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Hoover High School ! 525 Seventh St. ! North Canton, OH 44720   October 17, 2003 ! Vol. 54 No. 2

                                         WHICH WAY DOES
                                         THE SCALE TIP?
                                                    Students try to gain
                                                    Students try to gain
                                                      an extra edge in
                                                      an extra edge in
                                                    athletics, academics
                                                    athletics, academics

 Music piracy lawsuits provoke controversy
                          The season of fall brings a host
                     of new smells that can lead to strong                  EDITOR’S NOTE                                                                       THE VIKING VIEWS
                     emotions. The fall air is thick with                                                                                                                                  Editors-in-Chief Tyler Allchin
                     the smell of newly-fallen leaves, bonfires, pumpkin pie, and dryer air. There are smells of the year’s final                                                                   Jonathan Dieringer
                     cookouts in the air, and the last few bags of grass clippings before winter. There is also the smell of fear.                                                Managing Editors Georgiana Condric
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Chelsea Crofford
                          Fall is the beginning of the school year, and after the first few weeks, reality sets in: there is work to                                                                    Kristen Mooney
                     do, which just might determine the path you will follow for the rest of your life. For seniors, anxiety over                                                Business Manager Kyra Schloenbach
                     college applications sets in. Perhaps some have just now realized that their grades matter, and they are                                                                 Copy Editors Tiffany Bader
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sara Barr
                     scrambling to climb up in the class rank to apply to their dream schools. People begin to panic.                                                                                           Kaci Lapp
                          This issue of The Viking Views addresses these concerns in two ways. First, we feature several stories                                                                                      ergis
                                                                                                                                                                                               News Editors Adele Ver gis
                     about not only finding the right college, but how to aquire a proper letter of recommendation as well.                                                                                 Lindsy Wise
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Chris Zaluski
                          The stress of college may also have other negative implications. This issue’s in-depth is a collection                                                           News In Brief Dominic Reolfi
                     of stories about cheating. While Kristin Mooney attempts to define “cheating,” other stories examine this                                                                Beats Editor Nick DeFazio
                     question in greater detail, focusing on more specific areas of the problem. Danny Savage addresses                                                                    Features Editors Khalei Fogle
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Amy King
                     performance-enhancing drugs in athletics, and Beth Simmerman examines the use of personal trainers.                                                                               Sarah Upperman
                          Along with fall, a number of controversial sports issues have arrived. When it was announced that                                                                    Featured Student Kat Bello
                     the soccer field would be shared by lacrosse as well, there were a number of mixed feelings from parents                                                              Health Column Meghann Gunn
                                                                                                                                                                                          In-Depth Editors Meghan Pifer
                     and players. Jon Dieringer sifts through the varying interpretations of the issue on page 40. Tyler Allchin                                                                       Beth Simmerman
                     takes a look at the Ohio High School Athletic Association and their system of ruling on local athletic issues,                                                                       Angela Stobbs
                     on page 38.                                                                                                                                                            Opinion Editors Steve Aquino
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Christen Misanik
                          Lastly, the staff would like to thank everyone who offered positive comments on our last issue; we                                                                                Kate Roshak
                     believe that this one will be even better. So relax, count to 10 and don’t stress out. Enjoy The Viking Views.                                                         Opinion Columnist Don Kotnik
                                                                                                                                                                                             Poll Page Jamie DiEugenio
                                                                                                                                                                                     Entertainment Editors Mik e Aquino
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Beth Becherer
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Chris Cauley
                                                                                                                                                                                       Events Calendar Nikita Reiserer
                Retractions                                                                                                                                                                                          Kotnik
                                                                                                                                                                                                Sports Editors Don Kotnik
                Two photographs were credited to the wrong photographer. The photo on page 6 was taken by Megan Tulodzieski and the                                                                       Danny Savage
                photograph on page 10 was taken by Emily Kuhn.                                                                                                                                               Jeff Wallick
                In the News in Brief column, it was published that the cover and end sheet of the 2002 Viking yearbook would be printed                                                   Spor ts Columnist Tyler Allc hin
                in Herff Jones’ Ideas That Fly yearbook spotlight. Several outstanding spreads will also be published in the book.                                                      Featured Athletes Brandon Hugg
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                                                                                                                                                                                       Circulation Manager Sean Bhagat
                                                         JON DIERINGER

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                                                                                                                                                                                Adver tising Design Me g an Tulodzieski
                                                                                                                                                                                       Research Assistant Ashley Fogle
                                                                                                                                                                                        Photo Editors Amanda Crawford
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Emily Kuhn
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Shannon Pifer
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Cathy Samara
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                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ashley Pucci
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                                                                                                                                                                         Adviser Ms . P amela A. McCar th y
                                                                                                                                                                                 Ms. Pamela            thy
                !Kaitlynn Gunn and sisters                         ! ”Trading Spaces” producer !Senior Annie Revoldt, leading
                Courtney and Kristen Mooney                        Larry Blase addresses the sev-                  in front of a pack of runners,                               The Viking Views
                enjoy the fruits – er, veg-                        enth period video productions                   strives for the finish. Both cross                            Hoover High School
                                                                                                                                                                               525 Seventh Street NE
                etables – of a corn maze. For                      class. Blase visited the studio to              country teams are state ranked                             North Canton, Ohio 44720
                more ideas for fall fun, turn to                   share real-world television pro-                at the same time. For more on
                Mike Aquino’s story on page                        duction experiences with students               the Hoover cross country, see                                          thcanton.sparcccc.or
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The Viking Views ! 10.17.03
VVIEWS 10.17
                            From Spark
                             Notes to math
                               written on
                                the inside
                                 of pant


                  cheating is a part of
       high school that everyone is aware
       of. But where does one draw the
       line between aid and artifice?
       See page 22                                                                                            34
                                news                                features 19 Students        talk back
4 The 2003 Election                        12 R eal hauntings in Nor th             Poll page
         ADELE VERGIS helps us asses the        Canton
         candidates                             GEORGIE CONDRIC shares a                                 culture
5 Homecoming a sucess                           student’s supernatural experi-            downloader ace
                                                                                 30 Music do wnloader s fface
6 Leader ship r etur ns to camp                 ence                                 obstacles NICK DEFAZIO writes
  Other Hoover camp experiences                 Creepy haunted houses                about the pirates that scour the
7 Video Productions takes a hike           13   Fun Halloween activities             school hallways
8 Students impact dress code               14   College visitations              31 Janet Evanovich’s ‘Full Speed”
9 “West Side Stor y” tr y outs spar k           Parking lot accidents                reviewed
  interest                                 15                 ecommendation
                                                Letter s of r ecommenda tion     34 Saying goodbye to ‘Friends’

                                                          ? the voice                    emy
                                                                                 38 J er em y Mar tin comes fface-to-
                                           18 Editorial page  Opinions given                                  ace-to-
                                                on lacrosse using the soccer        f ace with OSHAA TYLER ALLCHIN
Ashley Pucci illustrates the statue of          field                               talks with him about his athletic
justice questioning the line between            Editorial cartoon                   eligibility
academic aids and cheating                                                          Lacrosse play              Hoov
                                                                                 40 Lacr osse play er s to use Hoov er
!News in Brief p.9                                 !Your Voice p.19
                                                                                    soccer field
                                                                                    Soccer update
                                                                                 41 ‘Tis the season of high school
!Features Column p.16                              !’Noise’ CD Reviews p.32         rivalries
!Get to Know... p.16                               !Stop Making Sense p.33          Girls tennis update
!Think Healthy Thoughts...with Meghann p.17        !Culture Calendar p.35           Cross country scrambambles tow ard
                                                                                 42 Cr oss countr y scr amb les to w ar d
!Letters to the Editor p.21                        !Spotlight On... p.35            victor y
!Pop Culture Cassidy p.21                          !Z Marks the Spot p.43           Volleyball update
!Viking Virtue p.21                                !Tyler’s Tirade p.44          43 Football update
!Kotnik’s Chronicle p.20                           !Game Faces p.44
                                                                                                            10.17.03 ! The Viking Views
         Candidates reach out                           Rice, as well as challengers Osborne and          While the candidates generally agree
         Issues affect both                             East, hope to work with the Hoover            on the economic and social needs of the
         teens, adults                                  companyin efforts to make a strong
                                                                                                      city, their views on the politics of the city
                                                                                                      are specific to their own campaigns.
         BY ADELE VERGIS Staff Writer
                                                           “We need a plan for economic devel-            Osborne feels that total open access
            Though the 2004 presidential election       opment,” East said. “I would like to call     to public documents is important in or-
         is more than a year away, the polls are        a team together and take some type of         der to have a more “open, honest, and
         once again a topic of conversation in          proactive action, and do whatever I can       efficient government.”
         North Canton. This November one of             do to keep jobs here.”                            Osbourne also feels that citizens’
         the most highly competitive mayoral               Osborne agrees that the jobs pro-          needs should be agressivly adressed.
                                                                                                                “When people have a problem
  “If you don’t like what you see in the current city                                                        it needs to be immediately cor-
                                                                                                             rected,” he said.
        government, then try a new direction.”                                                                  East agrees that the needs of the
                           -GORDON EAST, MAYORAL CANDIDATE                                                   residents should be aggressively
                                                                                                             addressed. However he feels the
         races in the city’s history will take place    vided by the Hoover company are im-           most pressing political matter in this elec-
         when councilman at-large Chuck                 portant, but feels the city must look to      tion is the lack of unity in the city govern-
         Osborne, and political newcomer Gordon         revenue and business development, re-         ment.
         East challenge incumbent Tom Rice.             gardless of the outcome.                          In relation to teens, East feels that the
             Each candidate agrees that issues              Another important issue being raised      one of the best ways we can become in-
         such as the future of the Hoover Co., the      in the election is the improvement of in-     formed about the political workings of
         city’s economic growth, and improve-           frastructure such as traffic, sewers, and     our government is to attend a city coun-
         ment of public facilities, are pressing.       water. Osborne feels this issue is not        cil meeting.
             In his re-election campaign, current       only important for adults, but for teens          “Go to a council meeting before No-
         mayor, Tom Rice, feels jobs are an espe-       as well.                                      vember fourth,” he said. “If you don’t
         cially important issue in this election, for       “[Young adults] hear their parents talk   like what you see in the current city gov-
         both teens and adults.                         about stable employment and safe neigh-       ernment, then try a new direction.”
             “Jobs are very important for teens         borhoods, and [they] get a sense of well          Rice also feels that student participa-
         coming directly out of high school, or         being in their community if their parents     tion is an important aspect of the gov-
         college a few years down the road,” he         do,” he said.                                 ernment.
         said. “One of the most important things            Rice agrees that aspects such as              “The most important message for
         is a good job market to support a family       safety, good streets and water will be im-    young adults is to be knowledgeable
         and have a career.”                            portant to those students who choose          about candidates and to express their
             In order to maintain a good job market     to return to North Canton after college.      opinions by voting,” he said. !    v            v

   Council at-Large(three elected)                                        Marcia Kiesling, Kathy Magel, Daniel J. Peters,
                                                                                 Gregory R. Sarbach, Bill Smith
   Ward 1 (one elected)                                                           Doub Foltz, Jack L. Patterson

   Ward 2 (one elected)                                                         David E. Lindower, Jordan Greenwald

   Ward 3 (one elected)                                                              Rick McLaughlin, Doug Lane

   Ward 4(one elected)                                                                         Jon F. Snyder

   School Board (two elected)                                      Nancy Bundy, Terry Moore, David Griffing, Fred Owens II,
                                                                                       Sandy Prentice

4 ! The Viking Views ! 10.17.03
Seniors “rock the vote”                                                                   or not they are doing a good job, voters
                                             a civic duty [to vote],” she said, “and he
                                             gave me the form to register.”               must voice their opinions.
   While many of Hoover’s students are          These efforts have not been enough,          “People feel powerless so they don’t
too young to vote, those who are eligible    according to Clevenger. He feels that        take time to participate, but even minori-
have recently registered and are eager to    most of his peers only care about “par-      ties have to voice their opinions or their
voice their opinions on local issues in      tying and girls,” and though he does not     complaints will never be heard,” he said.
the upcoming election.                       exclude himself from these interests, he        Clevenger admits that political apathy
   Senior Brenna Doyle looks forward to      also feels that it is important for every    in schools is even more noticeable dur-
voting in the upcoming election, because     one to become involved politically.          ing a local election, because less and less
she feels it is important to make a choice      “Voting is one of the only ways Ameri-    people are involved, but that in no way
in society. Doyle also feels encourage-      cans can get their voices heard,” he said.   excuses those who can vote and don’t.
ment by the social studies department           AP American history and Intro to Law         “Not voting in a local election allows
has pushed her to take voting seriously.     teacher, Mr. Charles Collier agrees. Add-    people [one may not support] to take
   “Mr. Collier always told us that it was   ing that for our officials to know whether   control of the town you live in.” he said. !

A walk down the red carpet...
BY LINDSY WISE Staff Writer                  school crowned its king and queen dur-
                                                                                          ! Seniors Alex Ramsey and Lindsay Milhoan
                                             ing half time. This year’s royalty are se-
                                                                                          smile for the camera at this year’s homecoming
   Flashes of light, loud rumblings that     niors Alex Ramsey and Lindsay Milhoan.       dance. The pair were crowned King and Queen
shook walls, and more drenched kids              “It was something unique and I was       at the football game against McKinley.
than ever seen before; no it’s not a         glad for whoever voted for me and who-

weather report from this September, it was   ever nominated me,” Ramsey said.
the scene at this year’s homecoming              And while the fans were a little un-

dance. There were 988 students in at-        happy with Mother Nature the king,

                                                                                                                                              THE VIKING
tendance; all of who had the opportu-        queen, and their families did not seem to
nity to enjoy bass loaded music and tak-     mind.
ing more pictures than Kodak would               “My friend gave us [her parents and
know what to do with.                        her] an umbrella during half time, but we
   This year’s theme, “Roll Out the Red      ended up ditching it. It was more fun
Carpet”, was presented with city street      playing in the rain,” Milhoan said.
backdrops and red, black, and silver             “It was fun going out there at pre-
decorations covering the school, all put     game,” Ramsey said. “I wasn’t out there
together by student council members,         at half time, it was just my mom and my
who decided not to hire professional         grandma, but they said they had a lot of
help this year. Advisers, Miss Snyder        fun”.                                                “I had a great night,
and Mrs. Kohler did not regret the deci-         However, for the queen the night felt
sion.                                        a bit awkward at first. As queen Milhoan       but I’m never going out in a crown
   “We were very proud of their decora-      was required to wear her tiara to dinner,                  again.”
tions,” Snyder said.                         which drew quite a few looks from res-           -– LINDSAY MILHOAN, 2003 HOMECOMING QUEEN
     Snyder and Kohler claim their sole      taurant bystanders.
job was to distribute the funds.                 “I had a great night, but I’m never       ciate everyone’s efforts to make this
   “We’re just like your parents. We are     going out in a crown again,” Milhoan          homecoming memorable.
the money ladies,” Snyder said.              said.                                            “As advisers we want to thank ev-
   While student council worked hard to          Even the staff had a good night. Miss     eryone who helped to make the dance
decorate, there was also a football team     Snyder and Mrs. Kohler went as chaper-        a success; teachers, administrators,
working hard to win their homecoming         ones as well as advisors and were happy       parents, and most of all the students,”
game and with rain pouring down, the         to see the dance went well. They appre-       Snyder said. !

                                                                                                                  10.17.03 ! The Viking Views ! 5
                                                                                     Leadership project
          Cinderella story:                                                          touches others
                                                        speaker Johnny Title. There were 18             good time to share,” Mrs. Bradway, Lead-
         BY TIFFANY BADER Staff Writer
                                                        schools in attendance, making up 350            ership Council adviser said.
            Fairy Godmothers really do exist, and       students.                                           Spehar felt that the group breakups
                                 not just in                Senior Dan Lenzer found the speaker         helped to build teamwork.
                                  Cinderella. They      to be very inspirational and informative.           After this, they got back together with
                                  exist right here          Junior Natalie Spehar said he was very      their school and discussed their project.
                                   at     Hoover,       motivating, and was impressed by all that       It was then that Hoover decided to stick
                                   through the          he had overcome in life.                        with the Fairy Godmother Project they
                                    Leadership              “It was inspiring to hear his story,”       began last year.
                                     C o u n c i l ’s   Spehar said.                                        However, they wanted to make some
                                      Fairy God-            Title was born premature and wasn’t         changes this year. Instead of just col-
                                         mother         expected to make it out of the hospital.        lecting dresses, this year the drive will
                                          Project.      He lived, and though crippled and in a          collect purses and shoes as well. The
                                             They       wheelchair, has gone on to accomplish a         project will also be advertised more than
                                       collect old      lot in his life. He formed a foundation to      it was last year.
         for-                         mal dresses       give wheelchairs to people who needed               Lenzer said that the group might try
         and                        accessories         them and couldn’t afford them.                  themed fundraisers, something like a hat
         and                          deliver them          According to Spehar, he makes you           day, for example, to collect money to put
         t    o                        girls who        want to become a part of the charity.           into the drive.
         attend                         inner-city          The students also broke up into                 They’re also contacting dry-cleaners
         schools and who                wouldn’t        groups with students from other schools,        to try and have the dresses dry-cleaned
         otherwise be able to afford a dress.           where they had the chance to discuss            when they’re collected.
            In order to try and improve their           what projects they all did.                         As far as school involvement goes,
         project this year, Leadership sent 55 stu-         “[This was a] time for our kids to be       Bradway said, “it’s a good project, it will
         dents to Green High School to listen to        with leaders from other schools. It was a       just keep getting better.” ! V

           Campers become leaders
                                                         David Wright.                                   want.”
           BY CHRISTIN MISANIK Staff Writer
                                                             “I’m a big fan of his music,” said youth        She said the camp experience en-
               Leadership camp members are back          staff member Brenna Doyle, a family friend      couraged students to take an active
           from camp today and ready to “Create a        of Wright’s. “I thought it would be great       role in school and local volunteer ac-
           New Reality.” The three-day retreat held      to invite him back to camp to perform           tivities for the upcoming year.
           at Camp Wanakee invited the 62 campers        some of his songs.”                                 “It’s the one club where you really
           to have some fun while learning the skills        In addition to the incentives and the       feel that you’ve made an impact be-
           required to become a genuine leader.          concert, the new leadership members             cause you can see the results right
               To challenge the campers in teamwork,     were presented with a theme that “was           away. Your ideas and creativity really
           the youth staff group created four new        open to every individual’s interpretation,”     influences others. It’s contagious.”
           incentives: King’s Finger, Trust Fall,        Doyle said.                                         Mrs. Bradway was pleased with
           Stomp Garden and the Trolley.                     “Create a New Reality” could mean           the camp’s outcome and hopes to in-
               “The incentives are a big part of the     something different for everyone accord-        corporate the lessons for the Leader-
           camp experience,” said youth staff mem-       ing to Strawn.
                                                                                                         ship Club throughout the year.
           ber Christine Strawn, “They really bring          “I think [the theme] is a real opportu-
           the campers together and they’re great        nity for the whole year, because you can            “I hope [the campers] take the new
           for teambuilding…you get to see how ev-       make the change you want to see by em-          and unique opportunity to lean more
           eryone works together.”                       bracing the fact that we can change some        about themselves and be secure in
               Also new for the Leadership camp was      things,” Strawn said. “We’re not telling        who they are because that what it
           a concert preformed by 2002 Hoover            [the campers] to do something, we’re giv-       takes to be true leaders,” she said. !V
           graduate and former youth staff member        ing them the option to make it what they

