How To Be A Real Estate Developer (1) : Why Real Estate? by barjiyanti


Complete tutorials of how to be a real estate developer by a real real estate developer with 5 years experience.

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									How To Be A Real Estate Developer (1) : Why
Real Estate?
There are many ways to get rich. You can build a business, joining the network marketing,
investing in the stock market, or become an internet marketer. But why I chose to become a
real estate developer? Here are the reasons.

1. Human primary requirement
We know that housing is one of the primary needs of human beings in addition to food and
clothing. Therefore, the real estate business will always exist as long as there are humans on
this earth. Yes, in certain areas of this business is not so good because the human population in
the region tends to decrease. In China for instance, the government forbids people to have
more than one child in one family. This policy makes China's population was reduced by half
every generation. Reduced number of population of course make new housing needs also

But of course there are always opportunities everywhere, including in China. While the number
of people in most parts of China declined, the population in urban areas increased sharply.
Economic progress in China makes the high-income population is also increasing. The newly
rich, of course, require new and larger homes that fit their new lifestyle. This is an opportunity
for us as real estate developers to provide new homes and new apartments for them.

2. Real estate is a real business
Real estate development involves more than 100 other businesses. Starting from the sale and
purchase of land management, development planning, construction, installation of utilities,
marketing, financing, management, all involve a lot of manpower. Therefore, these businesses
can really drive the economy. Imagine if a business is involved with 10 workers, then with being
a real estate developer you could feed 1000 people and still make a lot of money.

3. Relatively small capital
Many people think the real estate business requires substantial capital. This mindset makes a
lot of people are afraid and feel unable to become a real estate developer. In fact my husband
and I build our real estate business with a fairly small capital. Most people think that to develop
an area, a real estate developer have to buy land and build new houses to sell it later. With this
pattern, it means a real estate developer must provide the capital to buy land and build homes
first and then reap profits. In fact the process is not necessarily so. We can develop an area
even without us having to buy the land first! How ? Later I will explain.
4. Simple Management
Managing a real estate business does not have to use complex management systems.
Moreover, when we develop a region that is not so wide. You do not need to have detailed
knowledge about home construction. You also do not have to have detailed knowledge about
marketing. You only need to hire the right people to do your job. You can leave the task of
design to the planning consultant. Construction can be submitted to the contractor. You can
leave marketing to the marketing agents, etc.. Management of real estate developers is simple.
All you need is only organize the workflow.

5. Can be done easily by anyone from any background
Many people think that to become a real estate developer you must have a background in
engineering or architecture. But in fact, Donald Trump, one of the largest real estate developer
in America is not a technical person. His background is in finance. In my opinion, that's what
you should really mastered to be successful in business: finance. Without proper financial
management, your business could be shattered in an instant.

So, whatever your background, you can become a real estate developer. My husband did not
even have a college degree. Yet he could become a successful real estate developer.

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