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					Physical Education: Lacrosse                                                                                                         Date: Nov. 19th, 2009

Grade: 6 (5/4)             Unit : Lacrosse                                                         Lesson 3(Focus): Catching
Time of the Lesson: 30 minutes


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  Learner Outcomes:                    Students will be able to catch the Lacrosse ball.
                                       Students will develop good hand eye coordination for catching the Lacrosse ball.
    Introduction/ Warm Up (5 minutes)
         Have the students run 4 laps around the gym to warm-up.                                                              Assessment/Evaluation/ Comments
         Review the proper etiquette when using the Lacrosse sticks (no stick-on stick
            or stick-on-body, no leaning/ pushing on the head of the stick, no shooting the
            Lacrosse balls at will and be aware of the people around you). Ask probing
         Review the proper etiquette when the whistle is blown and stop is called out.
            They should drop their stick, leave the balls alone and focus on me.
         Review Lesson 1 (Ready Position, Trap and Scoop). Pass out the Lacrosse
            sticks and balls. Ask one student to lead the class in demonstrating the
            previously learned skills. Modify at will for younger students.
         Review Lesson 2 (Cradling and Catching). Ask the students what they
            remember from the previous lesson. Ask what worked well and what didn’t

    Learning Activities/Teaching Strategies
        Activity One: Catching with the Bean Bag ( 6 minutes)                                                                 Check to make sure the students are
           - Have the students get into pairs and they should each have just one stick                                         showing proper form and presenting
               and one bean bag.                                                                                               a good target for their partner when
           - One student will hold the stick and the other will hold the bean bag. The                                         passing.
               student with the stick will get into Ready Position and make a target for
               the passer. The top hand should slide up to the throat of the stick and the
               face should face the passer.
           - Extend the top arm keeping the bottom arm close to the body. Their eyes
               should be on the bean bag and move the face into the path of the bean bag.
           - The bean should be cushioned as it comes into the face and then bring the
               stick back to Ready Position.
           - Have the students practice this in their partner switching after every five to
               ten passes. The bean bag should be tossed back to the passer gently after it
               is caught, NOT SHOT or THROWN using the stick.
           - The students can expand this drill by having the students move further                                            Check to make sure the students are
               apart or throw higher, lower or to the side.                                                                    moving to the ball and using good
           - Have the students be the teachers and help each correct the form etc.                                             hand-eye coordination
               (Positive reinforcement). Encourage the students to move to the ball and
               keep their eye on it at all times. This will make catching easier.
           - Whenever possible make connections to catching in baseball or receiving
               a pass in hockey.

Physical Education Guide to Implementation (K–12)                                                                                   Lesson Plan Templates /1
Alberta Learning, Alberta, Canada                                                                                                                June 2000
       Activity Two: Catching with the Lacrosse Ball (10 minutes)
        - Once the students have mastered catching the bean bag, allow them to
            advance to catching the ball. Using the same directions in Activity One.
        - When they are using the ball have them throw the ball different ways high,
            low and to the side. They can also use the walls of the gym to bounce the
            ball off of to practice their hand-eye coordination. Encourage the students
            to move towards the ball to make catching easier.
        - Once the groups understand it allow each student to have the Lacrosse
            stick. Allow them to experiment with passing it too each other using the
            Lacrosse stick. Make sure they understand the rules and do this safely.
            This will introduce passing and catching.

       Activity Two: Pass, Catch and Run. (7 minutes)
        - The students will line up in two teams. All the students, except for the          Check to make sure the students
            first, have a ball.                                                             are using the proper techniques for
        - The first student runs to center stops turns around, faces the second and         catching and cradling.
            presents his stick as a target. The second student throws the ball by hand to
            the first student.
        - After catching the ball the first student runs to the far end of the gym
            around a pylon and back to the end of the line.
        - Continue this action for the second student and for the rest in the line until
            everyone has had a turn.
        - Once everyone has finished, the first team sitting is the victor.

Closure/Cool Down ( 2 minutes)
     Do a quick review of the skills that we have learned.
     Return all equipment back to the proper storage area.

Equipment                                        Safety Considerations
Lacrosse Sticks                                  Make sure the students are spaced evenly allowing for proper safety.
Lacrosse Balls                                   Proper stick etiquette and eye focus.
Whistle                                          No Throwing or Kicking of the Lacrosse balls.
Pylons                                           Make sure there are no extra Lacrosse balls scattered on the floor.
Bean Bags
Physical Education Guide to Implementation (K–12)   Lesson Plan Templates /3
Alberta Learning, Alberta, Canada                                June 2000

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