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					                                               January 6, 2011                        CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                       E15

                                                                                        EXTENSIONS OF REMARKS
                                                        RULES OF THE HOUSE                                  INTRODUCTION OF THE SCHOOL                         tion to saving and improving the quality of
                                                                                                                FOOD RECOVERY ACT                              countless lives. The outstanding leadership of
                                                                   SPEECH OF                                                                                   both Dr. Herbert Pardes, the Chief Executive
                                                         HON. BETTY McCOLLUM                                      HON. THOMAS E. PETRI                         Officer of New York Presbyterian Hospital, and
                                                                                                                          OF WISCONSIN
                                                                                                                                                               Dr. Christopher Hillyer, the Chief Executive Of-
                                                                 OF MINNESOTA                                                                                  ficer of the New York Blood Center, have
                                                                                                            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                              helped make this joint initiative so extraor-
                                                                                                                  Thursday, January 6, 2011                    dinarily successful.
                                                       Wednesday, January 5, 2011
                                                                                                          Mr. PETRI. Mr. Speaker, the purpose of this              Under the leadership of Dr. Pardes, New
                                                  Ms. MCCOLLUM. Mr. Speaker, I rise in                                                                         York Presbyterian Hospital has done a spec-
                                                                                                       legislation is to make clear that schools partici-
                                               strong opposition to the rules package pro-                                                                     tacular job of encouraging its employees to
                                                                                                       pating in the school lunch program are legally
                                               posed by the new Republican majority in the                                                                     donate blood. As a result, it is the largest hos-
                                                                                                       allowed to donate excess food to local food
                                               House.                                                                                                          pital donor group in New York City and the
                                                  The very first vote in the 112th Congress re-           In 1996, Congress passed the Bill Emerson            third largest donor group in Manhattan. The
                                               veals the extent of the Republicans’ fiscal hy-         Good Samaritan Act, which protects donors               hospital has increased the number of dona-
                                               pocrisy. The new House rules create a huge              who give to food banks in good faith from all           tions it generates every year for at least a
                                               loophole that allows Republicans to pass bil-           liability except in cases of gross negligence or        decade. Each pint donated saves three lives.
                                               lions in additional tax cuts without finding sav-       intentional misconduct. This landmark law has           Last year, it generated more than 3,500 dona-
                                               ings elsewhere in the federal budget. These             allowed businesses and civic organizations to           tions through its various blood drives, saving
                                               rules are a major step backward in our effort           donate critically-needed food to local food             more than 10,000 lives. And for the first five
                                               to solve the federal budget crisis. No Member           banks and food pantries.                                months of this year, donations are up 50%
                                               who votes for this fiscally reckless rules pack-           Despite this law, many schools and school            over the same period last year. Blood donated
                                               age is serious about deficit reduction.                 districts have been hesitant to donate excess           by New York Presbyterian Hospital is distrib-
                                                  The public backlash against the new Repub-           food from school lunches, primarily due to a            uted by the Blood Center to more than 200
                                               lican rules started days before today’s vote. In        misperception that U.S. Department of Agri-             hospitals in the greater New York metropolitan
                                               a December 29, 2010 editorial titled ‘‘Deficit          culture regulations don’t allow for excess food         area.
                                               Hypocrisy,’’ the New York Times said the new            to be donated.                                              Established in 1964, the New York Blood
                                               rules proposed by the incoming majority ‘‘will             Loudoun County, Virginia, in Congressman             Center (NYBC) has become one of the na-
                                               codify the Republican fantasy that tax cuts do          FRANK WOLF’s district, has expressed these              tion’s largest non-profit, community-based
                                               not deepen the deficit.’’                               reservations. That is why Congressman WOLF,             blood centers. For more than forty-five years,
                                                  The bi-partisan Committee for a Respon-              an original cosponsor of this bill, reached out         it has provided donated blood, transfusion
                                               sible Budget expressed ‘‘serious concerns’’             to work with me to help address this issue. I’m         products and services to nearly 200 hospitals
                                               about the Republican rules package saying               sure there are many other examples in con-              in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan
                                               that ‘‘because many of these new rules would            gressional districts across the country.                area. In 2009, the NYBC set a personal record
                                               apply to only the spending side of the budget              This is unfortunate as excess food is being          after receiving nearly 3,500 blood donations. It
                                               (replacing rules that applied to both the tax           thrown away rather than provided to food                is also home to the National Cord Blood Cen-
                                               and spending side), this new rules package              banks to support those in need. In many                 ter, the world’s largest public cord bank. The
                                               could actually weaken, rather than strengthen,          cases, students who rely on school lunches              Cord Blood Center provides adults and chil-
                                               our ability to deal with the debt.’’                    also rely on support from local food banks.             dren with life-threatening illnesses with stem
                                                  By exempting the cost of tax cuts and the               The purpose of this bill is straightforward: to      cell transplants from unrelated donors.
                                               repeal of the health care reform law from               keep excess school food out of the garbage                  New York hospitals need a diverse range of
                                               budget restrictions, the Republican majority            and get it into food banks. The bill will clarify       blood donations to match the diverse nature of
                                               makes it clear that they embrace—not op-                that schools and school districts are permitted         New York’s population. With the help of the
                                               pose—deficit spending. H. Res. 5 enables Re-            to donate excess food and that they are cov-            participation in blood drives of New York Pres-
                                               publicans to return to their discredited eco-           ered under the Good Samaritan Act when                  byterian Hospital’s diverse employee popu-
                                               nomic policies of the past decade that ex-              doing so.                                               lation, the Blood Center is able to ensure that
                                               ploded deficits with tax cuts, two wars and a                             f                                     local hospitals have blood available to serve
                                               huge new prescription drug entitlement pro-                                                                     patients with sickle cell anemia and other dis-
                                               gram all financed with borrowed money.                  HONORING   NEW   YORK  PRES-                            eases that disproportionately affect minority
                                                  What the Republicans do oppose and prom-              BYTERIAN HOSPITAL, THE NEW                             communities.
                                               ise to cut are the investments that strengthen           YORK   BLOOD   CENTER  AND                                 One of New York City’s most respected
                                               American communities and support the most                THEIR OUTSTANDING PARTNER-                             health care institutions, New York Presbyterian
                                               vulnerable citizens in our Nation. Under the             SHIP FOR LIFE-SAVING BLOOD                             Hospital is the product of a partnership that
                                               new rules, the American middle class will be             DONATIONS                                              was formed in 1998 between The New York
                                               forced to live with less while the wealthy and                                                                  Hospital, founded in 1771, and The Pres-
                                               special interests have it all. In the weeks                     HON. CAROLYN B. MALONEY                         byterian Hospital, founded in 1868. As a
                                               ahead, Republicans will target America’s mid-                               OF NEW YORK                         merged institution, New York Presbyterian
                                               dle class with unsustainable cuts to education,              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    Hospital has provided first rate medical care to
                                               transportation, public safety, clean energy and                                                                 untold numbers of New Yorkers. With two af-
                                               advanced research and technology. The                             Thursday, January 6, 2011                     filiated medical schools, New York Pres-
                                               Washington Post editorial board said that the              Mrs. MALONEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise to pay             byterian is recognized as one of the greatest
                                               rules reflect ‘‘about as upside-down a set of           tribute to the New York Presbyterian Hospital           academic health centers in the world. With
                                               priorities as can be imagined.’’                        and the New York Blood Center for their out-            more than 13,000 employees and 2,298 pa-
                                                  I reject the skewed priorities expressed in          standing partnership to increase life-saving            tient beds, the hospital is ranked among
                                               this rule package. I refuse to abandon Amer-            blood donations in our nation’s greatest city.          America’s best by U.S. News and World Re-
                                               ica’s families and communities when they                Thanks to donations from thousands of New               port. It has centers of excellence in AIDS care,
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                               most need the support of their government.              Yorkers from all walks of life, this outstanding        digestive diseases, gene therapy, preventive
                                               And I will continue fighting for the federal in-        collaborative effort has helped provide nearly          medicine, reproductive and fertility medicine,
                                               vestments our communities need to compete               14,000 blood donations over the past five               vascular medicine and others. The William
                                               in the 21st century.                                    years, representing an immeasurable contribu-           Randolph Hearst Burn Center is the largest

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                                               E16                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                     January 6, 2011
                                               and busiest burn center in the country. New             traveling upwards toward the second floor.              in the United States, I have depended on
                                               York Presbyterian is also the first hospital to         Initial reports indicated that a person was             Mary Marangos to serve as my eyes and ears
                                               establish special centers and programs for              trapped on the third floor.                             in that thriving, bustling community for the last
                                                                                                          Taking command of the fire scene, A/DC
                                               women’s health.                                                                                                 seventeen years. In addition, Dr. Marangos
                                                                                                       Levesque initiated a coordinated, combined
                                                  The most important reason for the success            fire attack and rescue operation. Engine                represented me at an international conference
                                               of New York Presbyterian Hospital’s blood               companies were ordered to attack the fire on            held in Cyprus and Greece in 2002, which
                                               drive is the strong support of senior officials at      the first floor and check for extension and             was fitting, as she had been active in the Cy-
                                               the hospital. From the lowest clerk to Dr.              protect the second floor. Heavy Rescue 1 was            prus Liberation Movement since the island’s il-
                                               Pardes himself, blood donation is part of the           immediately sent to the third floor for res-            legal occupation in 1974.
                                               culture at New York Presbyterian Hospital.              cue operations.                                             Mary Marangos was a whirlwind of activity
                                                  Mr. Speaker, I ask that my colleagues join              Rescue 1, which had previously been out of           in the Hellenic-American community of our Na-
                                                                                                       service due to reduced staffing, had a crew of          tion’s greatest city, leading me to bestow upon
                                               me in recognizing the New York Blood Center,
                                                                                                       three firefighters. This included Acting Lieu-
                                               New York Presbyterian Hospital, Dr. Herbert                                                                     her the nickname ‘‘the Greek Cannonball.’’
                                                                                                       tenant Matt Camara and Firefighter Mark
                                               Pardes and Dr. Christopher Hillyer for their            Medeiros, both of whom were laid-off and re-            She was active in and helped organize events
                                               enormous contributions to New York’s health             turned through the SAFER grant. The third               for countless organizations such as the
                                               care system. Their collaboration has saved in-          Medeiros, both of whom were laid-off and re-            Panpaphian Association and the Women’s
                                               numerable lives. New York Presbyterian Hos-             turned through the SAFER grant. The third               Issues Network of the Pancyprian Association.
                                               pital and the New York Blood Center serve as            member was Probationary Firefighter Glen                She worked closely with local organizations
                                               a example of our nation’s health care system            Edington, also a SAFER awardee, serving his             such as the Greek-American Homeowners As-
                                                                                                       first tour of duty with the Fall River Fire             sociation, the Cretan Association, and the
                                               at its best.
                                                                                                                                                               Federation of Hellenic Societies on important
                                                                                                          Upon entering the structure and making
                                                                                                       their way to the third floor, all three mem-
                                                                                                                                                               activities such as citizenship and voter reg-
                                               FALL RIVER FIRE CHIEF FORD                              bers began a primary search of that floor.              istration drives. She proudly accompanied me
                                                DOCUMENTS   IMPORTANCE OF                              PFF Edington, utilizing a thermal imagining             as we marched each year in the Greek Inde-
                                                FEDERAL ASSISTANCE                                     camera, located the victim lying on the                 pendence parade on Fifth Avenue in Manhat-
                                                                                                       floor. He and FE Medeiros followed their                tan, and was deeply involved in every aspect
                                                                                                       training, quickly removed the victim from
                                                           HON. BARNEY FRANK                           the apartment, and descended down two
                                                                                                                                                               of the life of the Hellenic-American community,
                                                               OF MASSACHUSETTS
                                                                                                                                                               from being a booster of Greek-American soc-
                                                                                                       flights of stairs to awaiting medical rescue            cer clubs to supporting arts and the human-
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      crews. At the time of this writing, while in
                                                                                                       critical condition, the victim is alive.
                                                                                                                                                               ities to increasing awareness and appreciation
                                                        Thursday, January 6, 2011                         If this fire had taken place prior to the            of the splendors of Greek civilization, past and
                                                  Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts. Mr. Speaker,             funding of the SAFER grant, neither they                present.
                                               one of the most important things this Con-              nor any Heavy Rescue crew would have been                   Mary Marangos’ dedication to public service
                                               gress should be doing in 2011 is to continue            on scene that morning. The outcome for that             and helping others started much earlier than
                                               the assistance we have provided to local com-           victim and her family could have been much              her tenure as a congressional staff member.
                                                                                                       different.                                              She was an educator, administrator and coor-
                                               munities, hard hit by a recession that they had
                                                                                                          Furthermore, the additional staffing af-             dinator at the vocational/alternative high
                                               no part in bringing about, so that they can             forded to this department allowed us to con-
                                               maintain the essential public services nec-                                                                     school level in the New York City public
                                                                                                       tinue to protect the rest of the city’s citizens
                                               essary for the safety of their citizens.                without calling in emergency overtime fire-
                                                                                                                                                               school system, serving as a coordinator of the
                                                  Earlier this week, I received a letter from the      fighters or utilizing the increased mutual aid          GED program at the Vocational Training Cen-
                                               Fire Chief of the City of Fall River, Paul Ford,        responses we had come to rely on. This mu-              ter at LaGuardia Airport. She coordinated the
                                               which explains exactly how important this is. I         tual aid, while appreciated, was further re-            AIDS Prevention Program on the high school
                                               ask that Chief Ford’s eloquent, persuasive let-         ducing the firefighting forces in those com-            level, training teachers on how to teach HIV
                                                                                                       munities due to our decreased staffing levels.          prevention and holding conferences on the
                                               ter, noting the lifesaving role played by the
                                                                                                          This situation is a clear example of why             epidemic. Dr. Marangos also fostered staff de-
                                               SAFER grant, be inserted here, and I hope               adequate staffing is so vital to the mission of
                                               that our colleagues will be instructed by it.                                                                   velopment initiatives for elementary school
                                                                                                       the fire service in general, and specifically to
                                                 FIRE DEPARTMENT HEADQUARTERS,
                                                                                                                                                               teachers and administrators.
                                                                                                       this city and department.
                                                             OFFICE OF THE FIRE CHIEF,                    I thank you, on behalf of the citizens of
                                                                                                                                                                   A graduate of New York City public schools,
                                                           Fall River, MA, December 23, 2010.          this city and the members of this fire depart-          Mary Marangos earned a Bachelor of Science
                                               Congressman BARNEY FRANK,                               ment, for your support with this much need-             degree from the New York State Education
                                               558 Pleasant Street #309, New Bedford, MA               ed grant opportunity.                                   Department, a Master’s Degree in high school
                                                 DEAR CONGRESSMAN FRANK: As you are                           Sincerely,                                       administration and supervision from Fordham
                                               aware, the Fall River Fire Department has                                          PAUL D. FORD,                University, and a doctorate in International-
                                               received a SAFER award which has allowed                                                   Fire Chief.          Intercultural Developmental Education from
                                               us to rehire laid-off firefighters and hire 46
                                               new firefighters, bringing our compliment up                              f                                     Florida State University under a full fellowship
                                               to 2008 levels. This return of staffing levels                                                                  from the U.S. Department of Education.
                                                                                                       IN RECOGNITION OF THE LATE DR.                              Mary Marangos was the loving and devoted
                                               has allowed us to reopen Engine 6, Engine 9,
                                                                                                              MARY MARANGOS
                                               and Heavy Rescue 1.                                                                                             daughter      of    Pantelis     Marangos   from
                                                 The previously laid-off firefighters were as-                                                                 Kalavasos, Cyprus and Despina Kyriacou from
                                               signed to fire companies on September 26,                       HON. CAROLYN B. MALONEY                         Lesvos, Greece and Cyprus. She was devoted
                                               2010, the start of the SAFER grant perform-                                 OF NEW YORK                         to them and steadfast in her care of both in
                                               ance period. The new firefighters graduated                                                                     their later years.
                                               from our training academy on December 17,                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               2010 and were assigned to individual fire
                                                                                                                                                                   Dr. Marangos has been an important leader
                                                                                                                 Thursday, January 6, 2011                     of the Hellenic American community. Her as-
                                               companies on December 19, 2010.
                                                 Let me take this opportunity to share with               Mrs. MALONEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise to                 sertiveness, intelligence, willingness to help
                                               you the following story to illustrate how the           honor the late Dr. Mary Marangos, a longtime            are only a few of the characteristics that make
                                               SAFER grant has had an immediate impact                 activist in the Hellenic American community             her such a special person. Time and time
                                               on protecting property and saving lives as a            and dedicated congressional staff member                again she has gone out of her way to help
                                               result of adequate fire staffing:                       who passed away last month after a valiant              members of our community in need. She truly
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                                 On the morning of December 21, 2010, a fire           struggle with breast cancer. A career educator          epitomizes the spirit of the Hellenic American
                                               was reported in one of the city’s congested             and public servant, Mary Marangos touched               woman—strength of character, activism, intel-
                                               south-end residential neighborhoods. Upon
                                                                                                       the hearts and bettered the lives of countless          ligence and compassion.
                                               arrival,   Acting     District    Chief   David
                                               Levesque was confronted with a six family,              individuals from all walks of life.                         Mr. Speaker, I request that my esteemed
                                               brick and wood structure, with fire showing                As the Member of Congress representing               colleagues join me in paying tribute to the late
                                               in one first floor apartment. The fire had              Astoria, New York, home to the largest popu-            Dr. Mary Marangos for her extraordinary con-
                                               exited out into the interior stairway and was           lation of persons of Hellenic descent anywhere          tributions to the civic life of our Nation.

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                                               January 6, 2011                        CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                      E17
                                               HONORING CLARK COUNTY SHER-                             care organizations, health insurers and third                  HONORING THE LIFE OF A
                                                IFF’S   DEPUTY     SUZANNE                             party payors.                                                     LIGHTING PIONEER
                                                WAUGHTEL HOPPER                                           In 1998, under Mr. Stamm’s leadership,
                                                                                                       NYCHSRO created MedReview, which pro-                                HON. BILL POSEY
                                                           HON. STEVE AUSTRIA                          vides independent medical reviews and med-                                OF FLORIDA
                                                                     OF OHIO                           ical claims audits to self-insured plan spon-                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      sors. With offices in Cleveland, Denver, Or-                       Thursday, January 6, 2011
                                                         Thursday, January 6, 2011                     lando, Tampa and Thomasville, GA, today                    Mr. POSEY. Mr. Speaker, it is with great
                                                                                                       MedReview is one of America’s premier med-              sadness that I bring to the attention of the
                                                  Mr. AUSTRIA. Mr. Speaker, while we can
                                                                                                       ical and claims-related auditing organizations,         House the loss of a husband, a father, and an
                                               never fully express the depth of our apprecia-
                                               tion for those who give their lives to protect          helping clients manage health care costs more           industrial pioneer. On January 3, 2011,
                                               us, I rise today on behalf of the constituents          effectively,    and      avoid    overpayment.          Zachary S. Gibler passed away from injuries
                                               of Ohio’s Seventh Congressional District to             MedReview boasts that it manages to recover             sustained in a biking accident. He was just 44
                                               recognize and honor the life of Clark County            millions of dollars in claims overpayments an-          years old. Gibler is survived by his wife, Mary,
                                               Sheriff’s Deputy Suzanne Waughtel Hopper.               nually. MedReview’s clients include some of             and daughter, Rachel.
                                                  Hopper, 40, was killed in the line of duty on        America’s largest and most respected organi-               Zach Gibler was the Chairman and CEO of
                                               New Year’s Day while responding to shots                zations including Corporate Express, Mack/              the nation’s largest LED lighting manufacturer,
                                               fired in a local community. Even in her last            Volvo Trucks, Nissan, Oregon School Boards,             Lighting Science Group (LSG), which is
                                               moments, Deputy Hopper showed her courage               ServiceMaster, UBS Financial and Ingersoll              headquartered in Satellite Beach, Florida and
                                               and bravery as she was the first to respond to          Rand, as well as many non-profit and govern-            employs 400 workers. Specifically, the Lighting
                                               the scene. Because of her decisive action,              ment organizations.                                     Science Group designs, develops, manufac-
                                               lives were saved.                                                                                               tures and markets LED light bulbs that are en-
                                                                                                           Mr. Stamm served in various other capac-
                                                  Deputy Hopper joined the Clark County                                                                        vironmentally friendlier and more energy effi-
                                                                                                       ities at NYCHSRO/MedReview, starting out as
                                               Sheriff’s Office in 1999 and protected resi-                                                                    cient than traditional lighting products.
                                                                                                       Director of Ambulatory Care Review and As-                 Gibler had quickly become a leader in a
                                               dents for 12 years. She received numerous               sociate Executive Director for Planning and
                                               commendations, citations and awards. Hopper                                                                     budding industry that will play a key in our na-
                                                                                                       Development and then as Deputy Executive                tion’s future. His pioneering efforts have grown
                                               was an outstanding deputy and a strong lead-            Director responsible for Hospital Review, Am-
                                               er. She was often described as having a                                                                         operations in Florida from 35 employees to
                                                                                                       bulatory Care, Medical Care Evaluation, Data            more than 400 in less than two years.
                                               ‘‘motherly’’ demeanor, full of encouragement            and Home Care Review. Mr. Stamm was in-                    Known for his passion for helping those in
                                               and compassion.                                         strumental in developing and implementing               need, Gibler hired many former NASA workers
                                                  Beyond her dedication to service, Hopper             monitoring programs for Medicaid, Medicare              who had been laid off due to the transitions in
                                               was a loving and devoted wife and mother. In            and the private sector at all care levels — in-         our nation’s human space flight program and
                                               her spare time she continued to serve others
                                                                                                       patient, ambulatory, long-term health care and          utilized their skills to manufacture American-
                                               by working with local charities and service or-
                                                                                                       home care, both in the state and nationally.            made LED lights that are highly energy effi-
                                               ganizations. She had a passion to serve, a
                                                                                                          Prior to his tenure at NYCHSRO/                      cient and are very competitive to foreign-made
                                               kind spirit and always cared about others.
                                                  Suzanne Waughtel Hopper is survived by               MedReview, Mr. Stamm spent several years                LED competitors. Just walk into Home Depot
                                               her husband, two children, two step-children            at the New York City Department of Health in            or any other hardware store and you’ll find
                                               and her parents. Her life was taken suddenly            various capacities, including Director of Inves-        LED bulbs that are made by the Lighting
                                               while she unselfishly protected the community           tigation and Enforcement, Director of Program           Science Group—it’s an American product built
                                               to which she dedicated her life’s work. The im-         Planning and Development and Assistant Di-              by American workers.
                                                                                                                                                                  In June of 2009, Zachary Gibler became
                                               pact she had on the community, and in the               rector of Health Evaluation.
                                                                                                                                                               CEO of Lighting Science Group and was
                                               lives of her family and friends will never be              Mr. Stamm is a recognized expert in the              made president just a few months later in
                                               forgotten.                                              medical review industry and is on the faculty           September of 2009. Gibler was then named
                                                  Thus, today I ask my colleagues to join me           of Columbia University School of Public                 Chairman of the Lighting Science Group in
                                               and the constituents of the Ohio’s Seventh              Health. He has lectured nationally and inter-           March 2010. He was a lighting industry vet-
                                               Congressional District in honoring the life and
                                                                                                       nationally and has been published on health             eran having previously held a variety of senior
                                               memory of Deputy Suzanne Waughtel Hopper,
                                                                                                       care-related topics in scholarly journals such          roles at Acuity Brands.
                                               a true hero.                                                                                                       Gibler effectively worked to shape Lighting
                                                                                                       as Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine, the New
                                                                f                                      York Academy of Medicine Journal and the                Science Group into the LED lighting manufac-
                                               IN RECOGNITION OF THE CON-                              Journal of Community Health. He is also a               turer it is today, which is continuing to create
                                                 TRIBUTIONS OF RABBI JOSEPH                            member of a number of health care associa-              additional, good-paying jobs in my home state
                                                 STAMM                                                 tions, as well as a fellow of the New York              of Florida and making a significant contribution
                                                                                                       Academy of Medicine.                                    to making America more energy efficient.
                                                                                                                                                                  Our thoughts and prayers are with Zach’s
                                                      HON. CAROLYN B. MALONEY                             Mr. Stamm is a strong supporter of and a             family and friends as they cope with this unex-
                                                                  OF NEW YORK                          frequent visitor to Israel. In 2006, at the re-         pected loss at the beginning of the year.
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      quest of Assemblyman Dov Hikind, he trav-
                                                        Thursday, January 6, 2011                      eled to war-torn Israel on a fact-finding and
                                                                                                       humanitarian mission. The mission members                         IN HONOR OF JERRY
                                                  Mrs. MALONEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise today              met with mayors of northern Israel and the                         KUROWYCKYJ, SR.
                                               to recognize the extraordinary contributions of         leaders of health care organizations such as
                                               Joseph Stamm, who is celebrating his 25th               Rambam Hospital, the largest hospital in                        HON. CAROLYN B. MALONEY
                                               anniversary at the helm of the New York                 northern Israel. Mr. Stamm has also been very                            OF NEW YORK
                                               County Health Services Review Organization
                                                                                                       active in the Beitar Foundation and in 2007,                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               (NYCHSRO). Mr. Stamm has been largely re-
                                                                                                       he received the HaTov U’Meitiv Man of the                        Thursday, January 6, 2011
                                               sponsible for the unparalleled growth and suc-
                                                                                                       Year Award at the Annual Beitar Foundation
                                               cess of NYCHSRO and its subsidiary,                                                                                Mrs. MALONEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise to pay
                                                                                                       Dinner. Joseph Stamm received his rabbinical
                                               MedReview Inc. (MedReview).                                                                                     special tribute to the late Jerry Kurowyckyj,
                                                  NYCHSRO was among the first organiza-                ordination from the Rabbi Jacob Joseph Ye-              Sr., a dedicated community leader, activist,
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                               tions registered as a certified Utilization Re-         shiva in New York City and earned his MPA               and local business owner in New York City,
                                               view agent in New York. NYCHSRO has con-                from New York University.                               who passed away last year. Known as the
                                               ducted over 2 million peer reviews to evaluate             Mr. Speaker, I ask my distinguished col-             ‘‘Mayor of Ukraine,’’ his extensive commitment
                                               clinical decisions and services rendered by             leagues to join me in recognizing the many              to serving others was profoundly appreciated
                                               medical practitioners at all levels of the health       achievements of Joseph Stamm, a business                by the Lower Manhattan community he loved.
                                               care continuum. Its clients include state and           leader, innovator and strong supporter of               Sadly, New York has lost a neighborhood
                                               local governmental organizations, managed               Israel and the Jewish community.                        leader and a food-lovers icon.

