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June 21 (DOC)


									                          VILLAGE OF WORTH
                     MINUTES OF THE BOARD MEETING
                           HELD June 21, 2011

CALL TO ORDER        Village President Keller called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m.

ROLL CALL            Roll call indicated that the following trustees were present: Mary
                     Werner, Jim Serpico, Mary Rhein, Colleen McElroy, Pete Kats, and
                     Rich Dziedzic. Also in attendance at the meeting were Village Clerk
                     Bonnie Price, Police Chief Mark Micetich, Village Engineer Mike
                     Spolar, Finance Director Dwayne Fox and Superintendent of Public
                     Works Wayne Demonbreun.

PLEDGE OF            Pledge of Allegiance

SWEARING IN OF       President Keller stated that we will be swearing in a new police officer
POLICE OFFICER       and asked Clerk Price to administer the oath to Officer Travis Pirtle.
TRAVIS PIRTLE        Trustee Rhein stated that Officer Pirtle will be starting the academy next
                     week. Trustee Rhein stated that by December Officer Pirtle will be on
                     the streets and we are excited to have him. President Keller stated that
                     we laid off 4 officers, 2 came back and 2 refused. Officer Pirtle will be
                     replacing one of those officers.

CITIZEN’S COMMENTS   Joe Staszewski owner of J&J Concessions, has been in business for 3
                     weeks Joe spoke about the positive feedback that he is getting with the
                     mobile hot dog cart. Joe also asked about some of the concerns the
                     board has. Trustee Serpico stated that complaints about selling out of the
                     parking lot of Bar Code. Trustee Serpico is concerned about the
                     businesses there and possibly a safety issue with the cars or flow out to
                     the street. Joe stated that he knew there were concerns from the resale
                     shop. Joe did talk to Glen from Bar Code about moving away from 111th
                     Street. Joe did hear some concerns about his location when he was
                     selling in the parking lot next to Subway, Joe did state since then I have
                     avoided that spot. Trustee Kats stated it might not be a good idea to be
                     in close proximity to another business that sells food. Joe stated that in
                     other municipalities they have an ordinance that states 200 feet from the
                     other businesses, Joe stated that he does not want to step on anybodies
                     toes. Trustee Rhein stated that at the meeting when we approved the
                     business license that you said you would not be selling on the street and
                     you would be selling at the forest preserve Joe said he would be working
                     with other businesses, not pushing his cart down the street. President
                     Keller asked what the board is going to allow. Trustee Werner asked
                     about kitchen service. Joe stated that if he used Worth Park District
                     kitchen he could only do work for the Worth Park District. Joe stated
                     that he did find another commissary at a private restaurant. Trustee
                     McElroy discussed the popularity of the mobile food carts and compared
                     them to ice cream trucks, Trustee McElroy discussed the Metra lot as an
                     option for the mobile food cart. Trustee McElroy want to see this
                     business work. Trustee McElroy stated that we are trying to have
Minutes of the Meeting held June 21, 2011
                                business working together that is a good thing for everybody. Trustee
                                Rhein asked to see what some of the other fast food establishments think
                                about this, they do have to pay high property taxes. Joe said that this is a
                                tough business and I am paying my self nothing all of my profits are
                                going back into the business. Joe stated that he only sells 2 products. Joe
                                stated that it would impossible for him to drive out other businesses
                                from Worth. Trustee Serpico asked to see ordinances from other
                                municipalities regarding mobile food vendors. Trustee Dziedzic
                                produced an ordinance from Evanston. President Keller asked Trustee
                                Dziedzic to talk to the other food establishments. Trustee Kats asked Joe
                                to be respectful of other businesses that sell food.

 BUSINESS LICENSE                 Trustee Dziedzic stated that on the consent agenda is to approve the
 APPLICATION                      business license application for MBC Mobile they will be selling phones
                                  and accessories, located at 6615 W. 111th Street. Trustee Dziedzic did
                                  state that the secondary business Cash for Gold is a concern. Trustee
                                  McElroy stated that she has some concerns with that as well. Trustee
                                  Werner stated that is that a separate business license, Trustee Kats asked
                                  if they would need to get two business licenses. Commissioner Zartler
                                  did give an example from the past regarding one business that was
                                  selling different items food and fishing bait, he was told at that time
                                  because they had a license to sell items they could sell different items.
                                  Commissioner Zartler feels comfortable about the phones but we should
                                  consult our Attorney regarding the Cash for Gold business. Without any
                                  objection. This will remain on the consent agenda.

