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					                                                                                                                    Fall 2007

                          The Neighbor                                                                              On the Internet at:
                                        Emerson East Neighborhood Association Newsletter

Emerson East elections will be held October 3                                                                   IN THIS ISSUE
By John Koch                                       forums, co-sponsored a series of meetings on
Neighborhood Association President                 water quality problems, actively participated        Alder update                                    2
T    he October EENA meeting will be very
     important for two
                                                   in the reorganization of the EINPC, received a
                                                                                  $4500 grant for
reasons. First, it will         Emerson East Neighborhood the improvement                               Community involvement                           3
be our first meeting                                                               of Demetral Park,
under our new by-laws.             Asssociation Membership                        established the
Secondly, it will be the        Meeting and Officer Elections Demetral Park                              Demetral Park Fund                              4
meeting at which we elect                                                         Fund, restarted the
officers for the coming                    October 3, 2007                         process to have
year.                                      6:00-8:00 pm                           traffic calming        Parks and Gardens                               4
  The officers to be                                                               installed on Sixth
elected are: Two co-              Bashford United Methodist                       Street, assisted in
chairs (a one-year term            Church, 329 North Street                       the establishment     Home sales and prices                            5
and a two-year term),                                                             of Emerson Watch,
secretary, treasurer, East Isthmus Neighborhoods held our Earth Day clean-up and other park
Planning Council (EINPC) representative(s), and enhancement events, erected bird and bat houses
six area representatives. Nominations and self-    in Demetral Park, and did a major revision of
                                                                                                        Emerson Crime Watch                              5
nominations will be accepted until the time of the our by-laws to make the organization more
  We need your help and participation                We worked with the Eken Park Neighborhood          Treasurer’s Report                              6
 to continue our work. Please consider Association to hold the EEEP!Fest (Emerson
               running for office.                  East/Eken Park Festival), Block Party, which we
                                                   hope to make an annual event. Most importantly,      Membership Update                                7
vote.                                              we have increased communication among
  And please note: COOKIES AND OTHER               people in the neighborhood and with people in
DESSERTS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT AT THE surrounding neighborhoods.                                         Transportation                                   7
OCTOBER 3 MEETING.                                   We need your help and participation to
  In the last year, EENA has had many              continue this work. Please consider running for
accomplishments. We expanded the newsletter,       office.                                               Membership form                                 8
co-sponsored two City Council candidate

Citizen group to help locate new well site
By Marty Cieslik                                     The Working Group is planning to schedule          Rummel (District 6), Satya Rhodes-Conway
EENA Working Group Representative                  the next meeting in September. Contracts with        (District 12).

T    he Madison Water Utility has organized
     a Citizens and
Staff Working Group
                                                   the consultants involved with the well location

                                Questions regarding water quality? be approved by
                                                                                  project need to
                                                                                                          Neighborhood Associations: Emerson East
                                                                                                        (Marty Cieslik), Marquette (Fae Dremock)
to help with the public                   Call: Joseph Grande,                    the Water Utility     (Dan Melton), Tenny-Lapham (invited but
participation process                                                                                   unrepresented).
                                        Water Quality Manager,
                                                                                  Board and the
for the replacement of                                                            City Council for        Community Organizations: East Isthmus
Well Number 3 located                 (608) 266-4654, or email at                 additional phases     Neighborhood Planning Council (Cassandra
at First and Johnson                             of the work before    Garcia & Mikelanne Northrup), Friends of
                                                                                                        Starkweather Creek (Laura Hewitt).
                                          General questions?
St. The purpose of the                                                            additional meetings
Working Group is to                                                               can be scheduled.       The project team supporting the working group
assist in developing,                     Call: (608) 266-4651                      The consultants     includes: Joseph Grande (Water Utility), Steve
evaluating and improving                   Sewer back-up?                         are using             Gaffield (Montgomery Associates), Anne Forbes
the public involvement                                                                                  ( Partners in Place), Bill White (Michael, Best
                                          Call (608) 266-4430,
process and help craft                                                            Information           and Friedrich) and other technical experts.
technical content so                    M - F, 7:30a.m. - 11p.m.,                 Systems (GIS)           Public meetings are planned to present
citizens can understand            Sat. - Sun., 9:00a.m. - 11:00p.m.              technology for the    information on potential sites for a replacement
and participate in the                                                                                  well. These are not yet scheduled but are
                                 If after hours, call (608) 266-4665. of potential sites.
                                                                                  initial screening
selection of candidate                                                                                  expected this fall.
Well No 3 replacement                                                             Information on          The Water Utility has prepared an update
sites. The Working                                                                the location of       on the East Isthmus replacement well that
Group has met three times as of the date of this   reported contamination sites, the locations of       is available through it’s website www.
newsletter, once at the end of May and twice in    existing wells and sewer pipes and others are Look for the East Isthmus
July.                                              being mapped along with geologic factors such        Well Replacement Project Update. Once on this
  The focus of the first meeting was the            as the presence or absence of a subsurface           website click on Plans, Programs & Projects
development of goals and ground rules for the      formation known as the Eau Claire Shale. There       along the top and select Projects News on the
Working Group. The second meeting focused on are about 15 Department of Natural Resources               pull down menu to get to the information on the
the regulatory requirements and technical issues   and geologic factors begin considered in this        Well 3 Replacement Project. The July newsletter
for any proposed replacement well location. The initial screening process.                              of the project update is available through this site
third meeting was a continuation of the technical    Members of the Working Group include               as a pdf file.
criteria for selecting a well location.            Alders: Brenda Konkel (District 2), Marsha

