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									                                        À LA CARTE
                                        Vegan Menu
                            Small patties of mashed potato, cauliflower, aubergine and onion mixed with green
1.      Veg. Pakoda                                                                                                  3.50
                            herbs and gram flour sauce and deep fried.

1.a     Soup                Mushroom or mixed vegetable soup with Nepalese herbs and touch of black pepper.          3.50

2.      Aloo Chops          Deep fried cakes - A divine fusion of mashed potatoes and exotic herbs.                  3.50

6.      Vegetable Khaja     Mixed vegetable slightly cooked, wrapped in a pastry & deep-fried.                       3.50
                            A delicacy that no Nepalese will turn down - warm Vegetable dumplings entirely           3.50
7.      Momo
                            cooked by steam and served with chutney.
11.     Onion Bhajee        Freshly chopped onions covered in a medium-spiced batter.                                3.50

       Clay Oven Dishes - Served on a bed of onions
14.      Poleko Vegetable    Assorted vegetables marinated in mild sauces char-grilled in the clay oven.              6.50

       Chef's Special
                            A delicacy that no Nepalese will turn down - warm vegetable dumplings entirely
28.a    Momo                                                                                                         5.95
                            cooked by steam and served with chutney.
        Dal-Bhaat-Tarkari   Mixed Vegetable Curry, Black lentils, Spinach, Pickle, Salad, Roti or Chapati & Basmit
28.c                                                                                                                 10.95
        (Veg. Thali)        Rice. Served on a platter.

       Regional Dishes
30.     Dhansak (Hot) : Sweet and sour Vegetable dish cooked with herbs and Yellow lentils.                          £5.50

31.     Dopiyaza : Medium spiced Vegetable dish cooked with extra onion.                                             £5.50

        Biriyani : Popular North Indian Vegetable dish cooked with saffron flavoured basmati rice
33.     served with side vegetable curry.                                                                            £7.95

       Vegetable Dishes
67.     Saag Alu            Spinach with Potato.                                                                     3.50

68.     Bhanta Tarkari      Aubergine lightly fried with various spices.                                             3.50

69.     Pahelo Daal         Yellow lentils tempered with garlic.                                                     3.50
70.     Aloo chana           A classic combination of potatoes with chick peas.                                   3.50

72.     Saag                 Fresh spinach lightly fried using Nepalese herbs.                                    3.50

73.     Kalo Daal            Black lentils cooked in typical village style. Simple yet delicious.                 3.50

74.     Aloo Jeera           Diced potatoes tossed with cumin seeds to create a traditional Nepalese taste.       3.50

75.     Mushrooms            Fresh mushrooms cooked in onions, capsicum and tomato sauce.                         3.50
                             A delightful combination of bamboo shoots, black eye beans and potatoes, seasoned
76.     Tama Bodi                                                                                                 3.50
                             with the most exotic flavours of Nepal.
77.     Mis-Mas Tarkari      Assorted fresh vegetables lightly fried in Nepalese herbs and spices.                3.50

                             A lively vegetable treat of potatoes and cauliflower cooked in tomato and onion
78.     Aloo Cauli                                                                                                3.50

       Rice Dishes
79.     Plain Rice           Fully steamed Basmati rice.                                                          2.25

81.a    Coconut Rice         Basmati rice flavoured with coconut.                                                 2.75

81.b    Lemon Rice           Infused with fresh lemon and mixed spices.                                           2.75

(Prepared in the clay oven)
86.     Plain Paratha                                                                                             2.25
87.     Padina (Mint) Paratha                                                                                     2.50
88.     Roti                                                                                                      2.25
88.a    Chapati (Healthy wholemeal unleavened bread)

                                       Set Meals - Minimum 2 People
           Set Meal–A Vegetable Khaja, Aloo Chops,Mis Mash Tarkari,                                    £13.95
           Vegetarian Sag, Pahelo Daal, Plain Basmati Rice,Roti or                                   per person
                      Chapati and Tea or Coffee

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