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									University of Louisville Undergraduate Catalog                                       Summer 2010 – Spring 2011

Kent School of Social Work
From the Dean’s Desk
Popularized versions of contemporary urban           At Kent, efforts have been made to meet a
life have written off today's cities as blights on   variety of students’ needs in preparation for
the American landscape. Portrayed as bastions        advanced social work practice, whether it be
of criminality, drug and alcohol abuse, child        programs on the main campus or distance
and elder abuse, sexual and domestic violence,       sites, evening or weekend options. The BSW
among other social ills, the cities are blamed       program began in 2007 and offers an exciting
for much of society's disease.                       opportunity for undergraduate students to
                                                     learn about generalist evidence-based social
The Kent School of Social Work offers                work practice; the MSSW program with its
students the opportunity to engage a learning        urban focus has established a high mark of
process that prepares them to become leaders         excellence for the practice of its graduates; the
in solving the problems of urban life.               Ph.D. program, offered as a collaborative
Committed to the belief that cities have rich        effort between the University of Louisville
potential to foster healthy community living,        and the University of Kentucky, provides
the School provides an educational experience        preparation for research and leadership in
to develop knowledge and skills of problem           addressing social needs that extend from the
solving, blending theories of economics,             Commonwealth to the international
politics, social policy, family systems, and         community. These educational ventures
psychology to name a few. The profession of          promise to challenge and excite the learner in
social work is grounded in a belief in the           the hope of creating and sustaining a better
dignity and worth of individuals, the                life, a better world.
importance of social and environmental
context, the need to advocate for the                Terry L. Singer, Ph.D.
oppressed and disempowered, the celebration          Dean
of diversity, and a commitment to working
                                                     History of the Kent School
with the focus on the strength of the client.
                                                     The roots of Kent School date back to 1918
Students in the program will find a strong           when special courses for social welfare
generalist orientation in the foundation that        workers were offered through the auspices of
prepares them to work with a range of                the Louisville Welfare League. These courses
systems from individual, groups, and families        were offered on a regular basis until 1923
to organizations and communities. In the             when the program became affiliated with the
advanced curriculum, students will deepen            University of Louisville. For the next 13 years,
their understanding of social problems               organized courses on the undergraduate level
through skills and knowledge associated with         were offered by the University. In 1936, a full
complex critical thinking and best-practice          2-year graduate program was established as
evidence. In recognition of the value of             the Graduate Division of Social
greater interdisciplinary involvement, students      Administration. The program became known
will find the faculty involved in research           as the Raymond A. Kent School of Social
interests with a number of other disciplines,        Work in honor of a former president of the
including urban studies, medicine, nursing,          University of Louisville. In 1994, the Family
dentistry, and others. This provides a rich          Therapy Program was added to the school,
learning environment in the classroom. And           through which counseling in marriage and
towards that end, dual degrees with law,             family therapy is offered. And in 1997 the
theology, women and gender studies, and Pan          University of Louisville and the University of
African studies help students to match their         Kentucky combined to offer a collaborative
own professional goals within the context of a       program of doctoral study in social work.
collaborative foundation.

Academic Unit Information                                                              Kent School of Social Work
University of Louisville Undergraduate Catalog                                    Summer 2010 – Spring 2011

Mission                                           associate, bachelor, master's, doctoral, and
The Kent School of Social Work seeks to           first professional degrees (D.M.D., J.D.,
prepare well-qualified social workers who         M.D.).
practice from a strong professional value base
to serve the metropolitan mission of the          About the Program
university. Our graduates promote social          The School provides a broad-based education
justice through their practices with diverse      for college or university graduates wishing to
client systems. In the context of a research      continue their studies and for professionals
institution, Kent School is committed to          returning to school to enhance their skills.
knowledge development that informs social         The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree
work practice, recognizing the importance of      program is designed to prepare students for
interdisciplinary collaboration to solve          entry into the profession as generalist
complex social problems.                          practitioners. The Master of Science in Social
                                                  Work (MSSW) degree program is designed to
Social Work Profession                            help students achieve their maximum
Social work is a profession concerned with        potential through a carefully structured
the prevention and amelioration of social         curriculum of foundation and advanced
problems and the enhancement of the quality       course work. Preparation for leadership in
of human life. Social workers achieve these       advanced professional practice is a vital part
goals through direct practice with individuals,   of the School’s curriculum.
families, groups, and community
organizations; advocacy; social planning;         Bachelors of social work programs, under the
social policy analysis and formulation;           accreditation banner of the Council on Social
research; and administration. Social work         Work Education (CSWE), are directed in
practice helps people mobilize their resources    matters of curriculum to promote the
to deal with present circumstances and to         knowledge, values and skills of the profession.
enlarge their prospects for the future. Since     At the baccalaureate level, students are
problems of the individual cannot be seen in      prepared for entry into the profession as
any meaningful way in isolation from the          generalist practitioners. Guided by program
broad social and community context in which       mission and goals, the generalist model is built
they occur, social work also takes a leadership   upon a conceptual framework that includes
role in bringing about institutional and social   relevant theories and knowledge to build
change.                                           practice skills. The professional level courses
                                                  at the junior and senior year level are
Accreditation                                     grounded in the liberal arts and carefully
                                                  integrate that knowledge into the learning of
The Master of Science in Social Work              professional content. The Educational Policy
program is accredited by the Council on           and Accreditation Standards of CSWE
Social Work Education (CSWE). The                 establish the base of program learning
Bachelor of Social Work program is under          expectations.
candidacy status by CSWE. The Master of
Science in Social Work with specialization in     Goal I (Curriculum): To ensure that
Marriage and Family Therapy as well as the        graduates will be prepared at the foundation
Post-Masters Certification program in             level to practice social work that is framed by
Marriage and Family Therapy is accredited by      a generalist practice base, and an ability to
the Commission on Accreditation for               understand social problems at multiple levels.
Marriage and Family Education. The                The program objectives derive directly from
University of Louisville is accredited by the     the Educational Policy (3.0) of CSWE in
Commission on Colleges of the Southern            preparing students for practice at the
Association of Colleges and Schools (1866         generalist level and also for providing a firm
Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4907:       foundation for those who seek graduate
Telephone number 404-679-4501) to award           educational opportunities in social work. To

