.: (0034) 922 24 16 89           CHILDREN’S PLAYGROuNDS               rubber

CAIXA GALICIA                       SANTANDER                           P. VIERA Y CLAVIJO                   P. GARCíA SANÁBRIA
Puerta Canseco, n.º 71              S. Francisco, n.º 1                 B.º Chapatal. Sand                   B.º Los Hoteles. Sand
Tel.: (0034) 922 15 11 98           Tel.: (0034) 922 60 81 00
                                                                        C. FERNÁNDEZ NAVARRO                 P. GARCíA SANABRIA
CAJA DE ARQUITECTOS                 SPORTS fACILITIES                   B.º Cuatro Torres. Rubber tiles      B.º Los Hoteles. MIixed
Rambla General Franco, n.º 138
Tel.: (0034) 922 24 45 17           CÉSAR MANRIQUE LIDO                 PLAZA DUGGI                          RAMBLA GENERAL
                                    Avenida de La Constitución s/n.     B.º Duggi. Rubber tiles              FRANCO, N.º 9
CAJA MADRID Puerta Canseco,         Santa Cruz de Tenerife                                                   B.º Salamanca. Continuous rubber
n.º 71. Tel.: (0034) 902 24 68 10   Tel.: (0034) 922 202 995            P. DON QUIJOTE
                                    Opening hours: 10:00-6:00 p.m.      B.º La Salle. Rubber tiles           RAMBLA GENERAL
CAJA RURAL DE TENERIFE                                                                                       FRANCO, N.º 19
S. Francisco, n.º 7                 TENERIFE TENNIS CENTRE              PLAZA LOS SABANDEÑOS                 B.º Salamanca. Continuous rubber
Tel.: (0034) 922 53 46 00           “SALVADOR LECUONA”                  B.º La Salle. Continuous rubber
                                    José Almagro, n.º 1. Ofra. 38010                                         RAMBLA GENERAL
CAJA RURAL PROVINCIAL               Santa Cruz de Tenerife              PLAZA LA VICTORIA                    FRANCO, N.º 49
Ctra Gnral del Sul, km 6,5          Tel.: (0034) 922 672 064            B.º La Salle. Continuous rubber      B.º Salamanca
Tel.: (0034) 922 61 62 44                                                                                    Continuous rubber
                                    SANTA CRUZ OFRA ISLAND              RAMBLA GENERAL
CAJACANARIAS                        SPORTS COMPLEX                      FRANCO, N.º 12                       RAMBLA GENERAL
Plaza de La Candelaria, n.º 9       Diego Almagro, n.º 1. 38010 Ofra.   B.º La Salle. Continuous rubber      FRANCO, N.º 90
Tel.: (0034) 922 24 37 31           Santa Cruz de Tenerife                                                   B.º Salamanca
                                                                        RAMBLA GENERAL                       Continuous rubber
Tel.: (0034) 922 29 14 78           ATTACHED SPORTS COMPLEX             B.º La Salle. Continuous rubber      RAMBLA GENERAL
                                    Fernando Barajas Prat. La Mutine.                                        FRANCO, N.º 98
IBERCAJA                            Eduardo Zamocois                    RAMBLA GENERAL                       B.º Salamanca. Continuous rubber
Bethencourt Alfonso, n.º 19         Tel.: (0034) 922 606 475            FRANCO, N.º 27
Tel.: (0034) 922 53 10 75                                               B.º La Salle. Rubber tiles           RAMBLA GENERAL
                                    MUNICIPAL SWIMMING POOL                                                  FRANCO, N.º 140
LA CAIXA General Gutiérrez, n.º 4   ACIDALIO LORENZO                    RAMBLA GENERAL                       B.º Toscal. Continuous rubber
Tel.: (0034) 922 67 92 00           Av. Benito Pérez Armas s/n          FRANCO, N.º 17
                                    Tel.: (0034) 922 22 44 43           B.º La Salle. Continuous rubber      RAMBLA GENERAL
LA CAJA DE CANARIAS                                                                                          FRANCO, N.º 149
Valentín Sanz, n.º 23               CIDEMAT                             RAMBLA GENERAL                       B.º Toscal. Continuous rubber
Tel.: (0034) 922 24 33 96           Ctra. de San Andrés s/n             FRANCO, N.º 15
                                    (Valleseco). 38150                  B.º La Salle. Continuous rubber      RAMBLA GENERAL
LLOYDS BANK                         Santa Cruz de Tenerife                                                   FRANCO, N.º 15.
