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									       The Honorable Mention
DECEMBER 2008	                                        EL CAMINO COLLEGE	                                     HONORS TRANSFER PROGRAM

                                                                                                                November UC
                                                                                                                deadlines have
                                                                                                                passed, but the
                                                                                                                private school
                                                                                                                deadlines are soon

Private Schools Give Incentive to Applicants With Financial Need
 By: Jennifer Gerrits
   Har vard/Yale/Princeton                             The initiative is spreading
   “No - Loan Policy” is                          through the Ivy League. Of the eight           Private schools with a “n
                                                  ivies, Harvard, Yale, Princeton,                                         o-
   becoming new trend                                                                            loan policy” may be a les
   among     private
                                                        University of Pennsylvania,                                         s
                                                        Dartmouth,        and Columbia           costly solution than publ
   schools.                                             already have the initiative in place.                              ic
                                                        As of the 2009/2010 school year,           schools for those with
        At the beginning of the new
                                                        Cornell will follow, leaving only
   millennium, Harvard, Yale, and
                                                        Brown to join the bandwagon.                   financial need.
   Princeton introduced a “No -
   Loan Policy”         making them                      Top liberal arts colleges are
   financially accessible to students              also following in the movement.                      Students with a $0 Expected
   from low and middle incomes. This policy       Pomona, Williams, Amherst, and                  Family Contribution may pay near
   grants a student money to eliminate any        Swarthmore are among a handful of               nothing for a top education. The
   requirement to borrow funds to pay for         private liberal arts colleges that guarantee    “No - Loan Policy” assures students,
   any part of the cost of attendance at a        to meet 100% of a student’s demonstrated        regardless of their income level, financial
   private university. Some schools adopting      need. These colleges have a very small          accessibility to these top institutions.
   the policy have income limits, such as the     student body compared to universities,          Consequently, bright students from all
   University of Chicago and the University       and have a large financial aid budget            income levels are less hesitant to aspire to
   of Pennsylvania who limit this special         which allows packages in excess of              reach for these dream schools.
   grant for students whose income level is       $30,000 to be given to a majority of their
   under $60,000 and $100,000 ,                   students.

 Private School 1. Find out all the test requirements and 3. Visit the school to see if it is a good fit.   5. Start your essays EARLY and get
 Application       any required preparation coursework at 4. Contact the school often for advice on           plenty of criticism on them.
 Tips:             least one year before you want to apply.  course planning and course pre-               6. Make your personality known in
                2. Research the school’s financial aid        evaluations (many schools do this for            c l a s s . Yo u w i l l n e e d
 START EARLY!      policies and deadlines.                   free via email!)                                 recommendations from teachers.

Tips For Success!                              HTCC Honors Research
By: Selma Sehovic                              Conference: A Fear Conquest
       As a motivated El Camino College        By: Kanza Shaheen
student, I always find it disheartening when
I encounter so many apathetic students in
my classes. As my third semester at El
Camino is winding down and application
filing period dawns on me, I cannot help
but wonder how those indifferent students
will tackle the stresses of the application
process, or more importantly, how they will
succeed in the classroom once they transfer
to a four-year institution.

    Having said that, I have compiled a list
of some tips for success that I have picked
up through my academic career, from high
school as well as through my college
experience, that I hope to pass on to
struggling El Camino students who hope to
achieve success. They are as follows:

Sit as close to the front of the class as

It is much easier to stay engaged in the
lecture and avoid being distracted than if     ECCers at the 2008 Honors Research Conference hosted by UC Irvine.
you opt for the back row.
                                                                                              gives you a chance to network with
Learn to be an avid note taker.
                                               I came into this                               students who might transfer to the same
I know that many students claim to be
                                               conference trying to                           university as you, and you may create
auditory learners, and this may be true, but   build my resume, and                           long-lasting friendships.
writing down some notes while listening        came out of it with a                                It gives you the opportunity to do
will ensure that you don’t forget the
important aspects brought up during
                                               changed character.                             independent research and present your
                                                                                              research paper to fellow community
lecture. This will also benefit you later as         Speaking from experience as a             college students. This prestigious
test day approaches.                           presenter in the 2006-2007 symposium, I        platform only comes once a year. Take
                                               presented my paper to a wonderful group        advantage of this wonderful opportunity
Write in the margins.
                                               of faculty and students from community         to network with intellects, earn a
Regardless of what you’re reading, it’s        colleges all over California. It gave me a     scholarship, and even get your paper
always helpful to jot down a couple of         chance to build confidence and address          published in the Building Bridges Journal.
notes in the margins of the text. Whether      my public speaking fear. TRUST ME!! It
you’re simply summarizing the main idea        was well worth it. In fact it is one of the        Breakfast, lunch, and snacks were all
of the paragraph, posing questions, or         best things I have done for myself. Those      provided. It’s a day filled with interesting
perhaps even underlining key phrases,          who have a fear of public speaking and         papers by your peers, it’s on a beautiful
when you look back at your reading, your       might not want to participate because of       campus which some of you might
eye will automatically skim to the margins     this reason will definitely miss out. I         transfer into, and it is an occasion that
and whatever you wrote down will become        encourage you to take a deep breath and        only comes around once a year and lets
the primary focus. This is especially          go for it.                                     your talent shine.
beneficial if you’re reviewing for an essay
or exam and want to capture the gist of             From one student to another,
                                                                                                    This experience helped me beyond
your reading.                                  this prestigious platform is
                                                                                              my resume. I have less fear speaking
                                               definitely a resume builder. You can
                                                                                              about a subject to strangers, which is a
                                               do what I did and write it on your college
                                                                                              life skill that is invaluable.
                                               applications and mention it in your
     ( See Tips continued on page 3)           interviews for an internship or job. It also

                                               approach I would take as a leader would              An important relationship that needs
Tips (continued from page 2)                   be to ensure that there is team work            to be worked on and strengthened
Make post-it notes and use your                involved; I would make sure that                throughout the year is that with the
planner.                                       decisions are made collectively and that        parents. The special gifts and talents of a
                                               choices are offered to the respective           child should be recognized and developed
This is a great way to remind yourself of      constituents before any policies or             throughout a child's schooling through
large assignments, exams, and events           regulations are set in place. Through this      partnering with families and strong
coming up. Whenever I have                     collective approach, which is similar to        community ties.          Parents will be
appointments or questions to ask               that of democratic leaders, the leader          encouraged to get involved in school
counselors/professors, I always write          assists in the development of future            activities, which will be scheduled in
them down on post-its and place them in        leaders and helps in training them to           evenings and nights for their convenience.
the folder that I will use the next day to     teach children in the most concerned            Teachers will be expected to go through
remind me of what I need to do that day        manner.                                         weekly reports with the parents on their
(Nerdy? Absolutely….but it definitely                Once the vision is set and the leader's    child's development. Information on
beats forgetting things!) Planners and         goals and objectives are well defined,           special events and functions will be
calendars are also a great way to keep         determining the curriculum approach             included in the school's monthly
you on track (I really mean it!) The           would be the next step. I believe that          newsletter, along with the school's up-to
second you get your syllabus for a new         positive early childhood experiences            date plans and performance.
class, make sure you write down all the        affect children's achievements and                      In order for a school to achieve
test days of each class so that you know       attitudes throughout their school careers       excellence in all its fields, it is crucial that
what’s coming up and have more time to         and lives. In my personal opinion, the          both the school community and the
prepare without feeling overwhelmed and        best learning environment is one in which       parents work together diligently. As a
surprised.                                     children are actively involved. Children        program administrator, one should work
    These four tips I have listed here have    need to create their own knowledge and          productively in order to collectively
helped me tremendously throughout my           express themselves creatively in order for      achieve the goals and objectives set for
academic career. I hope they do the same       meaningful learning experiences to take         the school and strive to successfully
for you.                                       place. When children actively engage in         accomplish the set expectations.
                                               their learning, they begin to take
                                               ownership of their education. If one were       Voters Decide on Life-changing
An Effective Program                           to be a program administrator, he/ she          Local Issues
                                               should actively involve his or her self in
Administration                                 devising a curriculum through
                                                                                               By: Christine Algenio

