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									                              Hereford Landscaping.
                        17 North Grinnell Blvd., Augusta, Oregon 33049
                          Phone: (293)-492-4854 Fax: (483)-482-8245

April 30, 2010

Mr. Reginald Clark, Augusta Town Official
Augusta Township Council
134 Larry Road
Augusta, Oregon 28420

Dear Mr. Clarke:

At Hereford Landscaping, we would like to thank you for the opportunity to provide the
beautiful city of Augusta with all of its landscaping desires through our expert work. It is our
goal to provide Augusta with pristine landscaping on all contracted areas and maintain complete
transparency throughout the process. We understand that maintenance is wanted on five miles of
Route 24 medians, ten acres of Willoughby Park, and twenty-three acres of Augusta Memorial
Golf Course. We plan to keep those areas beautiful through use of diligent work, advanced
landscaping equipment, and proper budgeting and time management.

Our proposal is designed to provide full disclosure about the important elements of our plan to
keep Augusta beautiful. It will explain the different types of advanced equipment that will be
used in each individual area, the expertise of our employees and management, the allocation of
manpower, the calculated finish time and cost of the entire project, and most importantly the
proof that qualifies us for such an important duty. If approved, our work will begin immediately
and our concise project timeline will help you understand what aspects of this project will be
finished first and what routine we will work under through the dates of May 30 to September 30.
Our timeline and explanations will give the Augusta Township Council clear oversight of all
tasks so that any city officials, as well as our own staff, can perform quality-control inspections
of each area.

Thank you for the opportunity to present this plan. We can guarantee to utilize all available
measures to keep this job organized, cost-effective, and timely for the benefit of Augusta,


Executive Planner, Chris Talamantez
Hereford Landscape.
Advanced Equipment
                                           A.) Route 24 five mile median and sidings equipment

                                           To keep the medians clean cut, our company pledges to
                                           use a very expensive piece of equipment called the 1445
                                           Series Front Mower, made by our close partner John

                                           With this specific model of lawnmower, with a forward
   Advantages of the 1445 Series           speed of 12mph, the time it will take to mow the long
                                           stretches of the median will be much shorter. Also, due to
      Forward speed of 12mph.             the 72 inch side discharge compartment, all residual cut
                                           grass will be gathered, leaving no manual gathering of
        Low center of gravity for hill
         mobility.                         residual grass. So that you understand the quality of our
                                           equipment, I must inform you that we have just recently
      72 inch side discharge.             acquired five new models of this particular mower as
         compartment                       recent as February 23, 2011. Our equipment is new and

B.) Willoughby Park’s 10 acres & Augusta Memorial Golf

Because parks and golf courses contain many obstacles that have
to be carefully mowed around with accuracy, a different model
of lawnmower is necessary. For Willoughby Park and the
Augusta Memorial Golf Course, we will employ two 7920A-
26HP Pro Decks at each location. This model is more suited for
park areas, where grass may contain hidden rocks and tree matter.            Advantages of the 1445 Series
The anti-scalp wheels will keep the mower in a precise elevated
state so that any disruptive particles hidden in the grass will be              Anti-scalp wheels provide
avoided during the mowing process. Also, at Willoughby Park                        deck flotation over tough
there are multiple obstacles: trees, jungle gyms, swing sets,                      terrain.
walking trails, and many picnic tables and grills. This model’s low               Low center of gravity for hill
center of gravity and advanced steering system will provide                        mobility.
necessary maneuverability around each obstacle to maintain a
consistent cut.                                                                 72 inch side discharge.

We will use two one-and-a-half year old models of the 7920A-
26HP Pro Deck mower at Willoughby Park and Augusta Memorial Golf Course. These models
are extremely safe around children that may be in the park or course. They maneuver expertly in
difficult terrain that a park or golf course may have.
Advanced Equipment Continued…

                                           C.) Augusta Memorial Golf Course

                                           The golf course will also be the beneficiary of an extra
                                           mowing model to provide the precise cut that golf courses
                                           need. The model that will be utilized is the 7500 E-Cut
                                           Hybrid that is specifically designed by John Deere to
                                           maintain fairways at ideal conditions.

                                           This model is used by golf courses around the nation. With
 Advantages of the 1445 Series             this model we will be able to keep all fairways in consistent
   48-V, 180-amp alternator               playing condition. Its large gas tank provides enough power
      power reel drive.                    to allow non-stop cutting every day. The amount of time to
     Tires fitted for proper              maintain the fairway will be minimal, allowing
      weighted distribution.               uninterrupted playtime for visiting golfers.
     18 gallon tank on board for          We will employ four mowers of this specific model. Each
      long mowing session.
                                           model is under one year old.

 Fig.1- Our work at Windsor Golf and Country Club in Salem, Oregon.
Managerial Expertise
At Hereford Landscaping we are committed to delivering expert quality landscaping and
mowing. We understand that the city of Augusta demands and deserves the best product. Our
project managers and site overseers will ensure proper communication is kept during our service.
Their collective experience and qualifications are unmatched by our competitors. The will also
have regimented visits to fertilize. To understand what we type of management we bring to the
table, here are our proposed managers.