  Visit for more information on the working group
                                   developing a plan to identify a site for a replacement well.
Page 2                                                               Neighborhood                                                              The Neighbor

Membership is important to your neighborhood association
A     re you a member of the Emerson East
      Neighborhood Association yet? All of the
work of the Association is done by volunteers
                                                      towards common issues our neighborhood is fac-
                                                        As our neighborhood grows so does the need to
                                                                                                            in October. Sending in your membership renewal
                                                                                                            for 2008 without a reminder will save EENA
                                                                                                            volunteer time and postage. Membership is $10
and expenses are funded by membership dues            be informed and to have a unified voice in deci-       per person, $5 per person for seniors/students/
and advertising in the newsletter.                    sions that impact our neighborhood. In order to       low income and $25 for business/organizations.
  Membership is for one year, January through         build a strong association we need volunteers,        Please make your check payable to Emerson East
December. Throughout the year there are events,       ideas, and people working together to bring           Neighborhood Association. You may mail your
monthly association meetings, committee meet-         resources to our neighborhood, whether that is        membership form and dues to: P.O. Box 3385
ing, and public meetings. In October there is an      money, services, improvements, influence or            Madison, WI 53704-3385. You may also drop off
annual membership meeting for the election of         safety and security. The association needs your       your renewal at any council member’s home or
officers. Your dues also support the EENA web-         help to achieve goals and to keep our neighbor-       pay at a monthly meeting. Are you considering
site ( and The Neighbor           hood vibrant!                                         becoming a member for the first time? The same
newsletter.                                                                                                 form and dues apply to you, too!
  EENA works to connect neighbor to neighbor,         2008 Membership Renewals
sharing goals, helping each other and working         Membership renewal reminders will be mailed

Alder identifies Metro, water safety and crime as primary issues
By Satya Rhodes-Conway                                aquifer, and that we fix the problems that have        committees:
District 12 Alder                                     come up in that department. As you know, Well             • Board Of Education - Common Council

                           D     ear Emerson
                                 East Neighbors
                            – There’s so much
                                                      #3 is being abandoned. I’ve been participating in
                                                      the working group that is trying to identify a site
                                                      for a replacement well.
                                                                                                                     Liaison Committee
                                                                                                                • Board Of Estimates
                                                                                                                • Common Council Organizational
                            going on at City Hall       Unfortunately, our neighborhood is still                     Committee
                            these days, I barely      dealing with some safety and crime issues. I              • East Washington/Capitol Gateway Build
                            know where to begin.      encourage you to work with EENA and Emerson                    Steering Committee
                            I’m continuing to         Neighborhood Watch, and as always, please                 • Long Range Metro Transit Planning Ad
                            work on improving         don’t hesitate to report suspicious or disruptive              Hoc Committee
                            the bus system. If you    behavior to the police, and let me know if you            • Madison Area Metropolitan Planning
                            have ideas on how to      have concerns.                                                 Organization
                            make Metro better,          Other issues that are coming before the                 • Sustainable Design And Energy
please contact me or visit www.mymetrobus.            council include the chronic nuisance abatement                 Committee
com and click on ‘take survey’. You may also          ordinance (which could help address the few               • Warner Park Community Recreation
have noticed that bike access across the Yahara       seriously unresponsive landlords in the city), the             Center Advisory Committee
is getting better – the sidewalks along Johnson       alcohol license density plan (which would limit         If you have any questions about the work we’re
have been widened, and they’re working on the         the number of bars downtown), the proposal            doing on any of these, please drop me and email
connection to the Yahara River Parkway. I’ll be       to establish a regional transit authority, just       at or call me at
working next on making the crosswalk at First         to name a few. We’re also headed into budget          242-4426.
and Johnson safer.                                    season, which is always a challenge. If you have
  In addition, I’ve been paying a lot of attention    thoughts about the budget and what our priorities
to the Water Utility, trying to make sure that our    as a city should be, please let me know.
drinking water stays safe, that we protect our        I am currently sitting on the following

