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									       Part 3

Conserving riparian areas            undesirable land-use or
for future generations               development, even after they no
                                     longer own the land. For example,
The best conservation of your        a conservation easement may be
riparian area is good management     placed on an entire quarter
and appropriate land-use.This will   section of land with the
maintain riparian areas and          restriction that a buffer strip
preserve their functions and         remain along streams.
benefits for future generations.
However, if you wish to ensure       Granting an easement also has
that the integrity of places you     some tax implications and may be
feel are special will be protected   considered a charitable donation.
even after you no longer own the     For more information on
property, there are several          conservation easements contact
options.                             the organizations listed in
A conservation agency may be         Appendix 3.
interested in purchasing a parcel
of land if it has special
conservation significance. You
may also consider donating it to
an appropriate organization.A
third and new option for
Saskatchewan landowners is the
granting of a conservation

Conservation easements
A conservation easement is a legal
agreement between a property
owner and a conservation agency
which restricts the amount and
type of development and land-use
allowed on a property. The exact
nature of these restrictions
depends on the landowner and
the conservation agency.

Easements may be granted for a
specified period of time or in
perpetuity. The easement is filed
with the title and is binding on
current and future owners for the
term of the easement. An
easement provides a method of
protecting a parcel of land from
what a landowner might consider

Resource Section                    Soil Conservation. Video Guide      Wildlife Habitat. A Handbook
Appendix 1.                         for Saskatchewan Farmers and        For Canada’s Prairies And
                                    Ranchers. 1991. Saskatchewan Soil   Parklands.1981. Environment
The following is a list of
                                    Conservation Association.           Canada. Canadian Wildlife Service.
publications with useful
                                    Soil Conservation Resource          Newbury and Gaboury
information for anyone managing
                                    Directory. 1993. Canada-
riparian areas. Most of these
                                    Saskatchewan Agreement on Soil      Grazing Management
publication are readily available
                                    Conservation.                       Caring for the green zone.
from the agencies that produced                                         Riparian Areas and Grazing
them or local libraries.            Tillage Practices that Reduce       Management. B.Adams and L.
                                    Soil Erosion. 1992.Saskatchewan     Fitch. 1996
Erosion Control and Soil            Agriculture and Food.
Conservation                                                            Effective Cattle Management
Benefits of Crop Rotation for       Fish and Wildlife                   in Riparian Zones: Montana
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Grassed Waterways.
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Saskatchewan Soil Conservation                                          Project.
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Control. 1982. Saskatchewan         Canada.
Agriculture and Food.                                                   The Stockman’s Guide to
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Plant and Animal                     Wildflowers Across the                 Inventory and Monitoring
Identification Guides                Prairies. F.R.Vance, J.R. Jowsey       Riparian Areas
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                                     Lethbridge Community College           The following agencies and
Flora of Alberta.A Manual of
Flowering Plants, Conifers, Fern                                            organizations may be able to
                                     Water Quality                          provide information and
and Fern Allies Found Growing
Without Cultivation in the           A Prairie-wide Perspective of          assistance on riparian areas or
Province of Alberta, Canada. 2nd.    Non-Point Agricultural Effects         issues related to riparian areas.
Ed. E.H. Moss, revised by J.G.       on Water Quality. D. Brook
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                                     Water Management Issues and            (regional offices)
Identification of Common
Range Plants of Northern             Challenges. Sask Water. 1997.          Box 1180
Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan                                                  2552 Commerce Drive
Agriculture and Food.                Woodlots                               North Battleford, SK S9A 3K2
                                     Maple Syrup Production On              (306) 445-2575
Identification of Common
Range Plants of Southern             The Prairies, PFRA                     Box 2139
Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan                                                  Highway # 3 West
Agriculture and Food.                Woodlot Management Guide
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Songbirds Of Saskatchewan.           M. Bryant, J. L.Bufford, P. Cuplin,    Highway 16 West
Saskatchewan Wetland                 S. Jensen, G.W. Lienkaemper, G.W.      Yorkton, SK S3N 2X3
Conservation Corporation.            Minshall, S.B. Monsen, R. L. Nelson,   (306) 782-2108
                                     J.R. Sedell, J.S.Tuhy USDA- Forest
                                     Service GTR-INT 221

Saskatchewan                      Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation    Saskatchewan Parks and
Archeological Society             444 River Street West               Recreation Association
#5-816 1st.Avenue N.              Moose Jaw, SK. S6H 3J6              (306) 780-9262
Saskatoon, SK S7K 1Y3             (306) 692-8812
(306) 664 - 4124                                                      Saskatchewan Wetland
                                  Sask Water Corporation              Conservation Corporation
Saskatchewan Environment and      Water Resource Management           (306) 787-0726
Resource Management               Division
[and fisheries offices]           Victoria Place                      Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation
3211 Albert Street                111 Fairford Street East            (306) 692-8812
Regina, SK S4S 5W6                Moose Jaw, SK S6H 7X9
(306) 787-2314                    (306) 694-3900                      Wakamow Valley Authority
                                                                      (306) 692-2717
Saskatchewan Soil Conservation
Association                       Appendix 3.
Box 1360                                                              Wascana Centre Authority
                                  The following agencies are
Indian Head, SK S0G 2K0                                               (306) 522-3661
                                  qualified to hold conservation
(306) 695-4234                    easements.
                                                                      Trans - Canada Trail Foundation
                                  For more information contact the
Saskatchewan Stock Growers                                            (306) 780 - 9262
                                  agency that bests suits your
Association Grazing and Pasture   objectives, conservation and land
Technology Program                management.
Box 4752 Regina, SK S4P 3Y4
(306) 757-9499                    Ducks Unlimited Canada
                                  (306) 569-0424
South West Regional Office
#1 -1081 Central Avenue North
                                  Home Place Conservancy of
Swift Current, SK. S9H 4Z1
                                  Saskatchewan, Inc. (306) 586-9268
(306) 778-8294

North West Regional Office        Meewasin Valley Authority
5-100 1st Avenue West             (306) 665-6887
Unity, SK S0K 4L0
(306) 228-6402                    Nature Conservancy of Canada
                                  (306) 787 - 6987
South East Regional Office
Box 2003                          Nature Saskatchewan
Weyburn, Saskatchewan S4H 2Z9     9306) 780-9273
(306) 848-2382
North East Regional Office        Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Box 1480                          (306) 691-2854
Tisdale, SK S0E 1T0
(306) 878 - 8890                  Saskatchewan Archeological
                                  Society (306) 664- 4124
Saskatchewan Wetland
Conservation Corporation          Saskatchewan Environment and
Room 101-2022 Cornwall Street     Resource Management
Regina, SK S4P 2K5                (306) 787-2314
(306) 787-0726


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