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                                               E18                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                     January 6, 2011
                                                  For nearly three decades, Mr. Kurowyckyj                A former member of the Chicago Police De-                Dr. Patel’s activism extends beyond the
                                               helped manage his family-owned business,                partment, Corey had been a firefighter for just         world of medicine. As President of the Indian-
                                               Kurowyckyj Meats, Inc., in Manhattan’s East             18 months. He left the Police force to follow in        American Center for Political Awareness, he
                                               Village neighborhood, a commercial and cul-             the footsteps of his close relative, Gerald             has worked not only to improve bilateral rela-
                                               tural hub for New Yorkers of Ukrainian and              Glover, a veteran firefighter. Gerald, who              tions between India and America, but to in-
                                               Polish descent during the post-World War II             rushed to the scene of the burning building in          crease political awareness of and boost the
                                               era. Founded in 1955 by Mr. Kurowyckyj’s fa-            South Shore, remembered Corey as someone                participation of the Indian American commu-
                                               ther, the shop became an integral part of the           who ‘‘loved helping people.’’                           nity. In so doing, he has helped pave the way
                                               neighborhood, and a mecca for gourmands                    Whether it was battling the flames of a burn-        for second generation Americans of Indian de-
                                               throughout the tri-state area. Kurowyckyj               ing building or helping to keep neighborhoods           scent, urging them to remain involved and
                                               Meats was acclaimed throughout New York                 safe, Corey spent his life serving Chicago and          build on earlier progress. Dr. Patel’s consider-
                                               not only for its delicious, fresh pork products         protecting Chicagoans. His selflessness will            able contributions to medicine and philan-
                                               such as bologna, frankfurters, rolled bacon,            live on through his memory, and the lives of            thropy have been widely acknowledged; he
                                               sweet sausages, spicy salami, trays of                  his surviving wife and children.                        has been honored by the Gujarati Samaj of
                                               smoked hams, and homemade kovbasa, but                     I join the rest of Chicago in mourning the           Greater New York, the Indian Dental Associa-
                                               also for its personal customer service. It was          loss of one of our own. The city Corey gave             tion of the United States, and 100 Black Men,
                                               praised by the New York Times as an ‘‘East              his life to protect will never forget him.              and was presented the ‘‘Outstanding Asian
                                               Village haven’’ and written up glowingly in re-            May he rest in peace.                                American’’ award by former New York Gov-
                                               spected periodicals such as Gourmet and                                   f                                     ernor Mario Cuomo, as well as the prestigious
                                               Food and Wine magazines. The shop was one                                                                       2008 Ellis Island Medal of Honor.
                                               of the last in the city to operate an original                   IN RECOGNITION OF DR.                              Mr. Speaker, in recognition of a lifetime of
                                               smokehouse, which lent a unique flavor to the                      BHUPENDRA PATEL                              service to others, I request that my colleagues
                                               store’s delicacies. Sadly, the store closed in                                                                  join me in paying tribute to Dr. Bhupendra
                                               2007, a victim of changing times and tastes.                    HON. CAROLYN B. MALONEY                         ‘‘Bhupi’’ Patel, a great New Yorker and a great
                                                  Remembered for his continuous generosity,                                OF NEW YORK                         American who made immeasurable improve-
                                               Mr. Kurowyckyj made immeasurable contribu-                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    ments to the quality of life of his fellow New
                                               tions to the civic life of his community. For                                                                   Yorkers. Dr. Patel’s selfless and enduring
                                               much of his life, Mr. Kurowyckyj was a dedi-                       Thursday, January 6, 2011
                                                                                                                                                               dedication to serving others and to the civic
                                               cated and energetic member of New York’s                    Mrs. MALONEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise to ac-            life of our nation serves as an inspiration to us
                                               Community Board 3, applying his strong lead-            knowledge the achievements of Bhupendra                 all.
                                               ership abilities and lifelong devotion to Lower         Patel, M.D., a remarkable man who has dedi-
                                               Manhattan to maintaining and improving the              cated himself in service to others. The Chief of
                                               quality of life in the neighborhood he loved.           the Department of Medicine at the Mount Sinai           HONORING STATE SENATOR DAVE
                                                  Among his many volunteer efforts, Mr.                Hospital in Queens, Dr. Patel is also an impor-                  ARONBERG
                                               Kurowyckyj dedicated his time and attention to          tant and inspirational voice for the thriving In-
                                               several local institutions in the community, in-        dian-American community of our nation’s                         HON. THEODORE E. DEUTCH
                                               cluding the St. George Ukrainian Church. His            greatest city. A selfless advocate for his pa-                            OF FLORIDA
                                               enterprising initiative and dogged persever-            tients as well as a dedicated and generous                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               ance were instrumental in enabling the church           philanthropist, ‘‘Bhupi’’ Patel is truly an exam-
                                               to move into its current location on East 7th           ple and role model for the community, and I                       Thursday, January 6, 2011
                                               Street, and its site remains a testament to his         am proud to call him my friend.                            Mr. DEUTCH. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in
                                               efforts.                                                    Dr. Bhupendra Patel has demonstrated a              honor of a dedicated public servant, fierce
                                                  As a distinguished leader of his community,          lifelong passion for the study and practice of          consumer advocate, and my dear friend, State
                                               Mr. Kurowyckyj not only reached out to local            medicine. Born and raised in Kenya, he                  Senator Dave Aronberg.
                                               residents, but to recent immigrants as well.            earned an MBBS from Baroda Medical Col-                    A native of Miami, Dave attended Harvard
                                               Upon their arrival in the neighborhood, Mr.             lege in India. The political unrest there, cou-         College and Harvard Law School. Shortly after
                                               Kurowyckyj provided assistance and knowl-               pled with immigration of many of his friends to         graduation, Dave began his work with the of-
                                               edge to help them establish themselves in               the United States, inspired Dr. Patel to con-           fice of the State Insurance Commissioner tak-
                                               New York. His compassion and individual at-             duct his medical internship and residency at            ing on foreign insurance companies that re-
                                               tention exerted a strong positive impact on the         the Long Island Jewish Hospital, where he               fused to honor World War II era policies
                                               lives of countless individuals.                         worked as an internist. Dr. Patel continued to          issued to victims of the Holocaust.
                                                  Mr. Kurowyckyj’s proud devotion to his               make important contributions to the field of               Dave’s passion for public service next took
                                               Ukrainian heritage is carried on today by his           medical education by serving as an Assistant            him to the office of the Attorney General,
                                               wife, Iryna Kurowyckyj, President of the Na-            Clinical Professor of Medicine at the renowned          where he became an Assistant Attorney Gen-
                                               tional Board of the Ukrainian National Wom-             Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York.             eral. It was in this capacity that Dave was re-
                                               en’s League of America. Mr. Kurowyckyj is                   Throughout his career, Dr. Patel has striven        sponsible for prosecuting consumer fraud and
                                               also survived by his son, Jerry, Jr., and               successfully to help serve the needs of the             led the lawsuits against ‘‘Miss Cleo’s’’ fraudu-
                                               daughter, Oksana.                                       growing Asian-American community in New                 lent business holdings.
                                                  Mr. Speaker, I salute the life and work of           York City, serving as the President of the                 In 2000, Dave was chosen to participate in
                                               Mr. Jerry Kurowyckyj and I ask that my distin-          Gujarati Samaj of Greater New York and help-            the prestigious White House Fellows program
                                               guished colleagues in this House join me in             ing found the Nargis Dutt Memorial Founda-              as a Special Assistant to the Secretary of the
                                               recognizing his extraordinary service to others         tion. As President of the Gujarati Samaj,               Treasury for international money laundering.
                                               and immeasurable contributions to the civic             Bhupendra Patel helped raise money for a                During his fellowship, Dave represented the
                                               and business life of our nation’s greatest city.        new community center to serve the local                 Treasury Department at a global summit on
                                                                f                                      Gujarati community. The Nargis Dutt Founda-             money laundering and the laundering of ter-
                                                  REMEMBERING COREY ANKUM                              tion that he helped found has committed itself          rorist assets in Malaysia. He then traveled as
                                                                                                       to improving medical care for cancer patients           part of an official White House delegation to
                                                                                                       throughout India for the past decade, sup-              meet with foreign officials and to visit refugee
                                                           HON. MIKE QUIGLEY                           plying critically needed medical equipment to           camps in both Pakistan and Afghanistan.
                                                                   OF ILLINOIS
                                                                                                       healthcare facilities there. Dr. Patel also                After his fellowship, Dave returned to South
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                       serves on the board of ‘‘SHAREing and                   Florida and in 2002 was elected to represent
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                                        Thursday, January 6, 2011                      CAREing,’’ an organization in Queens that for           the 27th District of Florida in the State Senate.
                                                  Mr. QUIGLEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to            the last sixteen years has provided essential           During his 8 years in the Senate, Dave contin-
                                               remember a Chicago hero. On Dec. 23, fire-              services to those afflicted with breast cancer,         ued his advocacy for strong consumer protec-
                                               fighter Corey Ankum tragically lost his life in         helping to ensure the quality of their medical          tions, was a member of Florida’s Medicaid
                                               the line of duty when the roof of a South               and social services and providing them with             task force, and led the fight that successfully
                                               Shore building collapsed. Corey was just 34             critical tools to help them in their moment of          secured federal funding for the Everglades
                                               years old.                                              need.                                                   Restoration Project.

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                                               January 6, 2011                        CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                         E19
                                                  Recently, Dave has announced that he will            of the Corona-based Community Conciliation                 In addition to its fiscal irresponsibility, the
                                               continue his work for strong consumer protec-           Network, his active membership in the 115th             proposed House rules package fails to ad-
                                               tions by becoming Special Counsel to Attorney           Precinct Community Council, and his volunteer           dress homeland security jurisdiction despite
                                               General Pam Bondi. As a special counsel,                duty with the Jackson Heights Beautification            repeated calls for reform from the 9/11 Com-
                                               Dave will oversee the effort to eliminate pain          Group. He has been honored by the Sociedad              mission and every Secretary of Homeland Se-
                                               clinics and ‘‘pill mills’’ in Florida.                  Puertorriquena de Queens for his commitment             curity. Failing to consolidate legislative jurisdic-
                                                  I would like to congratulate Dave on his ap-         to the Latino community, and serves as a                tion over homeland security in the House
                                               pointment in the Attorney General’s office and          member of the NAACP Corona/East Elmhurst                Committee on Homeland Security will continue
                                               wish him luck as he continues his dedication            chapter. He has been honored by the Korean-             to complicate oversight and review of critical
                                               to public service and consumer advocacy. It             American Association of Central Queens, by              homeland security issues.
                                               has been a privilege working with him as an             the Times/Ledger newspapers with its Com-                  I also oppose the proposed rules package
                                               attorney, in the State legislature, and as a            munity Leadership Award, and by the United              for the 112th Congress because it severs the
                                               Congressman. I look forward to many years of            Federation of Teachers with its Marsh-Raimo             user-financed basis of the Highway Trust
                                               continued service for South Florida alongside           Award, a fitting tribute to a dedicated labor ac-       Fund, and subjects necessary federal highway
                                               Dave.                                                   tivist.                                                 and transit investments to the vagaries of the
                                                                f                                         Mr. Speaker, I ask that my distinguished             annual appropriations process. This proposal
                                                                                                       colleagues rise to join me in honoring the ex-          will exacerbate the instability already being ex-
                                                  IN HONOR OF NEW YORK CITY                            traordinary contributions to the political and          perienced by the U.S. transportation construc-
                                                  COUNCILMAN DANIEL DROMM                              civic life of our nation’s greatest city made by        tion marketplace. Transportation projects are
                                                                                                       the pioneering political activist and elected offi-     long-term in nature and require stable and
                                                      HON. CAROLYN B. MALONEY                          cial, New York City Council Member Daniel               predictable sources of funding. Subjecting
                                                                  OF NEW YORK                          Dromm.                                                  them to the appropriations process creates a
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                        f                                     precarious and unaccommodating market for
                                                         Thursday, January 6, 2011                               RULES OF THE HOUSE                            investments in infrastructure projects.
                                                                                                                                                                  Finally, the Republican rules package dis-
                                                  Mrs. MALONEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise to                                      SPEECH OF                          enfranchises residents of the District of Co-
                                               honor New York City Council Member Daniel                                                                       lumbia and U.S. territories by ending the abil-
                                               Dromm, a pioneering figure in the political his-                 HON. LAURA RICHARDSON                          ity of delegates and the Resident Commis-
                                               tory of Queens, the most diverse county in the                             OF CALIFORNIA
                                                                                                                                                               sioner of Puerto Rico to vote in, and preside
                                               nation. An educator, community organizer,                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                               over, the Committee of the Whole House on
                                               union leader, and political activist, Daniel                     Wednesday, January 5, 2011                     the State of the Union. This would deliver a
                                               Dromm’s experience and dedication led voters               Ms. RICHARDSON. Mr. Speaker, I rise                  terrible blow not only to the symbolic vote of
                                               in New York City’s 25th City Council District to        today in opposition to H. Res. 5, the House             the delegates, but also to the voices of the
                                               elect him by an overwhelming margin last year           Republican rules proposal for the 112th Con-            five million residents of these areas who de-
                                               to serve as their new Council Member. Last              gress. As some of my Democratic colleagues              serve to be heard.
                                               month, Councilman Dromm was honored by                  have argued before me, this rules package is               Mr. Speaker, this ill-considered and fiscally
                                               the Queens Lesbian & Gay Pride Committee                fiscally irresponsible, will balloon the national       irresponsible rules package was crafted by the
                                               at its annual Winterpride celebration in Astoria.       debt, and threatens the stability of government         new Republican majority in secret without
                                                  A graduate of St. Mary’s Elementary and              services that are critically important to millions      meaningful involvement or input from mem-
                                               Boys’ High School in Manhasset, NY and                  of Americans.                                           bers on this side of the aisle. Had such an op-
                                               Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY, Daniel                 Mr. Speaker, the Republican proposed rules           portunity been afforded to the minority, this
                                               Dromm went on to earn a Master’s Degree                 package sets our country down a path of                 rules package would be far superior and fis-
                                               from City College of the City University of New         unaffordable tax cuts and threatens to sup-             cally sounder.
                                               York. Prior to his career as an award-winning           press long-term economic growth and job cre-               For these reasons, I urge my colleagues to
                                               New York City public school teacher, he                 ation. While many of my new Republican col-             join me in opposing H. Res. 5.
                                               served as Educational Director of the Grant             leagues were elected on the platform of reduc-                           f
                                               Day Care Center in Harlem, where he devel-              ing the deficit, the new rules introduced by the
                                               oped his legendary organizing skills fighting           Republican leadership will significantly in-                  IN HONOR OF BARBARA FIFE
                                               for the rights of the poor to affordable                crease the national debt by changing the
                                               childcare, social services and quality edu-             House pay-as-you-go rules, ‘‘PAYGO’’.                           HON. CAROLYN B. MALONEY
                                               cation. He instructed and inspired thousands               The Republican proposed House rules                                    OF NEW YORK
                                               of students at PS 199Q in Queens. In 2006,              package adds to the deficit by exempting tax                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               Dromm was named ‘‘Outstanding Teacher of                cuts and the deficit increasing effects of selec-
                                               the Year’’ by his school’s principal and in                                                                              Thursday, January 6, 2011
                                                                                                       tively repealing the health care reform law
                                               2009, he was chosen as ‘‘Educator of the                from the PAYGO rules. On the other hand, the               Mrs. MALONEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise to rec-
                                               Year’’ by the Sunnyside Kiwanis Club. In                Republican rules package prohibits the House            ognize the achievements of the Honorable
                                               1992, Danny courageously came out as an                 from raising revenue or closing tax loopholes           Barbara Fife, Director of External Affairs at the
                                               openly gay teacher, becoming a role model for           to help pay for new spending entitlements for           School of Public Affairs at Baruch College of
                                               equality—and front-page news in daily news-             low and middle income Americans.                        the City University of New York, Co-Director of
                                               papers in our nation’s greatest city.                      Unlike the deficit neutral PAYGO rules that          its Center for Innovation and Leadership in
                                                  Deeply committed to civil rights and social          the 111th Congress operated under, the pro-             Government, and a distinguished public serv-
                                               justice, Dromm has established himself a fight-         posed rules package will allow for taxes to be          ant who served as a Deputy Mayor of the City
                                               er against prejudice, discrimination and vio-           cut without having to pay for them. But as the          of New York. Last month, Ms. Fife’s sixteen
                                               lence as the founder and former co-chair-               National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility            years of devoted service to Baruch College
                                               person of the Queens Lesbian and Gay Pride              and Reform has pointed out, ‘‘tax expenditures          were celebrated by her colleagues and
                                               Committee. Fifteen years ago, he organized              are simply spending by another name and                 friends.
                                               the first Queens LGBT Pride Parade and Fes-             should not be exempt from scrutiny.’’                      An accomplished and respected public serv-
                                               tival, that takes place every year on the first            Substituting cut-as-you-go, ‘‘CUTGO’’, for           ant in her earlier career, Ms. Fife served as
                                               Sunday in June in the vibrant Jackson Heights           PAYGO is bad economics and worse policy.                New York City’s Deputy Mayor for Planning
                                               neighborhood. Dromm co-founded the Queens               As the Committee for a Responsible Federal              and Development during the administration of
                                               Chapter of Parents, Families and Friends of             Budget has noted, ‘‘Replacing the two-sided             former Mayor David Dinkins. As Deputy
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                               Lesbians and Gays (P-FLAG), helped estab-               PAYGO rules with a one-sided CUTGO rule                 Mayor, she oversaw and was responsible for
                                               lish the Queens Pride House, and co-founded             will not only make it harder to offset legisla-         the operations of several major agencies of
                                               the Generation Q Youth Services Program in              tion, but also exempt potentially budget-bust-          the nation’s largest municipal government, in-
                                               Astoria. His dedication to the communities he           ing tax cuts from any discipline.’’ CUTGO is            cluding the Departments of City Planning,
                                               serves is broad and deep, inspiring his efforts         unwise, irresponsible, will result in economic          Housing Preservation & Development, Envi-
                                               on behalf of the Kiwanis Club of Jackson                stagnation, and substantially increase the debt         ronmental Protection, Parks & Recreation, and
                                               Heights, his tenure on the Board of Directors           burden on our children and grandchildren.               Cultural Affairs and Libraries, as well as the

