Software and CD Protection

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					    Software and CD
     Protection V2
New, Better, Cracked in nearly the same way as before

               By: Chris Long
This presentation is to be
used for educational use
 To prevent copying of copyrighted software
 To ensure integrity of the copyrighted software

 Money! These are businesses and they exist on
  account of money.
           3 General Schemes
 Encryption – talked about in previous lectures
 Dongles – separate hardware needed to be
  plugged in to allow the software to work
 CD/diskette protection – tries to prevent the
  copying of the files needed for the use of the
 The Good – One of the best ways of protecting
  software. Very hard to crack it needs time and
  expensive equipment
 The Bad – Expensive to manufacture ,about
  $20 for replacement a dongle, can interfere with
  the parallel or serial port there attached to
   Two variants
     Envelope  – Tries to create a defensive shell by
      means of not decrypting the exe unless the dongle is
      present and working properly
     Function – The dongle is used as a needed function
      in the program
              CD Protection
 The Good – Cheep they add little if any extra
  manufacturing costs, they discourage the
  “average user” from copying CDs
 The Bad – can cause some CD readers to fail or
  significantly slow down, many can be gotten
  around using a good CD-R/W drive, the ways
  around the commercial CD protection are easly
  findable on the internet
        Other “CD Protections”
 CD Checking – the program accesses the CD
  for data or just to see if it is there and if it is not
  stops normal execution
 Dummy Files – files that in the file table point
  to the data of various other files to make it look
  like the CD is holding more than it actually is
 Illegal table of contents – TOC that does not
  strictly comply with ISO standers, usually two
  data tracks
    More other “CD Protections”
 Oversize – CDs that are over 660 Mb in size can
  not be copied onto 74 min CDs with most CD-
  R/W (not used since the introduction of 80 min
 Physical Errors – the CD is physically damaged
  usually can not copy, if you still can it copy takes
  about 1 to 8 hours
       Examples of Commercial CD
   Alcatraz           ProtectCD
   CD-Cops            Ring PROTECH
   CD-Protect         Roxxe
   CopyLok            SafeDisc
   CrypKey            SafeDisc v2
   DBB                SafeCast
   DiscGuard          SecuROM
   FADE               SoftLock
   LaserLock          Star Force
   LockBlocks         TAGES
   Phenoprotect       The Copy-Protected CD
                       The Bongle
   Who? - KDG
   What? – data structure of software altered
    during glass mastering process and a envelope
    around the exe
   Workaround – no known use as of yet
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) - ?
   Who? - Link Data Security and Spinner
   What? -a envelope around the exe using the
    angle between the first and last logical block and
    a “fingerprint” key
   Workaround – downloadable program to crack
    is available
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) - 3
   Who? - Software & Protection Beisheim e.K.
   What? – uses direct hardware coding that
    windows reports as unreadable sectors
   Workaround – no known use as of yet
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) - ?
   Who? - Pan Technology Limited and Toolex
    International N.V.
   What? – use of a exe wrapper and a watermark
    that can not be copied without special hardware
   Workaround – downloadable program that
    unwraps the exe
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) - 2
   Who? - CrypKey
   What? – uses sophisticated algorithm to detect if
    this program can run on this specific machine
    that must be authorized by the software maker
   Workaround – none as of yet!
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) - 1
   Who? - Effnet
   What? - secret
   Workaround – none as of yet
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) - ?
   Who? - TTR Technologies Inc.
   What? – encrypted exe with a embedded
    (inscribed onto the CD) key in the CD
   Workaround – no general patch but program
    specific ones are available
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) - 2
   Who? - Codemasters
   What? – degrade game after time and illegal
    copy is detected
   Workaround – individual game cracks
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) – ?2?
   Who? - MLS LaserLock International
   What? – laser marking on the CD surface
   Workaround – can copy with CD-Reader that
    supports RAW and BlindRead or DDump
    a downloadable patch
    hex editor to copy the files with errors
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) - 5
   Who? - Dinamic Multimedia
   What? – readers lock up when trying to read two
    specific rings
   Workaround - specific patches needed
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) - 2
   Who? - Codecult
   What? – bad data in the CD is checked if it is
    there during installation
   Workaround – unknown as of yet
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) – 3(many owners of
    the original disks report problems)
   Who? - VOB
   What? – envelope?
   Workaround – CD reader with RAW and a
    writer with sub-channel writing and the program
    CloneCD or BlindRead
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) - 4
             Ring PROTECH
   What? – ring on the CD that can not be copied
   Workaround – none as of yet!
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) - 1
   Who? - Electronic Publishing Association
   What? – imbedded key and set of protection
   Workaround – none as of yet!
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) - 1
   Who? - Macrovision Corporation
   What? – digital signature and a wrapper
   Workaround – 1to1 copy with a reader with
    RAW, 1to1 copy with a patch, download a
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) – 5(and this is very
    popular to use?)
                  SafeDisc v2
   Who? - Macrovision Corporation
   What? – see SafeDisc but a little better
   Workaround - 1to1 copy with a reader with
    RAW and sub-channel support, 1to1 copy then
    unprotect with DAEMON Tools , download a
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) – 4(this is on nearly
    every game after 1/1/2001!)
   Who? - Ç-Dilla and Macrovision Corporation
   What? – encrypt the gold CD and make the
    customers get the key from the company
   Workaround – none as of yet (no real need)
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) - 4
   Who? - Sony
   What? – electronic fingerprint on the glass
   Workaround –copy with CloneCD and a reader
    that supports RAW and sub-channel data,
    various patches dependent on the version of
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) - 3
   Who? - Assel
   What? – encrypted with a unique serial marking
    on the CD during mastering and a special
    arrangement of files in TOC
   Workaround – no known use as of yet
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) - ?(sounds good)
                  Star Force
   Who? - Protection Technology Co.
   What? – key and CD-R detection
   Workaround – none as of now
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) – 2(not enough games
    use this to give it a one yet)
   Who? - Thomson & MPO
   What? – encryption of the exe
   Workaround – replacing exe with a fixed exe
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) – 3(only one known
    game uses this)
         The Copy-Protected CD
   Who? - Hide & Seek Technologies
   What? – stops copying on a CDR recorder
   Workaround – none as of yet
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) – 2(not much info)
                   The Bongle
   Who? - Hide & Seek Technologies
   What? – a CD like object that can not be
    recorded that is used like a Dongle
   Workaround – none as of yet
   Rating (1(Best)-5(Worst)) – 1(I like this idea)
   CD Media World
   Digital Intellect

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