                   Ongoing community events are listed on the EENA website at:
                   If you have an event that you would like to add, please email

                                                                                                             Advertising Rates
                       The Neighbor                                                                          Business Card (4 column inches):

                                                                                                             Quarter Page:

                                     Emerson East Neighborhood Association Newsletter
                                                                                                             Half Page:                            $200.00
    Fall 2007 Issue • • Newsletter free to neighborhood residents
                                                      Volunteer Contributors:                                Full Page:                            $400.00
Volunteers welcome                                    Jeff Burkhart, newsletter coordinator and editor,

T    he Emerson East Neighborhood Association         John Koch                                              Additional rates and sizes available on
     is 100% volunteer driven. We welcome your        Marie Messinger                                        our website at
input and involvement in our neighborhood proj-       Kate Sandretto
ects, as well as your ideas for new ones! Please      Karen von Huene                                        Discounts available for purchase of advertis-
contact Karen von Huene, membership coordi-           Peter Rafferty                                         ing in multiple issues. To advertise, contact Jeff
nator, at 442-0254 if you are interested in getting   Anita Temple                                           Burkhart at 608-669-4447 or email:
involved with EENA.                                   Sue Hart                                     
  You can help with our neighborhood parks and        Ryan Helgerson
gardens, assisting with the neighborhood watch        Emerson East Neighborhood Association Contact Line: 241-8206
program to reduce crime in Emerson East, repre-       President                      John Koch                         249-0031
senting our neighborhood on various city com-         Vice President                 Sue Hart     
mittees, and writing or editing articles for the      Secretary                      Debbie Aguado                241-8206
newsletter. We’re always happy to have more           Treasurer                      Karen von Huene                442-0254
people involved in the work of the neighborhood       Area 1 Representatives         Cynthia Burns                   246-0790
association. To learn more, come to one of our                                       Brian Spindel                 “      “                        243-8805
regular meetings at Bashford United Methodist         Area 2 Representative          Peter Rafferty                   241-5123
Church at 329 North Street on the first Wednes-        Area 3 Representatives         Jeff Burkhart                   669-4447
day of the month.                                                                    Brian Benford                 “      “
Fall 2007                                                       Community Involvement                                                                                     Page 3

CROP walk: take a stand to end hunger                                                                           Get involved!
By Lynn Case                                          is returned locally and the remainder is used by
                                                                                                                     onsider getting involved with your Emerson
                                                      Church World Service and other designated sister

                                                                                                                     East Neighborhood Association!
      ll Madison area friends and neighbors are       agencies such as CARE, Heifer International,
                                                                                                                   The Emerson East Neighborhood Association
      invited to join hands with 600+ area resi-      Catholic and Lutheran Relief Service, Project
                                                                                                                (EENA) has formed committees, recreated the
dents who take a stand to end hunger each year        Hope, etc. for disaster relief and self-help pro-
                                                                                                                newsletter and changed the basic structure of the
and participate in the annual CROP event on           grams in the U.S. and in more than 80 countries
                                                                                                                Association by amending the bylaws and making
Sunday, October 14, 2007. Christ Presbyterian         around the world. Second Harvest distributes
                                                                                                                it more accessible to neighbors. Are you inter-
Church, 944 East Gorham Street (at the corner of      about $17,500 in credit to more than 35 Dane
                                                                                                                ested in protecting the quality of our neighbor-
Sherman Avenue) will again be the host church         County Food Pantries and an additional grant of
                                                                                                                hood, schools and parks? Would you like to be
for the event. Registration begins at 12:45 p.m.,     $1,000 benefits Independent Living’s evening
                                                                                                                more involved in your community and appreciate
with a short kick-off ceremony at 1:15 p.m. and       and holiday Meals On Wheels program. The
                                                                                                                seeing the impact of your efforts close to home?
the start at 1:30 p.m. Walkers can choose one of      Madison event with 60 churches and groups
                                                                                                                How about getting to know your neighbors and
two routes, a 1.5 mile route through Tenney Park      participating, has raised over $70,000 in each of
                                                                                                                having a little fun? EENA is working to connect
or a 3.5 mile through Burrows Park to the Gov-        the last two years.
                                                                                                                neighbors, share goals, and help each other.
ernor’s Mansion and back to the church through
                                                                                                                   EENA is our neighborhood association and
Tenney Park. Bikers will use the 13 mile Lake         In the past twenty years the Madison event has
                                                                                                                your participation defines the Emerson East
Monona Bike Trail Loop. Refreshments will be          raised over $825,000 , of which $200,000+ has
                                                                                                                neighborhood. If there is a subject or issue you
served after the event at the church. There is no     come back to community hunger programs.
                                                                                                                are passionate about, you can form a group or
set registration fee or minimum but participants      This year our goal is to make another leap to the
                                                                                                                join an existing committee. You can share your
are asked to raise pledges to end hunger. For         $80,000 level. We need your help to reach the
                                                                                                                ideas and talents by contributing to the newslet-
more information call the CROP office at 222-          goal. Come, and join hands with us to make a
                                                                                                                ter. We are blessed with many talented people in
7008.                                                 difference!
                                                                                                                the neighborhood; how about an art fair, garden
                                                                                                                walk or music in the park? Perhaps having fun is
Anyone wanting more information or pledge             Nationally, CROP celebrates 60 years in 2007.
                                                                                                                what interests you...let’s plan a party! Or if your
forms and materials may attend one of these           Some 1,800 events held annually across the na-
                                                                                                                schedule is just too busy, you can support EENA
events. Groups of participants or teams are espe-     tion raise at least $15 million of which $4 mil-
                                                                                                                by becoming a member for as little as $10 a year.
cially welcome.                                       lion is returned locally to food pantries and other
                                                                                                                   Let’s keep Emerson East a strong, safe neigh-
                                                      hunger programs. Wisconsinites are generous
                                                                                                                borhood in which to live, work and play.
CROP (Communities Responding To Overcome              too. Our 75 annual events around the state raise
Poverty) is an interfaith, community-wide event       about $675,000 of which $160,000 comes back
that raises money to assist local and global hun-     to local food pantries.
ger programs. Twenty-five percent of the total                                               The Natural Choice for Your Real Estate Needs
                                                                                                                                   I’ve lived and worked in the
                                                                                                                                   neighborhood for over 11
Sign up for the Emerson East email                                                                                                 years, and have had the
                                                                                                                                   pleasure to meet many of

