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2011-Design-Collections by liwenting


									                                                                    • DESIGN COLLECTIONS 2011 •
                              You will find below a comprehensive list of all the Design Services, Collections & Products that we offer,
                              along with our A La Carte Price List which allows you to select the items that are most important to you.

• CORPORATE BRANDING - COLLECTION 1                                      | £180                          • WEDDING STATIONERY - COLLECTION 1                                 | £110
This Collection includes Custom Logo Creation                                                            This Collection includes Custom Logo Creation,
along with a Business Card and Letterhead Design.                                                        an Invitation and Order of Service Design.

• CORPORATE BRANDING - COLLECTION 2                                      | £245                          • WEDDING STATIONERY - COLLECTION 2                                 | £135
This Collection includes Custom Logo Creation, Business Card,                                            This Collection includes Custom Logo Creation, an Invitation and
Letterhead and Compliment Slip Design along with Tagline                                                 Order of Service Design along with a Pattern or Motif Design.
Development and a Pattern or Motif Design.
                                                                                                         • WEDDING STATIONERY - COLLECTION 3                                 | £200
• CORPORATE BRANDING - COLLECTION 3                                      | £425                          This Collection includes Custom Logo Creation, Invitation,
This Collection includes a Custom Logo Creation, Business                                                Order of Service, Menu and Table Plan Designs along with
Card, Letterhead and Compliment Slip Design along with Tagline                                           a Pattern or Motif Design.
Development, a Pattern or Motif Design and a Custom Website Design.

                     All Branding and Stationery Collection Clients also receive a 10% discount off all other Products from our A La Carte Price Menu’s below.
                                       Items in Collections can be substituted for a same priced alternative from the A La Carte Menu’s below.

A LA CARTE CORPORATE BRANDING MENU                                                                       Directions Card                                                |   £25
                                                                                                         Accomodation Card                                              |   £25
Custom Logo Creation*                                                         |   £75
                                                                                                         Menu                                                           |   £25
Business Card                                                                 |   £75
                                                                                                         Programme or Order of Service                                  |   £50
Letterhead                                                                    |   £50
                                                                                                         Table Plan                                                     |   £50
Compliments Slip                                                              |   £25
                                                                                                         Table Name Cards                                               |   £50
Appointment Card                                                              |   £25
                                                                                                         Events or Itinerary Card                                       |   £50
Post Card                                                                     |   £25
                                                                                                         Thank You Card                                                 |   £25
Note Card                                                                     |   £25
                                                                                                         Pattern or Motif Design                                        |   £25
Gift Voucher                                                                  |   £50
Advertisement                                                                 |   £50
Online Banner                                                                 |   £25                    WEBSITE DESIGN
Poster                                                                        |   £75                    Custom Splash Page                                             | £75
Flyer (Single or Double Sided)                                                |   £75                    Custom Blog Design                                             | £150
Price List                                                                    |   £125                   Custom Website Design                                          | £200
Brochure (4 to 8 Pages)                                                       |   £150
Tagline Development                                                           |   £25                    GREETING CARD DESIGN (with envelopes)**
                                                                                                         Sizes available: 5x5, 6x4, 6x6 and 7x5.
Pattern or Motif Design                                                       |   £25
Watermark Creation                                                            |   £25                    Pack of 25                                                     |   £120
                                                                                                         Pack of 50                                                     |   £155
A LA CARTE WEDDING STATIONERY MENU                                                                       Pack of 100                                                    |   £215
                                                                                                         Pack of 200                                                    |   £340
Custom Logo Creation                                                          |   £25
Save the Date Card                                                            |   £25
Invitation                                                                    |   £50
                                                                                                         ALBUM DESIGN
                                                                                                         First 5 spreads (10 pages)                                     | £75
Reply/RSVP Cards                                                              |   £25
                                                                                                         Each additional spread                                         | £10
Reception Card                                                                |   £25

*Custom Logo Creation includes two concepts and one round of revisions. **Greeting Card Design includes printing costs.
Terms & Policies:- All prices are based on design costs only. A £25 deposit is required before any design work will be undertaken, due to the custom nature of the design
process no refunds will be given once work commences. Final designs will be supplied to the Client on a “Set for Print” disc which will allow them to organise their own printing.
Where applicable the disc will also include the original vector file of your logo, a high resolution jpeg version, a layered psd version and a set of instructions on how to use your logo.
Custom logos cannot be altered in any way without prior written permission. Examples of pre-approved alterations are included in the instructions supplied with your disc.
Clients are allowed to choose only one final logo design. You may request other files such as png etc. at no additional cost. All designs, concepts, taglines or any other materials
which are designed but not selected will remain the full property of Gail Kelly Design and Photography. All designs and artwork remain copyright of Gail Kelly Design and Photography.
Prices and Policies are subject to change without notice.


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