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					   Computing Studies Program – Australian International School Singapore
                  Year 8                                   Web Page Design                                     Term 2 - 2000                                  Word 97 - Notepad
                                                                                    Syllabus Objectives
Knowledge and Understanding                      Skills                                           Attitudes and Values                              Process
 a computer system as a configuration of         describe the function of a range of computer    appreciate that computer-based applications      take part in meaningful computer-based
  computer hardware and software,                  software                                         affect the lives of people, and that these        problem-solving activities
  functioning together in the processing of       describe a range of computer-based               effects may be helpful or harmful                be involved in a range of practical activities
  data so as to achieve a specified purpose        applications                                    make value judgements as to the benefit of       view content from each of the perspectives.
 the facts that computer systems are             use a number of software programs                using computer-based applications
  designed by people, for use by people to         effectively                                     appreciate that computers are appropriate to
  perform tasks that benefit (some) people        use a computer programming language to           the solution of some problems, and
 the purpose and function of different types      write computer programs to solve simple,         inappropriate to others
  of software                                      meaningful problems of relevance to             develop confidence in the use of a range of
 the purpose and function of different levels     him/her                                          classroom computer equipment
  of programming languages                                                                         develop attitudes and values related to
 the process used in developing software                                                           technological change
  solutions to various problems

                                                                               Web Page Design Program

Topic Outcomes                         Knowledge & Understanding              Activities                              Assessment                               Resources
 know HTML code and                     Introduction to the Internet –         Use Netscape Communicator               Construct a web page with                web page design powerpoint
  terminology                             URL addresses – country                 or Microsoft Internet                    the following minimum                     presentation by Suzanne E.
 create, save and upload an              codes etc.                              Explorer on prepared web                 features:                                 Gladfelter www.yk.psu.edu/~sg3/home.htm
  HTML document using                    Web Page Design - Process               pages
                                                                                                                            have at least three pages
  relevant software                      HTML Programming                       Create a word-processed                                                           LCD projector demonstration
                                                                                                                            use of text, different fonts,
 make editing changes to an             Web Browser Software                    document suitable for use as
                                                                                                                             sizes and colours
                                                                                                                                                                     of web pages showing design
  existing HTML document                 HTML Hypertext Markup                   a web page. Convert the                                                            features
                                                                                                                            pages must have suitable
 move and copy text, graphics            Language, HTML Tags and                 document to HTML
                                                                                 Load a created Web Page                                                           school computers and
  and links                               Attributes                                                                        pages must be linked by a               software (Microsoft Word 97,
 format the characters,                 HTML File Names and                     into Netscape Composer or                  combination of hypertext
                                                                                  Microsoft Word. Use the                                                            Notepad, Netscape
  paragraphs and graphics in an           Extensions                                                                         and hypermedia links
                                                                                  software to edit the text and                                                      Communicator and Microsoft
  HTML document                          Shell Structure of an HTML                                                        use of graphics – both                  Internet Explorer)
 use a range of tools to                 Program                                 fonts. Save the file and view              static and animated
                                         Line Breaks & Spacing                   with Netscape Communicator                use of sounds
  produce a professional-                                                                                                                                           HTML Tutorial by Mark
                                                                                  or MS Internet Explorer
  looking web page                       Enhancing Text on Screen                                                                                                   Gregory
                                    Text Identifiers & Character    Add graphic images static
                                     Formatting                       GIF and JPG animated GIF              use of buttons
                                    Text Centring                   Set page background using             use of tables
                                    Special Characters / Symbols     “standard” colours                    use of video
                                    Pre-Formatting Screen           Set text and link colours
                                     Positions                       Create additional web pages           (task is worth 5% of total
                                    Lists & Bullets                  using Netscape Composer or            assessment for the year)
                                    Internal/External Links          Microsoft Word (or other).
                                    Drawing Solid Lines
                                                                     Set links between pages             web page theory and
                                                                      using both text and graphics         practical examinations
                                    Scalable Fonts & Font
                                                                     Extension: Use Notepad to            (each worth 5% of total
                                                                      construct an HTML Web                assessment for the year)
                                    Modified Font Sizes
                                                                      Page and view with Netscape
                                    Modified Font Colours            Communicator or MS
                                    Colour Screen Backgrounds        Internet Explorer
                                    Colouring Screen Attributes
                                    Tables & Screen Frames
                                    Tiling Screen Backgrounds
                                    Images/Graphics & Clipart
                                    Clickable Image Links
                                    Creating A Web Page &
                                     Saving To Disk Using A
                                     Standard Text Editor
                                    Viewing Web Pages using a
                                     Graphical Browser
                                    Uploading and downloading
                                     files to ftp site
                                    Other HTML editors

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