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					   The Easiest,
Marketing Available
Hi, I’m Taylor Garland, the
“Make It Happen Guy” for
      Online Marketing.
            About Me
• Jamestown, R.I.
• Pitching Story
• Tennis Lessons / Internship Story
• Banking / Investments
• Entrepreneurship: Nirvana Swing Chair
• Online Marketing “in Plain English”
Do You Have A LIST?

       Let’s J.V.!
  Webinars, Emails, Speaking,
       Interviews, Etc.

          Goals for Today

Convince you that Facebook is a “no-
brainer” for marketing your business

Show you some things you definitely
 should and should not be doing on
   Facebook, and how to do them

Make it as easy as possible for you to
get real results from Facebook without
    spending lots of time or money!
 Where Did All This Come From?

- Working with real entrepreneurs and
       small business owners

- Not internet marketers or technical
   Note: This is about how to use
  Facebook’s business tools to grow
           your business

   (This is different from using your
Personal Profile for having fun, looking
        at baby pictures, etc.!)
  Summary: How To Think About

“The Ultimate Easy Add-On” to your
current marketing

• Easy to use
• Any industry or niche
• Huge reach (500 million +)
  The first time I saw Facebook, I
thought it was just an online “toy”...
There are a lot of tools to help you
      make money online...
• “Viral” videos
• Article marketing
• Pay per click / Google Adwords
• Affiliate products
• Blogging
• And about 25 more!
… and it all comes down to building
  relationships with real people
And Facebook is where people go to
     build relationships today

   (With other people AND with
   Results of well-known study by
          Powered show:

Social Media ROI 6x more than Direct
      Marketing (e.g. postcards)

  Social Media ROI 30x more than
  traditional media (e.g. radio ad)
 There are a LOT of social media
platforms and sites out there now...
       Facebook is…

        - At the core.

 - Tied in with all the others.

- The biggest and has tons of
•   Over 500 million active users

•   Most users check in twice/day!

•   32 minutes per day (versus 10 minutes for Google)

•   User base grew 165% last year

•   Wealthy baby boomer demographic GREW 932% LAST

•   Every day, more and more people are building
    relationships with companies, making buying
    decisions, and referring friends and family to
    businesses they know, like & trust ON FACEBOOK
 Facebook makes your marketing
        easier because:

•It ties in with your existing blog,
website, other social platforms, etc.

•It allows videos, marketing
messages, status updates, etc. to be
distributed easily and automatically
through the network
Here’s the Power of the Network Effect

 “Birds Of A Feather… Facebook

 If you’ve found 1 customer, you’ve
        found 20 on Facebook

Does that sound good for marketing?
         Facebook Marketing Is For Everyone

•No writing long sales letters
•No technical skills/programming/HTML
•Not learning a huge, complicated “system”
•No monthly subscriptions or software
•No “selling” - you’re sharing & friending
•No formal education needed
•No start-up capital needed (it’s free!)

   The question is not “Should my
    business be on Facebook”...

  The question is “How can I get my
business up and running on Facebook
ASAP so I don’t get left behind by my

What’s Your Favorite Thing About
 Facebook Is Set Up To Help You
“Go Viral” (i.e. “Get Shared A Lot”)

- Promote awareness of what friends
      are doing/thinking/buying

     - Enable easy sharing and
You can be up and running with
Facebook faster than almost any
  other online marketing tool.
            Is It Okay?

If I give you lots of great strategies
 and tips that you can implement?
          And, Is It Okay?

  …If I then offer you a way that you
  can learn everything I know about
 Facebook marketing without having
to pay me $250/hour for several days
   of looking over your shoulder and
        eating all of your food?
Here Comes Some Good Stuff…
      Facebook Pages

What They Are And How To Use
   Them for Your Business
Page for business is like a Profile for
             a person

      “Like” instead of “Friend”

   Represents a business, brand,
    organization, or public figure

   You can add applications and
           customize it
Example Facebook Page
“Social Action” Shows Up On My Wall

... And My Friends’ News Feeds!
Photos & Tagging are SOCIAL ACTIONS!
Videos = Close Connection
The Power of Sharing (i.e. Going Viral)
       Would you like?
        * Facebook training video

* Facebook Top 10 Do’s and Don’t’s report

      ==>> Put a card in the BOX
I was going to talk about a “Ninja Strategy”

   But this is the Hype Free Bootcamp

So, I have a Beverly Hills Ninja Strategy
               for you…

    Would you like to hear about it?