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:43 Jan 07, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00005   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A06JA8.007   E06JAPT1
                                               E20                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    January 6, 2011
                                               Landmarks Preservation Commission. In this                 Rick Bender became President of the                  IN RECOGNITION OF BARUCH COL-
                                               capacity, Ms. Fife helped manage and imple-             Washington State Labor Council in 1993, after             LEGE AND ITS 2010 BERNARD BA-
                                               ment one of the Dinkins’ administration’s sig-          serving as WSLC Vice President (1988–1993);               RUCH DINNER HONOREES
                                               nature achievements: she oversaw and helped             Executive Secretary of the King County Labor
                                               manage the New York Public Library system’s             Council (1991–1993); and Executive Secretary                    HON. CAROLYN B. MALONEY
                                               move to extend access to its facilities by keep-        of the Seattle Building and Construction                                 OF NEW YORK
                                               ing libraries open six days a week—for the              Trades Council (1987–1991). He is a member                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               first time since 1947. She held a seat on the           of Laborers Local 242 and Elevator Construc-                       Thursday, January 6, 2011
                                               Metropolitan Transportation Authority and               tors Local 19, and he began his career with
                                               chaired its Real Estate Committee and served                                                                       Mrs. MALONEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise today
                                                                                                       organized labor as an apprentice with Cement            to pay tribute to Baruch College of the City
                                               as a member of the New York City Water
                                                                                                       Masons Local 528 in 1966. In addition to his            University of New York. Last year the College
                                               Board and as Vice Chair of the Hudson River
                                                                                                       exceptional service to organized labor, Rick            honored several remarkable leaders on the
                                               Park Conservancy. She also represented
                                                                                                       also served the citizens of the State of Wash-          occasion of the 21st Annual Bernard Baruch
                                               Mayor Dinkins on the Boards of the New York
                                               Public Library, the Brooklyn Museum and the             ington for many years as an elected member              Dinner at Cipriani 42nd Street in Manhattan.
                                               Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.                 of the State Legislature; I was fortunate to               A senior college in the City University of
                                                  Barbara Fife previously served as the Sen-           serve with Rick in the Washington State Sen-            New York (CUNY), Baruch College is ranked
                                               ior Special Assistant and acting Chief of Staff         ate, where he was much respected for his ex-            among the top 15% of U.S. colleges and was
                                               to then-Manhattan Borough President Dinkins.            pertise, his hard work, and his commitment to           named one of the 50 public colleges offering
                                               From 1982 to 1984, she directed the Intern-             fairness.                                               the ‘‘best value’’ to students. Currently led by
                                               ship Programs in the Department of Urban                                                                        Interim President Stan Altman, Baruch College
                                                                                                          Al Link also is a giant in the Washington
                                               Planning at Hunter College of the City Univer-                                                                  honored five distinguished women in 2010, for
                                                                                                       State labor community. He served in numer-              the first time ever. Each is a prominent leader
                                               sity of New York. She was a Democratic Na-              ous leadership positions in that community
                                               tional Committeewoman from 1980 to 1990                                                                         in New York City’s real estate industry, chosen
                                                                                                       prior to his 1994 election as WSLC Secretary-           by Baruch College’s trustees for their remark-
                                               and was elected and re-elected to the New               Treasurer, including President of the Spokane
                                               York State Democratic Committee ten times.                                                                      able achievements in professional life and
                                                  Ms. Fife has served on the boards of many            County Central Labor Council (1989–94) and              their extraordinary devotion to serving their
                                               non-profit organizations, including the Museum          President of Steelworkers Local 329 (1991–              communities. In addition, the Bernard Baruch
                                               of the City of New York, the Public Art Fund,           94), when he represented workers at the Kai-            Dinner last year honored the women of the
                                               Regional Plan Association, Project FIND, the            ser Aluminum plant in Spokane. Al has been              College’s Class of 1940, who were the first fe-
                                               Community Service Society, the Settlement               a member of the United Steelworkers of Amer-            male students admitted after a 1933 ban on
                                               Housing Fund, the New York League of Con-               ica since 1961.                                         women students was ended in 1936, and who
                                               servation Voters, and the Manhattan Theatre                Together, Rick Bender and Al Link provided           served as pioneering trailblazers for the gen-
                                               Club. She is a former President of the Parks            bold leadership to the Washington State Labor           erations of women who followed in their foot-
                                               Council and a former Vice President of the              Council as it achieved many proud accom-                steps at Baruch. Appropriately, the former
                                               Clinton Housing Association. She graduated              plishments: they crafted a far-sighted and ef-          Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health &
                                               cum laude from Bryn Mawr College and holds                                                                      Human Services, Donna Shalala, a former
                                                                                                       fective legislative platform to promote pro-
                                               a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from                                                                        President of Hunter College at CUNY, served
                                                                                                       working family laws and policies in Wash-
                                               Hunter College.                                                                                                 as a dinner presenter.
                                                                                                       ington state government; these included pas-               The five women who were recognized at the
                                                  Throughout her distinguished career, Bar-            sage of long-sought collective bargaining
                                               bara Fife has remained devoted to her family.                                                                   2010 Bernard Baruch Dinner are truly deserv-
                                                                                                       rights for state employees, protection and              ing honorees. The Bernard Baruch Medal for
                                               She and her beloved late husband Martin                 strengthening of Washington’s model unem-
                                               raised four sons, Stephen, Richard, Howard,                                                                     Business and Civic Leadership was presented
                                                                                                       ployment insurance and workers’ compensa-               to four outstanding leaders, Suzanne Sun-
                                               and Andrew, and she is devoted to their be-
                                                                                                       tion systems, promotion of innovative appren-           shine, Louise M. Sunshine, Sylvia J. Smith,
                                               loved grandchildren.
                                                  Mr. Speaker, I ask that my distinguished             ticeship programs, and development of afford-           and Doris W. Koo, and the Distinguished
                                               colleagues rise to join me in saluting the ex-          able health care and family leave policies.             Alumna Award was presented to Dolly Lenz.
                                               traordinary contributions of the Honorable Bar-            Intent on highlighting labor’s importance to            Suzanne Sunshine is the President of S.
                                               bara Fife to the political and civic life of our        our democratic political process, Mr. Bender            Sunshine & Associates, which provides com-
                                               nation’s greatest city.                                 and Mr. Link created a groundbreaking grass-            mercial and residential real estate brokerage
                                                                                                       roots political program featuring the ‘‘Labor           and consulting services to non-profit organiza-
                                                                                                       Neighbor’’ program, a highly successful effort          tions and their personnel, donating a percent-
                                               PRESIDENT RICK BENDER AND                                                                                       age of its fees back to each non-profit client.
                                                                                                       that became a national model for engaging
                                                SECRETARY-TREASURER     ALAN                                                                                      Louise M. Sunshine has enjoyed extraor-
                                                                                                       union activists and volunteers in the election          dinary success in the worlds of business, poli-
                                                LINK   RETIRING   FROM   THE
                                                                                                       process and informing rank-and-file members             tics and government. After serving as a trust-
                                                WASHINGTON     STATE   LABOR
                                                                                                       of labor’s endorsements.                                ed top advisor to New York State Assembly
                                                COUNCIL (WSLC)
                                                                                                          They also led successful campaigns for pro-          Majority Leader Al Blumenthal and New York
                                                          HON. JIM McDERMOTT                           worker ballot measures, including the nation’s          Governor Hugh Carey, in 1986, she launched
                                                                OF WASHINGTON                          first indexed minimum wage law, which began             the Sunshine Group firm focusing on residen-
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      as an initiative filed by Rick Bender; it was ap-       tial real estate, where she coined the phrase,
                                                                                                       proved by the voters of Washington State in             ‘‘All Square Feet Are Not Created Equal.’’
                                                         Thursday, January 6, 2011                                                                             Today, she serves as a consultant to Alexico
                                                                                                       1998 following an exciting campaign co-
                                                 Mr. MCDERMOTT. Mr. Speaker, I rise today              chaired by Rick and especially memorable be-            Group, LLC, and is playing a leading role at
                                               to recognize the powerful contributions made            cause it relied entirely on volunteer signature         Domineum, a firm offering global real estate
                                               by Washington State Labor Council (WSLC)                gatherers.                                              solutions.
                                               President Rick S. Bender and Secretary-                                                                            Sylvia Smith, FAIA, LEED AP, is a Senior
                                               Treasurer Alan O. Link to policies that benefit            Mr. Speaker, the formidable team of Rick             Partner at FXFOWLE Architects, a leading
                                               working families. Throughout their lengthy and          Bender and Al Link leaves a vital legacy that           firm that also provides planning and interior
                                               distinguished service, they have done much to           will strengthen the lives of working people and         design services. She is the founder of the
                                               advance the cause of organized labor in                 their families for decades to come. On the oc-          firm’s Cultural & Educational Studio and is cur-
                                               Washington State and, thereby, to improve               casion of their retirement from the Washington
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                                                                                                                                               rently leading the redesign of public spaces at
                                               significantly the lives of our residents. Thanks        State Labor Council, I join thousands of union          Lincoln Center, the Juilliard School expansion,
                                               to steadfast support of its labor movement by           members, working families, and appreciative             and the Alice Tully Hall renovation, and re-
                                               Rick Bender and Al Link, Washington State               citizens across Washington State in thanking            cently completed award-winning Bronx Zoo
                                               today is the fourth most unionized state in the         them for their vision, their bold leadership, and       projects.
                                               nation, with the state’s 574,000 union mem-             their dedicated service. We wish them good                 Doris W. Koo is a nationally respected lead-
                                               bers accounting for 20.2% of its overall work-          fortune and much satisfaction in the coming             er with nearly three decades’ experience in af-
                                               force.                                                  years.                                                  fordable housing and community development.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:43 Jan 07, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00006   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K06JA8.007   E06JAPT1
                                               January 6, 2011                        CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                      E21
                                               President and CEO of Enterprise Community               11, 2001. As our citizen soldiers have repeat-            In serving the Center, each of the honorees
                                               Partners, she also chairs the board of the En-          edly demonstrated their dedication to the               has demonstrated remarkable dedication, and
                                               terprise Community Loan Fund, a national                United States of America, we in Congress                has been an inspiration not only to staff and
                                               leader in providing development capital, finan-         must reaffirm our support for the men and               patients, but to all New Yorkers. In devoting
                                               cial solutions, public policy advocacy, and             women who bravely serve our Country.                    their time and energy so generously to others,
                                               technical expertise to create affordable hous-                            f                                     they remind us that every individual can make
                                               ing.                                                                                                            a difference.
                                                  Dolly Lenz is the Vice Chair of Prudential           IN RECOGNITION OF THE TERENCE                             Mr. Speaker, I ask that my distinguished
                                               Douglas Elliman, one of the leading real es-              CARDINAL COOKE HEALTH CARE                            colleagues rise to join me in paying tribute to
                                               tate firms in our Nation’s greatest city. The             CENTER                                                the Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Cen-
                                               daughter of an immigrant from Spain, she has                                                                    ter and its distinguished 2010 honorees.
                                               risen to dizzying heights in her profession and                 HON. CAROLYN B. MALONEY
                                               is truly a worthy recipient of Baruch College’s                             OF NEW YORK                                          f
                                               Alumna of the Year Award.                                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                                     HONORING THREE KINGS DAY
                                                  Mr. Speaker, I ask that my distinguished                        Thursday, January 6, 2011
                                               colleagues rise to join me in paying tribute to            Mrs. MALONEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise to pay
                                               Baruch College of the City University of New            tribute to the Terence Cardinal Cooke Health
                                                                                                                                                                        HON. CHARLES B. RANGEL
                                               York and the five outstanding honorees it rec-          Care Center, a continuing-care facility founded                          OF NEW YORK
                                               ognized at the 21st Annual Bernard Baruch               more than three decades ago by the Arch-                      IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               Dinner.                                                 diocese of New York. I am pleased to recog-                       Thursday, January 6, 2011
                                                                f                                      nize the outstanding work of the Center as it              Mr. RANGEL. Mr. Speaker, I rise to ask my
                                                                                                       continues to provide medical support and re-            colleagues to spend some time today to re-
                                               HONORING THE 2ND PLATOON,
                                                                                                       habilitative services to residents and patients         member the Christian feast of the Epiphany,
                                                COMPANY B, 2ND BATTALION,
                                                                                                       of all backgrounds, while simultaneously en-
                                                162ND INFANTRY REGIMENT, 41ST                                                                                  or as many in my community know it, Three
                                                                                                       couraging their independence and self-suffi-
                                                INFANTRY    BRIGADE  COMBAT                                                                                    Kings Day.
                                                                                                       ciency. Tonight we celebrate the hard work of
                                                TEAM,     OREGON    NATIONAL                                                                                      For millions around the world, especially
                                                                                                       the Center’s generous staff, as well as the
                                                GUARD                                                                                                          Latinos, the final curtain on the holiday season
                                                                                                       contributions to civic life of several noteworthy
                                                                                                                                                               doesn’t begin to fall until today, January 6.
                                                                                                       community leaders. I join you in saluting last
                                                          HON. KURT SCHRADER                           year’s honorees for their devotion to quality
                                                                                                                                                               From El Barrio through Mexico, and the Carib-
                                                                                                                                                               bean all the way down to the tip of South
                                                                   OF OREGON                           health care.
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                         A long-standing presence in the community,           America, communities find their own unique
                                                                                                       the Terence Cardinal Cook Health Care Cen-              ways to celebrate the Biblical journey of
                                                         Thursday, January 6, 2011                                                                             Balthasar, Melchior, and Caspar.
                                                                                                       ter has been committed to providing compas-
                                                  Mr. SCHRADER. Mr. Speaker, today I rise              sionate medical treatment since 1890. With re-             Like Christmas, Three Kings Day is a day
                                               in honor of the 2nd Platoon, Company B, 2nd             spect for human life and dignity as its principal       for kids and family, a time to not just ex-
                                               Battalion, 162nd Infantry Regiment, 41st Infan-         focus, the Center strives to maintain a broad           change gifts, but also appreciate what we
                                               try Brigade Combat Team, Oregon National                range of high-quality health care services for          have. In the East Harlem section of my con-
                                               Guard for their heroic action during the Battle         its residents and patients in its long-term 729-        gressional district, the day has been marked
                                               of Fallujah in November of 2004. The unit will          bed facility and two outpatient clinics. The            for 34 years by a children’s parade organized
                                               soon be awarded the Presidential Unit Citation          Center operates many clinical programs that             by El Museo del Barrio. Mr. Speaker, seeing
                                               for their gallantry in combat. This will be the         address a wide variety of health issues, from           these children in costumes and coats walking
                                               first award of the Presidential Unit Citation to        developmental disabilities to chronic illnesses.        the streets of Fifth Avenue, you would be in-
                                               a unit of the Oregon National Guard in over             While upholding its high standard for compas-           stantly reminded about how special they each
                                               six decades. The last time a unit of the Or-            sion and kindness, the Center provides com-             are and the special responsibility we have in
                                               egon National Guard received this distinction           prehensive and innovative treatment to the              making sure that they have just as many op-
                                               was for their valor during the Second World             community.                                              portunities to succeed—if not more—than any
                                               War.                                                       Last month, the Center held its annual Flow-         of us standing in these great walls.
                                                  The Presidential Unit Citation reads: ‘‘On 03        er Ball at the Pierre Hotel in Manhattan. I con-           Balthasar, Melchior, and Caspar traveled on
                                               November 2004, the unit was placed under                gratulate last year’s honorees, Michael J.              the wings of hope, believing that a better fu-
                                               the operational control of the 1st Regimental           Brescia, M.D., Executive Director of Calvary            ture lay in the hands of a humble child in the
                                               Combat Team of the 1st Marine Division, to              Hospital; Victoria L. Sharp, M.D., Director of          manger. They did not dismiss him because he
                                               execute offensive operations in the central             the HIV Center at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hos-             was a carpenter’s son or because he was
                                               Iraqi city of Fallujah. The unit was selected for       pital Center; J. Anthony SanFillipo, M.D.; and          poor. They did not ask about his immigration
                                               the initial attack on the city and tasked with          David Kamp, President of Dirworks Landscape             status or whether his parents had proper pa-
                                               penetrating the enemy’s defenses and iso-               Architecture.                                           perwork. They crossed deserts and overcame
                                               lating the Jolan District in northwestern                  Each of last year’s honored guests is an ex-         hurdles because they believed that his future
                                               Fallujah. The Jolan District was believed to be         ceptional civic leader whose life work reflects         was as bright and limitless as the stars that
                                               the strongest of the enemy’s defenses. The              the mission of the Center. Almost 50 years              adorned the sky.
                                               unit’s rapid penetration deep into the city over-       ago, Dr. Michael Brescia helped develop the                Unfortunately, not enough of today’s chil-
                                               whelmed enemy positions, leading the way for            AV fistula, one of the most popular methods of          dren have been given such investment of time
                                               further exploitation by the Marines. Throughout         vascular access for hemodialysis in the world.          and energy. Despite the tireless work of many
                                               the remainder of the battle, the unit continued         After assuming the position of Director of the          parents and educators, far too many are fall-
                                               to isolate western Fallujah while attacking and         HIV Center at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt in 1997,             ing through the cracks in schools that are ill-
                                               destroying numerous enemy strong points.                Dr. Victoria Sharp has tirelessly worked on be-         equipped to teach them the skills necessary
                                               The unit’s heroic Soldiers, and their expert use        half of those living with HIV/AIDS, including           for work and life.
                                               of combined arms firepower, led to the de-              many of society’s most disadvantaged citizens              So on this last weekend of the holiday sea-
                                               struction of the insurgents in Fallujah.’’              and incarcerated individuals. Dr. J. Anthony            son, let all of us remember the greatness that
                                                  The soldiers of 2nd Platoon, Company B, 2–           SanFillipo has been a dedicated board mem-              lies in each of our children. Let us renew our
                                               162nd Infantry have demonstrated the kind of            ber of the Terence Cardinal Cooke Health                commitment to our next generation by devel-
                                               courage, determination, and skill exemplifying          Care Center for many years and will receive             oping partnerships that will equip them with
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                               the highest standards of the United States              the Partnership Award for his hard work, dedi-          the tools they will need to realize their goals
                                               Armed Forces and reflect great credit upon              cation, and extraordinary service. Over the             and dreams.
                                               themselves, the Oregon National Guard, and              years, David Kamp and his company have                     Let us remember that acts of kindness and
                                               the United States Army.                                 generously offered their time and expertise on          generosity should extend well into the year
                                                  The Oregon National Guard has deployed               a pro bono basis to render the gardens of the           and that the future of this great land depends
                                               8,917 citizen soldiers worldwide in combat and          Center a welcome oasis of beauty and tran-              on the opportunities we create for our children
                                               counter-terrorist operations since September            quillity in a densely urban environment.                to shine and reach their full potential.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:43 Jan 07, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00007   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K06JA8.008   E06JAPT1
                                               E22                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                     January 6, 2011
                                                     IN RECOGNITION OF THE                             dedicated above all to his family. He and his           action in the fight against Alzheimer’s; so too
                                                     HONORABLE CONRAD FOA                              wife Linda are the proud parents of their sons          have Daniel’s experiences. He has partnered
                                                                                                       Justin and Barrett, an accomplished actor and           with the Alzheimer’s Association as an advo-
                                                      HON. CAROLYN B. MALONEY                          performer, and doting grandparents to Justin’s          cate and has every intention and expectation
                                                                  OF NEW YORK                          son, Max.                                               of becoming both a physician and a policy-
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                        Mr. Speaker, I ask that my distinguished              maker in his future. I understand this deep-
                                                          Thursday, January 6, 2011                    colleagues join me recognizing the enormous             seated passion for geriatric medicine and cer-
                                                                                                       contributions to our civic and political life made      tainly expect that his strong resolve will play
                                                  Mrs. MALONEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise to pay             by the Honorable Conrad Foa, a great New                an important part in unlocking the mysteries of
                                               tribute to the Honorable Conrad Foa, an out-            Yorker and a great American.                            this terrible disease and finally finding a cure.
                                               standing New Yorker who has distinguished                                                                          I know Daniel fully recognizes the immeas-
                                               himself as a leader in the worlds of business,                                                                  urable value of his ongoing education, and in
                                               philanthropy, and civic and political affairs. A        HONORING THE ACADEMIC ACCOM-                            doing so I am confident he will accomplish
                                               Member of the New York State Democratic                   PLISHMENTS OF DANIEL LAGE                             many great things for our community in south
                                               Committee, Mr. Foa’s contributions to the                                                                       Florida, our magnificent United States, and
                                               community were recognized at the annual din-                    HON. ILEANA ROS-LEHTINEN                        above all continue to make his family im-
                                               ner gala of the Lexington Democratic Club last                              OF FLORIDA                          mensely proud.
                                               month. As the first ‘‘reform club’’ in New York                                                                    So once again, Daniel, from a former Flor-
                                                                                                            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               City, the Lexington Democratic Club strives for                                                                 ida certified teacher and a firm proponent of
                                               inclusive civic participation in our nation’s                      Thursday, January 6, 2011
                                                                                                                                                               education as a lifelong journey: I congratulate
                                               greatest metropolis, and Conrad Foa is a                    Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, it gives             you on all you have accomplished—you are a
                                               proud heir to that great reform tradition.              me great pleasure to recognize a young man              fine example of the best and brightest in south
                                                  As the Democratic State Committee Mem-               from south Florida, Daniel Lage, who has                Florida and I wish you truly all the best on all
                                               ber representing the 73rd Assembly District on          made headlines with his remarkable academic             you hope to accomplish in the future.
                                               the East Side of Manhattan, and as a Member             achievements at the young age of twenty-one.
                                               of Manhattan Community Board 8, Conrad                                                                                           f
                                                                                                           Daniel’s family history is a sadly familiar
                                               Foa has distinguished himself as a dynamic              story for many of us in south Florida; that of          THE WALK FOR HEALTHCARE:
                                               and forceful leader for his community. He and           being forced to flee the Castro dictatorship of          HEALTHCARE   STORIES FROM
                                               his wife Linda Foa were both born in Manhat-            Cuba for the land of freedom and opportunity:            WEST VIRGINIA AND PENNSYL-
                                               tan, as were both of their sons Justin and Bar-         the United States.                                       VANIA COLLECTED BY OGAN
                                               rett. As a lifelong resident of Manhattan’s                 I too come from this same background—and             GUREL, M.D.
                                               Upper East Side, Conrad Foa has volunteered             I know that the struggles of his family served
                                               his time and effort to maintaining and improv-          to strengthen this young man’s passion to suc-                   HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH
                                               ing the quality of life for his fellow Upper East       ceed.                                                                       OF OHIO
                                               Siders, and has thrown himself in public life by            There is no better path to success than that              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               twice running for a seat in the New York State          of a driven individual pursuing a sound edu-
                                               Senate. In recognition of his outstanding lead-                                                                          Thursday, January 6, 2011
                                               ership abilities, the Democratic voters of New              I know that Daniel demonstrated his eager-             Mr. KUCINICH. Mr. Speaker, I submit the
                                               York’s 73rd Assembly District elected Conrad            ness to learn and his matching intellect every          following stories, collected by Dr. Ogan Gurel.
                                               Foa to the New York State Democratic Com-               day in the classroom. Through his hard work               ‘‘Tom described a situation in which he
                                               mittee in 2006.                                         and with the support of his loving family by the        was buying two batteries for a scooter. Since
                                                  Conrad Foa has also distinguished himself                                                                    he was paying out-of-pocket, they discounted
                                                                                                       time he graduated Gulliver Preparatory School
                                               as a premier leader in the insurance industry.                                                                  the price $30 below the price they charged
                                                                                                       he had been named Valedictorian and had                 Medicare. ‘Something fishy is going on,’ he
                                               As the principal of Chairman of Foa & Son, a
                                                                                                       earned the prestigious Silver Knight Award.             said.’’ Tom—Chester, 7/14/2009
                                               leading insurance brokerage firm which nego-
                                                                                                           Later, Daniel was accepted into Harvard               ‘‘I met Sharyn at the DaVinci salon. No, I
                                               tiates insurance coverage on behalf of the
                                                                                                       University, where he has pursued a degree in            wasn’t going in for a pedicure, which, with
                                               consumer, he ushered his family-owned enter-
                                                                                                       history and science and will graduate in May.           the condition my feet were in wouldn’t have
                                               prise into the twenty-first century. The firm’s                                                                 been easy anyway. Actually, she peeked out
                                               proud tradition is now being carried on by its          Never forgetting his roots, Daniel has been the
                                                                                                       president of Harvard’s Cuban American Un-               the door and asked, ‘Are you that doctor
                                               President, Conrad and Linda’s son Justin, who                                                                   walking from Chicago to DC?’ and invited me
                                               is the fifth generation Foa to head the firm,           dergraduate Association and remains com-
                                                                                                                                                               in for a glass of water. Being busy with cli-
                                               which will be celebrating its sesquicentennial          mitted to the idea of a free and prosperous             ents, there was no opportunity to get any
                                               anniversary next year.                                  Cuba.                                                   stories. But they all were supportive of the
                                                  Conrad Foa’s leadership and achievements                 Daniel embodies the noble values,                   Walk. ‘We sure need healthcare reform,’
                                               have been recognized on many occasions by               unshakable integrity, and sheer determination           Sharyn said, as her co-workers gathered
                                               his colleagues and peers. He is a past Presi-           that we all should aspire to match. Many peo-           about along with the clients reclining in
                                                                                                       ple and institutions have certainly taken note.         their chairs nodded in agreement.’’ Sharyn—
                                               dent and Director of the Insurance Brokers As-                                                                  Chester, 7/14/2009
                                               sociation of the State of New York, and was                 Daniel has received the incredibly pres-
                                                                                                                                                                 ‘‘Gayla told me that she and her husband
                                               instrumental in getting two pro-consumer bills          tigious Rhodes Scholarship where he will                have been ‘very lucky.’ They’ve had em-
                                               passed to keep jobs and holding insurance               study at the world renowned Oxford University           ployer-provided insurance through Verizon—
                                               premiums down. He was named a member of                 in England. Winners are selected for many de-           ‘pretty good insurance,’ she told me. But
                                               several prestigious and exclusive associations          fining qualities including high academic                Frontier is buying the West Virginia assets
                                               for business leaders, including the Young               achievement, personal integrity, and leader-            of the company, so in the transition, as she
                                               Presidents Organization, the World Presidents           ship potential. Impressively, he is one of only         put it, they have no idea what it’ll mean for
                                                                                                       seventy Floridians to ever receive this scholar-        them. This is important because her stepson
                                               Organization, and the Chief Executives Orga-
                                                                                                       ship.                                                   has cystic fibrosis (CF). At age 23 he’s a real
                                               nization. Mr. Foa is Founder of the Inter-                                                                      survivor. He’s done well but lately, from an
                                               national Executives Association and a past                  At Oxford, Daniel expects to pursue a Mas-          insurance standpoint, it’s gotten very com-
                                               President and Director of Executives’ Associa-          ter of Science—with a focus on different na-            plicated. Based on doctor’s orders, he’s
                                               tion of Greater New York, a networking organi-          tions’ approaches to caring for the chronically         strictly limited to very light work, at a max-
                                               zation which promotes New York businesses.              ill. Sadly, this focus is not arbitrary, and again      imum of 30 hours a week. So essentially, as
                                               A dedicated philanthropist, he also served as           both he and my family share a solemn com-               Gayla told me, ‘He’s stuck with a part-time
                                                                                                       mon bond. His grandfather, Eugene, was re-              employment status. Insurance on his own is
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                               Member of the Board of Directors of the Fed-
                                               eration of Protestant Welfare Agencies. He is           cently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. I            not a possibility,’ she added. ‘And he can’t
                                                                                                       know firsthand the terrible effects of this debili-     get SSI because he actually can work a lit-
                                               a graduate of the Wharton School of Business
                                                                                                                                                               tle.’ And while Verizon promised to cover
                                               at the University of Pennsylvania and received          tating disease on an individual. My mother,             him (as part of their employer-based cov-
                                               a Master’s Degree in Economics from The                 Amanda, has been fighting a losing battle               erage) even into adulthood, Gayla and her
                                               London School of Economics.                             against the disease over these last few years.          husband don’t know if that agreement will
                                                  Despite all his activity in business, civic, and         I know that my personal experiences with            be honored by the new company. She doubts
                                               political life, Conrad Foa has always remained          this horrific disease have prompted me to take          that it will be. It sounds like there are so