6 ! The Viking Views ! 10.17.03
Classes ‘bond’ at Muskingum
Staff Writer

                                                                                                                                          COURTESY OF MRS. VALETA DRAKE
   Lights, camera, action!
   Producing news on
camera takes time; after all
the cuts and re-takes, cam-
eramen may feel stressed
and overwhelmed by all
the work.
   The same is true for
those on the other side of
the camera. The two crews
must work together to pro-
duce a high quality news
broadcast on time.
   Video productions and
broadcast journalism stu-
dents recently took a day
off school to go to Camp
Muskingum in order to im-
prove their communication
   Senior          Lindsay
Milhoan, a first year broad-
cast student, explains why
the trip was taken.                                                                                                          !
   “Mr. Wilson and Mrs. !During their daylong field trip at Camp Muskingum, the broadcast journalism class uses teamwork to lift fellow
Drake wanted us to get out classmate Andy Mulcahey in the air. The broadcast journalism and video production classes took the field trip to
of the school environment learn how to work together better.
for a day to bond and unify
as a group,” Milhoan said.                    students.                                   complete the task.
   Mrs. Valeta Drake, the broadcast jour-        Future conflicts may be avoided now          The Video Productions I class went to
nalism supervisor, says the purpose of because of the trust and teamwork the Camp Muskingum the following day to
the trip was to work on team building be- two classes have built.                         also work on communication skills.
tween the two classes.                           “You really have to trust [the] people       “We have to be able to work together
   “Almost the entire class is group work. [who put] you on air so that they make because we have the whole school year
We’re dependent on each other and [our] you look good, and they have to trust us together for three periods a day,” junior
personalities are very different,” Drake [broadcast] to read the scripts correctly,” Christine Adams said.
said.                                         Milhoan said. “[The trip] threw you out         Adams enjoyed the day and talked to
   Senior Ally Evans, a broadcast stu- in a different environment—you had to people that she normally does not get to
dent, agrees.                                 trust your classmates.”                     talk to during class.
   “We learned to depend on each other           According to Mr. Tom Wilson, the             Junior Ross Ireland agrees that the day
and build our communication and leader- video productions supervisor, that envi- for bonding helped.
                                              ronment consisted of various courses                “I think everyone is more relaxed;
                                                                                               I know everyone better now,” Ireland
                 “We have to be able to work together,                                         said.
                                                                                                  Be prepared for high quality
   because we have the whole school year together for three periods a day.               ”     news broadcasts coming from
                                 - CHRISTINE ADAMS, JUNIOR
                                                                                               HVTV. The day off school will
                                                                                               have many positive effects on
ship,” Evans said.                            that forced the students to work together how smoothly the rest of the year
- Senior Joe Oberster, a Video Produc- to complete the task assigned with each flows for students in broadcast and
tions II student, says that conflicts tend course. Each obstacle limited the com- video productions.
to arise when the two classes are work- munication allowed, or let the students               “It was a very worthwhile day,” Drake
ing together, due to the large amount of      communicate as much as they needed to said. !       V

                                                                                                                     10.17.03 ! The Viking Views ! 7
       Dress code rules flip-flopped
       BY KRISTY FERRUCCIO                               “Flip-flops make my feet feel better af-   to take it to the next level,” Savage said.
       Staff Writer                                  ter a day of football or wrestling,” Freday        If you feel strongly about something
          Another normal day of school, the          said.                                          start the process, students can make a
       usual gossip in the halls. There’s a lot of       Teachers don’t seem to mind the new        change. In 1995-1996 Mrs. Savage’s de-
       chatting about the dress code, and what       rule at all. They feel there are more im-      bate team, led by Sarah Harwell and Jen-
                                                                                                    nifer Pees created a change. Mid-year
                                                                                                    the rule about not being allowed to wear
“[Kids] can do anything but you have to work                                                        sandals was altered.
                                                                                                        “They went all the way and did it
        within a system and that’s for                                                              right,” Savage said.
                                                                                                        An issue that was almost petitioned
                                                                                                    was facial hair. However other than
life and once you jump in it’s a long way across,”                                                  complaintsin school the students took
                         - MRS. PEGGY SAVAGE, ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL                                   no action to address their greivances.
                                                                                                    Students need to stand up and take steps
       people are getting away with, and not         portant issues and flip-flops haven’t cre-     toward getting things fixed.
       getting away with today. For some people,     ated a problem yet.                                  Savage feels that when students
       the major talk is this year’s new dress           Social Studies teacher Jeff Sarbaugh       come to school unshaven they know the
       code. Being able to wear flip-flops is the    feels the same way.                            consequences and she doesn’t feel bad
       biggest issue.                                    “Students seem to feel comfortable         when hearing com-
           A lot of students have taken full ad-     with this type of footwear, and as long        plaints about
       vantage of the new rule.                      as it doesnt create a health concern, I        disposable ra-
           “Being allowed to wear flip flops make    dont have a problem with them,”                zors.
       teachers and students lives much easier,      Sarbaugh said.                                         Savage
       they can focus on more important                  Sarbaugh says he doesn’t think that        believes the fa-
       things,” sophomore Malena Caruso said.        the changes made to the dress code were        cial hair dress
           A lot of students are very pleased that   bad. They don’t seem to be affecting           code       rule
       the rule was changed. They feel that the      anyone he said.                                could        be
       rules were becoming very picky and that           The facts of how to get the dress code     changed, as
       they needed to lighten up a little bit.       changed are simple but time consuming.         long as some-
           “The rule to not be allowed to wear           Mrs. Peggy Savage, Assistant Prin-         one really
       flip-flops was really stupid, and Im glad     ciple, knows the system and how to get         wants to fight
       it got changed, there are other dress code    things changed. There are steps that           for it, and fol-
       issues that need to be addressed,”            have to be taken before the change will        lows         the
       sophomore Kira Betz said.                     occur, she said. Have students get to-         proper steps.
           Sophomore Amanda Boeshart is              gether who feel serious about the issue.              “[Kids]
       much happier this year about being able       Write out a petition and get it signed.        can do any-
       to wear flip- flops.                               “Come talk to one of the principals       thing, but they
           “Flip-flops are so popular with every-    and let us know how you feel,” Savage          have to work
       one it’s better that we can wear them,”       said.                                          within a sys-
       Boeshart said. “If you look at people’s           Then set up a meeting time with them       tem and that’s
       feet, a lot of people are wearing them.”      to discuss taking it to the board. Let them    for life and
           Boeshart also said wearing flip-flops     see your views on why this should              once they jump
       saves time.                                   change and let there be some discussion.       in its a long
           “Having to tie your shoes in the morn-    Savage feels that students don’t under-        way across,”
       ing takes too much time, by wearing flip      stand the full process of getting the dress    said Savage.
       flops all you have to do is slip on the       code changed.                                  “They have to
       shoes and not have to tie them up,”                “Petitions are step one but remem-        think to them-
       Boeshart said.                                ber, getting 300 kids in school to sign a      selves: ‘is
           Scott Freday, a sophomore, likes be-      petition about something they know             this really
       ing able to wear flip-flops to school.        nothing about is less effective than a pe-     impor-
       They make his life easier. Comfort is a       tition with 20 people that care very           tant to
       key to making Freday’s day great.             strongly about the topic and are ready         me?” she said.!  V

 8 ! The Viking Views ! 10.17.03
Auditions for ‘West                                                                                            are among 34,000
                                                                           IN BRIEF                            nationwide students who
Side Story’ held early                                                                                         have shown exceptional
                                                                                                               academic promise, but
BY KHALEI FOGLE                           One of the many differ-          Mrs. Nancy Shanklin,                their scores are slightly
Staff Writer                          ences between past shows             who teaches Spanish II              lower than required for the
    This year, students were          and “West Side Story” is the         and AP Spanish, was                 semifinalist standing.
preparing their songs and tun-        absence of an elaborate set.         selected by the College
ing up their acting skills a little   The main focus of the show is        Board of the Advance                The PLAN test, a 10th-
                                                                           Placement Program to                grade test sponsored by
earlier than usual.                   on the students and their in-
                                                                           serve as reader and                 the ACT, shows students
    Due to the increased              teractions with the audience.
                                                                           grader for the AP Spanish           how they might score on
amount of dancing in this                 “This is the type of show        Exam. This past summer              their ACT assessment.
year’s production, along with         where you sing first, act sec-       Shanklin spent a week at            The cost of the PLAN is
the overall difficulty of the         ond and dance the whole              Trinity University in San           $8.50. Students can
show, “West Side Story” try-          time,” said Jacoby. “So it’s all     Antonio, Texas, where she           register Oct. 22 through
outs were held Sept. 25 in or-        about the students.”                 worked with teachers and            Nov. 4.
der to leave more time for re-            According to Jacoby, ev-         professors from around the
hearsals.                                         eryone involved          world.                              The North Canton
    “The acting is                                with the show is                                             Public Library is looking
hard. The music is                                very excited.            Mrs. Margie Alvarez, the            for 12-18 year olds to
hard. Bernstein is                                   “Even          the    Junior Achievement                  participate in their Teen
                                                                           instructor, represented             Advisory Board. The
hard – period,” said                              adults in the or-
                                                                           Hoover at the High School           Board will share ideas on
Mr. Kim Jacoby,                                   chestra are excited
                                                                           Teachers’ Roundtable in             library programming, new
Hoover choir direc-                               to play because the      August. Ideas were                  books and a new teen
tor.                                              music is so chal-        shared among JA staff               web site. The meeting
    Miss       Kelly                              lenging,” he said.       members regarding                   dates are Oct. 23 and Nov.
Rostedt, a German                                    All the excite-       programs available and              20. Interested students
teacher here at                                   ment is partly be-       those being incorporated            should call Heather
Hoover, who is helping cho-           cause “West Side Story” is           into the curriculum.                Ujhazy at 330-499-4710
reograph the show, said the           “international” and has a very                                           Ext. 11.
extra practice time will help out     different style than shows           Four seniors have been
with the dancing, since there         done in the past, according to       named National Merit                Kathy Vandervart and
is so much of it.                     Jacoby, and a lot of things are      Semifinalists. They are             Annie Kim have been
                                                                           Amanda Krusemark, Brett             selected to be part of the
    “We have a lot of technique       being done differently.
                                                                           Laubacher, Ian Mcfarlin             2003-2004 Stark Youth
to teach beforehand to make               “The orchestra is playing
                                                                           and Leah Stoner. The                Arts Council. The council
sure everyone is on the same          from risers in the scene shop        semifinalists are the               has goals of developing
page,” Rostedt said. “Then            and I’m conducting from the          highest scorers in each of          awareness and access to
we’ll get to the actual chore-        pit through a video camera, so       the 50 states and repre-            cultural and arts organiza-
ography.”                             everyone is learning some-           sent less than one percent          tions, network across
    The “West Side Story”             thing new from this experi-          of each states’ high school         Stark County to support
production staff consists of          ence,” he said.                      seniors.                            school art activities/
Jacoby, Rostedt and fellow                Despite the extra time                                               events, celebrate diverse
Hoover teachers Mrs. Pam              needed and the difficulty of the     Four students were                  art interests and abilities
Grewell and Miss Jen Hilker,          show, Jacoby believes that it        named Commended                     and to develop and
                                                                           Students in the National            enhance leadership skills.
as well as drama expert Mr.           will be a hit.
                                                                           Merit Scholarship program.          The group will meet Oct.
Judd, who was involved in the             “A lot of people like a lot of                                       22 from 9 a.m.-noon at the
                                                                           They are Lisa Benedeto,
production of “Grease,” and           shows,” he said, “but people                                             Cultural Center for the
                                                                           Ryan Cornell, Chris Kier,
Jen Yachanin, a friend of             have a passion for West Side         and Jennifer Young. They            Arts.
Hilker’s.                             Story.”                                                                            -Dominic Reolfi

WWII vet Lee Kessler, subject of HHS documentary, dies at 82
    The veteran featured in Hoover High           ate of McKinley High School, Kessler served     concentration camp and was liberated in 1945.
School’s 2001Veterans Day video died Oct. 2       as a B-17 gunner in WWII. He survived a             His story was documented by the Video
at his home. He was 82 years old.                 plane crash in the Irish Sea in 1942, and was   Productions class for a special Veterans Day
    Lee Kessler, a former World War II pris-      later captured as a POW after parachuting       showing.
oner of war, made a name for himself locally      from his plane when it was shot down. He            “Not only did he give completely of him-
through the artwork that reflected his life ex-   spent eight months in Stalag 7A, then was       self during his time serving,” said Mr. Tom
periences, including his war years.               sent to the infamous Stalag 17B. He survived    Wilson, videoproductions teacher, “he con-
    A life resident of Canton and a 1940 gradu-   the death march from there to Mauthausen        tinued serving his country to the day he died.”
                                                                                                                        -VV STAFF REPORT
                                                                                                                          10.17.03 ! The Viking Views ! 9
                          Dine In
                         Carry Out
                        Party Trays
                       Gift Baskets
                       Box Lunches

                 1430 W. Maple Street
               North Canton, Ohio 44720
                  Fax: 330.497.7783

                               ZEN’S CAMERA                                      AUTOMOTIVE
              4778 Dressler Rd NW Thursday’s Plaza Canton, Ohio 44718

                                        Photo processing for $3.99
                                                                                 SERVICE CENTER
                                            (24-exposure roll)
                                   for Hoover students and their parents
                                                                                 “Serving your automotive
                              “Our experience is your guarantee...”                 needs since 1966.”
                                                             M-F 10-8 Sat 10-6
                                                                                 1401 Portage Street N.W. North
                                           ph: 330.493.7001 FAX: 330.493.6020          Canton, Oh 44720
                                                                                       Phone: (330) 499.4099

                                                                                    Chicken Manor

                                                                                 8043 Cleveland Ave. N. W.
                                                                                 North Canton, Ohio 44720
                                                                                 Daniel Mastroianni, Mgr.

                                                                                                     TAE KWON DO
                                                                                                             Since 1980

                                                                                       EE                              John Foster
                                                                                    F R form th
                                                                                      ni    on                         7th Degree
                                                                                     U    M
                                                                                       h1 d                          Master • Coach
                                                                                    wit Pai rship
                                                                                            e                         For Team USA
                                                                                                                       Martial Arts
                                                                                                 LOW MONTHLY RATES
                                                                                                     MONTHLY RATES
                                                                                   Children’s Classes (Watch Their Grades Improve)
                                                                                                    Classes small and private

                                                                                      113 S. Main • (on The Square in North Canton parking in rear)

10 ! The Viking Views ! 10.17.03
     Cool Clothes!                                                                                   North Canton
  Unbelievable Prices!
  Unbeliev                                                                                         Community Building
  Check out Plato’s Closet! It’s a cool, new retail                                                     YMCA
 store that buys and sells gently used, brand name
 teen apparel, and accessories such as                                                           “We Build Strong Kids, Strong
 ABERCROMBIE & FITCH, AMERICAN                                 North Canton YMCA                 Families, Strong Communities”         Lake Community YMCA
 EAGLE, EXPRESS, LIMITED, and more. Check                      200 South Main St                                                       11858 Market Ave.
 us out the next time you are looking for cool cloth-          North Canton, OH 44720                                                  Uniontown, OH 44685
 ing, outerwear, CDs and accessories all at a great            Phone: 330-499-2587                                                     Phone: 330-877-8933
 price. At Plato’s Closet, it’s easy to save money
 and look cool at the same time.
                                                                              Child Care Center                           Gymnastics Center
                                                                              200 Charlotte NW                            7241 Whipple Ave. NW
                                                                              North Canton, OH 44720                      North Canton, OH 44720
                                                                              Phone: 330-305-5437                         Phone: 330-498-4082
     564 Howe Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221"330-940-9005
       4329 Whipple Ave., Canton, OH 44718"330-649-9033
  Store Hours: Mon.-Fri.10am-9pm, Sat.10am-9pm Sun.12pm-5pm
                                                                                                Financial Assistance Available
            Or visit us at                             CARING • HONESTY • RESPECT • RESPONSIBILITY

A message from the Marriage First Program of Community Services of Stark County

                                                                                     THE POTTERY PLACE
                                                                                  Paint Your Own Pottery
     803 North Main Street                                                     “where masterpieces are created”
    North Canton, Ohio 44720
                                                                               IES                     The Pottery Place
                                                                      DULT ARTIES
                                                                   •A                                    708 S. Main St.
             Fax: 330.499.1106                                             P
                 Visit us at:                                        •KIDS                           North Canton, OH 44720
                                                                                                          330.494.9661                                 Hours                                                                    Group Discounts
                                                              Mon.-Thur.- 12:30-8:00                   Private party room
                                                                                                       Private                         7-10= 10%
                                                              Fri.-Sat.- 12:30-9:00                                                    11-19= 15%
                                                              Sun.- 12:00-5:00                              your
                                                                                                        for your occasion              20+ = 20%

                                                                        A Better Choice Driving School
                                                                                                      (330) 244.8680
                                                                                           A Better Choice

                                                                                             Driving School
                                                                                               Ten Dollar Coupon
                                                                One coupon per student. Not valid with any other offer.
                                                                Coupon valid for 10 dollars off regular price of $225.         Coupon valid until December 1, 2003

                                                                                                                                         The Viking Views ! 10.17.03 ! 11
          Real hauntings
                                                        Soon after this incident, the pastor        Alvarez says that it is as simple as
          Hoover students                            from Heimenn’s church came out to the       when you are talking to a loved one who
          experience super-                          house banishing the creaking and late
                                                     night disturbances keeping the
                                                                                                 had passed away, even though you can-
                                                                                                 not see them, you know that they are
          natural spooks                             Heimann’s awake.                            there.
                                                        Heimann said that the pastor didn’t         “I believe in a place after death, and I
          BY GEORGIE CONDRIC Staff Writer
                                                     perform an exorcism, but rather several     believe that they can contact you,”
               As the clock strikes midnight you     prayers.                                    Alvarez said. “There is a connection
           suddenly jolt out of bed. What was that      But the Heimann’s are not the only       somehow.”
           sound, you wonder: It seems as though     family in town who have experienced            Whether it’s seeing ghosts, feeling a
           someone is walking around downstairs.     encounters with the unknown. Senior         comforting presence or hearing things go
           Just as your mind starts to wander to     vocational student Aubrey Weir has          “bump in the night,” Halloween brings a
                                                                 come in touch with numer-       time where believing in extraordinary en-
                                                                 ous unidentifiable beings.      counters heightens excitement as well as
“I believe in a place after
                  death and I believe that they can
                                                                    “We live in a really old
                                                                                 house in Ak-
                                                                                 ron that used
                                                                                                 holiday spirit.
                                                                                                    “I really don’t know where they come
                                                                                                 from,” said Heimann. “But I know that I
               contact               you.”
                                                                                 to be an
                                                                                                 believe in it.”!V

           millions of frightening possibili-
                                                                                 building, so
                                                  –Mrs. Alvarez, Staff there are lots            go to the
           ties as to where the noise could be com-  of chances that something from the past
           ing from, your “sane” side takes over,    may be lurking around,” Weir said.

