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					Indicator 1.1: Summarize the distinct characteristics of each colonial region in the settlement and development
of America, including religious, social, political, and economic differences.

Assessment Guidelines                             Essential Knowledge                                   Lesson Plans
      summarize the              Spanish                                                        Materials:
       religious, social,             settled for ―God, Gold, & Glory‖
                                                                                                      graphic organizer
       political, and economic        converted natives to Catholicism- sometimes by force
       similarities and               governed through viceroys and mission settlements-             maps
       differences between               not democratic
       the colonial regions of        society was strictly hierarchical                         Activities:
       New Spain, New France,         funded by the Spanish crown
                                                                                                      Interpret the map on p.
       and the English colonies       exploited slaves in the encomiendas system
       in New England, the Mid    French                                                               111 in the text and
       Atlantic colonies, and         some French Huguenots settled in SC                             describe the information
       the southern colonies          converted natives, not usually by force                         provided. Include in your
      Give examples of               had a mutually dependent relationship with natives-
                                                                                                       analysis other information
       evidence of each of               fur trapping
                                                                                                       that may have been useful
       these categories for             did not use slave labor
       each colonial region and                                                                        if provided.
       classify it to the         British New England
       appropriate colonial            Settled for religious purposes, but did not grant that          (Literacy Element I)
       region                             freedom to others, wanted a ―city on a hill‖, more          Quick Write: Explain the
      interpret maps and                 toleration came with Rhode Island & Great Awakening          impact of geography on
       graphs and infer their          Relatively egalitarian society
       relationship to                                                                                 the settlements of New
                                       churches fostered education & towns
       information about the           economy based on the sea- ship building, trading- did          Spain, New France, and
       time period                        not depend heavily on slavery due to geography               British North America.
      compare the colonial                                                                            (Literacy Element F)
       regions, interpret the     British Middle Colonies
       significance of these           more religiously diverse, Act of Toleration (MD)
       differences, and infer                                                                         Create a graphic
                                       somewhat egalitarian, but increased immigration led
       its impact on the future           to stratification of society                                 organizer to compare and
       of the colonies                 exported foodstuffs                                            contrast the social,

                                                                     economic, and political
British Southern Colonies
                                                                     characteristics of New
     settled for profit
                                                                     England, the Middle
     religion not as important as in more northern colonies;
        Church of England official church in most southern           Colonies, and the Southern
        colonies                                                     Colonies.
     most hierarchical society of British colonies                  (Literacy Element G)
     dependence on slavery grew throughout the 2
        centuries of colonialism; brutal Barbados slave codes
                                                                    Read the description of
        brought to N. America in late 17th century
     grew rice, indigo, tobacco- cotton not significant until       the House of Burgesses on
        after the invention of the cotton gin in 1793                p. 58. Why do you think
                                                                     that legislative body
                                                                     passed the laws it did?
Other Information
                                                                    Chalk Talk: ―Is the US a
    Spanish & French did not have democratic institutions
       in Europe and thus did not bring them to America              ―city upon a hill?‖
    The British settlers did bring those institutions and          Interpret the map of
       ideologies with them- they fostered the development           Sudbury, Massachusetts,
       of new democratic institutions here (note: This               on p. 93. Compare the
       concept is further and more deeply explored in
                                                                     settlement of that New
       Standard 2.)
    Most English settlements and expeditions were                   England town to the
       funded by joint stock companies or individual                 settlement patterns in
       proprietors                                                   your community today.
    Mercantilism drove the colonies of Spain, France, and
                                                                    If you were a European
       Britain in the New World
                                                                     coming to America in the
    The three regions of British North America
       developed an interdependent network with one                  17th or 18th century, where
       another, the British Caribbean, Europe, and Africa            would you want to settle
    Note: know largest port cities and understand their             and why?
       importance (NY, Philadelphia, Boston, Charleston)

Indicator 2.1: Summarize the early development of representative government and political rights in the
American colonies, including the influence of the British political system, the rule of law and the conflict between
the colonial legislatures, and the royal governors.

       Assessment Guidelines                       Essential Knowledge                                 Lesson Plans
      Explain the development of early        Magna Carta                              Materials:
       representative government in                 - Rights of Englishmen                  Graphic organizer (teacher or student-
       the British colonies                         - Jury trials by one‘s peers            generated)
                                               English Bill of Rights
      Summarize the concepts of rule
                                               Locke‘s Social Contract                  Activities:
       of law and the political rights of
                                               Rule of law                                  Create a chart or annotated
       the colonists that were brought
                                               Puritan impact on representative                 timeline of the events that led to
       with them from England                   government                                       Lexington and Concord.
      Compare British colonial policy         Glorious Revolution                                  (Literacy Element E)
       before and after the French and         Representative governments including         Read the differing accounts of the
       Indian War                               the House of Burgesses, Mayflower                Boston Massacre on pp. 124-125.
      Classify the British actions as          Compact, town meetings                           Compare and contrast the accounts.
       taxes or other violations of            Extent of suffrage                               Ask students to vote on the most
       rights                                   Conflict w/ royal governors/ power of           credible of the two accounts and
                                                the purse                                        ask them to determine whether the
      Infer that it was the
                                               By the time of the Revolution, most              Boston Massacre was a ―repeated
       accumulation of ―repeated
                                                colonies were royal colonies                     injury or usurpation‖ by the British
       injuries and usurpations‖ which
                                               Events leading to Lexington &                    against the American colonists.
       brought the colonists to the             Concord- know the sequence of                    (Literacy Element O)
       point of rebellion                       events (Navigation Acts, impact of F         Warm Up- Pretend you are in the
Assessment Format:                              & I War, Stamp Act, Stamp Act                    picture of the Boston Tea Party on
    Exit slip: Summarize and                   Congress, Sons and Daughters of                  page 127 in your textbook. What do
      explain the evolution of                  Liberty, Boston Massacre, Townshend              you see, feel, hear, and smell?
                                                Acts, Tea Act, Boston Tea Party,                       (Literacy Element K)
      representative government
                                                Intolerable Acts, 1st Continental
      from the Magna Carta through              Congress
      the colonial era.                        ―No taxation without representation‖
         (Literacy Element E)

Indicator 2.2: Explain the impact of the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution on the
American colonies and the world at large.

       Assessment Guidelines                         Essential Knowledge                        Lesson Plans
                                                   Declaration of Independence         Materials:
       Explain the importance of the                  - to whom it was addressed         Copy of the Declaration of
        Declaration of Independence in
                                                       - principles                       Independence (textbook)
        establishing the reasons for
        separation and convincing reluctant            - why it addressed the King
        patriots to join in opposition to the              and not Parliament           Activities:
        Crown                                          - impact on state
       Summarize the principles upon
                                                                                           Paideia Seminar on the
                                                           governments (legislative
        which Americans based their                                                           principles and international
                                                           supremacy, emancipation
        justification for the Revolution and                                                  importance of the
        upon which other groups throughout                 of slaves in some
                                                                                              Declaration of Independence
        the world based their claims for                   northern states, religious
                                                                                             As a class, discuss ―What if
        ―life, liberty, and the pursuit of                 freedom)
                                                                                              the Declaration of
                                                   Review elements of the
       Interpret short selections of the                                                     Independence Had
                                                    Enlightenment (natural rights,
        document                                                                              Condemned Slavery‖ found on
        Infer which acts of the British             equality, and purpose of
                                                                                             p. 132 of the text. This
        government that violated American           government etc.)
                                                                                              activity may be used as a
        rights were being cited in portions        Battle of Saratoga- impact
        of the document
                                                                                              springboard to a discussion
                                                   Battle of Yorktown
                                                                                              of the principles in the DOI
Assessment Format:                                 DOI and the American
                                                                                              or as a conclusion to the
    Explain the importance of the                  Revolution‘s impact on the
        Declaration of Independence.                                                          discussion of the document‘s
                                                    French and Latin American
                                                                                              impact on world history.

Indicator 2.3: Explain the development and effectiveness of the Articles of Confederation.

       Assessment Guidelines                       Essential Knowledge                               Lesson Plans
       Explain why the Articles of               Purpose of the Articles of               Materials:
        Confederation was designed to be a         Confederation (AOC)
                                                                                                 Copy of the Articles of
        weak form of central government           Why it was designed as a weak
       Classify the strengths and                 central government                             Confederation
        weaknesses of the Articles as             Effectiveness of the AOC                      Map of the Old Northwest
        diplomatic, economic, and political            - settled controversy over
       Classify actions of the Articles‘                  western land claims
        government as evidence of either               - Northwest Ordinance
                                                                                                  Chart the strengths and weaknesses
        effectiveness or ineffectiveness                   (national government‘s first
                                                                                                   of the Articles of Confederation
       Interpret maps, graphs, and charts                 attempt to prohibit slavery,
                                                                                                  (Literacy Element U)
       Infer their value as evidence of the               system of distributing
                                                                                                  Create a graphic organizer
        effectiveness of the government                    western lands
                                                                                                   comparing the Articles of
        under the Articles of Confederation            - Won the war
                                                                                                   Confederation, the Confederate
       Compare the Articles government                - New state constitutions
                                                                                                   States of America, and the United
        with the government under the             Weaknesses of the AOC
                                                                                                   Nations. (Literacy Element U)
        Constitution                                   - Diplomatic (Brits in western
                                                                                                  Interpreting the map on p. 161, list
Assessment Format:                                         lands, Spanish in New
                                                                                                   at least three long-term
                                                           Orleans, Native Americans,
   Explain why the Articles of                            inability to raise an army,
                                                                                                   ramifications of the Northwest
        Confederation proved to be                                                                 Ordinance.
                                                           conflicts between states)
                                                                                                  (Literacy Element L)
        ineffective. (Literacy Element S)              - Economic (international
                                                                                                  Warm Up- Brainstorm ways the US
                                                           trade, conflicts between
                                                                                                   would be different if we still
                                                           states, inflation, debt)
                                                                                                   existed under the Articles of
                                                       - Political (no executive,
                                                           difficult to amend, difficulty
                                                           in raising taxes

Indicator 2.4: Summarize the creation of a new national government, including the new state constitutions, the
country‘s economic crisis, the Founding Fathers and their debates at the Constitutional Convention, the impact of
the Federalist Papers, and the subsequent ratification of the Constitution.
   Assessment Guidelines                  Essential Knowledge                         Lesson Plans
      Summarize the                      New state constitutions      Materials:
       characteristics of the new          (strong legislatures and          The Federalist Papers
       government under the                weak executives)                  Federalist Papers Summaries
       Constitution                       The economic crisis and
      Explain the economic                the resulting depression
       crisis of the 1780s and the         (causes & impact)            Activities:
       cause and effect                   Impact of Shays‘ Rebellion        Chart comparing the demands of
       relationship between the           Philadelphia Convention            large vs. small states (VA vs. NJ
       Massachusetts Rebellion            VA, NJ Plans                       Plans)
       and the calling of the             Great Compromise                  Federal Papers # 10 and #51
       Convention                         3/5 Compromise                    Venn Diagram (Federalist vs. Anti
      Compare the competing              Executive Branch                   Federalist)
       state interests                     compromises                          (Literacy Element U)
      Explain and classify the           James Madison- ―Father of         Class debate ( large vs. small states
       resulting compromises               the Constitution‖                  or Federalist vs. Anti-Federalist)
      Compare the positions              Ratification of the               Explain how Shays‘ Rebellion
       taken by the Federalists            Constitution                       reflected the country‘s economic
       and the Anti-Federalists           Purpose of The Federalist          depression.
       on the issue of ratification        Papers                            Using the website
      Compare the Federalists            Southern and northern    
       and Anti-Federalists of             states debate over control         tml , students will list the 3 main
       the ratification period             of international trade             strengths and weaknesses of the
       with the Federalists and            (banning international             Constitution and the Articles of
       the Democratic-                     slave trade)                       Confederation.
       Republicans of the 1790s           Federalists and their             Interpret excerpts from Federalist
       (USHC 2.6) and distinguish          supporters                         or Anti-Federalist essays and
       between the positions of                                            identify the positions that each
       these groups                      Anti-Federalists and their       supports.
      Explain the impact of The          supporters                         (Literacy Element O)
       Federalist Papers and             Controversy surrounding         Using the 1790 census, determine
       Infer the relative                 the Bill of Rights               South Carolina‘s position in the
       importance of The                                                   debates that ended with the Great
       Federalist and the promise                                          Compromise and the 3/5 Compromise.
       of the addition of a bill of                                        (Literacy Element L)
       rights to the Constitution
       in securing ratification
      Interpret a short portion
       of a Federalist or Anti-
       Federalist position paper
       and identify the position
       that it supports

Assessment Format:
Evaluate the arguments of the
Federalists and Anti-Federalists.
(Literacy Element O)

Indicator 2.5: Analyze underlying political philosophies, fundamental principles, and the purpose of the United
States Constitution and the Bill of Rights, including the ideas behind separation of powers and the system of
checks and balances and the influence of the Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights, and the colonial charters.
       Assessment Guidelines                   Essential Knowledge                         Lesson Plans
     Analyze the Constitution by             The role of colonial charters      Materials:
      differentiating between                 The Constitution was a result            Copy of the Constitution (textbook)
      examples of federalism,                  of American experiences with             Paper, Colored Pencils
      separation of powers, and checks         England
      and balances                                                                Activities:
                                              The Constitution was founded
    Compare the protections of the                                                   Analyze a list of the advantages and
                                               on the principles of the British           disadvantages of a strong federal
      Constitution with those in the
      Magna Carta and the English Bill
                                               government                                 government versus a weak federal

      of Right                                Fundamental principle of                   government.
                                               sovereignty                            Create a visual that illustrates the
    Compare the Constitution with
                                                                                          connections between the Magna
      the Articles of Confederation           Purpose of the Constitution
                                                                                          Carta and the English Bill of Rights
    Explain the idea of limited              Separation of powers                       to the US Constitution and Bill of
      government and how this is              Checks and balances                        Rights
      exemplified in the Constitution         Principle of federalism                   (Literacy Element U)
    Infer from a piece of                    The role and powers of the             Quick Write: The Bill of Rights is
      Constitutional text the principle,                                                  important to me because…
                                               legislative, executive, and
      such as sovereignty, federalism,                                                Evaluate Ben Franklin‘s quote: ―It
                                               judicial branches of                      astonishes me to find this system
      separation of powers and checks
                                               government                                approaching to perfection as it
      and balances, which is being
                                              Principle of limited government           does; and I think it will astonish our
                                               and the Magna Carta                       enemies.‖
Assessment Format:
                                              The English Bill of Rights               Hand out various clauses from the
   Short answer quiz: List and explain
                                                                                         text of the Constitution to students
   the powers of the three branches of        The purpose of the Bill of
                                                                                         in the class. One-by-one, have them
   the federal government.                     Rights                                    go to places in the room designated
   (Literacy Element P)                                                                  sovereignty, federalism, separation
                                                                                         of powers, and check and balances.

