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					                Thai Square, Angel                            145   Nua Pad Nam Mun Hoi
                                                                    Stir fried sirloin beef with mushrooms and carrots,
               347-349 Upper Street                                 lightly cooked in oyster sauce.
                 London N1 0PD                                      Gai Krapraw
      Tel: 0207 704 2000 Fax: 0207 704 2277                   146
                                                                    Stir fried chicken with Thai holy basil leaves,
            Website:                                 onion, garlic and fresh chillies.
       Email:                             Chilli Lamb
                                                                    Spicy stir fried sliced lamb with chillies,
               TAKE AWAY MENU                                       aubergines, Thai spices and herbs.
                                                                    Phed Kee Moa (Drunken duck)
                                                                    Stir fried roasted duck with chillies, aubergines,
                      Opening hours                                 long beans, bamboo shoots and basil leaves with
             Noon-3pm and 6pm-11pm daily                            hints of whisky.
                                                              153   Phed Ron (Disco duck)
                                                                    Stir fried roasted duck sautéed with cashew nuts,
                                                                    capsicum, onions and spring onions, garnished
                             STARTERS                               with roasted chillies on sizzling hot pan.

1     Thai Square's Mixed starters (For 2 People)
      A selection of our all time favourite starters.           £2.00 surcharge if prawns are substituted in any dish.
2     Chicken Satay
      Marinated chicken breast in skewer with tamaric,                               SEA FOOD DISHES
      mixed herbs, char-grilled and served with peanut
                                                              192   Hoi Shell Nor Mai Farang
3     Kanom Jeep (Thai Dumpling)                                    Lightly cooked scallops with fresh asparagus and
      Steamed parcels of minced chicken and prawn,                  garnished with roasted garlic.
      water chestnut, coriander root, garlic and pepper.            Goong Nam Prig Pao
      Served with special home made soya sauce.               193
                                                                    Stir fried prawn with Thai chilli paste, long bean,
5     See Krong Moo Yang (Spare ribs)
                                                                    onion and spinach leaves.
      Thai style char-grilled marinated spare ribs with our         Pad Poh Tak
      chef own special ingredient sauce.                      194
                                                                    Stir fried mixed seafood flavoured with young
6     Butterfly Prawn                                               peppercorn, lemongrass, chilli and holy basil
      Deep fried prawns in batter and bread crumbs with             leaves.
      chilli sauce.
                                                              195   Talay Tiam
8     Tod Mun Goong (Thai prawn cake)
                                                                    Stir fried mixed seafood in garlic and pepper sauce.
      Minced prawn mixed in with our head chef secret         202   Pla Rard Prig
      recipe.                                                       Deep fried sea bass pieces topped with Thai exotic
                                                                    spicy chillies and garlic sauce.
9     Gai Ho Bai Mai (Chicken in spinach leaves)
      Deep fried marinated chicken with special                                        THAI CURRIES
      ingredients wrapped in spinach leaves.
10    Crispy Duck Spring Roll                                       Gang Kiaw Wan Gai (Chicken green curry)
                                                                    The most famous Thai green curry with chicken,
      Deep fried aromatic duck and vegetables stuffing in           cooked in coconut milk with bamboo shoots, Thai
      rice paper, served with Hoisin sauce.                         baby aubergines and sweet basil leaves.
11    Kanom Pang Na Gai (Golden triangle)                           Gang Dang Nua (Beef red curry)
      Mixed minced chicken, prawn garlic, pepper and
                                                                    Sirloin beef red curry uses long red chillies, cooked
      coriander root, spread on triangle bread then deep-
                                                                    in coconut milk with bamboo shoots and basil
      fried and served with sweet chilli sauce.
                                                                    leaves, garnished with shredded red chillies.
                                                                    Panang Goong (Prawn dry curry)
20    Goong Neung Samoon Pai
                                                                    King prawns cooked in coconut milk, mild and rich
      (Steamed herbal prawn)
                                                                    taste. Relatively dry.
      Steamed King prawns with galangal, lemongrass,
                                                                    Mussaman Curry
      fresh chillies, garlic and lime leaves.                 124
                                                                    Choice of chicken or lamb: mild curry dish, cooked
                                                                    in rich coconut milk, potato and peanuts.
                                                                    Gang Pa Nua (Beef jungle curry)
                                SOUP                          125
                                                                    Beef cooked with fresh young peppercorn, shredded
      Tom Yum Goong                                                 krachai, Thai aubergines, bamboo shoots and long
61                                                                  beans.
      The most popular hot and spicy prawn soup with          126   Gang Phed (Roasted duck curry)
      mushrooms, lemongrass, coriander and fresh Thai
                                                                    Roasted duck in red curry with pineapple lychee
                                                                    fruits and lime leaves. Rich taste.
62    Tom Kha Gai
      A classic coconut soup with chicken, spiced with
                                                                                  HOUSE SPECIAL DISHES
      galangal, lemongrass, lime leaves and mushrooms.
63    Poh Tak Soup (for 2 people)
                                                              215   Pla Nung Sieyu
      Traditional hot and sour mixed seafood soup with              (Steamed sea bass with soya sauce)
      lemongrass, lime leaves, holy basil leaves and fresh          Whole sea bass fillet steamed with soya sauce,
      chillies.                                                     ginger and spring onions.
64    Gang Jerd Gai                                           245   Sua Rong Hai (Weeping tiger)
      Non spicy clear soup with minced chicken,                     Marinated Sirloin Beef on a hot dish, accompany
      vegetables, Chinese mushrooms, spring onions,                 with special Thai chilli sauce. Recommended with
      ground white pepper and green leaves.                         sticky rice.