           convincing your mind that you were           It is not just the strange noises that
           only imagining things. Slowly, you drift  put Weir on edge, she has actually come
           back to sleep.                            in contact with spiritual beings, caus-
               When we are awakened in the middle
           of the night, it is usually by something
                                                     ing her blood to curdle and her heart to
                                                     pound. According to Weir, there was
                                                                                                 Haunted houses
           as harmless as the house settling or per- an old woman that used to walk around       If you haven’t encountered a real
           haps even a stray cat clawing at the      the house, then would all of a sudden       ghost but are still in the Halloween
           backdoor, or is it?                       walk through a wall and vanish.             spirit, check out these haunted
               According to the website                 Weir has seen everything from float-     houses. And remember to go to the
 , 78 percent of      ing heads to an old piano that was play-    bathroom first.
           the nightly noises that awaken us are     ing by itself in the middle of the night.
           more than just your average “bump in      Weir believes that the reason there are     The Haunted Schoolhouse and
           the night.”                               so many hauntings in her home is due        Laboratory located at 1300 Triplett
               Junior Desiree Heimann has experi-    to the fact that previous tenants who       Blvd., Akron – Open Sept. 27
           enced several unordinary nightly en-      lived in the apartment building led very    through Nov. 2 on Thursdays and
           counters.                                 alternative lifestyles.                     Sundays from 7 to 10 p.m.; Fridays
               According to Heimann, it all started     “There was one girl that use to wor-     and Saturdays from 7 p.m. to mid-
           when her father began to hear strange     ship the devil, and then another family     night. Admission: $9.50 per attrac-
           sounds in the living room late at night.  had a lot of domestic abuse,” Weir said.    tion.
               “It just sounded like a lot of creak-    Although some people are very con-       Chucky’s Haunted Playhouse
           ing, like someone was walking around      fident in their belief of seeing ghosts     located on the Corner of Wales Road
           downstairs,” said Heimann. “Then one      and spirits, others like vocational co-     (State Route 241) and Fulton Road,
           night he [Heimann’s father] slept out     op teacher Mrs. Margie Alvarez think        Jackson Township – Open Oct. 4
           there and he actually saw footsteps in    that you don’t have to see or hear a        through Nov. 2 on Thursdays and
           the carpet.”                              presence to know that one is there.                       "See HAUNTED, p.13

12! The Viking Views! 10.17.03
Halloween activities
Area haunted houses attract students
BY MIKE AQUINO Staff Writer                      “[My family] set out the newspapers         “Groups of us used to decorate busi-
    The leaves starting to fall show au-     and carve the pumpkins”, said junior         nesses on Main street for Halloween
tumns presence, orange and black col-        Emily Kneen.                                 and there were prizes.” Paige explained.
ors abound, are not just meant for               For one parent this holiday season          With all the excitement of decorating
school but now have one meaning,             is a great opportunity to spook her kids     and getting festive for the time of year,
Halloween.                                   and take pleasure in giving them a true      one faculty member just chooses to relax
    With the assortment of activities that   Halloween experience.                        and enjoy nature.
are an option for students, parents and          “I hollow out a pumpkin and make            “We like to take a walk up in the
faculty to do of Hoover, many look for-      witchs brew in it,” said Hoover parent       Metro Park [in Penninsula], y o u
ward to other events besides trick-or-       Cheryl Paige.                                can smell the
treat for this season. Some even reflect         Paige makes Halloween a full day ex-     leaves,
on past times.                               perience with her kids and brings a little   we’ve
    Pumpkin picking has been a past time     scare into her house.                        s e e n
that many children to adults enjoy es-           “I make sloppy Joes and we eat in        beavers
pecially if done with loved ones. Sev-       the basement and paint our faces,” said      in the
eral students have found that picking        Paige.                                       river,”
pumpkins makes for great family time.            She remembers one past time that is      Monitor
    “It’s fun, [my family] goes looking      a nice laugh to look back on.                Frances Benson
for pumpkins south of North Canton               “I use to make ghosts out of Kleenex     said. !
on farms,” shouted freshman Travis           and hang them from the fan,” Paige
Becherer.                                    said. “It was fun watching the kids stare
    After choosing pumpkins, some stu-       at them.”
dents take the creative approach by              While Paige reflects on the past she
decorating and using the pumpkins in         notices one activity in North Canton
other ways to make their holiday an en-      that doesnt take place anymore on this
tertaining time.                             holiday that kids enjoyed.

HAUNTED                                      County – Open Sept. 26 through Nov.          mission: $20 for all 7 houses.
(Continued from p. 12)                       1 on Thursdays and Sundays 7 to              Halloweekends at Cedar Point
Sundays from 7 to 11 p.m.; Fridays           10 p.m.; Fridays and Saturdays 7             located in Sandusky – Open Oct. 3
and Saturdays from 7 p.m. to mid-            p.m. to midnight. Admission: $20             through Oct. 26 on Fridays from 6
night.                                       for all 7 houses.                            to 11 p.m.; on Saturdays from noon
Alliance’s Haunted Castle lo-                The Trail of Terror and The                  to midnight; on Sundays from 10
cated at 114 E. Milner St., Alliance         Ghosts of Zoar located at the NTR            a.m. to 8 p.m. Admission: Friday
– Open Sept. 28 through Nov. 2 on            Canoe Livery, East of I-77 at Exit           nights - $24.95; Saturdays
Thursdays and Sundays from 7 to              93 on State Route 212 in Bolivar,            and Sundays -
10 p.m.; Fridays and Saturdays from          before the bridge – Open Oct. 3              $43.95.
7 p.m. to midnight. Admission: $7.           through Nov. 1 on Fridays and                Six Flags
The Factory of Terror, located               Saturdays from dusk until 11 p.m.            World of
at the old Hercules Engine Plant,            Admission: $13.                              Adventure Fright Fest located at
1036 Market Ave., Downtown Can-              The Hudson Haunted House                     Six Flags Worlds of Adventures,
ton – Open Sept. 26 through Nov. 3           located at 2250 Barlow Rd., Hudson           1060 N. Aurora Road, Aurora – Open
on Thursdays and Sundays from 7              – Open Oct. 18 through Nov. 2 on             Sept. 27 through Nov. 3 on Thurs-
to 10 p.m.; Fridays and Saturdays            Thursdays and Sundays from 7:30              days and Fridays from noon to 10
from 7 p.m. to midnight. Admission:          to 10 p.m.; Fridays and Saturdays            p.m.; Saturdays from 6 to 10 p.m.
$18.                                         from 7:30 p.m. to midnight.                  Admission: $39.99.
7 Floors of Hell located at the              Admission: $7.
Berea Fairgrounds, Cuyahoga                  Saturdays 7 p.m. to midnight. Ad-                 Compiled by Merritt Woods

                                                                                                            10.17.03 ! The Viking Views ! 13
                                                           Students look for
         Making                                 decisions: the perfect college
          BY SHANNON PIFER Staff Writer
                                                             “The colleges seem to think it’s impor-  with a lot of stuff to do,” Dawson said.
             Filling out applications, transcripts, es-   tant to make good grades, but really like       Cook said first impression is very im-
          says, and recommendation letters are all        the extracurricular activities and ACT and  portant to a college, and writing a letter
          parts of the college application process.       SAT scores,” Krusemark said.                to the college requesting an application,
             Many seniors at Hoover have begun               Applications can be due as early as      they are usually impressed with the time
          looking at colleges and attending college-      September all the way through March. Ac-    the student took to request an applica-
          visits days. Guidance counselors have be-       cording to Cook, you should have applica-   tion. Once the student receives the ap-
          gun meeting with students to find what          tions in and be making final decisions by   plication, common requirements include:
          students are interested in, and finding the     February or March.                          an essay, recommendation letters, and to
          right college for each.                            Lane Shetzer, freshman at Miami Uni-     fill out the application itself. However,
             According to Hoover guidance coun-           versity in Ohio, and Hoover graduate, says  Cook also said students don’t have to
          selor Mr. Bradley Cook, there are two main      she based her decision on reputation of     make it that difficult. It’s common to ap-
          steps to figuring out what type of school       the school, how pretty the campus is, ac-   ply online, and even write the essay
                                                                                         tivities and online. Another way is to pick-up an ap-
“You have to feel                                                                        the majors   plication in the Guidance Office and just
          at the school you’re going to be attending.”
                                                                                                                          send it in. Not all col-
                                                                                                                          leges ask for an essay,
                                                                                                                          however recommenda-
                                                                                           –Mr. Brad Cook,
          you want to attend. The student’s major, if     and minors that are offered.                                    tion letters are usually
          he or she knows it, and finding a school            “Right now my major is un- Guidance Counselor required.
          that suits them best.                           decided, so I’m just taking the                                     “You have to feel
              “If you don’t know your major, it may       Miami Plan classes to help me decide on a comfortable at the school you’re going
          be better to go to a larger school such as      major,” Shetzer said.                       to be attending, since that will be where
          Ohio State University, because you have a           Senior Kristi Price, is doing the early you’re going to be living for the next four
          lot of options, even if you just start with     application process for Walsh University, years, that’s definitely an important fac-
          common required classes, but usually stu-       and likes the school because of the stu- tor,” Cook said.
          dents can do a mentorship, or volunteer         dent to teacher ratio and the small campus.     Shetzer says she loves the size of the
          somewhere to see what your interested in,”      It’s also at one of the top schools in the campus at Miami, and the many things
          Cook said.                                      state for her major, education.             to do on campus.
              Senior Amanda Krusemark, ranked sec-            Meredith Dawson, sophomore at Mi-           “I like how I see a new face everyday,
          ond in her class, not only cares about her      ami University, and graduate of Hoover and there’s always a lot to do even
          grades, but also takes part in many extra-      says she loves everything about Miami.      though it’s out in the middle of nowhere,”
          curricular activities.                              “I knew I wanted a medium size school, Shetzer said. ! V

  College junk mail boosts confidence
   BY KATE ROSHAK Staff writer                claiming that they are the place wasn’t enough. They sent me         ference, not play just a small
      It’s the time of year when students     for me. I have saved all this another scoop of self-confi-           part, in the world that will be
   sign up for four hours of pure agony,      mail to entertain me on a rainy dence.                               your future.”
   spending our precious Saturday             day.                               “You are reading this letter         Great motivation, eh?
   mornings taking the ACT and SAT                First and foremost, these because you have great po-             Forget about selling col-
   tests.                                     letters are the most confidence tential.”                            leges, these guys should sell
      The result? Dreaded test scores         building things any of                       The all-time best       tapes to clinically depressed
   and loads of mail from colleges            you will ever lay your      Opinion       confidence booster is      people.
   around the country.                        eyes on. Whenever a                       the mail I have re-           So I apparently owe it to
      Some students immediately toss          boost of self-esteem is needed, ceived from Ohio Wesleyan            myself to go to college, but
   the college brochures in the trash,        look no further than your own University. There, they inform         how can anyone choose
   others hold on to information from         stack of mail.                   me that I have dreams. They         when each college claims
   the colleges they are considering at-          “If you are a leader and also list off all my good per-          that they are better than all
   tending, and still others, myself in-      have what it takes to think in- sonality traits…even though          the others? Washington and
   cluded, save every piece of mail that      dependently, you owe yourself they have never met me.                Jefferson College makes the
   has their name on it.                      to find out more about Allegh-     “You are inquisitive. You         choice seem easy.
      By now, I have accumulated quite        eny College.”                    have imagination. You have             “Do you want to simply
   a stack of mail from colleges, each            One letter from Allegheny talent. You want to make a dif-                    "See MAIL, p.15

14 ! The Viking Views ! 10.17.03
Recommendations are key
BY MEGHAN PIFER Staff Writer                     to give teachers two weeks notice in           ter,” Blake said. “They are confiden-
                                                 order to write a letter of recommenda-         tial.”
   As fall rolls around and the heaping          tion, which, according to Blake, means             Overall, letters of recommendation
piles of college brochures, postcards            students should “ask teachers four             are used to benefit the student, aiding
and applications begin to be narrowed            weeks before you plan on turning in            in the college admission process. The
down, many seniors’ minds clutter with           the application.”                              letters tell things about the     student
the endless possibilities for next year.             When approaching a teacher to re-          that the ba-               sic application
While factors such as grades and test            quest a letter, students should not only                                   may leave
scores are important when applying to            provide teachers with ample time but                                        out.
college, letters of recommendation               also a list of his/her activities the
should never be overlooked. The prob-            teacher may not be aware of and an
lem is, when it comes to letters of rec-         envelope, with postage. Some teach-
ommendation, many seniors don’t even             ers, along with the guidance counse-
know where to begin.                             lors, have students fill out a form which
   Letters of recommendation are usu-            allows them to write a more detailed let-
ally written by teachers and counse-             ter.
lors for the purpose of adding a per-                “The more information [the teach-
sonal note to a student’s college appli-         ers] have, the better the recommenda-
cation. The letters typically include            tion,” Blake said.
special activities and accomplishments               Hoover graduate Keith Dodge went
the student has been involved in, along          through the recommendation letter pro-
with reasons why they think the stu-             cess, and offers some advice for this
dent is a good candidate for that par-           year’s seniors.
ticular college.                                     “If you ask teachers you don’t
   According to Hoover guidance                  know, you get a generic letter, and it
counselor Mrs. Margie Blake, letters of          makes it harder to stand out,” Dodge
recommendation are important in order            said.
for colleges to see a different side of              When the letter has been typed and            “What
the student.                                     sealed in the envelope, the student            colleges re-
   “Colleges don’t want a re-hash of             should write the name of the person            ally want to see is
everything that is in the application,”          who wrote the letter across the seal.          what kind of person is behind the
she said. “They want more personal               This proves to the admissions officers         grades,” Dodge said. “They want to
things that show you as a unique per-            that the letter has not been tampered          see what kind of student you are, and
son.”                                            with in any way.                               what experiences you can bring to their
   It is considered common courtesy                  “The student is not to see the let-        learning atmosphere.!V

(Continued from p. 14)
 ‘go to college’? Or do you want          “Imagine waking up after a          John Glenn, an Ohio demo-          Every high school student will
 to prepare for life?”                quiet night’s sleep. You are on     cratic senator, sent me a letter   receive loads of mail. Instead of
     The decision is still hard       your way to your 10:00 class.       about how Ohio Dominican           letting it depress you because of
 when the next piece of mail          As you walk across campus,          University is the place for me.    the decisions you will have to
 claims to be just as good.           people stop and say “hi,” and       Too bad I’m a Republican.          make, look at the humorous side
     “You’ve probably already         smile. You feel right at home.          Many of you will answer        of things. You are the most popu-
 begun to ask yourself what sort      That’s because you’re at St.        “Yes” to the question Carlow       lar person right now. Colleges
 of university experience you’d       John’s University in New York.”     College poses.                     will say anything to get you inter-
 like to have. That’s why I’d like        Please, a kindergartener            “Does it feel like you are     ested in their university.
 to tell you about one of the most    can write a more creative           being inundated with so                After all, you’ll be the one
 exciting universities in the         opening paragraph than that.        much college information           spending thousands of dollars
 country…Hofstra University.”         Each college brags about their      that you can’t make heads          each year supporting the con-
     I think one of the most excit-   location in the quiet country, or   or tails out of it? Are phrases    struction of their “State of the art
 ing things about Hofstra is          the many opportunities for en-      like small class size, suc-        science center” or their “luxurious
 learning how to pronounce it.        tertainment at the nearest city.    cessful alumnae, student-          dorm rooms.”
 Other colleges claim that their      Those without much of either        to-faculty ratio, and learning         My advice is to line all those
 location is what makes their         have found other ways to grab       support services making            letters up and play “Eenie-
 school worthwhile.                   my attention.                       your head spin?”                   meenie-minnie-moe.”!    V

                                                                                                                      10.17.03 ! The Viking Views ! 15
               Sarah Explains it All                      Sarah Upperman

            Camp Ana-wanna-go-back-in-time
            Nickelodeon in the Nineties: Not only TV but childhood memories
                When I was eight years old, Nick-       to impact our fiction-loving generation.       camp gates were forever closed.
            elodeon rocked my television world.             With “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” I           Television of our childhood wasn’t
                Something caught my eye the             often spent my Saturday nights in the          just for watching: it encouraged us to
            other day, as I was channel surfing         company of the midnight society. Ghost         go outdoors and have fun. “Guts” pro-
            through        the    airwaves         of   stories were told around a campfire as I       moted athletic activities; and pushed
            television.The voice of Salem the           sat on my couch, mesmerized by the             straggly preteen competitors to the
            talking cat told me that repeats of         events that kept unfolding before I had        limit. The strange combination of
            “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” starring        the chance to cover my eyes. Yet, today        events made even the most non-ath-
            Melissa Joan Hart are coming to Nick-       the only proof that I have of this series      letic, like me; want to excel on the play-
            elodeon. This wouldn’t be Hart’s first      existence is a lousy interactive com-          ing field. My facination of “Guts” led me
            appearance of Nickelodeon; she also         puter game that’s only compatible with         to create a house hold version with
            portrayed Clarissa Darling, the oh-         computers boasting Windows 95. I               Megan Liber, and in our basements,
            so fashionable trend setting teen-          haven’t watched that show or played            we dominated as kindergarteners.
            ager, in the lovable nineties series        with that game in years. So much for               But these were not the only simple
            “Clarissa Explains It All”. Ahh, the        televison shows intending to scare the         Nickelodeon shows of our time. Many
            wonderful world of the Nickelodeon          youth of America.                              more made their mark on our lives.
            nineties.                                       To bring out the cowgirl (or boy) in all       One cannot forget “Wild and Crazy
                So, whatever happened to those          of us, “Hey, Dude” was watched. With a         Kid”s, or the “Unsolved Mysteries of
            timeless Nickelodeon classics?              cast of virtually unheard of names, it was     Shelby Woo.” But, those programs
                The vast television industry of to-     a show that was built upon westerly- en-       got cut as well sometime during the
            day is hectic: networks struggle to         hanced simplicity. Living on a ranch with      transition from elementary school to
            beat the competition, reality shows         horses and cacti in the middle of no-          middle school, and sadly haven’t been
            stranding people on islands are no          where never looked more appealing.             heard of since.
            longer popular, and actors that are             I’ve always wanted to go to a sum-             So as the new season of television
            starring in sitcoms make more money         mer camp like Camp Anawana. It of-             gets underway, and networks bombard
            per episode than the President              fered something for everyone in the tele-      us with new television show advertise-
            makes in an entire year. Something          vision series “Salute your Shorts”; bul-       ments, remember the simplicity of
            is wrong with this picture.                 lies, jocks, geeks, drama queens, and a        those old Nickelodeon shows. We can
                With the beginning of a new sea-        counselor named Ug Lee rounded out             only hope that the powerful Nickel-
            son of television shows, let’s take time    the cast list. It built upon mocking ste-      odeon executives will come to their
            to remember the television shows that       reotypes. There were food fights, cap-         senses and play repeats of those great
            shaped our childhood. These were            ture the flag races, and even an occa-         shows that we grew up with.
            the simple days of television. Nick-        sional storyline centered around teen-             But until that time comes, we will
            elodeon didn’t have high budget ac-         age romance. Eventually the cast grew          forever hold Camp Anawana in our
            tors or elaborate sets, yet still seemed    up, the theme song got old, and the            hearts.

                 Get to know
                 Get Marosell
                 Jordan                                 What is the best movie you have ever           What is the nicest thing anyone has
                                                        seen?                                          ever done for you, and who did it?
                                                        “The original ‘Matrix’.”                       “My grandparents. They were always
                                                                                                       there for me. And they started me off
                                                        What’s your favorite thing to do on            on my current job.”
                                                        “Go trail riding with friends on 4-            What is your favorite class this year?
           Where is your favorite place to              wheelers.”                                     “Autobody, because you get to get
           spend time?                                                                                 away from everything else.”
           “Out in the woods on a 4-wheeler.”           Who is the best teacher you’ve ever
                                                        had?                                           What qualities do you think make up a
           If you could have any job, what job          “Mr. Johnsen for sophomore english.”           good friend?
           would you have?                                                                             “Friends are people who don’t lie to
           “I’d be a vet, because I really like         What is your biggest fear?                     you and they are always there for you
           animals.”                                    “Being alone”                                  and they never let you down.”
                                                                                                                                 –Kt Bello
16 ! The Viking Views ! 10.17.03
 T hink healthy thoughts
                       ...with Meghann
                     Fast food: faster to damaging your health!