                                  Trustee Dziedzic introduced the next business owner Hassan Said from
                                  Smokers Planet located at 6604 W. 111th Street. Trustee Dziedzic stated
                                  they will be selling tobacco. Hassan stated they will also sell accessories
                                  to roll your own cigarettes and cigars. President Keller stated we are a
                                  non smoking municipality so there will be no smoking. Trustee Serpico
                                  asked about the remodeling. The owner stated that he will work with
                                  Commissioner Zartler about permits. Commissioner Zartler did state the
                                  back door needs to have panic bars. Without any objection. This will
                                  remain on the consent agenda.

                                  Trustee Dziedzic introduced next business Chens Bistro at 11300 S.
                                  Harlem, owner Sun Zhan Jun. Trustee Dziedzic asked if it will be dine
                                  in or carry out, Sun stated that he will have some tables and chairs,
                                  Trustee Werner questioned the number of parking spaces.
                                  Commissioner Zartler stated that they do have parking in the back. Sun
                                  will need to get building permits. Trustee Rhein stated they will need to
                                  get sales tax # and FEIN #. Without any objection. This will remain on
                                  the consent agenda.

                                  Trustee Dziedzic introduced the next business Samara Café located at
                                  7011 W. 111th Street. Owner Isam Samara is interested in opening up a
                                  Coffee Shop, tea juices and Hydroherbal Hookah. Trustee Dziedzic
                                  stated that we are a smoke free municipality. Trustee Rhein stated that
                                  we are smoke free and abiding by the State of Illinois law. Trustee
Minutes of the Meeting held June 21, 2011

                                Rhein did research on the hydroherbal hookah; the label on the package
                                does state that it causes damage. Trustee Rhein also stated many facts
                                from the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association and
                                other organizations that second hand smoke is dangerous. Hookah
                                smoking carries many of the same health risks as regular smoking.
                                Trustee Rhein stated that we are smoke free, Trustee Serpico agrees with
                                Trustee Rhein. Trustee Kats stated that we have other establishments
                                that would love to have smoking, this is no different, Trustee Dziedzic
                                stated that we have an ordinance and we need to follow it. President
                                Keller stated that his took effect January 1, 2010. President Keller stated
                                that we welcome the Coffee Shop. Trustee Werner said that your sample
                                had the Surgeons General warning on the label. Trustee Kats stated that
                                we have adopted an ordinance and the State has laws against smoking.

                                Trustee Dziedzic stated that our last business application is Whisper
                                G&A located at 10605 S. Depot. Trustee Dziedzic introduced the owner
                                Michael Schickel who would like to sell guns and ammo. Trustee
                                Dziedzic stated that our Police Chief is looking into this and the
                                guidelines for this business. President Keller asked if this is a residence
                                home. Trustee Dziedzic stated yes. Michael Schickel stated that he
                                would be selling to friends and police officers, by appointment only. He
                                will be applying for a federal arms dealer license. Trustee Dziedzic
                                stated that we will do research on this. Michaels Schickel stated that
                                once he gets the business license form the Village then he will apply for
                                the license on Federal level. Trustee McElroy asked if this is common in
                                a neighborhood. Michael Schickel stated that he will keep this on a
                                small level.

 PRESIDENT’S REPORT             President Keller stated that he did go out to Mr. Stathoplous’s property
                                to see the problems with the trees. President Keller explained to Nick
                                that he did talk to the neighbor and he can cut branches that are hanging
                                onto their property.

                                President Keller stated that he would like to reappoint Bonnie Price to
                                the Collectors position.

 CLERK’S REPORT                 Clerk Price announced the deadline for Palos Township residents that
                                are interested in filing a property tax assessment appeal application the
                                date that it needs to be done by is July 14, 2011, for more information
                                you can contact Palos Township.

                                Clerk Price stated that on the consent agenda are two requests for tag
                                days Misericordia on April 27 & 28, 2012 and ALR on August 20, 2011.
                                Without any objection. This will remain on the consent agenda.

