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					How to apply
1.    Write to:
      Evelyn Acheson, Ph.D., RN
      Director, apply
     How toWHO Collaborating
      Center Affiliate

2.    List the learning objectives for
      your visit

3.    Suggest the time frame (allow
      three months for visa processing)

4.    List resources you will need to
      accomplish your goals

                                           THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA
                                                   COLLEGE OF NURSING

The University of Oklahoma College of                      1100 N. Stonewall Ave.
Nursing is a World Health Organization                  Oklahoma City, OK 73117
Collaborating Center Affiliate with The                    Phone: (918) 660-3970
University of Alabama Birmingham.                             Fax: (918) 660-3960
It is accredited by National League for         Web site:
Nursing Accrediting Commission
(NLNAC) and located on three urban        The University of Oklahoma is an equal
                                          opportunity institution.
campuses in Oklahoma with over 900        Brochure printed and distributed at no cost to
students.                                 the taxpayers of the State of Oklahoma.
                                                      Cost                                                  How to apply

Visiting International Scholar Program

                                                           Research methods mentoring                       In addition, you will receive assistance
                                                                                                             locating housing, local transportation and
                                                           Writing lab                                      introduction to culture and customs in
                                                           English language assistance

                                                           Visits to hospitals and clinical facilities
                                                                                                             You will receive a continuing education
                                                           Inclusion in workshops, classes and              certificate upon completion of your study
                                                                                                             plan and a written evaluation for your
                                     Left to right:        Online “Nursing in the United States”
                 Prissana Soontornchia (Thailand)
                         Marina Boykova (Russia)            course
                                                                                                             You are expected to provide your own:
                                                           Inclusion in seminars and meetings                         transportation to the United
Scholars working on research or a
                                                                                                                       housing and food costs
manuscript are invited to the University of                                                                            medical insurance while in the
Oklahoma College of Nursing under a J-1                                                                                 United States
                                                                                                                       incidental expenses
visa where you will work with a faculty

mentor for one to 12 months to accomplish
                                                                                                              Expense               Cost range
your own identified objectives.                                                                                                     (in U.S. dollars)

Resources available to you include:                                                                           Local housing
                                                                                                              with food
   Library facilities
                                                                                                              Health insurance      $75-110/month
   Online journals
                                                                  Evelyn Acheson, Ph.D, RN, director of       OU fees               $500/month
                                                           international program with Taiwanese visiting
   Assistance with database searches                 scholars (left to right: Shu-Hwa, Liu, Pi-Choa, Kuo     Incidentals           $50-150/month
                                                                                    and Shu-Chen, Chiu)
   IT support                                                                                                Totals                $1250-1560/month