   Most Americans are al-          triggered it earlier in life by      Burger king                                                   For
ways hungry–and in a hurry.        an unhealthy diet of fast food,      or          a                                            example,
Instead of grabbing a healthy      according to Professor Paul          McDonald’s                                              M c -
snack on the way out, they         Kleihues. He warned that “30         egg      Mc-                                            Donald’s
plan to stop at McDonalds          percent of tumors in breast,         Muffin. In                                              p l a i n
instead. Recent studies have       prostate and colon cancer            both      of                                            b u r g e r,
shown that’s probably not the      are associated with nutrition.”      t h o s e ,                                             small
best idea.                             Thirty-five to 45 percent of     there are                                               fries,
   Researchers in the United       calories consumed are now            only 300                                            and       diet
States have found evidence         from fat. To cut the risk of         calories. For                                  drink is 490
to suggest people can              some cancers this should be          lunch,      your                            calories. That is
become overly dependent on         reduced by at least ten              count can be 400                           basically the limit
the sugar and fat in fast food.    percent, according to Health         calories.                                 for the night.
Hamburgers and french fries        magazine.                               Chicken is the                            So      if        you
could be as addictive as               Instead of worrying about        healthiest form of                      absolutely need that
heroin, scientists have            all of the after-effects of eating   protein, which                         fast food meal, try those
claimed on BBC News. Some          fast food, there are ways to         your body needs                       solutions to a smaller
scientists feel it’s just a lack   enjoy a meal, without the risk.      daily.     Some                       calorie and fat intake
of self-control.                       For example, NBC cites           popular picks                         and a healthier self.
   Dr. Jeane Randolph of the       four fast food places to eat         i n c l u d e                            The best way to
University of Toronto dis-         where you can keep your              Wendy’s grilled                      destroy the fast food
misses the theory of becom-        daily intake to 1,500 calories.      c h i c k e n                        tradition        is        by
ing addicted to food. She          They are Chick-fil-A, Taco           sandwich,                            maintaining a healthy
says fast food causes blood        Bell, Wendy’s and Burger             Subways’s chicken teriyaki           diet containing fruits and
sugar to peak and then             King. You just have to eat the       and McDonald’s Chicken           vegtables. To learn more
plunge, creating a natural de-     meals they offer that have a         McGrill.                         about being healthy and
sire for another snack.            smaller calorie and fat intake.         For a fast food dinner, you   cooking meals that are good
   BBC News said that fast             It’s not as hard as they         can up the calorie intake to     and good for you, health
food is a ‘recipe for cancer.’     make it sound.                       500–but keep the size down.      magazines and health
Women who get cancer in                Some choices to meet the         Big, or “Super Size” means       websites are the place to go.
their later years could have       limit are a Croissan’wich from       more calories.                             –Meghann Gunn

...and a few fun facts
 Dissolve a sore throat
 Breath fresheners will not be the only objects with the ability to dissolve on your tongue for long. According to,
 Prestige Brands will soon be selling sore throat medication in the same form as the Listerine Pocket Paks. They still need
 to be patented and approved before they come out on local store’s shelves.

                      Hungry? Why wait?
                      Having trouble keeping those grades up? New research from the University of Ulster shows that girls
                      perform better at school after eating a breakfast high in protein and carbohydrates, but boys perform
                      better when they are still a little hungry.

                      Fasten for safety
                      Buckle up—this law may save your life. The Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety, Inc., has made a
                      report that an increased number of older children are being killed in car accidents because they do not
                      buckle up. When teens age 13-16 were involved the number of accidents that ended in fatalities was 59
                      percent. The causes of death were all because the teens did not buckle up.

                                                                                                     Compiled by Kate Roshak
                                                                                                                     10.17.03! The Viking Views ! 17
                 ack in kindergarten, when our rooms were color-               drastically torn up.
                 coded and school only lasted half a day, our teach-               As the dimensions of regulation soccer and lacrosse fields
                 ers taught us the value of sharing. Now, members of           differ, the lacrosse goals are placed at the prime shooting loca-
      the soccer teams and their parents have to revisit this ideal.           tion for soccer players. Lacrosse sticks damage the ground when
                               Due to inaugural-season success and             players scoop the ball up from the ground, and since the la-
                           high attendance, the athletic council has           crosse team’s season is in the spring, the field will not have
                           decided to allow the lacrosse team to play          enough time to recover for the fall soccer season.
    THE SOCCER its home games on the soccer field this                             However, it is not to say that the lacrosse team should not be
 TEAM HAS DONE spring.                                                         allowed to play on the soccer field at all. Even though lacrosse
 ITS    DUTY       IN          Even though the school secured the land
                           from the Maytag Corporation in 1996 and
                                                                               is not currently a varsity sport, the members of the team deserve
                                                                               better home fields than Clearmount and the freshman football
 MAKING THE therefore has the final say as to which teams                      field. After going 11-3 in its first season, the lacrosse team has
 FIELD WHAT IT IS may use the field, the council should have                   shown that it can be even more successful in the future and the
 TODAY; NOW IT given this issue more thought.                                  members of the team deserve a place they can call home.
 IS TIME FOR THE               The fact is, the parents of the soccer play-        But if lacrosse players wish to call the soccer field home, they
                           ers, along with the soccer boosters, have           should contribute to the field’s upkeep. The soccer team has
                           raised more than $55,000 during the past            done its duty in making the field what it is today; now it is time
 TO DO THE SAME.           seven years to improve the condition of the         for the lacrosse team to do the same. A sprinkler system, esti-
                           field - including the addition of lights, a press   mated to cost $30,000, is being considered as the next improve-
                           box, the concession stand, fencing, and the         ment to the field; its addition will allow for the field to regener-
      leveling of the field - making it one of the best soccer fields in       ate more quickly over the summer.
      the state.                                                                   Both teams can help raise money for the sprinkler sys-
         That may change now that lacrosse will be using the field.            tem, but the lacrosse team should lead in the fundraising.
      The members of the soccer team and their parents are worried             If they do this, then members of the soccer team should
      that by sharing the field with the lacrosse team, it will become         have no reservations about lacrosse using its field.

                                                                                                       GRADES       AREN’T EVERYTHING

                                                                                                        G     ood grades are essential to
                                                                                                              being accepted to the college
                                                                                                        of your choice. Students may feel
                                                                                                        pressured by their parents or other
                                                                                                        sources to have “perfect” scores,
                                                                                                        which can lead to cheating.
                                                                                                        Getting the extra edge on your
                                                                                                        grades is not the only important
                                                                                                        thing in being accepted to college.
                                                                                                           Do your best and then take a
                                                                                                        break to get out and do things you
                                                                                                        enjoy. Extra-curricular and
                                                                                                        community service projects are
                                                                                                        just as important as your grades;
                                                                                                        they prove that you are a well-
                                                                                                        rounded individual. By having
                                                                                                        fun and doing your best without
                                                                                                        cheating, you will feel like you
                                                                                                        have accomplished so much
18 ! The Viking Views ! 10.17.03
                                                            - EDITORIAL BOARD -
                                  Tyler Allchin - Steve Aquino - Georgie Condric - Jon Dieringer - Don
                                       Kotnik - Christen Misanik - Kristen Mooney - Kate Roshak

GETTING A COMPETIVE EDGE AND CHEATING?                                                       DO YOU                                   YOUR
   I am very irked by the fact that ath-      ties.                                                   and other legal supplements should
letes take Creatine or other legal               In addition, there is an unfair ad-                  not be taken by any athletes whatso-
supplements to enhance their perfor-          vantage if one player is taking a supple-               ever.
mances. Sports competition is made            ment and their opponent is not. The                                     –Jessica DiRusso, 12
to see who is the best of the best with       athlete taking the performance en-
one’s natural talent, effort, hard work,      hancing substance does not display                         I justify using legal supplements for
and heart. It is not made to see who          their full potential and what they are                  athletic performance as an aide for
can take per-                                                     truly capable of                    workouts. Personally, I believe using
formance-en-                                                      achieving. Now, say                 them alone without the addition of
                                                                PHOTOS COURTESY OF GNC.COM

hancing stimu-                                                    there is an athlete                 hard work is wrong. For the athletes
lants to see who                                                  who spends three                    that have been dedicated and driven
is artificially                                                   hours a day, 365                    to perfection, legal supplements can
the best. I feel                                                  days a year on their                provide a substantial improvement to
if you want to                                                    particular sport in                 their performance. If it’s legal it stands
gain a “com-                                                      order to become                     to reason that it cannot be all that bad.
petitive edge”                                                    better and there is                    Personally, I do not take legal
an      athlete                                                   a player who takes                  supplements. Not because I think they
should do ex-                                                     a stimulant and be-                 are wrong, but because of the possible
tra work on                                                       comes awesome in                    side effects. I think it’s the athlete’s
their sport after                                                 a series of a few                   choice to take them or not. I myself
practices or in                                                   days. How fair is                   would not think twice when compet-
the off-season                                                    that to the player                  ing against someone taking legal
in order to gain a “competitive edge”.        who strives hard and puts numerous                      supplements because the one who
Creatine and other legal supplements          hours into becoming better? This                        wants it the most will win in the end.
give athletes a false sense of their abili-   simple example proves that Creatine                                          –Emily Misanik, 10

                                              Chels: “Yeah, and that’s when
Chelsea: “When I think of cheating,           people start to question where the
I think of using something everyone           line is drawn, and what kind of
else doesn’t have available to them, in       person you become when you cross                        !Chelsea Crofford, Sara Barr and Caitlin
order to excel.”                              over the line.”                                         Sampsel, Viking Views’ staff members,
Sara: “I personally believe that cheat-       S: “Well, if that’s the case, there’s a whole           share their voices on this issue’s question.
ing is okay to some extent.”                  lot of people on the wrong side of the                  even know the real definition.”
Caitlin: “To what extent?”                    line. But, you know what, Chelsea?”                     Cait: “Even around here, there’s a
S: “Well, I think that everybody has          Chels: “What?”                                          lot of cheating going around that
cheated at some point in time...”             S: “They’re all successful people.                      gets overlooked because of the un-
Chels: “...or been tempted to...”             Yeah, they’ve cheated a time or two,                    certainties surrounding cheating.”
S: “...So it is necessary to cheat in or-     but look where it got them.”                            S: “Which brings me back to the fact
der to compete against the best.”             Cait: “But the deeper you go into cheat-                that nearly everyone cheats, knowing
Cait: “Just because people do it to           ing the sketchier the line becomes.”                    they won’t necessarily get caught.”
compete with the best, does not make          Chels: “And the harder it is to accuse                  Chels: “Because everyone wants to be
it any less wrong.”                           someone of cheating when you don’t                      the best.”
                                                                                                                         10.17.03 ! The Viking Views ! 19
?                                                                                                           The Viking Views
                                                                                                             Thanks to the following
                    Kotnik’s Chronicle                          by Don Kotnik
                                                                                                               Patron Subscribers:
           Study hall drama...
           ...and for once it’s not the administration’s fault                                               Thomas and Diane Allchin

                At last, senior year has dawned                Most fail to understand that this is a         Belmont Business Systems
            upon the class of 2004.                        privilege, not a common theme among                 John and Patty Crofford
                What could be better? What could           all high schools, and that we are very
            go wrong?                                      lucky to have such a privilege.                     Larry J. Brandau, D.D.S.
                Eleventh period senior study hall              Some even say the warning was
            knows what I’m talking about.                  unfair, because when it was given not
                                                                                                        The Canton Student Loan Foundation
                Due to lack of studying and exces-         everyone was there to hear it.
            sive talking, senior privileges for elev-          If you were there or not, it’s not an
            enth period study hall have been ban-          issue. We all know the monitors have                    Bruner Cox, LLP
            ished! Well, at least for the first nine       been on our butts for weeks regarding
            weeks, then things will be re-evalu-           this issue.                                       Dr. David J. Farinacci D.D.S.
            ated.                                              Don’t play dumb.                                       and Team
                This means no more chatting with               Be thankful we still have the court-
            fellow classmates when you have noth-          yard privilige. And people still find time         Roger and Nancy Knudsen
            ing to do, nothing but silence and bore-       to complain about that.
            dom.                                               Not all senior study halls are per-
                                                                                                         Kumon Math and Reading Center of
                Once again I shake my head disap-          mitted to the courtyard becuase there
                                                           are simply too many kids and not
                                                                                                                 North Canton
                However, not at Mr. Pallija, not at        enough monitors to look over them.
            Mrs. Savage, but at the students them-             That is the explanation, if you can                  Mel L. Lute Esq.
            selves.                                        find a solution, by all means, go right
                If we look at the situation, it’s our      ahead.                                              William J. Miller, D.D.S.
            own mistake.                                       Now it’s time for us the students to
                We were warned, countless times            set things straight.                            Neurocare and Sleep Disorders
            to sit three to a table, talk quietly and to       We have until the end of the nine
            not be a nuisance.                             weeks, then, we’ll be given a second
                                                                                                         North Canton Community Building
                Did we listen? No.                         chance, something that doesn’t occur too
                                                           often, especially when we are in high
                We disregarded the warnings, we
            ignored the speeches and we even               school.
            talked back to the monitors.                       These next few weeks will serve as         North Canton Family Physicians
                Talking back is not going to get se-       a great time to show all the monitors
            nior privileges back, try showing some         and staff what a great bunch of studi-         North Canton Veterinary Clinic
            respect.                                       ous, hardworking kids we can be.
                If we want to be treated like adults, I        Here’s an idea: let’s sit down, be              Henry A. Selinsky, Inc.
            say we start to act like adults ourselves.     quiet; heck, let’s read a book!
                It doesn’t seem fair, and, yes, I know         Reading a book is a great way to
                                                                                                         Stark County Medical Group, Inc.
            all the arguments.                             prepare yourself for college. I hear
                Some say lunch periods are even            “The Scarlet Letter” and “The Poison-
            louder, why all the fuss?                      wood Bible” are great.                             Wise Nutrition Concepts
                Well, because study hall is sup-               If you don’t like reading, there are
            posed to be quiet, and people do               many other things you can do to keep            Westwind Electrtical Serv. Corp.
            need to get work done and perhaps              yourself occupied in study hall.                    Brian S. Gunn, Pres.
            even study.                                        You can become an office aid, a li-
                People who want to get their work          brary aid, an asistant down in guidance,
            done shouldn’t have to worry about 20-         perhaps even help out the special
            25 people being obnoxiously loud and           eduaction department.                            Being a patron subscriber means
            rude. They also shouldn’t have to ask              Let’s face it. We’re seniors, we love    you will receive a copy of each issue
            to be moved into a silent study hall. It’s     to cause a ruckus and we crave con-          of The Viking Views. In addition, your
            their study hall, too.                         troversy.                                    firm’s name will be listed in each is-
                Others say that last year’s senior             Let us try to put that ruckus away for   sue. The price for a patron ad subscrip-
            study halls were even louder, and that         a while. We only have one more year          tion is $140, but remember that $100
            the administration is making a big deal        in this place; we should make the most       is considered a donation and thus is tax
            out of nothing.                                of it, and try to comply to the rules.       deductible.
                Well, believe it or not, senior study          To you, eleventh period study hall,
                                                                                                            If you would like to be a patron sub-
            halls began the second semester of             don’t ruin senior privileges for every-
            last year. It was noisy because it was         one. When given this extra chance,           scriber, contact Ms. Pam McCarthy or
            a new idea, a new benefit they wanted          be courteous, thankful, and try to settle    Kyra Schloenbach at (330) 497-5620.
            to give to the seniors.                        down a bit.

20 ! The Viking Views ! 10.17.03
   VIKING VIRTUE                                                            Letters to the Editor
 “Learn to pause… or nothing
 worthwhile will catch up to you.”
        —Doug King                               Dear Editor:                                         even homework. Homework teaches us
                                                    I am aggravated with the new grading              responsibility and is often graded by
   We tend to fill every waking mo-              system, being the bad test taker I am. Bas-          teachers, not just for completion. We have
ment with rehearsals, practices and              ing our grades on a few simple tests does            homework to learn and expand our knowl-
appointments that keep us racing.                not test our knowledge. It tests our study           edge of the material we are currently learn-
In this fashion of living it is impos-           skills, which in reality we only need while          ing about. In order to perform well, you
sible to recognize all of the small              in schooling.                                        need practice.
pleasures life can bring.                           Our grades should be based on our                    We, the students, were told that home-
   Despite the fact that idle mo-                overall ability to learn and participate in          work would be counted in the 15% aca-
ments tend to be few and far between,            school. This includes homework, tests/               demic practice grade. The question we
try to schedule some time to pause.              quizzes, class activities, projects, and our         have is why? Why do we need a separate
After all, what’s the point in living if         ability to do extra work (bonus material).           grade, when everything we do in and out
you can’t sit still long enough to en-           The 85% academic achievement/ perfor-                of classroom contributes and can be con-
joy it?                                          mance grade and then the separate 15%                sidered achievement/ performance.
                                                 academic practice grade is unnecessary.                 I strongly hope and wish that this
                                                 To study academic achievement/ perfor-               “new” grading scale be reconsidered.
                    –Caitlin Sampsel             mance, this includes all parts of school,                                 – Whitney Queen, 11

                                                       WHAT DO YOU DO TO CELEBRATE

                                                                   ALYSON FEINBERG, 12:                                  NAEL TAKI,11: I visit my
                  RYAN KIDDER, 10: I’m                             Instead of trick-or-treating, I                       sister at OU because they
                  going to sit in a chair at                       will take some of the girls that                      always have a Halloween
                  the edge of my driveway,                         I baby-sit from house to                              costume party.
                  dressed like a scarecrow                         house.
                  and scare little kids.
                                                                  KATIE SELINISKY, 10: I put on
                                                                  my witch outfit and chase little
AMY MEDER, 9: I like going on hayrides.                           kids around the neighborhood        CORY GRIFFIN, 11: Instead of trick-or-treating
My birthday is really close to Halloween, so I                    with my friends.                    I wait for my little siser to come home, so I can
usually have a party.                                                                                 steal all her candy.
                                                 CHRISTINE STRAWN, 11: I
                                                 turn out all the lights and sit
                                                                                                      JESSICA BENDER, 10:
                                                 in my basement with a
EMILY CARSON, 12: To                                                                                  Instead of trick-or-treating, I
                                                 flashlight watching scary
celebrate Halloween, I carve                                                                          like to pass out candy to the
                                                 movies, like “The Shining.”
pumpkins with my niece                                                                                little kids, so I can see the
and nephews and dress up                         NATHAN ROJAS, 9: I take my                           really cute Halloween
to pass out candy.                               brothers trick-or-treating.                          costumes.

Pop Culture Cassidy                                                                                                               Ashley Pucci

                                                                                                                                 10.17.03 ! The Viking Views ! 21
         Gaining The Extra E
         There are many ways to get ahead, but
         what is considered too far? Is using

         CliffsNotes or SparkNotes considered
         cheating? Can hiring personal
         trainers or private music teachers
         give students an extra edge?

