Faces of Camp by wuxiangyu

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										   	                                                                                                         Faces	of	Camp
                                                                                                               Photos by Paul Michael Myers unless otherwise noted.

                                  Photo by Frank Wing

              Brian Wood                                Fernando Padilla                     Karen Bornarth                            Toy Dupree

               “It’s exciting to see and hear what the rest of the country is doing in our trade.”

                                                                      Renee Bourgault

                                                                                                                 Photo by Abe Faber

             Ann Burgunder

                                                                      Christy Timon, Abe Faber

                                                                                                                                      Christy Timon
         Melina Kelson-Podolsky

                                                        Richard Miscovich                    Craig Ponsford

    Faces	of	Camp
    Photos by Paul Michael Myers unless otherwise noted.

                                                           Photo by Frank Wing

            Gina Piccolino and Krista Mann                                       Charles Niedermyer and Dominque Homo              Jory Downer and Tim Foley

                                                                                                                                      Photo by Frank Wing

                                                                                                                                                                          Photo by Abe Faber
             Lionel Vatinet                                                                                                                                 Tim Andrews

                                                       Julie Marie Suas with the Camp Bread inspired wall mural she painted.

                            Peter Yuen                                               Kurt Schmitt and Lisa Albertson    Abe Faber, Juliette Lulchuck and Miyuki Togi

                                          “The best part of camp for me was meeting bakers from
                                         across the continent and making connections face-to-face
                                             with bakers I’ve e-mailed, phoned or read about.”

                                                                                          Peter Endriss
	   	                                 The	World’s	Tallest	Bread	Sculpture
                                                                                                                      Photos by Paul Michael Myers unless otherwise noted.

                                                            Photo by Frank Wing
                                                                                          “Best was Ciril Hitz — great sense
                                                                                          of humor and attention to all the
                                                                                           campers in his class. The terrific
                                                                                           detail work and tips for making
                                                                                       decorated dough products and building
                                                                                           customer traffic were all good.”

                                                                                                               Jo McIntyre

                                                                                     Mitch Stamm assists Ciril Hitz in construction the supporting posts.

                                                                                                                                                                             Photo by Abe Faber
                                                                                  Ciril Hitz climbs a ladder                Bread sculpture close-up of
                                                                                    to affix the top piece                     a delicate dragon fly.
                                                                                       to his sculpture.

         The amazing bread sculpture — 10¼ feet tall —
          designed and built by Ciril Hitz at Camp Bread.                                         Kylee Hitz looks on intently as Ciril works.
                                             Photo by Paul Michael Myers
                                                                                    Photos by Frank Wing unless otherwise noted.

                David DeCesare                                             Dara Reimers with her winning artistic design piece.                          Dara Reimers shaping pieces
                                                                                                                                                              for her sculpture.

                                                                                                                Photo by Paul Michael Myers

                                                                                                                                                        Artistic Design

               Lee Ann Adams working a piece of decorative dough.

                                                                                                                                                   Judges Tom Gumpel, Jimmy Griffin,
           William Leaman sharing his tips                                          Judges Jimmy Griffin and William                             William Leaman and Jeffrey Hammelman
         and experience as a Team USA 2005                                          Leaman observe Lee Ann Adams.                                 discuss competitor performance while
            artistic design team member.                                                                                                          Lee Ann Adams assembles her piece.

     “This is an overlooked
     discipline that needs to
      be brought forward.”

              Mitch Stamm

                                                                              Artistic design piece by Lee Ann Adams.                         Dave DeCesare presents his artistic design work.
                                                                                        Photo by Frank Wing

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Photo by Frank Wing
                                                                                                                                                                          Photo by Frank Wing
                                                                                                                  Jeremey Gadouas (front row center)
                                                                                                                describes his products to judges Lionel
                                                                                                                  Vatinet and Dominique Homo; in the
                                                                                                                 background Peter Yuen, Jory Downer                                                Chris Herrin describing his
                                                                                                                     and Chris Herrin (left to right).                                          Viennoiserie products to campers.

                                                                                                                       “Very interesting to watch the finals with
                                                                                                                      so many unique and interesting techniques
                                                                                                                         introduced. It brings new meaning to
          Peter Yuen on his way to the oven with croissants.                                                              organizational skills and efficiency.”

                                                                                                                                                                   Phyllis Enloe
                                                          Photo by Frank Wing

                                                                                                                                             Photo by Frank Wing

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Photo by Paul Michael Myers
     Jory Downer, Didier Rosada and Tim Foley (far
      right) analyze and taste Viennoiserie products                                                                                                                      Layers of a laminated dough prepped
     with judges Lionel Vatinet and Dominique Homo                                                                                                                            for panning by Chris Herrin.
        (third and fourth from the left, respectively).                                                                                                                                                 Photo by Paul Michael Myers

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Photo by Paul Michael Myers
                                                          Photo by Paul Michael Myers

    Judges Robert Jorin, Craig Ponsford, Greg Mistell.                                                        Peter Yuen’s Raspberry                                  Judge Tim Healea                                                Jeremey Gadouas rolls
                                                                                                                Pistachio Brioche.                                   examining croissant                                                one of his doughs.
                                                                                                                                                                       crumb structure.
                                                          Photo by Paul Michael Myers

               Peter Yuen’s braided brioche.
                                                                                        Photo by Paul Michael Myers
                                                                                                                                                               Baguette and
                                                                                                                                                              Specialty Breads

                                                                                                                      “The energy that the competition
                                                                                                                        brings to Camp is fantastic.”
          Mike Zakowski checks the weight of his pan de mie.
                                                     Photo by Frank Wing

                                                                                                                              Photo by Paul Michael Myers

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Photo by Frank Wing
        Fernando Padilla, Judge Didier Rosada
     (partially hidden), Lionel Vatinet, Dominque
      Homo and Judge Christian Vabret examine
    Roger Gural’s breads while Solveig Tofte talks
    with Judge Tim Foley about her products (first                                   Judge Jan Schat studies                                                    Mike Zakowski describes he breads to
       and second from the right, respectively).                                       competitor products.                                                      Team USA 2008 Nationals students.
                                                     Photo by Frank Wing

                                                                                                                              Photo by Paul Michael Myers

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Photo by Frank Wing

         Smiling proudly, Solveig Tofte presents                                                                                                              Roger Gural pulls his loaves from the oven.
          her baguettes and specialty breads.
                                                     Photo by Paul Michael Myers

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Photo by Frank Wing

                                                                                    Using a small rolling pin,
         Fernando Padilla weighs one of Roger                                      Mike Zakowski gently flattens                                                    Solveig Tofte delicately flours
         Gural’s baguettes and specialty breads.                                       the center of loaves.                                                        braided loaves at the loader.
	   	                                                                     Team	Announcement

                                                                                   Photo by Frank Wing

                                                                                                              Photos by Paul Michael Myers

         Craig Ponsford presents Bread Bakers Guild Team USA 2008 Solveig Tofte,
             Dara Reimers and Peter Yuen amidst a rain of celebratory confetti.
    Lasting	Images
    Photos by Paul Michael Myers unless otherwise noted.

     Abe Faber gives Natalie Gould a big thank                      The satisfying end to a great day                            A bite of bread.
       you hug during the closing ceremony.                      building a mud oven under the sun and
                                                                  overlooking South San Francisco bay.