Academic Unit Information                                                          Kent School of Social Work
University of Louisville Undergraduate Catalog                                      Summer 2010 – Spring 2011

meet those requirements, the Kent School has            delivery systems and seek necessary
established the following program objectives            organizational change.
that will frame the assessment of learning that
obtains to the BSW Program.                         Goal ll (Curriculum): To prepare students
                                                    for advanced graduate work in social work.
Students who graduate from the BSW                  • Objective: The Kent School will prepare
Program will demonstrate the ability to:            students with a quality education that will
 Objective 1: Apply critical thinking skills       support their admission to and successful
    within the context of professional social       completion of graduate social work degrees.
    work practice.
 Objective 2: Understand the value base of         Goal III (School’s relationship with the
    the profession and its ethical standards        community): To build collaboration and
    and principles, and practice accordingly.       partnerships for community building and
 Objective 3: Practice without                     problem solving:
    discrimination and with respect,                 Objective: The Kent School will provide
    knowledge, and skills related to clients’           professional expertise in the community
    age, class, color, culture, disability,             in partnership with agencies and
    ethnicity, family structure, gender, marital        institutions to build a stronger community
    status, national origin, race, religion, sex,       in the metropolitan region of Louisville.
    and sexual orientation.
 Objective 4: Understand the forms and             Goal III (Overall program goal): To
    mechanisms of oppression and                    contribute to the development of new social
    discrimination and apply strategies of          work knowledge through scholarship and
    advocacy and social change that advance         research.
    social and economic justice.                     Objective: The Kent School will develop
 Objective 5: Understand and interpret the             research and scholarship that adds to the
    history of the social work profession and           knowledge base of the social work
    its contemporary structures and issues.             profession.
 Objective 6: Apply the knowledge and
    skills of a generalist social work practice     Curriculum Information
    with systems of all sizes.                      The Kent School Curriculum is designed to
 Objective 7: Use theoretical frameworks           enhance students’ ability to help them and the
    supported by empirical evidence to              diverse client systems they work with to make
    understand individual development and           decisions that contribute to the quality and
    behavior across the life span and the           health of these client systems and that will
    interactions among individuals and              promote social justice. It is designed to
    between individuals and families, groups,       graduate social workers who think critically
    organizations, and communities.                 about what they do, why they do it, and what
 Objective 8: Analyze, formulate, and              outcomes they hope will result from the social
    influence social policies.                      work practice they do.
 Objective 9: Evaluate research studies,
    apply research findings to practice, and        Critical thinking is defined as “the intellectual
    evaluate their own practice interventions.      disciplined process of actively and skillfully
 Objective 10: Use communication skills            conceptualizing, applying, analyzing,
    differentially across client populations,       synthesizing, and/or evaluating information
    colleagues, and communities.                    gathered from, or generated by, observation,
 Objective 11: Use supervision and                 experience, reflection, reasoning, or
    consultation appropriate to social work         communication, as a guide to belief or action”
    practice.                                       (Scriven & Paul, 2004). Critical thinking
 Objective 12: Function within the                 includes specific skills such as problem-
    structure of organizations and service          solving and the ability to integrate knowledge

Academic Unit Information                                                             Kent School of Social Work
University of Louisville Undergraduate Catalog                                      Summer 2010 – Spring 2011

from multiple disciplines and theories of           Electives
human behavior. Throughout the curriculum,          The Kent School of Social Work provides
there is an emphasis on critical reflection, or     electives as enrichment to the specialized
appraisal of various points of view no matter       learning in the concentration year. Social work
what the source. The curriculum draws               jobs call for skills and knowledge that are
heavily on social science knowledge and             broader than any narrowly defined
integrates this with problem-solving phases         specialization. For example, mental health
such as assessment, intervention, and               workers are asked to know psychopathology,
evaluation. In this respect, the curriculum is      substance abuse, managed care, AIDS, and a
designed to teach students to access, integrate,    range of other substantive areas. Many school
and assess practice and policy related research     social workers share the need for the same
to solve social problems and to work towards        content. In addition, it is noted that social
social justice. When critical thinking skills are   workers frequently change jobs, often to
used effectively, it leads to transparency and      another field of practice. Social work
promotes social change, particularly with and       education seeks to teach students to think
on behalf of vulnerable and oppressed               critically, analyze systematically, and know
individuals and groups of people.                   where to find information and resources
                                                    within the context of social work history,
In the foundation curriculum, students are          development and values. It is this type of
introduced to critical thinking. They are           education that best prepares students to
guided by faculty to develop critical thinking      function in a rapidly changing society.
skills throughout all the foundation level
courses. The BSW curriculum promotes a              In this curriculum paradigm, electives are
generalist perspective in which the                 considered enrichment. Some of this
simultaneous impact of many systemic levels         enrichment is in the form of very specific
(individuals, families, groups, organizations,      course content that aligns with a specific
and communities) on clients’ lives is critically    focus area. For example, a person interested
analyzed and recognized. The curriculum             in the substance abuse area may elect to take a
builds upon a liberal arts base that fosters an     course in this area to prepare for work in a
understanding of society as a complex               substance abuse treatment facility or other
organization of diverse people and ideas.           related employment agencies. Or, the
Social problems are understood as occurring         enrichment may take the form of exploration
within the nexus of culture, conflict,              as in the case of the student taking an aging or
development, ecology, and systems and as            child welfare course to better understand
such, efforts to help or intervene must include     those fields of practice and to prepare for
consideration of these forces. Students will be     various job prospects.
able to critically identify and assess social
problems, specifically attending to 1) how          Practicum Education
such problems are maintained, 2) how they
impact the quality of people’s life, 3) cultural    One component of the BSW program
sensitivity and appreciation of marginalized        includes a practicum placement in a social
people, and 4) how to actively promote social       work community setting. It is intended to
and economic justice. In the foundation year,       reinforce the student’s identity with the
the focus is on the development of critical         profession, supplement classroom learning,
thinking skills in all the areas mentioned. The     provide a laboratory to develop practice skills,
BSW curriculum is to prepare students for           and promote professional competence.
generalist practice; that is to develop             Students are carefully placed in these
knowledge and skills for entry level                experiences and monitored by the Office of
professional social work practice that              Practicum Education of the School under the
recognizes the importance of multi-level            weekly supervision of qualified agency
systemic intervention.                              supervisors and overseen by a Practicum
                                                    Faculty Liaisons. These students receive