         Should athletes be
         permitted to use
         performance enhancers               Why Do People Do It?
         such as Creatine to
         improve their game?                                 • By Kristen Mooney •

         The answers to

         all in how you
                                  “It is 1979, a basketball game in
         thesequetions are well, and the student section begins
                                                                           Adults, public officials and the
                               the Brandeis gym. The team is doing media might be responsible for teens
                                                                       believing this, according to head li-
                               a chant, ‘We’re number one! We’re brarian and NHS adviser, Mrs. Flo
                               number one!’ Morrie is sitting nearby. Rankin.
         define                He is puzzled by the cheer. At one
                               point, in the midst of ‘We’re number
                                                                         “Enough well publicized things

                                                                                   have happened in the last 20 to 25
                                          one!’ he rises and yells, ‘What’s        years that morals might be on de-
                                          wrong with being number two?’ The        cline. Bill Clinton lied and that takes
                                          students look at him. They stop          our innocence away,” Rankin said.
                                          chanting. He sits down, smiling and      “We are so used to seeing poor be-
                                          triumphant.”                             havior and examples that we are of-
                                             As shown in this excerpt from the     fended by less.”
                                          non-fiction book, Tuesdays with             Assistant principal Mrs. Peggy
                                          Morrie, Morrie, a doctor of psychol-     Savage agrees.
                                          ogy, believes that today’s American         “It makes it easy to rationalize
                                          society is not willing to accept the     cheating when we see major corpo-
                                          fact that everyone cannot win all the    rations, political leaders and even in
                                          time. People think that with winning     some cases our moral leaders cheat-
                                          as a goal, Americans will do anything    ing,” she said.
                                          to get ahead. In the high school set-       Not all people agree with this view.
                                          ting, cheating and lying are ways that      “It is not necessarily the media,
                                          students can get ahead fast. This        but the direct relationships we have,”
                                          raises the question: “What exactly       senior Nick Rossi said. “[The media]
                                          causes teens to cheat?”                  definitely puts out a stereotypical
                                             The Report Card of Ethics on          image that we are supposed to live
                                          American Youth (RCEA) states that        up to, but by the time we are juniors
                                          43 percent of high school students       or seniors, we should be past that.”
                                          believe that, “a person has to lie or       Rankin believes that parents can
                                          cheat sometimes in order to suc-         also influence teens. She said that
                                          ceed.”                                   there are ways that adults can cheat

22 ! The Viking Views ! 10.17.03
                                                                                                                                           Photo Illustration by Amanda Crawford
in the workplace, such as taking a        honest about why you cheat.”
longer lunch break or arriving to work        Savage offers another reason why
late.                                     students might choose to cheat.
   “Bosses don’t seem to care as              “Some people are not willing to
much as they did 10 or 15 years ago.      put the work into what it takes to get
These people [coming late to work         the grades they want,” she said.
and taking long lunch breaks] are         “Some people just have a fear of fail-                     “It makes it easy to
                                                                                                   rationalize cheating
cheating their bosses and compa-          ure. It is ironic because cheating as
nies,” Rankin said.                       a result [of fear of failure] is really a                rationalize
   People believe that children and
teens look up to adults and think that
                                          failure of character rather than a fail-
                                          ure of academic aptitude.”                               when we see major
                                                                                                          we see major
the things they do are OK to copy.
   Although parents may not think
                                              RCEA states that “74 percent of
                                          all students said that [their] schools
                                                                                                  corporations, political
that they have an effect on their chil-   try hard to help students develop                        leaders and even in
                                                                                                   leaders and even
dren, studies disprove this. The          good character.”
RCEA states that 93 percent of teens          Although schools may try to                         some cases our moral
                                                                                                    leaders cheating,”
interviewed said that “my parents         s h a p e t h e i r s t u d e n t ’s b e h a v i o r,
would rather I cheat than get bad         Rankin believes that this must hap-
grades.”                                  pen at a young age.
                                              “We need to get a handle on this
                                                                                                      Mrs. Peggy Savage
   “Teens see cheating and lying in
adults and it breaks barriers,” Rankin                                   at          lower            Assistant Principal
                                                                         grades. By the
                                                                       time kids are 15
       Cheating- to violate                                         to 17, they are mak-
                                                                 ing conscious deci-
       rules dishonestly; to                                  sions on their own. I
       deprive of something                                 hope they have had
                                                        good training and can de-
       valuable by the use                            cide not to cheat,” she said.
                                                       Rossi agrees.
s a i d . of deceit or fraud                        “Pressure starts to go away
“They                                         as you get older because you re-
don’t                                       alize that these things aren’t that im-
see it                                    portant,” he said.
as           Webster’s                        As NHS adviser, Rankin deals with
w r o n g    Dictionary                   many students who do well in school
                                          and are heavily involved in charac-
when their                       own      ter building activities, such as vol-
parent or                      teacher    unteer work. Although she has not
does it.”                                 had to deal with cheating in the two
     Students              may feel       years she has led NHS, she said that
that they have           to cheat in      it is not just ‘bad’ students who
order         to       achieve what       cheat, but ‘good’ students as well.
they feel is ex-     pected of them.          “The potential is definitely there.
   “It’s a lot ofpressure from peers      Pressure to get to the top and to get
and parents, especially in a setting      into hard colleges certainly creates
like Hoover because so much empha-        situations where people choose
sis is put on grades,” Rossi said.        cheating to do better,” she said.
“Kids will do anything to maintain            No matter what situation a child is
good grades.”                             raised in, and what events he or she
   Although students may feel pres-       has gone through, by the time the up-
sure to get good grades in school,        per teen-aged years roll around, stu-
administrators think that the school      dents are able to make choices on
is not the source of that pressure.       what kind of person they want to be.
   “I say that [blaming the school for         “Some draw the line and say ‘this
the pressure students feel] is a cop-     is me, I’m not going to cheat, and
out,” Savage said. “Explain to me how     that’s how it is’,” Rankin said.
school puts pressure on you. Be

                                                                                                               10.17.03 ! The Viking Views ! 23
                       here Is The Line
                      WCliffsNotes, Technology
                                  a Cheat
                             Provide Many
                                                                        • By Angela Stobbs •

       W      Wednesday, 10 p.m. Your paper on “Huck-
         leberry Finn” is still not done. But, you haven’t
         finished the book, so there is no way a full
         book report is even possible to write.
                                                             for doing their own work, whether it is writing
                                                             a paper, doing homework or answering ques-
                                                             tions on a test.” But do many students realize
                                                             they are cheating when using formulas in a
                                                                                                                                                                       “If students use [CliffsNotes or
                                                                                                                                                                   SparkNotes] as a supplement it is a good
                                                                                                                                                                   source because they are analysis of literature
                                                                                                                                                                   etc.,” said Smith. “However, just reading them
              You may think to yourself, “Hey, I’ve          graphing calculator or an Internet translator?                                                        instead of reading the book, or using them as
         slacked off enough already, how’s using                 According to Principal Anthony Palija Jr.,                                                        an analysis in a paper without citing the source
         SparkNotes going to kill me?” You take a            cheating is defined as “an unlawful way of                                                            would be considered cheating.”
         peak at the website, or maybe refer to that         receiving or providing information.”                                                                      Jack* a senior, was unaware that using
         little yellow book, more commonly known as              Palija believes that the lack of communica-                                                       CliffsNotes was considered cheating.
         CliffsNotes. Now you’re set to write your           tion between students and teachers is why                                                                 “I always use CliffsNotes or websites
         paper. But there is just one final question.        so many students do not realize they are                                                              when having to write papers,” said Jack. “I
              No, it’s not whether Huck ever finds Jim       cheating, when, indeed, they are.                                                                     never knew that it was cheating.”
         again after their boat crashes; it has to do with       “I think that teachers need to communi-                                                               Palija said that using CliffsNotes is
         cheating. Is using CliffsNotes or SparkNotes        cate more to students,” he said. “Every                                                               cheating when a teacher directly says that
         considered cheating? The answer may be              teacher is different, and it is important for the                                                     they are not allowed to be used, stating that is
         both yes and no.                                    teachers and staff to explain their guidelines                                                        why “teachers need to communicate more
              There are many ways to cheat in school         [when it comes to cheating]. When students                                                            with students.”
         today. One can look off of someone’s test or        know the rules, they won’t cheat.”                                                                        “Whether or not using CliffsNotes [or
         quiz during class, copy others’ homework, or            There are many different opinions on                                                              other forms of book help] is cheating depends
         allow others to copy his or her homework,           whether using CliffsNotes, SparkNotes, or                                                             on the teacher, and every teacher is different,”
         use graphing calculators the wrong way, have        other websites for papers is considered cheat-                                                        he said.
         parents do homework or papers for you, and          ing.                                                                                                      Freshman Kim* has mixed feelings on the
         even use an Internet translator to translate            Head of the English Department, Mrs. An-                                                          issue.
         foreign language homework.                          gela Smith, believes that using these sources                                                             “I guess if you don’t understand a book, it
              The Hoover High School Handbook                is considered cheating when the book is not                                                           is ok to look it up online or using CliffsNotes.
         clearly states that “students are responsible       read.                                                                                                 But that would be only if no one else can help
                                                                                                                                                                   you,” said Kim.
                                                                                                           Source: • Compiled by: Anne DeFazio

                                                                                                                                                                       Kim thinks that using online tools like
                                                                                                                                                          or books like CliffsNotes is
                         Nationwide Cheating                                                                                                                       considered cheating.
                                                                                                                                                                       “A teacher assigns work so that the stu-
                                                                                                                                                                   dent can learn it and gain the value of learning
                                                                                                                                                                   the material,” she said. “When you don’t
                                   100                                                                                                                             complete the work by yourself and use an
                                    80                                                                                                                             Internet source or book, it takes away the value
            Percentage                                                                                                                                             of the original assignment.”
            of Students                                                                                                                                                What drives a student to cheat? Is it the
                                                                                                                                                                   high standards of Hoover or is it the pressure
                                   20                                                                                                                              from parents to succeed? Or are students
                                     0                                                                                                                             just too lazy and don’t do work on their own.
                                             o                 s               ’t                                                                                      Kim said that she helps others cheat be-
                                           dt     ied k      er rk          dn
                                        tte ng Cop wor t Oth ewo         Di                                                                                        cause she feels bad for them.
                                      mi i       me Le Hom             d
                                    Ad heat                          an h t                                                                                            “I let others look off of me,” she said. “I
                                      C        Ho         y      te d aug
                                                     Co       ea t C
                                                            Ch g e
                                                                                                                                                                             See CLIFFS p. 29

24 ! The Viking Views ! 10.17.03
Bringing home Is It Cheating?
 Pressure from Home                                                                                         Do you consider using CliffsNotes or
    May Be Cause
     the ‘A’
                                                                                                         SparkNotes a form of cheating or just a
                                                                                                         study habit? Where is the line drawn?

     forCheating                                                                                                          “I don’t see it as a
                                                                                                                           form of cheating,
                                                                                                                            just being lazy
                                   • By Caitlin Sampsel •                                                                 because teachers

                                                                                                                          know that students
                                                                                                                          have access to it.”
6 a.m.-Wake-up                                       teacher Mr. David Reese believes that this                              Chad Harper, 12
6:30a.m.- Choir Rehearsal                            pressure students seem to willingly place on
7:25a.m.-2: 35 p.m.- School                          themselves may stem from the nature of the
2:45-3:30 p.m.- Club Meetings                        school itself.                                         “I think it is
4 -5 p.m..-Homework                                       “Students have to deal with the expecta-       cheating because
7 p.m.- Soccer Game                                  tions of the community,” he said. “It’s a very          you should
Midnight- Bed (At last)                              competitive school.”                                 actually read the
    Many teens have schedules similar to this             APEnglish Teacher Ms. Rita Palmer, agrees
                                                                                                         book. That’s what
in that there is little to no down time set aside.   that Hoover is in fact competitive, but stresses
                                                                                                           books are for.”
This rigorous schedule, in addition to stress        that cheating is no more acceptable for those
                                                                                                          Katie Obrycki, 9
brought on by one’s self, teachers and par-          who feel pressured by teachers and parents
ents, is enough to make anyone look for an           than for those who do not.
easier way to succeed. However, some stu-                 “Parents and teachers are demanding. But
dents may be willing to go further than others       to say that cheating goes hand-in-hand with
                                                                                                                            “CliffsNotes are a
to please parents and teachers.                      that fact doesn’t make sense,” she said.
                                                                                                                                tool, like a
    Amongst the top reasons used to ratio-                Many teachers are split on whether or not
nalize cheating, according to the Educational        to condone the use of study aides such as                                 calculator. In
Testing Service (ETS), a campaign created to         CliffsNotes and SparkNotes, since their sta-                           itself, they are not
discourage academic cheating, are feelings           tus as cheating is sketchy.                                             enough, but they
that penalties are not severe enough for stu-             Some teachers, such as Palmer, do not nec-                        can be utilized to
dents to truly fear being caught. Many kids          essarily disapprove of the use of Cliffs Notes                        enhance learning.”
do it, and the pressure put on the students by       and other such study aides if used in addition                           Kevin Roshak, 11
teachers and parents is great.                       to reading the book, and not simply as a sub-
    In fact, according to ETS, 98 percent of         stitution.
college students surveyed reported cheating               “[Students] can use whatever they want...
                                                                                                         “It’s not cheating
at least once in high school.                        So long as I don’t see it in my class,” she said.
    Senior Amanda Krusemark believes that,                Reese also does not completely reject the       becuase I think
while all of these factors could play a role in      use of study aides for school. However, he          they’re basically
stressing kids out enough to make them look          believes it may benefit students to not rely on      universal ideas
for some kind of edge to better themselves,          them.                                                that people are
she is more influenced by her personal deter-             “It’s like someone eating an apple for you          sharing.”
mination to succeed.                                 and telling you how it tastes. You miss out on           Amanda
     “I take school seriously. As long as I try      the experience,” he said.                              Sommers, 11
my best and do the best that I can person-                While a lot of factors, including the added
ally... That’s all I can do,” she said.              stress provided by parents and teachers, lead                           “In a way it is
    Her mother, Linda Krusemark, believes that       many students to feel stressed, Krusemark
                                                                                                                              cheating, but
the heavy workload many teachers assign              understands that students can’t use it as an
may be a reason students would look to gain          excuse to look for shortcuts for schoolwork.
                                                                                                                            everyone does it
an edge, but agrees that most of the stress               “Everyone makes their own decisions. Of                           on their summer
Amanda encounters she brings on herself.             course, you’re going to feel pressure from                                 reading.
    “In the past, my husband and I did [push         your parents, teachers and other people, but                               I did it.”
Amanda] unwillingly because she was our              it’s you who decides how far you want to take                            -Megan Bush, 10
oldest. But by the second [child] you realize        that pressure and how you’re going to deal
that not everyone does well at everything...         with it,” she said. “Even though they’re likely
so we don’t push so hard anymore,” she said.         to influence how you feel about school, you’re
    Hoover Psychology and Sociology                  the ultimate choicemaker.”

                                                                                                                           10.17.03 ! The Viking Views ! 25
         Not Playing Fair May
               Use of Enhancers
                                                                                           Improve Performance
                                                                • By Danny Savage •

       C     Citius, altius, fortius – swifter, higher,
         stronger. These words of the Olympic
         motto describe what it takes to be the
         best. Athletes have to run faster, jump
         higher, and lift more than their competi-
                                                          water with more ease.”
                                                              Junior swimmer Ankur Poseria
                                                          explained even more.
                                                              “Basically, they are body stimu-
                                                          lating agents that increase your feel
                                                                                                                                                “just repels the wa-
                                                                                                                                                ter, but mainly the
                                                                                                                                                benefits are all in
                                                                                                                                                your head.”
                                                                                                                                                    Although some
         tion in order to win the gold. The Olym-         in the water and the sensitivity in                                                   people feel that wa-
         pic motto holds true even on                                                                                                           ter-off and winter-
         the high school playing field.                                                                                                         green are unethi-
         But some athletes may go too                                                                                                           cal, the Hoover
         far to reach the top.                                                                                                                  swimmers do not.
             Athletics today are be-                                                                                                                “It’s available to
         coming more and more com-                                                                                                              anyone who wants
         petitive. Some athletes feel                                                                                                           to use it,” Johnsen
         that working as hard as they                                                                                                           said. “It’s just like
         possibly can is enough to                                                                                        the weight room. If they choose to use
         win. Others feel that they                                                                                       it, good for them, and if not, that’s their
         must do anything to gain that                                                                                    choice.”
         extra edge, from shelling out                                                                                        “It’s not muscle-enhancing or endur-
         hundreds of dollars on new                                                                                       ance-enhancing, so it’s not that bad,”
         equipment to taking legal                                                                                        Poseria said. “A lot of it is psychologi-
         supplements. When training moves to              your skin and you can actually ‘grip’ the                     cal.”
         this level, some believe athletes are not        water,” he said. “It leaves you with a                             Another strategy high school athletes
         playing fair anymore.                            freezing shock when you touch the wa-                         use is to take protein supplements,
             In some sports, like tennis and golf,        ter. It definitely wakes you up.”                             whether they are in the form of a mixture
         athletes have to pay close to $100 for a             Hoover swimmers have been using                           or an already made drink.
         new racket or nearly $400 for a new set of       these products for over 30 years, but they                         Sophomore football and basketball
         clubs. Some people feel that athletes who        had a problem with it at last year’s state                    player John Bertsch took protein during
         have money and can afford the latest,            meet.                                                         the summer. He said he took it because
         most advanced equipment have a spe-                  “I go tanning and the water-off was                       “your muscles wear down and protein
         cial advantage.                                  bright white and the officials came over                      builds them back up after running and
             “A racket from Wal-Mart is not going         and said we couldn’t wear it,” senior Amy                     lifting.”
         to make you play as well as a Prince or          Kovacevich said. “They were going to                               Junior basketball and baseball player
         Head racket,” freshman tennis player             disqualify us, but then the head official                     Brian Scheller drinks protein shakes al-
         Rachel Bundy said.                               came over and said it was OK, but that                        most every night. He said he has no-
             However, junior tennis player Jimmy          we had to take it off for the rest of the                     ticed an improvement in his strength be-
         Vogelgesang disagrees.                           meet.”                                                        cause of the extra protein. But he does
             “If someone else has a liquid metal              Water-off and wintergreen are not                         not feel that it is unethical or cheating.
         racket and I have a wood racket, they            unique to Hoover. Many other schools                               “A lot of my teammates use it and all
         won’t necessarily beat me,” he said. “It         around the state use some variation of it,                    it does is put extra protein in your body,”
         all depends on the player.”                      according to Johnsen.                                         he said. “It’s just like eating a couple
             Although some advantages come                    However, some people claim that these                     more big pieces of chicken a day.”
         from having higher financial means, oth-         products do not make that much of a dif-                           Bertsch agrees.
         ers come from using products that en-            ference. Poseria feels that the “vast ma-                          “All it does is put water in your
         hance the body and its’ responses.               jority is psychological.” He said that                        muscles,” he said. “It’s found in your
             According to head swimming coach             when swimmers put the water-off on, they                      food and your body so it’s not that big
         Mr. Matt Johnsen, water-off and winter-          feel like they can go faster because they                     of a deal.”
         green “create a slick surface and they           are wearing it.
         allow the swimmers to move through the               Kovacevich agrees. She said that it                             See ATHLETICS p. 29

26 ! The Viking Views ! 10.17.03
Private Instructors Can Help Students
          Obtain Extra Edge
                                                  • By Beth Simmerman •

S   Some people would do anything to
be a star athlete. Some only have to
pay $35 to private instructors to try to
excel at their extracurricular interests.
    These interests, including sports
                                                “They have the edge,” Wintrow was financially worth it. Most voice
                                            said. “They can work to strengthen lessons cost about $10 to $15 per half
                                            specifically whatever they need hour. Wintrow’s personal training ses-
                                            strengthened.”                             sions cost around $25 an hour, though,
                                                Junior soccer player Carly Mihaila according to Wise, the average rate is
and vocal music, can be quite com-          receives personal training at Concorde $35 to $50 an hour. Nutritionists cost
petitive, leading students to search for    Therapy Group. She also feels that this from $50 to $95 per hour. However, dis-
a way to gain an edge on the competi-       private instruction gives                              counts are often available to

                                                                       “I have someone
                                                                        “I have someone
tion. Private instruction may be one        her an edge on other                                             students.
way to obtain such an edge.                 players.                                                              Though some
    For vocal music students who think
one-on-one instruction will help them
                                                “I have someone
                                            telling me how to
                                                                       telling me how to
                                                                       telling me how to                        students want
                                                                                                                  to gain an
improve, voice lessons are offered.
    Choir Director Mr. Kim Jacoby
                                            eat and work out in
                                            order to play to my
                                                                      eat and work out in
                                                                      eat and work out in                          edge by us-
                                                                                                                   ing one-on-
teaches such lessons and feels that         fullest potential,”       order to play to my
                                                                      order to play to my                        one lessons,

                                                                       fullest potential.”
they benefit students by keeping them       Mihaila said.                                                      they may not
on task. Generally, his students work           Though she ac-          fullest potential.”                  think they have
on breathing, vocal placement and get-      knowledges the benefit,                                         enough money.
ting songs ready for performances.          Mihaila admits that hav-              Carly Mihaila            Jacoby believes that
    Junior Alex Bourlas is a student who    ing a trainer does not                                    most people can manage
takes voice lessons from a different in-    guarantee a better player.                 to pay for private instruction if they
structor, Harry Mason. Bourlas be-              Some athletes share this view, includ- want it enough.
lieves these lessons help make a good       ing junior Aaron Miller. Miller, who          “It’s a matter of choices,” Jacoby
impression upon choir directors at          plays football, wrestles, and runs track, said. “[You] can choose to do a $10
school.                                     has decided against going to a personal lesson in place of some other $10 ac-
    “You’re showing that you want to        trainer for coaching because he does tivity.”
learn more by being with a private          not see the benefit of such instruction.      Mihaila believes the choice to have
teacher,” Bourlas said.                         “Some people think that spending a personal trainer is one worth taking.
    Private instruction is not limited to   more money on a trainer or a workout However, she said that if private coach-
just musicians. Many student athletes       program means better results,” Miller ing is not affordable, it is possible to
choose to hire personal trainers to         said. “Rarely is this true.”               design your own work out plan, citing
help them work out or nutritionists to          Instead, Miller feels that a good at- the Internet as a good source of infor-
design their diet.                          titude is a much greater stimulus for mation.
    “At college levels and the Olympics     athletic achievement. Desire and hard         For athletes looking to improve their
there’s always a personal trainer or di-    work are what Miller believes a suc- diet, Wise suggested books like Nancy
etician involved,” Kathy Wise, regis-       cessful athlete needs to gain maximum Clark’s “Sports Nutrition Guidebook”
tered, licensed dietician and sports nu-    results.                                   or the Internet. Wintrow said that if
tritionist said. She feels that this is         Jacoby and Bourlas feel the same athletes do not have the money, they
proof of the benefit of such practices.     drive is needed in any activity to work could still benefit from hiring a personal
    Michelle Wintrow, a personal trainer    to the fullest potential.                  trainer for one or two sessions and then
at the YMCA, works with athletes from           “You definitely need to have a lot of following the same plan on their own.
ages 13 to 86. She designs workouts         determination to participate and be           Miller agrees that if finance is a de-
for her clients that highlight weight       successful in any extracurricular activ- terrent to having private instruction, it
training, cardiovascular exercise and       ity you do,” Bourlas said.                 is still possible to achieve success.
muscular endurance. Wintrow be-                 Once the effort is put forth to im-       “I think desire from within is much
lieves that one-on-one training gives       prove with the help of private instruc- more valuable than anything a trainer
athletes a definite advantage.              tion, the question is whether or not it could do for you,” Miller said.