                               A meditative Lee Ann Adams, waiting to start the advance prep for her Artistic Design Team USA competition.

                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Abe Faber

                Solveig Tofte’s daughter tries to climb the stage to join                        The empty warehouse, the end of Camp Bread 2007.
                     Christian Vabret in congratulating her Mom.

                                                                          Celtic Whiskey Brack
                                                                                From Jimmy Griffin and Derek O’Brien, Authentic Irish Baking

                                                           Celtic Whiskey Brack is a heavily enriched bread dough, loaded with whiskey-soaked
                                                            fruit and candied peel. After baking it produces a delicious moist finished product.

                                                                   Number of bread 6     Weight 0.660 Kg   Extra % 5.0
                                                                      Extra (dough) 0.198 Kg   Total dough 4.158 Kg

                                                           Total                 Soaker                            Final Dough
                                                    %                Kg     %              Kg                     %          Kg
                              Flour                 100       1.059 Kg      —             —                       —          1.059 Kg
                              Water                  60       0.636 Kg      —             —                       —          0.636 Kg
                              Egg                   13.5      0.143 Kg      —             —                       —          0.143 Kg
                              Fresh Yeast            5.5      0.058 Kg      —             —                       —          0.058 Kg
                              Milk Powder             3       0.032 Kg      —             —                       —          0.032 Kg
                              Salt                    1       0.011 Kg      —             —                       —          0.011 Kg
                              Butter                 16       0.169 Kg      —             —                       —          0.169 Kg
                              Sugar                 13.5      0.143 Kg      —             —                       —          0.143 Kg
                              Currants               35       0.371 Kg      —          0.371 Kg                   —             —
                              Sultanas              100       1.059 Kg      —          1.059 Kg                   —             —
                              Mixed Citrus Peel      35       0.371 Kg      —          0.371 Kg                   —             —
                              Irish Whisky           10       0.106 Kg      —          0.106 Kg                   —             —
                              Soaker                 —           —          —             —                       —          1.907 Kg
                              Total                392.5      4.158 Kg                 1.907 Kg                              4.158 Kg

         Process (Soaker)          Length                  Overnight       Notes: Wash fruit, cover with whiskey.
                                   Temperature             72°F/22°C

         Process (Final dough)
         Mixing                    Type of mixer           Vertical        Notes: Mix flour, water, egg, yeast, salt and milk powder for 1st stage.
                                   Mix speed               1st speed       Separately, cream butter and sugar together and incorporate during 2nd stage.
                                   1st stage mix           12 mins         Fold soaked fruit in by hand at 3rd stage.
                                   Rest                    15 mins
                                   2nd stage mix           5 mins
                                   Rest                    20 mins
                                   3rd stage               Hand
                                   Dough Temp.             81°F/27°C
         First fermentation        Length                  20 mins
                                   Fold                    0
         Dividing                  Weight                  0.660 Kg
         Preshaping                Shape                   round
         Resting time              Length                  10 mins
         Shaping                   Shape                   Round           Notes: Egg wash and place in 6-in ring mold
         Final proof               Time                    50 mins
                                   Temperature             75°F/24°C
         Baking                    Oven type               Deck
                                   Steam                   No
                                   Total time              40 mins
                                   Temperature             410°F/210°C
                                   Damper open             No

                                                                            Gache Vendeenne
                                                                                       From Dominique Homo, The Culture of Sourdough

                                                         The Gache Vendeenne is a brioche from Vendee (west of France). The formula is very
                                                         close to Brioche Vendeenne. Traditionally a bride’s godfather and godmother offer the
                                                             bridal couple Gache as a wedding present. Gache is also consumed at Easter.

                                                                   Number of bread 20 Weight 0.500 Kg   Extra % 5.0
                                                                     Extra (dough) 0.500 Kg Total dough 10.500 Kg

                                                                           % Flour Fermented 12.5
                                                         Total                   Milk Levain                       Final Dough
                                                   %               Kg          %           Kg                     %          Kg
                              Flour                100       4.817 Kg 100.00            0.602 Kg                 —           4.214 Kg
                              Milk                  44       2.119 Kg  70.00            0.421 Kg                 —           1.698 Kg
                              Sugar                 22       1.060 Kg   —                  —                     —           1.060 Kg
                              Instant yeast          1       0.048 Kg   —                  —                     —           0.048 Kg
                              Salt                   2       0.096 Kg   —                  —                     —           0.096 Kg
                              Butter                22       1.060 Kg   —                  —                     —           1.060 Kg
                              Eggs                  22       1.060 Kg   —                  —                     —           1.060 Kg
                              White Starter          5       0.241 Kg  40.00            0.241 Kg                 —
                              Milk Levain           —           —       —                  —                     —           1.264 Kg
                              Total                218      10.500 Kg 210.00            1.264 Kg                            10.500 Kg

         Process (Preferment)                            Milk Levain
         Mixing                    Type of mixer         Vertical
                                   1st speed             3 mins
         First fermentation        Length                12 to 15 hours
                                   Temperature           78°F/26°C

         Process (Final dough)
         Mixing                    Type of mixer         Vertical             Notes: Start with half the sugar and butter
                                   1 st speed            3 mins
                                   2nd speed             14 mins
                                   3rd speed             5 mins
                                   Dough Temp.           78°F/26°C
         First fermentation        Length                2 hours
         Dividing                  Weight                500 kg
         Preshaping                Shape                 round
         Resting time              Length                20 mins
         Shaping                   Shape                 short batard
         Final proof               Time                  2 hours 30 mins
                                   Temperature           78°F/26°C
         Baking                    Oven type             Deck                 Notes: Egg wash just before baking
                                   Steam                 No
                                   Total time            30 mins
                                   Temperature           375°F/190°C
                                   Damper open           5 mins

                                                                                            Flax Seed Rye
                                                                                                 From Jeffrey Hamelman, German Rye Bread 101

                                                                      Flax Seed Rye Bread is a delightfully hearty sourdough rye bread, made with both
                                                                     a natural sourdough and also a soaker made with flax seeds and old bread. The old
                                                                    bread contributes water retention and great depth of flavor. The bread was “made up”
                                                                      with the intention of utilizing 100% rye Vollkornbrot that was past its selling time.

