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					                                                                                        9711 Woodhollow Drive
Marc Pierucci                                                                                  Reno, NV. 89521
Sound Designer Level III                                                                       775.342.7976 cell
                                                                                            775.448.7570 studio

I am currently a Level III sound designer for International Game Technology. The largest slot machine
manufacturer in the world. I have spent a great deal of my life observing what people do and don’t like
when it comes to their entertainment dollar. My work has taken me to places like Macau, London, Italy,
and Hong Kong. From a performer, to creating audio for great games, to an Entertainment manager for
Harrah’s, to producing a number one Smooth Jazz track, to playing games myself in these environments.
I bring a unique perspective to the gaming industry as I have seen it firsthand from many angles. Before
the division into separate studios I was the International sound designer/manager for 2 years and this
position gave me the unique opportunity to witness the overseas market firsthand. It required me to be
very organized as I would have as many as 10 games in production at a time. I also was able to create
region specific content based on my immersion in those different settings.

As a result of these experiences, I have had the opportunity to be involved in many exciting
developments, including the design of our surround sound chair and our new 103 inch communal gaming
platform. I am self motivated and want to be part of a forward thinking, fast paced team. I enjoy the
creative process and discovering new and more efficient ways of delivering great content.

I am comfortable working with code and implementing sound calls. I am familiar with F-mod, AVP(IGT’s
proprietary OS),and Unity. I would be a strong contributor and have a lot of experience in the music
industry to draw from.

Please visit for examples of my work. Thank you for your time and consideration.

                     Have done sound for upwards of 80 games.
                     Responsible for balancing and allocating assets for our Loose Marbles
                      and Studio A audio budget.
                     Managed and produced all audio content exclusively for the
                      international market for 2 years, often producing as many as 10
                      concurrent projects.
                     Contributed to the development of our hardware and software
                     Skilled in all aspects of music production and technical direction
                      including recording, editing, and final mix-down.
                     Background in the setup of mixing consoles, amplifiers, microphones,
                      sound systems and related equipment for studio and location sessions.
                      Have recorded custom sound effects for many games. Proficient in
                      many recording formats. Produced spots for radio/televison.

             Proficient in the following:
                 o    Pro Tools
                 o    Sony Sound Forge
                 o    Logic Pro
                 o    Cubase
                 o    Microsoft Office Suite
                 o    Bias Peak
                 o    Net Mix Sound Effects Server
                 o    Alienbrain Version Control software

PRIOR                                                                                2003-2006
             Harrahs Rincon Casino & Resort
             Pavilion Entertainment Supervisor
                     Book Headliner entertainment based on the likes of our demographic
                      for main showroom.
                     Coordinate all Light and Sound requirements per Artists Spec.
                     Produce shows and act as liaison between artist and Casino
                     Keep shows under budget by finding cost effective ways to fulfill artist’s
                     Track revenue and coordinate analysis of each show with P/A.
               The Maxx                                                      1995-2003
               Musical Director/Leader.
               Formed, booked and participated in the role of maintaining
               a successful traveling show band. Contracts included, The
               Venetian, The Aladdin, The Luxor, and The Monte Carlo in
               Las Vegas.
               Arranged all music for group.
               Conducted rehearsals.
               Hired members and managed all financial affairs.

EDUCATION      San Diego State University                                    1990-1995
               B.A. Degree, Liberal Arts (Emphasis Education). Currently on leave of

ASSOCIATIONS   BMI-Writer/Publisher

PERSONAL              Produced a number one Smooth Jazz single 2010
                       for Patrick Yandall from the album A New Day.
                      Inducted into Hall Of Champions in Balboa Park,
                       San Diego for outstanding achievement in Soccer.
                      Full scholarship to BYU for soccer.
                      Competed on piano classically for 10 years.
                      Classically trained 15 years on piano.
                      Outstanding musician award 1985 San Pasqual
                       High School.
                 Slot Game Credits
Game Title                    Publisher

Chez Tabasco                  Hi Five
Treasures Of Troy             IGT Intl.
8 Immortals                   IGT Intl.
Alien                         IGT
Alien vs. Predator            IGT
Blast Off                     IGT
Bombay                        IGT
Chinese Treasure              IGT
Cosmic Critters               IGT
Avatar                        IGT
Dragon Dynasty                IGT Intl.
Duck Stamps                   IGT
Golden Kingdom                IGT Intl.
James Dean                    IGT
Lion Dance Party Time         IGT Intl.
Lord Of The Sun               IGT Intl.
Lotus Flower                  IGT Intl.
Money Chimes                  IGT Intl.
Panda Party                   IGT Intl.
Red Hot                       IGT Intl.
Riches Of Samarakand          IGT Intl.
Royal India                   IGT Intl.
San Xing                      IGT Intl.
Shinobi Games                 IGT Intl.
Shuang Fu Deluxe              IGT Intl.
Slot King Multi Game          IGT Intl.
Star Wars MLP                 IGT
Valley Of Gold                IGT Intl.
Versailles                    IGT Intl.
Zulu Kingdom                  IGT Intl.
Wild Congo                    IGT Intl.
Wine Country                  IGT
WuFu                          IGT Intl.
Nuttin To It                  IGT
Around The World in 80 Days   IGT
MPS Baccarat                  IGT Intl.
MPS Roulette                  IGT Intl.
Double Diamond Wheel of Fortune   IGT
Wheel Of Fortune Super Spin       IGT
Wheel Of Fortune 5 Times Pay      IGT
Wheel Of Fortune Triple Strike    IGT
Fire Diamonds                     IGT
Crystal Fortunes                  IGT
Chameleon 7’s                     IGT
I Love Lucy                       IGT
The Hangover                      IGT
Twilight Zone 3D                  IGT

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