list and get neighborhood updates                                                                                                  you! I have the expertise to
                                                                                                                                   seamlessly complete your

                                                                                                                                   real estate transaction. Let’s
                                                                                                                                   meet and talk about it!
      ur neighborhood association has an active email list with more than 100
      members. Neighborhood association officers, area representatives and con-                                                  Naturally I Can Help You Save
cerned neighbors often post items of interest to this list. To sign up, visit:                  Tracey Teodecki
                                                                                                                              Money! Purchase a Home with me                                                    (608) 335-6745               and receive a FREE Home Warranty!
  We don’t want you to feel out of the loop with EENA, however. If you don’t
                                                                                                  Real Estate Professional
have access to it, please call Marie at 244-6403 and we’ll make sure you get no-
                                                                                                                             Some restrictions apply. Call for details and for
                                                                                                                                 your confidential buyer consultation.
tices about upcoming events.                                                                                                                (608) 335-6745

  Habla espanol? Our neighborhood needs a “Spanish Spokesperson” to help
neighbors who aren’t so fluent in English. If you can help with some occasional           “Tracey was accessible and honest, provided good ideas for making our
translation of articles and event notices, please call Marie at 244-6403.                home more attractive and feedback about what prospective buyers were
  If you know of other communication issues for neighbors, please let us know!           saying about our home.” Margie Sprecher

Let’s help make sure that all of us can be informed about what’s happening in
our neighborhood!

HospiceCare will offer
volunteer sessions
  Volunteering for
HospiceCare can
be a very reward-
ing experience. In
September, Hos-
piceCare Inc. will
offer volunteer training for those interested in
helping patients who live in their homes and/or
facilities. The trainings will be held at Attic An-
gel Community, 8301 Old Sauk Road, in Middle-
ton on the following dates: Tuesday, September
18, 8:30 –11:45 a.m.; Thursday, September 20,
8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and Tuesday, September
25, 8:30 – 11:30 a.m. Volunteers working with
patients must be at least 16 years old and family
members of HospiceCare patients must wait at
least one year after the death of their loved one
before becoming a volunteer. Space is limited.
To register, please call Amanda Pischke at (608)
Page 4                                                             Parks and Gardens                                                       The Neighbor

Tax-deductible donations to new fund help to beautify Demetral Park
EENA, in cooperation with The Madison Parks Foundation, Inc., has established the Demetral Park Fund. Donations made to this fund will be earmarked
for improvements at Demetral Park.

Please make your check out to “The Madison Parks Foundation, Inc. - Demetral Park Fund.”
Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.