                                                                              Number of bread 12 Weight 0.750 Kg    Extra % 8.0
                                                                                 Extra (dough) 0.720 Kg Total dough 9.720 Kg

                                                                             % Flour Fermented 40
                                                           Total                  Sourdough                    Soaker                  Final Dough
                                                       %           Kg             %        Kg              %            Kg             %         Kg
                    White Flour                        60   2.841 Kg             —       —                 —          —                —       2.841 Kg
                    Whole Rye Flour                    40   1.894 Kg           100.00 1.894 Kg             —          —                —       0.000 Kg
                    Water                              80   3.788 Kg           83.00 1.572 Kg                      1.420 Kg                    0.795 Kg
                    Salt                                2   0.095 Kg             —       —                 —          —                —       0.095 Kg
                    Fresh Yeast                        1.3  0.062 Kg             —       —                 —          —                —       0.062 Kg
                    Flax Seeds                         10   0.473 Kg             —       —                 —       0.473 Kg            —       0.000 Kg
                    Old bread (sturdy wheat or rye)     8   0.379 Kg             —       —                 —       0.379 Kg            —       0.000 Kg
                    Rye Culture                         4   0.189 Kg           10.00 0.189 Kg              —          —                —       0.000 Kg
                    Soaker                             —       —                 —       —                 —          —                —       2.273 Kg
                    Sourdough                          —       —                 —       —                 —          —                —       3.472 Kg
                    Total                             205.3 9.720 Kg            193 3.655 Kg               —       2.273 Kg            —       9.537 Kg

         Process (Preferment)                                       Sourdough
         Mixing                          Type of mixer              Hand or Vertical   Notes: Disperse culture in water, add flour, mix until smooth
                                         Temperature                72°F/22°C
         First fermentation              Length                     16 hours           Notes: Cover with plastic
                                         Temperature                72°F/22°C
         Process (Soaker)                Length                     16 hours           Notes: Pour water over old bread and seeds; cover with plastic
                                         Temperature                72°F/22°C

         Process (Final dough)
         Mixing                          Type of mixer              Spiral             Notes: Scale appropriate amount of sourdough. Use leftover
                                         1st speed                  4 mins             to perpetuate culture. Dough consistency is moderately
                                         2nd speed                  3 mins             loose. Gluten development will be moderate
                                         Dough Temp.                77°F/25°C
         First fermentation              Length                     1 hour
                                         Fold                       0
         Dividing                        Weight                     0.750 kg
         Shaping                         Shape                      round or oval
         Final proof                     Time                       50-60 mins
                                         Temperature                72°F/22°C
         Baking                          Oven type                  Deck
                                         Steam                      Yes
                                         Total time                 36-40 mins
                                         Temperature                450°F/232°C

                                                                  Raisin & Polenta Bread
                                                                                     From Robert Jörin, Regional Breads of Switzerland

                                                  This bread is from the Ticino, the southern part of Switzerland, near the Italian border. Polenta
                                                    and raisins are traditional ingredients in this part of Switzerland. Being slightly sweet, this
                                                      bread is great toasted for breakfast or as the bread in a French toast or bread pudding.

                                                                  Number of bread 10 Weight 0.600 Kg    Extra % 6.0
                                                                     Extra (dough) 0.360 Kg Total dough 6.360 Kg

                                                                                                      % Flour Fermented 45
                                                         Total                Polenta Soaker               Preferment                    Final Dough
                                                     %           Kg            %         Kg               %         Kg                   %         Kg
                   Bread flour                    100  2.035 Kg                —         —                100       0.916 Kg             —     1.119 Kg
                   Water                         91.25 1.857 Kg                —      1.018 Kg             67       0.000 Kg             —     0.840 Kg
                   Fresh yeast                      5  0.102 Kg                —      0.010 Kg             —           —                 —     0.092 Kg
                   Salt                           3.75 0.076 Kg                —         —                 —           —                 —     0.076 Kg
                   Sugar                           7.5 0.153 Kg                —         —                 —           —                 —     0.153 Kg
                   Butter                         3.75 0.076 Kg                —         —                 —           —                 —     0.076 Kg
                   Sourdough starter              6.25 0.127 Kg                —         —                 14       0.127 Kg             —     0.000 Kg
                   Polenta                        67.5 1.374 Kg                —      1.374 Kg             —           —                 —     0.000 Kg
                   Raisins, plumped               27.5 0.560 Kg                —         —                 —           —                 —     0.560 Kg
                   Preferment                      —      —                    —         —                 —           —                 —     2.401 Kg
                   Polenta soaker                  —      —                    —         —                 —           —                 —     1.043 Kg
                   Total                         312.5 6.360 Kg                       2.401 Kg            181       1.043 Kg                   6.360 Kg

         Process (Preferment)                                    Preferment
         Mixing                        Type of mixer             Hand or Vertical   Notes: Use paddle attachment and first speed.
                                       Temperature               72°F/22°C
         First fermentation            Length                    12 hours
                                       Temperature               72°F/22°C
         Process (Soaker)              Length                    12 hours
                                       Temperature               72°F/22°C
         Process (Final dough)
         Mixing                        Type of mixer             Vertical           Notes: After 2/3 mixing time, add the polenta. Mix raisins in at end.
                                       1st speed                 3 mins
                                       2nd speed                 5-6 mins
                                       Dough Temp.               76°F/24°C
         First fermentation            Length                    1 hour
                                       Fold                      1
                                       Timing                    30 mins
                                       Temperature               80°F/27°C
         Dividing                      Weight                    0.600 kg
         Preshaping                    Shape                     round
         Resting time                  Length                    15 mins
         Shaping                       Shape                     round              Notes: Set onto sheetpans with parchment
         Final proof                   Time                      45-60 mins         Notes: Egg wash twice, before and after proofing
                                       Temperature               85°F/29°C
         Baking                        Oven type                 Deck               Notes: Score with 5 cuts across the top
                                       Steam                     No
                                       Total time                40-45 mins
                                       Temperature               400°F/205°C
                                       Damper open               Yes

                                                            Baked Currant Doughnuts
                                                                                From Robert Jörin, Introduction to Enriched Breads

                                                      This formula was developed for a conference on healthy cooking. The light brushing of
                                                   butter before baking gives the “doughnut” a texture similar to deep frying. The light brushing
                                                         with butter after baking and the rolling in sugar will help to keep the product moist.
                                                      I think this would be a great marketing tool to have your customers try something new.

                                                         Number of doughnuts 32      Weight 0.050 Kg    Extra % 10.0
                                                               Extra (dough) 0.160 Kg    Total dough 1.760 Kg

                                                                                %                Kg
                                                 All Purpose Flour           100.00         0.760 Kg
                                                 Milk, 90 ºF                  45.95         0.349 Kg
                                                 Fresh Yeast                   6.08         0.046 Kg
                                                 Sugar                         8.11         0.094 Kg
                                                 Salt                          2.03         0.023 Kg
                                                 Eggs                         13.51         0.156 Kg
                                                 Cinnamon (1/4 tsp)            0.07         0.001 Kg
                                                 Nutmeg (2 tsp)                0.34         0.004 Kg
                                                 Soft Butter                  22.97         0.266 Kg
                                                 Currants                     32.43         0.375 Kg
                                                 Total                       231.49         1.760 Kg

         Process (Final dough)
         Mixing                  Type of mixer         Vertical        Notes: Mix all the ingredients together
                                 1st speed             3 mins          Add the currants at the end when the dough is fully developed.
                                 Autolyse              —               Mix just until incorporated.
                                 2nd speed             6 mins
                                 Dough Temp.           85°F/29°C
         First fermentation      Length                1 hour          Notes: 80º F, 75 - 80% Humitity
                                 Fold                  —
         Dividing                Weight                0.05 kg         Notes: Roll dough to 1/2-inch thick. Cut with doughnut
                                 Shaping               Shape           cutter and put on sheet pan with parchment.
                                                                       Brush lightly with melted butter
         Final proof             Time                  30 mins
                                 Temperature           90°F/32°C
         Baking                  Oven type             Rack            Notes: While still hot, brush with melted butter and roll lightly in vanilla sugar.
                                 Steam                 No
                                 Total time            10-12 mins
                                 Temperature           425°F/220°C
                                 Damper                open

                                                         La Fougassette Aux Olives
                                                                    From Christian Vabret (translated by Jeff Klopatek), Classical Regional French Baking

                                                     These delightful morsels resemble light and flaky cheese sticks made with puff pastry.
                                                     The flavor and aroma of this olive-laced bread is rich and buttery. The bread is typical
                                                    of the Mediterranean region and is excellent accompanied by a Niçoise salad or with an
                                                     appertif of pastis and some black olive tapenade. Whether placed in a bread basket at
                                                       a restaurant or on a party tray at home, they are guaranteed to be devoured quickly.

