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August 21, 2011

Dear Prospective Student:

    Enclosed is a copy of a CDL Training Application and class information. Fill out the application and write
down the requested class start date on the back. You are not enrolled until you receive a receipt and confirmed
class schedule letter with orientation date and time. The training is no longer than 24 actual days and the MVA
fees are not included in the tuition cost. Applications must be signed, dated, and returned with deposit or full
payment by the Wednesday before your first day of training. We do not process incomplete applications or
applications without payment enclosed. All payments are to be paid in full before your proposed graduation date.
The deposit is non-refundable, so please do not take this application if you are not serious about enrolling. You
are occupying a seat that others could have. Your attendance is a condition of completing the course as well as
your grades. Dropping out or being discharged disqualifies you from re-applying within the next 180 days.

     Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis. Once one time slot is filled, the next one is filled, and so
on. As openings arise, pre-registered students get first choice to move up their training date. The classes are 2
days a week or 3 days a week, but the training hours are still 160 clock hours. The training time varies, so please
check your schedule. Most classes are 7am -1pm on weekends 6 hours a day. Failure to follow your set schedule
is a violation of the attendance policy. The next training class and Orientation is on Saturday 01/22/10 followed
by a new class on Saturday 02/19/10.

     If you are opting for the payment plan, we only accept certain methods of payment. Other methods will not be
accepted and may result in cancellation or late fees. Late fees are applied to past due payments every three days
that it remains past due. There is a $75.00 application fee imposed to applicants that opt for the extended payment
plan or extended credit. This fee has a conditional refund based on successfully completing the course and making
all payments on time.

    Welcome aboard and thank you for having your CDL training conducted by Johnson Transportation. I look
forward to seeing you soon! If you decide not to join us, please return this entire packet back to us by 03/27/10
to avoid disqualification.


Dr. Quentin L. Johnson
President & CEO, Johnson Transportation
                                            CDL Training Information

Description: There are 2 programs to choose from: 8NP (non-permit) program and 8BP (permit) program. An
individual that does not have the Learner’s Permit must register for 8NP to take the non-permit program.
Individuals that already have their learner’s permit with required endorsements may register for 8BP.

The training is open to the public and is not for profit. We advertise that after our training we will help you to
locate a job, but it does not guarantee that by training with us you will have a job waiting or promised for you.
Trainees are not employees of the company.

Instructors. All instructors have held a CDL license for at least 5 years. They are sharing their knowledge and
experience with others and also following the blueprints of the CDL handbook as published by the MVA. A
disclaimer is printed on the application which states that we are not MVA certified or licensed instructors and
are not MVA examiners. Our training is completely voluntary (not based on contract), free (no hidden costs
involved), and agrees that a student may end training at anytime. We are registered through MHEC as exempt,
accredited through NTI, registered and certified under NTSB and FTA.

Fees. Students will pay for their own MVA retesting fees, permits, licenses, and vehicle rental from Penske or
other truck rental company. We do not reimburse your rental fees.

Job Placement Assistance. The participation in the job placement program is optional and free with the CDL
Training. Students in CDL Training automatically receive job placement assistance and the use of our vehicles
for training and MVA testing.

Refunds. All refunds, bonuses, or returns may be in the form of a credit and are paid within 60 days according
to the refund policy. Payments made in the form of cash or money order must be signed for on a receipt.
                                       Program Outline and Schedule

The 8NP Program
2 weeks of learning General Knowledge
3 weeks of learning Pre-Trip Inspection
2 weeks of learning Control Skills
1 week of MVA Rehearsal and Road Test

8NP Program Syllabus
Week 1: Orientation/ General Knowledge Practice
Week 2: General Knowledge Practice/ Passenger Practice/ Triangle Placement/ Pre-trip Practice
Week 3: General Knowledge Practice Test/ Passenger Practice Test/ Air Brake Practice/ Tanker Practice/
Pre-trip Practice
Week 4: Air Brake Practice Test/ Tanker Practice Test/ Pre-trip Practice
Week 5: Pre-trip Practice Test/ Field Orientation
Week 6: Control Skills Practice/ Pre-trip Review
Week 7: Control Skills Practice/ On Road Practice/ Pre-trip Review
Week 8: Pre-trip Review/ Control Skills Practice Test/ On Road Practice Test/ MVA Rehearsal

The 8BP Program
1 weeks of General Knowledge Review
3 weeks of learning Pre-Trip Inspection
3 weeks of learning Control Skills
1 week of MVA Rehearsal and Road Test

8BP Program Syllabus
Week 1: Orientation/ General Knowledge Review Test/ Passenger Review Test/ Triangle Placement
Week 2: Air Brake Review Test/ Tanker Review Test/ Pre-Trip Inspection Practice
Week 3: Pre-Trip Inspection Practice
Week 4: Pre-Trip Inspection Practice
Week 5: Pre-Trip Inspection Practice Test/ Control Skills Practice
Week 6: Control Skills Practice/ Pre-trip Review
Week 7: Control Skills Practice Test/ On Road Practice/ Pre-trip Review
Week 8: Pre-trip Review/ On Road Practice Test/ MVA Rehearsal
                                              Class Materials Needed
1. Students will need to bring to class a positive, professional attitude and a willingness to learn.
2. Notebook or notepad with 2 sharpened no. 2 pencils and 2 pens. Black ink only.
3. Clipboard, Hi-Liter, small Ruler, and Driver Log Book.
4. Pocket calculator, work gloves, Two (2) copies of Driver’s License.
5. Professional attire (White Shirt with Solid Black: slacks, tie, polished steel toes or slip resistant dress shoes.)
6. Copy of Non-certified complete driving record, Social Security Card, and Birth Certificate.
7. Current and complete resume (15 year work history and references)
8. Maryland Commercial Driver’s License Handbook (optional) and DOT card
9. Please bring receipts for any purchased items above.

