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					No More Sitting On The Floor Thanks To Meditation Chairs

One of the most challenging things when meditating is finding the right
sitting position. This is because your legs could become numb after some
time which is why even if there is already meditation cushion in the
market, there are some who still prefer to use meditation chairs instead.

When you look at a meditation chair, the first thing you will notice is
that this does not look that different to a dining chair. It has 4 legs
and a back rest. However, what it does best is make you more comfortable
than when you are sitting on the floor by being able to mold to your body
which prevents cramps and provides complete relaxation.

The material that makes this possible is called buckwheat hull because it
conforms to your shape thus providing a firmer seat. It is also able to
do this because of the ergonomic design which prevents the user from
slouching during the most intense moments of meditation as it is angled
slightly forward.

A good example of a meditating chair is the Seagrass. This was designed
by a meditation practitioner who felt that it is very difficult to
meditate while sitting in a lotus position. This chair allows you to
cross the ankles or the feet or pull them up if you are tired of having
them rest on the floor. It also provides proper spine support so you will
never experience any back pain after the session.

The Chinese meditation chair is perhaps the oldest since it has been
around for centuries. It didn’t have ergonomic features like the ones we
have now but it has a very wide base so that the user has sufficient room
to also cross their legs. It also did not have any cushioning but you can
easily fix that.

Another example is the Tilt Seat that is also known as the kneeling
chair. The beauty of this meditation chair is that it does not put any
pressure on the knees and this can also be used as a study table because
you can easily read a book when you put a cushion on the floor.

There are other meditation chairs available and they come in other shapes
and sizes. One option for those that want something bigger is the
meditation bench. Because of the larger area, those of you who still
prefer the lotus position can do so without putting pressure on the legs.
Something similar to that is called the cane chair for meditation.

When choosing the right seat, you should always consider your height,
size and comfort level. Don’t forget support for the back so this also
helps improve your posture.

The nice thing about meditation chairs is that they are light and
portable. It can easily be stored in the closet when you are done and the
designs that most retailers have can easily compliment with the rest of
the items in the room.

The meditation chair is designed to make you feel comfortable in the 15
or 20 minutes when you are in session. How you make your mind and body
relax is already up to you so if you are serious about improving your
health or combating stress, then investing in one of these will surely be
good for you.