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Pack Meeting Date:         Tuesday November 11, 2008
Pack Meeting Chair:        Wolves
Theme:                     Comedy Night & Military Appreciation

Preparing for the Meeting:
     Assign potluck courses to dens:
     -Salads and Veggies – Tigers
     -Main Courses-Wolves
1.                                                                            Jerry C.
     -Starches and Sides-Webelos1
     -Condiments, silverware, plates and napkins-Webelos2B
     -Beverages & Desserts-Webelos2A
2.   Rehearse Skits and jokes with Scouts                                     Jerry C.
3.   Rehearse “Recipe for Scouting with Wolves”                               Jerry C.

                             Flag Ceremony               Wolves
                             Decorations                 NA
                             Snacks                      NA
                             Supplies                    NA

Before The Meeting:
1.   Setup room – see diagram
2.   Setup tables
3.   Copies of Uniform Inspection Form

                                   Cub Scout Pack 300 Pack Meeting Planning              1
     Uniform Inspection
     -Boys draw another boys name out of a hat. With the Inspection Form they go down
1.                                                                                               Brad G.
     the list and ask and inspect the other boys uniform, marking points throughout the list.
     Tally up the points and post the scores where everyone can view them.
     Do It Yourself Tablecloths
     -Paper on a roll covering each table. Place markers or crayons on the tables. Write a
2.                                                                                               Jerry C.
     letter in the center of the paper. Have each table come up with as many names for
     cities, towns and states that begin with the letter

     Welcome and Opening Statements
     -Tonight’s theme is Comedy Night
1.                                                                                               Brad G.
     -Yesterday was Veterans day so we want to include an emphasis on America and the
     men and women who protect America as part of the Pack meeting tonight
2.   Advance the Colors – Formal Flag Ceremony                                                   Jerry C. & Wolves
3.   Pledge of Allegiance                                                                        Jerry C.
4.   Cub Scout Promise                                                                           Jerry C.

1.   Dinner and Fellowship – Let’s Eat                                                          Brad G.
2.   Meal Blessing                                                                              Brad
     Start Program as soon as Wolves are done eating
3.                                                                                              Brad G. & Bruce W.
                            *** See Pack Meeting Script ***

1.   Den awards and Popcorn Recognition                                                          Den Leaders
     Military personnel active and retired appreciation (show military photos of parents)
2.                                                                                               Jerry C.
     Bruce, Brad and Robb

1.   Recipe for Cub Scouting                                                                     Wolves & Jerry C.
2.   Parent Cub Scout Promise                                                                    Jerry C.
3.   National Anthem                                                                             Jerry C.
3.   Retire the Colors – Formal Flag Ceremony                                                    Jerry C. & Wolves
     -District Roundtable this Thursday 11/13 in Faribault
     -Popcorn Pickup at the Church 11/21 5-6pm
4.   -Next Pack Meeting on Dec. 9 at Three Links Caroling, Popcorn Awards & Pinewood             Jerry C.
     Derby Cars
     -November Birthdays Joey H-11/2 and Andy Kell-11/22

1.   Cleanup and restore room to original state                                                  Everyone

                                     Cub Scout Pack 300 Pack Meeting Planning                                        2
Pack Meeting Script for Comedy Night
*** Program will start as soon as the Wolves finish their dinner

Opening Monologue

Last week, I was watching a show on TV about invading space aliens - it was pretty creepy. Then, the
doorbell rang so I went to answer it. Standing there was a 6 foot tall mosquito! He grabbed me by the
neck, threw me across the room, and then left.
The next night, I was playing a video game and the doorbell rang. I answered it and that same six-foot
mosquito was there. He punched me in the stomach and then thumped me on the head and left.
The third night, the doorbell rang. I slowly opened the door and that mosquito pushed the door open, hit
me in both eyes, kicked me in the shin, and body slammed me to the ground then left.
The next day, I went to see my doctor and explained everything that had happened. I asked him what I
should do.
The doctor replied, "Not much you can do. There's just a nasty bug going around."

      Invisible Bench All Wolf Scouts-Luke L is Scout #8

      Paul walks onstage and squats down as if he is sitting on a bench that is invisible.
              Shea walks up to Paul.
      Shea: Whatcha doin'?
      Paul: Just sitting on this invisible bench.
      Shea: Can I join you?
      Paul: Sure.
             Shea sits down next to #1.
      Jim, Noah, Trevor, Luke W repeats the dialog.
          Each scout comes on and repeats, making a long line of scouts sitting on the bench.

      Last scout walks up to line of scouts.
      Luke L : What are you guys doing?
      all Scouts: Just sitting here on this invisible bench.
      Luke L : No you aren't. I moved the bench over there. (points away from the group)

      All the sitting scouts fall down.