By: Horiya Ameen                               partnership with families and teachers.              Proposition 8 was passed during the
                                               By doing so, he/she will be able to create      general election and soon after a petition
     There are many different approaches       one that best fits the needs of the children     was made to the California Supreme
one can take in order to set classroom         and will assist them in succeeding as           Court challenging the passage, and
regulations, define leadership styles,          young adults.                                   thousands of protesters took to the streets
devise curricula, and establish effective           Priorities as a program administrator      to vent their disappointment. With the
interactions with parents and colleagues.      should be to ascertain that the program         amendment, the state constitution will
It is through learning and personal            structure is set according to the rules and     override the Supreme Court ruling that
experience that I have been able to            regulations and the staff is well versed        legalized same-sex marriage. Voters in
develop my own philosophy on effective         with the school policies and procedures.        Arizona and Florida also passed the
program administration so that children        The standards and expectations for both         amendment saying that marriage was a
can reap the full benefits of an education.     teachers and students would be posted in        union only between a man and a woman.
       For any administration, the leader      each classroom. Teachers would go               Arizona, Florida, and California were the
plays a pivotal role, and defining his/her      through an orientation session that would       only states to ban same - sex marriage
goals and objectives is crucial in             brief them on expectations. Once the            this year,
establishing the progress of the               curriculum is established, the program                Voters also faced other social issues
administration. The approach and the           administrator should ensure that staff          during the election night, from abortion
vision the leader sets for the program is      members have all the necessary tools and        to legalizing marijuana use for medical
imperative in determining the success of       resources to productively implement the         purposes. Michigan became the 13th
the program and its various components.        devised curriculum. Workshops and               state to legalize marijuana for medical
Personally, I believe that a leader must be    training sessions for staff will also be held   purposes, with 63 percent of the vote.
dynamic in not only performing the             to teach the proper methodology                 The average American’s vote affects the
logistical tasks, but also with ideas; it is   practically. Lastly, in order to gauge the      lives of millions of people. General
through innovation and active                  progress of the curriculum and the              election night is not the only way you can
participation that a leader can truly          success of student learning, evaluations        voice your opinion. Write your house
ascertain success of an organization. The      will take place on a consistent basis.          representative or Senator and let your
                                                                                               concerns be known.

