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									      Menagerie á Trois
       Parasites Lost

Symbiosis, Co-Evolution, and
Long Term Solutions For
Academic Journals
Mark Funk
Oct. 2, 2003
             “Living together”

Parasitism     Commensalism      Mutualism

Harm                                 Help
• Parasite benefits
  from relationship
• Host is harmed
• Commensal benefits
• Host is indifferent
• Both partners
  (mutualists) benefit
• Reciprocally induced evolutionary
  change between two or more species or
Co-Evolution: Our World
Our World: The 70s
Our World: The 80s
Our World: The Late 90s

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Mutated Weasel

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Open Access Philosophy
• Society benefits from an open exchange
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• Access to copyrighted material inspires
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• Copyright exists for the public good
• Open Access journals distribute peer-
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New Organism: Open Access
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            All use non-infringing
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Background Reading
• Peter Suber. Removing the barriers to
  research: an introduction to Open
  Access for librarians.
  College & Research Libraries News, 64
  (Feb. 2003), pp. 92-94, 113.
• www.biomedcentral.com/info/libraries/
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Parasitism   Commensalism   Mutualism

Harm                            Help

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