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Biweekly Report Rubric


									                        Research Report : Biweekly Stock Report

     CATEGORY        4                       3                       2                        1
Introduction         Good description of     Okay description of     Okay description of      Poor description of
                     basic Strategies for    basic Strategies for    basic Strategies for     basic Strategies for
                     choosing stocks.        choosing stocks.        choosing stocks.         choosing stocks.
                     Good Length             Good Length             Somewhat short in        Short in Length.
Financial Statements All tables filled out   All tables filled out   Most tables filled out   Missing tables filled
                     and complete. Good      and complete. Some      and complete. Some       out and incomplete
                     Numbers.                errors in your          errors in your           data. Errors in your
                     Calculations Correct.   numbers.                numbers.                 numbers.
                                             Calculations mostly     Calculations mostly      Calculations off.
                                             correct.                correct.
Future Outlook       Excellent Future        Good Future             Fair Future prospects    Poor Future
                     prospects given with prospects given with       given with supporting    prospects given with
                     supporting news.        supporting news.        news. Fair               supporting news.
                     Excellent description Good description of       description of future    Poor description of
                     of future intentions as future intentions as    intentions as far as     future intentions as
                     far as purchases.       far as purchases.       purchases.               far as purchases.
Mechanics            No grammatical,         Almost no             A few grammatical          Many grammatical,
                     spelling or             grammatical, spelling spelling, or               spelling, or
                     punctuation errors.     or punctuation errors punctuation errors.        punctuation errors.

Appeal               Excellent Report!! No Good Report!! Minor Weak Report!! Some             False Report!! Major
                     glaring financial     financial errors     problems with                 problems with
                     errors. You're Hired detected. You're Safe missing information.          missing information.
                                           this week!           Need to hire a new            Need to hire a new
                                                                accountant You're on          accountant. You're
                                                                Porbation!                    Fired!

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