City, State, Zip

Amount Enclosed

Mail to: The Madison Parks Foundation, Inc.
        215 Martin Luther King Blvd., Suite 120
         Madison, WI 53703

Busy summer for the Parks and Gardens Committee
By Anita Temple & Marie Messinger                     On other park issues, many residents have         listserv.
Parks and Gardens Committee Co-Chairs               expressed the need of garbage cans being              Our other park space, on Johnson Street,
                                                    available during the winter months. An-             between First and Second Streets, has had some
  Demetral Park has had a busy summer of            other common need is for plowing the bike           major pruning during the past month. This park’s
public and EENA member activities such as           path through this park. Please communicate          name is just “East Johnson Street Open Space”.
the following examples. In early June, on a hot     your wishes to the City Parks Superinten-           We are looking into re-naming this park and sug-
Saturday morning, 5 bird houses (painted white)     dent - Jim Morgan, (phone: 266-4711, email:         gestions are most welcome. If you are interested
and 5 bat houses (painted black) were installed, to District 12          in this park, please contact Marie Messinger at
around the large berm. So far, no bat tenants       Alder Satya Rhodes-Conway (phone: 242-4426,         244-6403. Marie is also very involved with im-
(that we know of) but we hear that it can two       email: and/or to      provements at Graaskamp Park, a private park.
years before the bats occupy them. Bird houses      the EENA President, John Koch (phone: 249-            Although the winter months are approaching,
are occupied by a wren family and lots of spar-     8206, email: Even one          and outside work will cease (sigh) we will still
rows. Later in June, the flower bed weeding at       garbage can at the shelter over the winter months   have Committee and Demetral Grant meetings
the small berm, at Commercial and Packers, had      would help! Many people use this bike path          and EENA park activities. Again, thank you
a small core of volunteers and a total of 32 bags   every day!                                          everyone for your volunteer time and efforts!
of weeds. Thanks, Kathy Lange, for the treats!        See the form above to make a donation to the
Trash pickup and weeding continues daily by         Demetral Park fund.
many local residents. And, to cap off the sum-      Future EENA commit-
mer, on August 5th, Hoard Fest at the shelter       tee work will center
showcased great music by local artists with about   on the large Demetral
75 attendees! Thank you to the 2300 block of        berm. EENA has been
Hoard residents for organizing the event, paying    awarded a City Planning
the rental fees, music set up and tear down, and    Grant for $4500 over
general cleanup. Special thanks to Matt and the     the next 18 months to
Great Dane for donating 1/2 keg of beer.            re-evaluate and sub-
  As a reminder, dog lovers - be aware - that       mit a site plan for this
Demetral is an on-leash dog park. The website:      area. We need to match       this grant with volun-
html has a form for a dog park permit or you can    teer hours or matching
also visit the City Treasurer’s office at the City   funds! For every one
County Building on Martin Luther King Blvd.         hour of volunteer time,
Please keep our park clean (there are lots of       we can count a $20
kids!) by picking up your dog’s “deposits”. Any     match. We need your
violation of any dog ordinance is $86.50.           attendance and input!
  Another reminder is that tickets have been        If you are interested,
issued by the police for drinking alcohol at the    please contact Anita
shelter without a permit. This is a whopping        Temple at 240-9339.
$298.00! However, due to the increased police       Updates will be posted
check-ins, local residents have noted less viola-   to the EENA website
tions and occupations at the shelter.               and to the association

                                                                            This June, volunteers helped to install bird houses and bat houses around the
                                                                            large berm at Demetral Park. A recent fund allows neighborhood residents
                                                                            to donate to the effort to maintain and beautify the park and its surroundings.
Fall 2007                                                   Homes                                                                                 Page 5

Our Changing Neighborhood                                     Active Homes for Sale
                                                              Address                 Beds    Baths Fin Above Grd SqFt    List Price
By Jim Schuessler                                    2506 Hoard St           2       1.25   900                 $124,900
                                                              117 N 1st St            4       2      1224                $127,500