                        PAN FRIED DISHES                      246   Moo Ping
                                                                    Special marinated pork, cooked on flaming char-
                                                                    grilled, served with traditional Thai spicy sauce.
141    Gai Pad Med Mamuang                                          Recommended with Thai sticky rice.
       Stir fried chicken sautéed with cashew nuts, onions
                                                              248   Phed Makham
       and capsicums, then garnished with roasted
                                                                    Roasted duck breast, thinly sliced with exotic
                                                                    tamarind sauce, topped with roasted chillies and
143    Moo Priew Wan                                                crispy seaweed. Excellent dish.
       Thai style sweet and sour pork with vegetables,
                                                              255   Lamb Yang
       tomatoes and pineapple.
       Special marinated rack of lamb ribs, lightly                                   VEGETARIAN STARTERS
       cooked on flaming char-grill, served with a
       traditional Thai spicy sauce. Another excellent         401       Thai Square's vegetarian mixed starters
       dish!                                                             (for 2 people)

256    Goong Gratiam Krop                                                A well selected mixed vegetarian starters.
       Pan Fried Thai river king prawn with garlic and         402       Poh Pia Tod (Vegetarian spring roll)
       pepper sauce.                                                     Deep fried vermicelli and vegetables wrapped in
261   Gai Yang Ta Krai                                                   rice paper.
      Grilled marinated spring chicken in lemongrass
      served sweet chilli sauce.                               403       Tod Mun Kow Pod (Corn cake)
                                                                         Deep fried sweet corn mixed with garlic, pepper
                                                                         and flour. Served with sweet chilli sauce.
                         THAI SALADS
                                                               404       Vegetable Tempura
                                                                         Deep fried mixed vegetables in batter. Served
                                                                         with sweet chilli sauce.
81    Som Tum (Papaya salad)                                   409       Vegetable Satay
      Popular Thai traditional papaya salad, tomatoes,                   Char-Grilled bean curd, tomato, pineapple and
      French bean and roast nuts, with our chef special                  capsicum in skewer,
      spicy dressing.                                                    Served with peanut sauce.
82    Yum Nua (Beef salad)
      Thai style char-grilled beef salad with tomatoes and     410       Thai Vegetarian Curry Puff
      Thai herbs in spicy dressing.                                      Mixed sweet corn, onion, potato with curry powder
83    Yum Woon Sen                                                       in triangle pastry.
      Vermicelli noodles with prawns, minced chicken,
      onions, coriander with fresh chillies in lemon                                    VEGETARIAN SOUPS
84    Laab Gai (Chicken salad)                                           Tom Yum Hed
      Minced chicken flavoured with lemongrass, lime
                                                                         Popular spicy lemongrass soup with mushrooms
      leaves, tossed in spicy lemon dressing, served with                and fresh chillies.
      oriental leaves and green beans.
                                                                         Tom Kha Hed
94    Yum Pla Maug Yang (Grilled squid salad)                  432
      Char-grilled squids with Thai hot and sour dressing                Coconut soup with mushrooms, spiced with
      with tomatoes, onions and corianders.                              galangal, lemongrass and roasted chillies.

95    Chicken Bang Bang                                        433       Gang Jerd Pak
      Char-grilled marinated chicken and fresh green                     Clear vegetables soup.
      salad, served with peanut sauce.
                                                                                   VEGETARIAN MAIN COURSES

                        THAI NOODLES                           452       Tao Hoo Pad Med Mamuang
                                                                         Stir fried bean curd with cashew nuts, onions and
321   Pad Thai                                                           capsicum, garnished with roasted chillies.
      The most popular fried Thai rice noodles with            454       Priew Wan Pak
      prawns, egg, fresh bean sprouts and crushed
      peanut.                                                            Thai style sweet and sour mixed vegetables.
                                                                         Kra Praw Pak
322   Pad Seiyu                                                455
      Stir fried thick flat rice noodle with chicken, green              Spicy stir fried mixed vegetables with chillies,
      vegetables, egg and dark soy sauce.                                basil leaves, onions and fresh young peppercorn.
      Pad Kuay Teaw Kee Mao                                              Gang Kiew Wan Jay
                                                               456       (Vegetarian green curry)
      Stir fried spicy flat rice noodles with beef and
                                                                         The most famous Thai green curry with mixed
                                                                         vegetables and bamboo shoots, cooked in coconut
326   Pad Mee Leung                                                      milk with Thai baby aubergines and sweet basil
      Stir fried plain egg noodles with bean sprouts, spring             leaves.
      onions and light soy sauce.                                        Gang Dang Jay
                                                                         Vegetables red curry with dried long red chillies,
                                                                         cooked in coconut milk with bamboo shoots and
                                                                         basil leaves, garnished with shredded red chillies.
351   Mixed vegetables in oyster sauce                                   Gang Pa Jay
                                                               458       (Hot vegetarian jungle curry)
352   Broccoli with oyster sauce                                         Mixed vegetables with fresh young peppercorn,
353   Spinach with ginger and garlic                                     shredded krachai, Thai aubergines, bamboo
355   Thai fresh baby corn, mushrooms and mange                          shoots and long beans.
                                                               465       Hed Hom Nor Mai Farang
                                                                         Stir fried asparagus with shitake mushrooms in
                                                                         thick soy sauce.
376   Steamed rice
377   Egg fried rice
                                                               471       Pad Tao Hoo Tua Ngor
                                                                         Stir fried bean curd with bean sprouts, garlic and
                                                                         spring onions.

                                                                                            means SPICY
                                                                                        means MEDIUM SPICY
                                                                                         means VERY SPICY

                                                                     -      Some dishes in this menu may contain fish sauce,
                                                                                        soya sauce or nuts.
                                                                         Please inform us of any allergies before ordering -