Academic Unit Information                                                            Kent School of Social Work
University of Louisville Undergraduate Catalog                                    Summer 2010 – Spring 2011

weekly supervision and regular oversight by      supervisor. The educational objectives remain
the School. The School has a long history of     the same for on-job practica as for other
successful community partnerships that           practica. Each request will be carefully
includes approximately 300 different social      reviewed by the Assistant Director of Field
service agencies. A formal Community             Education. Please see the Practicum
Advisory Board comprised of our agency           Education web page for additional
partners keeps us well connected to and          information about on-job practicum.
collaborative with the human service
community. Accreditation standards are           Practicum Credit
satisfied as our program requires students to    Course credit for the Practicum (6 credits
complete a minimum of 450 hours of field         hours each for SW 470, SW 471) is earned
education. For each semester of practicum,       only when the practicum has been completed.
students earn 6 credit hours. Students will be   Students who withdraw from the practicum
in placement for two days per week for two       do not earn any credit - either in terms of
consecutive semesters.                           clock hours or course credit hours - for any
                                                 time spent in the placement, just as students
The School’s present policies about on-job       who withdraw from other courses do not earn
field placements are explained below and in      any credit for the hours they have attended
The Practicum Education Handbook. If             class. Under exceptional circumstances, when
employed in a human services agency meeting      students are transferred from one placement
the School’s criteria as a placement site, the   setting to another by the Kent School
student may apply to undertake the practicum     Assistant Director of Field Education the
at her/his place of employment. This may be      number of clock hours - if any - credited for
accomplished when the agency is willing to       the initial placement is determined by the
shift the student’s work role and supervision    Faculty Practicum Liaison in consultation with
in such a manner as necessary to meet the        the Assistant Director of Field Education.
School’s educational objectives for practicum    Credit for such hours is not to be routinely
instruction.                                     expected by the student. Subsequent Faculty
                                                 Practicum Liaisons and agencies may be
Practicum education is offered in a concurrent   willing to allow this credit and accept a
format so that students enrolled in a            transferred student for fewer than the number
practicum course simultaneously must be          of clock hours typically required, but are not
enrolled in a practice course and the            obliged to do so.
practicum lab/seminar, i.e.; SW 470 with SW
405 (Practice III) and SW 472 (Seminar and       Public Child Welfare Certification
Lab I), SW 471 with SW 406 (Practice IV) and     Program
SW 473 (Seminar and Lab II).
                                                 Taken from the PCWCP Brochure, 2007, Eastern
                                                 Kentucky University.
Policy Concerning On-Job Practicum
A request for an on-job placement must be        The Public Child Welfare Certification
made at the time of application for the          Program (PCWCP) has been implemented by
practicum. Students must have been               the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family
employed within the agency where a               Services and ten university undergraduate
placement is being requested a minimum of 6      social work programs in order to better serve
months by the start of the practicum             the children and families in this state. The
semester. The on-job practicum must be           goal of this program is to fill the ranks of
different in scope and content from the          Child Welfare Workers with the most
student’s regular job. The practicum             competent and well trained workers who can
supervisor must hold a MSW degree from an        provide high quality services immediately
accredited college and have 2 years of post-     following employment. The Cabinet has
master's social work experience, and must be     partnered with the Universities to offer
a different person than the student’s work       Bachelor Social Work juniors and seniors their

Academic Unit Information                                                          Kent School of Social Work
University of Louisville Undergraduate Catalog                                   Summer 2010 – Spring 2011