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:43 Jan 07, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00008   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K06JA8.010   E06JAPT1
                                               January 6, 2011                        CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                      E23
                                               many cracks in the system, I said. ‘Yes. It’s           hard. But since I’m part-time, Medicaid says            Ryan is, nevertheless, a man with energetic
                                               a real problem. And it’s not abstract—my                I’m not eligible.’ But since she’s working              ambitions. After an early honorable dis-
                                               son’s life depends on it.’ ’’ Gayla—Hagers-             only 25 hours a week, she doesn’t apparently            charge from the Army—for medical rea-
                                               town, 7/22/2009                                         qualify for insurance through her employer              sons—and a fruitless search for a job, he is
                                                 ‘‘ ‘I’ve got no money for insurance,’ Shir-           either. ‘According to Medicaid, you’re work-            working to finish his first novel, Ever Street
                                               ley, working behind the counter at Reeve’s              ing,’ she said. But according to her em-                Road, a parable, as he calls it, for the choices
                                               marketplace, told me. ‘Just Medicare, pretty            ployer, ‘You’re not working.’ The cracks in             in life that one makes. Yet, in this great
                                               healthy, I’m lucky.’ She told me how she                the system she was facing, seemed, from her             country, bursting with infinite possibility,
                                               didn’t sign up for the AARP prescription                expression, to be more like gaping chasms,              Ryan has few, if any, choices. Infinitude
                                               medication plan. ‘It didn’t make sense,’ she            with no way out. When she heard public as-              meets finitude—this is America. The future
                                               said. ‘AARP wasn’t really paying and they               sistance was no longer available for her, she           is but an illusion. Not knowing whether
                                               seemed to be getting the higher priced drugs            called them, crying, ‘Why have I been                   there will be healthcare for all or only
                                               anyway.’ ’’ Shirley—Hookstown, 7/14/2009                dropped?’ To which they answered, ‘You                  healthcare for some, Ryan and I, sharing din-
                                                 ‘‘As I entered Pittsburgh, Deb, working the           make more than $200 a month.’ So she makes              ner, are focused on the present and the past.
                                               counter at the Miley’s BP convenience store,            do with a hodge-podge of different programs             This is the only thing we truly know. The fu-
                                               told me she has no insurance. She’ll only go            and deals. She’s able to keep her medication            ture, a future where the young ambitions of
                                               to the doctor if absolutely necessary. ‘Basi-           bill down to $60 a month because the phar-              earnest, yet thwarted souls, might reach
                                               cally,’ she told me, ‘healthcare is just not            macy has a special plan but her various                 their full potential, is only a dream. Reality
                                               available.’ ’’ Deb—Pittsburgh, 7/15/2009                other medical bills have accumulated to                 is how I met Ryan and what brought him to
                                                 ‘‘Robin, whose smile brightened up my day             close to $6,000. ‘It’s all a mess, all so com-          run up the hill to meet me on US 30 as 18-
                                               after a long day walking, told me the story             plicated,’ she told me. ’And if I really get            wheelers thundered past. Just east of North
                                               about her girlfriend in Chicago. ‘She was               hurt, I’m pretty much screwed.’ ’’ Zenobia—             Versailles, about 25 miles beyond my initial
                                               doing well, but then lost her job. She lost her         North Braddock, 7/16/2009                               walking point, the last few miles trundled on
                                               health insurance and last year, at age 50, was            ‘‘At the tail end of a monstrous thunder-             through with pain. My feet—a jumble of col-
                                               diagnosed with multiple myeloma.’ So how                storm, seeking some shelter, even though I              lapsing arches, exploding blisters, and hem-
                                               did she deal with that? ‘Well, she had to               was soaking wet anyway, I met Mary at the               orrhaging nail beds—were beyond rebellion. I
                                               come up with $689/month for her insurance,              Wendy’s just west of Greensburg. She was                would have ordinarily arranged a pick-up to
                                               the hospital would not provide healthcare               there with her daughter and grandson. We                take me to the next hotel—now about eight
                                               otherwise.’ As her condition got even more              talked about the Walk and about health care             miles east—but this had not materialized.
                                               serious, all of their mutual friends and soror-         reform. Mary shared with me the story of                And the transport for the bag—the 70 pound
                                               ity sisters (Delta Sigma Phi) have been rais-           her son, Jim. ‘He works in a plant nursery.             suitcased monstrosity—from which I live,
                                               ing funds and sending her money for her                 He’s got no insurance but suffers from sym-             had not been arranged. And despite the phys-
                                               care. ‘I guess,’ Robin told me, ‘if it wasn’t for       pathetic dystrophy, you know what that is,              ical tribulations of walking nearly 24 miles a
                                               us, she could be dead.’ She said it without             right?’ Yes, I replied. ‘He’s self-pay but basi-        day, the most challenging part of the Walk
                                               ego or braggadocio but rather out of sadness            cally he just suffers in pain. It breaks my             has been the logistics. Lodging, pick-up
                                               (even with our bright smile) that it had to be          heart.’ ’’ Mary—Greensburg, 7/17/2009                   (often the bunk down place is not necessarily
                                               that way.’’ Robin—Pittsburgh, 7/15/2009                   ‘‘ ‘You can reach out for help, but if you            on my walking route), and bag transport had
                                                 ‘‘Rhonda returned to Pennsylvania to take             have no health insurance you’re nobody.’                all to be arranged. If any one of these ele-
                                               care of her elderly family. She’s had self-pay          That’s how Rebecca concluded the story she              ments fell through, the Walk would come to
                                               insurance via Highmark, the major insurer               told me about the death of her boyfriend. It’s          a standstill. At this point, I was not worried
                                               in the Pittsburgh market. ‘It’s alright so              a complicated story but basically the 24-               so much about that. With the sun now set-
                                               long as you don’t get sick.’ Regarding the re-          year-old was off and on in a Methadone rehab            ting, knowing that I would soon be walking
                                               cent debates in Congress, she also added, ‘If           program. He was doing well in rehab when                in the dark—the time when sounds become
                                               you believe anything those execs put out,               his treatment was about 1/2 done, his insur-            more important than sights—I was worried
                                               then you’re a fool.’ She had a situation last           ance ran out. Because of this, ‘The rehab fa-           about my survival, concerned about arriving
                                               year of right upper-quadrant abdominal pain.            cility, kicked him out,’ Rebecca told me. She           at the motel—if I made it at all—well after
                                               She went to the ER, which was an ordeal.                explained how, with withdrawal symptoms                 midnight. At the bottom of the hill, I had
                                               They started the work-up, a GI consult, sur-            kicking in, he arrived home very sick. Two              stopped at a McDonald’s to replenish myself
                                               gical consult, ultrasound, HIDA scan were               days later, near-comatose he was taken to               with water and recharge my phone batteries.
                                               ordered and was admitted for overnight ob-              the hospital where he was admitted to the               I slipped on my safety vest and grimly head-
                                               servation. She told me all the tests returned           ICU with liver failure but, according to Re-            ed up the hill. A young man, gasping for
                                               negative. And then, Highmark ended up de-               becca, they, ‘really didn’t do anything.’ At            breath, came up beside me. Cars rushed by
                                               nying the $7,000 for the hospital stay and all          the time of his death, she said, with incredu-          and instinctively motioned him towards the
                                               the radiology consults deeming that it was              lity, that the staff was joking in front of her,        narrow shoulder. ‘Are . . . are you Doctor
                                               all medically unnecessary. ‘There was no                laughing even. The trauma continued, even               Gurel?’ he asked, wide-eyed, disbelieving. I
                                               way for me to know they wouldn’t cover it.’             after his death. She described how the cor-             was on the phone, still working feverishly to
                                               The hospital called for pre-approval, but the           oner came in and started accusing people.               arrange transport of my bag. Too tired to be
                                               insurance company still had denied it. But              ‘Then a doctor arrived, and asked if the dece-          surprised, I smiled at him, and nodded. ‘I was
                                               Rhonda fought it, saying either the hospital            dent had insurance.’ Rebecca shook her head.            following you on Twitter and . . . and I just
                                               was practicing fraudulent medicine or the               ‘No, I answered. And the doctor asked if I              had to come and meet you.’ I hung up the
                                               company was wrong. ‘They finally backed-off             wanted to see the body. I said, yes, but he             phone, and out of habit continued on for-
                                               and paid.’ Rhonda also described a story                told me that they had taken it away to make             ward, as the young man joined me. ‘I’m
                                               from a friend of hers who worked as a dental            room for the next body.’ Rebecca told me it             Ryan, Ryan Trump,’ he added. Oh yes! From
                                               assistant. She had attended a conference on             was all very sarcastic and cruel. But the               Facebook! ‘Yes,’ he said, his face twisting,
                                               billing which the whole point of which was              nightmare was not over. Then the bills start-           searching for words to describe a situation
                                               how to bill so the insurance company could              ed arriving. They were not married but the              for which there was no precedent. ‘Wow, I
                                               deny the claim: what diagnostic categories              rehab center (which kicked him out) and the             can’t believe this.’ What? ‘That I met you
                                               to use, etc. The percentage of people who               hospital demanded payment. ‘They fraudu-                here.’ I chuckled. ‘Crazy, isn’t it?’ Ryan and
                                               would not fight was estimated at 70%.’’                 lently indicated that I signed the bills,’ said         I had exchanged some e-mails during the
                                               Rhonda—Pittsburgh, 7/16/2009                            Rebecca. ‘It’s been two years now and                   past few weeks on Facebook, and it was
                                                 ‘‘As an ambulance driver, John definitely             they’re still sending bills. Between the doc-           strange indeed that an entirely electronic
                                               notes that, ‘the uninsured come to us in a              tor and the financial games, I never had a              friendship had materialized here on the not-
                                               more severe state. They don’t have a family             chance to grieve over his death.’ Rebecca’s             so-isolated Lincoln Highway east of Pitts-
                                               doctor and so in the ER people end up having            eyes saddened as I asked her to sign for her            burgh. And so we talked—talked with amaze-
                                               to wait more because these critically ill pa-           consent. ‘You can reach out for help, but if            ment about the GPS tracking technology
                                               tients come in.’ He told me it was not un-              you have no health insurance you’re no-                 that had brought Ryan to my very spot. We
                                               common for them to wait six months to a                 body.’ ’’ Rebecca—Greensburg, 7/17/2009                 talked about healthcare. But I had to inter-
                                               year before seeking any medical attention.’’              ‘‘Ryan is a young American. 24 years old,             rupt him. Ryan, I have a problem. ‘What’s
                                               John—Braddock, 7/16/2009                                sporting an unassuming t-shirt and buzz cut,            that?’ My motel is about seven miles up, in
                                                                                                       he exudes a personality simultaneously re-              Irwin. I have no pick-up to get there. Could
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                                 ‘‘As an EMT, Christina’s seen diabetics
                                               without medications coming into the ER two              served and forthright. He has a gracious                you help out? ‘That’s the least I can do!’ I
                                               to three times a week because their sugar               smile, offered with a twist of the head but             smiled weakly. Deliverance, in the form of
                                               gets out of whack. They really don’t have               then when he looks at you, with a piercing              Ryan Trump, shy but forthright, gracious
                                               any health care access otherwise.’’ Chris-              gaze, his face turns serious. As a writer, he           but ambitious, had arrived. I was grateful for
                                               tina—Braddock, 7/16/2009                                seeks to deeply understand people, yet some             the wonders of technology and even more for
                                                 ‘‘Zenobia has to see a doctor regularly for           things, like healthcare insurance, elude even           the grace of initiative and real, not elec-
                                               her prescriptions. ‘It’s really hard, because I         his keen comprehension. Brought up in a                 tronic, fellowship. And so, after a couple of
                                               have no insurance,’ she said. ‘And I work               family who never had health insurance,                  hours of back-and-forth driving, Ryan and I

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:43 Jan 07, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00009   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K06JA8.011   E06JAPT1
                                               E24                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    January 6, 2011
                                               delivered the suitcase and myself to the                explained to me, ’She was done as an out-               two heart surgeries (done at the Cleveland
                                               motel in Irwin. But that was the present.               patient, but even though the surgeon said it            Clinic). The cost was $4,000 a day but they
                                               The following evening I had dinner with                 was complicated, with bleeders, she was not             ended up paying $700. ‘That was a relief,’ she
                                               Ryan and we talked about the past. The                  permitted by her insurance to stay over-                said. ‘But we’re lucky. We can afford
                                               present and the past: while this is what we             night.’ She returned home for the weekend.              healthcare      insurance—barely—but      that
                                               know, we spoke out of hope for the future. A            On Sunday, she went to the emergency room               leaves us with no extra money.’ Clearly up-
                                               future with healthcare for all, and not just            with escalating pain but was sent home                  to-date on various health reform proposals,
                                               for some. A future where the imagined infini-           again being told it was a gallbladder prob-             she added, ‘It would be nice if I could deduct
                                               tude of possibilities cross with the crushing           lem. The pain still unbearable, she returned            it as a tax credit. But here’s the real prob-
                                               reality of no possibility. ‘My family has               to the ER within three hours. ‘From what we             lem,’ Kay continued. ‘If my husband—or I—
                                               never had health insurance,’ Ryan told me.              learned,’ Terry said, ‘there was a blood clot           couldn’t work then we wouldn’t be able to
                                               ‘My father worked in maintenance at the                 pressing on the bile duct.’ She progressed              maintain the income to pay for any insur-
                                               hospital for 36 years. And we never had                 rapidly downhill from there ending up three-            ance. How will we be able to pay for health
                                               health insurance but we could get care                  and-a-half weeks in the ICU (battling sepsis).          insurance when we actually need it most?
                                               through the hospital.’ That’s good, I replied.          Six weeks after the biopsy she died. Terry              That’s what doesn’t make sense.’ I was
                                               ‘Then the hospital closed, back in 2006, and            finished the story. ‘If only the insurance had          readying to leave when Kay interrupted.
                                               he got laid off . . . but he was close to retire-       been more flexible, had considered true med-            ‘One more thing. I think much of these pre-
                                               ment anyway.’ So what do you do now? ‘It’s              ical necessity, in observing my mother the              mium monies are being wasted.’ How so? I
                                               difficult. My mom’s got a heart condition,              first night after her procedure, perhaps she            asked. ‘I went to a Pirates game and they
                                               had a heart attack back in 2000. You know it            would still be with us now.’ ’’ Terry—Greens-           were giving out free bobblehead dolls. Guess
                                               could always happen again. She’s got four               burg, 7/19/2009                                         who sponsored all that?’ Who? ‘Highmark.
                                               types of drugs.’ How do you pay for it? ‘It’s             ‘‘ ‘I haven’t had health insurance since ’92,’        That’s where health insurance premiums
                                               all out-of-pocket.’ But you told me that you            Ed told me, when I asked him if he had any              go—to advertising.’ And so my experience
                                               had troubles with the bank. ‘That’s just the            healthcare stories. ‘That’s when Bethlehem              came full circle as I recalled the giant
                                               way it goes—you pay for the medications                 Steel closed down—so, no insurance, for me.’            Highmark billboards scattered among Pitts-
                                               when you can.’ I shook my head. And how                 I nodded. I can understand. I don’t have in-            burgh’s downtown when I had been there four
                                               about for you? What’s it like to not have in-           surance either. I don’t think Ed really heard           days earlier.’’ Kay—Bedford, 7/20/2009
                                               surance? Ryan, who would usually look                   me as he continued, ‘I’m glad I’m healthy be-             ‘‘I met with Eric in Jim’s living room (at
                                               straight at me with those forthright, almost            cause if not, I’d be dead.’ Ed plays quite a bit        the home where I stayed that night). Jim
                                               aggressive eyes, glanced down. ‘Well, you got           of soccer (he’s wearing his soccer t-shirt              had invited several neighbors to stop by for
                                               aches and pains, but you think, do I deal               now) and he told me of an injury he had a               a discussion of healthcare reform and Eric
                                               with the pain or do I go to the hospital and            few years back. He got hit pretty hard at a             was gracious enough to share his story with
                                               suffer accumulated debt? I’m 24 years old               soccer game at the Y. ‘Got myself a gash on             me. First, he does not have health insurance.
                                               and my credit score is probably garbage.                my head and some sort of shoulder injury.’              He looked into it, reviewed the policies from
                                               Can’t do anything in life with that, you                And so he went to the emergency room.                   three companies and saw that there was es-
                                               know.’ I figured, listening between the lines,          When he told them he lacked insurance, Ed               sentially no difference among them. ‘It was
                                               that Ryan had, in fact, gotten some                     told me that the doctor basically said,                 80/20 coverage and no doctors were covered,’
                                               healthcare, and the ‘accumulated debt’ he               ‘Stitch him up and send him home.’ Ed had               he told me. The premiums started off at $300
                                               had referred to was real. How’s the asthma?             an angry look on his face. ‘I got 27 stitches           a month and went up to $900 a month within
                                               I asked. (This was the reason for the honor-            but they did nothing about my shoulder.’ I              a year. ‘Worse than the cable company!’ And
                                               able, medical discharge from the service.)              suppose I could understand his displeasure as           so he dropped the coverage. As it turns out,
                                               ‘Oh, that’s not too bad. But there was this             with all that he got a bill for $2,300. ‘I still        Eric did have a serious health issue last
                                               other situation.’ What was that? Ryan                   haven’t paid it, and I never will be able to,’          year—a pituitary adenoma (a form of benign,
                                               thought for a moment, then looked up. ‘Well,            he said. Despite these distressing stories, Ed          but still very dangerous, brain tumor). One
                                               I had a lump,’ he said, pointing below the              was not really as sour as his tale would make           morning he woke up nearly blind—all he
                                               table. 24 year old young man, I realized that           him to be. We talked about quite a few other            could see was a tiny pin-prick of light (an ex-
                                               he was likely referring to testicular cancer—           topics and he wished me well on my journey,             treme form of a condition called ‘tunnel vi-
                                               a condition made widely known by Lance                  closing in now, on Washington, DC.’’ Ed—                sion’). He had himself taken to the emer-
                                               Armstrong’s experience, and survival. Did               Stoystown, 7/19/2009                                    gency room. To make a long story short, he
                                               you get it checked out? ‘Well, I was holding              ‘‘Karl, a volunteer Ambassador at the                 was treated at UPMC. He told me ‘Hershey
                                               off for the longest time. But it was quickly            Flight 93 Memorial, told me he doesn’t be-              refused to talk because he had no insurance.’
                                               getting bigger.’ My heart sank, but the fact            lieve in a government-run system. According             Being without insurance, he now, after all
                                               of the rapid enlargement, encouragingly sug-            to him, the free-market is the best though he           was said and done, owed $160,000. He was able
                                               gested to me that it wasn’t cancer. And? ‘So            acknowledged that having insurance linked               to make deals with the doctors but the hos-
                                               I did go to the doctor eventually.’ Ryan                to employment was a problem. ‘Empower the               pital, he told me, ‘was never cooperative—a
                                               smiled and sighed. ‘He said it was some sort            individual,’ Karl explained to me. So how               monster to deal with. And there was no nego-
                                               of hydrocele.’ Oh yes, that’s good news.                about your own situation, I asked. ‘We’re not           tiation.’ He told me about his ongoing strug-
                                               ‘They did an ultrasound . . . and, of course,           well-to-do,’ he said. ‘I get my health insur-           gles with the hospital. ‘And the billing was
                                               I got all the bills. There was no way I could           ance from the state, a plan called Special              so strange,’ he added. As someone who
                                               pay for them so I didn’t even open them up.’            Care which is in between Medicaid and pri-              checks things out carefully, he told me how
                                               An odd mix, a contradiction even, that with             vate insurance.’ And how’s it going with                an MRI at UPMC cost $7,000 but the same
                                               the wonderful news—namely that one did not              that? ‘Very well actually,’ he answered. ‘It’s          scan, on the same machine, cost $2,000 in the
                                               have cancer—there came delivered a message              not connected to employment status so I                 nearby town of Altoona. ‘And a single Ty-
                                               of debt peonage that inspired even more de-             have the freedom to change jobs without                 lenol pill cost $10! It’s a crazy system.’ ’’
                                               spair than the dreaded diagnosis itself. It             changing my health coverage.’ [On a side                Eric—Bedford, 7/20/2009
                                               was almost as if the healthcare system itself           note, Karl, in his presentation to the thirty             ‘‘Gloria is the owner of Hollinshead gro-
                                               was the cancer.’’ Ryan—Greensburg, 7/17/2009            some-odd gathered visitors at the memorial              cery. She told me how the grocery, a family
                                                 ‘‘Bob has worked for the government for 44            explained how about $40 million more was                business, has been in Harrisonville for over a
                                               years. He told me that he’s always had                  needed to complete the permanent Flight 93              hundred years. Being self-employed, she
                                               health insurance (BC/BS via the government              Memorial. I recalled how anti-reform indus-             hasn’t had health coverage for more than
                                               plan). ‘Why is it not possible to make that             try groups were spending (as reported by the            twenty years, ever since her husband’s com-
                                               available to all?’ he wondered. ‘It’s the same          Wall Street Journal) about $1.4 million a day           pany went out of business. ‘It’s just too ex-
                                               plan as that for Congressmen and Senators.’             in their selfish and grasping efforts to                pensive to get insurance being self-em-
                                               He added that it was a big pool and that ‘it            thwart (or worse manipulate) healthcare re-             ployed,’ she told me. Three years ago, her
                                               would bring in younger people, make the in-             form. That means that about a month of                  husband had a heart attack and died. She ex-
                                               surance for all more affordable.’ But, he ex-           that spending (the time it took for me to               plained that paying for his care, even in the
                                               plained, ‘It’s different with corporate Amer-           walk from Chicago to DC) would cover the                midst of grieving, was not easy. ‘A Harris-
                                               ica. I’m retired now but I still get the same           remaining cost of the Memorial—a tribute,               burg doctor accepted a payment plan,’ and
                                               coverage as those who are still employed in             as most know, to Americans who gave the                 she also applied for Hill-Burton funds to pay
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                               government.’ ’’ Bob—Greensburg, 7/18/2009               last full measure of sacrifice for their fellow         for testing and other hospital costs. ‘Things
                                                 ‘‘Terry’s here in Greensburg visiting from            citizens.]’’ Karl—Shanksville, 7/19/2009                were not easy,’ she added, with a touch of
                                               Philadelphia. She shared with me the story                ‘‘Kay’s a part-owner of a small business—             melancholy.’’ Gloria—Harrisonville, 7/21/2009
                                               of her mother’s untimely death, which re-               all of three people. Because of the high cost             ‘‘Mike, a customer at Hollinshead’s Gro-
                                               sulted, in her estimation, from a night-                of health insurance, the deductibles, and all           cery, lost his job at Caterpillar in February
                                               marish confluence of administrative barriers            that, ’they’ve got no discretionary income,’            and is now without insurance. ‘COBRA was
                                               and inhumane insurance policies. The story              she told me. They’re with Highmark and the              much too expensive,’ he said. His unemploy-
                                               goes as follows. Her mother underwent a                 premium went up $100 a month within the                 ment check was $325 a week and health cov-
                                               liver biopsy. This was on a Friday. As Terry            past few months alone. Her husband has had              erage cost over $400 a month. His children,

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:43 Jan 07, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00010   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K06JA8.011   E06JAPT1
                                               January 6, 2011                        CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                      E25
                                               ‘fortunately,’ he told me, are covered                  oric has been laudable in some instances,               THE WALK FOR HEALTHCARE:
                                               through the state (ACCESS program). He                  their ‘‘Cut-as-you-go’’ rule is riddled with loop-       HEALTHCARE   STORIES FROM
                                               seemed calm as he explained this predica-                                                                        MARYLAND AND WASHINGTON,
                                               ment. ‘My wife just got diagnosed with Lyme             holes. For instance, it allows tax cuts for cor-
                                                                                                       porations to be deficit financed, while pro-             DC,  COLLECTED   BY  OGAN
                                               disease, though—a tick-bite right here in our
                                               back yard.’ Eyes perked up among the others             grams like child tax credits must find offsets.          GUREL, M.D.
                                               sitting about the grocery. He told me, ‘We’re           In fact, these rules forbid eliminating even the
                                               paying cash for the lab bill.’ It had originally
                                                                                                       narrowest special interest tax loophole to find                  HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH
                                               been $307 but they were able to get it dis-                                                                                         OF OHIO
                                               counted to $187. ‘The doctor’s bill was $80—            revenue for effective government programs.
                                                                                                                                                                     IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               and that’s just for the diagnosis,’ he added.              The most casual glance at the origin of this
                                               ‘For the actual treatment, we’re dependin’                                                                               Thursday, January 6, 2011
                                                                                                       country’s debts illustrates the fallacy of their
                                               on free samples.’ ’’ Mike—Harrisonville, 7/21/                                                                     Mr. KUCINICH. Mr. Speaker, I submit the
                                               2009                                                    approach. Without finding a dime to offset the
                                                                                                                                                               following stories, collected by Dr. Ogan Gurel.
                                                 ‘‘Martin has been out-of-work since last              cost to our Nation, these rules make it pos-
                                               year. ‘Obviously I have no insurance,’ he                                                                         ‘‘Tamara told me, ‘She was lucky having
                                                                                                       sible to both make permanent the 2001 and               health insurance.’ Knowing generally that
                                               said. He has insulin-dependent diabetes and             2003 Bush tax cuts for the highest-income tax-
                                               gets some healthcare through the Pennsyl-                                                                       lack of insurance was a problem, she didn’t
                                               vania ACCESS card. He explained that, ‘If I             payers and to repeal the Affordable Care Act,           have any particular personal stories to
                                               go back to work, however, I’ll lose my med-             which not only saves nearly $150 billion during         share. But when I asked about health reform,
                                               ical care.’ That’s a disincentive to work, I                                                                    she said, simply enough, that, ‘More should
                                                                                                       the next 10 years, but reduces healthcare
                                               said. ‘Sure is . . . I need to stay under twen-                                                                 be done.’ ’’ Tamara—Hagerstown, 7/22/2009
                                                                                                       costs by nearly a trillion dollars during the fol-        ‘‘Patrick has been on and off insurance all
                                               ty hours a week to get medical care. If I
                                               work more, there’s no job, no way I could
                                                                                                       lowing decades.                                         his life. ‘More off than on,’ he further clari-
                                                                                                                                                               fied for me. ‘My credit rating is trashed be-
                                               pay for the healthcare and medicines. I can’t              In no way do these rules result in the type
                                               just      drop    the     insulin.’ ’’ Martin—                                                                  cause of medical stuff.’ And in the 80s he had
                                                                                                       of prudent budgeting that my Republican col-            a skull injury. ‘I actually had insurance but
                                               Harrisonville, 7/21/2009
                                                 ‘‘ ‘I would call myself a fiscal conserv-             leagues campaigned on, nor does it resemble             not everything was covered so I just couldn’t
                                               ative,’ Jim told me as we sat together dis-             anything like what any hardworking American             pay.’ He seemed relaxed for someone for
                                               cussing healthcare in his living room. ‘I be-           family must do. At a time when the Republican           whom the system seemed not to work—
                                               lieve that health savings accounts, HSAs,                                                                       forced into debt, even with insurance, and
                                                                                                       majority is pledging greater openness, the              now suffering the consequence of ruined
                                               and patient involvement in the decisions will
                                                                                                       Rules are also anti-democratic by depriving             credit. But perhaps one gets used to such
                                               be important to bring costs under control.’
                                               He added that in his experience, once health            600,000 taxpaying D.C. residents of their abil-         predicament.’’ Patrick—Hagerstown, 7/22/2009
                                               benefits are provided, it’s ‘very difficult to          ity to have their voice heard in the Committee            ‘‘Tiffany doesn’t have a job, nor does she
                                               backtrack.’ He’s worked in government for                                                                       have health insurance. As a single mom, her
                                                                                                       of the Whole.                                           daughter gets assistance through the state.
                                               32 years and is currently retired. ‘Personally,
                                               I think the government plan, if made avail-               The Rules package also undermines oppor-              For herself, she did have to go to the emer-
                                               able to all, would work well. I think that              tunities to continue investing in America.              gency room one time last year but as she
                                               would be easy to implement. It allows                                                                           didn’t fill out the form for medical assist-
                                                                                                          By eliminating the point of order guarding           ance in time (there was a three-month time
                                               choice, there’s already a mechanism to col-
                                               lect premiums and there could be some in-               Highway Trust Fund balances this Republican             limit), she ended up owing $4,000. Now she’s
                                               come tiering.’ ’’ Jim—Bedford, 7/21/2009                majority threatens investments in communities           being taken to court by the hospital, Wash-
                                                 ‘‘ ‘I think that it’s possible to have a very                                                                 ington County. ‘I get phone calls every day
                                                                                                       large and small across the country. Histori-            from the bill collectors,’ she tells me. ‘And
                                               basic plan as a public good.’ Jo told me she’s          cally, this point of order ensured that Con-
                                               seen examples of that and she ‘believes it’s a                                                                  I’m scared to go back to the doctor for any-
                                               good use of taxpayer money.’ But she also re-           gress delivered on the transportation invest-           thing including my frozen shoulder.’ With
                                               alizes how it could get out-of-hand. ‘It all de-        ments promised in the transportation author-            some trepidation, she told me she knew
                                               pends on how and what ‘‘basic’’ is defined as,’         ization, and that States and communities could          somebody who was threatened with jail for
                                               she said. ‘Sometimes that’s too abstract.’ ’’                                                                   not responding to court summons for a med-
                                                                                                       count on the long-term commitments made in              ical bill. ‘It’s not a good situation to be in,’
                                               Jo.—Bedford, 7/21/2009
                                                                                                       that legislation. By removing this point of             she told me. Despite her unhappy troubles,
                                                                f                                                                                              Tiffany insisted on smiling when I took her
                                                                                                       order, and allowing Highway Trust Fund bal-
                                                        RULES OF THE HOUSE                             ances to accrue and mask the actual deficit,            picture.’’ Tiffany—Hagerstown, 7/23/2009
                                                                                                                                                                 ‘‘I met Terry at the Oriole Club, a local bar
                                                                                                       the Republicans are engaging in budget gim-             where I stopped in during a ferocious thun-
                                                                   SPEECH OF
                                                                                                       mickry that undermines our economy and the              derstorm to take a water break. Terry be-
                                                        HON. EARL BLUMENAUER                           safety of our communities.                              lieves in preventative medicine, eating right,
                                                                   OF OREGON                                                                                   exercising—being positive. She doesn’t have
                                                                                                          Organizations from the Chamber of Com-               insurance and with two kids, she’s busy pro-
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                       merce to the American Association of Highway            viding them with a home and feeding them
                                                        Wednesday, January 5, 2011                     Transportation Officials have expressed their           right. Last year she got very sick but nobody
                                                  Mr. BLUMENAUER. Mr. Speaker, I am                    strong concern about destabilizing transpor-            would take her. Because she has no primary
                                               deeply disappointed in the Rules package as-                                                                    care doctor, it costs $250 just to get in the
                                                                                                       tation funding, and have urged the Republican
                                                                                                                                                               door. The others seated along the bar gave
                                               sembled by my Republican colleagues. In their           Conference to make changes. I join with these           knowing looks. She told me she prayed a lot,
                                               campaigns, they promised to improve trans-              organizations in expressing my concern and              especially when her temperature hit 104. ‘But
                                               parency and to reduce the deficit. These                disappointment.                                         I survived,’ she said with a smile. ‘But, if you
                                               Rules break those promises.                                                                                     don’t have insurance,’ she told me, ‘you’re
                                                  Under these Rules, the new Republican ma-               At a time when the need to invest in our             treated different.’ ’’ Terry—Middletown, 7/23/
                                               jority will enact a draconian budget without a          communities is higher than ever, these rules            2009
                                               single hearing, without any input from the              will make it possible for the Republican Con-             ‘‘Sonny told me the story of a girl in town.
                                               Budget Committee, without any outreach to               gress to decrease our investment in infrastruc-         Many of the others seated at the bar recog-
                                                                                                                                                               nized her plight. ‘She’s worked for ten years,
                                               Congressional Democrats, and without a direct           ture, undermining efforts to rebuild and renew          without insurance,’ Sonny told me. And she
                                               vote by the House of Representatives. Merely            communities across the country. In addition to          got sick with a gallbladder problem and,
                                               by entering a statement into the record, the            the new rule regarding the Highway Trust                ‘probably because she couldn’t work on ac-
                                               Budget Chairman can subject all spending be-            Fund, these Republican rules also limit the             count of her illness,’ she was laid off. She
                                               yond whatever levels he deems appropriate to            ability of the House to raise revenue for the           needs a gallbladder removal but the doctor
                                                                                                                                                               keeps putting her off. ‘Nobody wants to treat
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                               a point of order. This level of concentrated au-
                                                                                                       Highway Trust Fund. At a time when our                  her,’ he added. ‘And she went to see the spe-
                                               thority runs contrary to the premise of trans-
                                               parency that Republicans campaigned on,                 needs are greater than ever, and individuals            cialist but he wanted $300 up front.’ Karen,
                                               and, given its disregard for scrutiny, runs the         and organizations across the country are call-          sitting alongside, squirmed in disapproval.
                                                                                                       ing on Congress to upgrade our Nation’s                 ‘Everyone’s giving her the run-around . . .
                                               risk of greatly damaging our economy and the                                                                    And there seems to be no way out of her situ-
                                               welfare of millions.                                    roads, bridges, and transit systems, limiting           ation.’ ’’ Sonny—Middletown, 7/23/2009
                                                  The rules themselves make a mockery of               our options—as these Rules do—is short-                   ‘‘Chris works at the Days Inn in Frederick.
                                               prudent budgeting. While the Republican rhet-           sighted and foolhardy.                                  He’s an insulin-dependent diabetic (that’s his