                                                                                            Total dough 6.800 Kg

                                                                                      %               Kg
                                               Flour                               100.00         2.963 Kg
                                               Water                                65.00         1.926 Kg
                                               Salt                                  2.00         0.059 Kg
                                               Fresh Yeast                           1.50         0.044 Kg
                                               Herbes de Provence                    0.25         0.007 Kg
                                               French Green Olives, pitted          27.00         0.800 Kg
                                               Lamination Butter                    33.75         1.000 Kg
                                               Total                               229.50         6.800 Kg

         Process (Pate Fermentee)
         Mixing               Type of mixer           Spiral                 Notes: Rinse olives with water if too salty.
                              1st speed               3 mins                 Thinly slice and dry olives.
                              2nd speed               4 mins
                              Dough Temp.             73°F/23°C
         First fermentation   Length                  3 hours
         Lamination           Double fold             2                      Notes: Prepare roll-in butter by pounding. Sprinkle butter with herbs.
                              Resting period          15 mins                Roll dough twice size of butter; fold dough around butter. Roll dough 1 cm
                                                                             thick; complete double turn. Roll dough again to 1 cm, sprinkle olives across
                                                                             dough; complete double turn. Chill in between turns.
         Shaping              Shape                   see notes              Notes: Roll out dough 3 times as long as wide to 8-10 mm. Cut dough into small
                                                                             fougasette shapes, rectangles 5 cm by 10 cm, or strips 20 cm long by 11/2 to 2 cm
                                                                             wide. Cut several diagonal slices into dough and strech so the cuts open. Lay flat
                                                                             or twist on parchment-lined sheet pan.
         Final proof          Time                    60 mins
                              Temperature             78°F/26°C
         Baking               Oven type               Deck                   Notes: Brush tops with olive oil before baking.
                              Steam                   No
                              Total time              30 mins
                              Temperature             470°F/250°C
                              Damper open             None

                                            Camp Bread Mess Hall
                                             Stuffed Mushrooms
                                                                            From Jeffrey Yankellow

                  These mushrooms are a simple treat that make good use of bread crumbs. You can offer the recipe as a way
                   for customers to use up leftover bread or use them as a marketing tool to sell breadcrumbs in your bakery.

         12 stuffing mushrooms, either small portabellas or white
         ¼ cup diced yellow or white onion
         ¼ cup smoked ham diced
         1 tbsp butter
         1 tbsp olive oil
         2 tbsp white wine
         1 cup bread crumbs
         ¼ cup cream cheese, softened
         2 tbsp grated Parmigiano-Reggiano or Pecorino Romano
         ¼ cup diced roasted red pepper
         8 large basil leaves chopped
         2 tbsp chopped fresh chives
         1 tbsp Balsamic vinegar
         Olive oil as needed for cooking the mushroom caps
         Salt and pepper as needed

         Preheat the oven to 400°F. Wash the mushrooms and remove the stems and set aside. Coat the mushroom caps with olive oil on both sides and
         season well with salt and pepper. Place on a baking tray and place in the oven for 12 minutes. Remove and let cool.

         Roughly chop the reserved mushroom caps.

         In a sauté pan over medium high heat, place the tablespoon of olive oil and the butter. Add the diced onion and sauté for 2-3 minutes until they begin
         to soften. Add the mushroom stems and the ham and continue to cook for 2 minutes. Add the white wine to the pan and allow the liquid to reduce
         until almost dry. Remove the pan from the heat and place all of the ingredients into a small mixing bowl. Collect all of the mushroom juice from the
         cooked caps and the baking tray and add to the bowl.

         Add all of the remaining ingredients to the mixing bowl and season with salt and pepper. Stir until well blended. Taste and adjust the seasoning to
         your liking.

         Arrange the mushroom caps with the bottom side up on the baking sheet. Fill each cap with an equal amount of filling until it is all used up. Return
         the mushrooms to the oven and bake for 15 minutes until heated through.

         The mushrooms may be stuffed ahead of time and kept in the refrigerator overnight and then cooked when ready. If this is the case, it may take
         slightly longer for them to get hot.

         Serve hot either as a canapé or plated with a salad for a simple first course.

                                            Words of Thanks!
                          There were so many people and organizations critical to the success of
                           Camp Bread — and whose efforts helped to make this an affordable
                              and memorable event for so many. Our sincere thanks to all!

                                                                          DiRECTOR OF CAMP BREAD
                                                                                           Abram Faber

                                                        ADMiNiSTRATiON AND REGiSTRATiON           MESS HALL
                                                        Gina Renée Piccolino, Director            Craig Ponsford, Director
                                                        • Krista Mann                             • Natalie Gould, Assistant Director
                                                        • Kay Andrucci                            • Mari Baker
                                                                                                  • Trale Broudy
                                                        BREAD BAKERS GUiLD TEAM USA 2008          • Michelle Furuichi
                                                        Craig Ponsford, Director                  • Juliette Lulchuck
                                                        • Tim Kitzman                             • Claudia Marino
                                                        • Fernando Padilla                        • Kim Poulin
                                                        • Jeffrey Yankellow                       • Steve Sullivan
         Special Thanks to the                                                                    • Miyuki Togi
         San Francisco Baking Institute                 EDUCATiON                                 • Mike Zakowski
                                                        Lee Ann Adams, Director
         We are especially indebted to our colleagues
                                                        • Monica Lanczak, Assistant Director      SCiENCE FAiR
         at SFBI and TMB Baking, who opened their
                                                        • Richard Miscovich, Coordinator of the   Tim Huff, Director
         doors to Camp Bread. Their hospitality and
                                                          Wood-Fired Oven Courses
         friendship will always be remembered.
                                                        • Karen Bornarth                          TOURS
         •   Michael Suas, President                    • Lee Glass                               Mike Kalanty, Director
         •   Richard Abit                               • Kris Patterson                          • Megan Casey
         •   Coral Alvarez                                                                        • Haley Gilbert
         •   Martin Boyd                                MARKETiNG AND PUBLiCATiONS                • Kari Goble
         •   Joseph Garcia                              Ann F. Burgunder, Director                • Ifat Maislos
         •   Tim Kitzman                                • Tim Andrews                             • Zeynep Moroglu
         •   Mikhail Kudatsky                           • Andrew Cleary                           • Patricia Salvati
         •   Lev Morozoff                               • Rachel Crampsey                         • Sylvia Tran
         •   Carlos Olivera                             • Phyllis Enloe
         •   Jorge Olivera                              • Rhoda Gordon                            ViTAL MiNUTiAE
         •   Sergio Padilla                                                                       Natalie Gould, Director
         •   Evelyne Suas                               ON-SiTE LOGiSTiCS
         •   Miyuki Togi                                Brian Woods, Director
         •   Brian Wood                                 • Juliette Lulchuck
         •   Connie Wong                                • Lev Morozoff
                                                        • Miyuki Togi