A     ll real estate is local. During the past
      few months, many media stories have
covered the collapse of the sub-prime mort-
                                                              2406 Hoard St
                                                              117 N 7th St
                                                              2721 E Johnson St       3       1      945                 $159,900
gage market, the slow-down in housing sales,                  1940 E Washington       3       1      1136                $179,900
and the rise in foreclosures. Those stories                   Ave
may be relevant on a national level, but not                  2553 Upham St           3       1      920                 $195,000
so much when it comes to Madison, and
                                                              2653 E Johnson St       3       2      1243                $197,000
even less so in the Emerson East neighbor-
                                                              222 N 5th St            3       2      1830                $299,000
hood. The Madison market is buoyed by its
                                                              2425 UPHAM ST           3       2.5    1934                $315,000
strong economy and growing population, the
two most important factors when it comes to                   2115 E Dayton St        5       2.5    2000                $365,000
property values.                                              Pending Homes for Sale
  Homes in our neighborhood have been sell-                   Address                 Beds    Baths Fin Above Grd SqFt    List Price
ing briskly in recent months. Ours remains
one of the most affordable neighborhoods                      126 N 5th St             3      1.5     1232                $209,900
in close proximity to central Madison. That                   2321 E MIFFLIN ST        3      1       1300                $232,900
doesn’t mean that it isn’t a competitive mar-
                                                              Homes Sold
ket. The most successful sellers have their
                                                              Address                 Beds    Baths Fin Above Grd SqFt    List Price         Sold Price
homes in good condition and priced cor-
rectly.                                                       2730 E JOHNSON ST         2     1       780                $139,900            $135,900
                                                              2625 East Lawn Ct         2     1.75    728                $139,900            $138,000
  Homes in our neighborhood have                              1971 E Washington Ave     1     1.5     1206               $152,400            $142,500
   been selling briskly in recent                             2633 Hoard St             3     1       1192               $150,900            $148,000
              months.                                         2450 E Mifflin St          4     1.5     1379               $148,000            $150,000
                                                              2554 Upham St             2     1       1104               $154,900            $152,900
  To the right is an updated table of MLS real
                                                              2402 HOARD ST             3     1.75    1300               $174,900            $172,000
estate activity in our neighborhood since Jan-
                                                              2309 HOARD ST             3     1       1056               $184,900            $178,500
uary 1, 2007. Below is a second table show-
                                                              213 N 5TH ST              3     1       1128               $179,000            $179,000
ing the absorption rate of housing for the
greater Emerson-East neighborhood (MLS                        2530 E Johnson St         3     1       916                $185,000            $179,500
area E05). As you can see, the second quarter                 2317 HOARD ST             3     1       1092               $189,900            $179,900
of 2007 had an absorption rate of 2.3 months,                 222 N 3rd St              2     1       1188               $199,900            $185,000
meaning that it would take 2.3 months to sell                 2430 E Mifflin St          3     1.25    1296               $191,900            $187,000
the existing inventory of homes at the cur-                   2541 Hoard St             3     1.25    1116               $194,900            $193,000
rent rate of sales. This indicates a strengthen-              936 Dayton St             3     1.75    1174               $219,000            $195,000
ing market.                                                   2509 Dayton St            2     1       1178               $208,000            $205,000
  (Note: These absorption rate figures are for                 2146 E MIFFLIN ST         4     1.75    1485               $234,900            $232,000
residential properties only. Last newsletter I
                                                              2112 E Mifflin St          3     1       1296               $244,900            $240,000
mistakenly provided total market figures. It
                                                              29 N 2nd ST               3     1       1734               $269,900            $253,000
won’t happen again!).
                                                              2322 E Dayton St          4     2       1610               $259,900            $263,000
Year-Quarter 2005-3              2005-4            2006-1           2006-2        2006-3             2006-4       2007-1               2007-2
On Market        31              25                33               40            46                 41           37                   33
Sales            32              15                22               35            25                 15           20                   43
Months of
                 2.9             4.9               4.5              3.4           5.5                8.1          5.5                  2.3

One-on-One Home                                                EmersonWatch Invites YOU!
Buyer Counseling                                        EmersonWatch is a “Yahoo! Group” devoted to keeping the Emerson
                                                        East Neighborhood a safe and desirable place to live. By joining the
Buying a home is probably one of the largest and        group, you are invited to browse through the FILES and LINKS sections
most important investments you’ll ever make. If         for information regarding safety and helping your neighbors deter crime
you would like to learn more about the process
of how to buy a house, make sense of your credit        in our area. The site is also a communications link to other neighborhood
report, or understand what monthly mortgage             residents to report or discuss undesirable activity.
payment you can afford, call Common Wealth              Please meet and know your neighbors. Together we can take a stand
Development. Common Wealth, a non-profit
community development organization, is provid-          against undesirable activity in our neighborhood.
ing one-on-one home buyer education counseling        
to individuals and families purchasing homes in
Madison, with a special focus on the 53704 zip                                        or call (608) 241-8206
code. This project is part of WHEDA’s initiative                                             Join Today!
to increase African-American home ownership              Receive an EmersonWatch “window sign” upon joining. Show your support for a
in Madison. If you’re interested, call Common                                safe Emerson East Neighborhood
Wealth, 253-3527, Extension 23.
Page 6                                                             Committee Reports                                                   The Neighbor

