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					                                             Kids’ RehabGYM
                                     Open GYM Time Guidelines
Kids’ RehabGYM is offering open GYM time to children and their caregivers who we feel would benefit from extra time to
practice activities independently of their therapist by using the space/equipment at the gym.

Child/caregiver responsibilities:
    • Only Kids’ RehabGYM patients and caregivers may participate (i.e. no siblings or friends).
    • Your therapist will indicate to each patient/caregiver what equipment/activities are useful to practice/play with.
    • It is your responsibility to put equipment/toys back in place.
    • If any equipment/toys are put into your child’s mouth, please wipe off with cleanser/towel or place in ”dirty” bucket.
    • Please bring to the attention of the staff any items that do not appear to be working properly.
    • Please adhere to The Kids’ RehabGYM “When to take a sick day…” guidelines.
    • The Kids’ RehabGYM staff reserves the right to terminate Punch Card if responsibilities are not being carried out.
    • Please call before making a visit to Kids’ RehabGYM just to make sure it is an appropriate time (especially when
      using the pool)

Open GYM time is an opportunity for you to be active with your child in ways that will be beneficial to his/her physical
mobility. At times, there may be others in GYM doing the same as you or working with their therapist. During these times,
group interaction, socialization, and peer & caregiver/parent support will be an added benefit to your time at the GYM, and
we hope it becomes a special place for therapy and more.

                                                Pool Guidelines
The RehabGYM is excited to be able to offer the option of aquatic therapy, as it has many benefits beyond what land
therapy can provide for certain patients. It is important that our pools are maintained and operational at a high standard of
care. These are specialty pools, not public pools, and individuals in rehabilitation and the RehabGYM business itself
cannot easily afford pool mishaps. In order to best serve everyone, the RehabGYM has developed some guidelines
concerning our pools and their usage.
In order to use the pool at the RehabGYM, I agree to the following items:
    •    My child’s body will be clean and lotion-free
    •    My child will not use the pool with any open sores
    •    My child will not use the pool if he/she is contagious with any illness
    •    My child will not use the pool if he/she has an excessively runny nose
    •    One additional sibling is invited to use the pool; a parent or caregiver must also be in the pool
         supervising them and it is an extra $8 for the additional sibling
    •    If there is a risk of bowel-control issues, my child will use a swim diaper
              o I will pay $30 the first time my child has an uncontained bowel or vomit incident in the pool
              o I will pay $75 the second time my child has an uncontained bowel or vomit incident in the pool

You are responsible to your child’s safety. Unless the equipment is defective, the RehabGYM is not liable for
accidents and injuries. Your therapist will review the use of all appropriate equipment before you start. If you
want further instruction, please ask.
Kids' GYM Membership Options
          GYM MEMBERSHIPS                        POOL MEMBERSHIPS                       GYM + POOL MEMBERSHIPS
            One Month: $50                        One Month: $65                           One Month: $100
         Three Months: $135
           Six Months: $240
            One Year: $420
        12-visit Punchcard: $60               12-visit Punchcard: $96                    12-visit Punchcard: $100

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