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:43 Jan 07, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00011   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K06JA8.011   E06JAPT1
                                               E26                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    January 6, 2011
                                               supplies he’s proudly showing me). He has in-           to a Palliative Care unit and though he was             nity Regional Medical Center Foundation and
                                               surance but ‘it sucks, only covers so much,’            put on a morphine drip, he survived for two             many generous members of the community, a
                                               he told me. ‘They don’t cover even the sup-             more tortuous months. All during this time,             family dream has become a reality.
                                               plies I have here. And if you go to the hos-            people from the hospital kept coming by
                                               pital for low blood sugar, or see a specialist,
                                                                                                                                                                  Mr. Speaker, I applaud Terry’s House and
                                                                                                       telling his already grieving wife that she
                                               it costs several hundred dollars.’ He was pre-          would be responsible for the bill. ‘The total           its many supporters for their efforts to create
                                               viously under his parent’s coverage but now             bill is $69,000 and still going up,’ she said.’’        a facility which keeps families together during
                                               his own insurance, which ‘bad as it is,’ he             Brenda—Gaithersburg, 7/24/2009                          times of need. I ask my colleagues to join me
                                               added, has been further downgraded because                ‘‘Shayla’s been newly enrolled in a PPO.              in commending Tom Richards and the com-
                                               of the economy. ‘But,’ he said, ‘I don’t have           Supposedly better than an HMO, she had                  munity members of Fresno who have worked
                                               much choice unless I get another job, and               high expectations. ‘But,’ she told me, ‘I don’t         unremittingly to make the opening of Terry’s
                                               that’s not at all easy these days.’ ’’ Chris—           understand why it’s so good. First, you pay
                                               Frederick, 7/23/2009
                                                                                                                                                               House possible.
                                                                                                       more,’ she explained, ‘and second, you still
                                                 ‘‘Frank’s story centers around his fiancee.           get a bill AFTER the co-pay.’ And then she                               f
                                               She’s a breast cancer survivor. The chemo-              told me about the prescription plan, which
                                               therapy, according to Frank, ‘cured the can-                                                                    THE WALK FOR HEALTHCARE:
                                                                                                       requires you to mail away for the medica-
                                               cer but devastated her body. She continues              tions and it often takes 4 to 6 weeks for de-            HEALTHCARE STORIES FROM IL-
                                               to have health problems,’ he told me. These             livery. She shook her head. ‘That just                   LINOIS  AND   INDIANA   COL-
                                               include diabetes and psoriatic arthritis for            doesn’t make sense!’ ’’ Shayla—Gaithersburg,             LECTED BY OGAN GUREL, M.D.
                                               which she is treated with methotrexate and              7/25/2009
                                               Enbril injections. She had been getting her
                                               medications through PAC (Physicians As-
                                                                                                         ‘‘Keith is one of the founders of the ubiq-
                                                                                                       uitous Food Not Bombs organization. His or-
                                                                                                                                                                        HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH
                                               sistance Care of Maryland) but, as Frank ex-            ganization has protested around the world                                   OF OHIO
                                               plained to me, ‘Only the diabetes medicines             and now he’s in front of the White House de-                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               qualified and those she got through this pro-           livering his message to all those gathered.
                                               gram were less effective than what she was                                                                               Thursday, January 6, 2011
                                                                                                       His story is simple: he’s got fibromyalgia,
                                               previously taking.’ Now that she is working,            which he says he acquired after being tor-                 Mr. KUCINICH. Mr. Speaker, I submit the
                                               she is no longer eligible for the program               tured by the CIA during one of his several in-          following stories, collected by Dr. Ogan Gurel.
                                               (which requires an income of less than $1,400           carcerations for illegally delivering free
                                               a month). Her new job offers health insur-                                                                        ‘‘Martha finds it shameful that America
                                                                                                       food. With his income and this sort of pre-ex-          can’t provide basic health care for its citi-
                                               ance but, ‘the premiums are so high that if
                                                                                                       isting condition, he can never get health in-           zens, like any other developed country does.
                                               she gets the policy, there’d be no money for
                                                                                                       surance.’’ Keith—Washington, 7/26/2009                  ‘Civilized nations care for those in need,’ she
                                               anything else.’ Getting health insurance,
                                                                                                         ‘‘Doris, from New York, is here in DC vis-            said. She especially noted that the connec-
                                               would ‘make it impossible for her to live,’
                                                                                                       iting. ‘No insurance, can’t afford it.’ She             tion of health care insurance to employment
                                               Frank told me. ‘And, even with the policy,
                                                                                                       said, ‘and doesn’t ever go to a doctor. I’m             status was a big problem. ‘It doesn’t make
                                               the medications would be too expensive. Ba-
                                                                                                       otherwise lucky,’ she said, with a smile and            sense. If you get sick, you have a greater
                                               sically,’ Frank summarized for me, ‘without
                                                                                                       went off with her friends.’’ Doris—Wash-                chance of being unemployed.’ ’’ Martha—Chi-
                                               healthcare, she has pain and suffering, can’t
                                                                                                       ington, 7/26/2009                                       cago, 6/27/2009
                                               get out of bed and so could lose the job.’
                                               That’s terrible, I said. ‘Oh, it could be worse                          f                                        ‘‘Addison, on the right, is Martha’s older
                                               I guess,’ he replied, shaking his head.’’                                                                       son. He’s a student in college who, with evi-
                                               Frank—Frederick, 7/23/2009
                                                                                                             CELEBRATING THE GRAND                             dent pride, told me that in the past election
                                                 ‘‘I met Howard and Tauyna over breakfast                   OPENING OF TERRY’S HOUSE                           he had just voted for the first time. As he
                                               at the Days Inn. Howard told me that                                                                            embarks on study abroad in Italy this com-
                                               they’ve generally been OK, but even with in-
                                               surance, ‘deductibles have been increasing
                                                                                                                        HON. JIM COSTA                         ing fall, he is, despite his glowing patriotism,
                                                                                                                                                               embarrassed that health care for all, as he
                                                                                                                          OF CALIFORNIA
                                               and out-of-pocket expenses also going up.’                                                                      has learned is the case in Italy, doesn’t exist
                                               But Howard wished to share a story from                      IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    here in America.’’ Addison—Chicago, 6/27/2009
                                               twenty years ago. ‘It actually relates to                         Thursday, January 6, 2011                       ‘‘I met Ron along Martin Luther King
                                               what’s happening today,’ he told me. He was                                                                     Drive. He was working at painting a fence.
                                               between jobs, he explained, having left a po-              Mr. COSTA. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to              He waved his hand towards the south side
                                               sition with health insurance for a higher-              recognize Community Regional Medical Cen-               streets beyond and said, ‘Yes, there’s many
                                               paying job that did not, however, offer                 ter on the occasion of the grand opening of             people here without health insurance.’ With
                                               health benefits. Soon after, his wife had a             Terry’s House, a new, state-of-the-art facility in      a serious look, he turned back towards me.
                                               tubal pregnancy and with the hospital bills             downtown Fresno, California, which will pro-            ‘Yes, without health care.’ He shared a story
                                               he ended up having to taking out a loan for                                                                     of an old lady from the neighborhood. She
                                                                                                       vide much needed support and housing to
                                               $8,000 (‘a huge chunk of change in those                                                                        had a change in coverage that now made it
                                               days,’ he added). The doctor forgave his fee
                                                                                                       allow families to stay close to sick and injured        too expensive to get her insulin for her dia-
                                               and he was able to negotiate a half-price               loved ones in the hospital. Located in the              betes. ‘It was all very fishy business,’ Ron
                                               with the anesthesiologist. ‘I sure don’t know           heart of the Fresno medical district, this new          told me. This lady, on Medicare, was in the
                                               what would happen if it were today.’ ’’ How-            15,874 square-foot, two-story family house              hospital for some time. An insurance sales-
                                               ard—Frederick, 7/24/2009                                with twenty guest suites will be the first hospi-       man came to her hospital bed and convinced
                                                 ‘‘Brenda’s story is about her father who              tality house in the Greater Fresno Area.                her to change her coverage (Ron couldn’t re-
                                               died two months ago. She told her story with               This residential facility is named in honor of       call the exact name but he told me it sound-
                                               a mix of disbelief and quiet anger though she                                                                   ed, ‘Something like Well Care’). What hap-
                                                                                                       Terry Richards who suffered and survived a
                                               was heartened to be able to share with others                                                                   pened was that this ‘new’ plan didn’t cover
                                               what she felt was a true health insurance               serious trauma at the age of five when he was           the old lady’s particular type of insulin so,
                                               horror story. Her late father had diabetes              injured in a car accident. For nearly five              with her ‘brand-new’ private supplemental
                                               since 1995. His illness was complicated by              months, his mother was forced to travel nearly          insurance plan in place, she ended up now
                                               neuropathy and multiple foot infections re-             80 miles a day to see her son while he was              spending $129 a month, out-of-pocket, for her
                                               sulting in an amputation of one great toe.              recovering in the hospital. Currently, family           medication. The insurance salesman is gone
                                               Earlier this year, his insurance company,               members of patients must seek accommoda-                and now she’s struggling, Ron tells me, on
                                               Group Health, told him that they were drop-             tions miles from the hospital, and many who             top of her fight to stay well, to piece to-
                                               ping him for medical noncompliance al-                                                                          gether her wrecked insurance and financial
                                                                                                       cannot afford lodging sleep in waiting rooms,
                                               though Brenda, who’s a nurse, said this was                                                                     situation.’’ Ron—Chicago, 6/27/2009
                                               patently a lie and they had medical proof, in-          in their cars or try their best to find a spot in         ‘‘Stopping by the Chicago Baptist Insti-
                                               cluding doctor’s attestations, that he was in           a busy hospital. Often, patients’ loved ones            tute, I met Rev. Joseph Felker, the Chair-
                                               compliance. And then he had a stroke, which             have no alternative but to leave the hospital           man of that organization. A crowd was gath-
                                               was compounded with multiple complica-                  and make the long drive home. Now families              ered and they were hosting an outdoor
                                               tions. He came down with sepsis, had to have            have Terry’s House, their home away from                event—a ‘Healthy Walk’ event actually. He
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                               another amputation, this time below-the-                home, while their loved ones receive care.              told me, ‘We should have had health care for
                                               knee. Though the MD said everything was                    Terry’s House was made possible by the               the uninsured years ago. It is a travesty, a
                                               OK, the operation was, in fact, a ‘was a dis-                                                                   true travesty, but hopefully the change we
                                                                                                       tireless work of Terry Richards’ brother, Tom
                                               aster,’ Brenda told me. It turned out he was                                                                    are seeing is a start.’ ’’ Joseph—Chicago, 6/27/
                                               left unattended in the hallway, coded in re-            Richards, a local community developer and               2009
                                               covery, had a head bleed, was given CPR, put            CEO of the Penstar Group. With the dedica-                ‘‘Sitting next to Rev. Felker was Rev. Dr.
                                               on a ventilator and admitted to the ICU. He             tion of Tom Richards, Leta Ciavaglia, the Ter-          Tyler. He concurred, saying that, ‘Health
                                               never regained consciousness. He was taken              ry’s House Development Council, the Commu-              care reform is long overdue. With the wealth

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:43 Jan 07, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00012   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K06JA8.012   E06JAPT1
                                               January 6, 2011                        CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                      E27
                                               of this country, it’s a shame that people               nally—helped take care of the bill.’ Shaking            about that is that there’s no health insur-
                                               don’t have health care.’ They, and the oth-             his head in disbelief at the Kafkaesque or-             ance.’ I nodded. ‘I make too much for the In-
                                               ers, were all very nice. They passed me a               deal, Kyle concluded, ‘It was something—and             diana health care program, but not enough
                                               couple bottles of water and many best wishes            I’m not talking about the illness—I never,              to pay for medical insurance. It costs at
                                               (and prayers) for the journey onward to                 ever want to go through again.’ ’’ Kyle—                least $300 a month. I’ve got diabetes and high
                                               Washington, DC.’’ Clifford—Chicago, 6/27/2009           Valparaiso, 6/28/2009                                   blood pressure and five grandchildren that
                                                 ‘‘Roderick from the hotel told me, ‘Every-              ‘‘John actually had two stories. First, his           live with me. My daughter is legally blind so
                                               one should have health care and it should be            wife has diabetes, lupus, and fibromyalgia              if something happens to me, I don’t know
                                               provided by the government, not by for-prof-            and he feels that the drug companies are just           what will happen, who will care for, the chil-
                                               it companies.’ I asked him if he thinks the             pushing drugs . . . through the doctors. ‘The           dren.’ Perhaps that explains why I look pret-
                                               current reform proposals are enough. He                 drugs don’t work,’ he told me. ‘She doesn’t             ty grim in the picture. I’m inspired, and
                                               shook his head, ‘No.’ ’’ Roderick—Hammond,              seem to get better and all that seems to hap-           humbled, by the bravery of regular, hard-
                                               6/28/2009                                               pen is that she gains weight.’ He then shared           working Americans.’’ Ginny—Plymouth, 6/30/
                                                 ‘‘As I walked along 25th Avenue (on the               his second health care story which happened             2009
                                               way to Gary), I heard a honk from the road.             after his first son was born. The $11,000 dollar          ‘‘Jay is the manager of the Days Inn in
                                               They stopped, I looked over. ‘Hey, Doc—                 bill forced his family into bankruptcy, again,          Plymouth. He told me the story of his uncle
                                               weren’t you on TV last night?’ And so I head-           soon after his wife gave birth. ‘It was like            (a U.S. citizen by the way) who had a heart
                                               ed over to say hello and get the next story of          the bill was padded but there was nothing I             attack and required a triple bypass oper-
                                               the day. With traffic zooming on by, we                 could do about it.’ ’’ John—Wheeler, 6/28/2009          ation. ‘He didn’t have insurance, though and
                                               didn’t have much time for chitchat. But he,               ‘‘Erin’s mother (Dianne) has multiple scle-           the operation would cost about $118,000.’
                                               Chris was his name, told me, ‘We need help,             rosis but doesn’t qualify for SSI (Social Se-           There was no way that he could pay that
                                               it’s rough out here for everybody—not just              curity disability) or Medicare. Her medica-             money—the money that would save (or at
                                               the elderly. There’s drugs and alcohol prob-            tion costs are so high that there’s no money            least extend) his life. And so he ended up
                                               lems, no treatment and the price of medica-             left for anything else. Her symptoms involve            having the operation in India which, with
                                               tions is too much.’ I asked if he could share           significant diplopia (double vision) and she            airfare, cost about $35,000. Jay shook his
                                               a specific example. ‘Sure,’ he replied, while           can’t work. Erin shook her head, ‘It’s a dif-           head. ‘It doesn’t make sense how America
                                               the older gentleman in the passenger seat               ficult situation and I don’t really know what           can’t take care of Americans.’ ’’ Jay—Plym-
                                               with him nodded in acknowledgement. ‘My                 to do.’ ’’ Erin—Valparaiso, 6/29/2009                   outh, 6/30/2009
                                               mother’s got Alzheimer’s and her medica-                  ‘‘Jack has good insurance. But his story                                    ´
                                                                                                                                                                 ‘‘Mike’s the fiancee of the front desk at-
                                               tions are $500 to $600 dollars a month. It’s            starts with unexplained pain in both of his             tendant. He doesn’t have insurance having
                                               impossible . . .’ ’’ Chris—Hammond, 6/28/2009           feet. He went to dozens of doctors, podia-              recently lost his job. ‘I still owe a bunch of
                                                 ‘‘Eric shared his brother’s story. He had             trists, and other specialists but nothing               doctor’s bills,’ he told me. ‘I broke my hand
                                               had an eye accident, lost his job on account            seemed to help except painkillers and these             and right now it’s better but I owe $12,000.’ ’’
                                               of that and being without health insurance              were prescribed only sparingly. It was a ter-           Mike—Plymouth, 6/30/2009
                                               had to file for bankruptcy. ‘That about tells           rible problem and he could barely walk and                ‘‘Val is 58. She told me, ‘My husband and I
                                               it all,’ he said.’’ Eric—Wheeler, 6/28/2009             was at risk of losing his job. ‘Then there was          have worked all our lives, had insurance all
                                                 ‘‘With parched throat, I stopped into the             this neurologist who gave me two injections             our lives and we were both laid off in Novem-
                                               Indiana University police station hoping to             in the back—L4, L5, I think it was—and that             ber. We’re looking for jobs and this is the
                                               find a water fountain. John, the officer-on-            worked!’ I nodded, realizing that his foot              first time we’ve had no health insurance.’
                                               duty at the front desk, greeted me. ‘It’s a             pain was clearly related to the back (perhaps           She looked at me with unbelieving eyes.
                                               critical situation,’ he told me. ‘Especially            spinal stenosis or a herniated disc) rather             ‘We’re hard-working people, too young for
                                               now that people are losing jobs. But keeping            than the feet. ‘But, guess what, the insur-             Medicare. We just don’t know what we’ll
                                               prices down is important. Even with the in-             ance company wouldn’t pay for the one thing             do.’ ’’ Val—Plymouth, 6/30/2009
                                               sured, prices are inflated, they’re sky-high.’          that worked and now I owe $6,000!’ I                      ‘‘ ‘I believe government should not be in
                                               I nodded in reply. ‘So, it’s hard to stay               grimaced at the story. ‘Oh yes,’ he added,              health care,’ Brian told me, though he added
                                               healthy if you can’t afford health care.’ ’’            ‘before, several years ago, I didn’t have in-           that he’d like to see some regulatory
                                               John—Gary, 6/28/2009                                    surance and I had to declare bankruptcy.’ ’’            changes to actually increase competition,
                                                 ‘‘Six miles later, now in Hobart, I stopped           Jack—Wheeler, 6/28/2009                                 ensure personal responsibility and decrease
                                               into United States Security (a private secu-              ‘‘Michael told me he had no insurance. ‘Do            prices. ‘The system is sure not working,’ he
                                               rity service) for some water. I talked with             you get sick?’ I asked. ‘Well, I try not to,’ he        told me.’’ Brian—Etna Green, 7/1/2009
                                               Ed, the Director. ‘Definitely things need to            answered. ‘If I must, I go to these clinics, but          ‘‘Gruff but friendly, and with a face that
                                               change,’ he said. ‘But it’s more like tweak-            the appointments are way off, there are long            oozed sincerity, Harold answered, ‘the insur-
                                               ing. I’m 100% against something like the Ca-            waits, and sometimes it’s impossible. I mean            ance—80/20, but my wife is totally disabled so
                                               nadian system.’ I asked what he thought of              I can’t miss much work, either . . . And den-           she’s on the Medicaid . . . and I got a $5,000
                                               the health care reform debate in Wash-                  tal is really expensive. I could have gotten a          deductible! Every year, it just tears me up.
                                               ington. ‘Well, I don’t like the idea of the             job that provided insurance but I’d actually            We get good care over there at Lutheran in
                                               upper brass fat-cats reaping rewards. They              end up making much less.’ ’’ Michael—                   Ft. Wayne but it’s outrageous. When the doc-
                                               need to be dissolved or at least held account-          Wanatah, 6/29/2009                                      tor gives a regular prescription—not the ge-
                                               able . . . and take another bottle for the                ‘‘A few years back Keith had lost his job at          neric stuff, and the pharmacist automati-
                                               road,’ he added.’’ Ed—Hobart, 6/28/2009                 the yogurt factory in town. This provided               cally gives you the generic, makes you sick
                                                 ‘‘Kyle’s story is a bit complicated. He’s a           health insurance but now as an owner of a               and then you have to go back to the doctor
                                               senior in college (at Purdue in Hammond)                three taxi cab small business, he doesn’t               to get the right stuff to send to the phar-
                                               but he started college a couple years after             have health insurance. He has significant               macist, that don’t make no sense.’ I asked
                                               graduating from high school. Because of this            heart disease and has had six heart attacks,            Harold if he had any choice of coverage or if
                                               unusual transition, it ended up that he had             the first one at age 32. For this he’s gotten           this was the only insurance offered. ‘There’s
                                               missed the deadline for getting insurance               seven stents (a device placed in the coronary           no choice,’ he told me. Indeed . . .’’ Harold—
                                               through his mother’s policy. ‘I was working             arteries that keeps them open). The first two           Warsaw, 7/1/2009
                                               to put myself through college with a bunch              were covered by insurance but since then                  ‘‘Scott told me that, ‘There should be less
                                               of part-time jobs. None of them, though, pro-           he’s racked up $56,000 in bills which he has            government involvement. I really think it
                                               vided insurance . . . then I got sick—very              paid down to $12,000. [Interpretative note: I           should be left in the hands of the people.’ He
                                               sick.’ He was bedridden for several days with           know a bit about stents and I was surprised             added that he used to work in the orthopedic
                                               fatigue and fever. He finally went to his fam-          to hear he had so many. But he did tell me              device industry (there are many in Warsaw).
                                               ily doctor who took a blood test. Two days              that they continually get blocked up and he             ‘What I feel that would do, if health care was
                                               later, his mother received an urgent call               takes Plavix—a form of ‘blood thinner’—to               nationalized, is that it would undervalue the
                                               from the doctor saying, demanding almost,               prevent further blockage. I didn’t ask him              products they are making. In the end, I
                                               that Kyle go to the emergency room imme-                but perhaps he has the less-expensive, bare-            think it would work out as what they would
                                               diately. Kyle told me, ‘it was the highest              metal stents as compared to the much more               lose in sales, they would get in volume, but
                                               white blood count he had ever seen,’ and he             expensive drug-eluting stents which are de-             I really feel that the health care scenario
                                               was concerned Kyle had leukemia. So, at the             signed to reduce the possibility of blockage,           needs to be left to people, not the govern-
                                               behest of the doctor, and actually feeling
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                                                                                       or restenosis. While only speculative, I would          ment.’ ’’ Scott—Warsaw, 7/1/2009
                                               better by this time, they went the emer-                not be surprised if bare metal stents were to             ‘‘Meeting Krystal in front of the Court-
                                               gency room. It turned out, thankfully, not to           be preferentially used for patients without             house on Center Street, I explained my walk,
                                               be leukemia, but Kyle ended up with a $9,000            insurance. Unfortunately that might mean                its purpose. Krystal asked how many pairs of
                                               emergency room bill (he was never even ad-              less cost per operation but it typically re-            shoes I have and so I showed her the extra
                                               mitted to the hospital). ‘My mother and I               sults in more operations, ending up in even             pair strapped in a bag to my backpack and
                                               spent months fighting and negotiating,’ he              greater cost.] Keith—Hanna, 6/29/2009                   told her of the several more in the luggage at
                                               told me. ‘Luckily the Church organization                 ‘‘Ginny lost work and took early retire-              the hotel. And with that, we began talking
                                               affiliated with St. Mary’s finally—yes, fi-             ment at 62 but, she told me, ‘The bad thing             about health care. ‘Insurance rates are sky