Roger Bellwade.

                           Roger is from Tucson, Arizona. He holds eight years of landscaping
                    experience with an emphasis on golf course landscaping. In 2001, he
                    worked for four years as the asst. General Manager at William-Lanard Golf
                    Club in Tucson, where his duties included oversight of course conditions
                    and local tournament planning. Since 2005, he has worked with us at
                    Hereford Landscaping, where he has managed the landscaping and mowing
                    of Windsor Golf and Country Club in Salem and Regis Golf Center in
                    Portland. He will directly manage and inspect the mowing at Augusta
                    Memorial Golf Course twice a week.
                    Email: Phone: (234)-493-4985

Edwin Fox, Jr.

                            Edwin Fox is from Portland, Oregon. He has 26 years of experience
                    in lawn mowing and landscape maintenance. He has been here at Hereford
                    Landscaping for 14 years and has overseen many projects including private
                    home and city park grass maintenance around the Portland area. He would
                    be the head landscaper at Willoughby Park. He will directly manage and
                    inspect all work done on a weekly basis to ensure the city’s satisfaction.
                    Email: Phone: (234)-463-4385

Harry Duron &
Kyle Warner

                            Harry Duron is a nine year veteran landscaper and Kyle Warner has
                    four years of experience. Both are highly skilled mowers and understand
                    everything about John Deere mowing equipment. Harry and Kyle will
                    personally mow the medians of route 24. They have both been grass
                    landscapers at Hereford Landscaping for their entire careers. They have
                    mowed entire subdivisions and private suburbs by themselves. They are
                    highly reputable employees with highway median experience. Harry Duron
                    will conduct a weekly inspection to ensure satisfaction.
Email: Phone: (234)-496-4365
Email: Phone: (234)-696-4839
Labor Hours & Schedule
This section provides an accurate and detailed estimate on the amount of hours devoted to mowing the
contracted areas. Labor hour estimates are added from week to week projections during the months May
30, 2011 until September 30, 2011. Each
122 days

Route 24 medians and sidings:       The medians of Route 24 will only be mowed once every two
                                     weeks for five hours each mowing day. It will allow the city
Mowing Date       Mowing Hours
                                     of Augusta to save money. This decisions stems from the fact
May 30, 2011           5
                                     that medians are not very noticed pieces of real estate as
June 13, 2011          5
                                     people drive. An every two week mow on a very low cut
June 27, 2011          5
                                     setting from our mowers will keep the median grass looking
July 4, 2011           5
                                     sufficiently cut. The fewer hours scheduled to mow and the
July 18, 2011          5             less gasoline used allows the city to pay less for the service.
Aug. 1, 2011           5
Aug. 15, 2011          5              The five hours of scheduled mowing may change according to
Aug. 29, 2011          5              weather and littered debris our employees may encounter. If
Sept. 12, 2011         5              adjustments need to be made to the scheduled mowing days or
Sept. 26, 2011         5              hours then please email Harry Duron at
Total Hours=         50 Hrs 

Each mowing day on Route 24 will begin at 7am so that passing cars will see our mowers with
enough daylight.

10 acres of Willoughby Park:        Willoughby Park will demand slightly more hours of labor. It is
Mowing Date Mowing Hours            a park with a lot of people traffic during the summer. We
May 30, 2011           3            understand it would need to be kept cut more often. We plan
June 6, 2011           3            to cut the park on a weekly regiment. In the past we have been
June 13, 2011          3            able to cut ten acres of land within a three hour time period.
June 20, 2011          3            The hours may change according to weather.
June 27, 2011          3
July 4, 2011           3             To avoid the public congestion that could interrupt the mowing
July 11, 2011          3
                                     process, we will begin each mowing day at Willoughby Park at
July 18, 2011          3
July 25, 2011          3             5:30am. It will allow our employees finish mowing well before
Aug. 1, 2011           3             people arrive at the park.
Aug. 8, 2011           3
Aug. 15, 2011          3             The day of September 30, 2011 is still scheduled as a mowing
Aug. 22, 2011          3             day despite it not being a week after the lawnmowing session
Aug. 29, 2011          3             scheduled on September 26, 2011. We have decided to mow on
Sept. 5, 2011          3             that day because it would be the last day of our contract and we
Sept. 12, 2011         3             would like to leave the park with a fresh cut.
Sept. 19, 2011         3
Sept. 26, 2011         3             If the scheduled days or hours conflict with any Willoughby
Sept. 30, 2011         3
                                     Park event then please email Edwin Fox at
Total Hours=        57 Hrs
Edwin.Fox@hereford for rescheduling.

Labor Hours & Schedule Continued…
Augusta Memorial Golf Course: Most of our labor hours will consist of golf course work. The
estimated fairway acreage of the golf course is around one hundred-fifteen. To help achieve a
proper cut in expeditious time, we will employ four fairway mowers (listed in the equipment
section). Each mower will account for twenty-nine acres of fairway, which will take seven hours
to mow.