                                                 watching the walkers and volunteers          the most. It’s always fun to be around
Walking for a Cure: 2008                         helping the cause.                           those you care about.
By: Tiffany Huynh
                                                      On Sunday morning, on October               Christmas is also the time you can help
          The struggle to live life the way      19th, over 30,000 caring people literally    those who are in need. Every Christmas,
we see fit is everyone’s adversity. For           filled the streets of San Vicente             my friends and I participate in Operation
others, it’s more than that—it is to see         Boulevard, between Melrose Avenue and        Christmas Child. It is an organization that
another day. Who are these people?               Santa Monica Boulevard, in West              sends out Christmas presents to children
They are the ones that must live every           Hollywood spanning up to 10 kilometers       who don’t get to receive gifts. You get a
moment questioning when their time is            to help individuals fight HIV/AIDS in         shoe box and you put in the things you
finally ending. The ones that doubt               Los Angeles. In the year 2007, 30,000        want to give to the person. Some
whether or not something greater will            people, raised a record breaking sum of      examples are toothbrushes, hard candies,
finally take over them—individuals who            $3.9 million.                                pens and pencils. There are also activities
are struggling with HIV/AIDS every
                                                                                              at the church to provide a meal for the
second. They are the fighters for
                                                                                              homeless. You can pick up a container at
another day.
                                                                                              church and follow the recipe to make the
      Worldwide, 50% of individuals                                                           dish and bring it back to church and they
under the age of 25 have new HIV                                                              will send the food to the homeless shelter
infections. “By the end of 2005,                                                              so they can have a Christmas meal. There
there were an estimated 40.3 million                                                          are also opportunities to help children
people living with HIV/AIDS                                                                   with out families. Usually my church will
worldwide.” One-quarter of those                                                              send down a group of people with
infected with HIV, in the United                                                              Christmas presents and candies to the
States, each year are unaware of                                                              orphanage and share the Christmas joy
their status. “At the end of 2004, an                                                         with the kids. It is always fun and heart
estimated 1,039,000 to 1,185,000                                                              warming to see the smiles on their faces,
persons in the United States were                                                             and it’s so encouraging to know that
living with HIV/AIDS, with 24% to 27%                                                         you’re helping others to feel better on a
                                                      With the help of sponsors, walkers,     Christmas holiday.
undiagnosed and unaware of their HIV             volunteers, and workers in the
infection [and] approximately 17,011                                                                Spending time with family, helping
                                                 organization, AWLA was able to raise         other people, knowing that you are
people died due to AIDS in 2005 alone            $3,158,402 this year. That is not even the
and there have been over 550,000 AIDS-                                                        important in so many people’s lives is why
                                                 last count for donations. AWLA will be       Christmas is the best holiday. Christmas is
related deaths since 1981” (The Henry J.         receiving even more money donations to
Kaiser Family Foundation, 2006). Since                                                        a holiday full of happiness and joyfulness
                                                 help find a cure for HIV/AIDS.                that warms you up inside during cold
2002, AIDS diagnoses in the U.S.
                       continue to rise. In                                                   winter days. Why wouldn’t you love
                          L o s A n g e l e s,                                                Christmas?
                          around 21,000          The Best Holiday
                         re s i d e n t s a re                                                For more information on Operation
                                                 By: Doreen Pan
                         currently striving                                                   Christmas Child visit:
                                                                                              Type to enter text
                         to fight HIV/                                               
      People usually like the holidays
                        AIDS every single
                                                 because it gives them the time to take a     Donating just a few hours of your time
                        day. Every day as
                                                 break from school and work. At the end of    during this holiday season is an
                        they try to survive,
                                                 the year when you hear the bells ring and    invaluable resource for those who
                        every year one
                                                 children’s laugher, you know its Christmas   need your help. There are plenty of
                       great event in Los
                                                 time. Christmas is the best holiday          volunteer opportunities in the area.
                       Angeles occurs—
                                                 because you get to spend time with family
                       AIDS WALK Los                                                          To find out more:
                                                 and friends, and also get to help others
                       Angeles (AWLA).
                                                 who are in need.
                                                                                              • visit and click on
     Annually, people are active and
      Christmas gives you the chance to       “Holiday Volunteer Opportunities
maintain the AWLA to help support
                                                 talk about the latest updates and see          2008”
families and friends fight one of the
greatest struggles—survival. This annual         what’s different with one another, which                        or
walk is not only life changing, but also         especially applies to distant family. In
inspiring to everyone who decides to be a        addition, Christmas also allows you to buy   • ask for ideas from El Camino’s
participant of the AWLA and even                 presents for your family. You can receive      Rotoract and Circle K clubs, your
individuals who stand by in the stores           and give presents you think fit each person     nearest YMCA or community
                                                                                                center, or a local church.