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:43 Jan 07, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00013   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K06JA8.013   E06JAPT1
                                               E28                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    January 6, 2011
                                               high,’ she told me, lamented further that,              knuckleheads in Washington to get with it               $220/month, the health insurance offered to
                                               ‘like I was talking with my doctor, you al-             out here.’ ’’ Scott—Columbia City, 7/2/2009             him. But he’s lucky because he gets coverage
                                               most have to call the insurance companies to               ‘‘Last December Trushar had fallen down              through his wife who’s a resident. In his
                                               get the approval for what drugs you can pre-            in an ice storm, breaking his left wrist. He            medical school experiences, he’s come across
                                               scribe—insurance companies are driving the              was without health insurance and making do              many patients who have foregone medical
                                               show . . . they give the discounts or I think           with the pain, waited a week—by this time it            care because of a lack of health insurance
                                               they’re in the cahoots with some of the drug            had become considerably swollen—to have it              and this has inspired him to help to solve
                                               companies. They say ‘Oh, we’re having a spe-            eventually seen by a family friend, who hap-            this problem.’’ Cameron—Ft. Wayne, 7/3/2009
                                               cial on Lipitor’ and so they push Lipitor.’ We          pened to be a doctor. The family ended up                 ‘‘Terri—‘an older member of the work-
                                               talked about the pharmaceutical companies               spending about $500 for various x-rays, the             force,’ as she put it—is currently unem-
                                               and that drug costs just seemed to be too               visit to the doctor was free, but he was told           ployed. She has no health insurance and with
                                               high.’’ Krystal—Warsaw, 7/1/2009                        that if it had gotten worse, the surgery for it         several chronic conditions, chronic sinusitis
                                                  ‘‘Being self-employed, and that business             would cost about $25,000. If that came to               and hypertension included, she’s ‘in a dif-
                                               was not so good this year, Uprendra cannot              pass, they decided that Trushar (who is a               ficult situation,’ Terri tells me. Her prescrip-
                                               afford health coverage. He is not insured, nor          U.S. citizen) would go back to India to have            tions have ‘ran out’ and without insurance,
                                               is any of the staff. He has diabetes and gets           the surgery.’’ Trushar—Ft. Wayne, 7/2/2009              her doctor won’t see her. Even though she
                                               his insulin, when he can, as free drug sam-                ‘‘Hina’s one of the workers at the hotel—            asked about a payment plan, ‘They told me,
                                               ples from his brother, who is a retired doc-            doubles up as back-up front desk and house-             they take payment in full.’ Terri’s an in-
                                               tor. I was humbled by his generosity, the               keeping. In fact, it seemed like everyone had           formed person. ’High blood pressure is a si-
                                               complimentary room and the $20 donation,                a hand in all aspects of the operation. Hina’s          lent killer,’ she adds, and ’I don’t want to be
                                               his wife (and hotel co-operator) Sheila, gave           had what she called a ‘muscle lock’ in her              silently killed because I can’t get the treat-
                                               me when I checked out the following morn-               neck, which sounded to me like a cervical               ment.’ She reminded me that she’s certainly
                                               ing.’’ Uprendra—Warsaw, 7/1/2009                        muscle spasm, perhaps even a herniated cer-             not the only one in such a predicament, but
                                                  ‘‘Brittany, on the left, told me she has no          vical disk—hard to tell. In any case, she’s             told me, ‘I’m just speaking out, because ev-
                                               insurance. She said, ‘I think everybody                 had no insurance and hasn’t seen a doctor or            erybody has to speak. If you don’t speak on
                                               should have insurance. You never know what              been to a hospital for it. She remains in               it, no one would ever know.’ ’’ Terri—Ft.
                                               will happen. I’ve been sick and had to pay              pain, housekeeping work is hard, and this is            Wayne, 7/3/2009
                                               cash and it’s not cheery.’ ’’ Brittany—War-             making it harder. She looks warily around. I              ‘‘Deb works at the Subway in New Haven,
                                               saw, 7/1/2009                                           know that this hotel staff is like family, and          just east of Ft. Wayne. Her health coverage
                                                  ‘‘Amanda, like Brittany on the left, also            they likely wouldn’t fire her for a situation           costs $600/month through her husband’s
                                               has no insurance and now has ‘tons of med-              that is undoubtedly compromising her pro-               union plan (he’s a carpenter). ‘If I got the in-
                                               ical bills.’ She told me she is slowly—‘very            ductivity. But in a crueler world (which is             surance on my own,’ she told me, ‘it’d cost
                                               slowly,’ she put it—paying for them.’’ Aman-            quite common), she’d be out, replaced by                $850 a month.’ She shook her head and said,
                                               da—Warsaw, 7/1/2009                                     someone else healthier, but also without in-            ‘Even though I consider myself lucky, this is
                                                  ‘‘Ed was in the service, in the Philippines          surance. Hina, in a way, is lucky.’’ Hina—Ft.           crazy!’ ’’ Deb—New Haven, 7/3/2009
                                               during World War II. He was later an elec-              Wayne, 7/2/2009
                                               trician at the Harvard Cyclotron in Cam-                                                                                         f
                                                                                                          ‘‘It was back in 2002 that Bonnie lost her
                                               bridge (on Oxford Street). He has had many              job of 22 years. At that time, she had been on          IN RECOGNITION OF THE 40TH
                                               medical problems but hasn’t had any dif-                COBRA though, ‘it was incredibly expensive,’              WEDDING   ANNIVERSARY    OF
                                               ficulties being on Medicare. Some things are            she recalled. She has insulin-dependent dia-
                                               not paid for but by-and-large, he’s happy. He                                                                     THOMAS AND CAMILLE OGIBA
                                                                                                       betes, high blood pressure, and ‘Charcot
                                               has often thought that universal health care            joints.’ Her insurance and medications cost
                                               insurance should be provided by the govern-             $1,500 a month. ‘When you don’t have insur-                         HON. MIKE ROGERS
                                               ment and that higher taxes were likely nec-             ance you don’t have any choices,’ she said.’’                            OF ALABAMA
                                               essary. ‘If the government managed its budg-            Bonnie—Ft. Wayne, 7/3/2009                                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               et better, there’d be money to pay for it,’ he             ‘‘Pat shared with me a friend’s story. Her
                                               added. He also said, ‘People without health             daughter, diagnosed with severe rheumatoid                        Thursday, January 6, 2011
                                               care insurance live under handicapped condi-            arthritis since the age of 26 had been suf-                Mr. ROGERS of Alabama. Mr. Speaker, I
                                               tions. With insurance, a wage-earner can be             fering for many years. A six-week course of             would like to pay tribute to a very special oc-
                                               free to concentrate on his family, his edu-             Remicade cost her $7,200 and, as Pat told me,           casion today—the 40th wedding anniversary
                                               cation, and think more clearly.’ He was very            ‘Her mother has cashed in her 401K,’ to pay             of Thomas and Camille Ogiba. This event will
                                               happy I met with him and concluded, ‘I’m so             for that. ‘Nothing should cost $7,200.’ ’’ Pat—
                                               surprised at the opportunity to talk.’ ’’ Ed—           Ft. Wayne, 7/3/2009
                                                                                                                                                               take place on January 16, 2011, but family
                                               Warsaw, 7/1/2009                                           ‘‘Nate’s a young and relatively healthy              and friends are celebrating the event on Janu-
                                                  ‘‘The most telling story came to us in a             guy. ‘Last year, in December, I came down               ary 14, 2011.
                                               Mexican store down the street. I spoke with             with pneumonia,’ he told me. He’s a diabetic               Thomas Henry Ogiba was born on January
                                               one of the counter people, who wished not to            and so his illness was complicated by dia-              24, 1947, in Stamford, Connecticut, to Henry
                                               be identified. She told us that she did have            betic ketoacidosis, acute kidney failure,               and Rose Ogiba. His wife, Camille Caruso
                                               insurance (through her husband) and that                staph infections, and ‘cardiac issues.’ ‘I was          Ogiba, was born on January 18, 1946, in
                                               she was happy with the system and that she              in the ICU for twelve days, unconscious for a
                                               would not change anything. Then, next to
                                                                                                                                                               Stamford, Connecticut, to Pete and Rose Ca-
                                                                                                       week,’ he told me. Even though he just been
                                               the register, I noticed a posted sign with a            laid off from his job, he told me, ’he was
                                                                                                                                                               ruso. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ogiba were mar-
                                               picture of a young boy in a hospital bed                lucky in the timing of things . . . like a              ried on January 16, 1971, at St. Mary’s Catho-
                                               pleading for $100,000 to help with a kidney             ‘roll-of-the-dice,’ that he happened to have            lic Church in Stamford, Connecticut. Together
                                               transplant. Doesn’t that tell it all?’’ Warsaw,         insurance just when he had gotten deathly               they raised two children, Thomas and Jena.
                                               7/1/2009                                                ill. And hopefully he won’t get so sick again,             Thomas and Camille currently reside in
                                                  I’m unemployed,’ Scott told me, ‘and don’t           since COBRA, which he cannot now afford,                Naples, Florida. I salute this lovely couple on
                                               have no insurance. But, I’ve been pretty                costs $800/month especially with his pre-ex-            the 40th year of their life together and join
                                               healthy, ’cept my teeth here—gotta work on              isting conditions . . . and especially being
                                               that sometime.’ I nodded. ‘The difficult story
                                                                                                                                                               their friends and family in honoring them on
                                                                                                       unemployed.’’ Nate—Ft. Wayne, 7/3/2009
                                               is with my girlfriend. She works part-time                 ‘‘Jessica and her husband were laid off              this special occasion.
                                               and also no insurance. She makes too much               from their RV company (based in Elkhart,                                 f
                                               for HIP (Indiana public assistance program)             Indiana) this past August. They have four
                                               so that’s that. A few months ago, she had a             kids under the age of 10. They lost all their
                                                                                                                                                               RECOGNIZING THE UNIVERSITY OF
                                               kidney stone and the local hospital wouldn’t            health coverage and cannot afford COBRA                        MICHIGAN-FLINT
                                               take care of her so they sent her to Indianap-          which cost $1,200/month. The kids are now on
                                               olis. The pain was so bad and she ended up              Medicaid but they, the parents, are unin-                          HON. DALE E. KILDEE
                                               having some operation there.’ He said that              sured. ‘If something happens to them,’ she                               OF MICHIGAN
                                               there was no way they could pay any of the              asked, ‘how’ll the kids be taken care of?’                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               bills being that they were barely making
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                                                                                       This is Noah and Chris in the picture also.
                                               ends meet. We drove by the trailer park that            Today was Noah’s birthday too and thanks                        Thursday, January 6, 2011
                                               was their home and he told me how they                  to the Ft. Wayne rally, he had a big turnout              Mr. KILDEE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
                                               were lucky, that the next trailer park up in            for his party!’’ Jessica—Ft. Wayne, 7/3/2009            recognize the University of Michigan-Flint for
                                               Columbia City had been recently hit by a                   ‘‘Cameron’s a 4th year medical student but
                                               tornado and a few homes destroyed.                      on a leave of absence to pursue a law degree.           being designated an ‘‘Engaged University’’ by
                                               Throughout the trip Scott was glowingly op-             He’s planning for a career in health advo-              the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement
                                               timistic. But as he was about to drop me off,           cacy—at the intersection of health and law.             of Teaching. The Carnegie Foundation an-
                                               his     face   turned    sour.    ‘Tell   those         As a student, however, he cannot afford, at             nounced this classification yesterday and a

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:43 Jan 07, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00014   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K06JA8.013   E06JAPT1
                                               January 6, 2011                        CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                      E29
                                               formal presentation will take place on the Uni-         health insurance. ‘I hope basically not to get          that health insurance should be private (and
                                               versity of Michigan-Flint campus on Monday,             sick,’ she said with a serious look beyond her          through the employer). ‘Government messes
                                               January 10.                                             youth. ‘Pretty much that’s it.’ ’’ Holly—Mid-           everything up,’ he tells me. ‘Actually, I
                                                  The Carnegie Foundation for the Advance-             dle Point, 7/4/2009                                     make my living fixing up government ac-
                                                                                                          ‘‘Tara, the cook at the Rooster truck stop           counting troubles,’ he added. But he does be-
                                               ment of Teaching created the ‘‘Engaged Uni-             near Middle Point, Ohio, has no insurance.              lieve that the healthcare system could be
                                               versity’’ classification to acknowledge the             ‘It’s just too much . . . that’s the situa-             much more efficient.’’ Steve—Lima, 7/6/2009
                                               achievements of schools throughout the                  tion.’ ’’ Tara—Middle Point, 7/4/2009                      ‘‘Brad, the manager at the Lima Holiday
                                               United States that have created institutional              ‘‘Dee told me the story of her uncle. He had         Inn, was enormously helpful and supportive
                                               practices of community involvement. Univer-             a heart attack a few years back resulting in            of the Walk. When I met him, he agreed that
                                               sities apply for the classification and are grant-      cardiac surgery and a bill for $145,000. ‘Dee,          it’s important to get the story out and told
                                                                                                       I’m dying,’ he said, not clear, as Dee told me,         me, ‘it is really terrible with all the unin-
                                               ed the classification based upon their mission,                                                                 sured. Even if you have insurance,’ he added,
                                                                                                       whether he was referring to his health trou-
                                               culture, leadership, resources and practices.           bles or the financial burdens. Dee told her             ‘I’ve seen how difficult it is dealing with the
                                                  The University of Michigan-Flint was able to         uncle to change his diet, do yoga, lots of              insurance companies.’ ’’ Brad—Lima, 7/6/2009
                                               demonstrate the integration of curricular en-           walking, and other things to improve his                   ‘‘With an angry look on his face, Roger
                                               gagement, outreach, the exchange of knowl-              lifestyle and health. And so he heeded her              told me very clearly that does not like the
                                               edge, and partnerships, with the larger com-            advice and actually, to do these things, went           Obama plan at all. But he also doesn’t like
                                               munity to the benefit of both groups. The               back to India. Returning some months later,             corporate interests driving reform. ‘We do
                                                                                                       he proudly called Dee telling her that he was           need some change—it’s incredibly expensive,’
                                               school has an established practice of honoring
                                                                                                       healthier, no longer had diabetes, and no hy-           he told me further, citing his father’s case.
                                               faculty for their involvement, encouraging stu-                                                                 He had gotten a pacemaker and defibrillator
                                                                                                       pertension. But, he lamented, ‘I still owe
                                               dents to extend the education process outside                                                                   and, ‘Everything cost more than $200,000!’ ’’
                                                                                                       $145,000.’ ’’ Dee—Van Wert, 7/5/2009
                                               classroom walls, and utilizing the school’s re-            ‘‘Jim drove out from Ft. Wayne (after                Roger—New Stark, 7/6/2009
                                               sources to enhance the community.                       hearing the news) and met up with me near                  ‘‘Kara’s 19 years old and had most recently
                                                  Mr. Speaker, please join me in congratu-             Middle Point on his bike. We walked to-                 been just under her parent’s health coverage.
                                               lating the chancellor, Dr. Ruth Person, the pro-        gether for seven miles talking healthcare               ‘But after nineteen, they take you off,’ she
                                               vost, Dr. Gerard Voland, the faculty, staff, stu-       and healthcare reform along with many                   told me, and she’s now in the process of re-
                                                                                                       other topics. He’s a Yale grad, which goes to           enrolling in her own plan. During this
                                               dents and community for their vision, enthu-                                                                    switch, she’s actually without coverage. She
                                               siasm and commitment to this partnership. I             show that even traditional rivalries can walk
                                                                                                       together towards a common goal. He believes             sighed, ‘My current job doesn’t pay enough
                                               commend the University of Michigan-Flint for                                                                    to afford insurance and then, when I’m in
                                                                                                       in basic care for all but, as he told me, ‘the
                                               their hard work and for receiving this classi-          definition of what is basic becomes problem-            college, two years from now, I’ll have to re-
                                               fication from the Carnegie Foundation for the           atic. And those that can afford more than               apply.’ She’s got asthma and fibromyalgia.
                                               Advancement of Teaching.                                the basic,’ he added, ‘should be able to get            It’s a real problem, she told me as she’s ‘real-
                                                                                                                                                               ly worried’ about pre-existing conditions dis-
                                                                f                                      it.’ ’’ Jim—Gomer, 7/5/2009
                                                                                                                                                               qualifying her or making her insurance too
                                                                                                          ‘‘Nancy is 60, without work and without
                                               THE WALK FOR HEALTHCARE:                                health insurance. She has recently moved in             expensive.’’ Kara—Lima, 7/6/2009
                                                                                                                                                                  ‘‘Kate’s insurance costs her $200/month.
                                                HEALTHCARE   STORIES FROM                              with her mother. She has two prescriptions
                                                                                                       which cost her $140 a month and works odd               She threw her hands up and exclaimed,
                                                OHIO  COLLECTED   BY OGAN                                                                                      ‘That’s a car payment!’ She looked me in the
                                                GUREL, M.D.                                            jobs to pay for one of these. She lives one
                                                                                                                                                               eye and continued. ‘So, I’m 55 and no busi-
                                                                                                       day at a time and hopes that there’ll be
                                                                                                                                                               ness not having insurance but I can’t afford
                                                                                                       healthcare reform, ‘So people like me can
                                                        HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH                        get the prescriptions we need.’ We met on a
                                                                                                                                                               it.’ She told me about her carpal tunnel syn-
                                                                     OF OHIO                                                                                   drome, that she had had a mild stroke and a
                                                                                                       porch in Gomer (she was helping to clean up
                                                                                                                                                               nagging rotator cuff injury. For the rotator
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      someone’s home) where she brought me some
                                                                                                                                                               cuff, she can’t afford the MRI. ‘Actually,’ she
                                                        Thursday, January 6, 2011                      juice. Here she is on the roadside near Lima,
                                                                                                                                                               added, ‘HCAP, a state program, can take
                                                                                                       later that afternoon, bringing me a glass of
                                                  Mr. KUCINICH. Mr. Speaker, I submit the                                                                      care of the actual MRI but not the reading.
                                                                                                       water as she was driving to her mother’s
                                               following stories, collected by Dr. Ogan Gurel.                                                                 So,’ she said with a sigh, ‘I can’t afford it.’
                                                                                                       place.’’ Nancy—Gomer, 7/5/2009                          Her husband doesn’t have health insurance
                                                 ‘‘Jean doesn’t want socialized medicine.                 ‘‘Gloria’s husband died three years ago.
                                                                                                                                                               either. ‘He’s got two bulging discs in his
                                               But she also adds that the current system               She now has $1,600 a month between Social
                                                                                                                                                               spine but can’t do anything about it. So he
                                               doesn’t pay (or reward) for preventative care.          Security and the Ford pension. ‘It’s a good
                                                                                                                                                               can’t work and spends the day reclining on
                                               But it wasn’t clear to her how either the               plan,’ with prescriptions at $2 each, she told
                                                                                                                                                               the couch.’ ’’ Kate—Lima, 7/6/2009
                                               free-market or government could change                  me. Her other story, which bothered her                    ‘‘Heather (on the right) is 23 and recently
                                               that. ‘People have to take responsibility for           deeply, was about her son. He had retired               divorced. She had good insurance through
                                               their health,’ she told me.’’ Jean—Van Wert,            after 22 years of distinguished service in the          the marriage and actually had significant
                                               7/4/2009                                                Navy—the highly stressful submarine service             gastrointestinal problems for which she had
                                                 ‘‘Todd recently lost his job as a machinist.          once dueling daily, in secret, with the Soviet          four surgeries. She had a gall bladder oper-
                                               His wife gets health coverage as a school               Navy. He had a quadruple bypass and also an             ation, colonoscopies, ‘they looked down my
                                               teacher but ‘It’s not good insurance,’ he tells         abdominal aneurysm operation. ‘All that                 stomach too,’ and also sinus surgery. She
                                               me. ‘The out-of-pocket payments are ridicu-             went well,’ she said, ‘but he had a very tough          now works two jobs (the one at Applebee’s
                                               lous,’ he added. They have two kids—two and             time getting reimbursed, especially since his           provides insurance but takes up the entire
                                               four years old—and he wonders what will                 operations left him very sick and weak.’ He             paycheck). ‘It’s so strange,’ she adds, ‘I have
                                               happen if they get sick. ‘It’s a great thing            had to fight to reimbursed while lying in bed           to get a money order to actually cover it and
                                               you’re doing,’ he said, as I shook his hand,            recovering. ‘I’ve seen other veteran’s have             send it to the health insurance company
                                               thanking him, too, in return.’’ Todd—Van                the same struggles,’ Gloria told me. ‘And it’s          headquarters—$120/month. But I went to the
                                               Wert, 7/4/2009                                          a real shame we treat our heroes this way.’ ’’          dentist and still paid $30. But without insur-
                                                 ‘‘Mike, in the middle, shared with me his             Gloria—Lima, 7/5/2009                                   ance it cost $40, the dentist told me.’ She
                                               father’s situation. ‘He’s 52 years-old, a re-              ‘‘Grace, the youngest, hasn’t had any                looked over at her friend, who nodded in
                                               tired GM, Delphi employee, salaried, he was.’           healthcare troubles and is hoping to get in-            sympathy. ‘I don’t think insurance makes
                                               Mike looked at me to make sure I under-                 surance as a student when she enrolls in col-           sense at all.’ ’’ Heather—Lima, 7/6/2009
                                               stood. ‘He was a salaried worker,’ he re-               lege. She does believe that some sort of                   ‘‘Joe, the flagger at the construction site,
                                               peated. ‘Which means they took away all his             healthcare reform is necessary.’’ Grace—                believes in individual responsibility and ac-
                                               health benefits last April. Wage-earners got            Lima, 7/5/2009                                          countability.      ‘The   government     always
                                               to keep their benefits, you know.’ I nodded                ‘‘Kimberly has a brain aneurysm, which,              messes things up,’ he said, but he likes the
                                               in acknowledgment. ‘So, he’s too young for              she told me, ‘they are watching.’ She’s also            Walk—‘you’re doing a good thing,’ and con-
                                               Medicare, and now has a bad, bad situa-                 had a falling bladder problem, which they               cluded by saying, ‘some change is definitely
                                               tion.’ ’’ Mike—Van Wert, 7/4/2009                       are not doing surgery on. In terms of insur-            needed.’ ’’ Joe—New Stark, 7/7/2009
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                                 ‘‘John, on the right, told me ‘I have good            ance, she’s on Medicaid and Medicare but                   ‘‘I met John, a traveling salesman, at din-
                                               insurance but premiums have gone up 30% in              told me, ‘I can’t afford the medicines’. Other-         ner. He’s got coverage, for which he is grate-
                                               the last year.’ He took me in to his garage,            wise, it’s not been a problem. Everybody,’              ful for. He’s been pretty healthy but feels
                                               out from drizzle, to meet his family and                she added smiling with a serious look,                  that ‘it is important that all people have
                                               friends. ‘I’m not happy with the healthcare             ‘should have insurance.’ Her effervescent               health insurance.’ ’’ John—Lima, 7/7/2009
                                               situation,’ he told me.’’ John—Van Wert, 7/4/           daughter, Tiffany, gave her mother a hug.’’                ‘‘Reuben actually stopped by the roadside
                                               2009                                                    Kimberly—Lima, 7/5/2009                                 to walk with me. He told me the story of his
                                                 ‘‘Serving up a cup of coffee, Holly, at the              ‘‘Steve, a financial consultant, wants the           nephew, who’s an Ob-Gyn doctor in Mary-
                                               Rooster coffee shop, told me she doesn’t have           government out of healthcare. He believes               land. ‘His entire paycheck nearly all goes to

