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 August 12, 2011                   Delayed Open Time For Sugar No. 11 ® , Coffee “C”           ®

                                          Cocoa Contracts on August 29, 2011
 Summary of Content:
                              Due to UK banking holiday on Monday, August 29, 2011, ICE
 Delayed open for             Futures U.S. will delay the start of electronic trading in
 certain contracts on         Sugar No. 11, Coffee “C” and Cocoa futures and options contracts
 August 29, 2011.             until 7:30 am NY time.

                              This change to the start time for these products does not affect
                              floor trading hours, end of day times or settlement times for these
                              products. All other Exchange products will follow their regular
 For more information         trading schedules and are not affected by this change.
 please contact:

 Tim Barry
 212 748-4096

 Media Inquiries:

 Lee Underwood

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