   Creating Custom Landing Tabs
      Custom Tabs: Key Facts

Makes a great impression on new visitors

Totally customizable, just like a website

   You can capture email addresses!

 (So it’s a squeeze page on Facebook!)
Example of CUSTOM TAB
            Creating Custom Landing Tabs

From Your Page

1.“Edit Page”
2.“Browse More Applications” (at bottom)
3.Search for: “Static FBML”
4.Click on it
5.Click “Add to my Page”
6.Pop Up Window: Click “Add to Page” again
7.Copy & paste in your custom HTML code (~
Do You Feel Like A           ?
     Facebook Groups

What They Are And How To Use
   Them for Your Business
   Focused on an industry, topic or cause

           “Join” instead of “Like”

        Not customizable like Pages

  Neutral and community-oriented (i.e. not
    commercial… but they’re friendly!)

 Allow communication directly to Members

Your comments show up from you personally,
          as member of Group
Example Facebook Group
Group Members Can Share Photos
Discussions: The Power of Groups
   ==> Interaction + “Stickiness”
Messaging To Group Members INBOX
     (Value Like An Email List!)
         Just Like An Email!
(From A Trusted Group, Rather Than A
        Commercial Sender)

Message Shows Up In PRIMARY Inbox
 (Just Like A Message From A Friend)
Do You Know What Time It Is?

   Let me give you a hint…
                   Leveraging Group Admins

1.Find a decent sized, active Group in your industry
2.Search bar / “See results for” / “Groups”
3.Look at number of members
4.Check Wall and Discussion Board for quality
5.Join Group
6.Be active and helpful for ~ 2 weeks (not spammy!)
7.Left column – Click Admin’s name
8.Under profile photo – Click “Send ____ message”
9.Ask to message to Group members/webinar/etc.

Some Important DO’S AND DON’T’S for
   Everything You Do On Facebook
Important Do’s for Facebook Marketing

• “Give Before You Get” (Updates, Videos,
Opinions, Tips, etc.)

Important Do’s for Facebook Marketing

• “Remember it’s a conversation, it’s not an
advertising message”

Important Do’s for Facebook Marketing

• Think: Why would someone share this
message/photo/video with their friends?

     Important Dont’s for Facebook

• Don’t overload your friends with status
updates related to your business

     Important Dont’s for Facebook

• Don’t make all of your comments,
updates, videos, etc. commercial in nature

      Important Dont’s for Facebook

• Don’t “set it and forget it”
Not a Yellow Pages Ad – it’s a

Here’s One Way Facebook Can Grow Your

    Attract a            Land on
    prospect             your nice
     from a              Business
     Group                 Page

Opt In to email           You build
 list right on          relationship &
  Facebook                    sell
   Inspiration for You:

 Examples of Great Pages


What’s So Great About Them
Zappos: Reinforcing the Love
Zappos: Encouraging Interaction
Red Bull: Call To Action!
Solve Horseback Riding Fears: SQUEEZE!
     Common Question:

 Now What Do I Say To These

Content Creation Inspiration
      (Not Copy & Paste)
           Best Types of Content
• Stories
• Questions
• Top 5 / 10 Lists
• Thank Yous
• “How To”s
• Humor

    My “Secret Stash” of Content
    Inspiration For Any Industry
• Competitors blogs
• “Dummies” / “Idiots” Guides table of contents
• Industry Associations – Database
• RSS Feeds / Email Lists
• Industry “guru” blogs

Your hand might be getting sore?

Maybe feeling a little “brain fried”?