                                Clerk Price stated that on the consent agenda is the opening of two bids
                                the first bid is for the Metra Station Roof. We received 3 bids and the
                                bid will be awarded to Elite Roofing not to exceed $6,500.00. The actual
                                bid was $4,120.00 and if we need to replace plywood that will be extra.
Minutes of the Meeting held June 21, 2011

                                Clerk Price explained to the board that we will not know how many
                                sheets of plywood need to be replaced until they remove the shingles.

 Trustee Werner                 Trustee Werner stated that on the consent agenda is the approval of the
 Finance                        bill list dated June 21 in the amount of $120,913.12. Trustee McElroy
 Building, Licensing &          asked about the termination plan for AT&T how many more of these do
 Ordinances                     we have. Finance Director Fox stated that is because we entered into a
                                new agreement with another company that is going to save us money,
                                and they agreed to a payment plan. Without any objection. This will
                                remain on the consent agenda.

                                Trustee Werner stated that on the consent agenda is the approval of
                                Water’s Edge bill list in the amount of $100,608.40. Without any
                                objection. This will remain on the consent agenda.

                                Trustee Werner stated that on the consent agenda is the ordinance
                                regarding the appropriations and certificate of revenues which was
                                discussed at the hearing. Without any objection. This will remain on the
                                consent agenda.

                                Trustee Werner announced the upcoming meeting for Life Safety
                                Commission the meeting will be held on July 20 at 7 p.m.

                                Trustee Werner announced that she attended the newly elected official’s
                                seminar last Saturday.

 Trustee Serpico                Trustee Serpico stated that the for the month of May we had 12 days of
 Golf Course                    rain or cold temperatures, we needed to have 111 rounds of golf per day
 Finance                        to hit our budget, we are down on rounds of golf, we are down
                                $10,000.00 from the budget. Trustee Serpico stated that June is doing
                                great. We had an outing with 138 golfers that came from another course
                                that could not do the outing due to weather, they have booked there next
                                outing with us, for the month of June we have 11 outings, food &
                                beverage is up 16% from last year. Water’s Edge will have a 4th of July
                                BBQ with a beer truck and activities. Trustee Serpico announced the
                                purchase of a new range ball machine and it has an add on that can
                                communicate with the pro shop that we will look into purchasing, this
                                will allow the person to swipe a card and not need to go into the pros
                                hop to purchase the bucket of balls and it will also save on labor.

                                President Keller asked Trustee Serpico to get some information and
                                prices on a generator for Water’s Edge.

 Trustee Rhein                  Trustee Rhein announced that the Cook County Mosquito Abatement is
 Public Safety                  spraying for mosquitoes and that Village of Worth Public Works is
 Golf Course                    placing briquettes in the catch basins.

                                Trustee Rhein mentioned that they have met with the School Board to
                                discuss sharing the cost of the crossing guards, the Village of Worth is
Minutes of the Meeting held June 21, 2011

                                still going to administer the program. Trustee Rhein stated that we are
                                awaiting their response.

 Trustee McElroy                Trustee McElroy thanked Officer Ritz for working on the web page.
 Economic Development           Trustee McElroy stated that the beautification committee will be judging
 Public Works                   homes and businesses for the beautification awards, these awards will be
                                given out in middle of July, the committee has also increased the
                                number of awards that will be given. Trustee McElroy stated that street
                                signs are for sale for $25.00 each and we are still selling banners they
                                will be hung North of 111th Street on Oak Park.

                                Trustee McElroy announced that Jim Riley will be having ham fest
                                radio convention over by the pavilion, the public is welcome.

                                Trustee Werner asked what time the EDC meeting is, Trustee McElroy
                                stated that the time is going to be at 7 p.m.

 Trustee Kats                   Trustee Kats gave an update regarding cutting the allies, we have some
 Public Works                   options, we drafted a letter to residents that hey would need to cut the
 Public Safety                  grass, the other idea is that the area is an easement and we can sell it to
                                the resident that is interested which would mean the homeowner would
                                have a larger lot. Superintendent Demonbreun feels that we can keep up
                                with it for now he has hired some part timers. President Keller asked
                                Superintendent Demonbreun if you are cutting grass what jobs cannot
                                get done. Superintendent Demonbreun stated that we will not be able to
                                more drainage work and patching work. President Keller asked Trustee
                                Kats and Superintendent Demonbreun to work on a letter regarding
                                cutting grass allies. Public Works is unable to perform this job with the
                                number of employees that we have. President Keller and the board
                                would rather have the drainage and patching done before we cut the
                                allies. We should move forward with sending out the letter. Trustee Kats
                                stated that most of the residents are already cutting the allies.