EENA Treasurer’s Report                                                                                          INCOME
By Karen von Huene                                  amount of money, although we email remind-           DUES                        1,270.00
EENA Treasurer                                      ers whenever possible. Paying your annual dues       ADVERTISING SALES           2,604.49
  Emerson East Neighborhood Association             without a reminder saves money and wear and          GRANTS                      0.00
ended 2006 with a cash balance of $1,333.32. As     tear on volunteers!
                                                                                                         OTHER INCOME                445.87
of August 15, 2007, the Association had a cash         The Association was awarded a grant for
balance of $3,254.81.                               $4,500 by the City of Madison, which is for          TOTAL                       4,320.36
  Advertising sales continue to increase over       improvements to Demetral Park. The grant will        2006 CASH BALANCE           1,333.32
what was projected for this year, although ad-      consist of direct reimbursement for expenses         TOTAL INCOME                $5,653.68
vertising income has slowed considerably since      related to the project. The city hasn’t released              EXPENSES
May. The category of “Other Income” tracks          funds yet so there hasn’t been any activity on the   NEWSLETTER PRINTING         1,420.02
donations, most of which are generous contribu-     project, which we have up to 2 years to complete.
                                                                                                         PO BOX                      0.00
tions by neighbors who have included donations         As of August 15th there have been 142 indi-
when paying their 2007 membership dues. Dona-       viduals who have paid membership for 2007,           COMMITTEES
tions so far this year are $445.87. Thank you!      49 of whom are new to EENA. Welcome to the             Parks/Gardens             104.33
  The greatest expenses for the association are     Association!                                           Membership Development    395.05
newsletter printing, copying and other costs for       Membership dues are a large part of our in-         Safety                    35.00
getting information out to everyone, mailing        come and very important to the financial sta-           Community Development     0.00
membership renewals, and trying to grow our         bility of EENA. We will begin sending out
membership. For the year to date we have paid       membership renewals for 2008 in October. If            Newsletter                0.00
$1,420.02 for newsletter printing and $395.05 for   you haven’t joined for 2007 please do so and          Traffic/Transportation      0.00
printing and postage for membership recruitment     if you’re already a member please send in your       EVENTS
and reminders. The East Isthmus Neighborhood        renewal without a reminder and save Association        Block Party               0.00
Planning Council (EINPC) allows us to use their     resources!                                             Candidate Forum           0.00
bulk mailing permit, which saves a considerable
                                                                                                           Community Meetings        75.00
                                                                                                         Annual Membership Meeting   0.00
                                                                                                         OFFICE SUPPLIES             134.41
                                                                                                         COPYING                     13.50
                                                                                                         POSTAGE                     54.76
                                                                                                         WEBSITE                     166.80
                                                                                                         TOTAL EXPENSE               $2,398.87
                                                                                                         TOTAL INCOME                $5,653.68
                                                                                                         DIFFERENCE                  $3,254.81

                                                    Boundaries of the Emerson East Neighborhood Association
Fall 2007                                          Transportation/Membership                                                                   Page 7

Road and bike path construction changing face of Emerson East
By Peter Rafferty                                  Cieslewicz as he cut the ribbon on the new
Area 2 Representative and                                                                               Train Whistles
                                                   Yahara Bikeway.
Traffic/Transportation Committee Chair                                                                     Quiet zones are returning, and depending on
                                                     Sidewalk and trail improvements continue to
                                                                                                        where you live, you may have already heard an
                                                   occur around Johnson St and First St and the

O     n May 22, 2007, the Pedestrian/Bicycle/                                                           improvement. A city contractor is now working
                                                   Sherman Flyer connection to the Yahara River
      Motor Vehicle Commission held their                                                               on upgrading crossings in the downtown area.
public hearing on annual pedestrian and bicycle                                                         That phase is scheduled for completion in early
                                                   The Changing Face of Sixth Street
improvement projects. Two people from our                                                               September, and upon approval from the Board
                                                     Sixth St is now experiencing major
neighborhood spoke on behalf of EENA at that                                                            of Public Works and the Common Council, they
                                                   construction at both of its ends. On the south
meeting, relating to the commission several                                                             will turn to additional crossings in our area,
                                                   end, the intersection with East Washington Ave
items that had been discussed at the previous                                                           including East Johnson St, East Washington Ave,
                                                   is closed while that is reconstructed into a full-
EENA transportation committee meeting.                                                                  the northerly most First St crossing, as well as
                                                   access, signalized, four-leg intersection. The
These included short-term improvements such                                                             crossing on the other side of East Washington
                                                   extension of Sixth St across East Washington
as improved pedestrian timing at signalized                                                             at Second St, Fourth St, Winnebago St, and the
                                                   Ave is still planned to intersect Winnebago St as
intersections and completing the path connection                                                        removal of the crossing at Division St, with a
                                                   a roundabout. At the other end of Sixth St, the
on our side of the Yahara River at the crossing                                                         bike path replacement there.
                                                   road has been missing for several weeks between
between Washington and Johnson; and long           Johnson St and Packers Ave while crews perform
term improvements such as improved bicycle                                                              Emerson Elementary Crossing
                                                   substantial underground utility work along Sixth
accommodations along Johnson St between                                                                 Earlier this summer some of you noticed an
                                                   St as well as Upham St and Hoard St. Several
Second St and the Yahara River and pedestrian                                                           automated speed reporting sign on Johnson St
                                                   weeks of work remain on that phase of the
and bicycle access to the upcoming Union                                                                across from Emerson Elementary. These are
                                                   project. And 2008, traffic calming circles will
Corners development.                                                                                    to remind drivers to slow down and watch for
                                                   be installed along Sixth St at the intersections
  On June 9, our Alderperson Rhodes-Conway,                                                             children. School zone traffic safety remains a
                                                   with Mifflin, Dayton, Upham, and Hoard, and
Supervisor Vedder, EENA President John Koch,                                                            concern, and we continue to seek options for
                                                   improved signing and marking will highlight the
and around 90 other people joined Mayor                                                                 improving conditions for pedestrians. Please
                                                   path crossing at Demetral Park.
                                                                                                        slow down when kids are present.

