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					ECON 2313-02

                                                     FALL 2011

ECON 2313-02 - Macroeconomics
Course Information
  Econ 2313-02 – Macroeconomics – Fall 2011
  Instructor: Johnny Howard
  Phone: 870.508.6271

Instructor Availability
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 11:00 am

Note*** Other hours may be available by appointment.

                  Macroeconomics, 2nd Ed.
                  by Krugman and Wells
                  ISBN-10: 0716771616
                  ISBN-13: 9780716771616

Primary Text Purpose and Objectives of the Course

Course Description:
In this course we will cover the theory and application of economics and the behavior of the economy as a
whole. Students will study and be able to apply the concepts of national income accounting, business cycles,
inflation and unemployment, money and banking, fiscal policy, monetary policy, economic growth, and
international finance (trade).

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ECON 2313-02

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, the student will have developed the following basic skills:
    Comprehend and demonstrate awareness of basic macroeconomic principles and concepts.
    Understand the relevance of basic economic decisions to the “real world.”
    Identify and interpret economic articles and publications.
    Demonstrate use of the internet in locating and analyzing economic data and reports.
    Demonstrate an appreciation for the diverse schools of economic thought.
    Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Academic Integrity/Plagiarism
Dishonesty in any form, including but not limited to plagiarism, submitting assignments prepared
by others, unauthorized possession of exams, or using unauthorized materials during exams,
may result in the student being withdrawn from the class with a failing grade or being
suspended from the university. For further information, refer to the ASUMH Catalog and Student
Regular attendance is essential in a college-level course. Students should miss no more than
three hours of classroom instruction per semester. Instructors monitor attendance in online
classes based on participation in the class as evidenced by students turning in assignments,
participating in discussion boards, or corresponding via e-mail. Excessive absences may be
penalized, including failure of the course, at the discretion of the instructor. Make-up work is at
the discretion of the instructor. Failure to attend class does not constitute withdrawal, and the
appropriate withdrawal process must be followed.

                                             No Makeup Exams
  I do not give makeup exams. If you must miss a test and let me know in advance, we can work out an
  appointment to take the test early. If you have an emergency and must miss an exam, your final exam
  will count for double the points to make up for the missed exam. You may only miss one exam. If you
            miss two exams in a semester, you will receive failing grades for each exam missed.

Incomplete Grade
At the faculty member's discretion, a grade of Incomplete may be granted during the last week
of a course provided all of the following criteria are met:
   1. The student has completed 75 percent of the course work with a passing grade.
   2. The faculty member determines that an "Incomplete" is appropriate under the
   3. Attendance requirements have been met for the course, and the student/learner is
      therefore eligible for a grade.
   4. Student/learner is earning a passing grade in the course on the submitted assignments
      and participation at the time the Incomplete is requested.
   5. Student/learner requests, in writing to the Instructor, a grade of Incomplete during the
      last week of class, prior to the course end date.
   6. Student/learner and faculty enter into a written agreement containing:
       a) A course completion plan;

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ECON 2313-02

       b) A clearly identified extended course deadline not to exceed three (3) weeks from the
          original course end date; and
   7. Unless the faculty and student/learner have entered into an Incomplete grade agreement
      before the course ends, assignments submitted after the last day of class will not be

Late Assignments
Assignments are late if they are not posted by 11:59 p.m. ASUMH Time C.S.T. /C.D.T. The
day they are due. Unless the student/learner and instructor have negotiated and mutually
agreed upon an alternative submission date in advance, late assignments receive a 25%
deduction for each day they are late. Assignments more than four days late will not be
accepted. Technological issues are not considered valid grounds for late assignment
submission. In the event of a server outage, students should submit assignments through email
to the instructor and post to Blackboard when systems are restored. Unless an Incomplete
grade has been granted, student/learner assignments submitted after the last day of class
will not be accepted.

Length of Course
Your ASUMH course lasts for 15 weeks. You are expected to be online each of the course
weeks. Expect to be an active participant in your class each week.

      Be friendly, positive and self-reflective.
      Use proper language and titles.
      Leave the characters like smiley faces, and instant message abbreviations out.

      Ask for clarification. If you are unsure of what was said, or the instructor's directive, or
       are trying to interpret a person's expressions, then ask again.
      Use underscores or asterisks for emphasizing words.
      The use of all caps is offensive.
      Be mindful of your tone.
      Check your spelling.
      Quote back only what is relevant.
      Don't send unsolicited file attachments.
      Use a descriptive subject line. Let your subject line reflect the nature of your message.
       Never leave your subject line Re:something.