academic program in conjunction with                 You will be given a $1300 per semester
participating in the Cabinet’s child welfare          stipend for your books, living expenses
training curricula prior to graduation. These         and travel related to this program for four
students are provided full instate tuition, a         semesters.
stipend and must complete a two year                 Once you have completed this program
employment commitment with the Cabinet                and have graduated with at least a 3.0
upon successful completion of this program            GPA or a “B” average in your social work
participating universities.                           courses, you will be certified as having
The following state and private universities          successfully completed the Public Child
participate in PCWCP:                                 Welfare Certification Program and will be
                                                      assisted in acquiring employment with the
Brescia University                                    Department for Community Based
Campbellsville University                             Services consistent with state personnel
Eastern Kentucky University                           requirements.
Kentucky State University
Morehead State University                         Obligations
Murray State University                           As a participant in this program you will be
Northern Kentucky University                      obligated, by contract, to the Cabinet for
Spalding University                               Health and Family Services. You will be
University of Kentucky                            expected to apply for employment 30 days
Western Kentucky University                       prior to graduation and accept a position with
University of Louisville                          the Department for Community Based
                                                  Services, in the Social Service Worker series,
Eligibility                                       and remain employed there for two (2) years.
To be eligible for this program, you must be a
fulltime BSW social work major. You must          To apply for this program, please contact the
have:                                             PCWCP Coordinator within the BSW
 An overall cumulative GPA of 2.5.               program.
 A cumulative GPA of 3.0 in social work
     courses                                      BSW Curriculum Plan
 Receive no less than a “B” in the required
 PCWCP courses and field practicum(s)            Students will be required to follow their
 At least three semesters and not more           curriculum plan as outlined with the
     than four of undergraduate Social Work       Coordinator of Academic Affairs.
     courses left to take.
 Have taken a Social Work practice course        PLEASE NOTE:
     prior to taking the second of two PCWCP       All curriculum plans begin in the Fall
     courses. An application selection process       Semester. Some students may need to
     is used to choose full-time students each       take supporting courses or prerequisites
     academic year at each of the participating      beginning in the Summer, please take
     universities.                                   note of this special starting semester.
                                                   All classes are taken two days a week,
Benefits                                             except for elective courses. For 3 credit
There are numerous benefits to this program:         hour undergraduate courses, the class will
                                                     be scheduled for two days each week for
 Your instate tuition will be paid (the
                                                     1 hour, 15 minutes each. Each course is
   Cabinet will pay tuition at private
                                                     offered TWICE a week over 15 weeks
   universities equal to the rate of the
                                                     during the semester.
   highest tuition at a participating public
   university) through this project for up to
                                                  If you are interested in the Public Child
   four semesters.
                                                  Welfare Certification Program, please see the

Academic Unit Information                                                          Kent School of Social Work
University of Louisville Undergraduate Catalog                                      Summer 2010 – Spring 2011

brochure that can be found on the website           BSW Admission Application Date
www.louisville.edu/kent/bsw. After reading          You may apply to Kent School as early as the
the brochure and deciding you would like to         November prior to the year of your planned
be considered for this program and                  enrollment. The final deadline varies, but
accompanying scholarship, please submit the         because entry into the program is highly
following materials in addition to the              competitive, applicants are encouraged to
previously listed materials on this checklist.      submit their applications early to ensure a
All of the following forms can be found at          space. All admissions materials must be
www.louisville.edu/kent/bsw.                        received in the BSW Office of Admissions by
                                                    the deadline date in order for an applicant to
    Completed PCWCP application packet             be considered for admission by a particular
    3 letters of reference (forms are contained    deadline. Earlier applicants have more options
     within the PCWCP application packet)           and enjoy clear advantages.
    Authorization to conduct a Criminal
     Records Check and Child Abuse/Neglect          Student ID Number and ID Card
     Central Registry Check
                                                    Upon admission into the university you will
    Four to five page essay which addresses
                                                    be given a student identification number
     the following:
                                                    (please refer to your admission letter to find
          o If you had to explain the term
                                                    out your student identification number). This
               child welfare to someone, what
                                                    number replaces your social security number
               would you say?
                                                    and should be used with all correspondence
          o Why are you interested in the
                                                    so that University offices can locate you
               field of child welfare?
                                                    quickly. Please remember and use your
          o What qualities do you feel that
                                                    student identification, as you will be called
               you have that would make you a
                                                    upon to use this number for a number of
               good child welfare worker?
          o Discuss areas where you need
               further exposure, growth, and
                                                    Your student ID number is printed on your
               development in order to become
                                                    student identification card. This card is called
               an effective child welfare worker.
                                                    the Cardinal Card and will serve as your
          o Describe your short-term (5 years
                                                    identification card, library card, meal plan
               from now) and long-term goals.
                                                    card, and if you have a USBank checking
                                                    account, it can also be used as your ATM
When Kent School receives all of the PCWCP
                                                    card. Coming soon the Cardinal Card can be
materials, an interview will be scheduled with
                                                    used for facilities access and student elections.
the applicant, the BSW Co-Directors and
various Department of Community Based
                                                    Cardinal Cards are issued in the Campus Card
Services representatives to explore the match
                                                    Office. The main office, located on the
between the student’s interest and strengths
                                                    Belknap Campus, is in the lower level of the
and this specialization.
                                                    Houchens Building in Room 08K. The
                                                    satellite office, located on the Health Science
The Kent School Admissions Committee will
                                                    Campus, is located in the Abell Building first
review the application only when all
                                                    floor security station. If you are a newly
credentials are on file.
                                                    admitted student, identification cards will be
                                                    given to you during the fall admission term.
BSW Entry Date
                                                    You must bring a photo id, know your
New students enroll in the fall semester only,      student id number and bring the completed
while a limited number may enroll in spring.        Cardinal Card Agreement form
                                                    ml) All found Cardinal Cards should
                                                    immediately be returned to the Campus Card

Academic Unit Information                                                             Kent School of Social Work
University of Louisville Undergraduate Catalog                                     Summer 2010 – Spring 2011