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28 ! The Viking Views ! 10.17.03
CLIFFS                                                     Wiley said that memorizing all the formu-
(Continued from p. 24)                                las is not necessary, but having to know them
                                                      for the test is a must.
    feel sorry for people, so I let them cheat             “Memorizing everything is bologna, I’m
because they don’t have time and they have            willing to admit that,” she said. “But the stu-
to get good grades or else.”                          dents need to know how to use [the formu-
    Time also plays a role in cheating.               las], and the way we check their knowledge is
    “I cheat because [it’s the only way to] do        by testing them.”
well otherwise, and I don’t study because I                Using calculators during tests “illegally”
don’t have the time to,” Jack said. “I have           can result in “zero credit for a
better things to be doing with my life. Be-           problem or a zero for that pa-
sides studying is so overrated. Now when I            per.” Also “calculators can be
cheat, I just sort of do it, I don’t think about it   confiscated.”
as cheating anymore.”                                      By not allowing students
    Math teacher Mrs. Debbie Wiley believes           to use calculators during tests,
that the stress from parents may trigger some         Wiley has reduced the “temp-
students to cheat.                                    tation” of using the graphing
    “The high expectations of many parents            calculators to cheat.
may drive students to cheat in school,” said               Jack agreed with Wiley and admits that
Wiley. “The parents want their child to do            using graphing calculators the wrong way is           for you without your knowledge.”
their best, and there may be a lot of home            cheating.                                                 Lucy,* a freshman, has her parents help
pressure to bring home the ‘A.’”                           “I use [graphing calculators] for formulas       her with her papers all the time, but also agrees
    Blake* a sophomore, feels that Hoover             all the time,” he said. “It’s cheating, it’s all of   that what her parents do for her is a form of
pressures him to cheat so he can receive a            the answer. But if I didn’t have my calculator        cheating.
better grade.                                         I wouldn’t know how to do anything.”                      “My parents have always checked my pa-
    “Hoover has such high standards, that                  Jack thinks that memorizing all the for-         pers, and when I don’t have enough in them,
bringing home a ‘C’ is considered a sin,” he          mulas is not fair.                                    they would always add a little here or there to
said. “Our school is so competitive that I want            “If every class makes you memorize ev-           make it sound better,” said Lucy. “Yes this is
to do better, and bring home better grades,           erything, your brain goes into overload,” he          cheating, but sometimes you can’t think and
that I cheat to get there.”                           said. “That’s why I use my resources for cheat-       you need to use your parents because they
    Internet translators have become increas-         ing.”                                                 know more than you.”
ingly popular to help with papers and                      Many students have also had their parents            Jack disagrees and thinks using siblings
speeches. Blake said that translating home-           or older siblings correct or do homework for          or parents to help with homework or papers
work for a foreign language is considered             them. This is a major form of cheating that           is not a form of cheating.
cheating.                                             not many are aware of.                                    “I just consider them a resource,” he said.
    “Using an Internet translator would be con-            “As parents, we all have helped our chil-        “That would be like using your resources to
sidered cheating because that’s not helping you       dren with homework,” said Palija. “But the            get a better grade and that is all school is
learn,” he said. “When you translate it by hand,      question still remains, whether I do it for her       about.”
you can see where your weaknesses are, and            or not. How long do I let my daughter struggle            Palija gives his advice on the cheating
where you need to study and improve your-             with a math problem before I show her how             problem at Hoover.
self more.”                                           to doit.”                                                 “I think that school is a student’s number
    Using graphing calculators can also be con-                          According to Blake the line        one job. Academics is the most important
sidered cheating, when used in the wrong                                 is drawn between cheating          part of success,” he said. “If students focus
way. Meaning using formulas in the cal-                                     and just helping when “a        on school and try to manage time, then cheat-
culator while taking tests and doing                                          parent or sibling corrects    ing would never be an issue. Cheating occurs
homework.                                                                      a paper or homework          when [students] don’t have time or commu-
                                                                                                            nicate with teachers.”
(Continued from p. 24)

    Another way that some people                                              really that ben-                 Head cross country and track coach
feel athletes are crossing the line                                            eficial to high              Travis Ackerman is torn between whether
is by the use of Creatine. Accord-                                             school athletes.             taking extra supplements crosses the line.
ing       to      www.creatine-                                                    “Most of it                 “I don’t think it’s cheating,” he said., creatine mono-                                                 is just water               “It’s everyone’s personal decisions and
hydrate is simply a gram of water                                               weight,” he                 there are others that you can take too.”
added to the body’s naturally occurring                                          said. “It’s re-               But from a safety standpoint, he feels
creatine, and it works by increasing the                     ally just a         waste        of            athletes should not take them. So far,
energy content of the muscles.                        money. You cramp more easily, and                     according to www.creatinemono-
    However, head football coach Mr.                  you’re going to lose the weight once you    , there are no proven ong-term
Don Hertler Jr., feels that creatine is not           get off it.”                                          effects of creatine.

                                                                                                                                     10.17.03! The Viking Views ! 29
             KaZaA users’ fun crashed
             Students react to                            criminals of copyright infringement. The      While some bands, most notably
                                                          most controversial target is perhaps Metallica, frequently protest file sharing,
             latest assault on                            Brianna LaHara, who is only 12 years there are other bands that do not mind
                                                          old. She was sued Sept. 9 in a lawsuit the online exposure. Because some
             peer-to-peer file                            that was quickly settled for $2,000 and bands feel a loss from free downloads
                                                          an admission of wrongdoing, according and others believe they simply are giv-
             sharing                                      to                     ing potential fans a sample of their work,
             BY NICK DEFAZIO Staff Writer                    Summit County                                                     there has been
                Sophomore Nick Jensen knows much          lawyer         Gina “We have laws in place to                        much contro-
             about technology, and he knows how to        Ferruccio believes protect people who make                           versy       over
             get music without paying for it.             that the girl was ir- something, people who paint whether it is
                Sometimes he burns his favorite mu-       responsibly tar-                                                     morally accept-
             sic from friends, but often he downloads     geted.                 something, and music artists able.
             songs off of his computer. Either way,          “It’s absolutely need protection too.”                               “I     down-
             he is unlikely to be spotted standing in     ridiculous. She was                              Mrs. Chopra loaded a few
             the checkout line of Best Buy, grabbing      an example of corporate bullying and this Metallica songs just to spite,” Jensen
             money out of his wallet to purchase mu-      case shows why people hate [lawyers],” said.
             sic of his favorite genre, hard rock. At     she said.                                      Ferruccio said that she believes the
             least not while he can still download free      Although most lawsuits have been government will have difficulty in con-
             music on the Internet, or as the Ameri-      settled for less than $3,000, those sued trolling those interested in obtaining free
             can government and record companies          face up to $150,000 per file. For those music for financial and technological
             alike have come to label it: music piracy.   sharing 1,000 songs, which most of the reasons.
                How much does he substitute free          recent defendants were, there could be a      “I believe that the RIAA [Recording
             music downloads for purchasing al-           fine of $150 million, according to Industry Association of America] will
             bums? He thinks for a moment. “I don’t                        never be able to fully stop Internet down-
             think I’ve ever bought a CD,” he says.          Opponents of the lawsuits have noted loading because of the costs involved.
                                         He adds, “I’d    that the                                           Consumers will be able to find
PHOTOS BY BETH BECHERER                  pay for CDs if   targeting                                          a way through technology to
                                          they    were    process                                            trade music among themselves,

                In recent years                                            may be faulty.
             major record companies put a significant         According to the New York Times,        too,” she said.
             damper on online trading with the shut-      Sarah Ward, a 66 year-old retired              Junior Nicole McInturff agrees that
             ting down of Napster, and later threat-      schoolteacher was one of the 261            eliminating file trading entirely is an un-
             ening the same fate of similar servers.      accused. Ward, an owner of a Macintosh      attainable goal.
             Mainstream bands, upset over fans ac-        not able to run KaZaA, was sued for            “Do you know how many people are
             quiring their music for free instead of      allegedly downloading Snoop Dogg            doing it? Pretty much everyone. They’re
             purchasing their albums, pioneered the       files. She claims that not only does she    not going to stop everyone,” she said.
             attack on music piracy.                      lack most computer skills due to her           Senior Dean Bellas said he has found
                In the month of September there have      dyslexia, but that she is a fan of Celtic   ways to avoid worrying about being sued
             been lawsuits placed against 261 alleged     and folk music.                             for music piracy, such as by deleting the

30 ! The Viking Views ! 10.17.03
files after he                                                                                                        ing selfish in trying to halt
burns them                                                                                                           free music downloads.
on to CDs.                                                                                                              “They’re being greedy.
He      also                                                                                                        At least people are listening
does not                                                                                                           to their music,” she said.
share any                                                                                                             Just as the recording in-
of the files in his                                                                                              dustry has blamed its consum-
folder with other users.                                                                                         ers for downloading some of
    Jensen said another way to avoid be-      should                                                            the music in their collection,
ing targeted for music piracy is by “us-      not be illegal.                                                   people have placed blame on
ing lesser known servers because they’re         “Downloading is just like VCRs mak-                           record companies for charging
less monitored.”                              ing copies of tapes,” he said.                         what they believe to be unreasonable
    McInturff said that that there are also      Wachunas said that she would never                  prices.
many alternatives to music piracy, such       download music from a band that was a                      “I think people would spend $8 to buy
as taping songs off of the radio.             major supporter of ending online trad-                 a CD rather than take the time to down-
    Economics teacher Mrs. Rashma             ing, but said that she finds it disturbing             load,” Bellas said.
Chopra said that there is a parallel          that thriving bands are so upset with free                 However, another perspective is that
between music piracy and plagiarism—          music downloads.                                       the consumer is partly responsible for the
both take another artist’s work without          “[Successful bands] are always going                cost. This is based on the theory that the
permission or imbursement.                    to have loyal fans who’ll go out and buy               more of something that is bought the less
    But many people engaging in music         CDs. I don’t think downloading is go-                  it costs.
piracy believe that by downloading files      ing to hurt them that much,” she said.                     “I think CDs would become cheaper
they are only sampling work, and do not       “True artists don’t care about money,                  if people stopped downloading music.
consider it actually stealing.                they just care about being heard and be-               Look at how the price of VCRs have
    “I am not a crook,” Wachunas said.        ing liked.”
    Bellas also believes that music piracy       McInturff agrees that bands are be-                      "See MUSIC PIRACY, p.33

  In Review: Full Speed
BY CHELSEA CROFFORD Staff Writer              book in its series, it’s not necessary to              feelings for him while he tries to swoon
   With many new TV shows, movies             have read the first two to understand                  her with his almost-witty compliments.
and CDs it’s easy to overlook new books.      what’s going on.                                                        You see his genuine
One that should not be overlooked is              Evanovich and Hughes                                                affection for her, de-
“Full Speed.” Author Janet Evanovich,         know how to play with the                                               spite his actions, and
who wrote the well-known series with          reader’s emotions. You feel                                             you don’t understand
the numbers one through nine, beginning       as if you are part of the                                               how Jamie could be
with “One for the Money” and the most         character’s every day lives                                             blind to it.
recent, “To the Nines,” teams up with         and experiencing what they                                                 With enough ro-
Charlotte Hughes. Together they’ve cre-       are going through. Even if                                              mance to keep you
ated a suspenseful, romantic comedy that      you don’t, you find your-                                               satisfied, but not so
leaves you wanting more.                      self wanting to be.                                                     much to the point
                                                                            COURTESY OFAMAZON .COM

   You get to know the main characters            With Max Holt’s good                                                where it becomes too
Jamie Swift, a small town journalist          looks, brain and charm, it’s                                            mushy, you’re able to
looking for her big break, and                impossible not to fall in                                               comfortably fall into
Maximillian Holt, gorgeous millionaire        love with him. You admire                                               Max and Jamie’s rela-
and genius. You learn there is no such        Jamie’s spunk and drive to                                              tionship. The sus-
thing as normal when looking at the           find her big story and love                                             pense keeps you on
world and no matter how badly you want        to hate the characters work-                                            the edge of your seat
to dislike someone it’s impossible when       ing against them.                                                       but the humor makes
they shower you with affection and a              As the heat between Jamie and Max                  it comfortable to sit there.
vintage Mustang.                              is turned up, frustration flares. Jamie
   Even though “Full Speed” is the third      tries to push Max away and deny her                                 "See FULL SPEED, p.37
                                                                                                                            10.17.03 ! The Viking Views ! 31
                         We’re in good                                       happy with politics in America, and they
                                                                             certainly let us know.
                                                                                                                                If Boi digresses from conventional rap
                                                                                                                             with Speakerboxx, then Dré has packed his
                         hands with Outkast                                      “Man acting as if he was the Supreme
                                                                             Being/Clocking the souls of men out like
                                                                                                                             things and moved as far away from hip-
                                                                                                                             hop as possibe with The Love Below.
                                   André “André 3000” Benjamin and           he was God and W.A.R.”                             The disc’s intro could be mistaken for
                                Antwan “Big Boi” Patton, the two parts          But Speakerboxx never loses the hip-         an old Frank Sinatra number, but that’s just
                                that equal the eclectic hip-hop duet                                                         the beginning: Love Below is, simply put,
                                Outkast, aren’t your everyday rappers.                                                       an opus of Dré’s love for the world.
                                   Since they emerged from the Atlanta                                                          “Everybody needs a glass of water to-
                                hip-hop underground ten years ago, Boi                                                       day to chase the hate away,” Dré advises
                                and Dré have created some of rap’s most                                                      on “Love Hater,” and on “Hey Ya!” Dré
                                genre-bending albums.                                                                        asks, “If what they say is ‘Nothing is for-
                                                                             COURTESY OF CDNOW.COM

                                   And with Speakerboxx/The Love Be-                                                         ever’ then what makes love the exception?”
                                low, their sixth album, the boys from At-                                                       Dre’s grandiose hip-hop love opera
                                lanta have created a set of two discs, the                                                   reaches its dénouement at perhaps the high-
                                former written and performed by Boi and                                                      light of the entire album with the bluesy,
                                the latter by Dré, that the words hip-hop                                                    soul-driven, “Take Off Your Cool,” where
                                can hardly define.                                                                           Norah Jones provides the harmonies over
                                   But that is a good thing.                                                                 acoustic guitar and Dré pleading “Baby,
                                   Because with both discs the group                                                         don’t be so cool/I wanna see you.”
                                combines rap lyrics with every possible      hop sensibility that’s been Outkast’s trade-       In the album’s final number, “Vibrate,”
                                category of music, from rock to funk, to     mark all these years: the disc’s highlights,    Dré tells us that “The future is in your
                                create an album that transcends their la-    “Ghetto Musick” and “The Way You                hands.” He may be right, and if the future
                                bel as mere “rappers” and places them in     Move,” remind us that Boi is still staying      of hip-hop is in the hands of Outkast, we
                                the category of “artists.”                   true to his roots; being an artist just gives   should all be glad, because we’re in good
                                   Speakerboxx’s “War” is rap’s return to    him the freedom to digress for the sake of      hands.
                                the protest song: Big Boi and Dré aren’t     his art.                                                                   -Steve Aquino

                                                       Dave Matthews Some Devil RCA Records                                                                                                    -
                          COURTESY OF CDNOW.COM

                                                       Although this CD has been a turn off for regular Dave Matthews Band fans, Matthews should be ad-
                                                       mired for his solo effort , “Some Devil.” The CD contains more downplayed, but lightweight rhythms
                                                       and sounds. Lyrics are heavier and more bare-to-the-bone. When Matthews combines his talents with
                                                       lead guitarist of Phish, Trey Anastasio, and his long time accompanist Tim Reynolds, the result is pure
                                                       ear candy. Unlike the folk sound of Dave Matthews Band, this album offers a more alternative sound.
                                                       Those that buy this album simply to enhance their Dave Matthews Band collection will be delighted to
                                                       find that it can offer much more depth and original Dave sound. Beth Becherer

                           Saves the Day In Reverie Dreamworks Records                                                                                                 COURTESY OF CDNOW.COM
                         Punk-pop group Saves the Day’s fifth album, In Reverie, strays from former style. The sweet, pleasant-
                         sounding tunes may be discouraging at first listen, but slowly become more enjoyable. The album title
                         implies the act of daydreaming and the listener is left doing so. With lyrics such as “I’m never in my waking
                         life, dreaming is my all the time,” the 12 tracks melodically flow through the airwaves leaving behind heavy
                         words to digest. Lead singer Chris Conley continues basing songs on the sorrows of relationships. With this
                         album though, unlike previous ones, a softer side of the band is shown. These made-for-fall songs will fit in
                         even more as the leaves fall and the temperature decreases. Amy King
                                                        Morbid Angel Heretic Earache Records
                                                        As pioneers of modern death metal, Morbid Angel holds a classic and relentless sound, though it