Welcome new members to the Emerson East                                                                 Ongoing East Washington Construction
                                                                                                        The last two months have been busy out there,
Neighborhood Association                                                                                and finding an open crossing is sometimes a

T    hank you to the new and renewing members      Dean Olson                                           treasure hunt. Outbound lanes have their new
     of Emerson East Neighborhood Association      Carol Chapin-Olson                                   concrete, and inbound lanes and median work
for 2007! To join, the neighborhood association    Trudy Fredericks                                     continues, as does work on the Starkweather
yourself, complete the membership form on page     Ryan Murphy                                          Creek Bike Path. The final middle section of
8 today. Your contribution of time and money       Pat Berkery                                          the new pedestrian and bicycle bridge across
helps keep our association strong.                 Denny Berkery                                        East Washington is planned to go into place
  New and rewewing members paying dues be-         Nancy Scherr                                         in November. The schedule for this phase of
tween May 15, 2007 and August 15, 2007:            Matt Jahnke                                          construction indicates a complete reopening
                                                   Caitlin Kelly                                        in December 2007. 2008 is a year to take a
Judith Canaan                                      Brian Kelly                                          break and catch up, then in 2009 we will see
Amy Maurer                                         Gail Owens                                           the reconstruction of the US 30 interchange and
Scott Maurer                                       Lisa Aarli                                           nearby facilities.
Joe Andrews                                        Jeanne Smith
Richard Wagner                                     Jenny Bardeen                                        See page 8 for images of recent road
Ellen Hadidian                                     Bryce Nelson                                         improvements.
Peter Baugher                                      Kenneth J. Oneill
Beth Cannestra                                     Jonathan Garber
Matt Guenette                                      Derek Tyus
Julie Larson-Guenette                              Monica Urbanik
Keith Pollock                                      Owen McCusker
Shaili Pfeiffer                                    Jennifer Karlson
Brian Benford                                      Justin Duris
Steve Kean                                         Elizabeth Duris
Steve Lawler                                       Sheri Rein
Vicky Lawler                                       Charles Rein
Brendon Smith                                      Diane Farsetta
Melanie Smith                                      Eric Piotrowski
Page 8                                                            Back Page                                                             The Neighbor

Bicyclists prepare for the grand opening of the new Washington Street       Ongoing road construction at the corner of East Washington Avenue and
Bridge bicycle underpass as part of the Yahara Bikeway. About 90 people     North Sixth Street. The extension of Sixth Street across East Washington
joined Mayor Dave Cieslewicz on an initial ride.                            Avenue is still planned to intersect Winnebago Street as a roundabout.
Photos by Peter Rafferty

Marling Lumber on East Washington near the corner of First Street may be an area for future development near the new Yarhara Bikeway.

Become a Member of the Emerson East Neighborhood Association
 To be eligible for membership you must be 18 years old and be a homeowner, a property owner, a renter or a representative of a business within the
 boundaries of EENA.

 Name:                                              Street Address:                                     Email Address:

 My relationship with the neighborhood is (check one):
 � Owner/Occupant             � Renter              � Landlord              � Business Owner            � Organization

 May we publish your name/address in a membership list in the newsletter?         � Yes          � No
 May we contact you by email?                                                     � Yes          � No


 � $10 per member for a ONE YEAR membership
 � $5 per member – ONE YEAR senior/student/low income
 � $25 per business/organization for ONE YEAR

 Please consider a donation as additional support for the work of EENA. Your donation helps to maintain a strong neighborhood association.

 Total Enclosed: ___________________________

 Please make your check payable to: Emerson East Neighborhood Association
 You may mail your dues and this form to:
 P.O. Box 3385
 Madison, WI 53704-3385

 Interests and Volunteer Opportunities - The following are just a few of the many activities that the Emerson East Neighborhood Association has avail-
 able for neighborhood involvement. Please check off any that interest you and someone will contact you with more information.

 � Newsletters/Fliers Delivery                      � Membership Development                            � Parks/Gardens
 � Safety/Law Enforcement                           � Community Development                             � Annual Block Party
 � Neighborhood Yard Sale                           � Newsletter/Delivery                               � Fundraising
 � Neighborhood Cleanup                             � Neighborhood Watch                                � EINPC rep/task force
 � Transportation/Traffic                            � Be a Neighborhood Rep or Council Officer           � Environmental Issues
 � School Liaison                                   � Other:

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