Indicator 2.6: Compare differing economic and political views in the conflict between Thomas Jefferson
and Alexander Hamilton that led to the emergence of the American two-party political system.

      Assessment Guidelines                     Essential Knowledge                          Lesson Plans
      Compare the political and               Hamilton‘s economic plan          Activities:
       economic views of Hamilton and          Jefferson‘s plan in reaction         Strict vs. Loose Interpretation
       Jefferson and the                       Establishment of national bank       Give students these situations: the
       characteristics and membership          Strict vs. loose interpretation     establishment of public schools, public
       of the political parties that they       of the Constitution                 roads, the Federal Reserve, and the
       founded                                 Causes/effects of the               criminalization of drugs. They are then to
      Explain the economic and                 Whiskey Rebellion                   debate these issues using the principles of
                                                                                    strict and loose interpretation. (Variation:
       sectional basis for the political       Industrial vs. agrarian ideals
                                                                                    Using the issues listed above or a current
       views of each party                     Development of two party
                                                                                    newspaper, ask the students ―What would
      Interpret a short piece of text          system- including their
                                                                                    Hamilton think?‖ or ―What would
       and identify whether it is the           platforms                           Jefferson think?‖) (Literacy Element O)
       opinion of a member of one or           Jefferson supports the               Create a campaign poster for either
       the other political faction              French, Hamilton supports the           candidate in the Election of 1800. Be
      Given various examples of                British                                 sure the posters give examples of
       ideologies or membership                Citizen Genet incident, Jay‘s           ideologies and membership
       characteristics, students should         Treaty, and XYZ Affair bring            characteristics. (Literacy Element K)
       be able to identify the party            about the Alien and Sedition         Interpret a short piece of text and
                                                                                        identify whether it is the opinion of a
      Interpret charts and political           Acts
                                                                                        member of one or the other political
       cartoons                                Virginia and Kentucky
                                                                                        faction. (Literacy Element P)
      Infer their relationship to the          Resolutions
                                                                                     As a class, interpret the political
       development of political parties        Results of the Embargo of               cartoon of the XYZ Affair on p. 218.
                                               Support for the War of 1812
  Assessment Format:
                                               Death of the Federalist Party
      Student Debate (Activity)
      Exit Slip: Explain the purpose of
       the Alien and Sedition Acts.

Indicator 2.7: Summarize the origins and the evolution of the United States Supreme Court and the
power it has today, including John Marshall‘s precedent-setting decisions such as that in Marbury v.

      Assessment Guidelines                        Essential Knowledge                     Lesson Plans
     Explain the ruling in Marbury v         Marshall Court‘s establishment of a Materials:
      Madison and the importance of              strong federal government            Outline for role playing
      judicial review                           Judiciary Act of 1789                activity
     Summarize the role of the                 Marbury v. Madison
      Marshall Court in supporting a            Judicial Review
      strong national government and in         Exposure to other Marshall cases
      continuing this Federalist
                                                                                      Place the students into groups
      tradition even after the party
                                                                                      and have them role play the
      had lost control of Congress and
                                                                                      Marbury v. Madison case.
      the presidency
                                                                                      Students should be given an
                                                                                      outline to follow of the main
Assessment Format:                                                                    points that should be
  Students will create a graphic organizer                                            addressed during their role
  in which they briefly outline the main                                              play. (attached)
  points of the following court cases:
  McCulloch v. Maryland, Gibbons v.
  Ogden, Dartmouth v. Woodward, and
  Worcester v. Georgia.
      (Literacy Element U)

Indicator 3.1: Explain the impact and challenges of westward movement, including the major land
acquisitions, people‘s motivations for moving west, railroad construction, the displacement of
Native Americans, and its impact on the developing American character.

       Assessment Guidelines                       Essential Knowledge                          Lesson Plans
       Explain the impact of westward            Major land acquisitions- from      Activities:
        expansion on the development of
                                                   whom and how                            Pretend you are one of the
        the United States
                                                  Review motivations for moving            following: a white Georgia land
       Give examples of major land
        acquisitions and classify them as to       west                                     owner, a U.S. cavalry soldier, or a
        how they were acquired                    Know that there were                     Native American. Write a journal
       Summarize people‘s motivations             different trails                         entry describing Indian Removal
        for moving west and the impact of         impact on sectionalism                   from your point of view.
        railroad construction on the                                                        (Literacy Element O)
                                                  Railroad construction
        developing west                                                                    Interpreting the map on page
       Give examples of changing policy          Displacement of Native
                                                                                            296 in your textbook, explain
        towards the Native Americans and           Americans prior to and after             the impact of westward
        summarize the impact of those              the Civil War (include the Trail         expansion on the development of
        policies on the Native Americans           of Tears)                                the United States.
       Interpret maps and graphs and
                                                  Reservation policy,                     Pretend you are trying to
        infer their relationship to
        information about the time period          assimilation/severalty policy            convince your fiancé to move
       Infer the significance of these            (Dawes Act)                              west in 1850. Create a list that
        changes for American democracy            Impact on developing American            summarizes your motivations and
       Interpret the impact of westward           character (individualism and             the motivations of others to
        expansion on national unity                                                         make such a life-changing
Assessment Format:                                Expansion of the vote and rise
                                                                                            decision. (Literacy Element S)
Write a brief essay evaluating the impact
                                                   of the common man (Age of
of westward expansion on the development
of the United States. (150 words)                  Jackson)
     (Literacy Element S)

Indicator 3.2: Explain how the Monroe Doctrine and the concept of Manifest Destiny affected the United
States‘ relationships with foreign powers, including the role of the Texas Revolution and the Mexican War.
       Assessment Guidelines                       Essential Knowledge                              Lesson Plans
       Explain the impact of the actions         Circumstances and inception of the     Activities:
        of the United States government on         Monroe Doctrine
                                                                                               Chalk Talk: Write the following
        United States‘ relations with other            - Historical context
                                                                                                statement on your white board.
        nations due to the Monroe Doctrine             - Roles of European monarchs
                                                                                                Have students respond to the
        and Manifest Destiny                           -   Increasing importance
                                                                                                original statement and to the
       Explain the Monroe Doctrine and                   towards the late 1800s when
                                                                                                statements of their classmates
        Manifest Destiny                                  it was used as a basis for US
                                                                                                while remaining silent. ―CA, AZ, and
       Give examples of when and where                   foreign policy
                                                                                                NM should still rightfully belong to
        each was applied                          Manifest Destiny
       Classify United States foreign            Texas
                                                                                                (Literacy Element F)
        policy as a reflection of either the           - Why Americans moved to
                                                                                               Interpret the message of John
        Monroe Doctrine or Manifest                       Texas and the conditions of
                                                                                                Gast‘s painting American Progress
        Destiny                                           the invitation
                                                                                                (p.308.) What imagery does the
       Compare the significance of each               -   Why Mexico didn‘t recognize
                                                                                                artist use to make his point?
        on United States foreign policy in                Texan Independence and the
                                                                                                    (Literacy Element L)
        the nineteenth century                            delay in annexation of Texas
                                                                                               Exit Slip: Explain the impact
       Interpret maps and graphs and             Mexican War
                                                                                                Manifest Destiny and the Monroe
        infer their relationship to                    - Mexico‘s views of the
                                                                                                Doctrine have had on American
        information about the time period                 hostilities
                                                                                                foreign policy. (This may make a
       Interpret the impact of each policy            - Circumstances that started
                                                                                                great review question prior to the
        and infer its long term impact on                 the Mexican War
        United States foreign policy in the            - American infiltration into
                                                                                               Map Activity: Draw and label the
        Western Hemisphere                                Mexican territory and the
                                                                                                boundaries of the territories that
Assessment Format:                                        terms of the final treaty
                                                                                                the U.S. acquired. Infer the degree
                                                       - Establishment of an
   Persuasive Writing: Imagine that you                                                         to which the US adopted a policy of
                                                          adversarial relationship
   are living in Texas in the late 1830s.                                                       Manifest Destiny in the 19th
                                                          between U.S. and Mexico
   Write a 10 sentence letter to Congress                                                       century.
                                                          through the 20th Century
   explaining why members should or
                                                       - Contemporary controversy
   should not vote to annex Texas.
                                                          over illegal immigration
     (Literacy Element P)

Indicator 3.3: Compare economic development in different regions of the country during the early
nineteenth century, including agriculture in the South, industry and finance in the North, and the
development of new resources in the West.
      Assessment Guidelines                  Essential Knowledge                             Lesson Plans
    Compare the economic development    Identify on a map the following regions Materials:
      of the North, South, and West in            of the U.S.: North, South, and West
                                                                                                    Graphic Organizer
      the United States                           (covered in map activity in Indicator 3.2)
                                                 Geographic factors that led to the                Matching Activity
     Give examples of those
      developments, explain them, classify
                                                  differences between the North (safe          Activities:
                                                  harbors), South (fertile soil), and West          Create a graphic organizer comparing
      them according to region, and
                                                  (new resources)
      summarize the development in each                                                              and contrasting the social and
                                                 Development of industry and finance in
      region                                                                                         economic characteristics of the
                                                  the North
     Interpret maps, graphs, and political                                                          North, South, and West.
                                                 South remained invested in slavery and
                                                                                                      (Literacy Element U)
      cartoons and infer their relationship       agriculture
      to information about the time period       Relationship between social and economic          Matching Activity: Give students a
                                                  differences (religion, education, slavery,         list of incidents, factors, etc. from
     Interpret the significance of
                                                  immigration)                                       the time period and have them
       these regional differences and infer
       their impact on American political        Controversies over the creation and                compare and categorize whether
                                                  continuation of the National Bank, the             those incidents would have been
                                                  Embargo of 1807, protective tariffs,               supported by the North, South, or
                                                  internal improvements, and slavery                 West. (They may also categorize the
Assessment Format:                               Impact of Erie Canal and Clay‘s American
                                                                                                     topics in terms of those supported
                                                  System on the economic and political
      Persuasive Essay: Choose to                                                                    by nationalists and those supported
                                                  alliance between the West and North
      support the North, South, or                                                                   by states‘ right activists).
                                                  that the South found threatening
      West in 1840, and explain/defend           Impact of the Marshall Court on                   Warm Up: In what ways are the
      why that region‘s social and                economic growth (contracts, the                    North, South, and West still
      economic platforms are the best             National Bank, interstate commerce.)               different today.
      for the country.
         (Literacy Element S)

Indicator 4.1: Compare the social and cultural characteristics of the North, the South, and the West during the
antebellum period, including the lives of African Americans and social reform movements such as abolition and women‘s rights.
(Note: Teachers may want to combine the sectional parts of this indicator with Indicator 3.3 and the abolitionist and
women’s rights sections with 4.2)