Office. For more information on Cardinal           http://louisville.edu/it/services/e-
Cards visit:                                       mail/groupwise/, or by contacting the
http://louisville.edu/campuscard/index.html.       HelpDesk at 852-7997 or
Communication with Kent School Faculty
and Staff                                          Kent School administration, faculty and staff
The fastest way to reach most Kent School          as well as the University’s Bursar’s office,
personnel and university offices is via e-mail.    Registrar’s office and Financial Aid office only
The Kent School directory of e-mail addresses      communicate with students via their
can be found at:                                   university e-mail accounts. Personal e-mail
http://louisville.edu/kent/kentphone.pdf           accounts will NOT be used. It is very
                                                   important that students use their university e-
It’s a good idea to save e-mail notes for your     mail accounts and check their e-mail on a
record and keep a correspondence log to track      regular basis. This is the best way to stay
your interactions with faculty and staff. Please   connected with the school and to be informed
use a closing salutation including your name,      of any important issues.
your student id number, your telephone
numbers (cell, work, home) and your e-mail         Change of Address
address. This comes in handy in the event          It is the student’s responsibility to contact the
someone needs to contact you by alternative        Kent School and the Registrar’s Office to
means and also helps staff when researching        update contact information. You should
any concerns you may have addressed; your          change this information online through
student id is the way that we research your        ULINK (http://louisville.edu/ulink ) and you
records.                                           should send an e-mail to the Kent School
                                                   (kentssa@louisville.edu) to update any change
Student E-Mail                                     in your contact information, i.e., address,
The University of Louisville will provide          phone number.
GroupWise accounts for all students upon
admittance to the program. GroupWise is the        Kent School Student Association
standard email platform for faculty, staff and     KSSA is the voice of students of the Kent
students. Benefits of the GroupWise system         School of Social Work. KSSA is designed to
include access to global email address books       represent the concerns and needs of students
for faculty, staff and students, increased email   to the Kent School administration, university
storage space, mobile access for PDAs, smart       administration and student government and
phones, etc. with appropriate data plans,          to provide programming of special interest to
ability to share and view calendars, one           students. Become involved in KSSA by
userID and password for ULink and                  sending an e-mail to the KSSA council at:
Groupwise.                                         kssa02@gwise.louisville.edu

You can download the full GroupWise client         Kent School Portfolio
to your personal PC from the IT Store at           It is important to keep certain information
http://louisville.edu/it/itstore. You will be      throughout your tenure at Kent. Some of this
prompted for your ULink userID and                 information will be useful during your time at
password. The website at                           Kent, others will be important for licensure
http://louisville.edu/it/services/e-               after graduation: 1) Student Identification
mail/groupwise/ contains detailed                  Number; 2) Transcript; 3) Admission Letter
information regarding GroupWise. There is          from Kent; 4) E-mail address and password;
online training available at                       5) Credit Hours required to complete your
http://louisville.edu/it/support/training/gw/      program; 6) Course Syllabi and Description;
group-tutorials.html/ You can get help by          7) Practicum Information (i.e., evaluations,
reading the documentation on the web at

Academic Unit Information                                                            Kent School of Social Work
University of Louisville Undergraduate Catalog                                     Summer 2010 – Spring 2011

names of pertinent people); 8) Any                 requesting to be placed on the waitlist,
correspondence from Kent School.                   students should be aware of the following:
                                                    Students can only request to be put on a
Registration Procedure                                 waitlist through online web registration
Registration is fast and simple. Students are          using ULink. When a student enters a
encouraged to use the early registration option        class number on the enrollment panel,
each semester to ensure a place in a class that        there is an option to request being placed
fits your schedule. Before registering, please         on the waitlist if the class is closed.
consult the BSW curriculum plan. Please                Touch-tone is not equipped for the
follow this model exactly throughout your              waitlist process.
tenure at Kent School.                              If the course becomes open, the first
To find the online schedule of classes, please         student on the waitlist will be added into
go to                                                  the class by a process that will be ran
(http://htmlaccess.louisville.edu/classSchedul         several times a day and more often during
e/setupSearchClassSchedule.cfm). Find the              peak periods.
classes to match your curriculum plan. The          Students are responsible for checking the
online schedule is the most up-to-date                 status of the waitlisted course by logging
schedule. It lists cancelled classes, lets you         on ULink and viewing their schedule to
know how many students are registered in               see if the course has been added. Students
your class, instructs you on whether you               will not be informed when they are added
should take an additional class with the class         or if the add is attempted and fails.
you are registering for and gives a course          If the meeting time of the course the
description. Remember to always check the              student is waitlisted in is not available on
campus location while viewing the online               the student’s schedule, the student will
schedule of courses. On the Registrar’s                not be added to the course.
website                                             If adding the student into the course
http://louisville.edu/student/services/registr         would exceed the student’s maximum
ar/reginfofl.html you will find the listing of         hours for the term, the student will not be
scheduled downtimes for registration, please           added to the course.
make note of these dates and times. There are       If a student does not meet the pre-
2 ways to register for classes, online over the        requisites or other restrictions for that
internet or by touch-tone telephone. The               course, the student will not be allowed on
preferred method to register for classes is            the waitlist.
online at the ULINK                                 Students cannot use this for the purpose
(http://ulink.louisville.edu) website. Always          of trying to find a more suitable time of a
print your schedule and keep for your records.         course as enrollment in multiple sections
Student information can get distorted or               is not allowed.
deleted, so maintaining a printed copy of your      Students are cautioned not to use the
schedule is an easy way to prove you have              “Swap” option if using the waitlist option
registered. If you need to register by                 as doing this would take them out of the
telephone (touch tone (502) 852-2222), follow          course they are currently enrolled in
the prompted touch tone instructions, or               immediately and may not get into the
before doing this review the Registrar’s               class they waitlisted for.
website                                             The last day we will allow students to
http://louisville.edu/student/services/registr         waitlist for Summer is the first day of the
ar/reginfo.html.                                       class. For Fall and Spring semesters, the
                                                       last day to waitlist is through the
Waitlisting Courses                                    Wednesday of the first week of classes.
The University allows students to place                The last day that we will move students
themselves on a waitlist for all courses. Before       from the waitlist and enroll them for
                                                       Summer is the first day of the class. For
                                                       Fall and Spring semesters, students will be