                                             Words of Thanks Continued
         Camp Bread Instructors and Bread    Camp Bread Teaching Assistants            Ingredient Suppliers
         Bakers Guild Team USA 2008 Judges   •   JoEllen DuFresne                      •   Giustos
         •   Mike Avery                      •   Michael Gesik                         •   JR Produce
         •   Albie Barden                    •   Melina Kelson-Podolsky                •   Village Imports
         •   Volker Baumann                  •   Jeffrey Klopatek                      •   V & C Foods
         •   Dick Bessey                     •   Charles R. Niedermyer, II
         •   Karen Bornarth                  •   Kris Patterson                        Mess Hall Meals and Guildhall Gathering
         •   Tod Bramble                     •   David Smoake                          • Boudin at the Wharf and Boudin
         •   Frank Carollo                   •   Christy Timon                           Bakery — for hosting breakfasts and the
         •   Kiko Denzer
                                                                                         Guildhall Gathering on Saturday evening
         •   Jory Downer                     Camp Bread Science Fair Participants
                                                                                         to kick off Camp Bread 2007.
         •   Amy Emberling                   •   AIB International
         •   Rene Featherstone                                                         • il Fornaio — For catering the traditional
                                             •   Allied Bakery Equipment Company
         •   Hannah Field                                                                Italian dinner on Monday evening.
                                             •   Artisan Bakers
         •   Tim Foley                       •   Breadsmith                            • Artisan Bakers — For hosting
         •   Lee Glass                       •   Clear Flour Bread                       Camp Bread lunches.
         •   Maggie Glezer                   •   ConAgra Mills
         •   Jimmy Griffin                   •   FBM Baking Machines, Inc.             Camp Bread Vendors
         •   Thomas Gumpel                   •   General Mills                         For providing professional services at
         •   Jeffrey Hamelman                •   Kemper Bakery Systems of the          discounted rates
         •   Tim Healea                          WP Bakery Group                       • Culinary Classics
         •   Ciril Hitz                      •   King Arthur Flour Company             • Cathy Greve
         •   Dominique Homo                  •   LaBrea Bakery                         • JR Graphics
         •   Tim Huff                        •   San Francisco Baking Institute and    • Multiscope Digital & Offset Printing
         •   Robert Jorin                        Central Milling Co.
         •   Tim Kitzman                     •   Village Bakery Café                   To those whose support and
         •   Mikhail Kudatsky                                                          patience made it possible for
         •   William Leaman                  Bay Area Tour Hosts                       the Directors to create and
         •   Thom Leonard                    • Certified Foods, Inc.                   orchestrate Camp Bread 2007:
         •   Richard Miscovich               • The Acme Bread Company – Divisions      •   California Culinary Academy
         •   Greg Mistell                      One, Two and Three                      •   James Chan
         •   Derek O’Brien                   • Fourth Street                           •   Sheena Davis
         •   Craig Ponsford                  • Guisto’s Specialty Foods                •   Carrie Flickinger
         •   Didier Rosada                   • Gayle’s Bakery and Café                 •   Tim Grable
         •   Patra Rule                      • Con Agra                                •   Ted Laymon
         •   Jan Schat                       • Semifreddi’s                            •   Mike Mindel
         •   Michel Suas                     • Feel Good Bakery                        •   Dino Piccolino
         •   Christian Vabret                                                          •   Robert I. Randall
         •   Lionel Vatinet                  California Food Purveyors                 •   Jan Schat
         •   Dan Wing                        •   Barking Dog Coffee                    •   Amy Scherber
         •   Jeffrey Yankellow               •   Beaune Imports                        •   Joelle Scimia
                                             •   BiRite Food Service Distributors      •   Inga Sheaffer
                                             •   Bungalow Coffee and Tea               •   Michael Sullivan
                                             •   The Epicurian Connection              •   Christy Timon
                                             •   Flying Goat Coffee                    •   Dave Wolfgram
                                             •   Gloria Ferrer Champagne and Cellars
                                             •   Kannard Farms                         We thank Patricia Kennedy for planting
                                             •   Oakhill Farms                         the seed that grew into Camp Bread.
                                             •   Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer

                               Guild Donors Generously
                             Support 2007-2009 Campaign
    As summer comes to a close, it is hard to believe      even more regional events to be held next year.       the 2007-2009 campaign currently total
    what has already been packed into the first half of       With so many educational opportunities taking      over $450,000.
    this year — Camp Bread, the selection of Bread         place across the country this year, we cannot            We deeply appreciate and thank the companies
    Bakers Guild Team USA 2008 and five regional           help but be thankful to our generous donors for       and individuals below, who, through their
    events! Looking forward, we are excited about the      their unending financial support which fuels this     donations, show their support of not only
    upcoming seven regional events, the Bread Bakers       organization’s ability to pursue our mission: to      The Guild, but the artisan baking community
    Guild Team USA 2008 Public Exhibition at IBIE,         shape the skills and knowledge of the artisan         to which they belong.
    planning for the Coupe du Monde in Paris and           baking community through education. Pledges to