                                         Information Provided to Students

1. The information on fees is on the application.
2. The application is mailed, on the website (, and can be picked up at the office.
3. We prepare the resumes, I-9 forms, and cover letters as a courtesy to the students so that they will have a
portfolio to take to interviews for prospective employers. This is in compliance with the patriot act and the
current immigration laws.
4. The CDL Handbook is available at any MVA location free of charge. This is the lesson plan and guide. No
other resource is needed. Driver Log Books can be ordered from J.J. Keller or bought at any major truck stop.
5. During orientation, a sexual harassment policy is introduced, attendance policy is introduced, and the
disclaimer is introduced. The disclaimer is printed on the application as well.
6. Students practice and train with a qualified instructor. All instructors have been licensed for at least 5 years.
7. We do not accept students under age 16 or that fail a background check. They must be able to furnish a birth
certificate and social security card.
8. Students are entitled to a 1/2 hour lunch break a day.
9. Training takes place on a parking lot with our own vehicle. Students who wish to learn to drive a manual
transmission must rent a vehicle from Penske Truck Rental, Inc. or other rental company at their own expense.
10. We do not train wheelchair operation, Motorcycle endorsement, class A material including combination
vehicles, tow truck, and specialty vehicle operation.
11. Lateness, excessive absenteeism, disrespect to instructors or other students, reneging or being late on
payment plan, and failure to maintain a passing grade point average are all reasons for ejection from the course.
12. A $5.00 late fee is imposed on payments that are late or partial. Fees must be paid in full with the
application unless there is a payment plan in effect. In this case, the first payment or deposit is due with the

All items listed above are discussed in detail at orientation.
                                    Johnson Transportation
                                 Application for CDL Training*
Full Name:_____________________________________
Full Address:_____________________________________
Email address:_____________________________________
Social Security Number:_____________________________________
Date of Birth:_____________________________________
Driver's License Number:____________________________________ State:______

Please check off the program that you are applying for below.

___8-Week (non-permit holder) Class includes:
       2 weeks of General Knowledge practice and testing
       3 weeks of Pre-trip Inspection training
       2 weeks of Control Skills training
       1 week of On Road training and MVA test rehearsal.

___8-Week (permit holder) Class includes:
       2 weeks of General Knowledge Review
       3 weeks of Pre-trip Inspection training
       2 weeks of Control Skills training
       1 week of On Road training and MVA test rehearsal.

___Enrollment in Job Placement Program

Method of Payment
___Cash ___Postal Money Order ___Bank Money Order ___Credit Card

___Payment Plan (Place letter of your choice.) Deposits are non-refundable.
A. $500.00 deposit. $175.00 every 3 weeks for 2 payments.
B. $450.00 deposit. $200.00 every 3 weeks for 2 payments.
C. $350.00 deposit. $250.00 every 3 weeks for 2 payments.
D. $300.00 deposit. $137.50 every 2 weeks for 4 payments.

Please check items that you currently have below.
___ DOT Physical Card                ___ CDL Class B Learner’s Permit
___ Notebook/Notepad and Hi-Liter ___ Copy of your current driving record and resume
___ Clipboard, 2 pens, and 2 pencils ___ Copy of Soc.Sec.Card and Birth Certificate.

Signature: ____________________________                  Date:_________________
                                                                                (*$75 application fee applies)

                                                   Explanation of Fees and General Information

Training shall not exceed 6 hours a day nor 20 hours a week. Students must accumulate 160
clock hours to successfully pass the training program.

                                                                      Classes and Times
                                                               Saturday and Sunday 7am to 1pm
                                                                (Times and classes are subject to change)

Fingerprint Fee: $95 Class Fee: $850                                          DOT Physical: $50                      Extra Training: $35/day
CDL License: $55     CDL Permit: $90                                          Drug test: $35                         Retesting Fee: $25
Please note: All fees above do not apply to you. Fees are paid separate from the class fee. Fees are not included in the class fee. The
fees are shown at the highest price estimates. Prices may be lower than what is actually stated. The permit cost includes testing fees
and the photo fee. The company reserves the right to lower the class fee as enrollment increases and agrees to reimburse students up to
15% for permit and license fees when able to help keep the learning experience very cost effective and affordable.
Disclaimer: Johnson Transportation is not a certified MVA school and is exempt from Maryland Higher Education Commission approval. We do not imply that the instructors are MVA
certified instructors. There are no certificates or licenses that state that this training is prescribed by MVA. This is an independent and private organization that “coaches” you to get your CDL
and assists you with every step of the process. Furthermore, the company is not a job placement firm, because it does not seek temporary employment. The resources we use are with actual
employers seeking workers. This organization does not have any guarantees that you will automatically be hired or that you will not be hired. It only states that it will help you find
employment and that you agree to stay with that company for at least 90 days. Anyone who refuses interviews, drug tests, and/or refuses to apply for a posted job on our job board will instantly
release Johnson Transportation from their commitment of helping you to find a job. Restrooms may not be available on the premises of all training sites, but you may use the restrooms at
nearby restaurants or places of business. Students are entitled to a 30 minute lunch break a day. It is recommended that the week 4 students bring a lunch or bring lunch money to eat on the
road. It is the student’s responsibility to ask questions on subjects that are not clearly understood and not the responsibility of the instructor to guess. Students that fail the MVA exam may
retest at the company's expense the first time and at their own expense each additional time. No one has ever failed the MVA exam for lack of proper training. For all questions and concerns
call Mr. Johnson at 443-378-1819.

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