Academic Unit Information                                                           Kent School of Social Work
University of Louisville Undergraduate Catalog                                      Summer 2010 – Spring 2011

     enrolled from the waitlist through 10:00       alternative contact information, i.e., office
     pm on the Friday of the first week of          phone, home phone, cell phone, alternative e-
     classes.                                       mail address. The BSW Coordinator of
    Please note that a course that is closed       Academic Affairs will then clear you for
     may appear to be open for a short time if      enrollment, after which she will send you an
     a student drops and there are students on      e-mail requesting that you enroll into the
     the waitlist. The closed class message         class. Please allow a few days for this
     given to the student includes a message        transaction to occur. If a problem occurs, the
     explaining that - if a course appears to be    BSW Coordinator of Academic Affairs will
     open with a space, but the student             contact you via e-mail or telephone. If you
     receives back a message that the course is     experience additional problems, please contact
     closed, it is due to a student being on the    the BSW Coordinator of Academic Affairs.
     waitlist. The student will be moved off        If there is a large demand for the full course,
     the waitlist by a process we run several       the Kent School reserves the right to open
     times a day and more often during peak         another section. In the event that this occurs,
     registration times.                            we will not allow over enrollments into closed
    If you check the online schedule of            classes. If you have additional concerns, e-
     classes, you will see a column titled          mail the BSW Program Co-Directors to learn
     “Wait”. This shows the number of               of the latest class arrangements.
     students waitlisted and the maximum
     number of students allowed on the              It is your responsibility to check your online
     waitlist. If there are students on the         schedule to make sure you are enrolled into all
     waitlist and the course is displayed as        of your classes. It is a good idea to print your
     open, this means the waitlist process has      schedule for your records anytime there is a
     not been ran since someone dropped the         change to your schedule. You will not be
     course. The first student on the waitlist      permitted to attend a class in which you are
     will be moved into the class the next time     not enrolled.
     the process is ran.
    Students are first informed of their place     Closed Registration Period
     on the waitlist when they are initially        When registration has already closed for the
     added to the waitlist. After that, students    semester, a different procedure should be
     can view their current place on the waitlist   followed. In the event of closed registration,
     by viewing their schedule online.              you must first submit an e-mail request as
                                                    stated above. After the instructor has granted
Registration into a Closed Class                    permission, you should follow the following
Open Registration Period                            steps: 1) Complete a drop/add form (this
To register into a closed class when                form is located online should be printed at
registration is still open, students should e-      http://louisville.edu/student/services/registr
mail the instructor and copy the BSW                ar/DropAdd.pdf; 2) Obtain the instructor’s
Coordinator of Academic Affairs to obtain           signature; 3) Submit the form to the BSW
permission to enroll into their closed section      Coordinator of Academic Affairs for
with the following information: 1) Your             processing; 4) Please be prepared to make
Name; 2) Student ID; 3) Semester and year           financial settlement at this time.
that you want to enroll; 4) 9 digit course #
                                                    Class Cancellations
(course numbers available on the online
schedule of classes); and 5) Name of the            Kent reserves the right to cancel classes at any
course. Also in your e-mail request, if the over    time. Although Kent School tries to prevent
enrollment is granted, ask the instructor to        any unnecessary cancellations, they reserve the
please forward the approval to the BSW              right to cancel a class with less than 10
Coordinator of Academic Affair’s attention.         students enrolled. Sometimes the classes will
At the close of your request, please indicate       still be offered, even in the event of low

Academic Unit Information                                                            Kent School of Social Work
University of Louisville Undergraduate Catalog                                    Summer 2010 – Spring 2011

enrollment, due to special circumstances. It is    the entire class is cancelled due to weather or
therefore important not to drop a class with       road conditions, the instructor will decide
low enrollment and first wait for official         how best to make up the material that was
notification before acting. The BSW Co-            scheduled for that cancelled class. This could
Directors will send notifications to all           include an extra class session sometime during
students informing you of the classes that will    the semester, adding some time to subsequent
be cancelled prior to the start of the semester.   class(es), use of Blackboard, etc.
The Registrar’s office may also send
notification to you that your class has been       Writing Guidelines (APA)
cancelled. In the event of a cancelled class,      Kent School requires student papers to
please check the online schedule of courses to     conform to the APA (5th edition) writing
find and add a new class.                          style. Please visit the Kent school website for
                                                   more information about APA writing style at
Classroom Assignment Changes                       http://louisville.edu/kent/masters/writingreq
From time to time the university must make         s.htm
changes to classroom locations. You may
receive notification via e-mail that your          Students are recommended to use or have
classroom has been changed. In most cases,         access to the APA manual for those questions
the University room scheduler has made the         that go beyond the scope of writing pointers.
change. The instructor and the students            Please note that quite a few of the writing
enrolled are the only students notified. Please    recommendations listed at the Kent School
note that some room changes are only for           APA website are outside the scope of the
specified dates. Please print the note for         APA guide but are required aspects of writing
future reference. It is your responsibility to     scholarly documents at Kent School. The
note when and where your class meets. If you       University’s Writing Center located on the
have questions, contact your instructor.           third floor in Ekstrom Library is available to
                                                   assist students with writing papers. Please
Kent School Severe Weather Policy                  contact them at
Official announcements related to cancelled        http://coldfusion.louisville.edu/webs/a-
or delayed classes will be posted on the U of      s/writingcenter/
L website and announced via the local media.
However, it is impossible for us to determine      Plagiarism
what the weather will be in all the regions our    It is expected that a student in the Kent
students commute from; therefore, a specific       School of Social Work will refrain from
severe weather policy was adopted by Kent          plagiarism and cheating. Plagiarism and
Faculty. The policy reads as follows: If the       cheating are serious breaches of academic
weather or road conditions pose a serious          conduct and may result in permanent
hazard to your commute to class, use your          dismissal. Each student is advised to become
own judgment as to whether or not you              familiar with the various forms of academic
should make the trip. If you decide not to         dishonesty as explained in the Code of
attend class, it is important that you inform      Student Rights and Responsibilities. A plea of
your instructor of your decision and explain       ignorance is not acceptable as a defense
the situation as it pertains to your region. If    against the charge of academic dishonesty.
the class is held (and you are absent due to
your judgment to not travel to class), you are     The code of Student Rights and
responsible for making up all assignments and      Responsibilities defines plagiarism as follows:
collecting class notes/handouts. It is possible    Representing the words or ideas of someone
that if you have missed a significant in-class     else as one's own in any academic exercise,
activity, the instructor may request you do a      such as: a) Submitting as one's own a paper
make-up activity to account for the                written by another person or by a commercial
exercises/experiences you missed in class. If      "ghost writing" service; b) Exactly