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:43 Jan 07, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00015   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A06JA8.016   E06JAPT1
                                               E30                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    January 6, 2011
                                               malpractice insurance,’ Reuben told me. ‘In-            ADHD and she was on her father’s insurance              erage, and you need to keep changing plans
                                               surance companies are trying to get every-              until January. But as Kim can’t her own cov-            to get a decent rate.’ ’’ Sharon—Mifflin, 7/10/
                                               one who can pay, even by coercion.’ He told             erage, her daughter must do with Medicaid.              2009
                                               me he thinks it’s important to keep the prof-           ‘Easier said than done,’ Kim said. It took                 ‘‘Dave has Type I diabetes (insulin-depend-
                                               it mongering out of the health insurance                two months for her to get approved and in               ent) after suffering a bout of pancreatitis a
                                               business. ‘It’s devastating,’ he added. In              the meantime, Kim paid out-of-pocket over               few years ago. ‘Coverage keeps dropping and
                                               terms of his own health insurance, as a child           $400 for her daughter’s various medications.            the cost keeps going up,’ he said.’’ Dave—
                                               he survived Hodgkin’s disease but has re-               ‘It put us in a real financial hardship with            Mifflin, 7/10/2009
                                               cently      been    diagnosed     non-Hodgkin’s         the house payment, utilities, and all that.’ ’’            ‘‘Danelle (pictured here with her two love-
                                               lymphoma. ‘It’s a risk factor of childhood              Kim—Bucyrus, 7/9/2009                                   ly children) described a situation with her
                                               Hodgkin’s disease,’ I told him. ‘Yes, I know.’            ‘‘According to George, ‘public delivery of            cousin, Barbara. She had a hysterectomy
                                               Though his insurance was ‘80/20,’ as he put it,         health care sounds like a good but it could             which turned out to be a very bloody oper-
                                               he did pretty well. ‘That’s good,’ I said as we         go bad.’ He added that, ‘Our system is way              ation and lasted over four hours. The insur-
                                               took a rest by the roadside.’’ Reuben—Upper             over priced but if you’re on a plan, you’re             ance only allowed a 36-hour hospital stay
                                               Sandusky, 7/8/2009                                      golden.’ ’’ George—Mansfield, 7/9/2009                  and the doctor said that she needed more.
                                                 ‘‘Donna is the director of the Lighthouse               ‘‘This gentleman had Stage IV melanoma                ‘But,’ Danelle told me wistfully, ‘she was
                                               homeless shelter (where I had stayed, while             with metastases to the brain. He had exten-             kicked out anyway.’ ’’ Danelle—Mansfield, 7/
                                               in Bucyrus). It was a nice, clean place which,          sive treatments and his life was saved but              10/2009
                                               as she told me, ‘helps people when their most                                                                      ‘‘ ‘I’ve had no insurance most of the last
                                                                                                       the biggest problem, he told me, ‘Was the
                                               in need. The men here have gotta be clean of                                                                    year,’ said Ida. She herself has diabetes and
                                                                                                       clerical and billing side. The paperwork and
                                               drugs, no criminal history, but they’re oth-                                                                    her husband has a spinal problems. ‘They
                                                                                                       scheduling was horrible.’ He summarized his
                                               erwise down-and-out.’ Her husband, 73 years                                                                     were very fortunate,’ she told me, because
                                                                                                       very      complicated      tour  through   the
                                               old, is now on Medicare/SSI and had a com-                                                                      her husband ‘got his surgery at the Cleve-
                                                                                                       healthcare system as follows: ‘the clinical
                                               plicated cardiac condition. He suffered a                                                                       land Clinic under a special program.’ It had
                                                                                                       side was wonderful, the administrative a dis-           been an extensive operation involving mul-
                                               heart attack during a cath procedure and                aster.’ ’’ Mansfield, 7/9/2009
                                               was taken by air ambulance to Columbus. He                                                                      tiple spinal levels as well as titanium rods
                                                                                                         ‘‘I met Linda at the drugstore during one
                                               had a quadruple bypass and they ended up                                                                        being inserted. ‘But,’ she said, ‘all medical
                                                                                                       of my regular visits for antibiotic ointment.
                                               with $250,000 in medical bills. Medicare went                                                                   expenses were covered.’ That’s great, I said.
                                                                                                       People often wonder why I buy five or six
                                               to 80%. They lost all their retirement in the                                                                   ‘Well, otherwise, healthcare has been a dis-
                                                                                                       tubes at a time. She told me she’s OK now
                                               stock market and now survive only on Social                                                                     aster.’ ’’ Ida—Orrville, 7/11/2009
                                                                                                       but previously had Aetna as her health in-                 ‘‘I met Kenneth at McDonald’s over break-
                                               Security. They are filing for bankruptcy.               surance carrier. ‘It was a real problem,’ she           fast. A retiree, he told me he’s been gen-
                                               ‘The angel of the poor has, apparently, be-             said, as no providers in her vicinity were              erally pretty healthy. Except for last year
                                               come poor herself because of our healthcare             covered: ’There was no choice, I had to go all          when, ‘He came down with a serious case of
                                               system.’ In terms of herself, Donna has no              the way to Columbus for my care.’ ’’ Mans-              pneumonia.’ How’d that go, I asked. ‘Not
                                               health insurance. She’s got atrial fibrillation         field, 7/10/2009                                        good. I don’t feel as strong as before. And,
                                               (a heart rhythm abnormality) as well as dia-              ‘‘I stopped at Mr. T’s coffee shop on the             when I returned home, there was a stack of
                                               betes and she pays for medicines out-of-                eastside of Mansfield. ‘I have no healthcare,’          bills waiting for me.’ Did you have insur-
                                               pocket. But, thinking always of those less              Richard told me. ‘My doctor bills are $60 and           ance? ‘Yes. But, the insurance pays only
                                               fortunate than her, she knows of many peo-              they, Medicare, pays $15. We definitely need            what they think is necessary. All sorts of
                                               ple all around who do without their medica-             some healthcare reform.’ ’’ Richard—Mans-               specialists came to see me, and how would I
                                               tions because they can’t afford them.’’                 field, 7/10/2009                                        know if it was necessary or not? I ended up
                                               Donna—Bucyrus, 7/8/2009                                   ‘‘Glendale’s a World War II vet (Coast                owing $1,800.’ He hasn’t declared bankruptcy
                                                 ‘‘Gary thinks we’re way over-prescribed.              Guard). He tells me that being in the VA sys-           quite yet but, ‘I’m getting a lawyer,’ he told
                                               As he put it, ‘Too much medicines and phar-             tem, he’s had no problems with health care.             me. ‘And I’m not fully recovered!’ ’’ Ken-
                                               maceutical costs are skyrocketing.’ He’s                He had a heart attack six years ago with a              neth—Canton, 7/12/2009
                                               been a retiree for the past eleven years and            quadruple bypass but, ‘now,’ he said, ‘I’m                 ‘‘I met Andrew and his family at the Dairy
                                               initially his health coverage was good. But             doing fine.’ He’s been retired for 23 years,            Queen in Minerva. They have a complicated
                                               premiums have steadily increased over the               gets his medications from the VA and also               story. First, there are four members of the
                                               years so that by now more than two-thirds of            receives Medicare and retirement benefits. ‘I           family. The youngest daughter who was too
                                               his retirement income goes towards health               hope they get that healthcare in this coun-             shy to get her picture taken (even with her
                                               insurance. I asked Gary if I could take his             try worked out, there’s so many people with-            parents and older sister holding the camera)
                                               picture, to which he replied, ‘Sure, why not?           out it,’ he said. This is a man who fought for          is hidden behind the three. So she’s in the
                                               They can’t punish me anymore.’ ’’ Gary—                 freedom; has his fight been in vain?’’ Glen-            picture, but invisible (a parable for the unin-
                                               Bucyrus, 7/8/2009                                       dale—Mansfield, 7/10/2009                               sured). Her story will come soon enough.
                                                 ‘‘Todd’s a forklift operator and has gen-               ‘‘On a hot afternoon, Jane’s store, Mun-              First, Andrew. He’s a trucker, worked for CR
                                               erally been very healthy. He once had foot              chies, was a godsend. After downing water               England for four years and during his em-
                                               surgery but had insurance. He believes that             and ice cream, I asked her if she had any               ployment (when he had health insurance) he
                                               hospitals gouge people because there’s, ‘No             healthcare stories. She didn’t offer any, but           had an operation for a total hip replacement.
                                               healthcare system in place, no choice, and so           did say, ‘I hope something gets done for ev-            ‘I’ve had this problem for years,’ he told me.
                                               they can overcharge those who pay, espe-                eryone to have some health care insurance               ‘Pain in the hip—both hips actually—and it
                                               cially if out-of-pocket.’ I observed an inter-          without hardship . . . especially for our sen-          became dangerous to use pain-killers for a
                                               esting story with the cat, a metaphorical               iors.’ ’’ Jane—Mansfield, 7/10/2009                     long time. So, I was glad to have the oper-
                                               commentary on how our healthcare system                   ‘‘On this hot afternoon, along the long road          ation.’ But the company laid him off ten
                                               treats people. It turns out the cat is near             east of Mifflin, I began getting desperately            days after the surgery and he lost his insur-
                                               death with a urinary tract infection. He                thirsty. A generous family answered my                  ance. The complained for wrongful termi-
                                               could not urinate for days and the vet told             knock and I spoke with three generations of             nation and he was actually offered a job to
                                               them that the pet, quiet hiding the entire              whom the oldest, Clara, told me her story.              return (Andrew knew the company was at
                                               time I was there, could die any day now. As             She described a situation with Aetna (Medi-             fault) but this new job did not offer any
                                               I got ready to leave, I suddenly heard some             care supplemental plan) where her husband               healthcare insurance. So he had to quit. ‘My
                                               desperate moaning, followed by a piercing               had gotten an infection and required a ten-             recovery is still slow,’ and with such a com-
                                               yelp. I turned around to see the cat uri-               day course of antibiotics—ten pills. ‘But               plicated surgery, follow-up is necessary. But
                                               nating right on the floor in front of his food.         Aetna would only authorize four pills at a              Andrew can’t afford the $300 fee for any of
                                               ‘Looks like he’ll live another day,’ said               time,’ she told me. This meant that for each            the appointments with the surgeon. Now the
                                               Todd, standing over the now exhausted cat.              time, in order to fulfill the full ten-day              story of the little girl. I didn’t get her
                                               Todd looked over at me and added, ‘If he                course, they had to drive forty minutes.                name—let’s call her Jane Doe. Her mother
                                               wasn’t so sick, I’d slap him for peeing on the          That made three round-trips in total. Such a            told me, ‘She’s got a terrible problem with
                                               floor.’ It’s tragically ironic that with people,        ‘ridiculous expense and hassle,’ she said.’’            her teeth, the dentist said bacteria is eating
                                               so many stories play out exactly the oppo-              Clara—Ashland, 7/10/2009                                at her teeth and it could go to her brain.’
                                               site: people get slapped around precisely be-             ‘‘I had just entered Mifflin, when a woman            But because the family lost their coverage,
                                                                                                       sitting on her porch waved and asked, ‘Are
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                               cause they ARE sick.’’ Todd—Bucyrus, 7/8/                                                                       ‘We’ve had to cancel the operation.’ So, why
                                               2009                                                    you the doctor in the newspaper?’ She stood             is Jane Doe hiding from the camera? Is it be-
                                                 ‘‘ ‘As a single mom, healthcare has always            up holding the newspaper in her hand as I an-           cause she’s a shy four year-old? Or because
                                               been a struggle for me and my children,’ Kim            swered, yes, and approached the steps to her            she’s already old enough to be embarrassed
                                               tells me. ‘I have worked many jobs, as a so-            home. She offered me water. ‘That’s incred-             about her teeth? Or perhaps she’s trauma-
                                               cial worker, in a hospital, and now as a re-            ible, I was just reading about you—what                 tized by the whole situation, even if she
                                               porter. These are good jobs but with the pay,           karma.’ And we talked about healthcare.                 doesn’t fully understand it. Or is she simply
                                               healthcare premiums are just too expensive.’            ‘The high deductibles in health insurance are           invisible much like many of the other unin-
                                               Her daughter has both bipolar disorder and              ridiculous,’ she said. ‘There’s a lack of cov-          sured.’’ Andrew—Minerva, 7/12/2009

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:43 Jan 07, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00016   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K06JA8.014   E06JAPT1
                                               January 6, 2011                        CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                         E31
                                                 ‘‘Joyce shared this story about her ex-hus-           and stability, through force projection, in the         on health care policy, Dr. Gurel’s trek of over
                                               band. He had recently had an accident at                Asia-Pacific region.                                    700 miles in one month is admirable, and the
                                               work. This was covered by Workmen’s Com-                  Mr. Speaker, General Chandler has dem-                lives of the people he met along the way will
                                               pensation. The emergency visit went fine but
                                                                                                       onstrated exceptional meritorious service dur-          be remembered forever through his monu-
                                               he needed two heparin shots in follow-up vis-
                                               its to the doctor. The doctor wanted $1,000             ing his career with the United States Air Force         mental effort.
                                               up-front even though they knew that Work-               and has become a distinguished leader to air-                            f
                                               men’s Comp would cover it (although the re-             men stationed on Guam, Guam Air Guards-
                                               ceiving the reimbursement often took                    men, indeed all airmen and women across this                       REMEMBERING TOM
                                               months). ‘They wouldn’t give him the shots              country. I wish the very best to General Chan-                       VANDERGRIFF
                                               without the up-front payment,’ and it ended             dler; his wife Eva-Marie; and their three chil-
                                               up that his boss loaned him the money. ‘See,’           dren, Carl, Rose-Marie, and Thomas.                                  HON. JOE BARTON
                                               Joyce added, ‘even when you do have insur-
                                               ance sometimes it doesn’t mean nothing.’ ’’                               f                                                         OF TEXAS

                                               Joyce—Lisbon, 7/13/2009                                                                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                              A TRIBUTE TO THOMAS S.
                                                 ‘‘For the past eleven years, Gary has had                                                                                Thursday, January 6, 2011
                                               Type I diabetes (insulin-dependent diabetes).                     ‘‘TOMMY’’ SAMPSON
                                               Up until recently, he has never had insur-                                                                         Mr. BARTON of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I,
                                               ance. But thankfully, ‘the doctors have                             HON. BRETT GUTHRIE                          along with Representatives BURGESS, GRANG-
                                               taken care of me,’ he said. He did tell me                                                                      ER and MARCHANT, wish to inform the House
                                                                                                                           OF KENTUCKY
                                               about a knee operation that cost him about                                                                      that on December 30, 2010, the great State of
                                               $10,000. ‘But now,’ he said, ’his wife has a job,            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                               Texas lost a lion. Tom Vandergriff, former
                                               which comes with insurance, and so I’m cov-                       Thursday, January 6, 2011                     mayor of Arlington, Texas, former County
                                               ered.’ ’’ Gary—Lisbon, 7/13/2009                                                                                Judge of Tarrant County, and former Member
                                                                                                          Mr. GUTHRIE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
                                                               f                                       honor the memory of a remarkable Ken-                   of the United States Congress, left this life at
                                               IN TRIBUTE TO GENERAL CAR-                              tuckian, Mr. Thomas S. ‘‘Tommy’’ Sampson,               the age of 84. All of us in north Texas will
                                                 ROLL H. ‘‘HOWIE’’ CHANDLER ON                         Jr. Over the course of his life, Tommy truly ex-        mark time from the moment we heard of the
                                                 THE OCCASION OF HIS RETIRE-                           emplified what it meant to help others.                 loss. The loss is monumental.
                                                 MENT    FROM     THE   UNITED                            He dedicated his life to public service, serv-          Few people have had such a positive im-
                                                 STATES AIR FORCE                                      ing as coroner, deputy sheriff, police chief and        pact on the development and quality of life of
                                                                                                       ambulance driver. Tommy is most widely                  north Texas, and no one has had a greater
                                                    HON. MADELEINE Z. BORDALLO                         known for being a pioneer in emergency medi-            impact on Arlington. His friends and admirers
                                                                                                       cine as the founder and longtime director of            are legion, his accomplishments legendary. He
                                                                    OF GUAM
                                                                                                       Shelby County’s Emergency Medical Services.             was the personification of an ideal, the ideal of
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                          Throughout all his roles, Tommy was known            a selflessly devoted public servant who always
                                                         Thursday, January 6, 2011                     for his kindness, cheerfulness and passion for          put the people ahead of personal gain or am-
                                                  Ms. BORDALLO. Mr. Speaker, I rise today              helping others.                                         bition.
                                               to recognize and commend General Carroll                   Tommy was not only dedicated to his com-                Arlington history is generally divided into two
                                               ‘‘Howie’’ Chandler for his distinguished 36             munity, but also to his family, and enjoyed             epochs: BV and AV, Before Vandergriff and
                                               years of service and commitment to the United           spending time with his wife Beverly, his son            After Vandergriff. He first sought and won
                                               States Air Force. General Chandler has dedi-            Clark and daughter-in-law Melinda, and his              elective office in 1951 when he became the
                                               cated his life to the service of this great Nation      grandchildren Jimmy, Collin and Madison.                ‘‘boy mayor’’ of Arlington at the age of 25. At
                                               and I appreciate his leadership efforts with the           While Kentucky may never again see one of            the time Arlington was a small town on the
                                               Air Force particularly in the Pacific area of re-       its finest sons, the evidence of his legacy will        railroad midway between Dallas and Fort
                                               sponsibility.                                           be visible in the countless lives that he               Worth. Vandergriff saw the town’s potential
                                                  I had the privilege of working with General          touched.                                                and set out to make it a center of prosperity
                                               Chandler on several initiatives that directly im-          I ask my colleagues to join me in honoring           in its own right while fostering a new spirit of
                                               proved the quality of lives of our men and              Tommy Sampson for his many great contribu-              cooperation within the north Texas region. Ar-
                                               women in uniform on Guam and the Western                tions to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He               lington, now the 49th largest city in the U.S.
                                               Pacific. He was instrumental in ensuring the            will forever be appreciated and remembered              with 370,000 people, would never be the
                                               Administration budgeted for several key mili-           by a grateful community.                                same, and neither would north Texas. Indeed,
                                               tary construction projects on Guam that di-                               f                                     it was Vandergriff who coined the phrase,
                                               rectly improved the quality of life for airmen at                                                               ‘‘Metroplex,’’ which is still the term usually ap-
                                               Andersen Air Force Base. His directive to ren-               IN HONOR OF DR. OGAN GUREL                         plied to describe the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
                                               ovate Building 21000 on Andersen Air Force                                                                         His first major achievement was convincing
                                               Base will be critical to more effectively and ef-                 HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH                       General Motors executives to locate their new
                                               ficiently using space and facilities to meet mis-                             OF OHIO                           automobile assembly plant in Arlington. His
                                               sion requirements.                                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    family owned a Chevrolet dealership in town,
                                                  Further, I particularly appreciated General                                                                  which gave him access to General Motors
                                               Chandler’s leadership in granting local base                      Thursday, January 6, 2011                     Corp. Upon hearing that GM planned to build
                                               commanders with the authority and flexibility              Mr. KUCINICH. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in           a plant in north Texas, he sold Arlington as a
                                               to address a variety of local issues. Chief             honor of Dr. Ogan Gurel, M.D., for the Walk             superior location by telling GM, as he would
                                               among those issues was resolution of access             for Healthcare, in which he walked from Chi-            later tell the story, that if they put the plant in
                                               for landlocked private property landowners in           cago, Illinois to Washington, D.C., in June and         Dallas, it would make Fort Worth angry; if they
                                               northern Guam. General Chandler recognized              July of 2009.                                           put it in Fort Worth, it would make Dallas
                                               the importance of empowering local com-                    Dr. Gurel received his M.D. from Columbia            angry. He ended his pitch by convincing them
                                               manders on the ground to identify solutions to          University, where he started his career in              that if they put it in Arlington, everybody would
                                               longstanding problems that go a long way to-            health care. He has held a variety of jobs in           be happy. The plant produced its first auto-
                                               wards improving the civilian and military com-          the industry, including positions in medical re-        mobile in 1954 and today is the only GM plant
                                               munity relationship on Guam. He recognized              search, media, and consulting. During his 700-          in the U.S. that makes full-size SUVs.
                                               the importance of working together as a key to          mile, month-long journey, he spoke with ordi-              The GM plant began a building boom in Ar-
                                               strengthening bonds in the community.                   nary people, many of whom were uninsured                lington that has lasted more than 55 years.
                                                  General Chandler also recognized Guam’s              and struggling to pay for their health care,            Knowing a small town on well water could not
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                               strategic importance to our Nation’s defense.           about what they thought of health care reform.          sustain rapid growth nor accommodate the
                                               As Commander of Pacific Air Forces and then             He collected their stories and took their pic-          needs of industry, Vandergriff convinced the
                                               as Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force,           tures.                                                  voters of Arlington to pass an initiative to build
                                               General Chandler has consistently dem-                     Mr. Speaker and colleagues, please join me           a large reservoir to meet the town’s future
                                               onstrated through allocation of resources that          in honoring Dr. Ogan Gurel for the dedication           needs. The effort proved to be as controver-
                                               Guam and Andersen Air Force Base remain                 and persistence he demonstrated in his Walk             sial as it was monumental for a small town,
                                               vital to the protection of our national interests       for Healthcare. Regardless of party or position         but the initiative passed, and Lake Arlington

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:43 Jan 07, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00017   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K06JA8.014   E06JAPT1
                                               E32                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                      January 6, 2011
                                               was built. The project was ridiculed by many            advocate for regionalism well into his eighties,         HONORING THE CITY OF GLAD-
                                               in Arlington and dismissed by others in the re-         and the economic might of the region is a tes-            STONE, OREGON, ON ITS 100TH
                                               gion as ‘‘Vandergriff’s Folly,’’ but the folly be-      tament to that effort.                                    ANNIVERSRY
                                               came ‘‘the miracle lake’’ upon its completion.
                                                                                                          Vandergriff’s efforts on behalf of his home-
                                               Large equipment was being removed from the
                                                                                                       town university are equally impressive. When                        HON. KURT SCHRADER
                                               site in 1957 when one of the worst and long-                                                                                       OF OREGON
                                               est droughts in Texas history broke, and it             he became mayor, Arlington College was a
                                                                                                       tiny two-year institution affiliated with Texas                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               began to rain. The lake, which experts be-
                                               lieved would take years to fill, was full in 18         A&M that was formerly a military school and                         Thursday, January 6, 2011
                                               days. The lake ensured the explosive growth             then an agricultural college. Vandergriff knew              Mr. SCHRADER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today
                                               that came in the decades of the ’60s, ’70s,             it could be more, and if Arlington were to suc-          to honor the City of Gladstone, Oregon, on the
                                               and ’80s that made Arlington, Texas one of              ceed as a city, so must its college. He led the          occasion of its 100th anniversary. From its
                                               the fastest growing cities in America.                  effort to make the college a four-year univer-           perch at the confluence of the mighty Willam-
                                                  As a college student at the University of            sity. Working with then-governor John                    ette and Clackamas rivers, Gladstone has for
                                               Southern California, Vandergriff was very fa-           Connally, he succeeded when the college be-              100 years kept a watchful eye on Oregon as
                                               miliar with Anaheim and by the late 1950s was           came a full university within the University of          our fine state has grown from humble pioneer
                                               aware of the tremendous economic impact                 Texas system in 1964. Today, the University              beginnings.
                                               tourism had on the city after the opening of            of Texas at Arlington is the largest UT campus              The land that Gladstone residents call home
                                               Disneyland theme park in 1955. He knew, be-             outside of Austin and the fastest growing uni-           today was originally a meeting place for local
                                               cause of Arlington’s central location, that the         versity in the state. It is quickly becoming a           Native       American      tribes—namely      the
                                               same benefits could accrue to his city with a           major research facility and contributes more to          Clackamas and Multnomah Tribes. The fa-
                                               product of similar appeal. It came as no sur-           the local economy than any industry in the               mous Pow Wow Tree, where tribes from all
                                               prise to those familiar with the Vandergriff vi-        city.                                                    over the region would gather to trade and con-
                                               sion for Arlington when he became instru-                                                                        duct important community proceedings, still
                                               mental in establishing the Six Flags Over                   There is more, of course, much more. In a            stands today near Clackamas Boulevard. This
                                               Texas theme park in 1961. The park was an               life lived as fully and as well as his, there is         ancient tree serves as a significant reminder
                                               instant hit, and people all over the south-             always more to tell: his unwavering support              that Gladstone’s history as an important place
                                               western United States began traveling to Ar-            and leadership of Arlington Memorial Hospital,           to come together long predates the founding
                                               lington for family style entertainment. The first       his support and leadership of the Arlington              of our Union.
                                               of the Six Flags parks, it still operates at its        Chamber of Commerce, his support of local                   Pioneers arrived in Oregon via the Oregon
                                               original location in Arlington.                         public schools, his support of a long list of            Trail and began settling the Willamette Valley
                                                  But Vandergriff didn’t stop there. A devoted         non-profit agencies, his decades as an active            in the 1840s. The Cason and Rinearson fami-
                                               baseball fan, he was determined to bring pro-           member of the United Methodist church, and               lies were granted the original donation land
                                               fessional baseball to north Texas. The effort           his roles as husband, father, grandfather, and           claims in what is now known as Gladstone. In
                                               took years and saw hopes dashed time and                mentor to a very long list of aspiring leaders.          fact, the boundary between the Cason and
                                               again before he finally convinced owner Bob             All of this almost didn’t happen, at least not in        Rinearson settlements, now known as Port-
                                               Short to move his Washington Senators to Ar-            Texas.                                                   land Avenue, serves as a prominent municipal
                                               lington in 1972. The effort did not endear him             Vandergriff was born on January 29, 1926,             boundary today. Although the area would con-
                                               to the people of the nation’s capital. On one           to W. T. and Charles Vandergriff in Carrolton,           tinue to serve as an important regional gath-
                                               of his many visits to meet with Short, he was           Texas. The family relocated to Arlington when            ering place, hosting the first Oregon State Fair
                                               unceremoniously kicked out of a taxicab when            Tom was 12. After graduating from Arlington              in 1861, the official founding of the City of
                                               he made the mistake of telling the cabbie why           High School, Vandergriff attended USC where              Gladstone would not happen for more than 60
                                               he was in town. The Washington Senators be-                                                                      years.
                                                                                                       he earned a bachelor’s degree in 1947. He
                                               came the Texas Rangers Ball Club, and Tom                                                                           After purchasing portions of the original
                                                                                                       married his high school sweetheart, Anna
                                               Vandergriff became the team’s biggest fan                                                                        Cason family land claim in the 1880s,
                                                                                                       Waynette Smith in 1949. Blessed with a deep,
                                               and supporter. When his beloved Rangers                                                                          Clackamas County Judge Harvey Edward
                                                                                                       sonorous voice that he used with perfect dic-            Cross set about platting a town and offering
                                               won their first American League Pennant by
                                                                                                       tion, he prepared for a career in radio and              parcels of his land for sale. On January 10,
                                               beating the New York Yankees in Arlington
                                                                                                       broadcast journalism. After graduation he ap-            1911, the city was officially founded. Judge
                                               last October, Vandergriff was there in the ball-
                                               park he helped build to cheer them on.                  plied for and was a finalist in the competition          Cross chose as the new city’s namesake, the
                                                  Today, Arlington is host to more than seven          for what he thought would be the job of his              famed four-time British Prime Minister and
                                               million visitors each year and is the second            dreams, but he lost out to another young ap-             Chancellor of the Exchequer, William Ewart
                                               most popular tourist destination in the state,          plicant. Vandergriff returned to Texas to join           Gladstone.
                                               bringing millions of dollars in revenue to the          his father’s automobile dealership, dis-                    In 1894, local author and Chautaqua move-
                                               city annually. The city’s entertainment district        appointed and convinced that he was a better             ment proponent, Eva Emory Dye, enlisted
                                               boasts Six Flags theme park, the Texas Rang-            candidate for the broadcast job. The young               Judge Cross’s help to bring Chautaqua to the
                                               ers Ballpark, a new Dallas Cowboys football             man who got the job was Chet Huntley.                    Gladstone area. Judge Cross concurred that
                                               stadium, the National Bowling Congress and                 Chet Huntley would gain fame as an NBC                Chautaqua would bring great cultural enrich-
                                               Museum, Hurricane Harbor water park, and                news anchor and reach millions of listeners              ment; therefore, he agreed to lease his Glad-
                                               clusters of shops and restaurants that make             nationwide, but the loser in that early competi-         stone Park to the Willamette Valley Chautaqua
                                               Arlington the City of Wow for millions of Tex-          tion, Tom Vandergriff, would touch millions in           Association for a term of 50 years. After the
                                               ans.                                                    north Texas in ways that were deeper and ar-             first festival was rained out in 1894, an assem-
                                                  In his 26 years as mayor, two years as a             guably more significant. Many have their own             bly hall with seating for 3,000 was constructed
                                               member of Congress, and 16 years as County              stories to tell about Vandergriff, many humor-           on site. The Gladstone Chautauqua ran for
                                               Judge of Tarrant County, Vandergriff cham-              ous because he possessed a wonderful sense               many years and hosted appearances by such
                                               pioned two more causes relentlessly: regional           of humor, many thankful because he touched               famous Americans as John Philip Sousa,
                                               communication and cooperation and helping                                                                        Theodore Roosevelt and William Jennings
                                                                                                       so many with acts of kindness large and
                                               the University of Texas at Arlington become a                                                                    Bryan. Although crowds could swell to as
                                                                                                       small, and many inspirational because he in-
                                               major institution of higher learning. Believing                                                                  large as 50,000 in certain years, dwindling at-
                                                                                                       spired us, goaded us, and led us to be greater
                                               that everyone in north Texas would succeed if                                                                    tendance eventually forced the Willamette Val-
                                                                                                       than we thought we were and achieved things
                                               they worked together for the good of the re-
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                                                                                                                                                ley Chautaqua Association into bankruptcy
                                                                                                       we never thought possible. All in north Texas
                                               gion, Vandergriff spent decades finessing, ca-                                                                   and closure in 1927.
                                               joling, and winning over the leaders of other           are better off today because Tom Vandergriff                Today, Gladstone continues its tradition as
                                               cities in the region. He led the effort to estab-       was here, and our children and grandchildren             an important community gathering place. The
                                               lish and became the president of the north              will have better lives even though they will             spirit of the Pow Wow Tree and early
                                               Central Texas Council of Governments which              never know him. Those of us who did will                 Chautaqua events can be felt every summer
                                               today is the Metropolitan Planning Organiza-            never forget him.                                        at the City’s Chautaqua Festival and parade.
                                               tion for all of north Texas. He was a strong                 Well done, good and faithful servant.               Despite urban encroachment, Gladstone has