A Moment There                                       Reasons to join the Honors Transfer Program:
By: Kevin Douglass
                                                            SOME BENEFITS:
               A Moment There
                                                            Priority registration for all El Camino Classes
              Our eyes embrace
              Our thoughts race                             UCLA: priority admission consideration to the College of Letters and Sciences.
 Such contemplations arise as never rose before                      The HTP has around a 90% admission rate to the College of Letters
                                                                     and Sciences.
               Thoughts unfold
                Then take hold
                                                            University of California at Irvine: priority admission consideration
                 A Rose arose                                                                   to the university.
            What was is no more                             Pomona College: admission consideration to the college (requires a 3.5
            What is to be is not set
                                                                           GPA).*After speaking to the director of Transfer Admissions,
        Destiny by divine orchestration                                     he told me SATs are optional but preferred, Call to confirm.
         Coincidence as ships on tide
           For in a moments passing                         California State University, Long Beach: guaranteed admission to the University
           Two roads before me rise                                                                  Honors Program.
                 To My Left                                 California State University, Dominguez Hills: guaranteed admission to the
                 To My Right
            A path each to its own
               A choice defined                            Top tier schools see that you have taken a challenging curriculum during your
                 A future set
                                                           academic career so that you can continue to compete at a rigorous level when you
                   Perhaps                                 arrive at their school. Honors courses assure the admissions officers that your
To my left your sweet embrace for which I long             curriculum is more intensive than the regularly offered courses. Just completion of
     Loves bough perhaps at a later time                   the program is a bonus to many schools. On the Common Application, many of the
                  Captivated                               university supplements have a check box asking if you were a participant in your
                   Captured                                school’s honors program. For those who lack in SAT/ACT scores, a strong curriculum
        My heart no longer truly mine                      can help balance that shortcoming.
               Shared Perhaps
             From one out of two                           Aside from admissions statistics, the honors courses at El Camino are taught by staff
                                                           who are enthusiastic about their subject. They can inspire students who are weary of
     I jealously guard that which is mine
        To yield is not of one such as I                   their degree program, just by having a passion about what they teach. Also, the
               To know only one                            classes are mostly filled with students who are also highly motivated, so you are sure
                  Not another
                                                           to find friends with whom you can study.
       But what may other futures hold
      To my right the path I walk alone
        Standing no longer by my side
                                                  Educating Your Transfer
                                                  By: Raul Rodriguez
                 At what cost
                                                     With an attendance of over 1,200 fellow            transfer student, students had the opportunity to
           Maintain that of before
              If nothing lost                     community college students the TAP Transfer           attend seventeen different types of workshops,
            Is anything gained                    Conference, held at UCLA, was an                      campus and housing tours, and an information
              Pressing onward                     enlightening experience. On November 21,              fair. The workshops covered informative topics
                  As before                       2008, thirty five El Camino students decided to        including scholarship information, honors
              With nothing more
                                                  take an initiative to their education and hopped      scholar programs, and undergraduate research
              Two roads diverge                   on a charter bus, equipped with reclining seats       opportunities. A UCLA admissions
          I know not where I stand
                                                  and plenty of leg room, to the city of                representative spoke about individual major
               On solid ground                    Westwood.                                             requirements and insightful tips about the
               On sure footing
                                                     Awaiting the students was an enlightening          application process. With students asking
                 Perhaps not                      and enriching experience filled with seminars          personal and general questions, I found the
               Where from here                    and campus tours. As students were lead to the        fifteen minutes of Q&A to be the most
               Where to tread                     registration site, the intoxicating smell of sugar,   informative.
          For I shall wait for a time             carbs, and coffee made the hour long commute              If you were unable to attend the conference
                   Perhaps                        more than worthwhile. Students then                   there is actually mini version March 24, 2008.
               A Moment There                     proceeded to Royce Hall where they were               Although geared for incoming and first year
                                                  welcomed by Betty Glick, the Associate Vice           students it is still an excellent opportunity for
                                                  Provost for Undergraduate Education.                  anyone considering the UC system to help better
                                                  	 After a motivational pep talk by a former           educate themselves on what is to come.

                                                                                               The Recession of the United States
  Book Banning                                                                                 Economy: Who is to Blame?
   By: Camila Jenkin                                                                           By: Yasmine Mahida

