SET MENU                                      STARTERS ( V = suitable for Vegetarians ) THAI CHEF'S SPECIALS
   SET MENU A for 2 people                                    1.Thai Prawn Crackers                               £1.50
          £35.00                                                                                                                  79.Ginger Sea Bream                           £12.95
                                                           Prawn crackers, served with sweet chilli sauce                         A boneless whole Sea Bream gently streamed with
 ( £17.50 per person, minimum of 2 )                       2.Chicken Satays                                 £4.25                 light soy sauce with fresh ginger and shitake
                 Starters                                  Skewers of marinated chicken breast                                    mushrooms
  Platter A: Thai Spring Roll, Chicken Satay,              served with peanut sauce
Thai Fish Cake, Prawn on Toast, Crispy Won Ton
                                                           3.Crispy Won Tons                                £3.85                 80.Trout Fillets                                £7.25
                  Main Course                              Deep fried minced chicken and prawn stuffed
                                                                                                                                  Deep fried Trout fillets, topped with a home made sauce
            Chicken Thai Green Curry                                                                                              Slightly sweet of tamarind
                                                           in won ton pastry, served with sweet chilli sauce
              Beef in Oyster Sauce
                                                           4.Spare Rips in Rice Wine Sauce                  £4.25                 81.King Prawn Clear Noodles                     £7.50
        Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce
                                                           Meaty pork spare ribs cooked with rice wine sauce                      Stir fried clear noodles with white king prawns,
         King Prawns Pad Thai Noodles                                                                                             cooked with egg, onion, Chinese leaves and
                                                           5.Sesame Prawn on Toasts                         £3.95
            Boiled Thai Jasmine Rice                                                                                              spring onion. A dash of sesame oil
                                                           Deep fried minced chicken & prawns spread on
                    To Finish                              toast with sesame seeds topping, with chilli sauce
      Ice Cream with Fruit or Tea or Coffee                                                                                       82.Lemon Sea Bream                            £12.95
                                                           6.Prawn Sarongs                                  £4.50
                                                                                                                                  A boneless whole Sea Bream gently streamed in
                                                           Deep fried wrapped king prawns in rice pastry,
   SET MENU B for 2 people                                 served with sweet chilli sauce
                                                                                                                                  lime and lemon sauce, Chinese leaves, served with
                                                                                                                                  thin lemon sauce and finely chopped fresh chilli
          £41.00                                           7.Gold Dipping Prawns                            £4.50
 ( £20.50 per person, minimum of 2 )                       Deep fried king prawns in tempura batter,                              83.Jumbo Prawn in Wine Sauce                    £8.50
                 Starters                                  served with sweet chilli sauce                                         Stir fried jumbo size freshwater king prawns cooked
  Platter B: Thai Spring Roll, Chicken Satay,              8.Thai Dim Sum                                   £4.25                 with rice wine sauce, mushrooms and
 Thai Fish Cake, Prawn on toast, Crispy Won Ton                                                                                   fresh vegetables
                                                           Steamed dumplings of minced chicken and prawns
                  Main Course                              topped with sweet soy sauce and cooked garlic
               Chicken Red Curry                                                                                                  84.Roast Duck Red Curry                         £7.25
                                                           9.Thai Fish Cakes                                £3.95                 A special red curry with Thai style roast duck, cooked
      Beef with Ginger in Black Bean Sauce
                                                           Deep fried Thai fish cakes, with sweet chilli sauce                    in coconut milk, sweet pineapple and fresh tomatoes
      King prawns Chu Chee Creamy Curry                                                                                           garnished with thai sweet basil leaves
                                                          V10.Thai Spring Rolls                             £3.75
        Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce
                                                            Home made vegetarian spring rolls, served with
         King Prawns Pad Thai Noodles
                                                            sweet chilli sauce                                                    85.Duck Tamarind Sauce                          £7.25
                 Egg Fried Rice                                                                                                   Thin slices of Thai style roast duck, topped with
                                                          V11.Deep Fried Tofu                               £3.75
                    To Finish                                                                                                     home made tamarind sauce, served with cooked
                                                            Deep fried Tofu, served with sweet chilli sauce                       broccoli and carrot
      Ice Cream with Fruit or Tea or Coffee
                                                            topped with ground peanuts
                                                          V12.Golden Vegetables                             £3.75
   SET MENU C for 2 people                                  Deep fried mixed vegetables in tempura batter,
( £14.95 per person, minimum of 2 )
                                                            served with sweet chilli sauce
                                                          V13.Vegetarian Crispy Won Tons                    £3.75
                                                                                                                                  THAI SOUPS
                 Starters                                  Deep fried sweet corn stuffing, with chilli sauce                      Thai Tom Yum Soups
Platter C: Thai Spring roll, Golden Vegetables,           V14.Thai Sweet Corn Cakes                         £3.75                 World famous Thai hot and sour soup flavoured with
  Vegetarian Crispy Won Ton, Deep Fried Tofu                                                                                      lime juice, cooked with fresh exotic Thai herbs.