       Assessment Guidelines                   Essential Knowledge                               Lesson Plans
       Compare the social and              Social /Cultural differences          Materials:
        cultural characteristics             between North, South, West)                  excerpt from David Walker‘s
        of the North, South, and            South                                         The Appeal
        West during the                  -   impact of plantation economy on 
        antebellum period                    all Southerners (include                  4/4h2931t.html
       Summarize the impact of              education)                                 Everyman Activity (in folder)
        slavery on the lives of          -   political issues: low tariffs &
        African Americans                    expansion of slavery                  Activities:
       Compare the lives of             -   Few immigrants                               Complete the ―Everyman‖
        African Americans living            North                                         cartoon activity to explain the
        in the North and in the          -   affected by Puritan culture                   roles of reformers from this
        South, both free and             -   diversity of commercial centers               era.
        slave                            -   education                                    Warm Up- What modern
       Explain the relationship         -   political issues: high tariffs &              invention has been as impactful
        between abolitionism and             national bank                                 on our society as the cotton gin
        women‘s rights and the              West                                          was on the South in the first
        extent to which these            -   settlers reflected the attitudes              half of the 19th century?
        movements were                       of the regions from which they               Write the Seneca Falls
        successful in the                    came                                          Declaration (excerpted on pg.
        antebellum period                -   Manifest Destiny                              1070) in your own words.
       Interpret maps, graphs,          -   political issues: cheap land,                Evaluate Solomon Northup‘s
        charts, and political                internal improvements, &                      summary of the impact of
        cartoons to infer their              uncontrolled banking                          slavery on the lives of African
      relationship to                African Americans                     Americans. (p. 251)
      information about the era   -   discrimination in North              Discuss what Samuel Ringgold‘s
                                  -   Southern freedmen- where,             account says about life as a
Assessment Format:                    numbers, & impact                     free man in the North. (p.255)
Summarize the lives of African       Reform Movements (repeated in        Brainstorm the causes and
Americans using excerpts from         4.2)                                  ramifications of the absence of
David Walker‘s The Appeal .       -   Abolition (Quakers, Nat Turner,       extensive public education in
(Literacy Element S)                  Frederick Douglass, Harriet           the South during this era.
                                      Tubman, William Lloyd Garrison,
                                      the Grimke‘s, Harriet B. Stowe,
                                      John Brown, Underground RR, --
                                      - know these people, terms,
                                      methodologies, and the extent
                                      of the movement in the North)
                                     Women‘s Rights ( Elizabeth Cady
                                      Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Seneca

Indicator 4.2:    Explain how the political events and issues that divided the nation led to civil war, including the
compromises reached to maintain the balance of free and slave states, the successes and failures of the abolitionist
movement, the conflicting views on states‘ rights and federal authority, the emergence of the Republican Party and its win in
1860, and the formation of the Confederate States of America.

       Assessment Guidelines                       Essential Knowledge                              Lesson Plans
      Explain the political events and          Struggle to maintain balance   Materials:
       issues that divided the nation and         of power between free and         Chart of causes of war (in folder)
       how they led to civil war
                                                  slave states through: Missouri
      Summarize the compromises
       reached to maintain the balance of         Compromise, Mexican War and Activities:
       free and slave states and evaluate         Wilmot Proviso, Compromise of     Brainstorm current debates between
       the successes and failures of the          1850, popular sovereignty,         federal authority and states‘ rights
       abolitionist movement                      Kansas-Nebraska Act, and          Create an annotated timeline of the
      Explain the free soil position of the                                         causes of the Civil War.
                                                  Dred Scott Decision
       Republican Party and their                                                    (Literacy Element E)
       candidate, Abraham Lincoln               Gag rule
                                                                                    Discuss the chart on p.333 of the
      Compare the conflicting views on         Impact of The Liberator,            platforms of various political parties
       states‘ rights and federal authority       Uncle Tom‘s Cabin, and             during this era.
       that led to the formation of the           Harpers Ferry                     Have the class (or a musically gifted
       Confederate States of America                                                 student) sing the abolition song on p.
                                                New parties- platforms and
      Interpret maps, graphs, charts, and                                           285. (It is sung to the tune of Auld Lang
       political cartoons to infer their          the extent of their successes
                                                                                     Syne.) Discuss its meaning and
       relationship to information about       ( Free Soil Party, Liberty Party,     effectiveness with the class.
       the time period                          Republican Party)                   Respond (either verbally or in writing) to
                                                Conflicting views of states‘        the story of fugitive slaves on p. 320.
Assessment Format:                                rights and federal authority      Complete the chart of events leading to
                                                                                     the Civil War.
Which three events leading to the               Election of 1860 and secession
                                                                                            Interpret the political cartoon on p.
Civil War were the most divisive?                                                            342. To what extent is it an accurate
Write one page justifying your                                                               account of the election of 1860?
opinion.                                                                                         (Literacy Element L)

Indicator 4.3:   Outline the course and outcome of the Civil War, including the role of African American military units;
impact of the Emancipation Proclamation; and the geographic, political, and economic factors involved in the defeat of the

  Assessment Guidelines                     Essential Knowledge                               Lesson Plans
      Explain the course and               Economic resources of        Materials:
       outcome of the Civil War and          the North and the South          
       the role of African American
                                            Geographic factors that          
       military units
                                             influenced strategy                 Newspaper Activity with rubric (in folder)
      Summarize the impact of the
       Emancipation Proclamation on         Generals- Lee, Grant, &
       the course of the war and on          Sherman                      Activities:
       the lives of African                 Anaconda Plan                       Warm Up- Use the card activity from
       Americans                                                         to illustrate the population
                                            Southern strategy of
      Identify the geographic,                                                   advantage enjoyed by the North during this war.
       political, and economic               defense
                                                                                 Interpreting the graphs on page 378 in your
       factors involved in the defeat       Battles- Fort Sumter, Bull           textbook, infer the statistical winners and losers
       of the Confederacy                    Run/Manassas, Antietam,              of the war. (Literacy Element R)
      Interpret maps, graphs,               Vicksburg, Gettysburg,              Analyze photographs from the Civil War. There
       charts, and political cartoons                                             are photos and a photo analysis worksheet
                                             Atlanta, Petersburg,
       to infer their relationship to                                             attached to this activity at the PBS Civil War
       information about the time            Appomattox Courthouse
                                                                                  lesson site. (Literacy Element K)
       period                               54th Regiment                       Complete ―The Union‘s Grand Strategy‖ from the
                                            Jefferson Davis, Lincoln-            PBS site. This short activity illustrates the
Assessment Format:
                                             compare leadership styles            Anaconda Plan and provides insight into the
Create a newspaper from the Civil                                                 course of the war and the Union‘s victory.
                                             and degrees of
War that explains the outcome of                                                 Analyze song lyrics from the Civil War. (also
the war, summarizes the impact of            effectiveness
                                                                                  located in the PBS site)
the Emancipation Proclamation, and          Emancipation
identifies geographic, political, and        Proclamation- goals,         Note: The PBS site on the Civil War includes many great
economic factors on the defeat of            impact, and ramifications    activities and resources for teachers. There is also
the Confederacy. (Teachers may                                            another lesson plan there for a newspaper activity that
want to include Indicator 4.4 in this                                     you may want to use. It appears to be shorter than the
activity.) (Literacy Elements P,S,V)                                      activity we have provided.
Indicator 4.4:     Summarize the effects of Reconstruction on the southern states and the roles of the Thirteenth,
Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments in that era.

  Assessment Guidelines                     Essential Knowledge                                   Lesson Plans
      Summarize the political,            Plans (Lincoln and Johnson)             Activities:
       social, and economic effects        Congressional Reconstruction
                                                                                         Chalk talk: The USA has a duty to
       of Reconstruction on the                 - causes (Black Codes &
       southern states                               election of Confederates to          rebuild any country it defeats in
      Compare the presidential and                  national offices)                    war.
       congressional reconstruction             - components                             Interpret the political cartoon on p.
       plans and explain the reasons            - extent of success from
                                                                                          390 by answering the provided
       for the differences                           various points of view
      Identify the provisions of the      13th, 14th (citizenship, equal
       Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and          protection, and due process), and                (Literacy Element L)
       Fifteenth Amendments and             15th Amendments- why, what, and              Read ―Why It Matters‖ on p. 392-
       explain the limitations of           impact                                        93. Write a paragraph explaining
       these amendments in that era        Political effects of Reconstruction           the importance of the 14th
      Interpret maps, graphs,                  - Republican party in the
                                                                                          amendment in your life.
       charts, illustrations, and                    South (who was in it, extent
       political cartoons to infer                   of control, extent of                (Literacy Element S)
       their relationship to                         corruption)                         Analyze the following quote by Mark
       information about the time               -     Extent of freedmen                  Twain. ―In the South, the (Civil)
       period                                        participation in southern            War is what A.D. is elsewhere; they
                                                                                          date from it.‖
                                           Social changes for African
Assessment Format:                          American and white southerners-              Interpreting the charts on p. 409,
   See activity in Indicator 4.3                                                          write a ½ page narrative on the
                                            include discussion of public schools
                                           Economic impact- South stayed                 South‘s economic activity following
                                            agrarian; sharecropping expanded              the war. Infer the reasons for
                                           Why Reconstruction lost
                                                                                          increased production.
                                            congressional support/ election of

Indicator 4.5: Summarize the progress made by African Americans during Reconstruction and the subsequent reversals
brought by Reconstruction‘s end, including the creation of the Freedmen‘s Bureau, gains in educational and political
opportunity, and the rise of anti–African American factions and legislation. (note: Consider teaching this indicator with 4.4.)
       Assessment Guidelines                        Essential Knowledge                                 Lesson Plans
      Summarize the progress made by             Black Codes- what and what ended       Activities:
       African Americans during                    them
       Reconstruction in educational,             Social lives of freedmen
                                                                                                After reading ―Different
       economic, and political opportunity     -   most settled near former plantations
      Explain the Freedman‘s Bureau           -   a few left South (exodusters)                 Viewpoints‖ on p. 401, answer
      Explain the cause and effect of the     -   formed churches                               the provided questions to help
       sharecropping and crop lien systems        Freedman‘s Bureau                             summarize the political and
       on the economic opportunity of          -   negotiated labor contracts                    economic effects of
       African Americans and on the            -   provided a system of courts
       economy of the South                    -   most importantly, provided education
      Explain the role of the KKK in              opportunities                                 ( Literacy Element O)
       limiting the rights of freedmen            Booker T. Washington and the                 Read about the Enforcement
       during Reconstruction                       Tuskegee Institute                            Acts on p. 402. Infer why
      Compare the rights of African              Why ―40 acres and a mule‖ went                they weren‘t successful in
       Americans during Reconstruction             unfulfilled
                                                                                                 curbing the power of the KKK
       with the rights they were able to          Sharecropping and crop lien systems-
       exercise after the imposition of Jim        why and effects                               and other terrorist groups
       Crow laws and restrictions on voting       Politics                                      during this era.
      Interpret maps, graphs, charts,         -   extent of African American                   Warm Up- List as many
       illustrations, photographs, and             participation during Reconstruction           modern ramifications of
       political cartoons to infer their       -   Republican influence
                                                                                                 Reconstruction as you can.
       relationship to information about       -   KKK- purpose and extent of power
       the time period                         -   White ―Redeemers‖ and their impact
                                                   on Reconstruction
Assessment Format:                                Methods of disenfranchisement (poll
   Create an outline for the following             taxes, literacy tests, grandfather
   prompt: Evaluate the success of                 laws)
   Reconstruction from the perspectives
   of white southerners, black
   southerners, and northerners.
       (Literacy Element O)

Indicator 5.1: Summarize developments in business and industry, including the ascent of new industries, the rise of
corporations through monopolies and corporate mergers, the role of industrial leaders such as John D. Rockefeller and
Andrew Carnegie, the influence of business ideologies, and the increasing availability of consumer goods and the rising
standard of living.