Av. Francisco la Roche, n.º 37-39   Tel.: (0034) 922 597 525            PLAZA ESTADIO                        B.º Toscal
Tel.: (0034) 922 53 36 00           Fax: (0034) 922 597 273             B.º La Salle. Continuous rubber      Continuous rubber
PLAZA PISACA                      Fax: (0034) 922 568 602           to Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.    Plaza de El Patriotismo, s/n
B.º Toscal                          Tel.: (0034) 922 28 20 00
Continuous rubber                 Symphonic Hall: 1,632 seats.                                          Opening Hours: Monday to Friday
                                  Chamber Music Hall: 428 seats.    MUNICIPAL MUSEUM                    11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
PLAZA S/C DEL NORTE                                                 OF FINE ARTS                        and from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Zona Centro                       TEATRO GUIMERÁ                    C. José Murphy, n.º 12
Rubber tiles                      Plaza Isla de Madeira, n.º 2      Tel.: (0034) 922 27 47 86           COLEGIO DE APAREJADORES
                                  Tel.: (0034) 922 606 265          Free of charge. Closed Monday.      Y ARQUITECTOS TÉCNICOS
C. PUERTO ESCONDIDO               Fax: (0034) 922 290 662           From Tuesday to Friday 10:00 a.m.   Rambla General Franco, n.º 151
Zona Centro.                          to 8:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday    Tel.: (0034) 922 27 65 50
Rubber tiles                      Capacity: 984 seats               10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.                Opening Hours: Monday to Friday
                                                                                                        9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturdays,
PLAZA ISABEL II                   TEATRO PÉREZ MINIK                MILITARY MUSEUM                     from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Zona Centro.                      Parque Cultural Viera y Clavijo   ALMEIDA BARRACKS
Continuous rubber                 Av. Asuncionistas, s/n            C. San Isidro, n.º 1                LA GRANJA EXHIBITION HALLS
                                  Tel.: (0034) 922 290 911          Tel.: (0034) 922 84 35 00           C. Comodoro Rolín
CINEMAS AND THEATRES              (0034) 922 606 200                Free of charge. Sunday and          (Casa da Cultura)
                                  Capacity: 500 seats               Monday closed. Opening Hours:       Tel.: (0034) 922 22 40 40
CINE VICTOR                                                         Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 a.m.
Av. de Las Asuncionistas, n.º 1   TEATRO CASA DE LA CULTURA         to 2:00 p.m.                        CíRCULO DE BELLAS ARTES
Plaza de La Paz                   Tel.: (0034) 922 202 202                                              C. Castillo, n.º 43                 96 · 97
38004 Santa Cruz de Tenerife      C. Comodoro Rolín, n.º 1          ART GALLERIES                       Tel.: (0034) 922 24 26 49

                                                                                                                                              Practical guide to the city
Tel.: (0034) 922 270 829                                                                                Opening Hours: Monday to Friday
(0034) 922 151 651                TEATRO VICTORIA                   SALA DE ARTE LA RECOVA              11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from
Number of screens: 1              C. Méndez Núñez, n.º 36           Plaza de Isla de Madeira, s/n       5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Saturdays           Tel.: (0034) 922 290 578          Tel.: (0034) 922 27 07 70           from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. And
                                  Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday   from 6:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m.
RENOIR PRICE MULTICINES                                             11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from
C. Salamanca, n.º 16. 38006       CAJACANARIAS                      6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.              COLÉGIO OFICIAL DE
Santa Cruz de Tenerife            CULTURAL CENTRE                                                       ARQUITECTOS DE CANÁRIAS
Tel.: (0034) 922 289 459          Plaza de El Patriotismo, s/n      ISLAND OF TENERIFE                  Rambla General Franco, n.º 123
(0034) 922 291 008                Tel.: (0034) 922 285 555          PHOTOGRAPHY CENTRE                  Tel.: (0034) 922 27 16 00
Number of screens: 6                                                Plaza Isla de Madeira, s/n          Opening Hours: Monday to Friday               SCHOOL OF SCENIC ARTS             Santa Cruz de Tenerife              6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Saturdays,
                                  C. Pedro Suárez Hernández, s/n    Tel.: (0034) 922 29 07 35           from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and
YELMO CINEPLEX MERIDIANO          Tel.: (0034) 922 235 310          Opening Hours: Monday to Satur-     from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Av. La Salle, s/n                 Fax: (0034) 922 220 204           day 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and
(Meridiano Shopping Centre)                    from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.         LA CASA
38005. Santa Cruz de Tenerife                                                                           C. San Lucas, n.º 52
Tel.: (0034) 922 235 333          MuSEuMS                           LOS LAVADEROS                       Tel.: (0034) 922 28 61 68
(0034) 902 220 922                                                  C. Carlos Chevilli                  From 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Number of screens: 17             MUSEUM OF NATURE                  Tel.: (0034) 922 27 15 10              AND MANKIND                       Opening Hours: Monday to Satur-     LEYENDECKER
                                  C. Fuentes Morales, s/n           day 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.         Rambla General Franco, n.º 83
TENERIFE AUDITORIO                Tel.: (0034) 922 53 58 16         and from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.     Tel.: (0034) 922 28 00 53
Av. de La Constitución, n.º 1.    Entrance fee: 3 euros.                                                Opening Hours: Monday to Friday