                                                           Deep fried sweetcorn mixed with Thai spices,
            Thai Sweet Corn Cake                                                                                                  18.Chicken Tom Yum Soup                        £4.25
                                                            curry paste and flour, served with chilli sauce                       19.King Prawn Tom Yum Soup                     £4.75
                  Main Course                             V15.Vegetarian Platter for 2 people               £7.50                 20.Mixed Seafood Tom Yum Soup                  £5.25
                Tofu Green Curry                            mixture of starters number V10 to V14                                V21.Mushroom Tom Yum Soup                       £3.75
        Tofu Thai Sweet and Sour Sauce                     16.Yummy Platter for 2 people                    £8.50
        Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce                   mixture of starters number 2, 3, 6, 9, V10
                                                                                                                                  Thai Tom Kha Soups
                                                                                                                                  Aromatic Thai coconut milk soup, flavoured with
          Vegetarian Pad Thai Noodles                      17.Mixed Seafood Platter for 2 people            £9.50                 lime juice, cooked with Thai galangal, lemongrass
            Boiled Thai Jasmine Rice                       mixture of starters number 6, 7 and mussels,                           22.Chicken Tom Kha Soup                       £4.25
                    To Finish                              squids, seafood sticks deep fried tempura batter                      V23.Mushroom Tom Kha Soup                      £3.75
      Ice Cream with Fruit or Tea or Coffee

                                                                  THAI STIR FRIED DISHES                                                THAI NOODLES DISHES
 THAI CURRY DISHES                                                Thai Cashew Nut                                                       Pad Thai Noodles ( rice noodles )
 Thai Green Curry                                                 Stir fried with fresh vegetables in oyster sauce,
                                                                  cashew nuts on top. Your choice of :
                                                                                                                                        A world popular Pad thai noodles stir fried with
 This well know green curry has a wonderful blend of                                                                                    a tasty home made Pad Thai sauce, cooked with
 herbal green curry paste, cooked in coconut milk with            47.Chicken Cashew Nut                                £5.95            egg, beansprouts and spring onion, peanuts.
 fresh vegetables and bamboo shoots, garnished with               48.Beef Cashew Nut                                   £6.50            86.Chicken Pad Thai Noodles                £6.95
 Thai sweet basil leaves. Your choice of :
                                                                                                                                        87.King Prawns Pad Thai Noodles            £7.50
 28.Chicken Thai Green Curry                        £5.95         Thai Oyster Sauce                                                    V88.Tofu Pad Thai Noodles                   £6.50
 29.Beef Thai Green Curry                           £6.50         Stir fried oyster sauce with mushooms, fresh vegetables
 30.King Prawn Thai Green Curry                     £6.95        49.Chicken Oyster Sauce                               £5.95            Pad See Eiow Noodles ( rice noodles )
V31.Tofu Thai Green Curry                           £5.25        50.Beef Oyster Sauce                                  £6.50            A mild flat noodles stir fried with a dark soy sauce
                                                                V51.Mixed Vegetables Oyster Sauce                      £5.25
 Thai Red Curry                                                 V52.Broccoli Oyster Sauce                              £5.25
                                                                                                                                        cooked with fresh vegetables
                                                                                                                                        89.Chicken Pad See Eiow Noodles             £6.95
 A typical dish, using aromatic spices and herbal red curry
 paste, cooked in coconut milk with fresh vegetables and                                                                               V90.Tofu Pad See Eiow Noodles                £6.50
 bamboo shoots, garnished with Thai sweet basil leaves.           Thai Style Sweet and Sour Sauce
 32.Chicken Thai Red Curry                          £5.95         Stir fried Thai style sweet and sour sauce with tomato                Drunken Noodles                 ( rice noodles )
 33.Beef Thai Red Curry                             £6.50         sweet pineapple, fresh vegetables and spring onion                    A spicy noodles dish, stir fried flat noodles with
 34.King Prawn Thai Red Curry                       £6.95        53.Chicken Sweet And Sour Sauce                       £5.95            fresh chillies, vegetables and Thai basil leaves
 35.Mixed Seafood Thai Red Curry                    £7.25        55.King Prawn Sweet And Sour Sauce                    £6.95            91.Chicken Drunken Noodles                  £6.95
V36.Tofu Thai Red Curry                             £5.25        56.Trout Fillet Sweet And Sour Sauce                  £7.25            92.Beef Drunken Noodles                     £7.25