                                    Cub Scout Pack 300 Pack Meeting Planning                               3
  Big and Strong Like You Skit BRUCE & LUKE
  Arnold Schwarznegger (Hero) is standing center stage, hands on hips, looking like he is important
  and in charge.

  Luke: Mr. Schwarznegger, how can I become as big and strong as you?

  Bruce: Hmmm, let me see. OK, I will share a secret with you. Go home and rub oil on your head
  every day for one week.

  Luke: Wow, Thank you! (exits)

  Luke W: (enters crouching down to be short) Arnold, Arnold, it didn't work! Now I'm/we’re even
  shorter than I (we) was (were)!

  Bruce: Hmmm, that's strange. Well, go home and rub oil on your head every day for 2 weeks.

  Luke W: Well, OK (exits)

  Luke W: (enters crouching as low as he/they can) Arnold, Arnold, look at me! I'm shorter than ever!

  Bruce: I don't understand. Did you do what I said?

  Luke W: Yes!

  Bruce: What kind of oil did you rub on your head?

  Luke W: Crisco

  Bruce: Crisco!?! That's not oil! That's SHORTENING!!!

 911 John, Luke L and Jim
Scene: One person (Jim) lying on the ground, not moving. John and Luke L walk over, see him, run for
the telephone and dial 911.
Jessica: This is 911, can I help you?

John (Panicking and gasping): 'Hello 911, there's a person here who’s been in an accident... '

Jessica: OK, can you tell me where you are?

John: 'Where am I? I'm at Montgomery and Worchestshire street.'

Jessica: Could you spell that, please?

John: 'You want me to spell it!?... Uh, M-o-t-n... Uh, M-o-t-g,' (confused)
'Just a minute” (the two drag the third scout around room back and forth)
 “OK, I’m back. We’re at King and Elm!”
                                   Cub Scout Pack 300 Pack Meeting Planning                             4
                                   *** WEBELOS 1 SONG ***

Hair Restorer Arlen, Noah and Luke W
Rabbit is hopping around center stage. (Lucas W)
Noah enters stage as if driving a car and runs into rabbit (Luck W).
Noah gets out of car and checks rabbit and sees that he is definitely dead.
Arlen drives up and stops.

Arlen: What's the matter?

Noah: I hit this poor rabbit and killed it.

Arlen: Hey, that's no problem. I have just what you need right here - my wife left it in the car. Try it.
(hand spray can to other scout. Scout shakes it and sprays a little on the rabbit. Rabbit twitches, gets up,
and hops away. As he is hopping, he turns and waves at each hop.)

Noah: Wow, that's great! What is this stuff?
(reads can.)

Arlen: Hair Restorer - restores dead, lifeless hair and gives it a permanent wave

Got any Duck Food? JERRY & SHEA
Scout 1 stands behind box or chair or table being used as the store counter.
Customer: (walks in and faces scout 1) Got any duck food?
Owner: No, this is a hardware store. We don't sell duck food.
(customer leaves and comes back the next day)

Customer: Got any duck food?
Owner: No! This is a haaaaardwaaaaaaaare store.
(customer leaves and comes back the next day)

Customer: Got any duck food?
Owner: No! No! No! And, if you ask me again, I'm gonna nail your feet to the floor!
(customer leaves and comes back the next day)

Customer: Got any Nails?
Owner: No.
Customer: Good! Got any Duck Food?

                                   *** WEBELOS 1 SONG ***

                                     Cub Scout Pack 300 Pack Meeting Planning                                  5
Custer's Last Stand Robb, Jim, Paul and Trevor
Roll of Toilet tissue
5 scouts
1 scout wrapped in tissue positioned out of sight at back of "stage".
1 scout positioned out of sight on either side of "stage".

General Custer (Robb) and aide (Jerry) are discussing how poorly the battle is progressing are
interrupted in succession by three messengers.
1st from the right (Paul), "General, we've been beaten in on the east flank."
Then from the left (Trevor) "General, we've been overrun on the west flank."
Finally by the scout wrapped in tissue (Jim) comes staggering on stage, "General, we've been
wiped out in the rear!"

George Washington and the Cherry Tree Bruce, Luke W and all Wolves
Scene: 3 scouts sitting around a campfire with one scout acting as the adult leader.

Bruce: We need to reflect on our day at camp. For the most part, I think it was a great day. What do you
Scouts: yeah! great! really good!
Bruce: But, there was one instance that we need to take care of. I'm sure you know what it was. I only
want to ask once - who tipped over that outhouse over there?
Scouts: Not me! I didn't! It wasn't me! Don't look at me!

