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									How to set up a Blogger Blog
  1. Create a Google account by visiting Blogger. On the Blogger webpage, there is a button that
  will allow you to create a new Google account in minutes. If you have and existing Google
  account, you can skip this step and move onto the next. When creating your Google account,
  you will be asked to provide some basic information, including your current email. You will also be
  asked to create a password that will afford you access to your Blogger account.
2. Return to Blogger, where you will be asked to sign in using your newly created Google account
and password. For your convenience, you can set the site to remember your password so you will
not be required to enter the information on each visit to the site.

3. Or choose the “CREATE A BLOG” option on the Blogger dashboard and log in using your new
   Google account. You will be taken to the dashboard each time you log into the account. You
   can create and mange as many blogs as you like from the dashboard.
4. Create your display name. I suggest using your full or first name and click the “I accept the
   Terms of Service” box and Continue.
5. From the dashboard you can do many things including edit your profile, add a picture of
   yourself and create your new blog.

6. Name your blog. Choose something that is easy to remember so you can direct people to your
   page. Make your title something catchy, yet not extremely long. The name you choose will be
   the irst part of the URL for your site. The URL for your site will be
7. Choose your template. Blogger provides many templates you can use to set up your initial
   blog on the site. If you don’t like the template you choose, you can go back later and change it
   to another of the premade layouts.
create new post   customize your blog   sign in/out (the tools will disappear)

                                                         click on tools to edit that area
Some of the things you can do in Customize is add a gadget, edit postings, change your template,
rearrange your blog, change fonts and colors……
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