       Assessment Guidelines                        Essential Knowledge                    Lesson Plans
       Summarize the development of the         Rise of corporations (growth in Materials:
        new industrial organizations of the         monopolies and corporate            Robber Barons/Capt. Industry
        late nineteenth century
                                                    mergers)                              Worksheet (located in the 5.1
       Explain how businesses grew
       Compare the roles and strategies of        Factors that contributed to           folder)
        Rockefeller and Carnegie                    industrialization
       Interpret the various business             New industries- led by RR        Activities:
        ideologies and infer their impact on
                                                   New towns (why and where)           Robber Baron/Capt. Of Industry
        the growth of business
                                                   New technologies (Bessemer)           Activity
       Explain the availability of consumer
        goods and the rising standard of            and tactics (kickbacks,             Interpret the business ideologies of
                                                                                          social Darwinism and laissez-faire
        living; compare its impact on various       rebates, trusts, holding
                                                                                          government in both the Gilded Age
        members of the society                      companies)
                                                                                          and the present
       Infer its impact on the overall             Robber barons or captains of
        health of the economy                                                           Read the contradictory testimonies
                                                     industry- Carnegie &                 of John D. Rockefeller and George
       Interpret maps, graphs, and
        political cartoons and infer their           Rockefeller                          Rice during a government
        relationship to information about          Ideologies ( social Darwinism,        investigation into Standard Oil. (pp.
        the time period                             laissez-faire capitalism, Gospel      452-453) Infer the impact of big
                                                                                          business on the overall health of the
                                                    of Wealth, stories of Horatio
                                                                                          nation during the Gilded Age.
Assessment Format:                                  Alger)                                (Literacy Element O)
   Using your knowledge of monopolies and          Ramifications (economic             Interpret the graph on p. 461 that
   Gilded Age corporations, create a visual
                                                    uncertainty, Sherman Anti-            illustrates steel production during
   representation of monopolistic                                                         the Gilded Age. What does the
   structure (example: Standard Oil)                Trust Act, rise in standard of
                                                                                          graph tell us about that era in
       (Literacy Element U)                         living, new consumer products)
                                                                                              history? (Literacy Element S)

Indicator 5.2: Summarize the factors that influenced the economic growth of the United States and its
emergence as an industrial power, including the abundance of natural resources; government support and protection
in the form of tariffs, labor policies, and subsidies; and the expansion of international markets associated with

       Assessment Guidelines                         Essential Knowledge                       Lesson Plans
       Summarize the factors that               Variety of ways land was used to       Materials:
        influenced economic growth and            provide resources for industry             Homestead Activity
        particularly the role of the United
                                                 Government Policies          
        States government in promoting                                                   d_States_History_Vol2_Sample_Lesson.pdf
        economic growth                       -   immigration policies- mostly open
       Classify and give examples of the         w/exception of the Chinese
        factors as well as the policies of        Exclusionary Act
        the United States government
                                              -   subsidies- RR‘s and free land
       Explain each government policy,
                                              -   court decisions that supported big           Homestead Activity
        interpret the significance of each,
                                                  business                                    Interpret the
        and infer its impact on economic
        growth                                -   tariffs- understand that government           significance of tariffs,
       Interpret maps, graphs, and               policy protected domestic industries          subsidies, and labor
        political cartoons and infer their    -   regulated interstate commerce                 policies on business in
        relationship to information about                                                       the Gilded Age
                                              -   labor policies- supported owners,
        the time period.
                                                  broke strikes                               Brainstorm ways the US
                                              -   banking reorganization                        government assists
Assessment Format:                                                                              businesses today.
                                              -   promoted by Republican Party
   Create a political cartoon that depicts
   the government policies that assisted         Expansion of international markets          From the text explain
   industrialization in the Gilded Age.           (led to imperialism)                          the impact of
   Students can then analyze the cartoons                                                       government policy on
   of their peers by inferring the                                                              the growth in steel
   relationship of the information to the                                                       production as noted in
   time period.
                                                                                                the graph on p. 461.
        (Literacy Element U)
                                                                                               (Literacy Element L)

Indicator 5.3:    Explain the transformation of America from an agrarian to an industrial economy, including the effects of
mechanized farming, the role of American farmers in facing economic problems, and the rise of the Populist Movement.

       Assessment Guidelines                       Essential Knowledge                        Lesson Plans
      Explain the economic problems of           Impact of supply and demand      Activities:
       farmers of the late 19th century and
                                                   on farm profits (include               Warm up- What do you see in the
       the role that farmers played in
                                                   mechanization and                       images on pages 501-503 in your
       meeting these problems with
                                                   overproduction)                         textbook that would explain farmer
       political action
                                                                                           support of the Populist Movement?
      Summarize and give examples of             Political organizations (the
                                                                                           (Literacy Element L)
       the impact of mechanized farming            Grange, Farmers Alliance,              Using the box on p. 422, discuss the
      Interpret the reasons for the               Populist Party)                         current impact of land grant
       farmers‘ problems and classify the
                                                  Impact of African Americans             colleges.
       farmers‘ responses as either
                                                   on the Farmers Alliance                Warm up- Ask students to complete
       economic or political
                                                                                           the following quote and to determine
      Interpret maps, graphs,                    Populist platform and extent
                                                                                           if there is bias in the statement.
       photographs, political cartoons, and        of political success                    (p.504)
       campaign posters and infer their           Granger Laws                     ―There are three great crops raised in
       relationship to information about the
                                                  Supreme Court Cases (what        Nebraska. One is a crop of corn, one a crop
       time period
                                                   precedents were established      of freight, and one a crop on interest. One
      Infer the significance of the
                                                                                    is produced by farmers who sweat and toil
       farmers‘ movement for American              by Munn and Wabash)
                                                                                    on the land. The other two are produced by
       democracy and the effectiveness of         Currency issues- deflation,      _________ and ___________.
       the Populist Party                          gold vs. silver
                                                  Election of 1896 (McKinley,         (Literacy Element N)
Assessment Format:                                 Bryan, bimetallism, ―Cross of
   Interpreting both the chart on p. 515           Gold‖ speech, why WM won)
   and W. Gladden‘s account on pp. 514-15,
                                                  Populist Movement and its role
   outline ALL the factors that contributed
   to the plight of farmers in the late            in the passage of Jim Crow
   1800‘s.                                         laws
        (Literacy Element S)

Indicator 5.4: Analyze the rise of the labor movement, including the composition of the workforce of the country
in terms of gender, race/ethnicity, and skills; working conditions for men, women, and children; and union protests
and strikes and the government‘s reactions to these forms of unrest.

       Assessment Guidelines                        Essential Knowledge                            Lesson Plans
      Analyze the problems of labor in          Purpose of unionism                  Materials:
       the late 19th century and the             Rise of unionism in the Gilded         Industrial Revolution packet
       extent to which labor organizations        Age
       were able to enlist the support of
                                                 Working conditions                   Activities:
       the public and government in
                                              -   changing workforce
       correcting those problems                                                           Brainstorm the changes that
                                              -   child labor
      Identify the elements that                                                             the end of child labor
       contributed to the rise of the labor   -   immigration
                                                 Unions (National Labor Union,
                                                                                              practices brought to American
                                                  Knights of Labor, American                  society.
      Attribute or identify the point of
       view of both critics and supporters        Federation of Labor, Industrial          Create a list of modern worker
       of the labor movement in text              Workers of the World)                       safety laws. Imagine the lives
      Interpret maps, graphs, and               Degree of success and factors               of workers who had none of
       political cartoons and infer their         that impacted that degree                   those protections.
       relationship to information about
                                                  including supply/demand,                 Chart the extent to which
       the time period
                                                  depressions, cultural aversions to          labor unions of the late 19th
      Interpret the government‘s
                                                  unions                                      century were able to address
       reaction to the labor union
                                                 Strikes (Railroad Strike of 1877,
       movement and infer its significance                                                    the problems of labor. (A
       for American                               Haymarket, Pullman)
                                                                                              chart is located on the 2nd
       democracy                                 Eugene Debs, Mother Jones
                                                 Courts‘ use of Sherman Anti-
                                                                                              page of the Industrial
                                                  Trust Act to stifle unions                  Revolution packet located in
Assessment Format:
                                                 Collective bargaining                       the 5.4 folder.)
   Use the questions in the
                                                 Scabs                                      (Literacy Element U)
   Industrial Revolution and Labor
                                                 Yellow dog contracts
   work packet as a short answer
                                                 The Children‘s March
   test.                                         Triangle Shirtwaist Factory

Indicator 5.5: Explain the causes and effects of urbanization in late nineteenth-century America, including the
movement from farm to city, the continuation of the women‘s suffrage movement, and the migration of African
Americans to the North and the Midwest.
      Assessment Guidelines                   Essential Knowledge                           Lesson Plans
    Explain the causes and effects of    Reasons for the development
      urbanization and the woman‘s          of new urban areas                Activities:
      suffrage movement of the late
                                          Causes & extent of                     Warm Up: Compare political
      nineteenth century
    Summarize the reasons for the          urbanization                             corruption in the Gilded Age to
      movement from farm to city and      African American movement                 political corruption today.
      the migration of African              north and west- motivation and
      Americans to the North and            extent of that movement               Use the inflation calculator at
                                          Urban conditions (housing,       to
      Classify and identify examples of
      these reasons                         sanitation, crime, fire)                 convert the 1890 prices listed
      Interpret the significance of      Boss system- provisions and               on p. 498 to modern prices.
      each reason and infer the impact      extent of corruption                     Write ½ page summarizing your
      of this movement on city life       Impact of city planning efforts           findings.
      specifically and American culture
                                          Women‘s suffrage                             (Literacy Element R)
      in general
    Interpret maps, graphs, and               - why it intensified during
      political cartoons and infer their           this era                       Warm Up: Susan B. Anthony
      relationship to information about        - impact of western                   was arrested in 1872 for
      the time period
                                                   migration                         voting. Would you go to jail in
    Summarize the women‘s rights
                                               - organizations (NAWSA,               order to vote?
      movement of the late nineteenth
      century and infer its impact on              National Association of
      American democracy and culture               Colored Women)
                                               - methods
Assessment Format:
Analyze a Thomas Nast cartoon depicting
Boss Tweed‘s political machine. What
message is Nast trying to convey and what
techniques does he use to display those
messages? (Literacy Element L)

Indicator 5.6:      Explain the influx of immigrants into the United States in the late nineteenth century in relation to the
specific economic, political, and social changes that resulted, including the growth of cities and urban ethnic neighborhoods,
the restrictions on immigration that were imposed, and the immigrants‘ responses to the urban political machines.

       Assessment Guidelines                       Essential Knowledge                           Lesson Plans
      Explain the impact of                       Role of immigrant groups       Activities:
       immigration on city life and city            in politics and in political        Interpret the charts on p. 482.
       government and on the efforts                machines                             Infer the causes for the increase
       to restrict immigration.                    Ethnic neighborhoods                 in quality of life for Americans in
      Classify and identify examples
                                                   Nativism                             the 20th century.
       of these changes.
                                                   Impact on labor unions                (Literacy Element R)
      Interpret maps, graphs, and
       political cartoons and infer their
                                                   Government restrictions             Brainstorm the many ways the
       relationship to information about       -    Chinese Exclusion Act                fabric of America has been
       the time period                         -    limits on overseas                   impacted by the immigration
      Summarize the impact of                      ―scouting‖ for labor                 trends of the Gilded Age.
       immigrants on city life and                  ―New Immigrants‖ of the            Pretend you are a relatively new
       government, interpret its                    Gilded Age                           immigrant to America in 1890.
       significance for American                   social assistance for                Write a letter to a relative in your
       democracy                                    immigrants                           native land describing your new
      Infer its impact on the
                                                                                         life.    (Literacy Element P)
       movement for immigration
                                                                                        Using images from the Library of
                                                                                         Congress or other Internet
                                                                                         sources create a collage of images
Assessment Format:
                                                                                         of immigration in the Gilded Age or
   Interpreting the map of the Hull House
   neighborhood on p.474, create a half-                                                 create a collage with music using a
   page narrative that describes life in                                                 program such as Movie Player.
   that place.                                                                               (Literacy Element V)
       (Literacy Element F)

Indicator 5.7: Compare the accomplishments and limitations of the Progressive Movement in effecting
social and political reforms in America, including the roles of Theodore Roosevelt, Jane Addams, W.E.B.
DuBois, and Booker T. Washington.
    Assessment Guidelines               Essential Knowledge                  Lesson Plans
    Compare the effectiveness and   Rise of Progressive Movement  Materials:
      limitations of the Progressive           Progressivism: a movement of the
                                                                                       Booker T. and W.E.B poem
      Movement and the roles of Jane            middle class
      Addams, Theodore Roosevelt,              Muckrakers and Upton Sinclair‘s        (http://www.huarchivesnet.
      Booker T. Washington and W.E.B.           The Jungle                    
      DuBois in promoting reform               Jane Addams and Hull House              randall.htm)
     Explain the roles of each of these       Theodore Roosevelt: bully pulpit,
      reformers                                 Sherman Anti-Trust Act, Pure Food
     Summarize, classify, and identify         and Drug Act, Meat Inspection Act,     Activities:
      examples of progressive social and        conservation, and establishment of           Interpret the political cartoon on p.
      political reform                          the Progressive Party (Bull Moose)            556 and infer its effectiveness in
      Interpret maps, graphs, and             Progressive state laws and the                expressing problems of the
      political cartoons and infer their        extent to which they were upheld              Progressive Era.
      relationship to information about        Clayton Anti-Trust Act                         (Literacy Element L)
      the time period                          Federal child labor laws and federal         Exit Slip: Explain which remnants of
     Interpret the significance of these       8 hour workdays- not supported by             the Progressive Movement are visible
      reformers and infer the impact of         Supreme Court                                 within our society today.
      their proposals on American              16th and 17th Amendments
      democracy                                Federal Reserve
                                               African Americans and the
Assessment Format:                              Progressive Movement
                                               Booker T. Washington, Atlanta
  After reading Dudley Randall‘s
                                                Compromise, vocational education
  poem, Booker T. and W. E. B.,
                                               W.E.B DuBois, the NAACP,
  summarize the positions of
                                                ―Talented Tenth‖
  Washington and DuBois concerning             Progressive Movement‘s influence on
  racial integration.                           Prohibition and Women‘s Suffrage
    (Literacy Element M)                       Impact of WWI on Movement
                                               IWW and the Red Scare

Indicator 6.1: Analyze the development of American expansionism, including the change from isolationism to
intervention, the rationales for imperialism based on social Darwinism and expanding capitalism, and domestic

       Assessment Guidelines                   Essential Knowledge                           Lesson Plans
                                              Changing American               Materials:
       Explain the factors that               expansionism designed to              PowerPoint—Wagner‘s
        contributed to the change              secure markets and reached             American Empire
        from isolationism to                   beyond contiguous territory           Graph on slide 5
        intervention.                         Alaska Purchase
       Compare the old expansionism          Causes of the US move from
        of the early 1800s with the            isolationism to intervention    Activities:
        new imperialism of the late       -   closing of American frontier
        1800s and early 1900s             -   need for raw materials and new          Chalk Talk:
       Infer the connection between            markets                               Iraq War = Imperialism
        domestic and diplomatic           -    increasing American                    ( Literacy Element R)
        developments in expansionism           nationalism
       Interpret maps and political      -    American growth as a naval            Interpret the graph on slide 5
        cartoons to infer their                power and world power                  to infer the connection
        relationship to information       -    social Darwinism                       between imperialism and
        about the time period                 American expansionism led to           domestic industrialization.
Assessment Format:                             the spread of American ideas,          Why might world powers want
  Using the following formula,                 religious beliefs, and                 to colonize?
  explain in writing the benefits of           capitalism to other nations
  colonization to business profits.           It also led to resentment             Create a visual representation
Profit = Sale price – Labor – raw              from other nations                     to compare ―old expansionism‖
    materials                                 American involvement in Latin          and the ―new imperialism.‖
             ( Literacy Element R)             America                                 ( Literacy Element U)

Indicator 6.2: Explain the influence of the Spanish-American War on the emergence of the United States as a
world power, including reasons for America‘s declaring war on Spain, United States interests and expansion in the
South Pacific, debates between pro- and anti-imperialists over annexation of the Philippines, and changing
worldwide perceptions of the United States.