Academic Unit Information                                                           Kent School of Social Work
University of Louisville Undergraduate Catalog                                    Summer 2010 – Spring 2011

reproducing someone else's words without          made about the class and the teaching style of
identifying the words with quotation marks or     the instructor after the close of the semester.
by appropriate indentation, or without            These evaluations are used every year to revise
properly citing the quotation in a footnote or    the curriculum, change instructors where
reference; c) Paraphrasing or summarizing         needed and overall to improve the quality of
someone else's work without acknowledging         the education at Kent. It is important that
the source with a footnote or reference; d)       students spend the time to provide
Using facts, data, graphs, charts, or other       constructive feedback to faculty at the end of
information without acknowledging the             each semester.
source with a footnote or reference.
Borrowed facts or information obtained in         Redundancy Policy
one's research or reading must be                 A student may petition the BSW Program
acknowledged unless they are "common              Director for course credit based on the belief
knowledge." Clear examples of "common             that course material has been mastered. This
knowledge" include the names of leaders of        should take place well before the start of the
prominent nations, basic scientific laws, and     semester to ensure placement in proper
the meaning of fundamental concepts and           course. Once the semester has begun, there
principles in a discipline. The specific          are no reviews of petitions for courses
audience for which a paper is written may         concurrent with that semester.
determine what can be viewed as "common
knowledge": for example, the facts commonly       The student will be referred to the instructor
known by a group of chemists will differ          of the specific course in question and must
radically from those known by a more general      present syllabi from any previous course that
audience. Students should check with their        corresponds to the Kent School course for
teachers regarding what can be viewed as          which the student seeks credit. The student
"common knowledge" within a specific field        must also present copies of all written
or assignment, but often the student will have    assignments and examinations from that
to make the final judgment. When in doubt,        previous coursework (no exceptions). The
footnotes or references should be used.           course for which the student seeks credit
                                                  could have conceivably been content
The University’s Writing Center located on        mastered in several courses and, in such cases,
the third floor in Ekstrom Library is available   all syllabi and corresponding assignments and
to assist students with plagiarism issues.        exams must be presented. Students who are
Please contact them at                            unable to produce the required information
http://coldfusion.louisville.edu/webs/a-          will not be eligible for course reduction
s/writingcenter/                                  consideration.
Course Evaluations                                After review of this material by the instructor
At the end of each semester, students             of the specific course in question, s/he will
complete an anonymous online course               require the student to complete sequence
evaluation for each of the classes in which       specific assignments (e.g. papers, exams or
they have been enrolled. The BSW Director         other written work). Then the instructor of
sends a note to all students via e-mail 2 weeks   the specific course in question will grade the
before the end of the semester, reminding         submitted work for content mastery. If the
them to take part in the course evaluations.      instructor feels the students have achieved a
The link to the course evaluation survey will     grade of a B or better on the completed work,
always be on the Kent School website at           then they will forward a recommendation
http://louisville.edu/kent/                       about the level of mastery to the BSW
                                                  Program Co-Directors who will notify the
Kent School takes the evaluations very            student of action taken.
seriously. Each instructor receives their score
together with all the qualitative comments        Possible action related to student petition:

Academic Unit Information                                                          Kent School of Social Work
University of Louisville Undergraduate Catalog                                      Summer 2010 – Spring 2011

    Student has demonstrated an acceptable        The NASW Code of Ethics provides
     level of mastery of the course content        guidelines for the professional conduct of
     expected in the Kent School course about      social workers. Since the profession is
     which the student has petitioned, and the     directed by a commitment to core values, the
     student is granted placement out of the       Code provides for conduct related to
     course and receive course credit.             principles of service, social justice, dignity and
    Student has demonstrated insufficiency of     worth of the individual, the importance of
     mastery and is required to enroll in the      human relationships, integrity, and
     course about which the student has            competence. These values and the standards
     petitioned.                                   inherent in them provide a context for
    Student has demonstrated mastery of           expected behavior during the period of
     some of the course content, but not           enrollment in the educational programs of the
     sufficiently enough to be awarded             Kent School of Social Work, and for the
     placement out of the course. In these         development of lifelong professional
     cases, 1 of the following actions may be      standards. Issues of concern related to this
     taken, based on the preference of the         area are referred to the Academic and
     student. For either action, the student       Professional Standards Review Committee.
     must register for credit in the course in
     question:                                     Code of Student Conduct at U of L
          o Student may elect to enroll fully      The Code of Student Conduct is the
              in the course with other students.   University's policy regarding non-academic
          o Student may work out a system          discipline of students. The Code is set forth in
              of independent study with the        writing in order to give students general
              teacher of record to correspond      notice of non-academic prohibited conduct.
              with the content deficiency as       The primary purpose for the imposition of
              established by the instructor of     non-academic discipline in the University
              the specific course in question.     setting is to protect and preserve a quality
              This may entail partial              educational environment in the campus
              engagement in the actual class,      community. The University is not designed or
              supplemented with related            equipped to rehabilitate students who do not
              assignments and exams, or it may     abide by the Code. It may be necessary to
              be done totally independently        remove those students from the campus and
              based on assignments and exams       to sever the institutional relationship with
              provided by the instructor.          them, as provided in the Code. The University
                                                   is concerned with the rights of individuals as
In all cases here, the faculty, in concert with    well as the general welfare of the University
the instructor of the specific course in           community. The Code of Student Conduct
question and BSW Program Director, will            provides the rules, regulations, and
develop a learning contract which will be          procedures for acceptable standards of
signed by the student and the faculty of           behavior and for due process. The Code
record.                                            should be read broadly and is not designed to
                                                   define non-academic misconduct in
Student Conduct Policies                           exhaustive terms. For further information
Students entering the Kent School of Social        about the Code of Student Conduct, please
Work, by their formal acceptance into the          contact the Office of Campus Life, W302
School, agree to abide by The Code of Ethics       Student Activities Center, (502) 852-5787.
of the National Association of Social Workers      http://campuslife.louisville.edu/policies/stud
and the Code of Student Conduct of the             entconduct.html
University of Louisville.