       A couple weeks ago I stopped by my                                      repeatedly           What is happening to our economy? It
                                                                              banned           seems like every time I turn on the television,
  local library to pick up a few books and
                                                                              T     h    e     something terrible is happening. Whether it is
  was horrified to notice an article pinned
                                                                              Adventures       the ridiculous gas prices, people losing homes
  to the library wall claiming that a school
                                                                              o          f     because they were unable to pay for it, or that
  in San Juan Capistrano had decided to
                                                                              Huckleberry      another number of people have lost money
  ban the popular Twilight series from their
                                                                             Finn from         because of another stock market crash, there
  school library for the four days
                                                                             s c h o o l       is something that is having a negative effect
  surrounding Halloween.
                                                                             curricula for     on our economy. How is it that the United
                                                                             “displaying       States has reached such a low point? The
      Although I personally have never read
                                                 racism.” According to’s            answer lies in us- the citizens of the United
  the series, the article I saw posted
                                                 “Forbidden Library” page, books have          States.
  reminded me that book banning is still
                                                 been banned for everything from
  rampant in schools across America.
                                                 “promoting feminist views” (for Henrik             The last time the U.S. felt the economy
  According to the American Library
                                                 Ibsen’s A Doll’s House) to “criminalizing     was is trouble was during the Great
  Association, there were 546 known
                                                 the foresting industry” (for Dr. Seuss’s      Depression.           According           to
  attempts to remove books from libraries
                                                 The Lorax).                         , Americans were
  in 2006, and there have been more than
  9,200 attempts since 1990. This is an                                                        relying on cheap credit to obtain new cars,
                                                       The American Library Association        furniture, and other luxuries preceding the
  issue that belongs, not to the distant past,
                                                 (ALA) supports the First Amendment,           Great Depression. Americans then took out
  but to our contemporary lives.
                                                 freedom of speech and expression, and         small loans, in the same way Americans
                                                 has an entire section dedicated to the un-    today are using credit cards. Manufacturing
         Concerned parents and religious
                                                 censorship of literature. Specifically, the    and agriculture increased, so more was
  organizations seem to be the main
                                                 ALA hosts “Banned Books Week” every           available, and therefore, prices dropped.
  proponents of book-banning in schools.
                                                 year to educate the public on this subject.   Unfortunately, afterwards, people realized
  Many series of children’s books, including
                                                 In the words of Tamara Forslun, an            that they had home, car, business, and
  the atheistic His Dark Materials by Philip
                                                 advocator of freedom of expression who        material loans to pay, but were not able to
  Pullman, and its Christian counterpart
                                                 believes that books based on differing        pay them all. As a result of all this,
  The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis,
                                                 cultures and belief systems should not be     unemployment rose, businesses were closed,
  have been banned from libraries all over
                                                 censored based on individual fears, “We       and homes were taken away. In no time, our
  the county by opposing religious
                                                 cannot remove something from this world       country was in the Great Depression.
  organizations. Likewise, parents have
                                                 because of fear and ignorance.”
                                                                                                      Currently, our economy is reaching a

Blue & Gold: The Life and Times of a Bruin                                                     similar situation. Housing and gas prices are
                                                                                               rising, but our paychecks are not. Not even a
By: Kanza Shaheen                                                                              college degree guarantees a job better than
   Undecided, curious, afraid, or even excited? Are you experiencing some of these emotions?   working in a fast-food restaurant. Many
Well, it’s okay! These are just some of the feelings you might be having while filling out      Americans are struggling just to survive!
undergraduate university applications. It’s normal! Trust me. I’ve been through it.
These were just a few of the symptoms I was having while at El Camino. As a
transfer student to UCLA, I had many thoughts and questions and a lot of
uncertainty about getting accepted to a prestigious university. Would they accept
me? Is my G.P.A high enough? Wait, I don’t think I have enough community service!
Most important, what am I going to write on my personal statements?!

     Relax, everything is going to be just fine. I can say this because I am speaking
from experience. I had so many thoughts running through my head which
disallowed me to focus on anything else. I soon realized that I had been prepped
really well by the El Camino College Honors Transfer Program. I began to feel comfortable        Newsletter:
with all my achievements and took advantage of all the seminars that were offered to help me
fill out my application. Before I knew it, I was clicking “submit” and knew it would be only      Club:
matter of time before I received my acceptance.
                                                                                                 Honors Transfer Program:
   Like many of you, I wondered if UCLA would be right for me, I wondered if I was smart
enough to last among geniuses. Persist, and you will do great.


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