       Assessment Guidelines                       Essential Knowledge                              Lesson Plans
                                                  America‘s involvement in the Spanish    Materials:
       Explain the influence of the               American war, including its
                                                                                                PowerPoint—Wagner‘s American
        Spanish-American War on the                significance
        emergence of the United States as         reasons the US declared war on
                                                                                                Political cartoon slide # 32
        a world power                              Spain
                                                                                                Political cartoon slide # 33
       Summarize the reasons for United       -   expanding capitalism
        States‘ declaration of war on Spain    -   Alfred Thayer Mahan‘s influence on
       Compare pro- and anti-imperialists‘        the navy
        arguments over annexation of the       -   Yellow Journalism                       Activities:
        Philippines                            -   explosion of USS Maine                        Compare the imperialist arguments
       Interpret maps and political           -   publication of the de Lome letter             with the anti imperialist arguments
        cartoons to infer their relationship      America‘s expansion into the South            using the political cartoons on slides
        to information about the time period       Pacific, annexation of Hawaii and the         32 & 33. (Literacy Element O)
       Infer the impact of American               Philippines (include impact of racial        Using the picture on page 519 and a
        actions on worldwide perception.           prejudice and social Darwinism)               first hand account of an American
                                                  Imperialism vs. anti imperialism              soldier‘s experience in the Spanish
                                                  Social Darwinism‘s role in                    American War, write a paragraph
Assessment Format:                                                                               comparing and contrasting the two
                                                   international affairs compared to
   Create a graphic organizer that                                                               points of view.
                                                   the passage of Jim Crow laws
   illustrates the reasons America                 domestically                                  (Literacy Element S)
   declared war on Spain, the                     The changing perception of the               Interpreting the political cartoon on
   possessions gained, and the changing            United States from liberator to               slide 33, explain how America
   worldwide perception of America.                colonizer                                     justified social Darwinism at home
      (Literacy Element U)                        Components of Treaty/Paris 1899               and abroad. (Class Discussion)
                                                  Insular cases- impact

Indicator 6.3: Compare the United States foreign policies in different regions of the world during
the early twentieth century, including the purposes and effects of the Open Door policy with
China, the United States‘ role in the Panama Revolution, Theodore Roosevelt‘s ―big stick
diplomacy,‖ William Taft‘s ―dollar diplomacy ‗‖ and Woodrow Wilson‘s ―moral diplomacy.‖

      Assessment Guidelines                  Essential Knowledge                         Lesson Plans
      Compare United States foreign        China                         Materials:
       policies in Asia and Latin        -   Reasons for supporting the       Wagner‘s PowerPoint presentation
       America during the early 1900s        Open Door Policy
      Compare the purposes and          -   Boxer Rebellion
       effects of the policies of                                          Activities:
                                            Latin America
       Presidents Teddy Roosevelt,                                              Interpreting the political cartoon
                                         -   Platt Amendment
       William Howard Taft, and                                                  on slide 6 of the PowerPoint
       Woodrow Wilson
                                         -   Roosevelt Corollary
                                                                                 presentation, explain the
      Summarize both the intention      -    ―big stick,‖ ―dollar,‖ and
                                                                                 symbolism of Uncle Sam‘s boxing
       and outcome of United States          ―moral‖ diplomacy (what,
       foreign policies in general           how used, ramifications)
                                                                              Using the cartoons on slides 18,
      Infer the impact of American         Panama
                                                                                 19, and 20 of the PowerPoint
       actions on worldwide perception   -   U.S. support of Panama
      Interpret maps and political
                                                                                 presentation, explain the
       cartoons and infer their                                                  development of the Panama Canal.
                                         -   Construction of Panama
       relationship to information                                                ( Literacy Element D)
                                             Canal and U.S. control
       about the time period                                                  Explain the impact of the Monroe
                                         -   Eventual Colombian and
Assessment Format:                                                               Doctrine on American foreign
                                             Panamanian resentment of
  In a 300-word essay, explain the                                               policy in the early 20th century.
                                             American presence
  impact that ―big stick,‖ ―dollar,‖                                       Quick Write: If you had lived in the
  and ―moral‖ diplomacies had on                                           early 20th century would you have been
  the world. ( Literacy Element                                            an imperialist or an anti-imperialist?
  K)                                                                       What are you today?

Indicator 6.4: Outline the causes and course of World War I, focusing on the involvement of the United States,
including the effects of nationalism, ethnic and ideological conflicts, and Woodrow Wilson‘s leadership in the
Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations.
       Assessment Guidelines                       Essential Knowledge                                Lesson Plans
       Explain the causes of the United          M.A.I.N causes and course of WWI       Materials:
        States‘ entrance into World War I              - Militarism, secret alliances,
        and the role of the American                       imperialism, and nationalism
        Expeditionary Force in bringing                -    Ethnic and ideological
        about an end to the fighting                       differences
       Summarize the effects of                  Assassination of Archduke Franz        Activities:
        nationalism and ethnic and                 Ferdinand and confrontation
                                                                                               Interpreting the map on page 579,
        ideological conflicts on the               between Austria-Hungary and Serbia
                                                                                                infer how the geographic locations of
        outbreak of the war, on the               American neutrality and events
                                                                                                the European countries affected
        American home front, and on the            leading to involvement (Lusitania,
                                                                                                their alliances.
        making of the Versailles Treaty            Zimmerman note, unrestricted
                                                                                                 ( Literacy Element L)
       Explain Woodrow Wilson‘s                   warfare)
                                                                                               Rank the causes of WWI in order of
        leadership in the writing of the          Mobilization on the home front
                                                                                                importance. Write a short rationale
        Treaty of Versailles and the              Propaganda
                                                                                                to support your position.
        establishment of the League of            Sedition Act
                                                                                                 ( Literacy Element K)
        Nations and the reasons for its           Wilson‘s role at the Versailles
                                                                                               Compare and contrast Wilson‘s
        rejection by the United States             Conference
                                                                                                reasons for entering WWI with his
        Senate                                    14 Points
                                                                                                philosophy towards foreign policy
       Interpret maps and political              European allies‘ determination to
                                                                                                (―moral diplomacy‖).
        cartoons to infer their relationship       protect self interest
                                                                                               Create a graphic organizer explaining
        to information about the time             War guilt clause and reparations
                                                                                                the causes of WWI.
        period                                    New national borders without
                                                                                                   ( Literacy Element U)
Assessment Format:                                 respect to the ethnic diversity of
                                                                                               Compare the impact of sinking of the
   Create a propaganda poster or an                                                             Lusitania on American foreign policy
                                                  U.S. Senate‘s refusal to ratify the
   electronic commercial either in                                                              to that of the 9/11/01 terrorist
                                                   Treaty of Versailles
   favor of or against the                                                                      attacks.
                                                                                               Read several war letters from WWI.
   ratification of the Treaty of
                                                                                                Explain the role of the AEF in
                                                                                                bringing an end to the fighting.
       ( Literacy Element V)

Indicator 7.1: Explain the social, cultural, and economic effects of scientific innovation and consumer financing options in
the 1920s on the United States and the world, including the advent of aviation, the expansion of mass production techniques,
the invention of new home appliances, and the role of transportation in changing urban life.

   Assessment Guidelines                         Essential Knowledge                                     Lesson Plans
       Explain the social, cultural,      Economic boom 1920‘s                            Materials:
        and economic changes that           Causes- mass productions techniques, new            Graphic Organizer—1920‘s America
        took place in the 1920s as a          ideas about debt                                   Wagner PowerPoint
        result of scientific innovation     Positive impact- new products (vacuum,
        and consumer financing                washing machines, radio, irons,
       Interpret maps, graphs,               refrigerators- all made life easier on
                                                                                                 Complete a graphic organizer that
        political cartoons, images, and       housewives)
                                                                                                  illustrates the positive and negative
        advertisements and infer            Negative impact- some industries declined
                                                                                                  ramifications of changes in farming,
        their relationship to                 (coal and RR), marginalized workers, anti-
                                                                                                  transportation, working conditions,
        information about the time            union atmosphere, widened gap between
                                                                                                  and consumer financing in the 1920‘s.
         period                               rich and poor
                                                                                                 Interpreting the graphs on p. 645
       Interpret the importance of         Farmers 1920‘s-1930‘s
                                                                                                  and the photograph on p. 646,
        these changes to American           Consumer financing- know the short and
                                                                                                  explain the problems that farmers
        life, infer their impact on           long-term ramifications
                                                                                                  experienced in the 1920‘s & 1930‘s.
        American and world culture,         Changes in transportation and impact on
                                                                                                        (Literacy Element L)
        society, and the economy and          urban life-further divided neighborhoods
                                                                                                 Compare and contrast the
        compare their impact on               by class, beginnings of suburbanization
                                                                                                  photographs on pp. 503 and 609.
        different groups within               that would explode in 1950‘s
                                                                                                  Write ½ page interpreting the
        American society                   Other Changes
                                                                                                  changes to American life that are
                                            Advent of aviation and Charles Lindbergh-
                                                                                                  illustrated in these pictures.
Assessment Format:                            excited Americans but was too expensive
                                                                                                  (Literacy Element L)
PowerPoint for all of Standard 7.             to have much impact on most Americans
                                                                                                 Compare the ad on p. 644 or the
Possible instructions are located in 7.5    Flappers- icons of the 1920‘s, but not
                                                                                                  Listerine ad in the Wagner
 (Literacy Elements S and V)                  indicative of the lives of most women
                                                                                                  PowerPoint to several modern
                                                                                                  newspaper or magazine ads.
                                                                                                  (Literacy Element K)

Indicator 7.2: Explain cultural responses to the period of economic boom-and-bust, including the Harlem
Renaissance; new trends in literature, music, and art; and the effects of radio and movies.
       Assessment              Essential Knowledge                                    Lesson Plans
       Explain the trends         Great Migration        Materials:
        in art, music, and         Harlem Renaissance          PowerPoint presentation—Wagner‘s Roaring 20‘s
        literature of the       -   what, why then,          
        1920‘s, particularly
                                    impact                      http://artsedge.kennedy-
        of the Harlem
                                -   Langston Hughes, J.
        Renaissance, and
                                    W. Johnson               
        the impact of the
        radio and movies           Lost Generation
       Interpret maps,         -   questioned             Activities:
        graphs,                     materialism of              Listen to Langston Hughes discuss and read his poem ―The Negro
        photographs, and            American society             Speaks of Rivers.‖ (located at What is his message and
        political cartoons      -   Hemingway,                   what cultural trends does it signify? Discuss its impact on the
        and infer their             Mencken, Fitzgerald          people who read this poem in the 1920‘s.
        relationship to            Rise of jazz- radio         Choose one of the quotes on the 1920‘s located on p.624. What
        information about                                        does that quote says about America in this decade? Is it an
                                    brought African
        the time period                                          accurate depiction?
                                    American music to
       Interpret the                                           Quick Write: Which 1920‘s invention, listed on p. 625, do you think
                                    white homes
        significance of                                          has had the most lasting impact on our lives? Justify your position.
        these cultural             Art- conflict               Note to Teachers: The ―readwritethink‖ website is full of great
        trends and new              between traditional          activities that support higher order thinking. The link above will
        technologies and            and modern- know G.          take you to the lessons on the Harlem Renaissance. There are many
        infer their impact          O‘Keefe                      activities that provide learning through active student engagement.
        on the development         Power of the radio           Choose one or two to go with this indicator!!
        of a more national          and movie industries
        culture                     (fostered
Assessment Format:                  consumerism and
   Write a 150-word                 sometimes racism-
   essay that explains              Birth of a Nation)

   how the radio and                Mass consumer
   movie industries                  culture
   created a national
(Literacy Element S)