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ECON 2313-02

Students with Disabilities

It is the policy of ASUMH to accommodate students with disabilities. ASUMH Accommodation
Personnel is responsible for providing arrangements to accommodate students according to
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act. At the
beginning of the course, any student with a disability who needs accommodation should inform
ASUMH Accommodation Personnel and the course instructor.

Course Assessment and Performance Measures
This a 5 week summer course. That means the work will be intense as we cover a lot of ground
quickly. It also means that there will be fewer grades than in a normal course, so it’s imperative
that you complete all of the assignments within their deadlines.
Your grade will be made up of:
Discussion Board/In-Class Projects –                 8 @ 50 points each =       400 points
Exams -                                              6 @ 100 points each =      600 points
                                                             Total points =   1000 points

      90 – 100       A
      80 – 89        B
      70 – 79        C
      60 – 69        D
      0 – 59         F
       Partial points will be rounded to the nearest full point to determine the overall course
       grade; for example, 83.4 = 83 and 83.5 = 84.

Weekly Schedule/ASUMH Time
The online class week begins on Monday (Day 1) and ends on Sunday (Day 7). For example,
when an assignment is due on Day 5, it must be posted no later than Friday at 11:59 p.m.
Central Standard Time/Central Daylight (ASUMH Time) year-round (C.S.T. /C.D.T.).

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ECON 2313-02

Course Outline

                                   Course Outline

  Week 1       Day 1: Tuesday
August 22 –          Introductions/Syllabus
 August 26
                     Sign in to Blackboard and familiarize yourself with the website
                     Read Chapter One in textbook
               Day 2: Thursday
                     Chapter 1 Lecture
                     Read Chapter Two in textbook

  Week 2       Day 1: Tuesday
August 29 –          Chapter 2 Lecture
    2          Day 2: Thursday
                     In-Class Group Exercises

  Week 3       Day 1: Tuesday
September            Exam 1 (Chapters 1 & 2)
September            Read Chapter 3 in textbook
    9          Day 2: Thursday
                     Chapter 3 Lecture
                     Read Chapter 4 in textbook

  Week 4       Day 1: Tuesday
September            Chapter 4 Lecture
   12 –
September            Read Chapter 5 in textbook
    16         Day 2: Thursday
                     Chapter 5 Lecture

  Week 5       Day 1: Tuesday
September            In-Class Group Exercises
   19 –
September      Day 2: Thursday
    23               Exam 2 (Chapter 3-5)
                     Read Chapter 6 in textbook

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ECON 2313-02

  Week 6       Day 1: Tuesday
September            Chapter 6 Lecture
   26 –
September            Read Chapter 7 in textbook
    30         Day 2: Thursday
                     Chapter 7 Lecture
                     Read Chapter 8 in textbook

  Week 7       Day 1: Tuesday
October 3 –          In-Class Group Exercises
 October 7
               Day 2: Thursday
                     Exam 3 (Chapters 6-8)
                     Read Chapter 9 in textbook

  Week 8       Day 1: Tuesday
October 10           Chapter 9 Lecture
– October
    14               Read Chapter 10 in textbook
               Day 2: Thursday
                     Chapter 10 Lecture

  Week 9       Day 1: Tuesday
October 17           Money Class
– October
    21         Day 2: Thursday
                     Money Class

  Week 10      Day 1: Tuesday
October 24           In-Class Group Exercises
– October
    28         Day 2: Thursday
                     Exam 4 (Chapter 9-10)
                     Read Chapter 13 in textbook

  Week 11      Day 1: Tuesday
October 31           Chapter 13 Lecture
– November
     4               Read Chapter 14 in textbook
               Day 2: Thursday
                     Chapter 14 Lecture

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ECON 2313-02

  Week 12      Day 1: Tuesday
November 7           In-Class Group Exercises
– November
    11               Read Chapter 15
               Day 2: Thursday
                     Chapter 15 Lecture

  Week 13      Day 1: Tuesday
 November            In-Class Group Exercises
   14 –
 November      Day 2: Thursday
    18               Exam 5 (Chapters 13-15)
                     Read Chapter 16 in textbook

  Week 14      Thanksgiving Break!!!!!!
               Enjoy time with your Families!!!
   21 –

 November      Day 1: Tuesday
   28 –
December 2           Chapter 16 Lecture
               Day 2: Thursday
                     Prepare for final Exam

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