Today, I have given you:

      - The Why
 - Some Fundamentals
   - Tips & Strategies
   - Bonus “Nuggets”
Did you learn something today that
  you can implement right away?
Can you see how Facebook can
help you grow your business?
Of course, this session isn’t enough
 time to show you every step and
           every click of:

     - Doing the set up, and
 - Implementing the marketing

  I have written it all down for you!

 (And I recorded videos of me doing
everything right on my own screen, in
    my own Facebook account)
I have created Step-by-Step, Click-by-
             Click training

 ==>> Goal = Easy Set Up & Quick


  If you are enough of a technical
        genius to use email,

Then you can use Facebook to grow
          your business!
A Short Story... About A Bakery In
         Houston, Texas

Small business wondering how to use
        social media to grow

Implemented a Facebook Page and
  did some basic promotions for 3

      What were the results?
 Source: Harvard Business Review case study about Dessert Gallery in
                           Houston, TX

This is not “pie in the sky” hype - this is verified and
                published information!
There is a window of opportunity
    right now on Facebook
 Make “First Mover Advantage” work
for you, or your competition will use it
             against you!

Most of your customers and prospects
          are on Facebook

But most of your competition has not
     yet figured Facebook out
        What that means:

 It will never be easier than RIGHT
NOW to grow your business quickly
            using Facebook
     Today, you can have positive
 interactions, build relationships, and
   get referral clients on Facebook...

  ...BEFORE your competition even
knows they NEED to be on Facebook!
Facebook is becoming the primary,
mainstream way that people interact

(Facebook is now the #1 most visited
site on the Internet, ahead of Google!)
   And best of all...

  Facebook is FREE
 Learning the hard way - 3-12 months
            of trial & error

Point A

                               Point B

          Take the HUGE Shortcut

                                Point B

Point A

       Just follow the step-by-step
     instructions in my Home Study
    Here’s what’s inside…

And how it’s delivered to you…
       How Do You Like To Learn?

“Facebook Profits for Business”
            Home Study Course

6 Video training modules (lots of “my screen”)

         Written companion guides

                Audio MP3’s

 3 mindmaps (your reference for key points)

“Facebook Profits for Business”
     Home Study Course
You will literally follow along on my

   … and pause if you need to!
           Here’s What’s Inside…

Module 1         Module 2          Module 3
  The            Facebook          Pages Key
 Basics           Pages             Features

Module 4         Module 5           Module 6
Facebook         Content            Bringing It
 Groups          Creation          All Together

      Here’s What’s In It For You
• More customers and growth for FREE

• Not spending a lot of time

• Using easy tools that are built in to Facebook

• Get more of the best kind of leads - friend &
family referrals

    “Facebook Profits for Business”
         Home Study Course

$495 at

I’ve put together a Special Offer for
   Hype Free Bootcamp only…
             Bonus #1:
      Access To 1-Hour Live Q&A
 Teleconference With Me Value $250.00

• Get fast answers to your specific
questions about Facebook marketing (and
anything else you want to ask me about!)
                 Bonus #2:
 Online Access to Video Recordings of 2 of My
Live Seminars on Internet Marketing and Social
             Media Value $94.00

• Over 6 hours of hands-on, live training with me
and other internet marketers

• Covers everything from overall online strategy to
webinars, article marketing, Facebook, Twitter,
email marketing, etc.

“Facebook Profits for Business”
Home Study Course
6 Video Training Modules
6 Written Companion Guides
Audio MP3 of entire course
3 Mindmaps                                               $497.00
Bonus #1: Q&A Teleconference with Taylor Garland         $250.00
Bonus #2: 2 Video Recordings of My Live Seminars          $94.00

                                           Total Value   $841.00

            However, because…
• I’m doing a product launch

• I want to get as many people started as

• I want to make it a total no-brainer for you

• I have sat in the same chair you’re in now

HypeFree Boot Camp Only



PLUS: 60-Day “No Risk and No
 Questions Asked” Guarantee
Do You Have A LIST?

       Let’s J.V.!
  Webinars, Emails, Speaking,
       Interviews, Etc.


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