Indicator 7.3:      Explain the causes and effects of the social conflict and change that took place during the 1920s, including the role
of women and their attainment of the right to vote, the ―Red Scare‖ and the Sacco and Vanzetti case, the resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan,
immigration quotas, Prohibition, and the Scopes trial.
    Assessment Guidelines                          Essential Knowledge                                   Lesson Plans
        Explain the conflicts between           Social conflict                       Materials:
        tradition and modernity that           -  due to immigration,                     PowerPoint presentation— Wagner‘s
        marked the 1920s                          industrialization, urbanization           Roaring 20‘s
        Summarize, classify, and              - between liberals who advocated
         identify examples of the                 individual rights and                 Activities:
         important cultural changes               conservatives who advocated               Interpret the Sacco-Vanzetti or the
         that impacted women and                  traditional moral codes                      immigration political cartoon. (in PP)
         immigrants in the era                  Role of women-19th Amendment                  What does it say about the 1920‘s?
        Compare the impact of social             brought about little political               (Literacy Element L)
         conflict and change on                   change as most women voted as
         various groups within the                their husbands did, stayed in                Compare ―We‘ll Never Change the Blue
         United States                            traditional female jobs, new                  and White to Red‖ picture (located in
        Interpret political cartoons             sexual attitudes brought by                   the PowerPoint) to modern media
         and infer their relationship             media and urbanization created                responses to our war on terrorism.
         to information about the time            public anxiety                                How does the Sacco and Vanzetti trial
         period                                 Prohibition-18th Amendment,                    relate to this cartoon?
        Interpret the significance of            speakeasies, organized crime,
         each of the listed incidents             local nor federal govt. could                Show video footage of the conflicts
         and infer its impact on                  stop the sale of alcohol,                     of the 1920‘s through streaming
         American democracy                       repealed by 21st)                             videos or a documentary series such
                                               Xenophobia                                       as Schlesingers or America‘s Time:
Assessment Format:                              Red Scare                                      The Century.
PowerPoint for Standard 7                      - caused by radicalism of
    socialists, labor unrest
    following the war                      Interpret the map on p. 613 and from
-   Palmer Raids- attempt to stop           it infer the implications of the
    radicals- led by Atty. Gen.             National Origins Act of 1924.
    Palmer and J. Edgar Hoover-             (Literacy Element L)
    arrested and detained 4000
    without bond and deported 600
-   Sacco & Vanzetti- national             As a class, read about the Sacco &
    uproar pitting civil libertarians       Vanzetti case in ―You Are The
    against nativists- they received        Historian.‖ (pp. 618-19) Call on
    an unfair trial and were                students to respond to questions 1-3.
    executed                                Then have students individually
   KKK                                     respond to the following prompt: Many
-   resurgence                              historians believe Sacco and Vanzetti
-   against African Americans,              were guilty. Does it matter that they
    Catholics, immigrants,                  were not given a fair trial?
    bootleggers, radicals
-   methods- advertising &
    business structure
-   gained strength in the mid-
-   power greatly diminished by
   Immigration quotas
   Scopes trial- what, who, results

Indicator 7.4: Explain the causes and effects of the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression,
including the disparity in incomes, limited government regulation, stock market speculation, and the collapse of the
farm economy; wealth distribution, investment, and taxes; government policies and the Federal Reserve System;
and the effects of the Depression on human beings and the environment.

       Assessment Guidelines                      Essential Knowledge                               Lesson Plans
                                               Basic underlying problems in the           Materials:
       Explain the causes and effects of       economy- overproduction and declining
                                                                                             Wagner‘s Depression and the
        the crash and Depression                demand
       Classify and identify examples of    Economic Factors leading to Depression          New Deal (PP)
        the causes for the Depression         Disparity of wealth
       Interpret the relative importance     Majority of Americans lived BELOW           Activities:
        of each of these causes and be          the poverty line
                                                                                                 Create a cause and effect
        able to infer their impact on         Drop in consumer spending led to
                                                layoffs (cyclical nature of economics)            chart for following causes
        human beings
       Interpret maps, graphs, and           Collapse of farm economy                              1. overproduction
        political cartoons and infer their    Bank failures                                         2. low wages
        relationship to information about     Stock market speculation- buying on                   3. high tariffs
        the time period                         margin, inflation of stock values, Black
                                                                                                     4. increased
       Summarize the impact on human           Tuesday (10/29/29)
                                              Government Policies                                      unemployment
        beings and on the environment
        during the Depression era                   o high tariffs                                   5. speculation in stocks.
                                                    o limited government regulations                (Literacy Element U)
                                                        (stock market)
Assessment Format:                                  o Federal Reserve‘s banking
                                                                                                 Interpreting the graph on
                                                        policies (loose money policy
   List the causes of the Great                         overstimulated economy then               slide #9, explain how the
   Depression and explain the                           tight money policy restricted             unemployment rate could rise
   impact it had on both the urban
                                                        recovery)                                 at such an incredible rate in
                                                    o Supply side economics cut                   just 2 years. ( class
   and rural population in America.                     taxes on rich who then
                                                        overspeculated in the stock

       o   Supreme Court overturned
           legislation that imposed
                                                  Interpreting the map on page
           restrictions on business
       o    Herbert Hoover‘s economic              663, determine the
           policies (―rugged individualism,‖       following:
           asked businesses to voluntarily         What was the occupation of
           maintain jobs & wages)                  the people who were
   Impact of Great Depression
                                                   migrating? Where were they
       o 25% unemployment
       o Bankruptcies                              moving? Why might that be?
       o Foreclosures                              (Literacy Element L)
       o Runs on banks
       o School closings due to loss of           Quick Write: Could the
           tax revenue
       o Families split apart
                                                   Great Depression have been
   Images of the Depression: soup
     kitchens, bread lines, Hoovervilles,         Chalk Talk: The federal
     the Dust Bowl (caused by                      government is responsible
     overgrazing, planting crops not
     suited to plains, drought) and Okies
                                                   for the wellbeing of its
     fleeing to California                         citizens.

                                                  Compare and contrast the
                                                   Depression of the 1930‘s to
                                                   the possible recession of
                                                   today. Discuss causes,
                                                   impact, and government
                                                   response to each.

Indicator 7.5: Compare the first and second New Deals as responses to the economic bust of the Great
Depression, including the rights of women and minorities in the workplace and the successes, controversies, and
failures of recovery and reform measures such as the labor movement.
Note to teachers: The support document says this is “one of the most complex indicators in the US History
standards and is an area of emphasis in USHC 7.”

       Assessment Guidelines                        Essential Knowledge                            Lesson Plans
       Explain the basic successes and           New Deal policies were not an          Materials:
        failures of the two phases of the          attempt at socialism- may have saved
                                                                                            Wagner‘s Depression and the
        New Deal and how criticism of the          capitalism
        New Deal propelled it to become         FIRST NEW DEAL                              New Deal (PP)
        more responsive to the long term         effort at relief and recovery
        need for reform of the system            The 1st Hundred Days
       Compare the first and second New         Bank holiday
                                                                                               Quick Write: Which New Deal
        Deals as to their primary purposes       FDR‘s fireside chats
                                                                                                program do you think is most
       and their degree of success               ―Priming the pump‖
       Summarize, classify, and identify        Alphabet agencies. FDIC, CCC, SEC,
                                                                                               Interpret the political cartoon in
        examples of New Deal programs that         AAA (hurt sharecroppers,) TVA,
                                                                                                Slide 50. What point is the artist
        addressed the need for recovery            WPA
                                                                                                making about FDR‘s court-packing
        and reform during the Great              How the agencies established were
                                                                                                scheme? How effective is the
        Depression                                 intended to address the goals of
                                                                                                cartoon at making the point?
       Interpret maps, graphs, and political      relief, recovery, and reform
                                                                                                (Literacy Element L)
        cartoons and infer their relationship
        to information about the time           SECOND NEW DEAL (1935)
                                                                                                Create a chart that explains the
        period.                                  Spurred by liberal and conservative
                                                                                                 basic successes and failures of the
       Interpret the significance of New          criticism of the New Deal and
                                                                                                 two phases of the New Deal and
        Deal legislation and infer its impact      Supreme Court‘s overturning of ND
                                                                                                 compares the first and second New
        on women, minorities, workers, and         legislation (NRA and subsidies)
                                                                                                 Deals as to their primary purposes
        the American economy and politics        Court packing- failed and gave FDR a
                                                                                                and their degrees of success. Be
                                                   black eye, but SC did not overturn
                                                                                                sure to address the ―Alphabet
                                                   any more ND legislation
                                                                                                Agencies‖ listed in ―Essential
                                                 Emphasis on reform
                                                                                                Knowledge. ― (Literacy Element M)
Assessment Format:                              Fair Labor Act, Fair Employment Act
                                                 (aka Wagner Act), Social Security        Analyze the Ben Shahn mural of a
                                                                                           New Deal project in New Jersey (p.
  Select one of the indicators in US
                                                                                           677). To what extent does it
  History Standard Seven. Create a
                                             IMPACT                                        portray the recovery and reform
  PowerPoint that fully illustrates the
                                              African Americans                           components of the New Deal? To
  information contained in that indicator.
                                             - negative- last hired first fired,           what extent is it propaganda?
  Your PowerPoint should include images,
                                                sharecroppers hurt by AAA; CCC &
  charts, and maps. Music adds points of
                                                TVA were segregated
  interest to historical PowerPoints.
                                             - positive- ―Black Cabinet,‖ Marian
                                                Anderson, move to Democratic Party
                                              Women
                                             - negative- job discrimination,
                                                legislation allowed lower minimum
                                             - positive- Frances Perkins
                                              Labor- positive impact but labor
                                                would once again face government
                                                opposition in the 1950‘s.
                                              Ramifications
                                             - did not end Depression, but reforms
                                                did prevent another depression from
                                                ever occurring
                                             - New Deal was a continuation of
                                                Progressive Era ideals and a
                                                precursor of the reforms in the
                                              New Deal inequality towards women
                                              New Deal‘s effect on labor

Indicator 8.1: Analyze the United States‘ decisions to enter World War II, including the rise and
aggression of totalitarian regimes in Italy under Benito Mussolini, in Germany under Adolf Hitler,
and in Japan under Hideki Tojo, the United States‘ movement from a policy of isolationism to
international involvement; and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
   Assessment Guidelines               Essential Knowledge                    Lesson Plans
     Analyze the factors that led to      WWI, Treaty of Versailles, and economic       Materials:
      the rise of three strong              depressions led to the rise of                   Supplemental Materials (located on
      totalitarian governments in the       totalitarianism
                                                                                             p. 2 of Curriculum Guide 8.1)
      1920s and 1930s                      19th century western imperialism led to
     Compare the totalitarianism of        military takeover of Japan
      Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo to       20th century totalitarianism and its          Activities:
      democracy in the US and Great         emphasis on the interest of the state               Explain the connection between the
      Britain                              Fascism v. Communism                                 harsh terms of the Treaty of
     Explain why the US Congress          Propaganda and its use for control                   Versailles and worldwide economic
      passed the Neutrality Acts and       Hitler and FDR‘s rise to power in 1933               depression with the rise of
      how these limited the options        Hitler‘s prejudice against Jews                      totalitarianism in Europe.
      available to Pres. Roosevelt         Hitler‘s justification for aggression- said         Concept Exploration: Name as many
     Compare the circumstances             it was a corrective measure against                  examples of propaganda as you can
      that led the US to enter WWI          Treaty/Versailles                                    from this era and then find
      to the circumstances leading up      European response of appeasement                     examples from current society.
      to WWII                              Neutrality Acts and isolationism                    Using the graphic organizer
     Interpret maps and political         Japanese invasion of Manchuria and the               provided, trace the US transition
      cartoons to infer their               US response                                          from isolationism to international
      relationship to information          American policy from isolationism to                 involvement using specific examples.
      from the time period                  international involvement                            (Literacy Element U)
                                           ‖Cash and Carry‖ to Destroyers-For-                 Using the map on p.715 and
                                            Bases to Lend-Lease                                  information from the text, write a
                                           Quarantine Speech & Atlantic Charter                 narrative that explains the rise of
                                           German warfare against the US in the                 totalitarian regimes in Europe during
                                            Atlantic prior to Pearl Harbor                       the 1930‘s.
                                           Pearl Harbor                                              (Literacy Element P)

Indicator 8.2: Summarize and illustrate on a timeline the major events and leaders of WWII,
including the Battle of the Bulge and major battles at Midway, Normandy, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa;
turning points for the Allies; dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; and roles of
Roosevelt, Churchill, and de Gaulle.
     Assessment Guidelines               Essential Knowledge                 Lesson Plans
    Summarize the progress of the war  Chronology of WWII events Materials:
      effort and the impact of wartime          Churchill, Roosevelt, de Gaulle   Supplemental materials (leaflets
      decisions on the relationship of the
                                                 and Stalin‘s roles in planning    located on pp. 2 & 3 of Curriculum
     Classify events as belonging to the        war and post war strategy         Guide 8.2)
      war effort in the Pacific and             Major battles in the European
      European theatres                          theatre such as Operation         Activities:
     Compare the strategies and
                                                 Torch, Stalingrad, D-Day, and           Place the attached leaflets on
      outcomes of World War II to those                                                   students‘ desks before they enter.
                                                 the Battle of the Bulge and
      of World War I and infer the impact                                                 After they read them ask them to
      of those strategies on post-war            their place in war strategy
                                                                                          assess the fears of the Japanese
      tension between the US and the            Major battles in the Pacific             people versus the fears of the US
      USSR                                       theatre such as Midway, Iwo              military and the impact of those
     Interpret maps and graphs and infer        Jima, and Okinawa and their              fears on the decision to drop the
      their relationship to information                                                   atomic bombs.
                                                 place in US island hopping
      about the time period                                                              In a paragraph, describe the
Assessment Format:                               strategy
                                                                                          outcomes of World War I and
     Summarize the progress of the war         The decision to drop the                 World War II and their impact on
      effort by creating a chronology of         atomic bomb on Hiroshima and             post war tensions between the US
      WWII events. From that timeline            Nagasaki leading to Japanese             and the Soviet Union.
      select the 25 most important dates         surrender                                (Literacy Element S)
      and place them on a poster. Be                                                     Using the ―Profiles in History‖ on p.
      prepared to explain your choices. A                                                 746, create a Venn diagram of the
      rubric is included.                                                                 backgrounds and contributions of
           (Literacy Element V)                                                           Admiral Nimitz and Admiral
     Create a matching quiz on the major                                                 Yamamoto. (Literacy Element P)
      battles of WWII and their impact
      on the war.

