The Kidneys by MikeJenny


									The Kidneys

 And nephrons
     Kidneys: Gross Anatomy
• Renal Capsule: The outer protective covering of
  the kidneys.
• Renal Cortex: Where major portion of nephrons
• Renal Medulla: Parts of the nephron’s loops of
  henle delve into this region. Also where the
  collecting ducts extend into.
• Renal Pelvis: Where the urine pools together
  from the collecting ducts and drains into the
• Renal corpusle consists of a:
  – Glomerulus: a ball of leaky capilliaries that
    sits inside the Bowman’s capsule.
  – Bowman’s capsule: A capsule that
    surrounds the glomerulus and catches the
    filtrate that comes through and funnels it off to
    the tubes of the nephron.
• the Renal Tubule consists of the:
  – Proximal convoluted tubule: Reclaims glucose,
    amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
  – Loop of henle: reclaims most of the water and
    pumps out salt to produce an osmotic gradient.
  – Distal convoluted tubule: secretes and absorbs
    salts and minerals back into the urine to adjust the
    salt water balance. It’s function is affected by
• Collecting ducts: pass the urine down to the
  calyxes, into the renal pelvis that lead to the
  ureters and the bladder.

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