                                                        never falls into a pattern of mindless thrashing. While nothing revolutionary, “Heretic” is filled
                                                        with technical instrumentals along with excellent growling vocals from Steve Tucker. Every song
                                                        is solid and lyrics are purposeful. A wealth of material has been included in this 2-disc set such as
                                                        secret tracks, a ‘Drum Check’ which evolves into a full-blown drum solo, and a second disc of
                                                        Morbid Angel tracks without the vocals, perfect for anyone interested in some death metal karaoke
                                                        sessions. It’s obvious the group had fun with this album, and I’m sure anyone with a taste for their
                                                        musical style will enjoy it. Mike Cook
32! The Viking Views ! 10.17.03
     Stop Making Sense                                                                                    Jon Dieringer

   Listeners choose between lawsuits or free DVDs
   Record industry assumes role of strangers with candy to eliminate piracy
       While all are abuzz about how the          est, if not most iconic videos of all time –           That’s a novel idea: force people to
  record industry is to initiate thousands        especially “Living Dead Girl,” which, shot-        buy the album by not including the key
  of dollars in lawsuits on its core audi-        for-shot, recreates scenes from the Ger-           song. Too bad that, after all is said and
  ence in the coming months, what many            man-expressionist masterwork “The Cabi-            done, it would be easier to figure out how
  fail to realize is that there has been an       net of Dr. Caligari.” With a slightly better       to download the song off KaZaA than
  increase of late inthe amount of alterna-       sound mix and Zombie commentary, it                access the song off Costello’s website
  tive incentives not to download albums:         easily could have been sold for full price         with a confusingly long PIN number. And
  Free DVDs and bonus downloads with              as a standalone DVD – but, along with the          the process isn’t even compatible with
  all your favorite new releases!                 CD, it runs at about $12-$15.                      Macintosh computers.
       But as cool as the idea sounds, it              Most of the people who don’t own all of           Because of such varied measures, it’s
  would be taking a gamble to buy a CD            Zombie’s albums that would possibly buy            difficult to discern what conclusions can
  based on a bonus CD or DVD alone.               a greatest hits CD have probably just              be drawn from the influx in bonus con-
  You can argue that people may also ap-          downloaded the songs anyway – So if any            tent. Some artists, like Ryan Adams and
  preciate the artwork or liner notes, but it     CD ever needed a bonus DVD, it’s this one.         Stephen Malkmus, have included bonus
  still remains easier and far cheaper to         But as for Mr. Elvis Costello…                     CDs that are better than the albums they
  illegally download music, even more so               His new album, North is beautiful. It is      are packaged with. On the other hand,
  than it is to purchase legal downloads          both romantic and personal, a series of            Jane’s Addiction’s “comeback” album,
  through Apple’s iTunes music store.             musings about love and changing seasons            “Strays,” came in a “special edition”
       So, litigation aside, there is a right     played out as a series of intimate piano           which, at an additional cost, contained a
  way to get people to buy CDs, and there         numbers. But it sounds like something you          DVD of a mere few minutes of worthless
  is a wrong way. Enter Rob Zombie.               would hear on NPR, and therefore I would           material.
       While the title of his greatest hits al-   submit that no one in its target audience              But at the end of the day – or, rather,
  bum, Past, Present & Future is                  has idea how to download music.                    every CD release Tuesday – there’s noth-
  understatedly cliché, the overall pack-              So it’s a sign of the time’s need for dras-   ing wrong with getting a free DVD. At
  age is anything but. While bonus DVDs           tic measures that the album, which is put          the very least, in the future these will be
  typically include footage of the band sit-      out on the Deutsche Grammophon label               some sort of oddball pop cultural anomaly
  ting around in the studio drinking bottled      that specializes in baroque chamber pop,           that will sell well on Ebay – only ten years
  water and talking about the profundity          includes not only a bonus DVD, but also            later, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
  of their next album, Zombie’s DVD con-          an Internet-only music download.                   bowls that came free with select brands
  tains every single video of not only his             Forget that the bonus DVD is of rather        of cereal in the early 1990s will set you
  solo work, but White Zombie as well             trivial value – Elvis plays three of the songs     back at least $15 for a complete set on
  (with the unfortunate exception of Mike         on a set straight out of a rustic-themed           the online auction site.
  Judge’s animated video for the impec-           commercial for a wood-surface cleaner,                 But when “incentives” to buy music
  cably named “Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks            complete with fake autumn-brown leaves             come at an additional cost, monetary or
  & Cannibal Girls.”)                             on the piano – the bonus download is not           otherwise, the consumer never wins.
       Between Rob and White Zombie, we           of some obscure outtake, but the album’s           Most people would choose a free cereal
  have been treated to some of the great-         title track.                                       bowl over an expensive coaster.

Music Piracy                                      idea, a really bad idea,” he said.
                                                     These financial problems within the
                                                                                                     should receive strict consequences.
                                                                                                        “We have laws in place to protect
(Continued from p.29)
                                                  recording industry may be a fault of               people who make something, people
come down,” Chopra said.                          something larger than simply music                 who paint something, and music artists
   However, Jensen believes that if the           downloading, such as terrorism.                    need protection too,” she said. She said
companies gave consumers more reasons                “Economic depression led to less                the main problem with controlling mu-
to purchase CDs they could have less-             record sells. It can happen to any busi-           sic piracy is that “it’s not physical, you
ened the conflict that the music industry         ness,” Jensen said.                                can’t put locks on it.”
has been faced with.                                 Chopra is opposed to file trading, and             Chopra believes file sharing is some-
   “KaZaA is a gold mine, and the record          “anything that puts the songwriter at a            times viewed as disrespectful to music
companies didn’t act like anything was            disadvantage.” She believes that it is             in general. She believes that if file trad-
going on, they didn’t adapt at all,” he           damaging to the economy.                           ing gets out of hand the progression of
said.                                                “If you want to store it in on your hard        mainstream music will be damaged.
   Jensen said that the record companies’         drive and deny the artists the benefits,              “Big names like Elvis and Johnny
decision to undergo legal action on mu-           that is pretty close to robbery,” she said.        Cash would not have existed without the
sic fans could be a negative decision for            Although it is difficult to control an          record industry…we are killing people
them.                                             electronic program, opponents of music             who could be the next Johnny Cash,” she
   “I think suing your customers is a bad         piracy believe those who are caught                said. !
                                                                                                                          10.17.03 ! The Viking Views ! 33
          OHSAA ruling hits home
          Martin affected by                               once admitted, must abide by the              association is run in an organized and
                                                           OHSAA’s bylaws to take advantage of           fair manner.
          recent decision                                  the benefits of being a member, such as           “We operate on a democratic process.
          regarding residency                              post-season tournament play. This
                                                           pushes most schools to join even though
                                                                                                         We are not a governing body which
                                                                                                         changes laws whenever we feel like it,”
          BY TYLER ALLCHIN Staff Writer
                                                           they have no direct input on the rules        Goldring said. “The member schools tell
              For 97 years, the Ohio High School that they are being governed by. A total                us when something needs to be
          Athletic Association has regulated almost of 820 school districts are members of               changed.”
          all of the high school sports within the the OHSAA.                                                Senior Jeremy Martin and his family
          state of Ohio. The OHSAA is a privately              “About 98 percent of the high schools     have recently been involved in one of
          run organization that creates and en- in the state are part of the association                 the cases that the OHSAA has ruled
          forces rules and regulations upon mem- and they have to deal with the rules re-                upon. Prior to the Hoover v. GlenOak
          ber school districts and their athletes. gardless if they believe they are fair or             football game, Martin’s eligibility was
          There is not a single state law that gives not,” Plakas said. “One of the founda-              called into question by a complaint filed
          the OHSAA the power to govern in the tions of this country is taxation without                 with the North Canton School District,
          manner that it does. Furthermore, the representation and the OHSAA is enact-                   which was then referred to the OHSAA.
          organization’s rulings on cases are con- ing regulations without allowing a stu-                   Understanding the process by which
          sidered final be-                                                          dent or parent      Martin was ruled ineligible by the
          cause the appeals                                                          to be part of the   OHSAA is somewhat unclear due to the
          process to amend            OHSAA Commitment                               board.”             lack of information released by the asso-
          these decisions is        The Ohio High School Athletic Association            B     o     b   ciation, but Plakas says that each case
          performed inter-          is committed to serving its member               Goldring, the       must be brought to the attention of the
          nally, within their       schools by being the nation’s premier non-
                                                                                     Director of In-     association.
                                    profit athletic administration organization.
          own association.                                                           formation at            “The OHSAA does not randomly
                                    We will:
              Mr. Lee Plakas,                                                        the OHSAA,          check school districts,” Plakas said. “Ev-
                                        ·Provide exemplary athletic oversight
          an established                                                             said that mem-      ery investigation starts with a complaint.”
                                    through swift, fair, consistent and impartial
          Canton attorney           regulatory rulings;                              ber school dis-         Martin said that earlier in the week
          who has had sig-              ·Operate with openess that generates         tricts, contrary    before the GlenOak football game,
          nificant experi-          trust and with strict fiscal accountability;                         Hoover administrators called his father
                                        ·Provide impartial, responsive and
                                                                                     to popular be-
          ence dealing with                                                          lief, have a        to the school to verify that one of
                                    inclusive leadership;
          the OHSAA, says               ·Conduct tournament of nationally            great influence     Jeremy’s parent was living within the
          that school dis-          recognized excellence; and                       on the laws         school district.
          tricts must follow            ·Honor our ultimate purpose, which is                                “Then, right before the game, Coach
                                    to foster lifelong values, good citizenship,
                                                                                     that govern
          the association’s                                                          their athletic      Hertler called me into the coaches’ office
                                    ethics and fair-play approach to life among
          rules even though         student-athletes while promoting safe and        programs.           and told me that if I played, the team may
          the association’s         sporting-like athletic environments.                 “We are an      have to forfeit because of speculation
          bylaws are not                                      independent         that I was ineligible,” Martin said.
          given power by                                                             organization.           The following Friday Martin was in-
          state law.                                                                 The schools         formed by Hoover High School Principle,
              “The OHSAA is just that, a private are voluntary members. We get our                       Mr. Anthony Pallija, that he was ineli-
          organization, not created by any state power from our member schools that are                  gible. Due to FERPA (the Family Educa-
          statute,” Plakas said. “School districts asked to vote on new bylaws,” Goldring                tional Rights and Privacy Act), guidelines
          agree to be members and therefore abide said. “By becoming a member, the school                preventing administrators and staff from
          by the rules and regulations of the asso- districts agree to follow the rules set by           commenting on student affairs, Mr. Pallija
          ciation.”                                        our association. Our bylaws are devel-        could not comment on the situation in-
              The OHSAA is conducted on a sys- oped by the school districts that bring                   volving Martin and his family.
          tem in which a school district applies to issues to us.”                                           Martin, who transferred into the
          become a member of the association and,              Furthermore, Goldring said that the       Hoover School District last year after at-

38 ! The Viking Views ! 10.17.03
tending GlenOak, was, and still is, living      harsh. I think                                                           “Internal appeals
at his residence on 55 Street, which falls      that he [the                                                         are almost never re-
within the GlenOak school district lines.       commissioner]                                                        versed,” Plakas said.
This itself is not a violation of any state     could have                                                         “The association has
or OHSAA law, because his transfer              suspended me                                                    been around since the
records show that his parents have resi-        for just football.                                           1960s and there have only
dency on Everhard Rd., well within the          But to rule me in-                                        been several dozen cases to
North Canton School District.                   eligible to play basket-                              make it through the appeals process
    The state law, which the OHSAA de-          ball as well is tough.”                           and hundreds have been appealed.”
fers to, says that the student must at-             Martin claims that his family was               Goldring agrees that the process to
tend school in the district in which their      within the guidelines set by the OHSAA.         overturn a ruling is one that can be very
primary parent resides.                             “My mom was staying at Everhard             difficult, but states that the review pro-
    North Canton School District Super-         between four and six nights a week so           cess is well-thought out and logical.
intendent Mr. Tom Shoup was unable to           that’s why we felt that it was OK,” Mar-            “The commissioner’s rulings can then
comment directly on the Martin case, but        tin said.                                       be reviewed by the Board of Control
did agree to comment on general                     Deciphering between residency and           which looks to see if the commissioner
OHSAA, state, and school laws.                  property ownership is a tough call that         one, has made an error; two, he has
    “In Ohio a student gets to attend           takes much research to determine. Shoup         skipped over a bylaw that has precedent
school for free in the school district that     said that giving proof of ownership and         in the case; or three, there has been new
their parent lives in,” said North Canton       showing proof of residency is completely        information brought into the case,”
School District Superintendent Shoup.           different.                                      Goldring said.
    After the Martin case was brought be-           “It’s very easy to show documenta-              Martin’s family is in the process of
fore the OHSAA, the commissioner ruled          tion that they own the house. They can          deciding what is the best method to go
that Martin’s parents were not residing         show an I.D. and that all the utilities are     about fighting the ruling, but in the mean-
within the school district and therefore        in their name for that house. For all we        time Martin said that his mom is attempt-
he was ineligible to play sports until Apr.     know all the person does is own the             ing to take matters into her own hands
1.                                              house,” Shoup said.                                 “My mom is writing a letter to the com-
    Due to this OHSAA violation, Martin             The origin of the complaint or why          missioner of the OHSAA and he said that
was ruled ineligible to play sports for the     the OHSAA commissioner decided to               he would look at it,” Martin said. “At this
remainder of the school year if he decides      further research the Martin case is             point we’re just trying to find out more
to continue to go to class at Hoover. The       anyone’s guess at this point of the pro-        information.”
punishment is completely altered if he de-      cess. The Martins now have several le-              Speaking from prior litigation experi-
cides to attend school at GlenOak.              gal options as to pursuing Jeremy’s eli-        ence, Plakas said that Martin’s best
    “Right now if I transfer to GlenOak         gibility, but the process is an uphill battle   chance of creating change would be
my suspension ends Apr. 1 and I would           against the OHSAA. Plakas said that the         through the civil court system.
be able to run track,” Martin said. “I am       family could apply for an appeal by the             “In order to regain his eligibility to
not going to transfer though.”                  OHSAA review board which overseas the           play this season, or school year he would
    Although the punishment was ex-             commissioner’s initial ruling.                  have to receive a retaining order or in-
tremely difficult for Martin to take, he has        “The case can be reviewed by the            junction by the court,” Plakas said.
been able to be kept in good spirits by         commissioner and the two assistants,                Furthermore, Plakas feels that without
his teammates.                                  and finally a board of review that is com-      taking on the legal issues involving the
    “I’m a little disappointed, but I’m still   prised of principals, coaches, and admin-       OHSAA, the Martins have little chance
practicing to make my team better, so I’ve      istrators that belong to the OHSAA,”            of proving their case.
been feeling pretty good. There’s not           Plakas said.                                        “Factually it appears that there is not
much I can do now, it’s just something              The rulings on OHSAA cases can be           a whole lot of dispute on the case in ques-
I’m going to have to deal with,” Martin         overturned using this process, but ac-          tion,” Plakas said. “It gets back to the
said.                                           cording to Plakas, the likelihood of this       question of ‘Who is the association any-
    “I think the punishment is a little         happening is extremely small.                   how?’ ” ! v

                                                                                                                       10.17.03 ! The Viking Views ! 39
          Soccer players all torn up
           Lacrosse to play on                                   Bozeka’s sentiment.                           ceived an estimate of $30,000 for such a
                                                                     “Soccer players’ parents are com-         system. Gates and Oravec suggest that
           soccer field                                          plaining that it’s their field and they get   lacrosse could help pay for it.
                                                                 to choose if we can play on it,” said se-         But at the moment, there has been no
          BY JON DIERINGER Staff Writer
                                                                 nior Matt Gates, lacrosse player.             formal communication between the soc-
              The devil hath no fury like an angry                   Shimek said he has only heard a few       cer and lacrosse booster clubs, so no fi-
           girls soccer player. Well, maybe.                     concerns about the amount of damage           nancial plans have been made.
              “It’s more of a passive sort of anger,”            to the field. Some parents opt not to pro-        “I’ve spoken with the lacrosse boost-
           said junior Jessica Oravec, a member of               test at all.                                  ers and mentioned that [speaking with
           the Lady Vikings soccer team. “A lot of                   “Well,” said Robert Vandervaart,          the soccer boosters] might be an avenue
           the players are just mad because they                 president of the Soccer Boosters, “it’s       they’d like to follow,” Shimek said.
                       think the lacrosse players are            the school’s property, and they have the          Finance has not been the only area of
                                           going to              right to delegate it as they see fit.”        concern. Many soccer players are worried
                                           tear up the               Since the property for the field was      that playing lacrosse on the field will add
                                           field.”               aquired in 1996, the school, Sideliners,      additional wear and tear, which might have
                                               Due to            and, most significantly, soccer boosters,     implications on the players’ well-being.
                                           positive              have worked to raise money for the field’s        “I’m just worried about safety,” he said.
                                           public re-            lights, surface, press box, scoreboard,           Bozeka believes that lacrosse players
                                           sponse, the           fencing and leveling. Between fund rais-      have reasons to treat the field well.
                                           athletic              ers and personal donations, soccer                “If we have a nice field to play on, we
PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY ASHLEY PUCCI         council de-           boosters have contributed an estimated        can play better,” he said.
                                           cided that            $55-60,000. They added the concession             Because playing in the soccer field
           the lacrosse team will be allowed to use              stand as recently as 2001. Currently, ac-     now allows the lacrosse team to gener-
           the soccer field for its 2004 season.                 cording to Vandervaart, the boosters are      ate revenue from ticket sales and con-
              “It was one of the first things put on my          pushing for a sprinkler system.               cessions, Gates says that the team will
           plate as athletic director,” said Mr. Don                 Hoover soccer parent David Habib,         have money to pay for repairs.
           Shimek, new to the position this year.                who announces the boys and girls soc-             However, it is uncertain whether or not
              According to Shimek, the decision                  cer games and is an officially licensed       money will be able to compensate for the
           was made after lacrosse Coach Matt Gre-               referee, says that an irrigation system can   potential amount of damage to a field.
           gory approached him about the matter                  help the turnaround between the two               But if such problems become too great,
           last spring. The purpose was to respond               sports’ seasons.                              lacrosse simply may not be able to use the
           to some problems – “good problems,”                       Jackson’s soccer and lacrosse teams       field in the future – the decision to share
           says Shimek – including limited parking               – lacrosse being a sanctioned rather than     the use of the field is “probationary,” as
           and large crowds at the Clearmount field,             club sport – also share a field. They are     both Shimek and Bozeka described it.
           where games were played last year.                    aided by such a system.                           Despite the controversy, Bozeka
              “We’re very happy,” said Stephen Bozeka,               “You can [only] kind of tell where the    hopes that the team will make it past the
           president of the Lacrosse Boosters.                   [lacrosse] goals were,” said Habib, who       sport’s trial period on the field.
              But, despite the team’s apparent suc-              has visited the field.                            “I hope we’re there the rest of my life
           cess, not everyone seems to share                         Two or three years ago the school re-     time,” he said. !v

Sports Updates                                         won more games than we               “Everyone has really           Sophomore         Bethany
                       Soccer                          did all of last year,” Plazak     stepped up and helped the         McDearmon thinks the up-
             With only a handful of                    said.                             team,” he said.                   perclassmen deserve
          games left in the season,                         Junior Greg Habib thinks        The team has a record          much of the credit.
          the boys and girls soccer                    it is taking a whole team ef-     of 5-0-1 in the Federal              “The seniors are playing
          teams are ready to make a                    fort to be were they are.         League, and with a win            awesome,” she said. Oth-
          push for the Federal                                                                        against Jack-        ers are also contributing to
          League Title. The                                                                           son, they can        the team.
                                                                                  ! Senior Caitlin
                                        CATHY SAMARA

          boys have an overall                                                                        claim     the           “(Freshman) Karen
                                                                                  Sampsel and jun-
          record of 6-5-1 while                                                   ior Carly Mihaila
                                                                                                      Federal              Russell is really stepping
          the girls have a record                                                 fight for the ball League title.         up,” said McDearmon.
          of 7-2-4.                                                               during a recent        The girls            Both teams are gearing
             Coach Nick Plazak                                                    game against are also in the             up for games against Jack-
          believes the boys are                                                   Jackson. The F e d e r a l               son and hope to claim Fed-
          making very good                                                        team lost 1-0, but League race           eral League titles.
          progress.                                                               still has a record with a record
             “We have already                                                     of 8-3-4.           of     3-0-2.                     –Dominic Reolfi

