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					Release Date : Aug 22, 2011
Publisher : Cash4phones

Mobile Phone Recycling: Get Paid to Help the Environment

A worthy cause need not take you from the comforts of your home to the despair and utter ruin
that you can find in Haiti or Somalia. Hey, we cannot all be Sean Penn or Angelina Jolie whose
sheer star power can move mountains of help for earthquake victims or those suffering from
famine and widespread drought.

But, you too can do something to change the lives of people right here, right now – and all you
have to do is recycle mobile phones. And there is your very own worthy cause… your own little
way to make a difference in the world that we all live in no matter which continent we are on.

Why Recycle Mobile Phones

Yes, even the simple act of mobile phone recycling can have a great impact on the human race
simply because it affects the mother for us all – the environment. Surely there is no need for a
whole lecture on how recycling practically anything helps the environment in some way, some
how. What more if the thing to be recycled is the single most owned and used device by almost
90% of the whole population the world over – the mobile phone?

There is no stopping technology and in the same manner, there is also no stopping people from
accumulating mobile phone units in an insatiable desire to upgrade in order to ‘keep up’ with

So, what do you do with old mobile phones? Find phone recyclers.

Where to Find Phone Recyclers

There probably is no sweeter deal than being able to do something for the environment while
getting paid to do so. You read it right, you can get cash for old phones.

To find phone recyclers, you do not need to go far or search all by yourself. All you have to do is
type in and they will almost literally hold your hand through the
entire process, from telling you where to find your mobile phone’s model number to how to go
about actually sending your units to them via freepost envelopes.

Cash 4 Phones will even help you dispose of your battery charger, memory cards and all other
accessories that come with the phone, should you wish to get rid of them as well! How neat is
that? Mother Earth will surely be smiling at you right there and then.

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