Academic Unit Information                                                            Kent School of Social Work
University of Louisville Undergraduate Catalog                                                 Summer 2010 – Spring 2011

Dismissed Students                                        Board meets: first Tuesday of the month.
If the Academic and Professional Standards
Review Committee decides to dismiss a                     Kentucky Board of Certification of
student from Kent School and if this dismissal            Marriage and Family Therapists
is approved by the Dean, students will only be            Board Administrator: Carolyn Kyler at
allowed to return to Kent School in rare cases.           Carolyn.Kyler@ky.gov or at 502-564-3296
Students who wish to return must write an                 ext. 239
appeal letter to the BSW Director, stating                Board meets: third Thursday of each month.
their reasons why they think they can return              Another link to assist in preparing for the
to Kent School to complete their studies.                 LMFT exam: http://www.mftlicense.com/
Academic Grievances
                                                          Indiana Social Worker, Marriage and
A uniform student grievance procedure is                  Family Therapist and Mental Health
contained in The Redbook, (Chapter 6,                     Counselors Board
Article 6.8) the official document for the                http://www.in.gov/pla/bandc/mhcb/
governance of the University.
                                                          402 West Washington Street, Room W006;
Nonacademic Grievances                                    Indianapolis, IN 46204
                                                          317-234-2064; Email: hpb5@hpb.IN.gov
Students enrolled in the University of
Louisville are governed by the nonacademic
                                                          Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and
grievance procedures administered by the
                                                          Marriage and Family Therapist Board
Office of the Vice-President for Student                  http://www.cswmft.ohio.gov
Affairs. Guidelines are set out in the                    77 South High Street, 16th Floor, Columbus,
Redbook, Chapter 6, Article 6.7.                          OH 43215-6108
Social Work Licensure Boards
The following information is provided for                 Association of Social Work Boards
those who wish to obtain licensure after                  To locate information about the laws and
graduation. The web sites will give you full              licensure exam and application for any state
information about the laws and regulations                within the United States, please go to:
for licensure, the exam dates, application                http://www.aswb.org/lic_req.shtml Social
forms, exams for BSW/basic and                            Work Examination Services; 132 Naples Road
MSW/intermediate or advanced generalist                   Brookline, MA 02446, 800-933-8802,
and MSW/clinical, etc.                                    http://www.swes.net , email: info@swes.net
Kentucky Board of Social Work                             Kent School Alumni Association
http://finance.ky.gov/ourcabinet/caboff/OAS/op/socwkbd/   The Kent School Alumni Association, a very
Contact Board Administrator Nina Anglin at                active organization of over 2,800 members
Nina.Anglin@ky.gov or at 502-564-3296 ext.                world-wide, assists the School by recruiting
230                                                       outstanding students, providing scholarships,
FAX 502-696-8030                                          raising funds for the School, and promoting
P.O. Box 1360; Frankfort, KY 40602.                       the values of the program. Visit their website
Board meets: third Monday of each month.                  at: http://louisville.edu/kent/alumni.html

Kentucky Board of Certification for
Alcohol and Drug Counselors
Board Administrator: Judy Jennings at
judy.jennings@ky.gov or at 502-564-3296 ext.

Academic Unit Information                                                                       Kent School of Social Work
University of Louisville Undergraduate Catalog   Summer 2010 – Spring 2011

Administration and Faculty
Dr. Terry Singer, Dean
(502) 852-3944, terry.singer@louisville.edu

Dr. Annatjie Faul, Associate Dean Academic
(502) 852-1981, acfaul01@louisville.edu

Dr. Pam Yankeelov, Associate Dean Student
(502) 852-0426, pam.yankeelov@louisville.edu

BSW Program Personnel

Dr. Noell Rowan, Director, BSW Program:
(502) 852-1964, nlrowa01@louisville.edu

Dr. Armon Perry, Faculty, BSW Program:
(502) 852-3234, arperr01@louisville.edu

Dr. Karla Washington, Faculty, BSW
(502)852-7336, k0wash01@louisville.edu

Lynetta Weathers Mathis, MSW, Assistant
Director of Field Education:
(502) 852-6137, lynetta.mathis@louisville.edu

Geri Morgan, MSW, BSW Coordinator of
Academic Affairs:
(502) 852-3935, geri.morgan@louisville.edu

Katie Radmacher, BSBA, BSW Program
(502) 852-8039,

Lisa Barrett, MSW, PCWCP Coordinator
(502) 852-3651, lhbarr01@louisville.edu

Academic Unit Information                         Kent School of Social Work

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