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					               Celotex                       2. Honeywell will put up a new fence     Cleanup for the USEPA &
                                             around Celotex to protect our children
Celotex is 24 acres of land in Little                                                       Honeywell is
                                             from playing there.
Village at 28th & Sacramento.

It is filled with toxic chemicals (PAH’s)     This is the Cleanup WE                   -Leave the 24 acre Celotex site as it is
that can cause skin rashes and cancer.               DEMAND:                          (with 2 feet of gravel on the top). This is
                                                                                                    not a cleanup.
-The Celotex site is a “Federal
Government United States                                                              -Only clean up certain homes with toxic
Environmental Protection Agency                                                       chemicals in our yards. The rest of our
(USEPA) Superfund site: which means it                                                homes will be still be polluted!
has dangerous chemicals to humans
and the environment.                                                                  -The USEPA is telling the Chicago Park
                                               * Dig Up & Get Rid of ALL              District & the City of Chicago that
 -The USEPA and Honeywell have done          the toxic soil on ALL 24 acres           Celotex is safe enough for a park
NOTHING in 13 years to clean up the                                                   without cleaning it up.
Celotex site or the neighbors’ yards that     of Celotex: Make it safe for a
also may have PAH’s.                                       park                       $The cost of digging up the polluted soil
                                                                                      and replacing it with clean soil of 154
-The USEPA has held only 1 “public                                                    homes that have high PAH levels would
meeting” to discuss their proposed           * The land should be                     cost $4 Million.
“clean-up plan”. The meeting was held        cleaned up to street level, not           Honeywell makes that much money
at West Side Tech in October, 2004:          remain 6 feet above it.                               in 50 MINUTES!
OUTSIDE of the Little Village
neighborhood, WITHOUT TELLING the
Celotex neighbors or Little Village          * Test the front/backyards of
schools, churches or community based         all 154 homes in the Celotex
organizations about the meeting
                                             Area the right way for PAH’s
 -In 13 years Honeywell has failed to put
up a secure fence to keep children           * Clean up the front and
from playing on the Celotex site
                                             back yards of any of the 154
Celotex neighbors and LVEJO have             homes that have PAH levels
won 2 victories this year                    above that called safe by the
1. Honeywell will test the soil in ALL 154
houses that are in the Celotex area (26th    State of Illinois
  to 31st St and Kedzie to Sacramento)
         Celotex                   $ In 2005 Honeywell HAD                    This is what you can do:
      th                                AN INCOME OF
    28 & Sacramento
                                  $29 BILLION and PROFITS                     -Tell your story: Tell us your
                                        OF $1.7 BILLION                       stories about friends and
                                                                              family members who have
                                 David M. Cote, THE HEAD OF                   been affected by the Celotex
                                 HONEYWELL, made $17 Million in 2004
                                 Honeywell makes $29 BILLION per              -Organize or Host a meeting
                                 year. It will cost $50 million to clean up   in your home, on your block,
                                 Celotex: that’s how much Honeywell
                                 makes in 17 HOURS!
                                                                              in your church or school

                                                                              -Become a member of
                                                                              LVEJO. Get on our mailing
- The Honeywell Company is                                                    list, and or volunteer time with
responsible for cleaning up                                                   us. Our organization depends
our homes & Celotex.                                                          on our neighbors
- So far in 13 years they have                                                   For more information contact:
done nothing
                                                                                Lorena Lopez or Eduardo Anaya
                                                                               Little Village Environmental Justice
- We deserve to have our                                                               Organization (LVEJO)
yards and a new park free of
                                                                                       2856 S. Millard Ave.
cancer causing chemicals                                                                Chicago IL 60623
                                                                                (773)762-6991, Fax 773-762-6993
-We demand a clean & safe                                                        Email: Llopez05@sbcglobal.net
                                 Honeywell doesn’t want to Clean-up                 Website: www.Lvejo.org
                                 Celotex because we are Latinos.
                                 6 miles away Commonwealth Edison
                                 just spent $50 Million to clean-up
                                 Barrie Park in Oak Park: a mainly
                                 white, middle class area

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