                                                                V57.Tofu Sweet And Sour Sauce                          £5.25           V93.Tofu Drunken Noodles                     £6.50
 Thai Yellow Curry
 A mild curry cooked in coconut milk with herbal Karee            Thai Style Ginger Black Bean Sauce                                    Egg Noodles
 curry paste, using Chicken breast and peeled potatoes            Stir fried Thai style black bean sauce with fresh ginger,             Stir fried noodles with beabsprouts, spring onion
 37.Chicken Thai Yellow Curry                  £5.95              vegetables and spring onion. Your choice of:                         V94.Egg Noodles                            £3.95
                                                                 58.Chicken Ginger Black Bean Sauce                    £5.95
 Thai Massaman Curry                                             60.Beef Ginger Black Bean Sauce                       £6.50
 A delicate cooking, gently cooked in coconut milk with          61.Duck Ginger Black Bean Sauce                       £6.95
 Massaman curry paste, peeled potatoes and onion
 topped with roast peanuts. Slightly sweet of tamarind          V62.Tofu Ginger Black Bean Sauce                       £5.25            RICE DISHES
 38.Chicken Thai Massaman Curry                     £5.95                                                                               Special Fried Rice
                                                                  Thai Basil Leaves and Chilli                                          Special fried rice, cooked with egg, soy sauce,
 Thai Panang Curry                                                One of the most popular dish in Thailand, stir fried with
                                                                  fresh chillies, Thai basil leaves and fresh vegetables
                                                                                                                                        a dash of sesame oil, vegetables and spring onion.
 A creamy curry, cooked in coconut cream, herbal Panang                                                                                 95.Chicken Special Fried Rice              £6.95
 curry paste with green beans, red and green pepper.             63.Chicken Thai Basil Leaves And Chilli               £5.95
                                                                                                                                        96.King Prawns Special Fried Rice          £7.50
 Garnished with finely chopped kaffir lime leaves                65.Beef Thai Basil Leaves And Chilli                  £6.50
                                                                                                                                        97.Mixed Seafood Special Fried Rice £7.95
 40.Chicken Thai Panang Curry                       £5.95        67.Duck Thai Basil Leaves And Chilli                  £6.95
                                                                                                                                       V98.Vegetables Special Fried Rice           £6.50
 41.Beef Thai Panang Curry                          £6.50        68.Prawn Thai Basil Leaves And Chilli                 £6.95
                                                                V69.Tofu Thai Basil Leaves And Chilli                  £5.25            Pineapple Fried Rice
 Thai Jungle Curry                                                                                                                      Pineapple fried rice, cooked with egg, soy sauce,
 This is a tangy hot and spicy curry, cooked with a secret
 blend of a herbal jungles curry paste, wild ginger and fresh
                                                                  Thai Garlic and Pepper Sauce                                          a dash of sesame oil, vegetables and spring onion.
                                                                  Stir fried garlic and ground pepper sauce, served on top of           99.Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice           £6.95
 vegetables, cooked without coconut milk. Your choice of:         fresh lettuce garnished with coriander your choice of:
 42.Chicken Thai Jungle Curry                       £5.95                                                                               100.King Prawns Pineapple Fried Rice£7.50
                                                                  70.Chicken Garlic And Pepper Sauce                   £5.95           V101.Vegetables Pineapple Fried Rice £6.50
 43.Beef Thai Jungle Curry                          £6.50         72.Beef Garlic And Pepper Sauce                      £6.50
V44.Vegetables Thai Jungle Curry                    £5.25         73.King Prawn Garlic And Pepper Sauce                £6.95            A Bowl of Rice
                                                                                                                                        102.Boiled Rice                          £2.00
 Thai Chu Chee Curry
 A great creamy of red curry, cooked in coconut cream             Thai Chilli Oil Sauce                                                 Plain cooked Thai jasmine rice
 with red and green pepper garnished with finely chopped          Stir fried chilli oil sauce with baby corn, fresh vegetables          103.Egg Fried Rice                       £2.50
 kaffir lime leaves Your choice of:                               74.Chicken Thai Chilli Oil Sauce                     £5.95            Fried Thai jasmine rice with egg, peas and carrot
 45.King Prawn Thai Chu Chee Curry                  £6.95         76.Beef Thai Chilli Oil Sauce                        £6.50            104.Coconut Rice                         £2.50
 46.Trout Fillet Thai Chu Chee Curry                £7.25         77.Mixed Seafood Thai Chilli Oil sauce               £7.25            Coconut cream cooked with Thai jasmine rice

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