                                Trustee Kats stated that will be repaving Nagle from 107th to 111th
                                Street. We will be going out to bid.

 Trustee Dziedzic               Trustee Dziedzic asked the board to consider pro rating the business
 Building, Licensing &          license fees, he spoke about the liquor license fees and how they are pro
 Ordinances                     rated monthly. This will be discussed at the next board meeting.
 Economic Development
                                Trustee Dziedzic announced a REDB meeting for a map amendment to
                                change the zoning from B1 to B2 to allow for an Auto Sales lot to open
                                at 6655 W. 111th Street. The meeting will take place on June 16th at 7
                                p.m. at the village hall.

                                President Keller asked Joe Burke for an update. Joe Burke commented
                                on the marquis advertising and that the vendors are calling. Joe also
                                stated that the Flea Market was in the Reporter paper.

Minutes of the Meeting held June 21, 2011

 ESTABLISHMENT OF               Motion by Trustee Rhein seconded by Trustee McElroy to establish the
 CONSENT AGENDA                 consent agenda. A voice vote followed. Motion carried.

                                                           Consent Agenda

                                        Approve the regular and executive minutes from June7, 2011

                                        Approve Employee Manual

                                        Approve tag days for Misericordia on April 27 & 28, 2012 and
                                        for ALR on August 20, 2011

                                        Award Bid to Crowley Sheppard in the amount of $38,275.00
                                        for MFT 2011 Materials

                                        Award bid to Elite not to exceed $6,500.00 for Metra Station

                                        Approve the bill list dated June 21, 2011 in the amount of

                                        Approve Water’s Edge bill list in the amount of $100,608.40

                                        Adopt Ordinance #11-12Providing for corporate and other
                                        purposes for the fiscal year beginning May 1, 2011, and ending
                                        April 30, 2012, for the Village of Worth, Cook County, Illinois

                                        Approve Certificate of Estimated Revenues for 2011-2012

                                        Adopt Ordinance #11-10 Amending Title 11 “Traffic
                                        Regulations”, Chapter 2 “Parking and Vehicular Condition
                                        Violations; Judicial Procedures” of the Worth Municipal Code
                                        of the Village of Worth, Cook County, Illinois (Vehicle

                                        Adopt Ordinance #11-11 Adopting the Prevailing Wage
                                        Standards in the Village of Worth, Cook County, Illinois

                                        Adopt Ordinance 11-13 Repealing and Rescinding the portions
                                        of Ordinance 11-09 Establishing a Tax on the Gross Receipts of
                                        Places for Eating in the Village of Worth, Cook County, Illinois

                                        Approve business license for: MBC Mobile for phone sales
                                        only located at 6615 W. 111th Street, Trio Retail Group, Inc.,
                                        DBA Smokers Planet located at 6604 W. 111th Street, pending
                                        building commissioners approval, and Chen’s Bistro located at
                                        11300 S. Harlem pending building commissioners approval.

                                        Direct the Attorney to prepare an ordinance to change the
                                        zoning form B1 to B2 at 6655 W. 111th Street.

Minutes of the Meeting held June 21, 2011

                                        Direct the Attorney to amend the ordinance to reflect half year
                                        fees for business license

 ADOPT CONSENT                  Motion by Trustee Rhein second by Trustee McElroy to approve the
 AGENDA                         consent agenda as adopted. A roll call followed. Ayes: Trustee
                                McElroy, Serpico, Rhein, Werner, Kats and Dziedzic (6). Nays: (0).
                                Absent: (0). Abstain: (0). Motion carried.

 CITIZEN’S COMMENTS             None

 ADJOURNMENT                    Trustee Kats moved seconded by Trustee Rhein to adjourn the regular
                                meeting at 8:45 p.m. A voice vote followed. Motion carried.

                                Bonnie M. Price, CMC
                                Village Clerk


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