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					                                         OASIS TOASTMASTERS CLUB
                                              District 85 Area H1
                                               Charter No: 9145
   2010-2011 Club Theme "OASIS is FUN, Fulfillment, Unity and Network"

Meeting Venue: Room 1105, 11/F, Hong Kong Scout Centre, Austin Road, Kowloon
Meeting Time: Every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month, 7:00 p.m.- 9:15 p.m. (Except Public Holidays)

Meeting no. 216
Theme:      Imagination
Date:       23-May-11
Theme of quarter: New
CL Duty Officer: KF Tam, ACB, CL

   Time           Activity                                           Min                     Speaker
19:00       Get Together                                              15               Oasians and Guests
19:15       Opening Remarks                                            3                     Steve Yu
19:19       Toastmaster of the Evening                                 2                    Nicole Law
19:22       Introduction of Facilitators Roles                         3                    Nicole Law
            Prepared Speeches
            (1 min silence after each speech for floor evaluation)
19:26       CC Project 2     Bitter Melon                              7                   Bonnie Tse
19:34       CC Project 10    TBC                                      10                   Sally Wong
19:42       ACB Project 2    Film is a Media of Passion                7                   Emily Tung
19:53       Table Topics Session                                      10                   Jess Cheuk
20:04       Introduction of Guests                                    2                        TBC
20:07       Break                                                     10

            Evaluation Session
20:17       Evaluation for Bonnie's speech                             3                   Leo Kwok
20:21       Evaluation for Sally's speech                              3                    K F Tam
20:25       Evaluation for Emily's speech                              3                    Iris Lee
20:29       Evaluation for Table Topic Session                         5                   Wilson Yau
            Facilitators Reports
20:35       Time Keeper                                                2                    Betty Law
20:38       Ah Counter                                                 2                    Jeff Chan
20:40       Grammarian                                                 5                   May Cheng

                                                                                        Esther Lee, DTM
20:46       General Evaluation                                        10
                                                                             Incoming Division H Governor, District 85
20:57       President Election                                        12                     K F Tam
21:10       Award Presentation & Closing Remarks                       5        Derek Wong, ACB, CL, President

Highlights of Upcoming Events
Date                             Event                                                   Contact
11-Jun-11 Club Officer Training                                      Derek Wong (91691106)
6&7-Aug-11 Oasis Team Building Camp                                  Steve Yu (90467426)
                                                                Timing Rules
                                    Green Card                               Yellow Card                                     Red Card
Table Topics Section                 1 min left                               30 sec left                                    Time’s Up.
Prepared Speeches                      2 min left                              1 min left                                30 sec afterwards.
Individual Evaluation                                                                                                     Time Keeper will
                                   1 min /2min left                         30 sec /1min left                             press the buzzer
/General Evaluation
                            -Select an appropriate outline which allows listeners to easily follow and understand your speech.
       CC Project 2
                            -Make your message clear, with supporting material directly contributing to that message.
   Organize your speech
                            -Use appropriate transitions when moving from one idea to another.
        (5-7 mins)
                            -Create a strong opening and conclusion.
                            -To inspire the audience by appealing to noble motives and challenging the audience to achieve a higher level
       CC Project 10         of beliefs or achievement.
   Inspire Your Audience    -Appeal to the audience’s needs and emotions, using stories, anecdotes and quotes to add drama.
         (8-10 mins)        -Avoid using notes.

       ACB Project 2
                            -Draw entertaining material from sources other than your own perrsonal experience.
                            -Adapt your material to suit your topic. Your own personality and the audience.
        (5-7 mins)

                                                                 Highlights of Coming Oasis Meetings
Quarter Theme                                                                    New
                                   13th Jun, 2011                27th Jun, 2011                    11th Jul, 2011               25th Jul, 2011
Meeting Theme
                                       Technology                    Future                             TBC                          TBC
TME                                                                                                  Jimmy Yau
Table Topic Master                                                  Betty Law
   Table Topic Evaluator
Time Keeper                            Gary Wong
Ah Counter                             Connie Yip
Speaker 1                      Bonnie Tse           CC3       Gary Wong           CC1           Jeff Chan          CC3      Winnie Yu         CC3
   Evaluator 1
Speaker 2                        Kit Ng             CC4        Nicole Law         CC2           Connie Yip         CC3      Wilson Yau        CC9
   Evaluator 2
Speaker 3                      Jess Cheuk                      Leo Kwok           CC4       Bosco Chan             CC4    Grace Cheung        ACB
   Evaluator 3
Speaker 4                      May Cheng            CC8       Jimmy Yau           ACB            Steve Yu          ACB        Iris Lee        ACS5
   Evaluator 4
Speaker (Back up)              Winnie Yu                      Winnie Yu                         Winnie Yu
                                Iris Lee                       Iris Lee                          Iris Lee
                               Wilson Yau                     Wilson Yau                        Wilson Yau
GE                                    Talis Wong                    Irene Chan                       Charles Law
Game/Joke Master

                                                          OASIS Excom Contact List
President                   Derek Wong (91691106)

VP Education                Grace Cheung(94626181), Cherry Cheung (93580276), Jimmy Yau (65382709), June Ng (91646074)

VP Membership               Steve Yu

VP Public Relations         Jimmy Yau(65382709), Jeff Chan(93115515)

Secretary                   Mandy Lam (95608250)

Sergeant at Arms            Mark Leung (94284762)

Webmaster                   Teresa Lee (90939131)

Treasurer                   Edward Ng (60537397)

Immediate past president David Wong (60102378)

Chief Mentor                K F Tam (90321133)
1. Contact our VPE Steve Yu (, Tel: 9046-7426) to take up any role.

If you would like to join Oasis, please contact our VP membership Steve Yu at 90467426 or President, Derek Wong at 91691106.
Our membership fee from May 2011 to Mar 2012 is HK$1,405 (11 months membership fee = HK$1,155) + (first registration fee$250).

Payment can be made EITHER by cheque payable to “Oasis Toastmasters Club” OR by bank in the Club account, No: HSBC 077 504 9976
and then hand the pay slip to our VPM during the meeting.

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