    Platinum Partner ($110,000)               Village Bakery Café                      Harvey and Nora Hanoian                Joan McConville
    General Mills                             Zingerman’s Bakehouse                    Tim Healea                             MK Forever
                                                                                       Patricia Kennedy                       Judith Norell
    Gold Partners ($55,000)                   Hearth Society ($1,800)
                                                                                       David Krishock                         Barbara Oberlin
    King Arthur Flour Company                 Agritourismo La Petraia
                                                                                       La Patisserie P                        Christian Oertel
    San Francisco Baking Institute            Bit of Swiss Bake Shoppe
                                                                                       Thom Leonard                           Terry Olson
                                              Chuck Celsi
    Silver Partners ($33,000)                                                          Richard Miscovich                      Lewis Perlmutter
                                              Companion Baking Company
    Kemper Bakery Systems of the                                                       Noe Valley Bakery and                  Chuck Robinove
                                              Neale and Marian Creamer
       WP Bakery Group                                                                    Bread Company                       Scott Rstom
                                              Joyce and Charles Esfeld
    Lesaffre Yeast Corporation                                                         Peter Reinhart                         Slow Rise Bakery
                                              Simply Bread
                                                                                       Kimberly Roemer                        Michael Stella
    Bronze Partners ($16,500)
                                              Couche Club ($900 – $1,799)              Nathan Mitch Stamm                     Toad Buns Inc.
    Boudin Bakery
                                              Albemarle Baking Company                 Susan Tenney
    F.B.M. Baking Machines, Inc.                                                                                              Other Donations
                                              Bennison’s Bakeries                      Uppercrust Productions
    Fritsch USA                                                                                                               Paul & LaDona Fishkin
                                              David Bergman                            Hans van der Maarel
    Il Fornaio                                                                                                                Lorrette Patzwald
                                              Buono’s Italian Bakery                   Don Wingfield
    Modern Baking
                                              Kaak Group North America                 Becky Woehrle
    Progressive Baker/Cargill
                                              La Bonbonniere Bake Shoppes                                                         Would You Like to Join
                                                                                       Guild Friends ($90 – $359)
    Artisan Circle ($3,300)                   Larry Lowary                                                                        These Guild Members?
    AIB International                         Orlando Baking Company                                                              You still have the opportunity
    Allied Bakery Equipment Company           The Standard Baking Co.                                                             to make a pledge to
                                                                                       Jeanie Brown
    Amy’s Bread                               Raymond Werner                                                                      The Guild’s 2007-2009
                                                                                       Daisy Chow
    Anonymous                                 Word-of-Mouth Baking Company                                                        Fundraising Campaign. Your
                                                                                       David Crew
    Artisan Bakers                                                                                                                donation provides The Guild
                                              Baker’s Bunch ($360 – $899)              Aaron Cooperband
    BEMA                                                                                                                          with the means to develop
                                              Lee Ann Adams                            Crossroads Bake Shop
    Breadsmith                                                                                                                    educational opportunities for
                                              Apizza Scholls - Olive Mountain          Wayne N. Farr
    Central Milling Company                                                                                                       the artisan baking community
                                                 Baking Co. LLC                        Arne Ferkingstad
    Clear Flour Bread                                                                                                             across the country. For
                                              Bantam Bread Company                     Ciril Hitz
    ConAgra Foods                                                                                                                 additional information about
                                              Trale Broudy                             Mark Johannes
    Eli’s Bread                                                                                                                   making a pledge, please
                                              Ann F. Burgunder                         John Kino
    Grand Central Bakery                                                                                                          contact The Guild Office at
                                              First & Last Bakery & Café               Jeffrey Klopatek
    La Brea Bakery                                                                                                                412-823-2080 or by e-mail
                                              Grain Conditioning Inc.                  Paul Krebs
    The Acme Bread Company                                                                                                        to info@bbga.org.
                                              Grateful Bread Company                   John Kvasnosky
    Tom Cat Bakery
                                              Jeffrey Hamelman                         Marylouise Lambert

    Christian Vabret Receives                                 I waited for the end to
    Professor Raymond Calvel Award                        congratulate you on all of
    Continued from page 10                                the work I have seen during
                                                          these last few days, work
        I have recently heard the cries of joy of the     that shows so much promise
    Chinese-Taipei team at the last selection (Coupe      for the baking community
    du Monde regionals organized by Lesaffre Yeast        in years to come. Thanks
    Corporation) held in Asia, but also seen tears of     to my collaborators during
    sadness from my Canadian friends at the Louis         my class, Jeffrey (Klopatek),
    Lesaffre Cup in Mexico.                               Lionel (Vatinet), Juliette
        Everywhere, in Tokyo, St. Petersburg, in Turkey   Lulchuck and Michel (Suas).
    and Argentina, there is this contagious fever.            Special thanks to those
    Everywhere, finally, bakers are proud of their        who run The Guild: Abe,                                 Hamelman and Vabret.
    profession and are claiming the front page in         Gina, Craig and all those who
    newspapers and on television.                         have chosen me for this prestigious Raymond            rendering a worthwhile service to the public.
        Also, believe me, I am proud of this great        Calvel Award.                                             The Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie has
    adventure; proud because it has allowed us                I have little doubt that there has been an         built bridges between each of these countries. It has
    to meet.                                              evolution of bread in your country over these          reunited the women and men of different countries
        With The Guild I have enduring memories –         last years, and I am persuaded that the actions of     in very friendly exchanges, and I am very happy
    the first visit of Tom McMahon to Aurillac in         The Guild with its communications, professional        and know for sure that we must continue with our
    order to understand how an American team              education, and also its part in the Coupe du           mission. Each meeting — each exchange — is a
    could participate for the first time in the Coupe     Monde de la Boulangerie and the successive             great opportunity for our profession.
    du Monde de la Boulangerie; the numerous              victories of the American teams are very much             Let us share these warm occasions and use
    classes at the French Baking School in Aurillac;      part of it.                                            them to show that our profession knows how to
    and even one evening when I saw the American             Let us continue together in this great adventure.   celebrate with dignity.
    bakers walking by a restaurant window and this        I am certain we will prove that outside of the
    enthusiasm to prepare this team and especially        traditional places, in both rich and poor countries,   Christian Vabret
    the victories that had been right at the heart of     there can be marvelous bakers.                         Meilleur Ouvrier de France en Boulangerie
    all spectators because it proved that all of their       Bakers practice a profession that can be very         (Best Worker of France in Baking)
    professional preparation could earn them the          difficult, but they are especially passionate about    Founder and Organizer of the Coupe du Monde
    Coupe du Monde.                                       their work and they try to make good bread,              de la Boulangerie

                                                                                                                                             Photos by Paul Michael Myers

                                                                      Vabret shares his award.


         Best wishes to Bread Bakers Guild Team USA 2008
             at the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie!

                                         isan Bak
                                  by Art          eri
                             ed                         es

                    General Mills, the miller of Harvest King® flour,
                    is proud to be the Platinum Sponsor of
                    the Bread Bakers Guild of America

                 Look for Harvest King®
                     in your local retailer
               now available in 5 lb. bags!


         Established 1790                       Norwich, Vermont

                King Arthur Flour congratulates
                            THE BREAD BAKERS
                            GUILD OF AMERICA
               on another successful year and
            appreciates their tremendous effort
              in furthering the craft of artisan
             baking in America through events
                      like Camp Bread.

                                               Member of

                                          King Arthur® Flour is a
                                         proud Gold Level partner
                                           of The Bread Bakers
                                             Guild of America

       1996 - 2007

                  HOME OF BBGA
                  CAMP BREAD 2007

A   G L O B A L   C O N C E P T

     TO T H E B A K I N G I N D U S T RY. W H I L E W E C E L E B R AT E T H E 125 T H
     A N N I V E R S A RY O F T H E R E D S TA R Y E A S T B R A N D, OU R PEO P L E,
     O U R P RO C E S S E S A N D O U R P R I N C I P L E S R E M A I N F O C U S E D O N
     D E L I V E R I N G YO U T H E H I G H E S T QUA L I T Y Y E A S T P RO D U C TS .

