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					                                 Linking Asbestos And Cancer

The link between asbestos and cancer was discovered in late 1960, but it was not until recent years
has become effective publicity and awareness creation on a larger scale to very high level.

The name of a great number of natural fibrous silicates are asbestos. It uses many of its feature
attributes include the scope of high tensile strength, soundproofing, thermal insulation, chemical
and thermal stability. Many products used today contain asbestos mainly in construction, but not
limited to this area.

Exposure to asbestos dust or fibers with a certain period of time can cause cancer. The most
common form was developed by exposure known as mesothelioma. Research over the years and the
investigation of different case studies made clear that there is a clear relationship between the
victims and exposure to the material. The issue here is sad is that developing mesothelioma may
also be due to secondary exposure, which is in the home, family members who are in contact with
work clothes and other items workplace.

Mesothelioma is a serious disease that is often mistaken for other respiratory conditions and lead to
a false diagnosis of becoming malignant, and death. Sometimes it can be a malignant form of 30
years or more symptoms to appear after exposure, so that often the condition has been found to
lead to the final stage before the low rate of survival of victims.

If you have worked in asbestos-related or construction, insulation, thermal / flame retardant
material production company, or you live in a person goes to a medical examination is the best
approach to take, and measures should be taken now rather that later in the future.

Symptoms include difficulty breathing, chest pain, contraction, cough, vomiting of blood. Any of
these symptoms should be taken seriously and immediately to your doctor, especially if the
symptoms continue after 2 weeks.

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