40 ! The Viking Views ! 10.17.03
Sports overrun by rivalries
BY KACI LAPP Staff Writer                       Alison Janecko, a junior at Jackson,       County,” he said.
                                             also believes there’s a line that shouldn’t       Calabretta also feels that sports may
   For years, school rivalries have been     be crossed when it comes to school ri-        be becoming too competitive.
a chance for students from different         valries.                                          “I never really thought of Hoover as
schools to show off their school spirit in      “When somebody gets physically             a rival until I played football against them
unique ways. However, some students          hurt, it’s getting way too serious,” she      my sophomore year. One person repeat-
may be taking the good-intentioned           said.                                         edly swore at me during the game, and
rivalries to extremes.                          Janecko feels that the persistence with    I wanted to take off my helmet and
   Junior Randy Brayer knows this all        which schools hold pep rallies and “spirit    scream ‘it’s just a game!’” he said.
too well. He witnessed some of Hoover’s      weeks” is not necessarily what is caus-           Brayer
stolen signs laying outside of GlenOak       ing rivalry among students from differ-       a n d
High School.                                 ent schools.                                  Calabretta          “It’s gone too far
   “I take marketing at GlenOak,” he said,      Brayer agrees.                             agree
“when I was leaving one day I saw some          “Pep rallies are fun, but they don’t       that good               when there is
of our signs in front of their school that   have that large of an effect,” he said.       sports-             cheating involved
had been painted over. One was                  Jackson sophomore, Melissa                 manship
painted green, and the other one said        Cyperski, said that school rivalries are      is     be-          to win an athletic
‘Go, G.O.’”                                  not all based upon athletics, but other       coming a                      event.”
   Eric Calabretta, a senior at GlenOak,     areas as well.                                relevant
was not aware of the stolen Hoover              “As a member of the speech and de-         i s s u e          – Randy Brayer, 11
signs in front of his high school.           bate team at Jackson, I am fully aware of     among
   “It doesn’t really surprise me. The ri-   how competitive the academic world            local high
valry between Hoover and GlenOak             truly is,” she said, “We, as well, have       schools. When participating in school
seems to be growing every year. I’ve         our own rival, and beating them academi-      rivalry, moderation may be the key.
heard lots of rumors about things that       cally is our goal, second only to achiev-         “School rivalries are tradition,”
have been done out of rivalry between        ing our personal best.”                       Cyperski said. “Ask anyone about [his
Jackson and Hoover, and now it looks            Calabretta, shares this opinion.           or her] high school rival and I’m sure
like GlenOak is trying to become a part      “Jackson and Hoover are always try-           they will have plenty of stories about
of that,” he said.                           ing to beat each others’ test scores,”        the ‘big game.’ ”
   Brayer still believes rivalries make      he said.                                          “I believe it’s all in good fun until it’s
high school sports exciting, as long as         Brayer agrees that school rivalries        taken too far, and unfortunately, that is
they aren’t taken out of hand.               have expanded to include academics,           prone to happen in this day in age,” she
   “It’s gone too far when there is cheat-   but maintains most of the battles take        added.
ing involved to win an athletic event,”      place on the fields and courts.                   “However, what would life be with-
he said.                                        “Athletics are so competitive in Stark     out that competitive edge?” !    v

       Girl’s Tennis                “This season we really to state tournaments.                     that we deserve.”
                                 worked our butts off,” said       “Ryan was such an inspi-              Ianni agrees, and insists
   The Hoover girls tennis       senior Stephanie Larkin. “We   ration to me and the whole           that a stand needs to be made.
team finished their season       had fun and we played some team.” said Ianni. “He                       “Once we make a state-
with a 19-2 record.              good tennis.”                  brought a sense of unity to          ment and improve our pro-
   The doubles pair of se-          Ianni                                         the team           gram, it’s going to make a
nior Christine Vogelgesang       broke the                                        and told us,       difference,” said Ianni. “We
and junior Jenamarie Ianni,      record for
                                                 “This season we really “ a l w a y s                hardly ever have any fans at
moved on from sectionals         number of        worked our butts off.” fight till the              our matches.”
and played at the district       wins in a — Stephanie Larkin, 12 end...don’t                            Ianni feels that the teams
tournament at Rocky River.       season                                           accept to          determination should not be
   “We played very well at       with 31                                          lose.”             overlooked.
sectionals,”said                 wins and 4 losses.                Many feel tennis does not             “Athletes not just football
Vogelgesang. “Against               The girls attribute much of get enough recognition.              players work hard every day
tough competition we held        their success to their new        “We play our hearts out,          to succeed in their sport and
our ground.”                     head coach Ryan Shaffer.       day in and day out.” said            they should get recognition
   This season was a giant          Shaffer coached at St. Volgelgesang. “Sometimes                  for what they accomplish,”
leap from previous ones.         Thomas, and sent many girls I think we don’t get the credit         said Ianni.
                                                                                                                       –Don Kotnik
                                                                                                                10.17.03 ! The Viking Views ! 41
          Runners stride toward state
          Teams excel in the                                                   runner Danielle Berasi said. “Everybody              win,” Ackerman said.
                                                                               put in their own work this summer and                    The boys cross country team is
          long run against                                                     it’s paying off now.”                                making a strong push for a successful
          competition                                                              The girls varsity team has pulled
                                                                               together to make this season better than
                                                                                                                                    season this year.
                                                                                                                                        “Our goals are to win the rest of our
          BY ADELE VERGIS Staff Writer                                         any previous year, according to junior               invitationals and to make it to states. We
              Instead of getting their hair done or                            Whitney Queen.                                       want to be one of the top two in our
          washing their cars in preparation for this                               “[The girls] are running really well             region,” sophomore varsity runner Josh
          year’s Homecoming dance, the boys and                                together,” said coach Travis Ackerman.               Runner said.
          girls of the Hoover cross country team                               “Last year [they] were really happy to be                They also hope to win the Federal
          were running through mud and rain at                                 at states, their goal was to get there. This         League Championship this year,
          the Stark County Invitational. Staying                               year we want to be in the top eight at               according to Ackerman.
          focused on the race and not the dance,                               least.”                                                  Leading the team toward these goals
          the men and                                                                                            Helping the        are senior runners Ryan Cowan and
                                                                                      ! Sophomore team accomplish
                                   SHANNON PIFER

          women of both                                                                                                             David Blend who, according to
                                                                                      Josh Runner
          teams ran their way                                                                                 this goal are         Ackerman, work hard every day at
                                                                                      runs through
          to first and second                                                                                 varsity runners       practice and push other members of the
                                                                                      the mud at the
          place finishes,                                                             S t r o n g s v i l l e Sarah McCort          team to do the same.
          respectively.                                                               Invitational on and Alex Bourlas.                 “We’ve come together as a team really
              This dedication                                                         Oct. 4. His According to                      well,” said Runner. “Our seniors have
          to the sport has                                                            24th place fin- Ackerman, these               taken a large leadership role.”
          been an ongoing                                                             ish helped the girls not only                     Due to strong teams as well as strong
          trend throughout                                                            team come in lead the team by                 individuals, both the girls and boys cross
          the season, as this                                                         third overall.          taking the first or   country teams have achieved success so
          is the first time both                                                                              second places in      far this season. While both teams hope
          teams have been                                                                                     meets, but also       to continue their pace to States as well
          simultaneously                                                                  motivated the team to succeed             as win the Federal League Championship,
          state ranked. Both the boys team, ranked                             during workouts.                                     they understand that it is necessary for
          fifth in the state, and the girls team,                                  Though both Bourlas and McCort                   them to work hard and remain dedicated
          ranked eighth in the state, attribute this                           have run well this season, the whole team            to the task at hand.
          success to hard work, strong leadership,                             has consistently scored well at                          “Our teams are really dedicated. We
          and team unity.                                                      invitationals.                                       all compete with each other to be the best.
              “We are all really close and we train                                “Even though you have one or two                 You can’t really run successfully and not
          really hard in practice,” senior varsity                             great runners, it takes the whole team to            be dedicated,” Berasi said.! v

Sports Updates                                                       Simpson, the team is ready         tournament, even with a team           ment.
          Volleyball                                                 for the tournament.                like McKinley in their bracket.           If the team wins against
             The Hoover Lady Vikes                                      “We are looking forward to      “McKinley is a good team,”             Barberton they will play in
          Volleyball team is winding                                 our rematch against Austin-        DiRusso said, “but they are            the Sectional Final on Oct.
          down the regular season with                               town Fitch,” Simpson said.         beatable.”                             16. The team could then
          a record of 11-5. The team is                                 Senior Jessica DiRusso              After the season ends,             play in the District Tourna-
          now preparing for the Federal                              thinks that the they have a        the team will begin the sec-           ment, taking place on Oct.
          League tournament and play-                                good chance to do well in the      tional tournament, where they          21 and 23. The dates for
          offs.                                                                                                     are seeded fourth,         the Regional and the State
                                                   AMANDA CRAWFORD

             The        Federal                                                         !Junior Callan Russ and will play                      Tournaments are yet to be
          League tournament                                                             prepares to return a against              Bar-         announced.
          will take place on Oct.                                                       serve during a recent berton on Oct. 14.                  DiRusso thinks that the
          4, and the winner of                                                          game against Kidron The Lady Vikes                     team has had its success
          the tournament will win                                                       Central Catholic. The played Barberton                 so far this season because
          the Federal League                                                            team lost, but they are earlier this season            of its unity.
          Title. According to                                                           having a good sea- and defeated                           “When we play as a team
          junior Samantha                                                               son with a record of them in the                       we are unbeatable,” she
                                                                                        11-5.                       Barberton Tourna-          said.
                                                                                                                                                              –Chris Tomin
42 ! The Viking Views ! 10.17.03
‘Z’ Marks the Spot                                                           Chris Zaluski

  The record ‘keeper’
  No one kicks past Ostrowski
    Goalie breaks shut-out record           season tickets for the floor seats will    success has been the performance of
    Varsity soccer goalie, senior Chad      go on sale in early November.              their defense, which has held oppo-
Ostrowski, saved a place for his name           Homecoming Madness                     nents to an average of six points a
in the Hoover record books this sea-            For the second time in two years the   game. This incredible statistic ranks
son by breaking the career shutout          football team had to postpone the sec-     Hoover’s defense as one of the top in
record. Surpassing the old record of        ond half of their game on Sept. 26, due    the state for points allowed per game.
14 shutouts, the three year letterman       to thunderstorms. After the Vikes              What attributes to the defenses
is very humble about his accomplish-        rumbled ahead for a 19 to 0 lead over      success?
ment.                                       McKinley in the first half, lightning          Senior middle linebacker Tom
    “I just did my job,” he said. “My de-   struck, delaying and eventually post-      Santelle cites great teamwork and
fense helped me break [the record].”        poning the game for Saturday morning       hustle in helping the defense shutdown
    Ostrowski also said that people         at ten.                                    opponents.
mentioned the record to him a few               While the football team was finish-        “When other teams play our de-
times but that he didn’t think too much     ing off McKinley Saturday morning on       fense, they’re really playing a family,
of it, wanting to keep his thoughts to-     a field resembling the Everglades, the     not just another team,” Santelle said.
wards the main goal of winning the Fed-     boys and girls cross country teams were        Another quality, according to
eral League title.                          also sloshing through the mud five min-    Santelle, is that there are not any stars.
    The varsity team has a good shot        utes down the road at Walsh Univer-            “Nobody stands out,” he said. “Ev-
of achieving this goal, as they are cur-    sity. Even though the runners were so      eryone gets the job done and that’s why
rently undefeated among the league.         muddy by the end of the race that fans     we’re so successful.”
Only Jackson stands in their way.           were unable to read their jerseys, the         Soccer basket winner
    Floor-side action                       boys placed first and the girls placed         The soccer boosters announced the
    “The Win-Tunnel” will have a new        second in the Stark County Meet.           winner of their sports basket raffle, Mr.
feature this upcoming basketball sea-           Violent lightning, torrential down-    Joe Abel of Canton, at a recent soc-
son. Floor seats will be added beneath      pours, along with gusty winds…what a       cer game. The basket included a hand-
the overhead walkway. The new sec-          great day for a Homecoming dance.          sewn afghan blanket, as well as other
tion will be set-up on the Auxiliary Gym        Solid D                                Vikings accessories. The money
side and will continue adding to the            Surprising everyone except them-       raised from the raffle was put into the
exciting atmosphere.                        selves, the football team has been turn-   funds to get new sprinklers for their
    According to the Athletic Office,       ing a lot of heads. Attributing to their   field.

                                Vikings will continue to be follow through.”                                Ceretta said.
         Football               the competition for other           Many players consider                      With two more Federal
   Staying undefeated, the      teams that they have been. Hertler, along with the rest                     League games and the
Hoover Vikings football            “We plan to continue of the coaching staff, great                        playoffs coming up, the
team holds the record of 7-     fighting our hardest through contributors to their suc-                     competition gains empha-
0. The team that many           the end of this season and cess.                                            sis, but Ceretta sees a posi-
expected would not suc-         we know we will succeed to          “Our coaches continue to                tive outcome for the
ceed is keeping the heat        the end,” he said.               drive us throughout the sea-               Viking’s season.
on for future teams at the         Coach Don Hertler has son,” quarterback Sam                                 “As long as we play to
end of the season as well.      been very satisfied ! Senior Chad                                           our best ability there’s not
                                                                                             CATHY SAMARA

   Ranked first in their        with the team’s Coyle goes out                                              a team that can beat us,”
computer region for the         performance.            for a pass during                                   he said.
playoffs and eighth in the         “I’ve been really a recent practice.                                        The Hoover Vikings have
state, the Vikings hold         happy with their atti- The team’s hard                                      2 more Federal League
strong to their determina-      tude and their togeth- work throughout                                      matchups before the play-
tion.                           erness,” Hertler said. the season has                                       offs. They play Lake at
   Alex Ramsey, senior co-      “ The coaches pre- led them to a 7-0                                        home tonight starting at 7.
captain believes that the       pare them and they                                                                  -Amanda Crawford

                                                                                                                      10.17.03 ! The Viking Views ! 43
                 Tyler’s Tirade                         Tyler Allchin
                                                                                                                            When          it
            ESPN fires Limbaugh                                                                                         comes to consis-
                                                                                                                        tency, one can
            Comments on McNabb taken offensively                                                                        hardly be as solid
                Athletics are a microcosm of          chance to correct his wrong. Giving
            American culture. Examination of the      him a second chance under the stipu-                              as Chaz Maul.
            lives and events of athletes along with   lation that he apologize for his actions                          Maul, a junior on
            the scrutiny of the media can bring to    would have been showing both a                                    the boys varsity
            light cultural attitudes in the sports    strong stance on the issue and toler-                             golf team, has
            world and in the general populous.        ance of a differing, although mis-                                been productive
                One such cultural attitude that has   guided, opinion.                             all season, helping the golf team to a
            surfaced in the wake of an ESPN               Along the same lines, the NFL as a       6-3 record thus far.
            commentator’s remarks on the Phila-       whole has had issues with acceptance             He has finished near the top all year
            delphia Eagles quarterback Donovan        and tolerance. This season the league        and was also named Second Team
            McNabb. During the airing of ESPN’s       is cracking down on the excessive cel-
                                                                                                   All Federal League. One of the high-
            “Sunday Morning Countdown” Sept.          ebration of it’s players. They do not
            28, commentator and conservative          want to see throat slashing movements
                                                                                                   lights of his season was a top-ten fin-
            talk show host Rush Limbaugh voiced       or death depiction in celebration, that’s    ish at a preseason tournament.
            his opinion that McNabb was only re-      fine. But to fine Terrell Owens for sign-        Coach Scott Snyder agrees that
            ceiving added credit and publicity for    ing a football following a touchdown,        Maul is a very good player.
            his performance because the media         as the league did last season, is ab-            “ Chaz has been consistent all sea-
            wanted to see an African-American         surd. The action harmed no one and           son,” said Snyder, “He has a very
            quarterback succeed in the NFL.           was fun in nature. The NFL and ESPN          good swing. Probably the best on the
                The cultural brought to light by      have problems seeing their employ-           team.”
            these remarks is that of in-tolerance.    ees show a difference in opinion or              Hopefully, Maul can keep up his
            In-tolerance of race and performance      creativity.                                  great play for the rest of the year and
            of others and the un-acceptance of the        At the bottom of these examples is
                                                                                                   help the team finish strong.
            differences in human beings.              the reality that the American public
            Limbaugh’s comments run deep in           wants conformity and with conformity
            racial concerns but more importantly      comes normalcy. And normalcy in ath-                                   For all of you
            they highlight the problem of cultural    letics is boring. The allowance of dif-
                                                                                                                          skeptics who say
            acceptance as a whole.                    fering opinions and actions creates
                                                                                                                          tennis       looks
                When Limbaugh spoke that Sun-         drama and excitement.
            day, he commented on an athlete’s             Instead of trying to stop people from                           pretty easy, just
            race. Wow, that’s profound because        giving their opinions, the authority fig-                           try telling that to
            the color of one’s skin has so much to    ures and the sports world should coun-                              senior Christine
            do with how they perform on the foot-     teract these simple-minded comments                                 Vo g e l g e s a n g .
            ball field. More importantly McNabb’s     by intelligently disagreeing and allow-                             Her great play
            performance has spoken for itself with-   ing the fans to make their own unaf-                                this year has not
            out the help of a bigot minded media      fected decision. By doing so the sports      just come from hopes and dreams.
            man to try and help show otherwise.       world will show a tolerance for differ-      Vogelgesang, a senior on the girls var-
            McNabb has been to three Pro Bowls        ing opinions and at the same time giv-       sity tennis team, has put in countless
            and was the CBS radio player of the       ing sports commentators the ability to
                                                                                                   hours of hard work and dedication to
            year in 2000.                             control their own destiny. Because,
                                                                                                   get where she is at today.
                Was Limbaugh out of line? Of          lets face it, even if Limbaugh had
            course he was. Is he a racist? I’m not    stayed at ESPN, without a proper apol-           Vogelgesang believes that hard
            sure, but the fact remains that he’s an   ogy his opinion would have meant             work will lead to success.
            unaccepting person. And that needs        absolutely nothing.                              “ I like to see my hard work pay off
            to change. Not only inside of                 If the way in dealing with these situ-   when it matters the most, on the court,”
            Limbaugh, but society in general.         ations begins to change the rest of the      she said.
                Not only does Limbaugh need to        sports community will catch on. And it           Vogelgesang claims she owes much
            re-think his intolerance of others, but   already has started at an unlikely           to the people around her.
            ESPN and the NFL do as well. Fol-         place, Donovan McNabb.                           “I’ve been influenced by many
            lowing his comments, Limbaugh was             Following Limbaugh’s statements          people,” she said. “Coach Ryan and
            promptly forced to resign from his        McNabb politely commented that he
                                                                                                   all my teammates with their confidence
            ESPN position. He embarrassed him-        had the right to give his thoughts, but
                                                                                                   in me and my success.”
            self on national television and ruined    in his own humble opinion his perfor-
            his reputation. What would have been      mance on the field spoke for itself. Nice        If Vogelgesang can keep up her
            wrong with allowing him to burn his       job Donovan, more than your passion          good play, she and the Vikings should
            own bridges, but retain his job?          on the field, your comments off of it        have no problem finishing strong this
                Although      blatantly     wrong,    have shown that to have sportsman-           season.
            Limbaugh should have been given the       ship you must display tolerance.                                  –Brandon Hugg

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