Indicator 8.3: Summarize the impact of World War II and war mobilization on the home front,
including war bond drives, rationing, the role of women and minorities in the workforce, and racial
and ethnic tensions such as those caused by the internment of Japanese Americans.
     Assessment Guidelines               Essential Knowledge                   Lesson Plans
      Compare the wartime economy                 Total mobilization of the American        Materials:
       and racism during World War I                economy as private industry               Supplemental materials located on pp. 2-6
       and World War II                             converted to war production               of Curriculum Guide 8.3
                                                   Propaganda and war bond drives and
      Explain the impact of the war
                                                    the effect of modern advertising
       effort on the depressed                                                                Activities:
                                                   Rationing
       American economy and its impact                                                              Look at the posters provided;
                                                   Relief of the Great Depression and
       on women and minorities                      the impact of the wartime economy                discuss propaganda and the need of
      Interpret maps, graphs, and                 The effect of the wartime economy                the government to induce the
       propaganda posters and infer                 on women and minorities (Rosie the               support of the American people at
       their relationship to information            Riveter, A. Philip Randolph, FDR‘s               home. What kinds of things did the
       about the time period                        Executive Order concerning the                   government want the people to do
                                                    hiring of minorities in war industries,          to support the war? What kinds of
      Infer long term consequences for
                                                    Mexican workers welcomed through                 propaganda are the American
       minorities in the post-war period
                                                    the braceros program)                            people exposed to today?
       such as the civil rights and
                                                   Racial and ethnic tensions leading to           Warm Up: Analyze Alexander
       women‘s movements                                                                             Allen‘s quote on p. 774 concerning
                                                    protests and the internment of
                                                    Japanese Americans                               the ―Double V‖ Campaign.
Assessment Format:                              -   African Americans fought in                     In small groups, pretend you are
Read the articles written in San Francisco          segregated units and experienced                 the children pictured on p. 753.
during the internment of the Japanese               racism at southern bases                         Discuss what you are ―feeling.‖
Americans. From the perspective of either       -   Zoot Suit Riots                                 Using all of the resources found in
the US military, a white person from San        -   Internment of Japanese (why, how,                the section of your text entitled
Francisco, or a Japanese American, write an         Supreme Court response)                          ―Life on the Home front,‖ write a
eleven sentence paragraph either defending                                                           letter to a friend describing
the US decision or defending the civil rights                                                        changes the war has brought to
of the Japanese. (Literacy Element O)                                                                your life in Horry County in the
                                                                                                     1940‘s. (Literacy Element S)

Indicator 8.4: Summarize the responses of the US and the Allies to war crimes, including the
Holocaust and war crimes trials.

      Assessment Guidelines                Essential Knowledge                       Lesson Plans
     Summarize the world‘s               Nazi propaganda justifying
      response to the Final Solution       social Darwinism and the         Supplemental materials
     Infer the effectiveness of the       longstanding prejudice against
      war crimes trials as a               the Jews
      deterrent to future actions         Nuremberg Laws
     Explain the reason for the          The program of genocide
      establishment of, and                culminating in the Holocaust
      American support for, the           Limited response of the US       Go to the above website and explore
      state of Israel                      and the world despite            the website. Find on the site
                                           knowledge                        examples of modern genocide.
                                       -   did not relax immigration        Discuss as a class or in small groups
                                           restrictions                     the world‘s response to the
                                       -   no military action               Holocaust and the effectiveness of
                                          Nuremberg Trials as a            preventing genocide since World
                                           precedent for future trials on   War II.
                                           war crimes
                                          The establishment of Israel
                                           and continuing US support for
                                           that nation

Indicator 8.5: Explain the lasting impact of the scientific and technological developments in
American after World War II, including new systems for scientific research, medical advances,
improvements in agricultural technology, and resultant changes in the standard of living and
demographic patterns.
    Assessment Guidelines                  Essential Knowledge                    Lesson Plans
                                              The stimulus of military funding on the
      Summarize the impact of                 scientific and technological developments
                                               after WWII                                      Activities:
       wartime research and
                                              The development of jet aircraft, radar,
       development on the initiation of
                                               microwaves, computers, synthetic rubber,             Make a list of
       technological advancements
                                               and their impact on society
      Explain the impact of such                                                                    technological, medical,
                                              The Cold War stimulus of weapon production,
       research on the standard of             the space race, unmanned satellites, Sputnik,         and agricultural
       living and demographic patters          moon landing, satellite television,                   advancements during
      Give examples of technological          international space station                           and after World War
       advancements and identify them         The impact on the standard of living due to           II and list the ways
       with changes associated with            this new technology which included air
                                                                                                     they have affected the
       WWII and the postwar period             conditioning, nuclear energy, and expanded
                                               automobile ownership                                  daily lives of Americans
      Interpret maps, graphs, and
                                              Medical advancements, miracle drugs                   and the world.
       political cartoons to infer their
                                               (penicillin), vaccines (polio), surgical
       relationship to information about
                                               techniques (heart surgery), and their impact
       the period                                                                                    Research changes in
                                               on demographic patterns such as longer lives
                                                                                                     life expectancy over
                                               and infant mortality rates
                                                                                                     the last 60 years.
Assessment Format:                            Improvements in agricultural technology as a
Write a one- page fictional account of         result of the war led to improving nutrition          Explain specific
life in 2009 without any of the
                                               and affected demographics; widespread use             reasons for the
                                               of pesticides and fertilizers had long-term           increased life
inventions listed in this indicator.
                                               environmental effects resulting in
             Or                                                                                      expectancy in the US.
                                               environmental legislation in the 1970‘s and
Create a brief skit that illustrates the       world-wide concern for global warming                 (Literacy Element M)
same scenario.

Indicator 9.1: Explain the causes and effects of social and cultural changes in postwar America, including
educational programs, expanding suburbanization, the emergence of the consumer culture, the secularization of
society and the reemergence of religious conservatism, and the roles of women in American society.
    Assessment Guidelines                              Essential Knowledge                                    Lesson Plans
         Explain the causes and effects        Postwar expansion of education (GI Bill, Baby         Materials:
          of social and cultural changes         Boomer‘s strain on education, Sputnik (1957)
                                                                                                       supplemental materials
          in postwar America                     increased emphasis on math/science education,
                                                                                                       located on pp. 2-4 of
         Summarize, classify, and               prosperity allowed kids to stay in school longer,
          identify examples of key social        more women went to college)                           Curriculum Guide 9.1
          and cultural changes in the           Suburbanization                                       Activities:
          period                             -   aided by GI Loans, baby boom, prosperity,                   Using the graphic
         Interpret maps, graphs, and            Interstate                                                   organizer provided,
          political cartoons and infer the   -   impact included malls & fast foods, increase of              identify the effects
          relationship to information            minority populations within inner cities which lost
                                                                                                              of the launch of
          about the time period                  businesses and tax base
                                                                                                              Sputnik in 1957 on
         Interpret the significance of         Federal Defense Highway Act
                                                                                                              the US.
          these changes and infer their         Population shifts of African Americans north and
          impact on the role of women            west due to increases in defense industries              (Literacy Element O)
          and infer the religious               Consumer culture and impact of TV advertising
          response to these changes             Prosperous era due to advertising, Cold War                 Warm up: List the
                                                 spending- by 1960 US had highest standard of                 ways in which the
Assessment Format:                               living in the world                                          Federal Highway Act
                                                Rise in ―white collar‖ employment                            altered the fabric of
Interpret a picture of Rosie the Riveter
                                                Secularization of society                                    American society.
and then a picture of women‘s rights
                                                Reemergence of religious conservatism: Moral
activists. Write a short paragraph
                                                 Majority and Christian Coalition- organized
summarizing how Rosie the Riveter and                                                                        Chalk Talk: ―A
the Feminine Mystique led to the                                                                              woman‘s place is in
                                                Supreme Court decisions on prayer in schools,
women‘s actions.                                                                                              the home.‖
(Literacy Element K)
                                                Consumer culture glorified housewives yet by 1960
                                                 40% of all women worked outside the home- still
                                                 held traditional female jobs
                                                Feminine Mystique and women‘s rights movement

Indicator 9.2: Summarize the origins and course of the Cold War, including the containment policy; the conflicts in
Korea, Africa, and the Middle East; the Berlin Airlift and the Berlin Wall; the Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis;
the nuclear arms race; the effects of the ―Red Scare‖ and McCarthyism; and the role of military alliances.
 Assessment Guidelines                    Essential Knowledge                                Lesson Plans
    Summarize the             Origins of the Cold War with reference to the   Materials:
       origins and course of         differences over strategies of WWII over           Google Earth
       the Cold War                  Germany and events in the Pacific as well as
      Explain the causes            economic, political, and ideological differences
       and effects of                (Greece & Vietnam)                                 Activities:
       various incidents in          Know Chronology (―Iron Curtain,‖ containment,           Warm Up- After viewing a satellite
       the Cold War,                  Marshall Plan, Berlin Airlift)                           image of the Caribbean (try Google
       identify examples of      -   1949 (NATO, Soviets detonated bomb, China fell            Earth), explain why Americans were
       and classify those            to communism)                                             so alarmed by the placement of
       incidents                    Nuclear arms race                                         Soviet missiles in Cuba.
      Compare these                Korean War (UN Police Action w/US providing most                (Literacy Element Q)
       incidents to one              of the soldiers & funds)
       another, interpret           Red Scare (Truman‘s Loyalty Program,                     Create an illustrated timeline
       the significance of           McCarthyism- ruined lives, ended with televised           summarizing the major incidents of
       each incident, and            Army hearings)                                            the Cold War and describing the
       infer their impact on        Warsaw Pact                                               impact of each on Soviet/US
       relations between the        Cuba (Castro, Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis)          relations.
       US and the Soviet            Berlin Wall                                                    (Literacy Element E)
       Union                        US/Soviet Rivalry over Africa and the M. East
      Interpret maps,              CIA backed unpopular & undemocratic regimes that         As a class, read the ―Differing
       graphs, photographs,          were non-communist- helped Shah of Iran                   Viewpoints‖ on p. 788 that highlights
       political cartoons, and       overthrow popular Iranian government                      the conflict between Truman and
       propaganda and infer         Eisenhower Doctrine- response to Suez Crisis              MacArthur over the Korean War.
       their relationship to        US policy on Israel                                       Why did the Founding Fathers make
       information about the        Palestine Liberation Organization                         the president the Commander-in-
       time period                  OPEC                                                      Chief of the military? Should an
                                    Camp David Accords                                        elected official run our military?
                                    Iranian Hostage Crisis
Assessment Format:
                                    Cold War ended due to changes within the Soviet
Matching quiz of major
                                     Union and the economic strain of the arms race
incidents with the Cold
                                    Fall of Berlin Wall, 1989, marked the end of CW
Indicator 9.3: Summarize the key events and effects of the Vietnam War, including the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
and the Tet Offensive; the protests and opposition to the war; and the policies of Presidents John Kennedy,
Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon.
 Assessment Guidelines                       Essential Knowledge                                        Lesson Plans
      Explain the key events and        Cold War fears created US involvement in
       effects of the Vietnam War         Vietnam
      Summarize the Vietnam             The US aided French efforts in war
                                                                                              List A-Z on a sheet of paper. Then
       policy of Presidents               w/money & arms until they were defeated
                                                                                               collectively list one term for each
       Kennedy, Johnson, and             Geneva Accords and division of Vietnam at
                                                                                               letter from your knowledge of Vietnam.
       Nixon and compare these            17th parallel
                                                                                               Listen to the song and/or hand out the
       policies to one another           Communist support of Ho Chi Minh leading
                                                                                               lyrics to Country Joe and the Fish‘s ―I
      Classify policies and give         to Domino Theory & war with Viet Cong
                                                                                               Feel Like I‘m Fixin to Die Rag‖ and
       examples of policies for          JFK sent advisers to support S.
                                                                                               write a paragraph that analyzes its
       each presidential                  Vietnamese government, supported
                                                                                               message, identifies its tone, ascertains
       administration                     Strategic Hamlet program, and CIA-
                                                                                               the feelings it evokes, and determine
      Interpret maps, graphs, and        backed coup to overthrow the leader of S.
                                                                                               whose point of view it promotes.
       political cartoons and infer       Vietnam
                                                                                               (Literacy Element O)
       their relationship to             Johnson‘s Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
                                                                                              Quick Write: How would you respond if
       information from the time         Escalation of troops-600,000 1967
                                                                                               the US reinstated the draft to fight
       period                            Operation Rolling Thunder and the rise of
                                                                                               the war in Iraq?
      Interpret the significance         the anti-war protests
                                                                                              Interview someone who remembers the
       of key events and                 SDS, the Free Speech Movement, Vets
                                                                                               war in Vietnam. Discuss their views of
       presidential policies on           Against War
                                                                                               the war then and now.
       support for the war effort        1968 -Tet, LBJ out of race, Dems split
                                                                                              Complete an activity from Discovery
      Infer the impact on the            over war, Nixon elected
                                                                                               Educators in which students pretend
       American government and           Nixon‘s policy of Vietnamization
                                                                                               they are 18 year olds who have been
       future policies towards           Anti war sentiment increased due to
                                                                                               drafted in 1970. In pairs, they role play
       foreign intervention               secret bombing of Cambodia & Laos,
                                                                                               their responses to the situation.
                                          lottery system of draft, Kent State, My
                                          Lai Massacre, Agent Orange and Napalm,
Assessment Format:                                                                    ietnam/
                                          Pentagon Papers, reports of fragging and
   Write a five-paragraph essay
                                          drug abuse- nation divided between hawks
   evaluating America‘s decision to
                                          & doves, war seen as ―poor man‘s fight‖
   go to war in Vietnam.
                                         War Powers Act
    (Literacy Element S)
                                         Discuss the war as ―cultural phenomenon‖