Bruce: OK, let me tell you a little story about our first president, George Washington. George's dad had a
cherry tree that produced lots of cherries every year. One day, when George's dad came home, his cherry
tree had been chopped down.
Scouts: Huh! Hmmm! Uhuh!

Bruce: Yep, and when George's dad asked him 'Son, did you chop down my tree?', George, being honest
and brave, replied 'Yes sir, I did it.' Well, George's dad said 'Since you told me the truth, we'll pick all the
cherries and make a big cherry pie for you.'
Scouts: Wow! Really! Huh!

Bruce: Now, one last time - Who tipped over the outhouse?

Trevor: Not me!

Noah: I didn't!

Luke W: (sheepishly replies) It was me.

Bruce: (mad and grabs the scout by the arm to take him away.) Come on, then! You're going home!

Luke W: But George Washington got a cherry pie for telling the truth!

Bruce: George Washington's father wasn't in the cherry tree when George Washington cut it down!

                                     Cub Scout Pack 300 Pack Meeting Planning                                  6
Required: Brad G., Shea C and Paul C.
   Script: 2 scouts are icefishermen and they walk to centerstage.
           Paul: Sven, dis looks like a goot spot.
           Shea: Ya, Ole, let's start here, den.
           (Sven starts using a manual ice drill to cut through the ice.)
           God's Voice: There are no fish there!
           (Sven and Ole jump and look around.)
           Paul: Sven, let's try over der.
           Shea: Ya, Ole, you drill the hole dis time.
           (Ole takes the drill and they move to a new location and
           start to drill through the ice.)
           God's Voice: There are no fish there!
           (Sven and Ole jump and look around.)
           Paul: My gosh, Sven, we'd best try a different spot I'm
           Shea: Ya, Ole, dat looks pretty good over der.
           (Ole takes the drill and they move to a new location and
           start to drill through the ice.)
           God's Voice: Listen, you guys, I'm the ice rink manager and

                 Cub Scout Pack 300 Pack Meeting Planning                   7
Recipe for Cub Scouting

LEADER: A lot went into our potluck dinner this evening. There was a ton of great food that took hours
to make. That food didn’t just happen by itself, it took a lot of ingredients and some tender but tough care
to put it all together. To cook a good meal you usually start with a good recipe.

We have a recipe for Cub Scouting as well. (place a large container on the table or floor)
Every ingredient is important. If we don’t include every ingredient in our Scouting meal, the results
would not be tasty.

The ingredients of a great Cub Scouting program are:

Luke W: Boys-and lots of them. (snake or slingshot)

Noah M: A bucketful of games, sports and academics (baseball glove and notebook)

Trevor S: Some crafts where we learn to use tools and make useful things. (tools, hammer)

Luke L: A bit of seriousness. We learn how to do our duty to God and our country. (American flag)

Paul C: A cupful of trips and hikes. We explore the world around us. (hiking boot)

Jarrod G: Two barrels of good leaders. We can’t have Scouting without these volunteers. (leader

Jim: Advancement. We always need goals to know where we are going. (a Scout badge or beads)

Shea: And a family unit for each boy. (parents walk up and holds Shea’s hand)

LEADER: Family…This is the most important ingredient after the first one. Without the Scout’s family,
a Pack can’t give you the best of Scouting.

Mix all these ingredients together, and you are sure to have a great time in Scouting. Cub Scouting is a
family activity and we want the whole family unit walking step-by-step with their Cub Scout in all

Parents please stand up and help me recite the Parent’s Pledge: (Cub Scout Sign)

                                  I will do my best to support my boy,
                By guiding him to complete the achievements to the best of his ability.
                     I will sign the appropriate book, when he has done his best.
                                        I will assist his den leader.
                  I will attend and take part in Pack meetings with other families.
                                  This record will help me guide him.

                                   Cub Scout Pack 300 Pack Meeting Planning                                8
Lessons Learned
     Program moved along nicely. Not too much talking by adults so the boys didn't get bored.

     Trumpet was a nice touch (this comment was not posted by me, honest)

     Do a sound check before the meeting

     Provide better instructions on how to do the uniform inspections. Some of this will progress as we
      do inspections at the Den level.

     Formal flag ceremony is a bit beyond the capabilities of the Wolves without a ton of practice.
      Stick to the short ceremony.

     Invite more members from the Parish staff and Chartered Organization to Pack activities

     The room seemed a bit dark (foyer of church)

     Food (potluck) was great!

     Skits and Songs were wonderful.

     Possibly arrange the chairs in a U-shape (Theater in the Round) with parents sitting behind the
      Scouts to reduce background chatter. The performances could be in the ring or U.

     The older Scouts already knew a number of the skits so keep the material fresh each year.

                                  Cub Scout Pack 300 Pack Meeting Planning                              9

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