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									Proteins:                                  Starches:
Beef Tips, Chicken, Sliced Pork, Sliced
Beef, Smoked Sausage, Cajun Sausage,       White rice, brown rice, fried rice,
Shrimp, Calamari, Scallops, Crab,
                                           spiral noodles, udon noodles
Crawfish, Salmon, Ham, Pepperoni,
Bacon, Tofu

Seasonings:                                Kids Menu (8 and under) —$4.99
Jamaican Jerk, Chili Powder, Fajita
Seasoning, Onion Powder, Seasoning         Quesadillas
Salt, Cajun Seasoning, Lava Salt,
Cayenne, Garlic Powder, Curry Powder,      Spaghetti
Salt & Pepper, Ginger Citrus
                                           Cheese Pizza
Vegetables:                                Mac and Cheese
Mushrooms, Broccoli, Tonga Mix,
Classic Stir Fry Mix, Carrots, Tomatoes,   Kids bowl—(8 and under)
Red Potatoes, Snow Peas, Bean
Sprouts, Water Chestnuts, Baby Corn,
Mangos, Pineapple, Mandarin Oranges,
Jalapeno Peppers, Mixed Peppers,
Banana Peppers, White Onions, Cilan-       Carrot Cake-$6.99
tro, Asparagus, Salsa, Pico De Galo,       Chocolate Cake-$6.99
Spinach, 3S Mix, Bamboo Shoots
                                           New York Cheesecake-$5.99
Honey Garlic Soy, Zesty Orange, Lava
Sauce, Island Teriyaki, Lemon Garlic
Herb, Sweet Chili, Roasted Tomato,
Sweet and Sour, Ginger Citrus, Thai
Peanut, Asian BBQ, 3S

Sesame seeds, sliced almonds,
peanuts, Chow mein noodles

Tortillas—$1 for 4
Shredded cheese, sour cream and egg
(.75 per cup)

                                               Sunday—Thursday: 11am—9pm
                                                                                 4150 Levis Commons Blvd Perrysburg, OH 43551
                                               Friday– Saturday: 11am—10 pm
                                                                                               (419) 873-9466
                                                                                        7. Brunei Bowl
                                                                                           Beef, shrimp, chicken, lava salt,
                                                                                           tonga mix, potatoes, green onions,
                                                                                           mushrooms, tomatoes, 3S sauce,
                                                                                           spiral noodles

                                                                                        8. Surf n' Turf
                                                                                           Beef, crab, salt & pepper, classic
  The Blue Pacific Grill is a tropical                                                     stir-fry mix, honey garlic soy sauce,
  themed restaurant that offers a        Signature Bowls                                   stir-fried rice
  unique dining experience where         1. Teriyaki Chicken
  you create your own stir fry that         Chicken, salt & pepper, classic stir-fry    9. Asian BBQ
  includes the finest choice of             mix, pineapple, cabbage, island                Beef, citrus garlic herbs, tonga mix,
  proteins, seasonings, veggies, and        teriyaki sauce, steamed rice                   Asian BBQ sauce, steamed rice
  mixes. You then choose one of our
                                         2. Beef Broccoli                               10.Cajun Bowl
  12 signature sauces and hand your
                                            Beef, citrus garlic herbs, tomatoes,           Crawfish, chicken, shrimp, sausage,
  creation over to one of the trained
                                            mushrooms, broccoli, white onions,             citrus garlic herbs, tonga mix
  grill masters as they magically
                                            3S sauce, spiral noodles                       tomatoes, celery, roasted tomato
  cook your signature dish to your
  perfection on a flat top grill –                                                         sauce, steamed rice
                                         3. Thai Chicken
  ready to enjoy in just minutes!           Chicken, lava salt, classic stir-fry mix,
                                            spinach, cilantro, peanut sauce,            Cheese, sour cream
Its All About Choices!                      peanuts, udon noodles.                      and tortillas avail-
   You may choose from one of our                                                       able upon request
   Signature Bowls or create your        4. Citrus Beef
   own custom bowl.                         Beef, citrus garlic herbs, classic
                                            stir-fry mix, tonga mix, mandarin           Prices:
The choices at the food bar are:            oranges, ginger citrus sauce, udon
• 15 different proteins, including          noodles                                     $12.99 per bowl
  beef, chicken, sausage, ham,                                                          Kids bowl—(8 and
                                         5. Sweet n' Sour Pork
  shrimp, salmon, even tofu                                                             under) $4.99
                                            Pork, salt & pepper, tonga mix,
• 12 seasonings from lemon pepper           pineapple, green onions, sweet n'           All-you-can-eat—
  to curry salt
                                            sour sauce, steamed rice                    $18.99
• 24 vegetables, and a choice of five
                                         6. Shanghi Bowl                                (Dine-in only)
• A dozen sauces,                           Shrimp, scallops, calamari, lava salt,
  from sweet chili                          classic stir-fry mix, water chestnuts,
  to Thai peanut,                           green onions, lava sauce, steamed
  can be sampled                            rice
  before deciding
  which suits you

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