Indicator 9.4: Compare the domestic and foreign policies of the period—including Kennedy‘s New Frontier,
Johnson‘s Great Society, and Nixon‘s establishment of environmental protection and rapprochement with China—as
well as relations with the Soviet Union and the continuing crises in the Middle East under all administrations from
Harry Truman to Jimmy Carter.
        Assessment Guidelines                   Essential Knowledge                         Lesson Plans
    Explain domestic and foreign policies  JFK articulated New Frontier, Civil Materials:
       under Presidents Kennedy, Johnson,           Rights, Space Race
       and Nixon                                   Foreign Policy-Peace Corps, Bay of
                                                                                            Morrison‘s PowerPoint Presentations
      Explain policies from Truman                 Pigs v. Cuban Missile Crisis
       through Carter towards the Soviet           LBJ- Civil Rights Act 1964,Voting
       Union and the Middle East                    Rights Act1965, Great Society &         Activities:
      Summarize the policies of each               the War on Poverty, Fair Housing              Create a chart comparing the
       president and compare them to one            Act, Head Start, Medicaid &                    foreign and domestic policies of
       another                                      Medicare, NEA                                  the presidents from Truman
      Classify policies and identify              Gulf of Tonkin
                                                                                                   through Carter listing the
       examples of policies of each                ―guns and butter‖ led to inflation
                                                                                                   significant events from their
       president in both the domestic and          Nixon- 1968 election, ―law and
       foreign policy arenas                        order,‖ southern strategy, Clean Air,
      Interpret maps, graphs, and political        Clean Water, Endangered Species,                (Literacy Element U)
       cartoons and infer their relationship        EPA                                           Analyze the political cartoon
       to information about the time period        Shift of African Americans to the              ―Onward and Upward‖ on
      Interpret the significance of each           Democrats and the end of the ―Solid            Johnson‘s Great Society: use the
       policy and infer its impact on overall       South‖                                         ―guns and butter‖ analogy to
       US policy                                   Vietnamization, Laos/Cambodia,                 discuss it in a short paragraph.
                                                    rapprochement with China, Détente              (Literacy Element L)
Assessment Format:                                 Middle East
                                                                                                  Interpret the maps on pp. 863,
Write an eleven sentence paragraph                 Truman‘s support of Israel
                                                                                                   953, and 1028. Infer the
                                                   Suez Crisis and the Eisenhower
analyzing the reasons for the political                                                            demographic changes in the
                                                    Doctrine in Middle East
shift of African Americans to the                                                                  Democratic and Republican
                                                   OPEC and the oil embargo
Democratic Party and the shift of the                                                              Parties between 1960 & 2000.
                                                   Camp David
―Solid South‖ to the Republican Party.             Iranian Hostage Crisis                         (Literacy Element G)
      (Literacy Element E)

Indicator 9.5: Explain the movements for racial and gender equity and civil liberties, including their initial
strategies, landmark court cases and legislation, the roles of key civil rights advocates, and the influence of the
civil rights movement on other groups seeking ethnic and gender equality.

       Assessment Guidelines                           Essential Knowledge                                 Lesson Plans
                                                                                  th   th,
       Explain the civil rights             Review the failed promises of the 13 , 14 and        Materials:
        movement, including                   15th Amendments as well as the Jim Crow era            supplemental materials
        leadership, strategies, court        Brown v. the Board of Education
        cases, and legislation               Strategies used in Montgomery Bus Boycott, sit-
       Summarize, identify examples          ins, freedom rides, the Birmingham campaign, the     Activities:
        of, and classify key concepts         March on Washington, Freedom Summer, and the               Create an annotated
        of the Civil Rights Movement in       Selma March- discuss the impact of tv.                      timeline of the Civil Rights
        particular and compare it to         MLK and presidential support for voting rights and          Movement after 1945.
        the other movements such as           desegregation                                               (Literacy Element D)
        those for women and Native           Presidential stand on the Civil Rights movement          Compare/contrast de jure
        Americans in general                  from Truman through Nixon                                   to de facto segregation
       Interpret maps, graphs,              Truman- Civil Rights Commission, supported anti-            using specific examples of
        photographs, and political            lynching, desegregated military                             each.
        cartoons and infer their             Impact of Cold War on CRM- needed soldiers,              Listen to MLK‘s ―I Have A
        relationship to information           needed support from Asia and Africa, work of                Dream Speech.‖
        about the time                        Ralph Bunche and W.E.B. DuBois                          (There is audio at a cool site
       Interpret the significance of        Dixiecrats                                              called American
        specific events or infer their       Shift in strategies under the leadership of the         They have tons of great
        impact on subsequent sister           Black Power Movement affected differences in            speeches there.)
        movements for equity                  southern African Americans from their northern
                                              counterparts (Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael)
                                                                                                         Have a guest speaker who
Assessment Format:                           De jure v. de facto segregation
                                                                                                          can discuss the CRM.
Interpret the pictures of the police         Impact of the African American movement for
                                                                                                         Compare the relationship
dog attacking the civil rights                civil rights on women‘s rights as well as Native
                                                                                                          between the abolition
protesters in Birmingham, Alabama,            Americans and Latinos
                                                                                                          movement and Seneca Falls
and pretend you are in it. Write a           The impact of Supreme Court cases such as Roe v
                                                                                                          to the relationship between
short paragraph describing what you           Wade, Miranda, & Gideon, Civil Rights Acts, and
                                                                                                          the CRM and the ERA.
see, smell, hear, taste, and feel from        ERA on the social movements including the
the perspective of anyone in the              reemergence of religious conservatism

Indicator 10.1: Summarize key events in US foreign policy from the end of the Reagan
administration to present, including changes to the Middle East, impact of US involvement in the
Persian Gulf, and the rise of global terrorism.
      Assessment Guidelines                  Essential Knowledge                        Lesson Plans
                                          America became the world‘s only super Activities:
                                                  power once the Cold War ended
     Explain why the Middle East is an                                                          Interpreting the map
                                                 U.S. has taken greater responsibility for
      area of vital importance for the                                                            on page 1034 in your
                                                  maintaining world peace- led to
      United States                               resentment in much of the world                 textbook, write one
     Compare the first and second Gulf          U.S. continues to exercise leadership in        page analyzing the
      Wars                                        the Middle East due to dependence on oil        impact of terrorism on
     Explain the ongoing conflict between       Persian Gulf War- no change in power,
                                                                                                  America over the last
      Israel and her neighbors and the            but increased resentment of US military
      reasons for such conflict                   presence & formation of terrorist               40 years.
     Interpret maps, graphs, and political       groups                                         Quick Write: What do
      cartoons and infer their relationship      U.S. continued support of Israel                you remember about
                                                 U.S. involvement in N. Ireland and Haiti
      to information about the time period                                                        the day, September 11,
                                                 Humanitarian efforts in Somalia and the
                                                  ―Black Hawk Down‖ incident
Assessment Format:                               U.S. involvement in the Balkans                Make a Venn Diagram in
  The attacks on New York City and               Attacks on WTC, USS Cole, US                    which you compare and
  Washington, D.C. convinced many                 embassies in Africa & the rise of global        contrast the first and
                                                  terrorism- Bin Laden still at large             second Gulf Wars.
  Americans that more security was
                                                 U.S. invasion of Afghanistan,
  needed, even if it meant giving up                                                             Chalk Talk: The Iraq
                                                  overthrowing the Taliban
  some freedoms. Write a letter to               Iraq War –goal, WMD‘s, Saddam                   War is justified.
  your US House Representative                    Hussein‘s execution and establishment
  (Henry Brown) explaining why you are            of a more democratic government in
                                                  Iraq, has not resulted in peace
  for or against increased security at
                                                 U.S. forces continue to be under attack
  the cost of individual liberty.
                                                  and the Middle East continues to be in
         (Literacy Element S)                     turmoil

Indicator 10.2: Summarize key economic issues in the US since the fall of communist states, including recession,
national debt & deficits, legislation affecting organized labor & labor unions, immigration, & increases in economic disparity.
   Assessment Guideline                                   Essential Knowledge                               Lesson Plans
       Summarize the key                  1980‘s- budget deficits and increase in national debt           Activities:
        economic issues in the US          Clinton- tax increase, spending cuts, earned income tax
                                                                                                                 Write a letter to the
        in the 1990s and the early          credits, conflicts with Republican Congress
                                                                                                                  editor of The Sun
        21st century                       The Federal Reserve kept economy stimulated and inflation
                                                                                                                  News outlining your
       Explain impact of                   in check by controlling interest rates (in 1990‘s)
                                                                                                                  position on America‘s
        economic policy of both            Results were low unemployment, diminished debt, but income
                                                                                                                  current immigration
        the Federal Reserve and             polarization
                                                                                                                  policy. Cite historical
        the Clinton administration         Bush- lowered taxes on wealthy to stimulate the economy,
                                                                                                                  evidence in support
        on economic growth                  recession, Iraq War increased deficit spending and debt
                                                                                                                  of your position.
       Compare the economic and           EU became an economic power, created a common currency
                                                                                                              (Literacy Element S)
        tax policies of the Clinton        NAFTA eliminated trade barriers in N. America but caused
                                                                                                               Chalk Talk: George
        and Bush administrations.           controversy over ramifications
                                                                                                                  W. Bush was a better
       Classify economic issues           GATT lowered tariffs around the world but created more
                                                                                                                  president than Bill
        related to trade,                   competition for American goods
                                                                                                                  Clinton. (or vice
        technology, and                    Other US jobs lost to mechanization, outsourcing, and
        immigration and identify            globalization
                                                                                                                 Create a poster of
        examples of economic               Large influx of immigrants resulted in controversy
                                                                                                                  NAFTA, GATT, or
        changes that took place in         Loss of jobs resulted in loss of union membership and power
                                                                                                                  the US immigration
        the 1990s and early 21st           Demographic Changes
                                                                                                                  policy. Show the
        century as opposed to           -    move from rustbelt to sunbelt- resulted in political changes
                                                                                                                  background of the
        other time periods in           -    medical advances prolonged productivity and life- good but
                                                                                                                  policy, the causes for
        American                             added burden to Social Security
                                                                                                                  it, and its
         history                       -     increased need for childcare and care for the elderly
       Interpret primary sources      -     young people moved back to cities, reurbanization led to a
                                                                                                                 Quick Write: Which
        such as political cartoons           trend of rebuilding downtowns and waterfront areas
                                                                                                                  previous decade in
        and economic                       technology- computers, internet, ebay, pagers, computer
                                                                                                                  US history most
       graphs and maps related to           games, cell phones brought new issues concerning privacy
                                                                                                                  compares with the
       the economy and politics of          laws, communication networks, stock market fluctuations as
                                                                                                                  first decade of the
       the 1990s                            ―dotcoms‖ came and went, the outsourcing of jobs to such
                                            places as India


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