       The biggest difference between the golf course and the other contract areas is that a golf
course must be cut every other day to maintain thick grass without weeds. To calculate the
proper amount of hours necessary we will show you a simple formula instead of a graph.

      Between May 30, 2011 and September 30, 2011, one hundred thirty-seven days will pass.
We will mow every other day for sixty-eight days, seven hours each day.

                    68 days x 7 hours = 476 hours

        The sum is four hundred seventy-six hours of labor between the beginning and ending
contract dates. Each mow will begin at 8pm at night when the Augusta Memorial Golf Course
closes. The approximate completion time will be around 4am, allowing the entire course to be
ready for early use each following day. The mowing schedule may change according to weather

          For any questions, please email the site manager, Roger Bellwade, at All mentioned mowing dates can be adjusted and negotiated.

Total Hours
The sum of all the hours that will be invested on our part into the contract sites is 583 hours,
which equates to only thirty hours a week in service. That low amount of hours means more
savings for the city of Augusta.

Fig.2- Our work
can be seen on the
Route 6 median,
outside of Salem,
Total Cost
To understand the total cost and each of its components, this section will provide a detailed
breakdown. Each contract area will be broken down separately and then totaled with the others.
The employee price per hour will be added with the price of gasoline and the managerial weekly
inspection. The total cost for each site is negotiable. We invite any ideas that can help the city
lower the price.

                                  Route 24 Medians and Sidings

Employee(s) cost…………….2 x $12.50 per hour = $25.00
   Total Hours…………………...$25 x 50 hours = $1,250.00

Gas for each Mower……......$3.44 per gallon x 50 miles = $172.00
    Gas Total……………………..$172.00 x 2 mowers = $344.00

Weekly inspection……………$200.00 per weekly manager visit x 19 weeks = $3,800.00

       + $344.00
       + $3,800.00

 Total site cost=5,394.00

                                    Willoughby Park (10acres)
                                                                              *Note: Over the span of the
Employee(s) cost…………….2 x 12.50 per hour = $25.00                             contract, 190 acres will be
   Total Hours..............................$25 x 57 hours = $1,425.00       mowed at Willoughby Park.
                                                                              A full tank of 18 gallons for
                                                                              each mower will last the
Gas for each Mower……….$3.44 per gallon x 18 gallons* = $ 61.92                entire duration of the
    Gas Total…………………….$61.92 x 2 mowers = $123.84                            contract.

Weekly inspection…………$200.00 per weekly manager visit x 19 weeks = $3,800.00

        $1,425.00                                                                               Fig.3- The park
       + $61.92                                                                                 in Portland that
       + 3,800.00                                                                               we just finished
                                                                                                in January 2011.
 Total site cost=5,286.92
Total Cost Continued…
Because Augusta Memorial Golf Course mowing is a steeper price than the other site projects,
there will be a flat-rate weekly manager inspection cost that covers fertilization and inspections
of the grass for the duration of the contract.

                                 Augusta Memorial Golf Course

Employee(s) cost…………….6 x $13.50 per hour = $81.00
   Total Hours…………………...$81 x 476 hours = $38,556.00

Gas for each Mower……......$3.44 per gallon x 18 gallons = $61.92
    Gas Total……………………..$61.92 x 6 mowers = $371.52

Weekly inspection……………$2,000.00 for every manager visit

       + $2,000.00
       + $371.52

 Total site cost=40,927.52

Total Operation Cost
The final total of all operations will be added up in this section. It will be the total estimation of
all factors, including a deposit. Reminder: Each total site cost is open for negotiation so that both
parties receive the deal they are looking for.

                   $40,927.52 (Augusta Memorial Golf Course)
                  + $5,394.00 (Route 24 Medians and Sidings)
                  + $5,286.92 (Willoughby Park)

Total Operation Costs = $51,608.44

Payment Schedule
Payment will be accepted as a weekly check of $2,716.23 or a monthly check of $12,902.11
prior to any service. Any alternate process of payment will be thoroughly examined by all of us
at Hereford Landscaping so that both parties can exercise a professional and judicious business
Augusta, Oregon, is where our home base is. As fellow Ausgustans, we would cherish the
opportunity to work with the city’s local landscapes. We are offering prices that only cover the
basics and are open to negotiate because we want to be the city’s primary landscaping service.
Our services would not only offer a low amount of hours each week to accomplish a lot of work,
but we also have a proven track record that can be seen in the recent photos we’ve included in
this proposal. You have been able to read about our very experienced site managers and the state
of the art equipment that allow us to do a state of the art job.

We are offering transparency and communication throughout this proposed process. We
designate managers for each site so that any queries or misunderstandings can be solved in a
matter of moments with direct phonecalls to our staff. Our reputation and photographed work
speaks for itself. We believe what we offer is in the best interest for both parties: your contracted
work stays in Augusta and we get to work for a city that we belong to.

Should you need any more information about the components of this proposal, we invite you to
communicate with us as you please.

Should this proposal fit the needs of the city of Augusta, we can arrange a quick meeting so that
all negotiations and formalities can be completed expeditiously. We look forward to furthering
our business relationship with the city of Augusta and all of its representatives.

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