     JOIN US AT IBIE 2007, B O OT H 3 7 6 6 , A N D TA L K W I T H O U R T E A M
     O F E X P E RT S F RO M T H E P RO V E N W O R L D L E A D E R I N Y E A S T.
     F O R M O R E I N F O R M AT I O N : 8 0 0 . 5 5 8 . 7 2 7 9 , C O N TAC T @ L S A F. C O M

                                  Classified Advertisements
    EMPLOYMENT                                            of dough processing per night with plans to at         style, Crumb Brothers is committed to promoting
                                                          least double in new location in the next year. The     sustainable lifestyles for it’s staff, it’s customers
                                                          Oxbow Market will feature local farmers’ market        and it’s business partners.
                                                          stands, food shops, and several restaurants               The current opening is a perfect opportunity to
                                                          similar to the Ferry Plaza Market in San Francisco.    participate in a vigorously growing business. We
                                                          Our bakery has been operating in St. Helena for        are looking for someone with a passion for artisan
    Established Napa Valley bakery seeks Head Baker
                                                          25 years, and has a well-established customer          baking as well as a commitment to communicate
    to open and lead new bread facility in Napa, Calif.
                                                          base, and excellent reputation nationwide. This        that passion as a supervisor in the bakery and as a
    This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced
                                                          is a salaried position with benefits, and very         representative of the bakery in the community.
    artisan baker. Our original brick oven bakery in
                                                          competitive pay for the right qualified applicant.        The applicant must have strong interpersonal
    St. Helena will open a second, new bread facility
                                                          Please contact info@themodelbakery.com or fax          communication skills in addition to a demonstrated
    at the Oxbow Market in Fall 2007 (next to Copia
                                                          résumé to (707) 968-9236.                              expertise with all aspects of bread production.
    Museum). Responsibilities will include set-up
                                                                                                                    Crumb Brothers offers competitive salary rates,
    of equipment (San Francisco Baking Institute),
                                                          PRODUCTiON MANAGER                                     a solid health care plan and other benefits.
    training and management of new staff and
                                                          Crumb Brothers Artisan Bread has an immediate             Submit résumé with cover letter, recent
    implementation of wholesale-retail production for
                                                          opening for a production manager. Crumb                references and a statement of salary expectations
    two locations. Customers include many high-end
                                                          Brothers is located in Logan, Utah. a small            to: Attn. Bill Oblock, Crumb Brothers Artisan
    Napa Valley restaurants and wineries. Production
                                                          university town north of Salt Lake City. With a        Bread, 291 South 300 West, Logan, Utah 84321,
    will focus on organic artisan level bread products.
                                                          state of the art facility built in the arts & crafts   (435) 792-6063.
    Our current production averages 600-800 pounds