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:43 Jan 07, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000    Frm 00018   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A06JA8.019   E06JAPT1
                                               January 6, 2011                        CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                      E33
                                               retained a small town character and strong              Kyser. Born in Huntington Park in the 34th                Kyser retired from the economic develop-
                                               sense of community that make it an ideal                Congressional District, he was a leader in the          ment organization in June, but returned to
                                               place for families young and old to live, work          community and someone who was often                     the public eye almost immediately as an eco-
                                               and play. With a strong sense of its history                                                                    nomic spokesman for the Southern Cali-
                                                                                                       called ‘‘the voice’’ or ‘‘the guru’’ of the Los An-
                                                                                                                                                               fornia Assn. of Governments.
                                               and an eye toward the future, I am confident            geles economy. Mr. Kyser passed away unex-
                                               that Gladstone will continue to thrive for an-          pectedly on December 6 at the age of 76 at                Kyser’s opinions were sought because ‘‘he
                                               other 100 years.                                        his home in Downey, CA.                                 had credibility,’’ said Carol Schatz, president
                                                 Mr. Speaker, I am honored to be the rep-                                                                      of the Central City Assn., a Los Angeles
                                                                                                          As the ‘‘go to’’ economy expert in Los Ange-         business advocacy group. ‘‘He remained inde-
                                               resentative of the fine community of Glad-              les County, Mr. Kyser was respected and ad-             pendent through the political pressure that
                                               stone, Oregon. I congratulate the citizens of           mired by a diverse group of people—from in-             plays a role with economic forecasting.’’
                                               Gladstone on their centennial, and I look for-          dustry experts to television viewers—who ap-
                                               ward to sharing in the celebration.                                                                               The president of the Los Angeles Sports
                                                                                                       preciated his ability to make complicated facts         and Entertainment Commission, Kathryn
                                                                f                                      and figures understandable as well as his in-           Schloessman, said Kyser ‘‘was the person our
                                                                                                       depth knowledge about the local and national            industry went to when asked about economic
                                                   IN HONOR OF THE LIFE AND                            economy.                                                impact of anything happening in this city.
                                                  CAREER OF VAN R. RICHMOND                               Mr. Speaker, as my fellow Angelenos pre-             He was a Los Angeles treasure.’’
                                                                                                       pare to attend his memorial service on Janu-
                                                        HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH                        ary 12 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los                           f
                                                                     OF OHIO                           Angeles, I ask my colleagues to please join
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      me in recognizing Mr. Kyser’s lifetime con-                    HONORING DAVE HUINKER
                                                         Thursday, January 6, 2011                     tributions to Los Angeles and the Southern
                                                                                                       California region.
                                                  Mr. KUCINICH. Mr. Speaker, please join me
                                               in honor and memory of Van R. Richmond, a
                                                                                                          To further pay respect to him, I would like                      HON. TOM LATHAM
                                                                                                       to submit into the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD ex-
                                               giant in the Greater Cleveland Community. Al-           cerpts from the following December 7 Los An-                               OF IOWA
                                               though his name rarely appeared in print, his
                                                                                                       geles Times obituary which provides a thor-                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               work as Page 1 editor for the Cleveland Plain
                                                                                                       ough and touching overview of Mr. Kyser’s life
                                               Dealer meant that he had a hand in shaping                                                                                Thursday, January 6, 2011
                                                                                                       and many accomplishments.
                                               almost every major story affecting residents of
                                                                                                        JOHN A. ‘JACK’ KYSER DIES AT 76; EXPERT ON
                                               Northeast Ohio during his tenure until his re-                                                                    Mr. LATHAM. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
                                                                                                                       L.A. ECONOMY
                                               tirement in 1994.                                                                                               recognize the achievement of Dave Huinker of
                                                                                                            (By Roger Vincent and Hugo Martin)
                                                  Van Richmond grew up in Chicago, Wis-                                                                        Decorah, Iowa, who was recently presented
                                               consin and New York before joining the serv-              John A. ‘‘Jack’’ Kyser, the dean of Los An-
                                                                                                       geles economists who spoke as an expert on
                                                                                                                                                               the Heritage Award during the International
                                               ice in 1943. After serving in the Army, Mr.                                                                     Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE)
                                                                                                       Southern California to observers around the
                                               Richmond attended Villanova University and              world, has died. He was 76.                             120th annual convention in Las Vegas, Ne-
                                               majored in engineering. Ultimately, Mr. Rich-             Kyser devoted his long career to focusing             vada.
                                               mond found his true calling and transferred to          on the workings of the region’s economy. As
                                               the University of Iowa to study journalism.                                                                        The IAFE is a non-profit organization dedi-
                                                                                                       the former chief economist of the Los Ange-
                                                  Mr. Richmond put his first marks on the field        les County Economic Development Corp. he                cated to promoting the development and im-
                                               of journalism at Rockford Register Republic in          was in steady demand as a speaker at busi-              provement of fairs and expositions around the
                                               Rockford, Illinois, where he worked for ten             ness events and a reliable source who was               world. Their influence covers said events from
                                               years before taking a job at the Cleveland              quick with an insightful quote for reporters            the county level to the national and inter-
                                               Plain Dealer in 1960. He worked in several              on deadline.                                            national level. Although it was first organized
                                                                                                         ‘‘Jack was truly the authority on L.A’.s              in 1885 to represent a half dozen fairs, it has
                                               jobs as an editor before rising to become the
                                                                                                       economy,’’ said Mark Liberman, president of             expanded to represent over 1,300 fairs,
                                               Page 1 editor. Known to his friends and col-            LA Inc., the Los Angeles Convention and
                                               leagues as an opinionated, hard working man,                                                                    shows, and expositions today. To be selected
                                                                                                       Visitors Bureau. ‘‘If he said it, you knew it
                                               Mr. Richmond became a legend in the news-               was true, because his voice influenced every            for Heritage Award by the IAFE, a person has
                                               room. He left a reputation for his quick wit and        projection about L.A.’s economy.’’                      to have over ten years of fair management ex-
                                               his dedication to the job.                                Kyser moved among the business elite but              perience, cannot receive more than $2,000
                                                  Mr. Richmond will be loved and remem-                often spoke comfortably of his humble up-               annually for their work in the position, must be
                                               bered by many, especially his widow, Eliza-             bringing in working-class Downey.                       nominated by their fair, and must be a current
                                               beth; his son and daughter, Jerome and Anne;              He was born April 20, 1934, in Huntington             member of the IAFE.
                                                                                                       Park and raised in Vernon and Downey,
                                               his stepchildren, Michelle Miller, James Ander-                                                                    Dave has a long history of involvement in
                                                                                                       where he lived much of his life.
                                               son and Kathryn Harttrup; and eight grand-                Kyser earned a bachelor of science degree             Iowa’s fairs. As a member of the 4–H from a
                                               children.                                               in 1955 and an MBA in 1968 from USC, but                young age, Dave spent much of his time ex-
                                                  Mr. Speaker and colleagues, please join me           was not formally trained as an economist.               hibiting livestock and community service
                                               in honor and memory of a man who, through               His street-level knowledge of the local econ-           projects at his local fair. Dave served on the
                                               his work, helped the residents of Northeast             omy was unsurpassed, though, and helped                 Iowa State Fair Board for 30 years, serving
                                               Ohio learn the events of the world and our              make him a confidant to the powerful.
                                                                                                                                                               two terms of that time as board president and
                                               place in them. He was a man who was driven                ‘‘Generations of leaders in L.A.—including
                                                                                                       mayors, councilmen and governors—relied                 helping to establish the Blue Ribbon Founda-
                                               not by fame or accolades, but the sense of                                                                      tion. He has served as a judge at numerous
                                                                                                       on him as an advisor and counselor, and ben-
                                               hard work and a job well done. He will be                                                                       county and state fairs across the country and
                                                                                                       efitted from his wisdom,’’ said Bill Allen,
                                               missed by his friends, colleagues and all who           chief executive of the Los Angeles County               as an agricultural director to Decorah State
                                               knew him. I wish peace and happiness to his             Economic Development Corp.                              Bank. Dave has also spent time as an auxil-
                                               family.                                                   Kyser found work after his undergraduate              iary member of the Winneshiek County Fair
                                                                f                                      years as a forecaster for Union Pacific Rail-           Board and served on the Winneshiek County
                                                                                                       road in Omaha, but was laid off four years
                                                 A TRIBUTE TO THE LATE JACK                                                                                    Extension Council.
                                                                                                       later during an economic downturn. He
                                                           KYSER                                       found paid work anchoring a news show at a                 The IAFE could not have chosen a better
                                                                                                       local public radio station where he had been            person to receive the Heritage Award. I com-
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                                                     HON. LUCILLE ROYBAL-ALLARD                          Kyser returned to Southern California in
                                                                                                                                                               mend Dave Huinker for his dedication to con-
                                                                 OF CALIFORNIA
                                                                                                                                                               tinuing and preserving our fairs and the rich
                                                                                                       about a year to work for United California
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      Bank, then spent eight years as an econo-
                                                                                                                                                               culture that they represent. I know my col-
                                                                                                       mist with the Los Angeles Chamber of Com-               leagues in the United States Congress will join
                                                       Thursday, January 6, 2011                                                                               me in congratulating him in being selected to
                                                                                                       merce. Kyser began with the economic devel-
                                                 Ms. ROYBAL-ALLARD. Mr. Speaker, I rise                opment corporation in 1991, when it had no              receive this award. I wish him the best of luck
                                               today to recognize the late John A. ‘‘Jack’’            economics research department.                          in the future.

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                                               E34                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    January 6, 2011
                                               SUPPORT OF A RESOLUTION TO                              I stand in support of the resolution introduced         voting to be structured accordingly—as oc-
                                                PERMIT DELEGATES AND THE                               today by Mr. HOYER and hope that it will be             curred in several instances during the 110th
                                                RESIDENT   COMMISSIONER TO                             brought to the floor for a vote in the near fu-         and 111th Congresses. We deeply appreciate
                                                                                                                                                               that your Conference did not seek to repeal
                                                THE CONGRESS TO CAST VOTES                             ture.
                                                                                                                                                               or otherwise alter this rule when the Rank-
                                                IN THE COMMITTEE OF THE                                       CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES,                   ing Republican Member of the Rules Com-
                                                WHOLE HOUSE ON THE STATE                                         Washington, DC, December 22, 2010.            mittee offered his Motion to Commit with
                                                OF THE UNION                                           Hon. JOHN A. BOEHNER,                                   instructions at the start of the 111th Con-
                                                                                                       Speaker-designate, House of Representatives,            gress. We hope that your proposed Rules
                                                                                                           The Capitol, Washington, DC.
                                                    HON. MADELEINE Z. BORDALLO                           DEAR SPEAKER-DESIGNATE BOEHNER: Now
                                                                                                                                                               package for the 112th Congress will be con-
                                                                                                                                                               sistent with that prior position.
                                                                    OF GUAM                            that a summary of proposed Rules for the
                                                                                                       112th Congress is circulating and we find                 There are compelling reasons to retain the
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                       that the rule enabling the Delegates and                rule. First, we know that your Conference,
                                                         Thursday, January 6, 2011                     Resident Commissioner to vote in the Com-               like our Caucus, values and seeks to promote
                                                                                                       mittee of the Whole is slated for elimination,          open and transparent government. Our con-
                                                  Ms. BORDALLO. Mr. Speaker, I rise in sup-
                                                                                                       we write to express our concern and renew               stituents can more effectively hold us ac-
                                               port of the resolution introduced by my good                                                                    countable if there is a record of how we vote
                                               friend and colleague, Minority Whip STENY               our request for a meeting with you to discuss
                                                                                                       this matter prior to January 5, 2011.                   on legislation considered by the House. Al-
                                               HOYER of Maryland that would restore the vot-                                                                   though we recognize that the vote conferred
                                                                                                         You will no doubt recall that we wrote last
                                               ing rights for the Delegates and Resident               month to urge retention of this rule. We reit-          upon us by this rule is essentially symbolic,
                                               Commissioner during Committee of the Whole              erate that this symbolic exercise of our                it has genuine meaning for those we rep-
                                               proceedings during the 112th Congress.                  country’s democratic principles has great               resent. The rule obligates us to take public
                                                  As I stated yesterday, the rules for the             meaning to our more than four million con-              positions on issues of national importance
                                               112th Congress leave this body less trans-              stituents, who fight and die alongside their            that will affect the lives of our constituents.
                                                                                                       fellow Americans residing in the 50 States to           This enables our constituents to better
                                               parent and less responsive to our constituents.                                                                 evaluate the quality of our representation.
                                               Eliminating the right for Delegates and the             secure the right to vote for people residing in
                                                                                                       such distant lands as Iraq and Afghanistan.               In addition, we believe this is an issue of
                                               Resident Commissioner to vote in the Com-                                                                       fundamental fairness with profound moral
                                                                                                         While this issue has been viewed through a
                                               mittee of the Whole deprives our constituents           partisan lens in the past, largely because              implications. Our constituents are part of
                                               with the understanding of how we stand on               none of us is a member of the Republican                the American family. They pledge allegiance
                                               important issues. The fact that our vote in the         Conference, we respectfully submit that this            to the same flag and serve alongside their
                                               Committee of the Whole is symbolic is further           fact should not be used to preclude us front            fellow countrymen in our nation’s armed
                                               evidence of why such a right does not dimin-            exercising this most fundamental function of            forces. To deprive their duly elected rep-
                                               ish the role of other Members of the House of           representative     democracies,      especially         resentatives of this small privilege, which
                                               Representatives; in fact, allowing us the right         through a procedure which by its design can             does no harm to this institution, would send
                                                                                                       never be determinative of any vote.                     a message of exclusion to Americans living
                                               to a symbolic vote enhances long-cherished                                                                      in the territories and in the District of Co-
                                                                                                         Therefore, we ask that you retain this ex-
                                               values of this body.                                    isting rule in the Rules package your Con-              lumbia. We implore you not to send that
                                                  Moreover, affording us the right to vote in          ference is preparing for adoption on opening            message.
                                               the Committee of the Whole ensures that eq-             day of the 112th Congress. Thank you in ad-                   Sincerely,
                                               uities of our constituents are covered in legis-        vance for your attention to this matter. We                              PEDRO R. PIERLUISI.
                                               lation that is pending or being debated by this         look forward to continuing to work with you                              MADELEINE Z. BORDALLO.
                                               body. In June 2009 the House of Representa-             on behalf of our constituents, your fellow                               ENI F.H. FALEOMAVAEGA.
                                                                                                       Americans residing in the U.S. territories.                              DONNA M. CHRISTENSEN.
                                               tives debated and voted on H.R. 2346, the
                                                                                                             Sincerely,                                                         GREGORIO KILILI CAMACHO
                                               Supplemental Appropriations Act for Fiscal                                                                                         SABLAN.
                                                                                                                        PEDRO R. PIERLUISI.
                                               Year 2009. The bill contained language that                              MADELEINE Z. BORDALLO.
                                               allowed the transfer of detainees from Guanta-                           ENI F.H. FALEOMAVAEGA.                                  f
                                               namo Bay to any of the territories and it did                            DONNA M. CHRISTENSEN.
                                               not provide the Governor of each respective                              GREGORIO KILILI CAMACHO                        REMEMBERING EDWARD
                                               territory with the right to be notified of any                             SABLAN.
                                               such transfer. Our right to vote in the Com-
                                                                                                              CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES,
                                               mittee of the Whole afforded us the oppor-
                                                                                                                 Washington, DC, November 19, 2010.
                                               tunity to raise this matter before the entire           Hon. JOHN A. BOEHNER,
                                                                                                                                                                           HON. MIKE QUIGLEY
                                               body and subsequent legislation that con-               Speaker-designate, House of Representatives,                              OF ILLINOIS
                                               tained such transfer prohibition language did               The Capitol, Washington, DC.
                                                                                                                                                                     IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               expressly include the territories. Our right to           DEAR SPEAKER-DESIGNATE BOEHNER: As the
                                               vote in the Committee of the Whole afforded             Republican Conference prepares its package                        Thursday, January 6, 2011
                                               us all the ability to represent the interests of        of proposed House Rules for consideration on
                                                                                                       the opening day of the 112th Congress, we re-              Mr. QUIGLEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
                                               our respective territories. Our voice was heard
                                                                                                       spectfully urge you to retain the rule that             remember the courage and honor the life of
                                               and changes were made.                                  enables the Delegates and the Resident Com-             firefighter Edward Stringer. Edward was killed
                                                  Many men and women in uniform come                   missioner to vote when the House resolves               in the line of duty on Dec. 23, when the roof
                                               from the territories and the District of Colum-         into the Committee of the Whole, and that               of a burning South Shore building collapsed.
                                               bia. Many have sacrificed for our country, and,         provides for an automatic revote in the full
                                                                                                                                                               He was 47 years old.
                                               in fact, the per capita rate of deaths for              House when the votes of the Delegates or the
                                               servicemembers from the territories is higher           Resident Commissioner are decisive.                        Edward often joked that he was the guy run-
                                               than most states. Yet despite the patriotism              This rule has been found to pass constitu-            ning into burning buildings when everyone
                                               and service that men and women from the ter-            tional muster by the U.S. Court of Appeals              else was running out. That was the case on
                                                                                                       for the District of Columbia. See Michel v.             the afternoon of the tragedy that took his life.
                                               ritories show, the new leadership of the House          Anderson, 14 F.3d 623 (D.C. Cir. 1994). It has
                                               of Representatives saw it fit to take away one                                                                  Worried there might be a homeless man or
                                                                                                       not impeded the work of the House during                woman seeking shelter from the cold in the
                                               of our most basic rights—the right to vote and          the three Congresses in which it has been in
                                               effectively represent the needs of our constitu-        place: the 103rd Congress (1993–1994), the
                                                                                                                                                               abandoned building, his commitment to the
                                               ents.                                                   110th Congress (2007–2008), and the current             Chicagoans he swore to protect was far
                                                  I also enter into the RECORD letters the Del-        111th Congress (2010–2011), The rule has been           stronger than any sense of self-preservation.
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                                               egates and the Resident Commissioner sent               carefully crafted to allow the Majority to de-             A 12-year veteran of the Chicago Fire De-
                                               to the leaders requesting an opportunity to ad-         cide when it is appropriate for legislation to          partment, Edward worked out of the firehouse
                                                                                                       be considered in the Committee of the Whole             at 63rd and Dorchester. He was a lifetime
                                               dress this rules change prior to the convening          and, more specifically, to be subject to dele-
                                               of the 112th Congress. Regrettably, the oppor-                                                                  South Sider, a proud Chicagoan and an Amer-
                                                                                                       gate voting. Therefore, if the Majority deter-
                                               tunity to address this matter prior to yester-          mines that a particular bill is better consid-
                                                                                                                                                               ican hero. His bravery will never be forgotten
                                               day’s convening was not presented. There-               ered without delegate voting, the Rules Com-            by the city he gave his life to protect.
                                               fore, and based on the action taken yesterday,          mittee can report a rule that provides for                 May Mr. Stringer rest in peace.

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                                               January 6, 2011                         CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                      E35
                                               HONORING ELLSWORTH COMMU-                                Association of Agricultural Educators Out-                 The NAAE, which began in 1948, is a na-
                                                NITY COLLEGE IN IOWA FALLS,                             standing   Postsecondary/Adult  Agricultural            tionally-renowned organization that promotes
                                                IOWA                                                    Education Program Award.                                agricultural education and the professional
                                                                                                                                                                growth of agricultural teachers. Every year it
                                                                                                           Kevin designed the agriculture program at
                                                               HON. TOM LATHAM                          Ellsworth Community College shortly after he
                                                                                                                                                                selects six different programs, one in each of
                                                                      OF IOWA                                                                                   its six regions, to receive this award. Kevin’s
                                                                                                        began working there in 2004. The goal of this
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                                program at Ellsworth Community College was
                                                                                                        program is to not only provide students with            selected from the third region, which includes
                                                        Thursday, January 6, 2011                       theoretical and scientific knowledge about ag-          the states of Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin,
                                                 Mr. LATHAM. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to               riculture, but also to provide those students           North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.
                                               recognize the achievement of Ellsworth Com-              with hands-on opportunities and situations                 I commend Kevin Butt and Ellsworth Com-
                                               munity College in Iowa Falls, Iowa for the suc-          where they can apply that knowledge.                    munity College for their unwavering commit-
                                               cess of its agriculture program. This program            Through the implementation of this program,             ment to providing quality education to their
                                               was designed by assistant professor of agri-             Kevin has succeeded in helping these stu-               students in the field of agriculture. I know my
                                               culture Kevin Butt, and it was selected on De-           dents to develop their communication, leader-           colleagues in the United States Congress will
                                               cember 1, 2010 at the National Association of            ship, and citizenship skills, all of which will be      join me in congratulating them for their selec-
                                               Agricultural Educators (NAAE) convention in              beneficial to their careers in agriculture and to       tion to receive this award. I wish them the best
                                               Las Vegas, Nevada to receive the National                their futures as civic-minded citizens.                 of luck in the future.
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