38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife      Closed Monday. Sunday free of     CAJACANARIAS                        11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Tel.: (0034) 922 568 600          charge. Opening Hours: Tuesday    EXHIBITION HALL                     and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Important telephone numbers
LOLA MELIÁN                             Monday to Friday 11:00 a.m. to 1:00      (La Tahonilla-Tenerife)               CANARY ISLANDS GOVERNMENT
C. Méndez Núñez, n.º 46                 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.    Tel.: (0034) 922 250 002     
Tel.: (0034) 922 27 31 19
Monday to Friday, 5 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.   INTERNATIONAL CENTRE OF                 ANAGA REFUGE                           INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR
Saturdays, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.      CONTEMPORARY ENGRAVING                  Information and reservations:          AND CONFERENCE CENTRE
And from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.         Plaza Isla de Madeira s/n               IDECO,S.A.: Tel.: (0034) 922 822 056
                                        Tel.: (0034) 922 240 346 Monday
MAGDA LÁZARO                            to Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.     OFFICE OF THE MOUNT                    NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF
C. Numanacia, n.º 24                    and from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.         TEIDE NATIONAL PARK                    METEOROLOGY
Tel.: (0034) 922 28 22 44                                                       C. Emilio Calzadilla, n.º 5; 4º piso
From Monday to Friday from 6:00         MAC ART GALLERY                         Tel.: (0034) 922 29 01 29 /01 83
p.m. to 9:00 p.m.                       C. Robaina, n.º 2                                                              METROPOLITANO DE TENERIFE
                                        Tel.: (0034) 922 230 001                OFFICE OF ANAGA              
VESÁN                                   Monday to Friday 11:00 a.m. to 1:00     RURAL PARK
C. Santa Rosalía, n.º 54                p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.    Tel.: (0034) 922 23 90 70              TRANSPORTES INTERURBANOS
From Monday to Saturdays from                                                                                          DE TENERIFE. TITSA
11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from        CASINOS AND BINGO HALLS                 AUXILIARY REGISTRY                     (Bus and coach operator)
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.                                                          OF THE ENVIRONMENT           
                                        SANTA CRUZ CASINO                       Pabellón Santiago Martín, C/ Las
SALA DE EXPOSICIONES MN                 Rambla General Franco, n.º 105,         Macetas, s/n, Los Majuelos. 38108      AEROPUERTOS ESPAÑOLES
C. Méndez Núñez, n.º 35                 Hotel Mencey. Entrance free of          La Laguna. Santa Cruz de Tene-         Y NAVEGATION AÉREA
                                        charge. Gaming room with bar and        rife. or via the web page www.         (Airport Authority)
FONDO DE ARTE GALLERY                   restaurant service. Every day from                    
C. Suárez Guerra, n.º 48                8:00 p.m.
Tel.: (0034) 922 24 22 51                                                       MUNICIPAL LIBRARY                      TENERIFE TOURISM CORPORATION
                                        BINGO CANÁRIAS                          Tel.: (0034) 922 243 808     
PARQUE GARCíA SANABRIA                  C. Imeldo Serís, n.º 9 Santa Cruz de
ART GALLERY                             Tenerife Tel. (0034) 922 246 910        CASA DE LA CULTURA                     SANTA CRUZ CARNIVAL
Parque García Sanabria                  From 5 p.m. to 4 a.m. Bar and restau-   Tel.: (0034) 922 202 202     
                                        rant service. Parking free of charge.
MÁCULA ART GALLERY                                                              ESCUELA OFICIALDE IDIOMAS              PORTAL OF THE TOURISM
C. San Antonio, n.º 51                  BINGO COLOMBÓFILO                       Tel.: (0034) 922 283 712               DEPARTMENT OF THE CANARY
Tel.: (0034) 922 274 927                Av. General Mola, n.º 29                                                       ISLANDS GOVERNMENT
                                        Tel.: (0034) 922 241 432                CÉSAR MANRIQUE LIDO          
CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY                Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Opening         Tel.: (0034) 922 203 244
C. José Murphy, n.º 12                  hours: from 5 p.m. to 4 a.m..                                                  SHIPPING LINES
Tel.: (0034) 922 27 47 86                                                       uSEfuL WEB SITES                       Fred-Olsen
Free of charge. Closed Monday.          BINGO EL CABO                                                        
From Tuesday to Friday, from            C Leoncio Rodríguez, n.º 7 Santa        SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE                 Naviera Armas
10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Saturdays       Cruz de Tenerife Tel.: (0034) 922       COUNCIL         
and Sundays, from 10:00 a.m.            204 991. From 5 p.m. to 4 a.m. Bar                                             Transmediterránea
to 3:00 p.m.                            and restaurant service. Parking free    TENERIFE ISLAND AUTHORITY    
                                        of charge.                    
CAJA RURAL PEDRO MODESTO                                                                                               AIRLINES
CAMPOS EXHIBITION HALL.                 OTHER INSTITuTIONS                      SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE                 BinterCanarias
SALA SIETE Av. Manuel Hermoso                                                   DEVELOPMENT AGENCY           
Rojas, n.º 8 Edif. Caja Rural           CENTRO DE RECUPERATION                    Islas Airways
Tel.: (0034) 922 608 400                DE FAUNA RECOVERY CENTRE      
                              98 · 99

                                Guía Turística de Santa Cruz de Tenerife


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