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					Digital Storytelling
In the humanities … and beyond
  What is “digital storytelling?”
• Images + audio + digital media design
• Affinities with short films and documentaries, but with
  an emphasis on accessibility and personal foci
  Digital Storytelling Workshop
• Center for Digital Storytelling
• Primary focus on personal stories
• Strengths:
   – Succinct intro to photo and film editing software
   – Very low instructor-student ratio
 Digital Storytelling Workshop
• Weaknesses:
  – Mac platform (Highline is primarily PC platform);
    software used not readily available
  – Personal note: easy to make the digital story into
        Digital Storytelling as a
           Pedagogical Tool
• In writing: excellent tool to teach or reinforce visual
  literacy, media literacy, & a variety of rhetorical modes
• In literature: opportunity to create a form of new
  literature; help situate literature within an
  understanding of history, art or other cultural concerns
• In other disciplines: opportunity to present and process
  content and skills in a creative, hands-on manner
   Challenges of Digital Storytelling
        as a Pedagogical Tool
• Access to technology
   – PowerPoint option available
   – Photo editor & Non-linear film editor
   – Advanced software options: Macromedia, Movie
     Maker, etc.
   – Audio software & recording hardware
• Learning outcome impact may be discipline-specific
• Therapy-on-a-budget
               Links and Resources
•   Digital storytelling in education, families and overseas
•   Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
•   “Storytelling in Higher Education: Supporting Reflection on Practice to Support
    Deep Learning” pdf from Kean University conference on Digital Storytelling
•   SITE Digital Storytelling Blog
•   Sample digital stories:
     – “Woman in Black Boots” (Marie St. Angelo Caso)
     – University of Houston examples
     – “Wondering as I Wander” (Mine)

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