    BREAD BAKER                                           bakers. The initial volume will predictably be         QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree AND two
    AQUAVIT - Head Baker needed for new multi-unit        small, however we anticipate producing an              years of full-time (or part-time equivalent) related
    casual cafe with an extensive bread program.          increasing larger volume to satisfy the needs of the   experience; OR an Associate’s degree AND six
    Responsibilities include developing recipes,          community.                                             years of full-time (or part-time equivalent) related
    coordinating production for all bread products;          For consideration, please contact David Lacy        experience; OR a fully satisfied (Life) California
    maintaining inventory, overseeing cost control;       through e-mail at david@willofoods.com. Please         Community College Instructor’s Credential in
    managing bakery staff; light pastry. Must have 5      send a CV and let us know something of some            Foods, Food Services or related technologies.
    years minimum high volume bread baking                of your successes. Compensation will be highly
                                                                                                                 APPLICATION MATERIALS AND PROCEDURES:
    experience, 2 years in a supervisory role. Broad      competitive. (If you prefer to fax a response, our
                                                                                                                 To receive application materials, please contact:
    knowledge of European breads helpful. Please e-       fax number is (602) 254-1172. Please make it to
                                                                                                                 Human Resources Department, Santa Rosa Junior
    mail Eric Simeon, e.simeon@aquavit.org or fax         the attention of David.)
                                                                                                                 College, 1501 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa,
    résumés to (212) 957-9043.
                                                                                                                 Calif. 95401, (707) 527-4688 • Fax (707) 527-
                                                          FULL TiME BAKER
                                                                                                                 4967, Employment Page: www.santarosa.edu/hr
    BAKERS                                                Organic bakery is looking for full-time baker to
    Massachusetts bakery seeking experienced              join its team. HAWTHORNE VALLEY FARM
                                                                                                                 BREAD PRODUCTiON MANAGER
    bread bakers and bakers-in-training for multiple      BAKERY was founded in 1980 and is an
                                                                                                                 • To manage a commissary producing
    positions, including shift managers.                  established and growing business that mills
                                                                                                                 par-baked Artisan breads & pastries for a growing
       This is a great opportunity to join the fastest    organic and/or biodynamic flours daily to produce
                                                                                                                 national restaurant company
    growing wholesale artisan bakery in Western           fresh, hand-formed loaves and baked goods.
                                                                                                                 • Good pay with medical insurance and
    Massachusetts. We produce breads and rolls            Located in the Hudson Valley of New York, HVF
                                                                                                                 benefits including relocation cost
    using National Baking Center-inspired methods.        Bakery sells its diverse line of yeasted and
                                                                                                                 • Located in Billings, Mont. Enjoy all that
       The bakery is located in Northampton, at the       sourdough breads and assorted pastries locally, at
                                                                                                                 Montana offers including the low cost of living
    heart of the Pioneer Valley “5 College” region,       its stand at New York City’s renowned Union Square
                                                                                                                 and a wonderful family lifestyle.
    in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains.          Green Market, and through markets in the Berkshire
                                                                                                                 • Excellent working conditions in a new
    Northampton was named “Best Small Arts                and Albany areas. Baking experience is preferred,
                                                                                                                 5,000 sq. ft. commissary with state-of-the-art
    Town in America” by travel writer John Villani.       although we will train the right candidate.
    The Boston Globe writes: “Northampton offers              Hawthorne Valley Bakery is part of a dynamic
                                                                                                                 • Following qualifications needed to apply:
    more restaurants, shops, galleries, theaters, and     organization called Hawthorne Valley Farm on 400
                                                                                                                 Min of 2 years of scratch baking; Knowledge of
    performance venues than most urban centers            acres that includes a sixty-cow dairy herd, a 12-
                                                                                                                 Artisan bread production; Management experience;
    dozens of times its size. Add rivers, mountain        acre market garden, full-line natural foods store,
                                                                                                                 Strong references. Responsibilities include: Hiring
    views, landscaped parks and meadows, and you          on-site dairy processing plant, and Community
                                                                                                                 and Training; Cost controls; Research and
    begin to see why people call it paradise.” We offer   Supported Agriculture program. (See www.
    good pay, benefits, and room for advancement.         hawthornevalleyfarm.org.)
    Call (413) 695-8018 for more information.                 Located in Harlemville N.Y., about 35 miles        Website reference: grainsofmontana.com
                                                          southeast of Albany, twenty minutes from               Send résumé to: tomw@grainsofmontana.com.
    HEAD BAKER                                            Hudson, N.Y.; a half-hour from the Berkshires of       Mail to: Tom Wilscam, Grains of Montana
    A BRAND NEW BAKERY (with all new equipment!)          Massachusetts; 2.5 hours from New York City.           Franchising Inc., 4747 E. Pinewood Pl.,
    is opening in Ventura, Calif. – just two blocks           Excellent benefits package; salary is              Centennial, Colo. 80121.
    from the beach. Ventura is located 60 minutes         commensurate with experience. Send résumés
    north of Los Angeles and 25 minutes south of          to Chris Stearn or Caroline Gordon at bakery@                           BAKER
    Santa Barbara on the beautiful southern California    hawthornevalleyfarm.org, fax to (518) 672-4887                          Baker (aspiring or professional)
    coast line.                                           (attention Chris and Caroline), call (518) 672-                         wanted to work at a small organic
       We are searching for a full charge HEAD            7500, ext. 114.                                                         artisan bread and pastry bakery
    BAKER, experienced in producing the finest artisan                                                                            in Durango, Colo. We are a
    breads to be sold to neighboring restaurants          CULiNARY iNSTRUCTOR                                                     community-oriented, well-
    as well as being used in our own adjacent cafe.       Santa Rosa Junior College is seeking an individual                      established and busy bakery/café
    Additional experience in producing fine pastries      with demonstrated instructional and culinary skills    specializing in organic hearth-baked breads and
    is a plus as they are also very much need in the      to join an outstanding team of faculty. This is a      breakfast pastries. We are seeking a full time
    community and in our cafe.                            full-time, regular contract position, beginning Fall   worker. Salary depends on experience. Attitude and
       The successful candidate should have               Semester, August 2007. The assignment will be          commitment to food trumps experience, however,
    experience in producing the finest breads             split between the Culinary Arts Center, and the        so apprentices and interns, don’t be shy.
    available. He or she should also have experience      Santa Rosa Campus.                                                                       Continued on page 56
    in hiring, training and supervising a team of
    Classified Advertisements                                   To apply, please forward your cover letter and      period and ongoing training if necessary.
    Continued from page 55                                   résumé directly to RobertHolland@grandcentralbakery.      SBA backed funding is available for qualified
                                                             com or mail the same to 4634 E Marginal Way S,         buyers. Asking price for business and FF & E
       Our bakery is nearly a decade old and well            Suite C110, Seattle, Wash. 98134. Please NO            $699,000. Contact Broker, National Restaurant
    rooted in our community. We have a diverse               PHONE CALLS. Salary range of $29-35K (based            Associates, Timothy J. Hagar, (843) 442-1872,
    workforce built upon a long combined experience.         on experience). Regularly scheduled performance        (843) 853-8550 fax, hagar@bellsouth.net, www.
    (One partner has baked artisan bread since 1981.)        review and merit increase opportunities. In            restaurantstore.com
       To correspond with us, please send an inquiry         addition, we offer great medical/dental/vision
    or a résumé, and any questions to bread@frontier.        benefits, and 401k with matching funds, life           MONTANA BAKERY
    net, or you can send us something snailmail:             insurance, free bread and employee discounts.          The Bikery is an established business and located
    bread, Attn: Rob or Jeffe, 42 County Road 250 Ste.                                                              in a “high visibility” area of the CBD in Red Lodge,
    100, Durango, Colo. 81301. You can also call us          BREAD BAKERS                                           Mont. The dough artisans offer a unique product
    at (970) 247-5100.                                       Whole Foods Market Midwest Bakehouse, 2950 N.          line of brick oven baked pastries, bagels, breads,
                                                             Oakley, Chicago, is seeking experienced BREAD          sweet treats, teas, coffees and home of the “Big
    MANAGER                                                  BAKERS. We offer competitive wages, medical and        Daddy”. The Bikery’s brick oven pizzas are great
    Located in beautiful mid-coast Maine, Atlantic           traditional health plans, and 20% discount. Apply      gastronomical delights. There is a comfortable
    Baking Co is looking for an experienced, motivated,      on line at www.wholefoodsmarket.com.                   eating area for nice conversation and relaxation.
    trustworthy, and passionate manager to head both                                                                   The building has 1,735+ sq. ft. with two ½ baths.
    our artisan bread and pastry production teams. We        FOR SALE                                               The upstairs has and office with the potential for
    work in a state of the art 3,000 sq. ft production                                                              bedrooms and living area. The site size is 2,750
                                                             SWiSS ARMY MOBiLE BAKERY
    facility, and have an eat in eat out cafe located on                                                            sq. ft. Sale includes: Recipes, FF & E, and Real
                                                             In operation for over 43 years, this bakery supplied
    Main Street. Job responsibilities include:                                                                      Estate. Contact Jim Kadous, Broker-Coal Creek
                                                             soldiers with fresh bread, hot soup and meals.
    Overseeing daily quality control of both bread and                                                              Realty, (406) 446-2266, jkadous@montana.net
                                                             After the Swiss Army decommissioned the last one
    pastry production; Inventory and ordering; Hiring        years ago, the Swiss Army Mobile Bakery became
    and training staff (great staff already in place); New                                                          FOR SALE
                                                             a valuable collector’s item. This Swiss Army
    product development; Cost control of all items.                                                                 Bongard “cervap” gas-fired deck oven. 4 decks,
                                                             Mobile Bakery is fully operational and in superb
       This position is full time and includes weekend                                                              8 doors, 146 sq. ft. baking space. Great condition,
                                                             condition. Completely self-sustaining, the mobile
    and/or evening hours. Candidate must have                                                                       10 years old. $20,000 assembled or $25,000
                                                             bakery’s greatest features are its unique
    intimate knowledge of artisan bread and pastry                                                                  packed and ready to go. Waterbury, Vt. Available
                                                             appearance, versatility, and mobility. Imagine the
    production, including making laminates on a sheeter,                                                            October of 2007. Contact Randy. (802) 244-0966
                                                             many opportunities and unlimited possibilities the
    management and teaching experience, attention to                                                                or randy@redhenbaking.com.
                                                             Swiss Army Mobile Bakery will bring to you or
    detail, and be a team player. We offer medical           your business at various exhibitions and
    benefits, profit sharing, vacation and competitive       conventions nationwide. This is a rare opportunity!
    salary. Please e-mail résumé, references and letter      Visit us at www.swissarmymobilebakery.com.
    of intent to: judy@atlanticbakingco.com or mail to:
    Judy Getman, Manager, Atlantic Baking Co., 351
                                                                                                                            The Bread Bakers
                                                             SOUTH CAROLiNA BAKERY
    Main Street, Rockland, Maine 04841.                      Well Established and well maintained artisan                   Guild of America
                                                             bakery and café in coastal South Carolina, great
    SUPERViSOR                                                                                                          Mission Statement:
                                                             reputation and extensive client list, wholesale
    Grand Central Bakery in Seattle, Wash. is looking                                                                   The Bread Bakers Guild of America shapes
                                                             operation and retail front both with upward
    for a supervisor. Experienced artisan bread                                                                         the knowledge and skills of the artisan
                                                             trending sales, centrally located in affluent
    bakers with a passion for baking, a dependable           community with desirable, below market,                    baking community through education.
    background, and who genuinely enjoy working              long term lease in place. Excellent financial              Contact info:
    with people should apply. This position will             documentation and strong cash flow (estimated              The Bread Bakers Guild of America
    report directly to the production manager and is         $275K) can be verified. This is a turnkey operation
    an excellent opportunity for those who thrive on                                                                    3203 Maryland Avenue
                                                             for experienced bakers with desire to live and
    responsibility. Grand Central Bakery is the original                                                                North Versailles, Pa. 15137
                                                             work in an historic and culturally rich coastal
    artisan bread bakery of Seattle, baking artisan                                                                     Phone: (412) 823-2080
    breads since 1989. Some qualifications include:             Seller is ready to pass the torch that has been         Fax: (412) 823-2495
    Journeyman level expertise in all phases of              burning for 19 years and will provide training and         E-Mail: info@bbga.org
    artisan baking is a must; Ability to train and raise     support to the new operator. Seller will consider          Web Site: www.bbga.org
    performance thru constructive criticism.                 staying on as employee for an extended time


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